Fiction – The After Party

The After Party

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Jake leaned against the wall, letting his body rest as he downed another beer, and reached for the next one on the window sill. So far, the party had been a total bust for him, and he could thank Charlene for that one. Why the fuck did he come he asked himself as he tilted his head back, letting more of the brown liquid pour down his throat.

He knew the answer, it was because Todd had asked him to join him, and there was no way he’d refuse that guy anything. Still, when Todd had picked him up and Charlene and Cathy were in the car, he had felt a bit disheartened. Though inside, he knew Todd had to maintain his image still, it didn’t help matters sitting in the back, with Charlene while Cathy nestled next to the muscular young blonde hunk. Christ he was hot looking even from the back. The way his longish blonde hair seemed to never be out of place, only added to his discomfort.

Jake could feel himself getting a boner on the drive which started the whole night’s nightmare. Charlene assumed it was because of her, silly girl. Still it wouldn’t hurt his own reputation if others knew that, so he let it be, enjoying his day dreaming about Todd. Fanciful perhaps, but it kept the dick hard while Charlene cuddled next to him. Bit annoying that, as her perfume was rather strong, making it hard for him to enjoy Todd’s own aroma.

The trouble came much later, as he continued to pound back the brews. He just didn’t see how she could have tumbled to it so quick, but then he shouldn’t have tried dancing with her either. After all, he knew a slow dance would come up. Course he didn’t know they’d play three in a row, and well, he couldn’t get it up and she knew it, then he brushed next to Todd, and wham, she was on to him.

Man it sucked but so far the damage was minimal, she had just stared and then sort of snickered and suddenly a mile of space opened up between them. It was a bit unnerving as he kept looking around, hoping no one else would notice. Still it made him slink off to the corner and start hitting the booze. He knew he’d have to sit next to her on the ride home and he hoped that it would pass quickly, with no side trips to lookout ridge.

Time seemed to drag on and all he could keep track of was the growing stack of empties next to him. He didn’t even realize that most of the people had left already until Todd came up with Cathy on his arm, letting him know it was time to head off. He just grunted and stumbled along behind, afraid of what might happen until it dawned on him, Charlene wasn’t with them.

He looked around as he more or less collapsed into the back seat. Cathy had a disgusted look on her face. Jake wasn’t sure if it was because she knew or if it was because he was so wasted. At this stage he really didn’t care but wondered as the car moved off, and no Charlene. He felt relieved at that and more or less just sat back there, thinking of Todd and how he would look naked. It was part of the game he always played with himself, wondering if Todd was cut or uncut.

Sitting back there he played his game until the car’s motion seemed to stop. He looked up to see no one up front and turned to realize, Todd was dropping Cathy off at home. The ride it seemed hadn’t included Lookout Ridge, or if it had he sure had missed that. Damn he thought, he wouldn’t have minded watching that, as he was pretty certain Todd and Cathy were getting it on.

The door opened and there was Todd. His face was haggard looking as he told Jake to get into the front, if he promised not to puke. Like he would do that to Todd? But he stumbled out and into the front seat, muttering his thanks as his head felt like a ton of bricks were rattling around inside.

The motion of the car was slowly making him sleepy, though the slightly cracked open window helped keep him from passing out. Still it felt good to be next to Todd and he kept glancing over at him, enjoying the scent of his cologne and sweat. God he wished he had the nerve to just tell him how he felt, but he valued his skin more.

He wished he could just turn to Todd, to let him know how much he liked him. How he would love to feel his breath on his face, and all that romantic stuff that he dreamed about. Jake sighed as he thought about how it would go, if Todd didn’t beat the crap out of him first. How he would hold him in his arms, how it would feel really to have Todd’s body next to his, their hands touching and moaning as they found each other’s special spots, zones. God it would be heaven he thought as the car rocked him deeper and deeper into his fantasy.

The idea of feeling Todd’s hands touching him, holding him and even probing his groin and anus was making him hard. He could feel the ache as his fantasy took hold. If only it would happen he thought, if only he had the guts to speak out. Instead he felt himself wedge further into the seat, thinking of how good it would feel to have Todd’s fingers tickling his cock, caressing his aching balls. His head began to move from side to side as he thought about it, about Todd’s hand wrapped around his pulsing prick, when he realized he wasn’t just dreaming.

His eyes flickered opened for a second and then shut quickly. Slowly he once more let them open to see the blue eyes staring at him, a soft glaze over them as they looked at him. He felt suddenly frightened by the closeness of Todd’s face. Jake felt himself cringe even as the face came closer to his own. The eyes were questioned, as if surprised by his own reaction.

He was confused as he felt the ache in his groin. It wasn’t painful, but it was firm as he glanced downwards, afraid of the looming face until he realized, the ache in his groin was from Todd’s hand.

His mind was confused as he tried to figure out what was happening. He glanced out the side window to see it fogged over and he turned back to stare at Todd. There was a slight chill in his stomach and finally he realized that his pants were open, that his underwear was slid down and his cock was sticking out, hard and pulsing.

Before he could speak, he felt the sudden press of lips against his mouth, and as his own lips opened, the warm wet snaking tongue of Todd came pushing inside. He felt the rough raspy edged tongue lick inside his mouth, tasting him and letting him taste. He didn’t understand but found his arms were now around the warm body of the 19 year old hunk. His dream was suddenly leaning into him, and it wasn’t a dream. He was awake as he continued to enjoy the rough hard kiss from Todd.

As they kissed, he could feel Todd’s hand pulling on his dick. He felt the rush inside as the hand moved up and down his shaft and he just let it all wash over him. He was finally in heaven as eyes were firmly shut, his mind enjoying the rushing sensations that flooded through him with each tug on his cock. His balls were aching as he moaned, the tongue inside making it all sound even stranger.

His body began to tense, as his senses realized that it was no dream, no fantasy but reality. Todd was jerking him off. The heat on his pole made him groan again, and made him lean inwards more. The seat creaked as Todd’s mouth broke from Jake’s, and he breathed deeply the scent and aroma that was Todd. Jake felt the drip of sweat on his chin as the hand moved up and down his quivering pole faster.

“I am cumming” he yelled as his body arched forward. Jake couldn’t help himself as his hips shot upwards and the hot milky cum came flooding out. He heard the sudden gasp from above him and realized he had shot hard. His eyes were glazed as they opened to see Todd’s face above his own. He could see the satisfaction in the eyes, and he shivered, as the last of his man juice came dribbling out, among Todd’s hard grasp.

Todd moved, and was leaning next to Jake. His hands were laying across Jake’s thigh as he leaned back into the seat. His head turned and he stared for a second or two before speaking.

“My turn”

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