Fiction – Thrill Seeker

Thrill Seeker

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Dan was an adrenalin junkie, though not quite how some would expect. Sure he was athletic and had the body to match his urge for extreme activities, but it was his penchant for doing things, where the risk of being caught was more important to him than whether or not he could do the task. It was a natural fit for him, and with the common name it was also why his friends called him ‘Dangerous Dan’. If they only knew he thought, as he stared around at the others in the locker room.

He enjoyed his weekly trip to the gym, where he would join in a pick up game of basketball, or just workout in the weight room. It wasn’t that he needed to build his muscles up or add to his firm looks, but that it was a great place to find and meet those casual folks who wanted a bit of fun afterwards. Hell sometimes they wanted it in between times, like that new member, Jason, who worked in the same office as Dan did.

Jason was a new intern in his office. Finishing his last term at College, he was there to learn the practical side of things. He was about Dan’s height and weight too, though at least 15 years his junior. Dan didn’t look like he was nearing 40 and it always shocked those when he did confess his age. Course other things shocked them too, like his desire to do it wherever they were.

Like why fuck about? He didn’t think that planning some tryst was as much fun as simply finding a place and doing it. Course sometimes it wasn’t possible to fully do it, but hell, the fun was in trying as much as it was in the actual act of having sex. For the most part it generally was just oral, but with Jason it had gone further, which really had given him a thrill.

Looking out at the various bodies in the state of undress made him smile a little. It wasn’t here that he had met Jason but it was here that things got interesting. The room itself lent itself to some fun, and while it was always a risk, so was life. He liked the thrill of doing it, never knowing who might be watching or who might stumble in on him.

Shit, even his boss used this place, and that guy was one tight ass straight laced bastard. If he had caught Dan, well his career would most likely be over. It was that sort of thrill that got him hot and made it all that much more fun. Just like when he had done Jason, his boss had been in the building. It had given him a sense of excitement that he really couldn’t explain, and thinking of it now, well he could feel his excitement rising.

That was the other thing about it all. Incidents like with Jason gave him some rather intense memories that he could always fall back on. It helped on those times he couldn’t find anyone to make new memories with. Sort of like right now he thought as he glanced over the available targets in the room.

He recognized one or two, from past encounters but quickly moved on to scan the room. Most of his partners were one time flings, but if Jason was to show up, well that would be different. Thinking about him, he realized he hadn’t seen Jason here since that time, nor had he really seen much of him around the office either. He hadn’t thought about it until now, and it made him wonder. Maybe when he got back to work, he’d do some snooping but for now, he continued his surveillance, looking for a likely target. Time was running out for today, which was a shame. He had one hell of a boner he wanted to relieve, and would prefer it be in some willing mouth, not in his towel. Still, he could always relive that time with Jason.

Making sure no one was looking directly at him, Dan reached into his locker and took out the small little vibrator he had stashed inside, under his spare towel. It was one of those egg shaped things with a plastic cup that wrapped around the head of the cock. A small wire led from the silver egg to a small hand held little device that allowed him to turn it on and regulate the speed.

He kept it under his towel, resting between his legs. Dan straddled the wooden bench, a leg on either side, with his back against the cold cement wall. He could watch everyone that passed by, while at the same time getting off. Amazing things those little toys, because no one would guess he was stroking himself, while watching them dress and undress.

Dan switched the unit on low, to start off. He put one hand down over the towel that covered his now fully erect cock, to sort of keep it down or from pushing the towel up in a tell tale sign of arousal. It was a trick he learned and as he leaned back, he let his mind wander.

At first he conjured up all those who had fallen to his lust in this place. That alone made him smirk a little and those who passed would think he was a smug bastard too. The look on his face was sort of one of disdain to the casual observer. It wasn’t flattering, but he didn’t care, it kept them from approaching and breaking in on his thoughts.

He visualized Mark, the young accountant that had fallen to his need for an adrenalin fix early on in his sojourn to this gym. The guy was a typical bean counter. He was nervous and always trying to look over his shoulder while Dan sucked on his cock. He had to admit, it was a thrill but not totally satisfying. The cock was tasty, not too long or thick either, but when Mark had finally cum, it was rather disappointing. All that work for maybe a mouthful of man juice just didn’t seem worthwhile.

Then there had been the married man, Brad or Brian. He never could remember which. The guy was a total paranoid freak and it had taken a lot of coaxing and groping to get him to play. Still he had a nice penis and when he shot, fuck it was like the floodgates of Hoover Dam had been opened. He was one of the few men who had surprised him with the amount of cum he could shoot. In fact, he recalled gagging a little on it too.

The vibrator was switched to medium as he leaned back. Across from him was Nathan. He had a nice firm ass and had been the second or third guy that Dan had actually fucked in the gym. He liked the way Nathan had agreed to it as well. The guy was another adrenalin junkie it seemed and he had a few tips that Dan welcomed. Still the idea of ploughing that firm tight ass was a pleasant memory for him.

The way Nathan would moan softly, just loud enough for Dan to hear and no one else. Then too how he could clench his butt muscles, to hold Dan’s throbbing cock inside was a feeling he wouldn’t forget. The way he could move his hips in time with Dan’s thrusts made Dan squeeze the cock under his hand a little harder.

The smile on his face grew as he watched Nathan, knowing the guy was searching for a target, just like he had been doing. He wished he had more time to spend, as he wouldn’t mind another round with the guy. Still, it wasn’t quite the same, doing it a second time around with the same person. The rush wasn’t the same or as intense and he let his mind continue its journey along memory lane.

There had been Cory, Bill, Martin and others whose images flashed across his memory. Each one had its own flavor, its own little memory that helped him enjoy the quiet pulsing feel of the vibrator over his cock head. He looked over to the shower entrance, to see Sean walking in. Instantly he turned the vibrator up to its full strength.

The vibrations immediately took on a new pulse and he could hear the slight sound too. He didn’t care as the guy a few lockers away turned around, as if he had noticed the strange sound. Maybe it was Dan sucking in his breathe or the vibrator but his eyes quickly returned to watch Sean in the shower.

Sean was a 6ft 2in jock that was at the gym every day. He loved playing basketball and lifting weights. He had the body that showed it too. Dan had never seen a better looking pair of pecs as those Sean sported. The rippling muscles were always visible and best of all, Sean never wore a shirt. Whether he was lifting weights, playing basketball or lounging at the juice bar, he was always bare chested. He had a hell of a pair of nipples too and Dan smiled, recalling just how sensitive those nipples were.

For a second Dan had been certain Sean would scream when he had tweaked one of those firm little bits of flesh. The guy had jumped and literally had his mouth open before Dan quickly slammed his hand over it. One thing to do it where you could get caught, another to encourage being caught. Still it had been an interesting bit of sex. Sean didn’t have a big dick though, in fact it was rather puny by Dan’s standards. Still he did taste nice and it wasn’t like Sean was going to fuck him.

His cum had tasted a bit too salty as well, but man the guy sure enjoyed being blown. The way he would moan, making Dan fear discovery. The constant press of his hands on Dan’s shoulders had hurt but the way he kept his hips moving was the real treat. The cock would shake and squirm in his mouth, making him work at sucking on it, despite its size. Sean could shoot a load too.

Maybe one day, when he had more time, he’d try Sean again. Only this time maybe he’d spend a little more time working on driving the guy. He did have a hell of a pair of sweet looking cheeks on his caboose. The way they jiggled when he walked brought a sigh to his lips. No doubt that Sean would be a wild ride, but a dangerous one. Perhaps a bit too dangerous given his need to groan and moan. Still, the vision of those firm white orbs of flesh shaking to his penetrating plunges made his own body quiver a bit. The vibrator was doing its job but was a bit slow.

Glancing around the room, he considered reaching into his locker for one more of his hidden toys. Off to the far left, he suddenly thought he saw Jason. Instantly his body got stiff, and he could feel the blood boiling inside his body. His head was a bit light headed as he peered forward, pushing down hard onto his throbbing cock.

As he tried to see more, he felt his body shuddering. He was close as he tried to see, knowing that if it was Jason, he’d be late for work. No way was he going to pass up a chance at doing Jason again. Yet as he looked he felt the rush and excitement of the last time. His mind was trying to see and yet also thinking back to that time he had did him.

The way he was so shy, so quiet had attracted Dan to him. Then when playing a pick up game of basketball, Jason had bumped into him. It wasn’t a foul but damn the shot of electricity that went up and down his body was unreal. He had never felt that way before, and he made it a point to bump into him again. In fact he did it several times, drawing even a dirty look from Jason.

After the game was over, his constant bumping had become a great conversation starter. It gave him a chance to talk to Jason, and to check the guy out even more. Unlike many others, he didn’t wear those girlie type gym shorts. He wore the good old fashioned kind that showed a nice package.

While talking he noticed the package getting bigger which only made him hornier than when he first approached Jason. It also made him risk more, by actually commenting on it during their conversation. It had been the right move too. Sure at first Jason seemed startled, but the move of his hand down to his crotch was a clear signal that he was interested.

Didn’t take him long to show his interest either. A quick rub and grab had made Jason break out in a sweat. The rest was history as they found a spot where he managed to fondle that package while others walked past oblivious to what was happening.

He though Jason would faint when he flashed him his erect cock. The expression was amazing, and the involuntary action of licking his lips only made Dan pursue Jason more. Just thinking of that, made his body shake more. The vibrator was on full and he could feel his balls suddenly aching more and more as his mind thought about Jason, about how he looked when Dan first touched the bare flesh of his cock.

Dan had almost lost it himself at that moment. The cock was not just hard, but felt like a friggin blast furnace. His hand recoiled quickly but dove back in immediately afterwards. The touch of that skin, the feel of that leathery sac underneath was unreal. He had felt his own cock dripping a bit at that moment, and he knew he wanted Jason badly.

It didn’t take much persuasion either.

When he had slipped his hand under Jason’s towel, and managed to wiggle his index finger along the crack of his cheeks, he knew Jason was his. The touch of that flesh had made him quiver, just as the memory now made him quake. His legs were taut as his body recalled that time, recalled the sensation of warmth that enveloped his entire body as the finger probed quickly and hard into Jason’s rectum.

The sharp gasp was cut off by Jason, but he had heard it. It was all he had needed and while he started to think more of it, his body bucked a little. The hand on his towel had slipped off and he quickly put it back, pushing his pulsing cock down, but it was too late. His balls had flung upwards and the sudden upwards motion of his cock had been enough of a signal to the rest of his body.

Dan felt his body shuddering as his milk oozed out and flowed back down his shaft. He could feel the sharp pain in his lungs too as he sucked in his breath. The body gave a quick little jerk and then a few others as he shot his load. His eyes closed briefly for a moment as he enjoyed the sensations that flowed up and down his body.

His hand slipped down and under the towel to turn off the vibrator, and he gulped a bit before once more opening his eyes. He felt the last shudder as he focused on the room. His heart skipped another beat, and he felt the rush of adrenalin pumping through as standing in front of him was Jason.

He smiled up at the tall young man, and opened his towel briefly, just long enough to let Jason see his cock with the silver egg shaped vibrator. The look on Jason’s face was enough for him as he closed the towel, knowing that he was about to be very late in returning to the office.

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