Fiction – The Pin

The Pin

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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This was for all the marbles. He had worked hard this rookie year and it had paid off, he was in the finals. At the start of training no one, not even his coach expected he’d go far, despite his High School record. This was college sports, and vastly different than High School. Charles Taylor, CT for shot, had found that out the first time he had taken to the mats.

He still could recall the battering his young body had taken. The next day he had more bruises and welts on his body than when his daddy had taken him to the woodshed when he was just 12 for what he thought was no big deal. Funny how he could remember those little bits and pieces of home, even now as he stood next to the coach, listening to the strategy being played out. His turn was coming, but for now they were concentrating on the match between their heavyweight and Michigan’s.

They needed the win badly, if they had any hope of securing the team trophy. If not, it would all rest on his match, and despite his years efforts and victories, the coach still wasn’t confident about him. It irked him too as he looked over at the man who had tortured his entire rookie year. The guy had to be a sadist he thought, as he watched the young men in tight fitting spandex clutching at each other, looking for an opening, seeking an advantage to win and be crowned Champion.

His eyes moved across the span of the floor until he spotted him. The tall young man was standing, dressed in his sweats, wearing his team colors. The shamrock emblazoned across the front made him smile as he stared at the Notre Dame athlete that was to be his last opponent of the meet. If he pinned him, he’d win, anything less and it would be a defeat. Sean William O’Hara was his name and he had an impressive record.

He had put on some weight, to be eligible for the weight class, and had proved the tactic of his coach by coming into this series, undefeated. CT was close in stats, having only one loss, but Sean had won 90% of his matches by pins, an enviable record. He, on the other hand, had only won 50% by a pin, and one more reason for the butterflies in the pit of his stomach as he stared at his opponent.

CT wanted to beat him, could taste it even. To begin with, he wanted to even the score. It was Sean who had whipped his ass early in the season. A whipping that had nearly cost him his place on the team, and that alone made him ache for a second chance at him. He knew inside, that he could take him too, but that wasn’t the only reason. It was how Sean William O’Hara had gloated, even taunted him afterwards.

Sean was one of those enamoured by his own stature. He was tall, well built, and good looking. He had the superiority air about him that CT associated with snobs. Okay, he was good, but it didn’t excuse his taunts. It was those taunts, those words of being called a pussy, of wrestling like some queer, that had gotten to him. No one knew, but his team mates had all heard the taunts, and his defeat had made life unbearable in the locker room.

He was desperate to even the score. Simply the satisfaction of wiping the smug look would be enough, but then so too would be his parting shot. CT had it all worked out, and had played it over and over in his dreams of how he would pin the smug bastard, then as he got up, ask him how it felt being beaten by a fag. That would do the trick, and it helped drive him throughout the season.

Now it all was down to one match.

He had become a wrestler because he liked the idea of being so close to other guys. To be able to grab them, hold them even was something that always made him excited. It wasn’t the adrenalin of winning, though that came later. It was the status it brought to him, and as he began to get into his game face, he realized just how much of his sexual victories were due to his successes on the mat.

His sparring partner in High School had also been a regular sparring partner for other activities. He liked Jay, the way he would sometimes just give in to him, when they were training. Maybe that hadn’t helped his game, but it sure as hell helped his ego. He loved the feel of Jay’s cock when he would reach under his crotch to try and flip him. The press of his bare arm on that lyric covered dick was quite arousing. It generally led to a rather more animated wrestling match later on. One that eventually ended with them both shooting huge loads of cum onto each other’s sweat soaked bodies. No spandex to keep the hot milk from splattering all over them. Just good raw sex, but that was in the past. Jay had gone to some other university, and his sparring partner now was not so accommodating.

Tony was in a class above CT. The coach had assigned him to CT, to help toughen him up, to make him sweat. Besides, he had seen Tony in the locker room. The guy had a small dick and was too hairy for his likes. That and that he was an out and out homophobe had taken a lot of the thrill out of practise. Still, it was University, where sex was supposed to be a whole lot easier to get, than it had been in High School. That too was a lie, as so far he had nothing to show for his time in college.

He didn’t count that encounter on the quad, behind the statue of the founder or something. That had just happened and he still wasn’t sure who it was. It had been dark that night, and had been feeling rather down, when he had stumbled on this guy whacking off. One thing had led to another and soon the guy was on his knees, sucking him off.

The release had been what he needed, but that had been the sum total of his sexual exploits. Training had consumed him, as had school. He wasn’t on any scholarship and had to work at making the grades. That and his part time job to help avoid starvation kept him from having any time for parties, or social gatherings. Besides, he was on a mission to prove himself, so it really didn’t matter that much.

The squeeze on his shoulder made him look up and grimace. The coach was peering down at him, and he realized that it was time. He was now getting instructions on how not to get faked out this time, how the team was depending on him. He blinked as he realized he didn’t even know if they had won the other match or not. He just nodded trying to get himself back into the game. His eyes moved away from the stern face of his coach to see Sean waiting in his corner of the mat.

He was doing that loosening up jiggle they all did. CT stared at him, seeing the tell tale bulge around the crotch, wondering for a moment or two just what was underneath. Was Sean cut or uncut? Did he have a big dick that would make him scream if he took in the ass, or was he like so many, average or less? His mind was wondering, and he felt very nervous as the coach once more pulled his attention away from Sean.

‘Listen up, he’s not that good, he will try to fake you out with that gay slur talk, just like he did last time. So ignore it, don’t let it make you mad, instead take your time, smile, ignore it and do what you have trained to do, got it?’

‘Yes Sir, I got it’

‘Listen up CT, stop daydreaming. He beat you once because you got taken out of your game, don’t let it happen again. This is for it all kid, now is the time for you to show me, show your team mates what you made of. Got it? Get your head into it, he’s vulnerable, just don’t let him fake you out with his trash talk. You can take him, now get in there and show me I wasn’t wrong in keeping you on this team.’

CT stared at the coach and just nodded. He didn’t really need the pep talk but it was different to actually get one. Something the coach had never really given him before, and as he turned away to stare at Sean William O’Hara, he smiled. He didn’t need the coach to tell him about being faked out, instead he had his own game plan and as he signalled that he was ready to the ref, he just smiled at Sean.

They met at the centre for instructions. He just smiled and then let his eyes slowly move up and down Sean’s trim body. He stopped for an extra second or two as he looked right at Sean’s crotch. Licking his lips, he brought his gaze back up to stare into Sean’s eyes. Still smiling he winked at him, which made Sean take a step backwards.

The whistle blew and they came out, Sean looking for an early opening as they clenched to jostle for that precious opening take down. Sean whispered to him, that he’d get his fag ass, and this time CT was ready. He told him that his ass wasn’t for Sean, he preferred to be the top, not a bottom like Sean.

It worked as he felt the fingers tremble and loosen a little. It was the opening he needed as he suddenly released his grip and drove forward underneath, grabbing hold of the upper calves. His head was to one side and he could smell the boy’s man scent as he drove his whole shoulder into the legs, pulling the calves forward and he heard the hard thump as Sean landed on his back.

Instinct took over as Sean twisted and was on his side in less than a second. CT was already moving as Sean twisted. He had slid over the boy’s body as it twisted to its side. His arm was under Sean’s neck and he slid his hand hard between Sean’s legs. His forearm banged hard into Sean’s crotch, pushing upwards as his hand took hold of firm buttocks.

He twisted his hand to go over Sean’s neck. He could feel his hot breath on his arm, as he turned and twisted to hold onto the struggling body. He let out his own breath, and grunted out how he liked his partners to be on their back when he ploughed their tight young asses.

The moment was there, and CT yanked hard and suddenly Sean was indeed on his back. He had surprised him and he knew that this time, he was doing the faking out. The touch of Sean’s sweating flesh against his own made him feel excited. His whole body was on edge as he felt the body begin to arch as Sean tried to bridge out of CT’s hold. It was exactly what he had expected, and this time he reached down, once more pressing into Sean’s groin.

As he did, he grunted again. He pressed his arm hard into Sean’s groin, telling him how good it felt to touch that dick, asking how many had sucked on it. The thrashing increased as he held on tight, still pressing until he could sense that moment. He took it with surprising speed, and in a second he had Sean rolled up into a ball, his legs high up in the air and it was at that moment that he applied the final insult.

‘Now that is how I like my bottoms, legs up and ass open for me to pile drive, you seem to have that down just right, lots of practise taking it up the ass huh?’

The words had there effect as Sean was enraged. He cried out but it was too late as the whistle blew and the echo of the slap on the mat by the Ref finally registered. Sean William O’Hara had been pinned and it was all over. CT had won and as he stood up, a huge grin on his face he saw the dejected look on Sean’s face. He couldn’t explain it, but he felt sorry for him. That ended quickly as his team mates crowded around him, slapping him on the back, including the coach.

The celebration was unbelievable and as he finally emerged from the locker room to walk into the main floor, he felt elated. He had done it, and then as he stood there, he noticed someone come and stand beside him. Glancing over, he recognized his opponent, Sean O’Hara who just stood there, staring where he was staring.

He felt a bit apprehensive as they stood there until Sean leaned over and whispered into his ear.

‘Room 214, Motel across the street. We’ll see who has their legs in the air, and who has their ass ploughed.’

CT trembled a little and as he turned to look at Sean, he saw him walking away, towards the exit. Across the street, he saw the Motel sign flashing through the glass doors. Victory certainly was sweet he thought, as he began to follow Sean out of the Gymnasium.

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