Fiction – Border Guard

Border Guard

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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He stood in line, shuffling his feet when the line would move a foot or two forward. It was taking an unbelievable amount of time to get past the Custom’s entry point. Other lines had moved relatively quickly. Just his luck to get into the one line that had some picky bastard in charge.

Ken was tired. This was his first trip abroad, and was a graduation present from his skin flint Uncle. That had made this even more special, considering how tight his Uncle was with his money and his gifts. For his entire life, he never could remember getting a gift that was worth more than five bucks, and now this, a surprise present worth thousands. No explaining the peculiarities of old men, he thought as he moved forward another foot or two.

The plane had been only half full, and it was the middle of the night and he had been travelling now for over 20 hours. His entire journey so far had been in hurrying up and waiting. Plane delays at every stop, but at last he was here. The Airport itself seemed nice, though rather bare.

The Custom’s area was well lit, which bothered his eyes a bit. He had been so used to the dim lights on the plane, that it was taking some time to adjust. The only person of interest he had spotted had already passed through customs. He should have followed him and gotten into that line, but the guard at the entry had made him go to this line, the line that seemed to never move.

His eyes were bloodshot as he clutched his passport and papers in a sweaty hand. His hair was hanging down, dirty and he had that unshaven look he hated in others. Though this wasn’t a fashion statement, just a fact that he was finally growing up. He no longer had peach fuzz, but real growth that was one more sign that he was entering adulthood.

As the line began to grow shorter, he began to look around. He felt strangely uneasy seeing so many armed soldiers walking around, between the lines. It wasn’t something he was used to. It was so different than when he landed at Heathrow, and even when he had arrived at Prague’s airport. This was more, intimidating, really. Despite the late hour it didn’t seem to make the officers checking passports any less vigilant. He wondered what it must have been like, when this country had been Communist. Somehow he didn’t think it would have been any different.

Finally it was his turn, as he stepped up to the glass cubicle, where a man sat, dressed in a greenish grey uniform. He had his hat on, one of those high peaked stiff military hats that Eastern European Soldiers seemed to favour. His hair was obviously cut short, in contrast to his own longish hair. He felt nervous as the man took his Passport, studying it like it held some secret code.

His eyes were dark and menacing as he would look at the passport, then up at Ken. His nose had been broken several times, making Ken wonder if this guy was a boxer or just one of those who liked fighting. He felt very uncomfortable as the man flipped through the empty pages of the passport. There were two stamps on it, one from Britain, the other from the Czech Republic.

The questions were spat out, adding to his panic. He had no idea how to act, and he kept wiping his hand on his pant legs, afraid. Ken answered the questions, wondering why so many. The man’s stare had him nervous, and then he stood there as the man beckoned another man over. It was a young looking soldier but one who didn’t have a rifle in his hands, like the others.

They talked briefly and kept looking over at him, as he stood there. His heart was racing as he didn’t understand what this guy was up to, as the younger soldier came out of the glass booth and walked up to him.

‘You come with me, routine inspection, please…’

The young man’s tone was firm, but it didn’t seem half as menacing as the older man’s. He nodded and picked up his carry on luggage, then the pull case with his luggage. As he followed the soldier, he saw the smirk on the other man’s face. Suddenly he felt very nervous as he entered a small room. There was two chairs and a table in the centre, and that was it. No windows, no toilet even. Just a bare room, with peeling pain on the walls that made the place look like a dungeon.

The soldier pointed to the table, where he wanted Ken to put his luggage on. Lifting up the suitcases, he laid them down and looked up the young man. He too wore one of those damn peaked hats, that hid his face, made him look meaner than maybe he was. He opened each suitcase, including his carry on bag and watched as the soldier peered inside. He watched as the stranger went through his belongings, poking and moving things around to check for contraband or something.

He had no idea what was happening as he just stood there, watching. The soldier took his time and made a total mess of his luggage. Clothes were bunched and he knew most would be wrinkled by the time he got to the hotel to hang them up. Still it was rather unsettling, to see someone he didn’t know hold up a pair of his boxer shorts, peering to make sure nothing was stuffed into them. The way he ran his hands over the waistband was weird but he didn’t say a word, just watched.

Every now and then the soldier would glance up at him, as if to make sure he was keeping his distance. At last he finished and indicated Ken could close the bags. Once he did the man looked at him and told him to undress.

For several minutes he stood there until the soldier once more ordered him to undress, telling him it was ‘routine’ but it sure didn’t sound like it. He stared at the man, and then at the holster strapped to the young man’s waist. The soldier followed his gaze, and placed a hand on the top flap of the holster, as once more he ordered Ken to undress.

Feeling rather frightened, he began to slowly undress. His nerves were in knots as he took his shirt off, and laid it down over the back of the wooden chair. He bent down and took his runner’s off, then his socks. Standing back up he unbuckled his belt and then popped the button on his pants. Unzipping the pants he noticed the intense look of the young man, watching his every move. In some strange way, it felt rather exciting.

Pushing his pants to his ankles, then stepping out he reached down to pick them up. As he did, Ken noticed how the guards eyes seemed to glow. He felt a strange tingling sensation as he folded his pants and put them on the chair. The soldier shook his head, indicating he wanted them on the table. Ken complied and watched as the young man moved forward, patting them down and emptying the pockets. Everything was on the table as once more he stepped back.

‘Under garment too’ he said, and for one split second Ken thought he saw the eyes widen. It was chilly in the room but he wasn’t going to argue with a guy who had a gun. He felt rather like the first time after gym class, when all the boys were in the locker room, stripping for that first group shower. It was adding to his discomfort, because just like then, he had a boner.

He tried to make it soften, but as he pushed his boxer shorts down, he knew he wasn’t succeeding. As he pushed the shorts down, he tried to hide his erection, though he knew he was failing. Damn, why did he always put himself in these predicaments? Standing up, he felt the soldier’s eyes staring at his crotch, looking at him and he could feel a flush creeping down his face.

‘You a Jew?’

The question made him swivel around. The young man was still staring at his crotch, at his erection and he noticed him lightly licking his lips, almost as if he was enjoying the view.

‘No, what, I mean… no, no I am not’

‘You have no, what you call it? No skin there…’

As he said it, he pointed at Ken’s cock. He didn’t know what to do, as he blushed. It was strange to be asked that, and he tried to explain that many people were circumcised, though he didn’t think the soldier was understanding him. It was all odd, to be asked that question, which added to his nervousness. He also felt odd, at how the young man kept staring at him. His eyes would briefly check his face out, but always returned to stare at his cock.

‘Lean on table, I do my search now’

It was embarrassing to think that this guy was going to look up his ass. He felt strangely aroused though at the idea. The soldier wasn’t what he’d call ugly, and if he would take that damn hat off, he might find an attractive face underneath. The shadow effect did give him a sort of dangerous look, that he also found rather exciting. Odd, to think of himself being attracted to this guy, as he leaned over the table. His legs were shaking a little as he heard the harsh footsteps of the man moving closer to his exposed rectum.

He had been probed there before, but that had been for fun, not like this. Still it had the same attraction to him, which he found odd. As the man stepped in closer, he could hear him breathing, and realized that the guy seemed just as nervous as he was.

The sound of rubber being stretched made him jump. Looking back over his shoulder, he saw the man putting on some rubber gloves, and he tensed up as the man came closer. His breath now wafted across the small of his back, and he tightened up even more as the young man’s hands touched him. It felt bizarre as he could feel the panic in his chest, as his own breathing became a bit laboured. His thoughts were all jumbled up because despite the panic he was feeling, the sense of fear, he also felt strangely aroused.

‘Relax please, I won’t hurt if you relax’

The words were soothing. It was said in a tone that the soldier hadn’t used before. He could feel his body slowly relax, as he exhaled, but as soon as he felt the fingers of the man prying his cheeks open, he tensed up once again. His body stiffened as he felt the touch of the finger tip against his muscle, wondering just what it was that he would do. Would he drive the finger in, or just pry him open.

He bit his lip as his question was answered by a wave of pain as the soldier inserted the finger, then pushed the tiny hole open. His legs quivered as the finger held him open, and he could feel the man’s breath against the inside of his cheeks. His body trembled as the man seemed to hesitate a moment. Then Ken felt the finger sliding in deeper.

The hole was allowed to wrap around the probing finger. He couldn’t help himself as he let out a soft moan of pleasure. The pain had been replaced as the finger slowly moved in deeper, He heard a small grunt come from behind him, as the finger wove its way inwards, twisting a little that only made him enjoy it more. His own breathing was suddenly becoming more shallow as he wiggled his butt a bit, to help take the probing finger in more.

The sweat dripping from his forehead wasn’t out of fear now, but out of pleasure. He felt his body reacting, unsure if he could stop it, unsure of what the soldier would do if he noticed his pleasure, but he couldn’t help himself. He moaned a bit louder again, as the man dug his finger in deeper. It almost lifted him upwards, as he stood up on his toes, taking the finger deep.

He couldn’t believe the feeling inside as the soldier began to pull out, then push back inwards. Each time was slow and deliberate and he couldn’t help but enjoy it. Then he felt the soldier move in closer, and while the one hand continued to fill his ass, the other moved around and began to caress his erect cock. Ken stiffened at first, then when the soldier began to hesitate, he relaxed, wanting him to continue.

His breathing was becoming more like a dog’s pants as the soldier began to grope around his crotch. The hand moved along his groin, rubbing him and teasing him too. His body began to ache as the man’s fingers reached between his thigh and groin, pulling at him, forcing his body to move back into the lodged finger inside of him.

Then the hand reached out to wrap around the base of his cock. The fingers held his erect pole tightly and began to stroke him. Ken felt the pleasure transmit itself up and down his entire body. His legs were growing numb and the throbbing drilling of his rectum by the finger was making him moan constantly. The hand stroking him didn’t take away from the entire feeling either.

Sweat was dripping down onto the table as he lifted his head upwards to stare back over his shoulder. He could see the man’s jaw, the way it was set as he concentrated on his task. His finger was moving faster, in time with the hard stroking of his other hand. Ken felt himself coming to that point, and he didn’t know what to do. He tried to hold it back, but he couldn’t control himself. The pleasure inside of his body was too much as the hand around his cock held him tighter with each stroke.

His face grew pinched as he tried desperately not to cum. The muscles in his body tightened, making the deep finger penetration the more enjoyable. He felt the man shudder as he grunted his own pleasure. The hand began to move even faster, forcing him to whimper a little. He didn’t want to scream, not sure how sound proof the little room was. Last thing he wanted was for some superior to walk in, and see him getting jerked off. He bit his lip, tasting blood as the hand around his throbbing cock became a blur. The friction was burning as his body began to tremble uncontrollably. His knees were threatening to buckle as the man’s finger dug deep inside of him.

He felt his body rear back, driving his buttocks back and he could feel the knuckles of the man wedged up into his anus. His whole body began to quiver, and his cock seemed like it was burning out of control. The ache became too much as he felt himself coming. The strange shaking of his whole body shook the small table, and the soldier’s hand seemed to be moving even faster now.

The cock head jerked between the man’s fingers and he felt his balls hitting up underneath the cock shaft. The ache was suddenly replaced by a rolling wave of electricity that shook him everywhere. His head tilted back upwards, his eyes rolled back into the sockets, his teeth bit his lips hard as he stifled his cries of joy. The legs quaked, the butt cheeks shook as he felt his milk shooting out into the soldier’s hand.

Ken shuddered as his second load came flooding out. His whole body was a mass of shaking flesh. Sweat was pouring off his forehead and his hands were white from the strain of leaning onto the table. The legs continued to quiver as the finger was pulled out and the hand moved away from his spent cock. He felt it jerk once more, knowing some small drops had dribbled off and he could hear himself. He was panting trying to catch his breath, but so too was the soldier who leaned up against him.

‘What hotel, please… ‘

Ken muttered the name, as he slowly stood up. He turned to stare at the soldier, who took his hat off and wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. The perfect pair of blue eyes stared at him, a smile curled around the thin pale lips. The eyes were sparkling as Ken stood there, still shaking a little.

He answered the soldier, and as he did, he glanced down to see a very large protruding bulge in the pants. He licked his lips, which the soldier noticed. As he stepped back, he spread his legs apart a little, to show Ken more of his bulging groin. Ken merely smiled as he reached around to grab his boxer shorts.

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