Fiction – Making Friends

Making Friends

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Kaylen was a loner. He wasn’t anti social, just bashful really. It came from being raised on a farm outside of a very small town in the heart of Nebraska. His days, outside of school, had been spent working on the farm, and they were long days for him. College was supposed to be easier, but he wasn’t finding it as easy as he had hoped.

He was on the track team, least so far. He had done a lot of running back home, a release for his frustrations. Hell most of the spring time he would jog to school, rather than take the bus. It was easier for him that way, less involvement with others his age. The time spent running, that was his time. Alone with his own thoughts, his dreams were really his only companion back home.

Sure, there were the school friends, like Marcus the school’s quarterback. He had turned out to be a good friend, though no one back home would ever believe just how good. After all, football was a serious matter there, and for them to think that their star athlete liked cock, well it wouldn’t be believed. He’d be accused of trying to ruin the town if he had ever spoken of how he and Marcus would do it.

He knew Marcus had a girlfriend, knew they had sex too, but that was something he never could bring himself to do. To date a girl, to even think of having sex with one. He was gay, and he was damn sure Marcus was, though he wouldn’t admit it. Best he ever got out of him was that he liked getting his cock sucked. Didn’t have an explanation why he would also suck Kaylen’s cock, but hell he didn’t care, just as long as Marcus sucked him.

That was all over. Marcus was down in Florida somewhere, on a football scholarship no less. Kaylen hadn’t been that lucky. All he was offered was a tryout, with no guarantees. Still, it had been exciting to have even that, plus it made his parents proud. He was off to college, something not many in his neck of the woods managed.

College was not what he had expected. It wasn’t a large school, or so it had claimed. Yet to him, it was huge, as it boasted just around ten thousand students. The campus was huge, or so it seemed. Tall buildings dotted the entire landscape, with the occasional green spaces in between. The track was just an oval with bleachers, and chain link fencing. Back home it had been a paddock, but then it was football that got all the money.

The coach seemed decent enough. Already he had learned a few tricks to take a second or two off his time. It wasn’t like at home, more structure here plus they had the equipment. No sharing the weight room with the football jocks, like at home. There even was their own complex here, no shared locker rooms, showers. Slowly he was getting accustomed to the place, except for his roommate, Randy.

Randy was from New York City, and it seemed that to Randy, there was no other place in the world that could compare to the Big Apple. He was always making comparison of what he called ‘this hick place’ which sort of grated on Kaylen. To him, this was a city, because back home there couldn’t be more than two thousand people in the entire county, never mind in the town. This place was at least ten times that, not including the town.

The other problem with Randy, was that he always was talking about sex. He would always parade around in his underwear, or wrapped up in a skimpy towel. His cock was always semi erect too, something that ruined Kaylen’s concentration. Randy was hung, something that Kaylen had only dreamed of seeing.

Hell, his first naked male magazine was one he had bought at the train station on the way here. No way would he have taken that risk back home, but here he thought no one would notice. Still it had been a shock to see some of those pictures, of those rather large dicks. Marcus wasn’t small but compared to those guys in the magazine, Marcus was a runt.

His annoyance with Randy wasn’t just how he talked, or showed his body off, but he had no respect for Kaylen’s privacy. If he needed a pair of socks, he had no qualms about rummaging through Kaylen’s drawers for a pair. Same with t-shirts which really didn’t bother him that much. Sure it pissed him off that he was never asked, but when he found a dirty shirt of his, worn by Randy, the scent would always give him a boner. Randy might be obnoxious, but he was built. He had a nice looking body for a city boy. He chest was well defined, and his arms were larger than most who hadn’t been used to pitching hay or mucking out a stable every day. His legs were like small tree trunks covered in hair. Then there was his dick.

Kaylen couldn’t figure out how it was always looking like it was nearly erect. No one could be that horny, or so he thought. From the moment Randy had moved in, Kaylen had found his own cock being a lot more aroused than ever before. Sure, he had gotten lots of boners, from seeing others around, but it was nothing to how he would get it up, when Randy was around. Course, Randy was always in a state of semi undress, if not downright naked.

It was like he had no shame. Course his body was worth admiring, but no modesty at all. Kaylen still liked to get undressed in private, something that was becoming harder the more he bunked with Randy. The guy never seemed to be anywhere but in the dorm room. He was always either going out or coming in, needing to change from one set of clothes to something fresh. Hence his constant state of near nudity.

Times like that, were becoming uncomfortable for Kaylen. It wasn’t that he didn’t like seeing Randy undressing, it was just that it always gave him a hard on. And he still hadn’t figured out how to jerk off, without being discovered. Running to the bathroom down the hall, was not his first choice. Hell, if he could, he’d like to just strip down and stroke his cock till it shot its load, but he was afraid someone would walk in. Worse, that Randy would return and catch him.

Least back home he could always escape out to the fields, or the barn even. There were lots of places where he could lay down, pull his cock out and dream. He liked that part of it, of how he could dream of Marcus doing a lot more than just taking his cock into his mouth, or of some of his other associates. There were some hot looking guys that always stimulated Kaylen’s imagination. Here, it was like that no matter where you went, thousands of eyes were always watching you. It made him nervous.

He had put in for a single room, though his dorm advisor had doubted he’d have much luck in getting one. The enrolment was up for the year, and many of the single dorm rooms they had, were getting turned into doubles. Naturally he had asked why Kaylen wanted one. His answer didn’t seem to impress the guy, but hell he couldn’t keep running to the bathroom, and jerk off while in a tiny stall. He needed his space, needed to stretch out and let his mind dream. After all, there were a lot more guys to fantasize about here, than back at home.

Then too, there were the magazines. The way Randy kept going through his stuff, he was afraid that he might stumble onto his secret stash. Lot of good it did him though, without a place to lay down, and play with himself. It really was becoming a problem too, because he wanted to feel the thrill, to relive those times with Marcus, and not worry he was going to be walked in on, or that someone would hear his panting as he came close to climax.

Kaylen knew he’d have to do something, find a way to solve this situation, but as he headed back to his dorm, he didn’t have a clue as to how. The idea of his own room had been a desperate shot, that he doubted would come about. Still it was a hope, even though he supposed he could talk to Randy, but then that seemed as unlikely. There was something about Randy that just made him clam up when around him.

Walking in, he didn’t seem to notice that the door had been unlocked. He was still trying to think of how he could maybe talk to Randy, without blowing his cover. Not like he could just walk in and ask Randy to give him privacy, while he jerked off. Like that would go over really big, and as he closed his dorm door, he felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise up.

Turning around he saw his roommate, stretched out on his bed, flipping through a magazine. His heart seemed to suddenly race as he also noted that as usual, Randy was not fully dressed. His bare back was towards him, and he could see the magazine off to one side. He also noticed the heavy breathing as he stared at Randy.

The dark curly mob of hair suddenly leaned back and turned to stare at him. Randy’s eyes were a bit glazed over, and for a second Kaylen thought he was on drugs, but then he recognized the look. It was the same look that Marcus got when he was concentrating on shooting his load. Kaylen’s eyes then moved away from the gazed look, to see that Randy had his cock out of his shorts, that his large fist was tightly holding the shaft, and that the head of the cock was sticking out, purple and angry looking.

His eyes stared at the image, then he noticed the magazine. It was one of his, and his heart really began to race as he swallowed hard, unsure what was happening. He coughed and Randy suddenly leaned back on Kaylen’s bed, his eyes glancing up at Kaylen. The lips were tightly closed and his fist released its hold. Kaylen couldn’t help but notice how thick the cock was, and how stiff it was. It just seemed to stand straight up out of a dark patch of pubic hairs, a slight quiver to it, as it just stood there.

Licking his lips he felt the rising panic in his chest. Randy had found his magazines, yet he was apparently jerking off to one. That didn’t seem possible, but he could see the proof in front of him. He also could feel the eyes boring into him as Randy just lay there, his hand now laying across his flat stomach.

Kaylen finally managed to tear his eyes away from the hard stiff cock and look at Randy. He stared into his eyes, that then seemed to break the contact. He watched as Randy’s head tilted down a little, the eyes dragging Kaylen’s own eyes to follow. He looked as Randy began to rub his belly, and stare at his own erection, then they moved back to look up at Kaylen. His face started to smile, not a grin, but a rather warm inviting smile. Then again the eyes moved away, to look at the stiff cock. The hands now were placed around the wavering pole, the fingers spread out, almost like they were holding the cock up.

He heard the soft sigh, and once more felt the eyes holding contact with him. The warm smile didn’t change, and the eyes suddenly glanced back at the cock, and then up at Kaylen. He could feel himself breaking out into a sweat, as he also found himself slowly walking further in, to now stand next to his own bed, to look right at Randy.

Kaylen’s eyes opened wider as Randy reached out with one hand, to grip the base of the stiff cock, and he twisted it slightly so it pointed right at Kaylen. He looked over at Randy, saw the smile grow a bit, and radiate its warmth to him. He felt like Randy was offering it to him, and he found himself slowly leaning down, his legs buckling as he knelt on the floor, his face now level with the hard cock. His eyes glanced over at Randy, saw the hid nod and look away and over to the where Kaylen was looking.

He wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what to say or even if he could speak. His head was moving forward, his hands were resting on the bed, next to Randy’s body. He could feel the heat radiating from the naked flesh. It was like being hypnotized, or held powerless by some stare. The stiff cock seemed to beckon him, and he was unable to resist it.

Kaylen’s head moved closer and he could smell Randy’s scent. The cologne he used was there, but so too was his body aroma. It was filling his lungs, making his nostrils flare as he grew closer, the hard cock head looming larger with each passing second. His lips felt dry, his throat felt hoarse as he reached out with one hand, to gingerly touch Randy’s hand, the one around the base of the cock. It was strange to touch him, and Randy didn’t flinch or anything. As Kaylen’s hand came closer, Randy pulled his hand slowly away, letting Kaylen’s own fingers wrap around the base of the throbbing pole.

His heart was pounding as he first felt the touch of his finger tips against the cock. He licked his lips and stared over at Randy. The look, the glazed look in the eyes, only made him quiver as he let his fingers close harder around the cock. Turning back he stared at the flesh, felt his hand slowly move up from the base, towards the glistening cock head. Kaylen could see the whitish liquid beginning to ooze from the tip, as he moved his hand very slowly up and over that dripping head.

The feel of the precum on his hand, as it moved over and then back down the shaft, made him tremble. His nerves were tingling as he began to move his hand a bit faster. He felt the blood running through the veins as his hand moved up and down and over the hard cock. His knees were hurting a little but he ignored that pain, and that which was coming from his chest. He just kept staring, as he slowly began to stroke the cock, to jerk it off.

The touch of Randy’s hand on his arm startled him. His hand began to unclench the cock, but was stopped by Randy’s other hand, which put it back onto the throbbing pole. Kaylen stared over at Randy, saw the glint in the eyes, the look that he recognized.

suck it’ the voice whispered and Kaylen turned away to look at the cock. His head moved closer, his eyes glancing quickly over at Randy, who merely nodded. He had heard him right, and he closed his eyes as he saw the cock head rising up towards his mouth.

The salty taste filled his mouth as his lips wrapped around the burning cock head. His body quivered as he tasted Randy’s pre cum, and began to slowly lower his mouth over the entire cock. It was different than when he had first tasted Marcus’ dick, and he felt his whole body shudder as the head slowly began to fill his mouth. He could feel it throbbing, as he relaxed his throat muscles, to ease the cock downwards. His mouth was holding tight as he slowly began to move up and down on the hot cock, his hands now resting on Randy’s body. One hand on his stomach, the other between the legs, feeling the full sac as he sucked on the pole.

It was amazing, the way the balls shook to his touch, the way Randy began to pant, to groan as he sucked on the cock. It was nothing like doing Marcus, it was making him feel totally aroused. The growing ache in his own crotch was heightened by the grip on his arm from Randy. He ignored it as Randy’s fingers dug deep into his arm, touching bone as his mouth pressed hard into the soft belly of Randy’s groin. He heard a long moan and now Randy’s hands were on his head, urging him on, pushing him down faster onto the throbbing cock. His eyes flickered open briefly, to see the dark pubic hairs, to see the throbbing cock.

Kaylen’s hands were probing the sac, his fingers pushing at the leathery skin, while he sucked. He could tell that Randy was close, which made him tighten his lips around the pole. He brought his head up, licking around the underside of the cock head, then he gripped the shaft tightly as he shoved his face down.

The cry came a split second before the cock in his mouth reared back and then sprung forward. The hot load of milk was almost too much, as it quickly filled his mouth. He swallowed quickly two times, to get as much down his throat as possible. It tasted so good, that he continued to hold onto the shaft, while sucking. The head banged the inside of his mouth, as a second hot spray of cum came flying out. Kaylen took it all, gobbling it all up as he held the cock, squeezing it to get every last drop out. The cries were growing less, as the cock jerked a third and final time.

He felt Randy’s body tremble as the last drops were sucked out of the slit on top of the cock. He pulled his head back, licking at the cock, and running his tongue across the head and slit. The trembles only grew more pronounced, as he let his whole mouth envelop the cock one more time, pulling back like a vacuum.

It was over, and he lifted his head up off of Randy’s cock. He rocked back on his heels and heard himself panting. He could hear Randy’s ragged breathing as well, and turned to look at him. Randy’s head had been turned towards the wall, but now it turned back to stare at Kaylen. The eyes were sparkling as his roommate from New York grinned at him.

I told the floor advisor we’d work out whatever was bothering you, think I am on the right track?

Kaylen heard him, and as he listened, his own face broke out into a huge grin as he stood up. He slowly undid his pants and shoved them down his lanky body, not bothering to step out of them, as he revealed his own cock. It was rock hard as he shuffled over towards Randy’s face.

Could be’ was all he said as he leaned forward, placing his hands up against the wall. His hard cock was over Randy’s face and as he felt Randy’s hand reach up to grab at the base of his pole, Kaylen no longer felt like he had to worry about needing any privacy.

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