Fiction – Legal Briefs

Legal Briefs

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

He sat there, reading the statement over one more time, to see if he had missed anything of importance. That was his job, one he couldn’t believe he had landed. Terry had applied at Grey & Associates for an internship when he had first started the term at University, one of the more prestigious law firms in the region. To his amazement, and that of his Law Professor, he had been accepted.

Not only that, but he would work directly with George Hanratty, considered to be one of the top criminal lawyers around. It was a hands on experience others in his class would have killed for. Terry still was in disbelief, despite this being his second month working here. He was helping prepare a case, going through the reports, statements, for anything that George could use at Trial.

It wasn’t a complicated case, some street kid had been busted for possession, and for solicitation. Why George had taken the case was a mystery to him, but not his to question. He even had posted the bail for Sean, which was very odd. Course a condition of that bail was that he had to be supervised, and George had asked Terry to take on that responsibility. It was something he hadn’t been prepared for, but it was George asking. Terry was flattered and the explanation that he was single, had his own apartment in town, made it all seem logical.

Sean was one of those kids that you automatically took a second look at. There was a look to him that made you want to know him, and he could see why some might want to know more than just his name or his likes. He was a decent looking kid, though he shouldn’t call him that. Sean was actually 20 years old, though he sure as hell didn’t look like it. He looked a damn site younger.

In fact, the prosecutor in the case had originally set the case before Juvenile, until they confirmed that Sean was in fact 20 years old. He really didn’t look like your typical 20 year old. He wasn’t what you would call beefy, nor was he emaciated either. He had smooth skin, tiny tufts of peach fuzz still adorned his innocent looking face. Sean wore his hair longish, sort of what you would expect of a teenager, more than an adult. His general appearance was thin, but you could see muscles on his biceps and thighs. Not from working out, but more of a natural state. His light blue eyes and rather bleached looking hair added to the misconception of his age.

Terry had to admit, Sean was attractive. He wished they had met under different circumstances. Hell, he was worth spending cash on, which made him grimace a little. Reading through the statements, he didn’t see any way out for him, and the way this prosecutor was going, Sean might actually be facing jail time. That wouldn’t be a pleasant experience, for someone with his looks nor his vocation.

I am going to do time, aren’t I?

Terry turned around to see Sean standing at his door. He saw the sad look, wanting to ease his pain, his fear, but he didn’t know how. He couldn’t give him false hope either, but it did look bleak for him.

Possible, but George is the best.

I know, still he isn’t a miracle worker, how long you figure?

Well, he does come close to that at times. I couldn’t say how long, not really. The prosecutor seems to want a lot of time for what really should never have gotten this far. The fact you had some pot on you at the time, well, that could make it worse, least in the Judge’s eye

So we talking years here? I don’t know how I’ll handle that, I mean you hear a lot of stories about what it’s like inside. Not sure I can handle that, I mean I don’t mind taking it up the ass, do it for a living so you would think it wouldn’t matter, but it does. Least I decide who gets to do it.

Terry could see tears welling up near Sean’s eyes. He felt his heart crying for the guy, because he looked so vulnerable. He was matter of fact in how he spoke, but you could sense the fear behind the words. Sean might talk big, but in so many ways he really was still a kid, despite being 20.

I really don’t know Sean, I really don’t. I do know that George and I are working our butts off, maybe we can get a reduced sentence, hell George has worked miracles before, and he really does want to do his best for you. So do I.

Sean had lowered his head but he looked up at Terry as he spoke, and a sort of semi smile crossed his face as he listened to Terry trying to cheer him up. It was a rather stimulating look, and he felt a bit guilty at thinking of that, when obviously Sean was facing such a future.

Thanks, I know you both are doing your best, but I could be hauled off to jail tomorrow, couldn’t I?

Yes, it could happen

Most likely will, won’t it?


Sean stared at Terry for several minutes. Terry found it a bit uncomfortable, looking into that innocent face, seeing the fear cross it, trouble it even. He looked so vulnerable, so helpless that it made him want to just reach out and hold him tight. To comfort him.

I could always just take off, right now, couldn’t I?

You could, but it wouldn’t be smart. They’d find you eventually, plus, well, you would hurt George. He’s on the hook for your bail

He can afford it.

True, but I don’t think you’d want to hurt him. Sure he can afford to lose the cash, but he put himself out for you, not just in putting up the money, but in finding you a place to stay, as well as taking on your case to begin with. You really want to show your gratitude by running?

Sean just stared. He felt uneasy as he watched, wondering what he could do if Sean did decide to run. He could call the cops, but that wouldn’t help any. Maybe he should call George, at home and get him to come over, or at least guide him on what to do. It was scary, as he was responsible for Sean, it was his neck also on the line and while George was pretty well bullet proof on this, he wasn’t. He had no reputation, no favours to call in like George had.

No, I may be a hustler, a nobody, but no, I appreciate what George has done, you too. It is just, I don’t know, I feel so scared, I don’t want to go to jail, for years. Not this way.

He breathed a sigh of relief, as he realized that Sean did have some principles. Terry wasn’t sure what he meant totally, but he felt like things were on track. Naturally he wouldn’t get any sleep as he wasn’t stupid. Sean might simply be playing him.

You might not, I mean George is trying, and the Judge, I mean you just never can tell, really.

Nice try, but you and I both know that the Judge isn’t going to cut a fag like me any slack, specially given the circumstances. Maybe if I was living at home or something, but a street kid? Drugs on him? No, nice try but I think it’s going to be a slam dunk for that asshole prosecutor.

The odds aren’t in your favour, that’s true, but you gotta still have hope. Stranger things have happened before, honest.

I know, uh, can I ask a favour? I know you have done a lot for me, you and George both.

He didn’t know what to expect. Terry could see how sincere Sean looked, but at the back of his mind he was fairly certain it was perhaps an act. Hell, if it was him, he’d be thinking of ways to get out, to run. It might be an idea to call George no matter what, just to cover his own ass. Last thing he needed was to make a mess of this, get into trouble with the cops, because of a street hustler.

Sure, can’t guarantee anything, but go ahead, ask away.

Sean walked closer into the small room. He sat down on the chair next to the small table turned into a desk. He looked into Terry’s face, his eyes probing him as he thought about what to say, about how he would ask Terry whatever it was, that was on his mind.

I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep much tonight, given all that might go down tomorrow. I know its going to seem odd, strange even, but I don’t want to be alone.

Terry could feel Sean’s pain. The way he had said those words, the way his lower lip had trembled, all made him relax a little. He felt for him, something he didn’t think he would. After all, a good lawyer never got involved with his clients, or so they kept harping on at school.

You aren’t alone Sean, I am here, I’ll be in the next room, so you don’t have to worry, you won’t be alone.

That isn’t what I mean Terry.

The use of his first name made him stare harder at Sean. There was something in the eyes, beyond fear, beyond trepidation about what lay ahead. He couldn’t be sure what it was, but inside he felt strangely elated at having Sean call him by his first name. It had always been Mister this or that, never just Terry.

What is it that you do mean then, Sean?

The smile he got in using his name gave him a bit of a start. It made his heart pound just a little faster as he waited for Sean to explain what it was he wanted.

You know what I do, right?

Yes, kind of hard not to know that.

Does it bother you? Me being a hustler?

No, should it?

Some get uptight by it.

I suppose, but it doesn’t matter to me.

You know, being a Hustler is just about sex, some guy hands you some cash, place to crash, whatever, and you give him back some sex. It’s never really anything more, just letting some nameless guy get off on your body.

I can see that.

If I have to go inside, I’d like to at least have something else to remember, to hold onto instead of knowing my last time having sex on the outside was with a fucking cop.

I am not following you, what is it you want?

I want to have sex with you, but not for any other reason, than two guys who like each other. I think you like me, I know I like you, so, I was wondering if… you know, you would make love to me, hold me, like I was maybe a boyfriend or something?

Terry was stunned. He did like Sean, and he would love to hold him, to caress his body and kiss him while making love to him. Then it hit him, and his face grew very stern. He stared at Sean as he played the words over again in his head.

Did you say, your last time was with a cop? The cop who busted you? You had sex with him?

Yeah, he blew me, and I blew him, but why does that matter? I just want to…

It matters, it matters because he isn’t allowed to actually have sex with you. Can you prove you had sex with him? I mean does he have any marks around his dick? Anything that could only be known to you by you having seen him naked? Think Sean.

He’s got a birthmark, does that help?


Under his pubes, you can barely see it, unless your nose is pressed right up to it, he’s got a rather heavy bit of hair there, but if you stare at it, you can see it. Sort of looks like an odd shaped star.

He grabbed Sean’s statement again, and read the small blurb that he had missed fully understanding. It was perfect, Sean had said that it was after he had sex, and like an idiot he had assumed that it meant after he had been with another John, not associating it with meaning that it was after being with the undercover policeman.

Terry reached out and dialled George’s home number. He quickly began to ramble on, detailing all that Sean had told him, reading his Sean’s statement as well. He was smiling as he hung up the phone, feeling rather satisfied. It was the break they needed, and the way George sounded on hearing the news, well he wouldn’t want to be in the cop’s shoes right now. George had told him to wait by his phone, and as he turned to face Sean, he suddenly felt deflated. This would end his chance at making love to him.

He began to pace, as time clicked on. Sean seemed nervous too, as they both kept watching the clock, then looking over to the phone. It kept silent, adding to their nervousness. He didn’t know what to say, after he had explained things to Sean. Still, he felt rather dejected. Terry was fairly certain that the case would be thrown out, and with that knowledge he knew that Sean would have no need of his love making prowess. After all, he wouldn’t be going inside after all. Least it was what he believed, and knowing George, it would be hard for anyone to incarcerate Sean with the facts they had. Be hard for the Police Officer to deny it as well.

He could still claim no sex, but given where his birthmark was located, be rather hard to explain how Sean knew about it if the office hadn’t at least been undressed, exposed to Sean. That would be where he’d get nailed, and no Judge could accept such a bogus explanation. It was really a slam dunk and he knew it, elated and yet dejected.

The phone ringing brought them both to their feet. Terry stared at the phone, hesitant at first. Looking over at Sean he smiled as he picked up the phone and listened. His smile grew larger as he heard the words, and in hanging up he turned to tell Sean that he was a free man.

The cop had taken a bit to break, but eventually had confessed that yes, he did have sex before busting Sean. The prosecutor was livid, and there was little doubt that he would be going after the policeman. In the meantime, he had given in and withdrew all charges against Sean, for fear of having an entrapment case landed on him. So the minor pot charge was also wiped out, and Sean was free. There would be some formalities before a judge in the morning, but it was over.

Sean was relived and after a brief hugging session, he stood back and just smiled at Terry. Terry enjoyed the gaze, felt his own body reacting, as he sat down, feeling a strange rush inside. The thrill of winning out, against the odds only made him happy at his choice of professions.

You aren’t like most.

Huh? What do you mean Sean?

You were going to do me that favour, weren’t you?

We don’t have to worry about that now. You aren’t going inside.

You were, weren’t you?

Okay, yes, I would have.

You still want to?

Sean, sure, yes I’d enjoy making love to you, but tomorrow is just a formality now, you aren’t going to Jail

I know, thing is, I kind of want to.

Why? I meanthere isn’t any…’

You didn’t have to tell me right away, you do like me, otherwise you could have had your piece, then come up with all this, that you didn’t, well, kind of makes me want you even more than before.

You wanted me?


Before he could answer, or wipe away the look of disbelief off his face, Sean was up and on his lap. He was kissing him hard on the mouth, taking him by total surprise. He didn’t resist as Sean stuck his tongue hard into his mouth, licking him and tasting him at the same time. Terry felt the hands running up and down his body, pushing against him, wanting him in a way he had never felt before.

Somehow he felt his shirt being opened, as the hands now roamed across his bare chest. He felt the fingers pinch his erect nipples, making him moan while he was still kissing Sean. The press of their lips and the way Sean’s tongue was licking him, he couldn’t summon up any strength to resist. It was too powerful and he found himself standing up, clutching at Sean’s slender body. His own hands were now pressing at Sean’s body, ripping at his own shirt, to feel the warm flesh beneath.

Sean was panting a little as they stumbled down to the floor. There was no time to think, as Sean continued to lick at him. He bit Terry’s lower lip, then his chin, then worked his way down the neck. His hands were pulling until Terry felt his pants pop open, his groin aching as Sean’s hands were inside the pants, pushing at his aroused cock. It was almost like being devoured by an animal, the feelings were so intense.

He felt himself stretching out on the floor, Sean on top of him, wanting him badly. He wanted Sean just as badly, as he groaned his pleasure. His hands were tearing at Sean’s clothes, that were finally being discarded. The pants had somehow been opened, and he could feel the hard throbbing cock, just as Sean was feeling his while kissing his chest, biting at his nipples.

Terry felt himself being carried away, as Sean’s hand were tugging at the shorts, then the kissing stopped. He felt out of breath as Sean yanked his shorts off of his trembling body. He heard the sound of Sean’s own clothes being tossed away, and then he felt the hot flesh of the young man on top of him. He could feel the pressing firmness of Sean’s erect cock as it stuck into his soft belly, while Sean straddled him.

He cried out a little as Sean bent down and bit his nipple, pulling back on it then releasing it. His head moved down and he felt the tongue licking at the firm flesh, then a hand gripped his cock, and began to fondle it roughly. He felt it being stroked, moaning his pleasure as Sean seemed unstoppable.

He felt his body shift, his legs suddenly flung upwards into the air, then resting on top of Sean’s shoulders. He looked up to see the glazed look in Sean’s blue eyes. The hair was askew, draped over the shoulder and his ankle, as Sean looked up at him. The smile on his face was all he needed, as he felt Sean suddenly slide a finger down between his cheeks. The tip was circling his hole, then suddenly was buried deep inside. He grunted his surprise, and then felt Sean’s weight grow on top of him.

Terry’s legs were being forced back to his torso, as he now felt the hard press of the throbbing cock itself. As he felt it slide down the valley of his ass, he could tell that it was covered in a condom. He had no recollection of how or when Sean had the time to put one on, but it made his muscles relax, knowing it would be safe. His own hands were up, holding and caressing Sean’s arms, as the long strands of hair suddenly scraped across his chest.

Opening his eyes he stared right into Sean’s face, saw the lust, but also the affection. It was as if Sean was in overdrive, as his one hand guided his cock down to wedge itself up against Terry’s aching hole. He just smiled up at Sean, who then plunged the hard cock inside.

He cried out, enjoying the sudden pain, feeling it as it rolled up and down his spine. Terry felt his head twist and turn from side to side as Sean’s throbbing cock impaled itself deep inside. He felt it begin to pull out, then groaned as it was rammed back inside. The thrusting motion was relentless, as Sean’s body became a jack hammer. It pounded him mercilessly, as they both groaned their pleasure. He didn’t think he could handle more, as his body was bathed in his and Sean’s sweat. The long hair was flaying his upper body with each hard thrust. Sean was holding his legs up and apart. His firm grasp of the ankles making Terry wince, as he felt the hard cock pound him.

His own cock was swaying, then he felt his balls slapping upwards. Terry couldn’t hold out any longer, as his cock reared back, then began to spurt its cum out all across Sean’s heaving chest. He could hear it hit, and looking up he saw the last of his cum hit Sean’s stomach. The image of his cum dripping down off only made him cry out more.

It made Sean go faster. As Terry shot his load Sean began to gyrate and twist his hips. He flung his own head back and suddenly Terry’s legs were let go. As they fell to the floor, Sean moved in closer, ripping the condom off and began to pump his cock. His hand looked like nothing but a blur as it stroked the huge cock, and then Sean cried out, His  face was constricted, his head leaning back as his torso shot forward.

Terry watched as the cum came flying out at him. He stared in wonder as he watched heavy gobs of cum splatter against his own body. He flinched with each jolt, staring in awe at the streaming ejaculation. Sean was panting, his chest heaving as the last drops dribbled down and then Terry felt it, as Sean leaned forward, wiping his empty cock along Terry’s still trembling belly.

Sean collapsed on top, and Terry reached out, to caress the young man’s head. The hair was matted from sweat as he ran his hand down the back of it. Sean looked up and lifted his face towards Terry, who leaned downwards.

Their lips touched briefly as they lay there. Both panting as their bodies struggled to regain their composure. Sean seemed to recover first, and slowly stood up. He glanced down at Terry and held out his hand as he spoke.

Your turn, but let’s use the bed

Terry smiled, as he took the offered hand, and they headed towards the bedroom for his turn.

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