Fiction – Winner’s Circle

Winner’s Circle

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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At last he had broken out from the pack. Maybe now they would take him seriously down at work, as he stood there in the glare of the floodlights, the flashes of cameras as he was handed his trophy. The bevy of young girls stood around him, smiling as Miss whatever leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek. The cameras caught it all and Kevin smiled to himself.

He had been racing for over 3 years now. This was his first win and he was relishing the moment. People were all slapping him on the back, the girls were all at his feet, hoping to touch a winner. It really was a bit euphoric, but as he smiled amidst the camera flashes, his eyes kept their focus on the person off to one side.

The young man was one of his pit crew. Jimmy came to him at the end of last season, and immediately Kevin was attracted to him. Though then, he didn’t know just how attracted he would become to the 21 year old. Jimmy was tall, just a shade over 6 foot and rather thin and pasty looking. If he weighed 130 pounds, Kevin would be surprised. Yet despite his thin frame, the young man had an air about him, that was attractive. Wearing tight fitting jeans and t-shirt didn’t hurt either.

When it came to his car, he was very picky. Yet there was something about Jimmy that made Kevin give him a spot on his crew. He couldn’t have made a better choice either. Jimmy was one of those who loved his work and gave it his all. They had become friends over the winter, and as racing season began, had somehow grown closer. He never realized either, that Jimmy was more than just a working friend.

It was after he had come in second again for the third time this season out of four races that it all changed. Jimmy was working on the car, muttering as they were getting ready for tonight’s race. He was cursing too, something Kevin hadn’t heard him do before. At last he asked what was bugging the young man, and it stunned him when Jimmy told him. The words were cutting as the young man laid into him,

He began by telling him that it was a bitch working for a loser, specially when he should be winning, instead of finishing second all the time. Jimmy didn’t shout, but with his hands on his hips he stood beside the car, ticking off point after point of why Kevin should be a regular in the Winner’s Circle, instead of being an also ran. His words hurt and he grew angry as he listened to the litany of complaints about his sloppy driving, his lack of a killer instinct when it came to pushing forward, pushing to win.

At that particular moment, he wasn’t finding Jimmy very attractive. In fact, he had felt like just pulling back his hand and smacking the young man square in the face. Jimmy must of realized it as he stopped speaking, and stared at Kevin, almost daring him to do what he was feeling. After several minutes of just glaring at each other, and nothing happening, Jimmy leaned back on the car, a strange smirk on his face, as he shook his head at Kevin.

‘You don’t have what it takes Kevin, face it, you don’t want it bad enough’

The words hurt, and the smirk on Jimmy’s face only made it worse. He suddenly felt like he had to defend himself, to prove Jimmy was wrong in his assessment of him. He did want to win, but it eluded him, that was life. You couldn’t win every race, though he had to admit, it would be nice to win at least one.

‘I do want it bad enough, it isn’t as easy as you make it sound’

‘Oh? I know it isn’t easy, getting what you want takes guts, means taking risks at times, you won’t do that, admit it for once, you like it safe. Why you ever became a racer is beyond me.’

‘That isn’t true, I take risks all the time’

‘Yeah? Like what? Not holding your ground when someone is coming up from behind to pass?’

‘It isn’t done that way’

‘Sure it is, if you want it bad enough, but you don’t seem to want much of anything bad enough to take the risks’

‘There are lots of things I want bad, and I do take risks, when I have to’

‘Really? Like you want me, yet you have yet to make a move, guess you don’t want me that bad?’

Kevin reeled at that. It was said so matter of fact, so cold really, that it made an even deeper impression on him than if Jimmy had shouted it to him. How the fuck did he even know that Kevin wanted him? No one knew about his secret yen for men, least none in his inner circle. Staring at Jimmy, he wondered if maybe he was being set up. If it got around the track that he was that way, his racing days there would be finished.

Sweat was beading up on his forehead, as he stared at Jimmy. Even with the fear rising inside, he couldn’t help but notice how attractive, how desirable Jimmy was. The long thin legs, sticking out while he leaned on the car was one of many poses that made Kevin squirm each time he saw it.

‘What makes you think I want you?’

‘The drool around your mouth, Christ man it is friggin obvious, why can’t you just admit it?’

‘It isn’t that easy, if uh, if it was true’


‘It isn’t, it’s the truth’


‘Even if it was true, a person doesn’t just walk up and say they want you, it takes the right words, the right time and…’

‘Oh Christ, that is Bull and you know it, admit it, you want me’

‘Fine, okay, have it your way, say I do, now what? You gonna drop your pants and we do it here?’

‘That would be the easy way for you, but no, you don’t get into my pants, until you show me you really do want me. I ain’t some cheap slut, you gotta earn getting into my pants’

It had to be the strangest conversation he ever had with someone. His eyes kept darting around, trying to figure out what Jimmy’s game was. Kevin was torn, between the ache in his groin, to the wariness in his mind. He couldn’t recall anything he had done, that would have given Jimmy that idea, that he wanted him. Hell, in all honesty he had tried to push those thoughts from his mind, whenever he was with Jimmy. Obviously he hadn’t been successful at that, as he continued the staring match.

‘I don’t pay.’

‘Told ya, I ain’t some cheap slut, if it was about money, you wouldn’t be able to afford me, but it isn’t about how thick your wallet is’

‘then what?’

‘So, you admitting you want me then?’

‘Yeah, I suppose’

‘That’s a start’

‘And the price?’

‘Show me you deserve to have me’

‘And I am to just take your word that you are worth having?’

Jimmy smiled at him then, a strange smirk on his face. Kevin noticed that he moved his hands down to his crotch, and as he watched, the young man undid his jeans, and opened them wide. He could see the colored boxers and then as he watched, Jimmy reached inside and pulled his cock out.

He couldn’t help himself from looking at the massive mound of flesh that plopped out. It wasn’t hard, least not fully erect. Still it was long enough to make Kevin lick his lips, thinking of how it would taste, or better yet feel. His palms were sweaty as he just stared, eyes bulging.

As he coughed, enjoying the sight of Jimmy’s cock, he saw the hand push the cock back under the cover of the boxer shorts. As he did he felt disappointed. He really did want him, and he finally looked back up into Jimmy’s face.

‘I know how to use it too’

‘Okay, you made your point, so, what’s the deal’

They stared at each other for what seemed an eternity. Finally he shifted his position. His legs were open wider and Kevin couldn’t help but keep on glancing at the young man’s crotch. To think of what was in there made his own body ache. Jimmy was right, he did want him and yet he was still afraid to tell him that. Instead he just stood there, waiting and hoping.

‘You drive this piece of shit to the Winner’s Circle, and I’ll drive my dick into your private winner’s circle, second place gets you nothing.’

The crowd was thinning now, as he made his way out of the Winner’s Circle. He could see Jimmy, a wide grin on his face as he walked over to him. As he got close, he stopped and put his hands on his hips. He just grinned back, and as they moved away together, to get the car ready for hauling back to his garage, he reminded Jimmy of his agreement.

The trip back to the garage seemed to take forever. He kept glancing over at Jimmy, wondering if he would put out, or if it was all just a ploy. He kept thinking though, of how it had felt to take those risks, to stand his ground and to push his foot to the floor to accelerate past the pack, to not just take the lead, but to have held onto it.

Inside the garage, the brightly lit room seemed ominous. The car was pushed back and as he stood there, tired and dirty from the race, he couldn’t help but feel also excited. His body ached, from the strain of the race, but also from the strain of not knowing what would be next.

Jimmy’s voice, calling him made him turn around, and there he stood. Right in the full glare of the shop lights, his coveralls undone and rolled down his thin body. The pale skin glistened and he could see smears of dirt and grease on the exposed arms as he licked his lips. The purple red tint of Jimmy’s nipples were in stark contract to the whiteness of his chest. He could see the ribs around the side, as he undid his own jacket and shirt.

He noticed the thin pale lips as Jimmy moved closer to Kevin. He could smell the sweat on him as they grew closer. His nostrils flared a little as Jimmy pushed the coveralls all the way down, exposing his full body. He stepped out of them, as he continued to move closer to Kevin. His eyes were sparkling and had a mischievous glint to them, that only made him all the more attractive.

His eyes moved up and down the thin body as Jimmy came closer. He noticed the tiny tufts of hair along his thighs, the darker growth of hair below the knees. But it was the huge tent pole sticking out from the boxer shorts that held his gaze. It was pointing straight at him as he finished his own little strip tease. His own cock was tenting his shorts, but nothing like the approaching weapon. How the fuck could someone as thin as Jimmy, have such a huge dick, he wondered. His eyes were glued to the crotch as Jimmy finally came to within an inch or two of his own body.

The first touch of Jimmy’s hand on his bare chest was electrifying. His entire body shuddered to the touch, the gentle caress of the fingers as he stood there, watching and waiting. His eyes were glued to Jimmy’s face as he watched him while the young man began to explore his naked torso. The touch was thrilling him, as the fingers moved along his belly.

The small paunch seemed to jiggle, as the hand ran lightly across it, teasing it and Kevin. Feeling like he was on a cloud, watching, he felt the thickening of his cock. It was hurting from the constant filling of blood along the shaft. It was an ache he hadn’t felt before, it was so intense that it made his eyes water a little. Or maybe it was the rolling waves of pleasure that were making his entire body feel like a bowl of jelly.

His legs ached to begin with, and now they were trembling, nearing exhaustion as Jimmy placed his hands on either side, on the hips. He squeezed a little as he moved his head in further, and suddenly Kevin felt like his whole body was on fire, ready to simply explode.

Lightly pressing his lips on Kevin’s stomach, Jimmy kissed him. The fire seemed to grow inside as now Jimmy began to lick at Kevin’s body. While his mind was off tasting the sudden explosion of desire and lust, he felt a breeze and looking down, he saw Jimmy’s head. He also saw his shorts down at his ankles.

Stepping forward just a bit, he let Jimmy know what he wanted, and it didn’t take him long to suddenly feel the moist warmth over his erect cock. Jimmy took him in one swell swoop, gobbling up his cock deep down into the waiting mouth. He felt the nip as his cock past Jimmy’s teeth. The rasp of the teeth nibbling at his cock, made him moan and his own hands finally reached down, to grip the young man’s shoulders. His fingers dug in as Jimmy began to suck on Kevin’s cock.

His hands now moved up and down Kevin’s inner thighs. Caressing them and prodding them, and then moved inwards, cupping his full balls. He felt the fingers poke up and then suddenly his cock was waving in the air while his balls were sucked into the welcoming mouth. He groaned louder, digging his fingers in even more as he felt the pleasure reaching up inside of his quivering body.

Jimmy took one ball, then let it free while sucking on the other. Then back to the first ball and on it went, with each time Kevin groaning his enjoyment. His hands were scraping bone as they held onto Jimmy’s shoulders. Jimmy’s hands moved down and around to clench at the firm butt cheeks. His fingers dug into the soft mound of flesh, and pulled them apart, and then once more Kevin felt his cock being sucked. His balls dripping Jimmy’s saliva, as his body began to rock back and forth.

He threw his hips forward and pulled back, as the hands tightened around his cheeks, pulling and digging all at once. He felt the air caress his exposed hole, and he whimpered a little, as he fel this head fling backwards. He couldn’t hold on as his whole body became a shaking mass of flesh.

Kevin cried out, as his body shook. He knew he couldn’t hold it back much longer and just when he thought he was about to spew his load, it all ended. The sucking on his throbbing pole ended, and suddenly he felt himself being turned around. The firm press of Jimmy’s hands twisting him around, then the press of the young man’s knees between his legs made him groan and lean down. His chest resting on the car cover.

The sound of Jimmy spitting made him tense up and before he could tighten up, he felt the hard jab at his hole. The press of Jimmy’s finger deep into his rectum made him cry out. The ache in his groin grew as Jimmy quickly thrust his finger in and out of Kevin’s hole. He twisted it as he dug in deeper, almost lifting Kevin up off the hood of the car.

Kevin was feeling like he was in heaven. His body was shaking to the constant waves of pleasure that rolled up and down. He didn’t think it could get more intense, but it did. The finger was suddenly removed and then he felt the hands spreading his cheeks apart. A hard slap on one cheek made him jump, rubbing his cock on the hard shell of his car hood. He grunted as the cheeks were pulled apart.

The feel of wet spit on his hole came first, then he recognized the sound of Jimmy spitting. He felt a bit confused, until he felt the press of Jimmy’s face on his cheeks. The warm breathe blew across his hole, that was tingling now. Then suddenly he felt the tip of Jimmy’s tongue as it licked up and down his crack. The valley between his cheeks was licked hard, and as the tongue moved across his pink hole, Kevin shivered. His body trembled as the tongue played around his hole, teasing it as it licked around, ignoring the open centre.

Groaning, he felt the tremors inside. Then just when he didn’t think he could stand it, he felt the tongue push past his muscle, and enter his hole. He cried out, his head twisting and turning as his entire body quivered. The tongue licked him hard, darting in and out, like a miniature cock. He squirmed and felt his cheeks shuddering. Sweat was pouring off his body, running down his back and mingled with the dirt and grime that still coated his body. He smelled the acrid after smell of burnt fuel as his body just shook uncontrollably.

Then the tongue was gone, and he felt his legs pushed further apart and he could feel the body heat from Jimmy. He had stepped in closer, and suddenly he felt the press of something up at the top of his cheeks. Kevin felt Jimmy’s knuckles the held the thick bulging object that was slowly being forced down his cheeks. His head was still reeling, when the thick hard object touched his hole.

Like a match to gunpowder, his body reacted. The hard press grew painful, as it began to slowly spread his hole apart. The pain was intense as he cried out now, his hands balled up into fists, striking the hood of the car. Jimmy entered him slowly, letting Kevin feel it all, as the huge thick cock split him apart. It stretched his tiny hole, and made Kevin scream and suck in his breath.

Slowly, inch by inch he pushed his cock deep inside. It filled the small cavity and made the inner muscles scream in pain as they were pushed aside by the throbbing organ. Ever so slowly he guided the huge pole inside, until his own pubic hairs were scratching at the sweating cheeks.

Kevin was moaning now, feeling the pain and the pleasure that came from it too. He couldn’t help but enjoy the slow journey his insides were being subjected to. The thick cock felt like a hot poker inside as slowly Jimmy began to move it out, almost making it feel like his whole insides were being sucked out. Then when it was nearly out, he drove it back in, slowly still.

Kevin was begging him to go faster, to fuck him hard but Jimmy only grunted. He also didn’t change his slow agonizing thrusts either. For several minutes he slowly pushed in and pulled out. Each time, Kevin would quiver, sobbing his need for Jimmy to go faster. It had no impact, as the cock continued to fill him, to stretch him each time it slowly moved inwards.

His legs were dripping from his sweat. They were also growing numb when finally Jimmy began to move a little faster. He breathed out with relief, as his body began to press harder into the car hood. Kevin was moaning with each inward thrust, feeling it suddenly twist and turn inside. He cried out then, and pounded the car hood with his fists. His head twisted from one side to the other, as Jimmy began to quicken his pace. He was now pushing in faster, each time his groin would slam into Kevin’s cheeks, Jimmy grunted.

It seemed endless. The constant pile driving of his ass with Jimmy’s quivering jack hammer. The huge cock made him ache, but he was too busy demanding more of it, urging Jimmy to push it in harder and further. His whole body was shaking as the cock moved in hard and fast now. The sensations were too much as he closed his eyes tight, groaning constantly as his ass took the hard pounding.

The panting sounds of heavy breathing joined with the wild thunder of his heart as he urged Jimmy on. He was begging, and then demanding. He wanted it to end, and yet refused to let it. He urged Jimmy onwards, feeling the motion increase with each thrust. His whole body shook and bucked as the cock ploughed him hard, and then suddenly it was buried deep in his ass, quivering. Kevin could feel it as the thick head reared back, then suddenly pushed forward. Deep in his body he felt the flash of something along his whole insides, as the cum travelled from the shaking balls to explode out of the cock head.

He felt it, felt the motion, felt the thickness of the cock head grow as it exploded deep inside. Kevin felt it pressing inside of him, as the body above him began to convulse into an endless wave of rolling tremors. Jimmy cried out loudly, his primal scream echoing harshly in the cavernous garage. His body suddenly collapsed on top of Kevin’s own trembling frame.

The screams were over, the grunts and groans ended. All that echoed now in the garage was the sound of two men, panting as they tried to regain their breath. It was strange, but Kevin felt like he had just gone 15 rounds with George Foreman. His body ached in places he didn’t know could ache like that. Kevin’s mind was still clouded by the fog of lust, as he lay spread eagled over the front end of his car hood.

Kevin felt the soft press of lips on his sweat stained cheeks. He opened his eyes to stare up at Jimmy’s face that lay on his neck. He saw the glimmering look in the eyes, the approval really and he smiled back at the young man, gathering just enough strength to speak.

‘Making the winner’s circle is going to be a habit, I think’

Jimmy grinned, as he let his head fall back down on Kevin’s shoulder, his hand already slowly moving down the man’s frame, setting the stage for a second victory lap.

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