Fiction – Private Tour

Private Tour

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Colin waited impatiently in the lobby. As usual it was the Markson’s from Texas that were holding everyone else up but then that seemed to be their speciality, to be late. He didn’t mind too much as he did get paid by the hour. His boss did grouse a little but soon as heard it was for an American tour he just sighed and made a note to add to their bill the over time. Colin himself didn’t mind it all that much either as it gave him more time to stare at the retired professor from California that was in the group.

Professor Hillson was his name and his tour information listed him as being 58 though Colin couldn’t quite buy that. The guy had a body on him that rivalled his own lean 28 year old physique. Plus, he wasn’t your typical yank either, as he was always the first one in the lobby, usually before even Colin walked in. Then too, he always had a warm smile on his face and greeted everyone warmly, in a manner Colin felt was genuine.

Certainly different than the couple from Florida that always had a smile too, one that dripped of honey and was as phoney as a three pound note. Still it was fun to watch the Prof, as Colin liked to call him, make nice with all the other members of the tour group. It did make his job easier and so far it was going well. He already had collected some nice tips, in American Dollars too which he always enjoyed.

The day was booked to go through the dockyards and visit some of the historical warships there. He wasn’t much into it, though he kind of liked the old sailing ships. To think of all those hardy souls swinging in their hammocks at night, all that manhood. It did make him bit perky as it was right now. He smiled and as he did, he caught a glimpse of the Prof watching him, a sort of knowing grin on his face.

Colin could feel himself turning red as he realized he was sporting a boner that was showing in his shorts. Damn, he knew he should have worn his jeans today, but it was so warm out that he chose the casual shorts instead. He was paying for that now but then again, maybe it would work out. He turned to stare back at the Prof and was rewarded by what he was certain was one of those knowing winks.

Damn, he hadn’t really thought that the man was family. Certainly wasn’t evident by the attention he seemed to devote to the single women on the tour. Still he might simply be keeping up appearances to avoid issues. He had one of those with the last group of Yanks. You would have thought World War III had commenced when they found out that one of the tour members was Gay. Like the guy was ancient and it was like suddenly he was a leper. No one would sit with him, talk to him and everyone wanted him off the tour. It was a nightmare and when he handed the tour off to the next leg guide, he was relieved. Course he had kept a low profile too, in case anyone tumbled to him. Last thing he needed as this was a cushy job, and it paid well too.

After what seemed hours, they finally were able to board the bus and head off to the docks. The Prof was down the back, chatting constantly with the two single women from Florida. How he could laugh and smile was beyond him. Though once in a while, when he would look, he thought he saw a grimace behind that handsome smile.

Handing off the group to the dockyard guide was a relief. He hoped the Markson’s would fall into the drink or get lost in the maze of ships somewhere, but doubted he was that lucky. Least he had the rest of the day off to just unwind. Colin figured he’d head back to his flat, and put on some music and just relax until it was time to pick the group back up at 5 for a jaunt to a local hotel for tea and cakes. He cringed a little because he knew his group would whine about not getting decent food at a decent hour, but that is what they signed up for, so tough titties he thought.

His head was low and he didn’t see the man in front of him. As he moved to leave the group Colin walked straight into the man. It startled him and he began to apologize when he realized it was the Prof himself. Christ he must be daft, to not notice him leave the group.

“Sorry about that Professor’

‘My fault son, and I told you, call me Al or Alvin, not Professor, it makes me seem old and decrepit’

‘Uh okay Al, you lost? I can show you the way to meet up with the others if you want’

‘Nope, not interested in old ships, but you can help me, perhaps in another way?’

‘Oh? Well, I’ll do what I can’

‘Good, how about I take you to lunch somewhere? Maybe we can talk a little, and you can see if you can help me out or not? Deal?’

He stared at the man, unsure what was happening. For the life of him it felt like a pick up line, but then again maybe the guy really wasn’t into sailing ships or maritime stuff. Maybe he had something else on his mind. It wasn’t like he hadn’t been asked to find some odd alternative entertainment before, like when he worked the London tours. Lot of guys Al’s age wanted to visit what they called the ‘real Soho’ or ‘real London’ which always meant the strip clubs, some R18 shop even, or some private gambling establishment. Colin usually could help, so he didn’t think this was too much out of the ordinary. Except, well damn the guy was hot and he was certain the man had winked at him earlier, when he had that boner.

The idea of him and the Prof was rather exciting, so he decided to cut through the bull and made some excuse that he needed to go to his flat first. Colin figured that maybe once there, they could talk and even have lunch, and if he was right, desert would be served in his bedroom. Bit manipulative of him, but hell he hadn’t had a shag in weeks. If he was reading it wrong, well a side journey wasn’t going to matter.

The Taxi to his place was rather disappointing. All Al could talk about was the group, how it was not typical to the one’s he normally took. Seemed to talk a fair amount too about the women on the group, how they all were so friendly and accommodating. In some ways Colin felt jealous of them.

Arriving at his flat, Colin still felt unsure of whether Al was interested in him or not. He just couldn’t decide from the conversation they had so he let it go, chalking it up to his imagination. He busied himself with setting the kettle on and claiming he had to get changed before they went out to lunch. He had already given up on having it in the flat, as he felt sure nothing else would happen. That is, until Al began to talk about an old student he had run in on a tour to Italy. It all changed rather quickly then especially after the Prof remarked how Colin reminded him of that student.

‘How’s that then?’ he inquired.

‘He was a handsome young man, very similar in looks and bearing as you’ was the reply.

Colin felt a bit red in the face, and his body reacted to the compliment. To his consternation, he realized he was still wearing his shorts, and once more he could feel them becoming slightly tented at the groin. His eyes surveyed the Professor’s face and realized the man was looking right at his crotch.

‘Ya know son, he was just as circumspect as you, except in those odd moments, when one could catch a glimpse of what was truly on his mind’

‘Uh, really? And what was on his mind?’

‘Same thing as is on yours I think. Ya know, tight fitting clothes, not only show off one’s good looks, and assets, but they do tend to show one’s interest, or lack of same. If I may be so bold, I think your interest are most, uh, revealing?’

Al was looking right at Colin’s bulging groin. Colin had no doubt the Professor had spoken the truth. It was on his mind, but now he felt a bit scared, as to whether he should acknowledge the obvious or attempt to deny it. He did have a job to consider and the last thing he needed was for a group of yanks to find out he was a puffter.

‘Looks can be uh, deceiving, or misinterpreted’

Al looked up at Colin, smiled and then sat down on the rather thread bare chesterfield. His eyes never seemed to be far from checking his groin out as he raised his hands to his lips, the tips of the fingers just under his rather thin pale lower lip.

‘That is what he said, but I was right then, as I am now, aren’t I Colin?’

‘Well, uh, I mean, I suppose it is possible, I uh…’

Alvin smiled at him, and dropped his hands from his face. He looked over at Colin, smiling.

‘I am not only perceptive my young friend, but I am also very discreet, if that is perhaps causing you concern.’

It was, and somehow he believed him too. He stepped forward, hesitant at first as he realized he wanted this to happen. Hell, he had brought the older man home to begin with. His plan obviously was working, so why didn’t he just open his mouth and agree?

Instead he took another step closer, to the point where he could smell the man’s cologne. It was a nice fragrance that rather added to the perception of the man being, well, genuine. He smiled back now and was startled as Al leaned back into the chesterfield, his hands reaching out and bringing Colin into his arms.

The surprise only grew as he found the man pressing his thin lips on his mouth and without thinking he began to reciprocate. His mouth opened and he stuck his tongue out, to taste and lick at the lips that were crushed up against his mouth. He felt his body shiver a little as he adjusted his position leaning inwards on top of Al.

His hands were clasped around Colin’s hips and they held him tightly while they kissed. It was a deep and penetrating kiss that took Colin’s breath away. He felt his lungs ache as he lifted his head to stare into the man’s face. All he could see was the lazy grin on Al’s face and the sparkle of his eyes. It made his heart skip a beat as he stood up, reaching down with his hand to lead the older man towards his bedroom.

Once inside, he quickly removed his clothes and stood in front of Al, as if to get the man’s approval before going any further. The soft whistle made his head swim a bit, and it only helped rush more blood to his already erect penis. He stood there, totally naked enjoying the admiring stare from Al. It wasn’t that he was ugly or anything, but it was nice to have his body pass muster.

The grin on his face told it all as Alvin stepped forward and kissed Colin lightly on the lips, then on the chin and then underneath it. He felt the warm press of the man’s lips on his Adam’s apple and he trembled a bit at the man’s embrace and touch. The hands moved slowly up and down his lanky body, caressing him in a way he hadn’t experienced before.

The head disappeared from his view until he let himself look downwards. The thinning spot of hair on the top didn’t alter the feelings he was having. He felt lucky as the man’s head continued to work its way down his torso. The mouth was kissing him and on occasion the tongue would find a particular spot and lick at it. The way it played with his one nipple made him groan and reach downwards with his hands, to hold onto Al’s shoulders.

His body was shaking and the man held him steady. His legs were like rubber as he let the man lick and caress his belly. The man’s hot breath on his stomach made him moan and push downwards, urging the man to go further, to take his throbbing cock. Each touch of the man’s lips made him sway as finally it came down, towards his groin. He could feel the excitement beginning to roll up inside of his body as the lips pressed against the soft flesh of his crotch.

Colin’s legs trembled more as the hands held him harder by the upper thighs. The fingers digging into his flesh and then reaching around to tease the far edge of his cheeks. He bit his lip as he tilted his head upwards, enjoying the wild sensations that came to his mind. His heart was pounding and the blood draining downwards, making him sway and sweat too.

Suddenly Al’s face moved away from his body. His body shook and he looked down, to see the man gazing at his erect cock. It wasn’t a huge dick, but it was thick. He could see it winking even, as his precum was coming to the cockhead. It made him grin too as he saw the look of desire in Al’s face. It was shining actually that made him arch his hips forward, encouraging the man to continue.

It worked too as suddenly he felt the light press of Al’s lips on the tip of his cock. It sent waves of excitement into his body as he struggled to remain standing. The jolt was unlike anything he had experienced, and he wasn’t a rookie at sex either. Shit, he’d had some damn good blow jobs before but there was something special about what was happening. The thrill was amazing as once more he thrust forward.

Al’s hands suddenly were wrapped around his two butt cheeks, holding them firmly in their grasp. He felt the lips move down his cock head, the tongue licking at the oozing white precum that was beginning to drip. His eyes closed shut as he let the man work his magic on his aching body. He moaned deeply as the lips tightened around his hot cockhead, almost as if they were a vice.

The pressure of the lips gave way to the slow steady motion inwards, as his cock began to enter Al’s mouth. He groaned now as he felt the saliva begin to coat the head. The slowness was driving him nuts and yet made him shake and shudder to the wild sensations that it brought him. He cried out a little, his hands now on top of Al’s head pulling at it, urging it to move inwards faster.

His demand was met. The mouth closed tightly around the cock, and yet eagerly sucked it in deeper. The motion was suddenly picked up and he felt the man’s nostrils breathing against his pubic hairs and Colin knew his cock was fully impaled deep into Al’s mouth and throat. He could feel it all as he cried out, enjoying the sensations.

His body ached as he felt the lips begin to move back and then come forward again. It became faster with each passing second and soon the man’s nose was pressing hard into his soft pubic region. His body was jutting forward with each inward thrust of Al’s mouth. He began to rock back and forth to the motion of the sucking, enjoying the warmth and wetness that surrounded his throbbing cock. His balls were making harsh slapping sounds that only drove him onwards.

His eyes were watering and sweat was pouring down his face and ran down to drip off his naked body. It dropped onto the head that was eagerly sucking on his manhood. Gawd it was making him nuts as he drove his hips forward hard. His hands clutched at Al’s hair and head, twisting the strands between his fingers as he lurched forward. He was cumming and it made him cry out loudly, as the hot jizz came rushing into his thick pulsing pole. He felt the heat as he lunched inwards, holding Al’s head from withdrawing.

The cries were loud as his body surrendered to the lust. He could feel his whole lanky frame shake. His legs were beginning to grow numb as all his blood was rushing to his cock. The sound of gagging didn’t even stop him from pulling on Al’s head, making it come in more. He felt the nose pushing into his groin as his body gave its milk up. Colin was in tears nearly as he shot load after load down the willing throat. He felt his head bouncing deep inside.

The sounds mingled together as he felt his body growing weak and exhausted. His hands loosened their grip a little but the head stayed tucked deep into his groin. His body was flushed from the heat of the passion and he began to grow feint even. His hands dropped to his side as the last of his milk dribbled out into the still sucking mouth. He shuddered as the tongue licked at his cock head, still inside the mouth. The sensation of his own cum coating his cock head made him tremble now as his eyes remained shut for a second more, his mind enjoying the still rolling waves of pleasure and release.

Al slowly pulled back, coughing once as finally Colin’s cock was released from the man’s mouth. Al’s hands now dropped from the still shaking butt cheeks and Colin felt himself falling. He fell backwards onto the bed, in a sort of exhausted collapse. The bed bounced and as he felt it cushion his fall, he looked over the rising figure.

He blinked as he saw the warm satisfied grin, with dried cum around the lips. Then as he tried to catch his breath, he saw the man slowly begin to undress. Colin smiled as he realized that he was about to get a second course for lunch.


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