Fiction – Screams of Joy

Screams of Joy

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

It seemed like he had been groaning, screaming for hours now, though it couldn’t be. It just felt that way as he felt once more the press of Dan’s fingers deep inside his rectum. He moaned louder as the finger tips seemed to nearly reach up beyond his hole. He cried as Dan twisted the fingers around inside, stretching his muscles and making him shudder to the hard probing fingers.

Sweat was pouring down his face as he tried to move, but the restraints held him in place. Not tightly, but enough to insure he couldn’t do anything but strain at them, adding to the unreal sensations that were racing inside.

The stinging slap on his butt cheeks only made him cry out more, lean forward more to move away from the sharp stabbing pain that rolled inwards. Yet the sting was quickly replaced by a deep warmth that made him lean back, relax and as he did, he felt the fingers dig in deeper, making him moan even more.

Mark choked back the fear as he felt his body shaking as Dan continued to work his ass. He bit his lower lip at the sudden jabs of pain, and cried as his body twisted and moved to escape the hard constant probing. Yet at the same time, he felt his body enjoying it, his heart pulsing faster with each fresh probe. It was a strange sensation really, one he was actually enjoying, sort of.

He never was one for pain, but the quick thrusts of the fingers, the hard unexpected slaps on his bum, seemed to contradict that original thinking. He had to be liking it, as he wasn’t screaming but moaning with pleasure as Dan worked his buttocks over. Every now and then he would feel the hard grasp of Dan’s hand over his balls, pulling at them from underneath, stretching them while still working his rectum.

Mark didn’t know how much longer he could hold out, as his cock was fully erect, swinging there with only the occasional attention being paid to its hardness. The ache in his groin was worse than the hard deep thrusts of Dan’s fingers. It hadn’t started out that way, but now with three long digits inside, he felt like he was being fucked by three cocks instead of just the fingers. His insides were sore and yet tingled too.

It was wild at how he would squirm and the fact that he couldn’t get away only made it all that much more intense. It was a game he had never played before, and as he moaned again, feeling Dan’s hot breath on his backside, he kept thinking over the safe word and wondering if Dan would honour it if he spoke it. Part of him was certain Dan would, but after having his ass paddled so hard, his butt hole stretched so much, he wasn’t sure. That idea that he was stuck, that he was helpless only made him feel more aroused.

His arms were bound and tied in front, spread apart against two poles on either side of him. His legs were equally spread apart, bound to two more poles and across his belly was another pole that ran horizontal. The whole contraption seemed unsteady and yet while it shook when he strained against the leather straps, it didn’t collapse. It held him in place, giving Dan easy access to Mark’s rear and to his genitals as well.

Dan had placed a long mirror in front too. Mark could see his own cock, the way it shook and swayed to the hard action inside of Mark’s ass. He also could see Dan’s hairy legs moving around behind him, and he caught glimpses of the hard throbbing pole that dangled between. It fascinated him to see that cock shaking and moving around while his ass was filled by Dan’s fingers.

Every now and then he would see Dan’s hand reach down, and give his own cock a quick pull, and when he moaned just right, he would notice a small drop of white come to the tip of the cock. It only made him moan more but it never got beyond that one odd drop, least not yet. Mark could see the sweat dripping down his own body as well, as he felt the deep probing fingers.

At times, the hard press in his ass would suddenly dissipate. The fingers were out and he would suddenly feel totally empty. Not for long as he also felt his body tense, because the hairy legs would disappear and then his head would be yanked up, grabbed by the hair at the roots almost. Mark would let out a small yelp of pain as his head was roughly brought up and there in front would be Dan’s massive cock, staring right into his face.

His eyes would open wider as Dan would say nothing, but step in closer, pushing his blood gorged cock towards Mark. He would rub the hard pole up against his lips, and reach down with his other hand to smear the pre cum across Mark’s mouth and face. He would slap it against his cheeks then in a loud commanding voice, tell him to suck it.

It was like being barked at. The harsh voice would sound like it was next to his ear as Dan would call him a bitch or boy. Then before he could do more than start to open his mouth, the hot flesh would be pushing inwards, into his mouth. He could taste the salt around the head briefly, before it was delving deep into his throat. He would gag and sputter as the hard pole filled his mouth, just as the fingers had filled his ass.

Dan would push his whole body in, rubbing his groin into Mark’s face, making him gag more, and as he did, he would yell at him, and slap his backside. His hands would reach over to grab his cheeks and also make his cock go further down Mark’s throat. The pubic hairs would grate against his face, and he would choke a little and then fell the cock move out, then in, and on it would go for several hard minutes.

His jaw would begin to ache, as it tried to open wider, to let the throbbing pole go in easier. His lips would surround the hot flesh and taste the saltiness of the skin as it moved past his teeth and filled his throat. Mark would moan, muffled by the thickness of the cock in his mouth. He would strain at the restraints as he tried to back away, but couldn’t. Just as his throat would finally expand enough to comfortably suck on the hot pole, it would be over.

Dan would suddenly pull out, and give him a hard slap on the rump and then move out of sight. He could hear him, sometimes lighting a cigarette, other times taking a drink but he couldn’t see him. Dan rarely spoke, other than bark instructions, yet the silence when he wasn’t in view was torture. He wanted to see him, to feel his presence. His body would ache too, and eventually he would strain at the restraints, and begin to beg for Dan’s attention.

It would take Dan several minutes to announce his return, and it was always to up the ante. It had begun with just some slapping against his cheeks, had gone to where a piece of wooden Dowling was used to strike at his buttocks. The pain was always different when Dan returned. It never seemed to be the same either. Just when he would think he had caught his breath, Dan would come back with some new way to make him pant, to make him feel out of breath.

Whether it was a probing finger, a vibrating dildo or the harsh pain of the wooden stick, Dan would quickly have Mark out of breath, gasping for air while shaking. The sweat never seemed to stop pouring off his body as he tried to collect himself from the latest round.

The pain in his rectum was eased, but it felt warm still. He had a strange ache inside, an emptiness that he wanted filled. It was unreal because Mark wasn’t a bottom, least he hadn’t really explored that too much. The pain of entry had always made him stop being fucked, and yet now, he wanted it badly. He could hear his own shaking voice too, begging Dan to fill his hole, to plough his ass with that throbbing cock.

It was odd hearing himself beg a silent room for that. He was amazed at the sound of his pleading voice, how whiny it sounded even to him, but he wouldn’t relent. He kept begging Dan, as if looking for the right words, the magic words, that would somehow give him what he craved. He really did want Dan to fuck him, to fill his ass with that cock, not a few fingers or some dildo. He wanted to feel the heat, as it shoved its way into his body. He wanted to feel his hole stretched by burning flesh, not some rubber device.

As his voice cracked, he could hear himself begging, whining in a way that was foreign to Mark’s own ears. Yet he couldn’t’ stop as he began to plead, to offer Dan anything he wanted, just as long as Dan fucked him. He even tried to shake himself, to make sure Dan could hear him. He didn’t even know if Dan was there, as he couldn’t see him in the mirror. No sounds were audible, and yet he continued to plead, to beg.

The sound of steps made him stop pleading for a second. He gulped in air, wondering if Dan would give him what he wanted. He felt his cheeks tighten in anticipation. Every muscle in his body was tense, waiting for that first contact. He closed his eyes, hoping that soon his rectum would once more be stretched open, but this time with Dan’s enormous cock doing the stretching. He didn’t want the fingers, or the rubber dildo. He wanted Dan’s cock and he began to plead again, beg even in a desperate bid to get what he wanted.

He didn’t see or hear anything but his own pleading voice, until he felt his head roughly pulled up. The pain made him yelp out as suddenly Dan’s hard cock was pushing its way back into his mouth. He moaned and tried to speak, but the throbbing cock wouldn’t let him. He felt it push past his tongue, and bury itself into his throat. He choked as the hard shaft moved in and out quickly. He could hear Dan’s heavy breathing and smell him too.

The aroma was overpowering, and he tried to breathe deeply, unable to because of the pounding inside his mouth. The cock was moving faster with each moan, each groan that escaped. His jaw was in torment as he tried to hold onto the cock, to taste it all and the hard stinging slaps on his buttocks became harder and more often as the cock continued its in and out thrusts. His eyes watered as he felt the pain as Dan’s groin would crush into his face, pushing his nose to one side, but always keeping his mouth filled by the hard shaft.

As Dan continued to fuck his face, he could hear his breathing becoming more shallow. Dan was fucking his mouth faster and faster, his hands were digging at his backside, scratching him and pulling at the skin. He groaned as Dan began to jack hammer his face with his cock. His mouth and jaw were in torment as the hard pounding continued. Mark began to think of that word Dan had given him, as the sounds  became shouts.

He couldn’t open his mouth any wider, as the hard cock went in and out so fast he could barely taste the flesh as it swept past him. He gagged several times, but it didn’t stop Dan. It seemed to actually make him go faster, and then suddenly a sharp wincing pain lanced up from his shoulders. Dan’s fingers were digging deep into his flesh, striking bone as the groin would slam into his face. It suddenly slowed down and without even realizing it, he felt the cock head rearing back deep in his throat.

Panic gripped him as he realized Dan was about to cum. He didn’t want that, he wanted him in his ass, and he struggled to pull back, but Dan’s grip on his shoulders held him steadfast. He was stuck as suddenly the taste of salt filled his mouth. The loud cry that echoed in the room stopped his body from resisting. Mark choked as the hot cum filled his mouth instantly. It was like a huge wave of sticky goo had been unleashed in his mouth. His throat tried to swallow it, to get past it but couldn’t. He felt himself buck against the restraints, as the light in the room became a blur.

The cum kept coming as did the harsh barking yells from above. His shoulders ached as he swallowed more of Dan’s cum. His legs twitched and quivered as he tasted the jizz, his stomach feeling a bit uneasy as it took the load. Slowly he felt himself relax, as the hard cock was eased out from between his lips. A quick wipe across his face, and a slap on his cheek from the still thick shaft, made him jump a little.

He felt the disappointment, and yet at the same time, he felt elated too. He hadn’t thrown up or anything, least not yet and the taste of Dan’s cum was becoming more pleasing to his mind. Mark felt Dan grab his hair, and lift his face up to stare up into his. The eyes looked dark and menacing as a thin cruel smile crossed Dan’s face. He just looked up, with a pleading look in his own eyes, hoping that Dan would give him what he needed.

Dan let Mark’s head drop down and he moved out of sight. The mirror was removed and Mark felt the fear reaching at his heart. He hoped this wasn’t the end, that there would be more, and he was about to speak when he was suddenly drenched in cold water. The sudden harsh spray of cold water on his whole body shocked him.

The steady stream soaked him from head to foot and back again. His body shuddered and he cringed as the water was directed across his entire body, even at his groin. He felt the spray between his crotch and thighs and then down his ass cheeks. Dan’s hand grabbed at the flesh, spreading them open as the water was directed down his crack, cleaning him and chilling him.

He thought it was all over, that Dan would soon release him as the spray of water ended. Mark felt himself dripping and shaking, like a wet dog coming in from being caught out in the rain. His breathing was slowly returning as he felt Dan standing in front of him.

Mark was certain that it was over, but he didn’t feel Dan moving to release him. He didn’t know what to do, or if he should say anything either as he waiting, uncertain. His ears were perked up, listening for any tell tale signal of what was happening. Maybe it was over, maybe not, but he didn’t know. Part of him was exhausted, wanting to be let go, while most of him wanted it to continue.

The sound of a door opening startled him. He realized Dan was about to leave him, still bound to the metal contraption. He cried out, begging Dan to not go.  It was like he could almost hear him snickering, and in his mind, he was certain he could see Dan’s face twisted into an evil grin just as the sound of the door closing echoed in the room.

He cried out, but there was no answer. He strained to try and tell if Dan was there, but there was no sounds, just that of his own heavy breathing. He wiggled and wondered if he could get loose, but knew he couldn’t. Fear was gripping at him as he called out, begging Dan to come back, knowing he couldn’t be heard.

After several minutes, he could hear the sound of music distantly in the background. He strained at the leather restraints, cursing and then crying. He felt abandoned, and then slowly he realized that if it was over, Dan would have released him. He let himself settle down, as the idea that there was more to come, helped calm him down.

He waited, counting to himself, wondering what would Dan come up with to do to him when he returned. The smile on his face grew as he let his imagination run wild.

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