Fiction – Spring Showers

Spring Showers

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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The sneeze was still reverberating throughout the room, as Don wiped his nose with his tissue. His eyes felt heavy as he looked out his living room’s huge bay window at the rain soaked front yard. Still, he was smiling despite the icky feeling from the cold he had woken up with. Pulling his robe tighter around his feverish body, he still managed to feel satisfied.

It might have been stupid, juvenile even, to have let Gary have his way, but hell he couldn’t help himself. The tall dark haired delivery guy had a way with him, one that had developed over the year to where now he always had his groceries delivered. It wasn’t like every delivery resulted in sex, but man, when it did, it was worth the delivery charge, and ensuing tip.

Here he was, a middle aged man, living alone out in a small community, and he was having more sex than when he lived in the big city with all of its gay bars and clubs. Smiling, while reaching for more tissue, he still couldn’t believe his good fortune at meeting Gary.

He had shown up with his groceries shortly after Don had moved in. A cold had laid him out, and in urgent need of cold medicine, as well as food, delivery had been his only alternative. The ease at making such an arrangement had surprised him, but when Gary had shown up, his surprise had almost made him feel normal again. The young man had not only delivered the needed groceries, but had even helped put them away.

One of the perks of living in a small community he had guessed, as he had felt more himself in that brief moment when Gary arrived, than he had all week. To watch him unpack the two small bags, asking where they all went, was worth the added deliver fee, even then. Now it was more than worth it, since he had gotten to know Gary.

Gary was one of those who never grew old, or at least wouldn’t until maybe he reached middle age. He was tall, about six foot and looked like he didn’t weigh more than 160 pounds. His long dark hair curled at the ends, and gave him a bit of a girlish look, accentuated by his small tight butt cheeks. He wasn’t one of those stylish young men from the city either. Tight jeans was about all Don ever saw him wear, and the obligatory t-shirt in the summer, multi colored long sleeve shirt in the winter.

His eyes were an interesting green, and always seemed to sparkle, which suited him. He was always grinning too, that made his whole face light up. He played sports with some friends, and was able to hold his own on current events too. When he wasn’t working at the grocery store or doing deliveries, he helped his older brother and mother out on their small ranch.

Everything about him was natural. Nothing ever seemed forced and he liked to talk. It had become a routine with him that when he delivered the groceries, that he would go straight to the kitchen and start to unpack them, talking all the time. It was a quality Don had never encountered before.

Sneezing once more, he couldn’t help but smile. Yesterday had been one more delivery that he wouldn’t forget. Gary had that look when he had first shown up, and was taking his time unpacking. The mention that Don’s was his last delivery, and that he’d be heading straight home was the tip off. Don lived for those moments, and while he was nearly 50 and Gary only 22, it never felt awkward.

The weather had been cloudy and chilly for a few days, but it was still spring. The sun had come out briefly, and it was at the time that Gary had turned and leaned against the kitchen counter that the sun had chosen to once more shine in the windows. It had cast an almost angelic glow around the young man, that had his crotch jutting out, his eyes staring right at Don’t middle. There had been no mistaking that look in his eyes, and that wicked little grin around his mouth.

His glance at the sun shining in, should have been a tip off, but he was too busy staring at that fine package that jutted out at him. He loved the way it filled the jeans, and pushed them out just off to the right of the zipper. Gary wasn’t exactly small, and when excited even the tough denim of the pants couldn’t hide his obvious excitement. This had been one of those times, and it always made Don lick his lips in anticipation. Gary always noticed that too, and would chuckle. He would also then run his hand down the crotch of his pants, pushing his cock a little.

The sun must have inspired him or something, as he stood up and smiling reached out for Don’s hand.

‘Come on old man’ he had said and then had taken Don’s hand and sprinted out the back door of the kitchen, pulling Don with him. The ground was still wet from the morning rain and it was starting to once more cloud over in the distance. Don noticed the dark clouds not far off, but ignored them as he followed Gary towards the huge weeping willow tree in the back yard.

From just near its huge trunk, you looked over the whole valley, and in the distance was the ocean itself. You could see the white caps today and as he stood there, he felt Gary move closer to lean into him. He loved that feeling, of the young man pressing up against his body. Gary would reach around and hold him like a lover would, leaning his head on Don’s shoulder. Together they would just stare out at the natural beauty.

This time they didn’t stare too long as Gary broke away, and then began to undress. It was unexpected, and his face must have shown his surprise, as Gary broke out in laughter. It was another trait of his, the ability to suddenly break out in a chuckle or peal of laughter, that always made Don’s heart skip a beat or two. There was something so invigorating about Gary’s innocence, his obvious zest for things.

Don watched as Gary pointed at him, laughing again as he tossed his shirt to the ground, and began to unbutton his pants. He had one leg up as he was shoving his pants down when he stopped, and cocked his head to one side. With a sort of questioning look, he made Don suddenly start. Without even realizing it, he was beginning to undo his own shirt, which made Gary smile. That was enough to make him forget that it was chilly out, or that everything was wet.

It didn’t take either of them long, before they stood there in the spring breeze, naked. Gary had a huge boner already, but then Don wasn’t exactly soft either. His body was always ready, it seemed, whenever Gary was around. Despite the coolness, he felt flushed as Gary stepped in closer. His eyes had that look, that desire that always made Don quiver. This was no exception, as he moved a step closer.

As they embraced each other, Don felt the small quiver of excitement of their touch race through Gary’s body. He felt his warmth as their bodies touched and his mind was lost in the warm feeling. He didn’t even notice the wetness of the grass as they slowly lowered themselves to the ground. His knees were pressing into the wet grass, as his groin pushed out into Gary’s own body. He could feel the hard cock digging into his belly, and as they kissed, he felt them slide further down and stretch out on the grass under the tree.

He sighed as Gary’s hands began to move along his body, rubbing him and caressing him. He felt the fingers run across his nipples, squeezing them a bit, and then reach down to grab at his own aroused cock. The touch made him shudder as he placed one of his legs over the young man’s legs. The touch and the heat made his head spin a little. The chill not even registering as he too began to explore the young man’s body.

Their kissing became more intense as their hands began to stroke each other. Gary was as hard as Don had ever felt, and his own dick began to ache. Gary’s hands moved to squeeze Don’t buttocks, spreading the cheeks then pushing them together. Their was sort of urgency in their press, as the fingers dug into the flesh, and suddenly Don found himself on his back, Gary on top of him.

The head moved up, breaking their long kiss. Gary’s hair hung down and tickled Don’s face, as the young man stared deeply into Don’t face. His eyes were searching for something as all Don could do was smile. It was enough, as Gary leaned down and kissed him hard on the mouth. Then he found the hands moving down his chest, while Gary stared down at him. He didn’t mind the odd little imperfection, and as his hands touched the odd scar or bump, they lingered, as if relishing the feeling.

His whole body was suddenly afire, as Gary moved down, his hands lightly caressing his body. He felt the nerves tingle as Gary now leaned over his cock. Don looked down his body, to see the long hair across his belly. He felt it as the head lowered and then he felt the wet lips touch his cock head. It was like suddenly being lit on fire. He moaned as the lips opened to encircle his cock head.

Slowly Gary let his mouth surround Don’s cock. Then he slowly moved his head down, letting the cock slide in. The press of the lips making him moan as he felt his cock being sucked deep into the willing mouth. His body shook, as Gary sucked his cock very slowly, as if to taste every part of his burning flesh. He felt his head rock from side to side as Gary pulled his head back, still firmly holding his cock between the thin lips.

He hadn’t noticed him lean over to grab a condom from his jeans, but he realized he had one when suddenly Gary was unrolling a thin sleeve over his fully erect cock. His eyes bulged out as he saw Gary’s green eyes peering up his prone body at him. The eyes were totally glazed over as he unrolled the condom and then began to literally crawl up Don’s body. Once more he saw Gary’s face above his, felt the power of the young man as he leaned down and kissed him.

Then he felt a heavy weight on his stomach as Gary not stood up, sort of. He watched in awe as the man reached behind him, to grab hold of his cock. Gary’s knees were wedged tight against Don’s hips as his hand held the blood gorged pole. Don watched as Gary lifted his butt off of his stomach, and leaned slightly forward, the dark hair cascading down over the face. Still he managed to see the desire in the face as he felt his cock being slid down the moist valley between Gary’s cheeks.

His whole body shook as he felt his cock suddenly find the hole. The young man’s face suddenly grew taut as it leaned back against the cock. There was no mistaking the cry or the strange but pleasing sensation that coursed up his body. Don’s legs trembled as he felt his cock slide past the willing hole into Gary’s warm shute. He heard the grunt, the moan as his cock slid up into the tunnel of his body. He moaned himself as he felt the muscles contracting around his throbbing pole.

The weight of the young man was making him breathe heavier, or maybe it was the sudden thrill of being ridden that made him pant. He didn’t care as he twisted his head from side to side. Gary’s body began to go up and down, as he rode Don’t hard cock. His grunting became closer together, and he began to moan.

Opening his eyes, he stared up at the young man on top of him. He saw the head tilted back as he pushed down, riding the thick cock. Don felt the press, the warmth and began to match the motion from above. His hips moved up to meet the down push from Gary. They would pull back as Gary pulled up, the cock head the only thing remaining inside the young man’s rectum. He heard himself moaning, groaning as the motion grew faster. The head was moving around and at times would tilt down. The long hair would fling down and across Don’s stomach, that only made him shudder. His whole body was like a well wound up spring. His legs were numb as he continued to push up to meet the young body as it came down.

Each time he felt his own buttocks being forced deeper into the ground beneath. The sound of flesh smacking flesh made him moan more, and it drove Gary faster as well. The sudden loud cry from above once more made Gary open his eyes. He saw the head tilted back, the mouth wide open as the boy above him shook. His eyes moved downwards, to see Gary holding onto his own throbbing cock, it was aimed right at him and he watched as the head grew bigger and bigger.

He was sure it would burst, and it did as he watched the jet of white cum come flying out at him. He blinked, but held his head stead as the stream of milk exploded out from the fiery head. He saw it leave, saw tiny drops fall from the main stream and splatter onto his body. He felt the hot milk as it flew along and splattered all across his heaving chest. As the last drop smacked into his chin, he saw Gary’s body shudder. The whole body became a blur as it had exploded, putting everything behind that first shot.

The second explosion made Gary’s body jerk again and again. The stream wasn’t as powerful, but it still was hard enough to spurt out and splatter among the first drops on his stomach. His body shuddered as he felt each drop, and his own eyes were beginning to glaze over as he shot his own hips upwards. The sight and feel of Gary’s cum made his own body reach that final tipping over point.

He cried out, his hand suddenly gripping Gary’s taut thighs. The fingers dug hard into the young man’s flesh as he shot his whole crotch upwards, while pulling the boy’s body down. His cock pushed upwards, burying itself deep into the boy’s body. He felt the head jerk, felt it rear back, then fling outwards. He could feel his hot milk as it exploded out and hit the thin plastic of the condom. That forced the cum to fill the tube, and coat his entire shaft. Don shuddered as his hands released Gary’s hip. They stuck the ground on either side, as his body tried to dig into the ground. His chest continued to heave, his breathing laboured as he felt his body jerk and twitch to its release.

As Gary rolled off his spent body, he noticed for the first time that it was raining. The clouds he had seen earlier, had finally rolled in. The wet drops were cold as he lay there, too exhausted to move or even reach for his clothes. He looked over at Gary who was still panting, sprawled next to him. Don watched the rain drops as they splattered on Gary’s body. He felt the chill, but ignored it as he just enjoyed the sight of Gary trying to catch his breath. His long legs curled up and his one arm sprawled across Don’t own heaving chest.

He lifted his eyes up to stare into Gary’s face. He smiled at the young man, who just smiled back. They lay there, letting the rain soak them both, until eventually the cold drops forced them to gather up their thoroughly drenched clothes and race towards the house. Don followed and still felt a thrill, watching the young cheeks bounce as they sprinted towards the house.

A heavy round of sneezing broke his reverie of yesterday. Even the hot bath they took after coming in hadn’t prevented him from getting this cold, but Don didn’t care. It meant that Gary would be making a few more deliveries this week, and Gary was not just good at unpacking groceries, but was one hell of a nurse. Don wrapped his robe tighter, and reached out to call the grocery store, to place his order and await the delivery. He hoped his, would be the last delivery of the day.

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