Fiction – The Audition

The Audition

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

He opened the door to the office and was rather surprised to find a petite young girl at a desk on the phone. It seemed a bit out of place as he walked timidly into the reception area, where he noticed several other young men waiting in chairs. Keeping his head down he approached the reception desk and mumbled that he was here for the audition, giving his name. The young girl merely looked up at him with a blank stare, handed him a clipboard with some forms on it, told him to fill it out and to take it with him when his number was called, and handed him a card with large black numbers on it.

It was all so cold, so emotionless that he wondered if maybe he was in the wrong office for the audition. After all, it wasn’t what he had expected as he sat down in an empty chair, looking at the paperwork on the clipboard. His eyes glanced furtively at some of the others in the room and he noticed how most seemed bored. A few had some game boy type thing in their hands and others were reading or filling out the forms on their own clipboard.

Most seemed disinterested and hardly any bothered to even look at him. He felt rather uncomfortable and yet as he glanced around, he felt his spirits drop a bit. Many of the young men were blonde and they all looked like they had just come from the Gym. Their glow radiated a little as they all just sat there. Comparing many of them, he knew he didn’t have their looks but he was here, so he might as well go through with it, or so he kept telling himself.

Martin turned his attention to the forms and began to read them. He stumbled over some of the fancy words as he read, and realized that this wasn’t some fly by night outfit. He quickly found out he’d have to get an AIDS test if accepted, and that scared him too. He had taken the test before, and needles weren’t his favourite but it hadn’t hurt. It was the waiting that he hated and the uncertainty of it all. Now he’d have to go through that all over again and it felt a bit frightening, still this is what he wanted to do.

It wasn’t that he was some sex freak either. Martin needed the money and the ad had been pretty specific as to what they were looking for. Sex and someone who had a decent piece of equipment, which he thought he met. Though looking at some of the guys around, he wondered if it would be enough. Most of the guys looked taller, and judging by some of the full packages, they weren’t exactly tiny either. Not like he was an expert judge, and his nerves began to quiver as he contemplated what it would feel like to be rejected.

Like how hard could it be to get it on with one of those around him? He realized it wouldn’t be hard as they were all rather tantalizing and he could feel the blood rushing to his dick. His mind wondered just what would be involved in a porn audition? Not like he had any experience in it, and he had come prepared or so he had thought. It hadn’t been easy but he had cleaned himself out, something he didn’t exactly enjoy. Also he had brought several packages of Condoms with him, not sure what the procedures were. Better to be prepared than not he had thought and besides, there wasn’t anyone he could ask.

In the back of his mind, he noticed that people were coming and going. Seemed that most spent anywhere from a few minutes, to several before they would leave. Those that seemed to stay the longest always left straight away, those who were there a few minutes stopped at the receptionist desk to hand back the clipboard. He hoped he wouldn’t be one of those.

Martin noticed that as each applicant left, the door remained opened and some voice would call for the next number. It was a rather high pitched voice, almost feminine really which only added to his nervousness. Those that left quickly never seemed to look at anyone else. They always had their faces averted, and it made him sweat a little as he waited for that cold voice to call out his number.

When it did come, he almost missed it, lost in the fear that was gripping at him. He didn’t know what was to come next and even was thinking of just returning the clipboard and leaving. It was then that he heard the number being called for and he jumped a little. Standing up he wiped the palms of his hands on his trouser legs, and inched forward, not sure of whether to bolt or just suck it up and head on in. In the end he just shuffled in and closed the door behind him as directed by the rather shrill voice. His eyes adjusted to the room, and noticed a couch to one side, where a rather skinny guy lounged. He had one leg over the end and seemed rather bored  as Martin stepped in.

In front was a large desk with a bald headed man sat, looking sort of formidable too. He had a cigar in the corner of his mouth and he could smell the thick aroma now as he stood there. The bald man looked up and down and told him to place the clipboard on the desk top. He then commanded him in a rather bored voice to turn around a few times.

There seemed to be no expression on the faces of either man as he did as directed. He kicked off his shoes as ordered and noticed that the bald guy had the cigar out of his mouth. He looked bored as the other guy did most of the talking. The bald guy just stared at him which made him sweat a little.

“Drop your pants and underwear if you wearing any, let’s see what you got kid”

Martin hesitated for a second then bent over, undoing the button top of his pants then reached down and taking hold of the waistband of both his pants and boxers, he slid them down his body. He breathed in slowly as he stood up, exposing a semi erect penis to the two men. It wasn’t fully hard yet, though getting there as he waited, wondering what was next. The sound of a camera click and then another startled him as he saw for the first time that there were cameras in the room.

A video cameras was on a tripod to the left of the bald man, sitting on a tripod aimed right at him, and he knew it was running. He felt a chill and shivered a little, not sure what to do. His hands lay at his side as once more he turned around a few times to show off his body to the terse men.

His erection was slowly lessening as he moved around. The fear was gripping at him as he stood there, not sure whether he was impressing them or not. The man on the couch grunted once as he shot a few pictures of Martin’s naked lower torso. Then the bald man told him to get it hard, to start jerking off.

It was all so matter of fact that it took him a second or two to reach down with his hand to begin to play with his dick. In short order he could feel himself getting harder and he closed his eyes. He began to think of Jason as he let his left hand close around his hard pole. Pushing back the fear inside, he felt himself shake a little to the up and down motion of his hand. His hand tightened its grip and his legs grew stiff as he started to lose himself in the daydream of him and Jason.

“Stop” the voice commanded. His hand froze as the word penetrated his thoughts and he looked around in a dazed look. The man with the camera lowered it and told him to move over to the couch. To sit up on the back and to spread his legs open wide. He then moved off the couch and with the camera to his eyes, began to shoot pictures of Martin on the couch.

“Keep it hard kid” echoed as he tried. He didn’t want to let it go down despite the feeling that it was. Quickly he brought up the image of Jason’s naked cock to his mind, feeling the blood once more rushing downwards. He thought about its size, its color and its aroma too as he followed the terse commands by the man with the camera. Martin pushed his balls upwards, clenched his cock head and pulled upwards to expose the entire shaft. He spread his legs wider as directed, and even turned over to show off his butt. He pulled his cheeks apart to show his hole as directed, wondering if he had cleaned himself enough. The worry preyed on his mind as he obeyed the orders.

Once more he was sitting on the couch, and the bald man told him to jerk it again. The voice seemed a bit huskier this time around as Martin reached down to start the motion of pulling on his dick, when the man with the camera told him to use his fingers, not the whole hand. He was a bit uncertain as he tried different grips until finally he got the hang of it.

With his thumb and forefinger, he began to move up and down the shaft of his cock. Martin felt a little pleased that it was still hard, and hoped that mattered. Once more the images of Jason began to come to him and he just let himself go. His grip on the thick shaft of his cock changed but he didn’t notice and no one said anything as his whole hand held the trembling penis.

The warmth made him tilt his head back and soft sound of it hitting the wall didn’t phase him. He was thinking of Jason, at how his friend would stand in front of him, pointing his own huge cock at him, and how he would stare at it, looking with anticipation as the first signs of Jason’s pre cum would start to show on the pee hole. It really was a turn on for him, as the slow oozing of Jason’s pre cum would begin to slide down onto the fiery looking cock head. It was his signal to get on his knees and come closer. To get close enough to reach out and with his own hands, grip the base of Jason’s dick and balls. To then bring it still and to get his own face closer, his mouth open as he would then let his tongue slip out to lick away the dripping pre cum.

Martin would moan then as he tasted that salty cream. But as the image began to get him hot, the bald man once more shouted at him to Stop. He heard it but didn’t want to listen as he could taste Jason’s pre cum. It was not like any other, and it always, without fail, made him moan and want more.

The second command to stop was said louder and this time he opened his eyes, and his hand held steady, gripping the base of his cock. He let out a sigh as he stared at the man behind the desk. He noticed the man licking his lips and tiny beads of sweat on his forehead. Strange, but in looking at him he realized the man appeared a bit aroused.

Martin felt pleased with himself at that prospect as he just sat there, cock in hand, waiting for the next command. The bald man stared at him for a bit longer, then told him to get off the couch and to lay down on the floor. He did as directed and the man with the camera took more pictures of him, ordering him to spread his legs wider, to pull his shirt up to his neck. The camera made its noises as he tried to keep his cock hard, to keep it sticking upwards but he was slowly losing it.

The squeaking sound startled him as he suddenly realized that the bald man had pushed his chair back. His eyes opened wider as he stared upwards, to see the bald man come out from behind the massive desk.

The guy had no pants on, in fact had nothing on and a rather short pudgy dick dangled between rather flabby looking thighs. It just stuck out, as the man walked over and for the first time, Martin realized just how huge the guy was. Not in height but in weight as the man came over to stare down at him lying on the floor. He could see the lust in the guy’s eyes as he lay there, wondering if this guy was going to fuck him or not.

Instead he heard the man ask him if he liked cum, to which he just nodded. The bald man’s face lit up a little as he straddled him and the short pudgy cock now was right above his face. He watched the man reach down and start to pull on it. His eyes grew wider as the hand motion became a bit of a blur. The guy was stroking it harder and the sound of the camera clicking was just a background noise. His whole thought was suddenly mesmerized by the huge man towering over him, jerking off. His own cock was once more rock hard as he watched and listened to the man giving himself a hand job.

Without even thinking, he had his own left hand gripping his hardened cock. His own hand was moving up and down the hard throbbing shaft as the man above him began to shake. He noticed the flabby legs stiffen, saw the muscles tightening the flesh and he heard the rapid breathing from above. His whole body suddenly tensed as he realized the guy was going to cum. He could see the leathery sac that was flapping around, tighten and shrink upwards. He heard the man groaning and then the small little grunt as the cock was pointed right at him.

The head was a mottled purple and he just stared at it. Martin felt himself try to shrink into the floor, as the man’s cries from above and the sudden stream of nearly clear cum came flashing out at him. He felt the first strike on his chest, the heat making him recoil a little as more of the cum covered his chest. For a brief second or two he had closed his eyes, and as he opened them, he saw the last few drops of cum being shaken from the now softening penis.

It splattered on his chin and nose as the man sighed, and just as suddenly as he had appeared over him, he disappeared. He stared up at the ceiling and the sound of the camera clicking made him start and turn his face towards the sound. He saw the camera pointed at him and then the voice told him to get up, to put his pants back on.

Martin reached over and pulled the pants on. He took his boxers and stuffed them down the front pocket of the trousers as he slid back into his shoes, standing now in front of the bald man.

The guy took the clipboard and coped the name on another piece of paper that was in front of him. He handed the filled out cheque to him and Martin stared at it. It was made out to him, with the amount of $50.

“You can leave now, leave the door open when you go, we’ll be in touch in a few days.”

He stood there, his cock aching and the feeling of dried cum on his chest making him a bit uncomfortable. That was it? He turned and began to head towards the door, then turned to stare at the man with the camera.

“Don’t worry kid, we’ll be in touch” the man with the camera said, a thin smile on his face. With the reassurance echoing in his ears, Martin left the audition, leaving the door open and his hands down his pants, touching the cheque to reassure him that it was all real, that it all had happened.

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