Fiction – It Was That Big

It Was That Big

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Deke opened first one eye, then another as the sun kept burning into his face. He struggled to ignore the bright light that was beaming in, but the sudden ache in his ass, the urge that came to him, made him toss the sheet off and run to his bathroom. He was awake, sort of, as he quickly made his way to the toilet, making it just in time.

He had heard about this after effect, still it was strange to actually be experiencing it, as he felt like his whole insides were suddenly pouring out of him. Shaking a little, he also recalled just how he had gotten into this predicament, and smiled. No doubt, it was still worth it, as he sat there, remembering the fear that first came to him when he unveiled that monster, that made him scream, made him cry out, as well as made him feel totally stuffed.

Oh he had seen pictures of such monsters before, never quite believing that any real person ever carried one of them, until he had met Tony. Gawd, looking at him, you would never expect him to have such a huge cock, but when it popped out, you couldn’t argue with what you saw. Tony was huge, and not even hard at that moment, it only got larger as he played with it, tasting it and just watching it grow.

The idea of taking that huge monster up his ass, well it obviously was on Tony’s mind, though he really was too frightened to think of it, least at first. After awhile, well he found that the idea, was rather growing on him. Tony was good, the way he kept teasing him every now and then, licking him and running his fingers up and down between his ass cheeks. He’d whisper to him how he could really make him feel satisfied, that it would be a ride he’d never forget.

Give Tony credit, he obviously had been down this road before. He knew exactly what to say, what to do, to put him at ease. Tony was one of those you just couldn’t help but want. He had the looks, the voice to match, that just made you weak at the knees. Course the extra shots of vodka shooters didn’t hurt in building that feeling either. Deke wondered, just how many did he have at the bar, before agreeing to take Tony home with him? Was it seven or seventeen? He had no recollection of that, as he wash to taken with the fact that Tony was even drinking with him, never mind actually sitting with him.

Hell having Tony take him out to the dance floor was almost enough to make him cream his jeans. Specially as it was a slow dance. Looking back on that, he was certain that it was what tipped the balance, that made him eager to take Tony home with him. The closeness, the smell of his cologne alone made him hard, and Tony seemed to notice.

The way he would push his hips in more, grind them a little even as they danced. How it felt to have Tony’s head on his shoulder, his hands around him, touching him. It all made him sort of swoon a bit, and yeah, Tony’s own bulging basket crushing into his, well it was what heaven must be about, or so he had thought at the time. Still did actually because when Tony suggested they leave the bar, and go to Deke’s place, he couldn’t contain his glee.

Deke didn’t think he was ugly or anything, but certainly no player like Tony. He might have a good body, least one that wasn’t too thin where his ribs showed every time he took a breathe. Still, to have an Adonis like Tony pay him such attention, then want to go home with him, well that was like an impossible dream suddenly coming true.

Maybe it was all those years in High School that made him feel like that. Okay he had some experiences, mostly good too, but nothing like being able to score with someone as attractive as Tony was. Deke thought he was a good sex partner, and oral sex was something he enjoyed. He liked sucking on a cock, tasting it, yet most of his partners hadn’t wanted more from him. Oh sure, they didn’t mind rolling over, taking his cock, but in returning the favour, well that was different.

He could count on one hand the number of times that he had been taken that way. Most of them coming his first year at community college. And yet it was something he rather craved, though in all honesty that first penetrating thrust would always make him wish he hadn’t quite gotten his way. Deke didn’t get off on pain, and the way a few of his partners had done it, well he didn’t exactly call them back for seconds.

Sitting there, recalling each one of those few times when he had been granted his desire, he grimaced. Frankly, none of them had been stellar performances, but last night, now that was definitely different. While he still felt the pain, the dull ache of that first slow penetration by Tony, he felt rather proud of having the guts to have actually gone through with it, even though right now it seemed his entire insides were being flushed down the toilet.

Man, it still hurt, though not as much as last night. Though Tony was right, it did get easier, as his insides adjusted to the huge cock that was stretching him. The fullness he had felt, was something he had never felt before. It was good, and bad, but certainly more good than bad. Yet the whole experience, it made him think about weird stuff too.

Like would he be permanently stretched so any ordinary dick would never feel as good as when he had some monster inside of him?

Those kind of things had popped into his mind as Tony had slowly worked his ass over. Standing up now, he could feel those fingers, the way Tony would roll them inside of him, twist them and dig them deep inside of him.

It had been pleasing at first, as Tony knew his stuff. He wasn’t just a cute blonde bitch, but an experienced one. Worse for Deke, was that while he was 21, Tony was just 20. Man he had so much more experience, but then he had the looks. That obviously was part of it, but he also had the equipment to match the hot looks.

Washing up, Deke stared at himself in the mirror. He could see the bags under the eyes, and he was a little bit pasty looking, but then he hadn’t gotten much sleep. Then too, as he stood up to turn on the shower, he felt that ache inside. It still felt odd, and he realized that his walking was a bit gingerly. His ass hurt, and his recent outpouring, well it hadn’t helped that open feeling he had.

Still, it had been his choice, and he had plenty of chances to stop Tony too. One more little trick that Tony was good at. It was in making him feel like he was in charge, though he wasn’t. Thinking about it now, he rather doubted that Tony would have stopped working his dick into his ass, if he had asked. He was on a mission, or so it seemed in the cold light of day. That mission, to get off inside of Deke.

Everything he did last night, well it was designed to make him want it, to not wimp out. Kind of felt proud at that, as he turned the shower on, the dull jab of pain in his lower back reminding him to make the water just a tad warmer than normal. A good warm spray, then maybe a soak afterwards, would help dull that throbbing ache a bit more. It would also help if he decided to do something about that boner he was sporting.

Thinking about Tony, at how he had worked his ass, first with the fingers, then his mouth, then the fingers, and more tongue action, well no wonder he had a hard on. Tony was good, no doubt on that score. The way he would touch him, make him squirm just by the soft press of his lips on his flesh. Man it made him tingle now, just thinking of it.

He had to admit, when he first saw Tony’s cock, he had whistled. He had also told himself that no way was he going to let Tony get that monster dick near his ass. Like that worked real good, he thought as he stepped into the shower, to let the warm spray soak the ache out of him. The size of Tony’s cock still made him tremble a little, out of fear.

Okay, so he had taken it, but damn that was an experience he wasn’t so sure he wanted to have again. Everything leading up to that, well that was another story. He really did enjoy the attention Tony paid to him. The way he rubbed his belly, kissing him on the chin and around his nipples. The soft words that he whispered to him, the way suddenly he would feel the fingers lightly moving down between his cheeks. The way the tips would gently tease his hole, circling and caressing it. The tips lightly pushing inwards, first one then another, but never making him feel uncomfortable.

As the warm water did its magic, he felt himself thinking more and more that maybe a second experience might not be such a bad idea. Even if it meant taking that monster cock again. The way Tony made him want it, still surprised him. He actually had begged him to do it, and he shook his head.

Even now, feeling as he did, he knew he’d be begging Tony to plough him again, if he had the chance. To feel his hot breathe on his cheeks, to feel the raspy tongue as it played with his hole. To experience the sharp jab as he slipped one then two fingers into his hole, to slowly move inside, twisting as they dug deeper. It all came back to him as he realized that he had been truly set up.

The way Tony had told him all those compliments. About how he had such a nice firm ass, how he had tasted so good and that he just wanted to return the favour. That he wanted to make Deke feel as pleased as he was. Man to have fallen for that, to have given in to the strange urges in his body, was stupid. It wasn’t like he hadn’t used some of those very same lines, when he wanted to fuck a guy he was with, so how the hell had he fallen for it?

Tony was just damn more believable at it. The way he would kiss his cheeks, as his fingers stretched him and twisted inside. The way he would roll the edge of his tongue up to stick it inside of him, then unroll it, making him moan constantly. His entire body had shook, as Tony had licked his hole. The way he had buried his entire face between his cheeks, tasting him and making him moan was still unbelievable.

The way he would suddenly climb up his back, to nibble at his ears, while whispering how much he wanted Deke. At the same time his hand was between his cheeks, his fingers probing him, digging into him, and each time he would speak, say he wanted him, the fingers would push in hard, making him grunt, making him feel special too.

It was a good tactic, and it wasn’t long that he was begging him, saying to Tony to fill him, to let him take it all. He still could hear his own words, as he told Tony he wanted to feel it all, to feel the throbbing flesh buried inside so he could taste it from deep within him. Gawd, he had sounded like some wusse, the way he had begged, urging Tony to do it, to push it in, no matter what.

Even when he felt the head sliding down his cheeks, he hadn’t stopped or reconsidered what he was asking for. His mouth was parroting the desire from his body, his mind blank as he felt the hard firm head pushing up against his very tiny hole. Nothing seemed to register, as Tony was whispering in his ear, asking him if he was certain, telling him he would be gentle, that he really did want to fill him, to let him feel him inside.

It was perfectly said, and he had fallen for it. Crying out yes a thousand times, begging with such force, that he still couldn’t believe it now.

The pain he felt, when that huge cock head had spread his hole, had dug its way past the little opening was indescribable to him. It had made the air leave his body, the pain was that intense. Still, something about it made him not scream out. Despite every nerve in his body wanting to, he bit the pillow as he felt the press of the cock growing, slowly and painfully pushing his hole open.

Just when he thought he couldn’t take anymore, it suddenly went away. Tony pulled back and then was once more kissing his bum, licking at his flesh, and tasting his hole. He moaned, as the pain was gone, replaced by the gentle press of lips around the hole. It didn’t last long, as Tony once more began to press his cock against his hole. He felt it, felt the hole once more struggling to open as wide as it needed to.

He cried out as once more the air in his body was forced out. The thick head was once more wedged tightly into his hole, making his nerves scream out in agony. Yet it was easier this time, it was not quite as bad, and while he continued to bite the pillow, he could hear himself begging. He had to have been sick, to be feeling all that pain, yet urging Tony on. The soft words in his ear, only made him beg harder. He truly did want it, and then he felt it, the push that made him quiver and cry out.

Tony was inside of him, as he felt the searing pain lancing up his entire body. His legs were twitching, and he was desperately trying to push them open more, to let that monster cock inside. Tony was grunting, and telling him how good his ass felt. He was crying out a bit, calling Deke ‘baby’ and other endearments, as he slowly worked his cock inside more. It was as if he really was enjoying it, and no way did Deke want change that, no matter how much it was hurting him. His eyes were filled with his tears, as he felt the fullness inside of his ass.

It made him squirm, as he tried to will his body to spread open more, to make the passage of the throbbing cock easier. It was throbbing too, he could feel it pulse along his insides. Every push inside, make him grip the sheets, twist them under his fists as he tried not to show his pain. Still, something was making him moan, cry for more even though in his mind he wished it to end. He was still begging for more as Tony obliged. The thick pole was slowly moving insides, splitting his body into two, or so it felt. He was totally impaled on that throbbing cock, feeling it grow inside of him, feeling it move in more and more. The head was burning hot, as it ploughed ahead, ever so slowly. His nerves were screaming, tingling in ways he never had felt before.

His body was jerking too, his legs twitching as if they had a life of their own. His arms were numb and his knuckles were white from being clenched so tightly. Yet all the time, Tony kept crying out, kept telling him how good he was feeling. Deke couldn’t stop him, even though he wanted to, as tears were now rolling down his face. He hurt, but it was not as painful as it had first been, his body was becoming used to the sensations inside.

That changed the instant Tony began to rock him, to pull his cock out and then shove it back inside. It started off very slowly, making him cry out. He had no idea how long it took, before the slow thrusting motion began to get faster. With each new thrust, Tony would twist a little, turn just enough to make the cock inside do a strange dance. It would bang up and push the velvet lining even further, making Deke moan loudly.

Sweat from Tony’s forehead was splattering across Deke’s back, and he felt it sting even. His body was so tense, as the thrusting became faster, making him pant as he took it. He was whimpering, crying out even as the throbbing pole pounded into him. It was making him squirm too, making the pumping action take new twists, new turns inside of him. He legs were numb, his toes curling outwards, and he was having trouble breathing, as he felt the huge cock filling his rectum.

It was a warm feeling, a satisfying feeling really though at the time it didn’t feel that way. It did now, even as he aimed the shower spray at his butt. The hand held unit was on fine spray as he let the warm water course down his cheeks, remembering how full it had felt, with Tony inside. The pumping motion making the bed shake, even squeak. The way he was driven, he was surprised that the cock didn’t push up into his throat.

The loud cry that echoed in the room had startled him. Tony had let out such a cry, that Deke was sure his neighbours would hear, but even as he heard the noise, he felt the cock rearing back, then pushing forward so hard, that he also cried out. His whole body was shaking as the cock inside began to stream. Deke could feel the hot cum coming out from the head, captured by the thin film of the condom. Still, he felt it, he was certain as it pushed up against the condom, then slid down the hard shaft. He felt the muscle inside twitching, banging his insides and it seemed like it would never stop.

Deke had felt Tony shake, felt his whole body quiver as his cock shot its load while still inside. He felt his own muscles closing around the thick shaft, squeezing it tightly as the pole throbbed. It was as if his body didn’t want to let go, as it held it tightly deep inside. The cries eventually calmed down, and he felt the cooling sweat on his back, as the cock inside was slowly being pulled out. He felt like he didn’t want it to, crying out ‘no, not yet, no’ but Tony didn’t listen.

As the cock was taken out, Tony let himself collapse, his weight crushing Deke hard into the bed. He could still feel the cock, as it was pressed into his inner thigh. He felt himself shift a little, as he still wanted it, to still have it inside, despite all the pain he had felt. As he lay there, panting, listening to Tony pant, he felt empty. He felt like something was missing, and he knew it was Tony’s cock. He still wanted it inside, but it was over.

Deke shook his head, realizing that he was stroking his cock, while remembering that moment. The sound of his phone ringing broke the moment, as he quickly moved out of the shower, to answer it before whoever hung up. Grabbing the phone, dripping on his carpet, he heard Tony’s voice. Deke’s entire body was tingling as he listened to Tony talking to him, a smile growing on his face, as he realized he would get another opportunity to experience that monster cock. After all it really was that big.

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