Fiction – Ride to Nowhere

Ride to Nowhere

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

It cost $1.75 to go from the first bus stop to the last stop, at the bus yard and next month it was going up to $2.50. Joe didn’t know how he’d manage the extra seventy five cents, but maybe he could skip a day or two. Problem was, he didn’t always get the buck seventy five as it was. People just weren’t that free with their pocket change anymore, even out in front of the liquor stores.

The round trip on the diesel bus generally took about 5 hours depending on the number of people getting on or off at any particular time. Still it was 5 hours where he could relax, and keep warm. The bus driver didn’t say much, but the way he would look at him when he got on, made him feel dirty. It wasn’t like he stunk either as he showered daily at the local hostel, it was just that he always wore the same clothes.

He was 6foot 2inches tall and weighed in at about 185 though he was considerably lighter these days. Lack of eating three squares a day weren’t exactly a help. Joe had it all, or so he had thought until about two months ago, when his world collapsed around him. First was being Outed by that asshole Tim which didn’t seem all that serious at the time. After all, so what if he was queer, he had his basketball scholarship and was 2nd in scoring so far this season for his college team.

There were bumps and all, and while classes weren’t exactly a priority he still maintained the base average required. Least he thought he had until the Coach called him into his office. The second he entered he knew he was in deep shit. Oh sure, the guy talked sympathetic, but bottom line was he had his scholarship revoked, and had less than a month to either get his grades up or leave the dorm, and college. It had stunned him and despite his best efforts, he was doomed to fail.

The Professors no longer seemed willing to give him any breaks. They bore down on him and made him feel like a total idiot, and yet the day before they had laughed and joked with him. It all had changed, as did the student body response. He found scribbling’s of hate all over his locker. His dorm roommate disappeared, clothes and all.

Calling home didn’t help either as his father wouldn’t even talk to him. His mother was in tears but was adamant that he couldn’t come home. They wouldn’t send him money either and suddenly Joe realized, just how alone he was in the world. Going to the college chapel was no help. All the Pastor could do was tell him to pray, and to seek guidance in trying to come to terms with his sinning ways.

To say he grew up fast was an understatement. Suddenly he was on the street, no money and no job and all he could think of doing was trying to survive. He wasn’t totally broke but no way was it enough to last as he quickly found out. Until now, he never gave a thought at how much a simple burger, fries, and drink cost but those first few days out on the street taught him fast.

Joe had heard the stories, about how people resorted to stealing, or worse even. He vowed he wouldn’t be one of those bums begging at street corners and in less than a week, there he was, hand out asking for spare change. It felt wrong, dirty even but the alternative wasn’t exactly appealing to him.

Suddenly he was part of a whole new world. Sleeping at night was a toss up between freezing or being robbed. You just never slept with your eyes shut and if you got into a shelter, you paid for that privilege as well. You leant to listen to speeches, to men preach about the evils of drink and the promise of riches if you just let God into your life.

It struck him as odd, because until now he always believed in GOD, and it hadn’t stopped all this shit from happening to him. He was down, depressed but he refused to give in. He spent his time shuffling around town, looking for jobs he could do, looking for just a chance. He hadn’t found any yet, but he kept trying. It got harder as time went on, his clothes looked rough, and people no longer seemed to even give him the time of day as he tried to get a job.

Desperation was growing on him as snow began to fall at nights and shelters became harder to get into. Even the religious one’s that required attendance for hours of preaching were filling up long before supper. It was then that he hit upon the buses. Least it gave him a break from the weather and he could rest, easy and relatively safe. Despite the weird glances it was his only choice. He didn’t know what else to do and he knew time was running out for him. It was getting harder each day to just make enough to ride the bus, have even a cheap burger or something. His stomach ached at times from being empty and despite that he still didn’t think he could resort to what some of the others were doing.

It was a culture he wasn’t prepared for. The constant moving around, whether from angry store owners or police or just others down on their luck. He was never able to just stay in one place long enough to think. He met a few others, but it was a closed society or so it seemed.

One guy told him about things that he couldn’t imagine, but now, sitting at the back of the bus, leaning on the window, he wondered how long before he too would find himself thinking about those things. It wasn’t that he was a prude, just that he had this idea that sex wasn’t something you sold. He wasn’t an expert, and his own sexual experiences were limited, still, he just couldn’t see himself going with some stranger, dropping his pants and being taken.

Thinking about it made him shiver and cringe. Not in his entire 20 years of living had Joe ever thought he’d be considering selling his body. He’d read about it, but to be in that position now, it made him feel so ashamed. Being gay was never something he really had thought about, it was just something he was.

He was smart enough to not flaunt it, but he never thought it would come to this. It wasn’t like he could change, it was who he was. Women never did anything for him sexually, and even though he had tried, it just never worked out. Christ he couldn’t even get it hard enough to penetrate a girl, despite everything he could think of. Nothing had worked for him on the few times he had tried.

Now, sitting at the back, he felt like life wasn’t worth living. There was no hope in sight and even the bus driver was starting to look at him oddly. At first he had been nice, and usually nodded but now he just stared. He watched him as he paid the fare, making sure it was all there. Somehow Joe knew that if he was even a penny short, the guy wouldn’t let him on.

Nothing surprised him anymore and that only deepened his sadness. He was lost in his thoughts and didn’t notice the older man get on the bus. The guy had to be about 50 or so Joe thought, and he dressed nicely too. Over the last week he had noticed the man always getting on just after him, and half way along the route, he would descend. He never spoke to anyone or even acknowledged them, but just sat there, staring ahead.

It was eerie but he got used to it. After all, why would anyone bother to look at him or speak to him. He was the bum who rode the bus.

To say he was startled when the man came and sat next to him would be a mild understatement. It made him nervous as the guy sat right next to him, not over to the other edge. He could smell the fragrance of cologne, one his own father used. Odd, to smell that and then think of his dad, but smell did that, so they said.

Joe managed to examine him closer, without drawing attention to the fact. He noticed how the suit was not new, and yet while being well worn, it was clean and looked after. The shirt cuffs were a bit frayed but crisp and clean as well. Everything about the man showed he was not wealthy, but was clean.

People came and left and still not a word from the guy. It was spooky really because Joe knew the man was glancing at him at various times. Specially when his stomach growled a few times he could feel the old man’s eyes looking at him. It made him try to shrink into the seat, but to no avail. There really wasn’t much he could do as the bus continued along its normal route.

Staring out the window he could tell that soon the man would be getting up to leave. His stop was coming up. Joe felt uneasy, yet as he counted the stops till the man would leave, he began to relax a bit. Soon he could go back to trying to think.

Just as he was once more settling back into his thoughts, he felt the light tap on his shoulder. He turned to find himself facing the man who didn’t look so forbidding as he had thought. The face looked concerned but was a kind face. The eyes looked at him softly, as if to comfort him and strangely enough he did feel rather comforted.

In a soft voice the man invited him home for some dinner. He was quick to make mention there would be no strings attached, almost as if he had read Joe’s mind. It was a bit freaky but the rumbling in his stomach couldn’t be denied. He shrugged his okay and left the bus when the old man’s stop came. He saw the surprise in the bus driver’s face but it quickly turned away.

It was a cold night and they walked hunched over, the sound of their feet crunching the fresh snow the only sound they heard. It wasn’t far and Joe was a bit surprised to find himself standing in front of a rather attractive single story house. The walk had been shovelled earlier and it looked nice.

Entering the home he knew it was that of a single man. The morning mail was still on the side table by the front door. In the small kitchen dishes were still in the sink but the house was warm and smelled of stale tobacco smoke.

The old man introduced himself as Wayne and didn’t do much talking as he just indicated for Joe to wait in the rather small living room while he made them some supper. The sounds of the man banging pots and pans and the sizzle of something beginning to cook was all he needed to relax.

It wasn’t long before the man came into the room, two plates in his hand as he called Joe to the table. He placed a rather large plate in front of Joe, filled with beans, and a large fresh home made hamburger patty. Joe’s mouth watered as he stared at the food, and when Wayne came back in from the kitchen, he saw a small tray that held two glasses and a large pitcher of milk. It was like he had gone to heaven.

Barely able to contain himself, Joe waited for the old man to sit down to his smaller serving. It didn’t take him a second to dig in once Wayne nodded at him. It was good too as he dug in, eating non stop and enjoying the real food. Too long had he lived on other people’s leftovers and it felt good to eat real food for a change. His mind was enjoying his first real meal in weeks and he let himself devour it all.

After he had eaten all he could manage, he leaned back a little in the chair. For the first time he felt human again as he looked around the dining room. There were many pictures on one side and he began to examine the home. It looked like any other as he found it surprisingly empty of any womanly touches.

The curtains were plain and dark. There was no coasters or other frills that he could see, just lots of picture frames of men. It didn’t strike him odd at first, but as he ate the offered piece of Apple Pie it dawned on him. He could see that many of the pictures were of men his age. There wasn’t anything special about them really, other than that and he noticed Wayne watching him.

He didn’t know what to do, but suddenly he felt rather self conscious and also a bit frightened. Maybe the guy was some serial killer who liked em young, though in all honesty he thought he could take the guy easily enough. He didn’t look like a fighter but you never knew with some people. The silence became awkward until the man finally spoke.

It wasn’t expected either as the man didn’t beat around either. Wayne obviously was a man of few words as he outlined what he wanted from Joe. Even though he had said there were no strings, there were. Guilt was a powerful weapon and he made it a point to use it, to make Joe aware of how he owed him.

Worked too because when the man added what he was willing to pay, mentioning that Joe was free to refuse the offer without any further discussion, it was already decided. He wasn’t sure how that had happened, but he had finally come to that choice he had been avoiding for a few days now. As his situation had grown more desperate, he had always known he could attract some older man, given his looks and age, but he never thought he could go through with it. Yet here he was, after one hot meal, already willing to sell what he never believed he would.

Wayne guided him to the bathroom and handed him two large towels. He carefully pointed out the soap and shampoo as he turned on the light in the room and slid open the shower stall doors. He smiled and suddenly Joe felt more at ease. It didn’t seem so bad after all.

For starters he did get a decent meal and was getting a nice long hot shower as well. In addition Wayne was going to put his clothes into the washing machine while they did their business. Plus, he would have some cash to get by for a few more days, or longer if he stretched it out properly.

Still the shame was lurking but he pushed aside. He could leave, he knew that and not do it, but fuck, the money was good and it would help. So he let an old guy have him, it wasn’t the end of the world despite the turning of his stomach as he thought about it. The hot water of the shower though helped ease the pain inside as he let the stinging needles of the spray wash the last few weeks away. It wasn’t the end but at least for a bit he could pretend it was. Maybe Wayne would let him have another shower before he left. Least he would be clean.

He must have been in the shower for hours he thought as he wrapped the towel around his belly. Joe was surprised Wayne hadn’t knocked and hurried him along, but then it just didn’t seem like Wayne was in any hurry for anything. Everything he did seemed so methodical and steady. Joe shrugged as he opened up the bathroom door and a billow of steam seemed to be pushing him as he stepped out into the hallway.

To the right was the bedroom, where Wayne had told him to come when he was finished. With his feet leaving tell tale footprints on the carpet he walked along the hallway and entered the opened door to the bedroom. He blinked a little as he looked around the room.

Wayne was propped up on the bed, a simple double or perhaps Queen sized bed filled the tiny room. Two end tables on either end with lamps shaded rested on them. Only the one by Wayne was lit as he entered the room.  The room smelled of the cologne, Old Spice it seemed, just like his father used. It all felt comfortable as he took a few steps inside.

Looking up, Wayne smiled at Joe and just nodded. He wasn’t in any hurry it seemed as Joe came and stood by the side of the bed, looking down at Wayne. He didn’t know what to say as it all looked so normal. Him standing in a towel around his naked body, Wayne putting down a leather bound book, tiny half glassed spectacles on his nose, the kind you saw professors use in class.

The smile on Wayne’s face made Joe feel warm and at ease despite the situation. He noticed that Wayne had changed and was wearing a bathrobe. His legs stuck out with a pair of slippers over the feet, that were crossed at the ankles. It was so family like that it made him grin a bit.  That brought an even wider smile to Wayne’s face as he took in all of Joe’s tall frame. His eyes were going up and down, examining the boy as he stood there, and for Joe, it didn’t feel all that bad. In some odd perverse way, it felt rather exciting to him. His body must of agreed as he felt his penis growing rather aroused.

Joe dropped the towel from around his waist, letting it fall to the floor. As it did he noticed the sparkle in Wayne’s eyes grow as it took it all in. It seemed his naked body was making an impression with Wayne, who grinned and motioned for Joe to climb in and lay next to him.

He leaned over the prone body, letting his groin brush across the man’s belly as he clambered over to lay next to him. He shuffled over so his long lean body nestled next to Wayne’s body. He could smell the excitement his touch had generated in the older man too. It was rather intoxicating to him, to know how much power his emaciated body still had. It gave him a strange giddy feeling as he lifted himself onto his elbow and turned to lay on his side, now facing Wayne. He place one arm across the man’s upper torso, his hand just resting lightly on the upper breast of the man.

Without any idea of what to do, he let his body go from instinct. His hand moved down and under the loosely closed bathrobe. The palms of his hand touched the skin and it made him quiver a bit. It was an odd sensation for him, to be touching the naked flesh of someone he didn’t know, who was paying him for it. It all felt unreal as he let his hand move upwards, the terry cloth robe being pushed aside by his motion. His fingers inched upwards, till they found the rather hard nipple.

Bit of surprise that and he looked down at it. His eyes saw his hand stretched across some rather pale white skin. The tip of his fingers were resting just under a very firm dark purple nipple that was dead centre of a more brownish circle. His eyes opened wider as he watched himself move and caress around that firm nipple, occasionally flicking the finger tip to shake the nipple. It was exciting to him as he lost himself in exploring the naked man.

He heard the sound of wheezing now and then, and even the sucking in of air as his hand explored gently the entire upper torso. It moved from side to side and on one venture, he pinched one of those firm nipples. He heard that inner sigh and knew he had hit a tender spot. Joe bent his head down and with his tongue he began to lick around the firm rubbery skin. He let his tongue barely touch the base of the nipple, as he concentrated on the hard rough skin around it. Then suddenly he lunched forward, placing his whole mouth over the breast. His teeth nibbled now at the nipple and a loud groan escaped from Wayne’s lips.

Now Joe climbed up and straddled the man. His hips held the older man down as his hands pushed aside the robe and he began to kiss and lick at the rather flat stomach. There wasn’t much of a paunch to it, but he could feel the muscles inside, coiling as he continued to tease the man with his tongue.

The groans grew louder as Joe continued to caress the sides of Wayne’s body while his mouth kissed and licked at the stomach. He wove his tongue in and out of the belly button, each foray inside making Wayne moan and twist a little. The man’s own hands were holding Joe by the hips, the fingers digging in slightly.

Feeling the man’s own thickening penis under him, Joe began to slide down the legs, and this time he used his own legs to push Wayne’s open. The robe was fully opened now as he slid down the man, his tongue continuing to kiss and fondle the man’s flesh. He tasted it all as he moved down and he could feel the eyes on him as he did so. It felt like being on stage or so he thought as he stole a glance upwards.

Wayne’s face was contorted and the eyes were rolling upwards, as if he was having some sort of fit. But Joe knew it was the lust taking over as the man’s hands now rested on Joe’s shoulders. They were digging in while pushing him down. Wayne was directing him down and he didn’t object. He could smell that scent, that aroma that only a man could generate.

His body was already on fire, or so it felt. He let himself slide down, feeling the sweat beading up on his forehead as the aroma of stale sweat and cock mingled in his nostrils. He breathed in deeply as he felt the hard pole under his chin, digging into his throat from the outside. All he could think of was in grabbing that cock and swallowing it whole as the fever of lust took over.

He bit the soft roll of flesh above the pubic hairs, that made Wayne cry out a bit. The hands pushed him harder, but he held back for a second, then he surrendered to the urgency and let his mouth suddenly moved downwards, licking the wiry hair. As his mouth moved down, the body beneath squirmed and shuddered a little.

‘Oh God, Take it, please, oh God, take it, take it now’ echoed in his ears as he felt the body shuddering to his touch. His eyes were glazed as he slid down a bit further. The hard cock was slowly sliding up his chin, and he reached over to hold onto it. He felt the hot flesh as he held it steady, and immediately opened his mouth to stuff it in. There was no delay either as he let the hard pulsing pole enter his mouth.

His lips quickly wrapped around the hot meat, and his head began its up and down motion as he fed the huge pole deep down into his eager throat. Loud moans and groans came from Wayne but Joe ignored them all as he began to suck greedily on the cock. It tasted so good, and the pre cum only made his head swoon a bit. The light headiness came rushing to him as he sucked on the throbbing pole.

One of his hands reached down to fondle the scrotum. The leathery sacs were hard and full as he jostled them and poked at them with his finger. Then he let his finger reach under the sac, to push them up. Wayne cried out in pleasure but Joe wasn’t ready yet for this to end. He pushed his finger in deeper then released it and began to feel down the sweating valley of Wayne’s buttcheeks.

The body squirmed as his finger found the pink hole surrounded by a mound of wiry hair. He pushed further, letting his finger dig past the tight hole and Wayne cried out even louder now. The man’s arms thrashed on the sides of the bed. The motion making the bed shake and bounce. Still he kept the pressure up and continued to let his head bop up and down, tasting the hard cock. His tongue continued to lick at the throbbing vein on the bottom of the shaft and his own cock was already aching more than he could ever remember. His eyes shut tight as he pulled his finger out, then with two fingers, he assaulted the man’s anus once more. He twisted his hand around, digging the two fingers in deeper. Wayne moaned and cried in one breathe.

His hips arched up, driving his cock deeper into Joe’s mouth and as it went sailing deep down into the back of his throat, he felt it rear back. The head suddenly wasn’t touching his tonsils and then suddenly it came roaring back, only this time it was firing its load.

The hot sticky cum came flooding out before he realized it. He gagged on that first load as Wayne’s hands now held his head down onto the shooting penis. The hands were firm and insistent and prevented him from rearing back up. The cock was wedged deep into his throat and once more reared back.

This time Joe was ready for the hot flood of cream and as it came flooding into his throat, he pushed himself forward to meet Wayne’s upward thrust. As he did, he forced his hand upwards as well, digging in and for one second, it felt like Wayne’s entire body was being lifted up by Joe’s fingers deep inside of Wayne’s ass.

The cum was dribbling out of the corners of his mouth, but Joe didn’t care as he dug the fingers in. He wanted Wayne to know he had been inside of him, and the grunts and moans rewarded his efforts. As quickly as it had begun, it ended.

Joe lay on his back, next to Wayne. His heart was beating a thousand beats a second or so it felt. The man next to him was having trouble breathing as well and yet it all felt good. This wasn’t what he had expected and he was rather sorry it was all over. After all, Wayne had only wanted him to suck him off. He had done it, but damn he wanted more as he finally managed to collect his breath and bearings.

Looking over he saw a strange glint in Wayne’s eyes. The man told him how good he felt, then out of the blue, told him he could use the shower if he wanted, or he could simply crawl under the covers and spend the night. Joe didn’t know what to say as Wayne leaned over to his night table, and took his wallet out. He pulled some bills out and handed them to Joe, repeating his offer to let Joe stay the night.

He looked at the bills in his hand, then over at Wayne. There was something in that face that made him feel at ease. He handed back the bills and crawled under the covers. Least tonight he would sleep with both eyes closed.

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