Fiction – The Nightmare

The Nightmare

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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The sharp stabbing pain rolled up from his ass all the way to his head. He cried out loudly as he buried his head into the soft pillow. His teeth were grinding as the pain made its way through his whole body. Sweat was suddenly dripping from his forehead and he found he was squirming as the pain only continued. His hands pounded the bed on either side of his gyrating body as he tried to get away from the source of his pain, and yet, he didn’t really want it to end.

His head continued to marvel at the way he was actually enjoying the rolling pain that kept him in agony. His mouth was filled with the pillow to muffle his screams and yet he was certain they could hear him miles away. He cried out and yet it wasn’t to stop the pain, but to urge it onwards, to make it even more intense. Tom thought he must be crazy as he heard the loud slaps of hot wet flesh striking his own aching cheeks. His body continued to try and dig itself into the bed as the pounding inside grew more intense.

It was like he could feel every thrust of the foreign object that had invaded his rectum. His muscles were stretched beyond their limit or so it felt as he twisted and turned to the pummelling he was taking. He cried out again and again, as the hot pole continued to slice deep into his body. Every part of his insides felt like they were on fire.

Tom could feel his eyes becoming glazed over as he bit hard into the pillow. His hands now clenched at the sheets underneath as his lanky body shook to the hard jabs. He could feel the crushing weight on top of his cheeks, the way it would suddenly not be there and then just as suddenly be driving him deeper into the bed, as if to force him to go right through. The slaps of hot flesh hitting his own merged almost into one continuous sound as he continued to cry out, to urge the person tormenting him to stop and then to go faster.

Hot drops of sweat were splattering across his taut back. He could feel them strike his own flesh, which only made his body twitch even more so. His head twisted from side to side, and the wetness of the pillow only made him more uncomfortable. He tried to ignore the pain, but it was constant now. His body continued to resist and yet at the same time was reaching up to greet each new thrust, to make it all that more intense.

Time was lost to him as he could hear his voice crying out, hear his moans and groans with each hard deep penetrating thrust. His guts were twisted and deep inside he felt the burning desire for more, despite the pain. Every muscle in his body was tensed, as his legs were spread apart to one side. His toes curled outwards and were slowly growing numb as the pile driving of his insides continued unabated.

Even the sounds of the creaking bed frame were lost in a fog of mixed emotions. Only the sounds of someone breathing heavy and of the stinging drops of sweat seemed to break through his mind’s fog. He felt himself burning up as the hard pole was filling him one second, then leaving him feeling empty. The emptiness as that hard pole pulled out made him cry out for its return, made him beg even. Yet when it obliged him he was suddenly begging for it to stop.

It confused him and yet didn’t stop him from demanding more, demanding greater speed, greater penetration. His voice was loud and demanding as the person above him seemed to just ignore his pleas. The rough pounding became like a jack hammer as he was drilled deep and hard. It wouldn’t stop as his body shook and shuddered to the incessant digging and driving that filled his whole body.

Suddenly it was all silence. The pain was gone and he felt totally exhausted and yet unfulfilled. His body was sore, yet it craved for more and he opened his eyes. He saw nothing but blackness around him and yet felt the wetness of his pillow. His eyes adjusted to the darkness as he slowly managed to pick out images in the dark. To his left was nothing but a wall, devoid of anything and as Tom slowly turned to the right he could see the lump in the bed across from him.

He could tell by the even rise and fall of the dark shape that the person under those blankets was fast asleep. He wiped his forehead with his arm as he twisted around to stare up at the ceiling.

There was no one else in the room and he felt alone and empty. It was becoming too much as he reached down, to feel the wetness of the sheet that covered his naked body. He had shot his load and yet felt totally unsatisfied. Glancing over at the alarm clock he realized that it was just 3am and as he put his arms under his head, he felt dirty. It wasn’t just the dried cum that coated his thighs but the drying sweat that seemed to be everywhere. The bed was wet and becoming uncomfortable as he tried to calm himself down.

Tom felt his breathing finally returning to normal as he tried to figure out what was happening to him. He had had dreams before, but nothing like he was having since he got to college. He had woken up before at home, with a boner sometimes, other times with dried cum on his thighs or belly. Yet he never had remembered what had brought it all on, which is why this was different.

While he never seemed to see who it was that was fucking his ass so hard, he knew that is what he was dreaming of. Sure, he knew he was gay, though he had yet to experience anything more than a mutual hand job from a school mate. Here he was, off at college and still a virgin, in virtually every aspect. Tom had heard the ribald jokes and listened in awe to some of the sexual exploits the others talked about, but he never had anything to add.

He had come to college hoping it would all be different than back at home. Here he hoped to finally find others like him, who could help on the path to sexual fulfillment, but so far, nothing. He had no idea who was or who wasn’t. 

For his first week here, he had the room all to himself. He had hoped it would stay that way and had gotten used to sleeping naked, but then Craig showed up with a duffle bag and a smile that melted Tom’s heart. Christ was Craig hot, sort of that high school blond quarterback type, the one with not too long or too short blond hair. The type with deep blue eyes that seemed to sparkle when they look at you. He had the body to match too, well chiselled and he made no pretence at shyness either.

Hell the second he had dropped his bag to the floor, looked around and introduced himself, he had stripped down to his boxer shorts to change. Without even batting an eye he had put his stuff away, making Tom totally nervous. While he had enjoyed stealing glances at some of the jocks in the locker room after Gym, this was a close up view he couldn’t avoid.

His eyes seemed to naturally gravitate towards Craig’s crotch and he could tell, there was a huge dick in there. The outline of that lovely tool only made Tom horny and nervous. He had no idea how to keep his desire secret and found himself constantly turning away. It didn’t get any easier at night either.

Despite Craig’s penchant for public nudity, Tom hadn’t been caught out yet, and he felt rather proud of that part of it all. Still it was driving him crazy, the way he would walk in to the dorm room, to find Craig standing there, stark naked. A huge soft cock dangling between his legs that made Tom want to just reach out and stick it into his mouth. It also made him turn away and so far he hadn’t really talked much with Craig. He felt for sure he’d give himself away if he did, and Craig seemed okay with having a silent geeky roommate.

Laying there in the dark, Tom realized that the nightmares had begun the second night after Craig had shown up. Maybe it was his way of dealing with Craig’s nudity or casual attitude about being naked all the time. He didn’t know which it was but maybe if he could figure it out, it might stop the nightmares before he was found out. Somehow he didn’t think Craig would appreciate that Tom was having those kind of dreams. Then too, the more he thought about it, the more he realized that his nightmares had something to do with Craig.

Maybe it was the way Craig looked, his body and his always walking around their dorm room half naked. Rarely did the guy walk in and not take his shirt off at least. Most of the time he would immediately walk in, strip totally naked then wrap a towel around his flat belly, and go for a shower.

Course when he came back from the showers, he would towel off in the room. The way he would rub his legs dry and then slowly dry off his dangling balls and cock, only made Tom feel weak at the knees. He tried not to look, but he kept stealing glances anyhow. It might be a free show, but one he didn’t want to let on that he watched. It was driving him nuts too, and he could feel his body reacting to his thoughts, even now.

He reached down to adjust his stiff cock. His hand wrapped around the pole as he wondered if maybe Craig was sending him a signal? Could it be that or was he just hoping it was? Possible he thought, as Craig did seem to always face him when he did strip, so maybe. Though he ached from wanting to know, he was too terrified as well. After all, Craig was no 98lb weakling while he was.

Still the idea that those shows were deliberate and for him did give him some pleasure. He could feel it now as he lay there, thinking about it. Every now and then he would turn his head, to stare at the sleeping 19 year old. He knew that under those blankets was a perfect body, naked. If only he had the nerve, wasn’t so petrified he might at least try to find out. Instead he realized that he was probably doomed to just laying in his own bed, thinking and hoping, while he stroked himself.

If only the nightmares wouldn’t come to him. Least then he’d maybe get a decent night’s sleep, but then too, he had never jerked off so much as he was doing now. Christ he could feel his thoughts wandering again, dreaming as his hand began to stroke his cock.

Tom closed his eyes, thinking of Craig this time. His mind conjured up the tall blonde giant coming into the room, finding him stretched out on the bed, naked. Instead of him stripping as normal and walking out with a towel around his waist, he would strip and come over to Tom.

His hand began to move a bit faster, in time with the rising beat of his heart. He gulped a little, realizing his breathing was becoming a bit ragged and he turned his head, to take one last look at the sleeping young man before letting himself go back to his dreams.

His eyes opened to look and suddenly there wasn’t a lump in the bed. Instead he was staring over at the sitting figure of his roommate. Craig was looking at him, and Tom realized he had kicked off the sheets and was exposed totally to Craig’s gaze.

Panic was reaching for him as his eyes opened wide to notice that Craig wasn’t just sitting there. He had thrown off his own bed sheet and his one hand was down on his lap, and sticking up was this hard mass that Tom instantly knew was Craig’s fully erect penis. He gulped as he looked back up into Craig’s face.

His heart was racing as Craig smiled at him and then spoke:

“Ready for the real thing?”

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