Fiction – Little Off The Top

Little Off The Top

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Brian tugged at the rope, as he cinched it up and made it fast to the bedpost. Shane had his head turned to watch as his friend made a knot, securing his hand. It was the last limb to be secured and he felt a little apprehensive as he realized, he was at Brian’s mercy now.

Okay they had agreed that if he had enough, Brian would release him, but what if Brian didn’t want to? He stared at Brian as his friend stood up, to admire his handiwork. Shane was stretched out like a huge X across the bed. His arms were tied with rope, a towel around each wrist and ankle, to avoid bruising and marks, or so Brian had said.

He wondered how Brian knew so much too, as this was supposedly a first for them both. They had been seeing each other for a few months, and the sex had always been good, but now it was moving to a whole new level. Shane wasn’t sure he was ready for it, despite his agreement earlier. The notion of being at Brian’s mercy, to be exposed like this was hard to accept.

It was the feeling of helplessness, he supposed, that had him sweating already. He liked to be in control, to always have a way to get out. It had helped many times in the past, yet now here he was, tied up to Brian’s bed, spread eagled out with his cock waving in the air. Strange, he didn’t get that hard until he had been fondled a bit, or had been kissing.

Despite that his body seemed enjoying it, he was uneasy. Nothing in his past had made him prepared for this feeling of utter helplessness. Literally, he was in Brian’s control which made him nervous. Shane preferred being a Top, but then Brian liked that too. So far they had managed to satisfy each other, except for Shane letting Brian enter him.

He had been fucked before, and it hadn’t been bad or anything, just that he wasn’t into that pain so much. Looking over at Brian, he saw the stiff cock staring at him. His eyes widened a little as he realized just how big of a cock Brian did have. It would hurt going in, but Brian had assured him, he’d go easy on him. He believed that, but still, he was tied up and couldn’t move. What if Brian decided to not stop? How could he make him stop?

Shane licked his lips as he watched Brian walk around, testing each restraint, pulling on his legs & arms, insuring there was some play, but that he couldn’t escape. It made him even more nervous as he tried to watch it all, wondering when Brian would get down to it. His groin was aching which distracted him, and yet the beads of sweat on his forehead seemed to make a lie of what his body was wanting. He still wasn’t certain as he felt the bed move a little, as Brian climbed up onto it.

He stood now over top of Shane. His hard cock looked so fucking enormous, that Shane trembled a bit. He just stared upwards at the dangling full balls, and the hard jutting pole that seemed to fill his entire vision. Brian didn’t say a word as he kneeled and rested his weight on Shane’s chest. The cock was rubbing against his chin and Brian reached out with one hand to grip it, and then wiped it slowly across Shane’s face.

The hot cock made his body tingle as it moved across his lips. He wanted to taste it, and yet for some reason, was afraid to initiate any action. He felt like it wasn’t up to him, as he continued to look up, at the looming naked figure that rested heavily on his own body.

Brian was one of those athletic types. He had a body that was all muscle, and it felt like it, as he sat on Shane’s chest. His cock was thick and long. He had brown hair that hung just over his ears, and now lay across his forehead, dangling down at Shane. The eyes were a dark color that peered at him with a strange glint to them. The mouth was set in a semi smile, grin that only made Shane more apprehensive. Brian’s silence and look was making him nervous, as he felt the hot cock slap the side of his face. The haughty look made him shiver a little as Brian raised himself up and pushed his cock forward, up roughly against Shane’s mouth.

‘Suck it Bitch’ was barked at him, taking him by total surprise. His eyes widened but he opened his mouth quickly, feeling the hot pole pushing inwards. He choked a little as the cock was jammed inwards, and he wrapped his lips around the throbbing shaft, as Brian moved it in and out slowly. He fed him his cock for what seemed several minutes, with one hand holding the cock as it entered his mouth, the other grasping his hair, and holding his head tightly in its grip. Shane felt the pain as Brian’s hand pulled on his hair, but he couldn’t do anything about it. He sucked on the hard cock.

He was just getting into the rhythm when Brian pulled away and let his head free to fall back down onto the bed. Brian ran his cock down the side of Shane’s face and then under his chin, forcing Shane’s head upwards as the hard cock dug into the soft tissue of his throat.

Suddenly the weight of Brian’s body was off him, and next to him. Brian’s hands now moved down his chest, teasing his chest hairs, then pushing at his firm nipples. He sighed a little as he could feel the hard cock pressing into his side. A sharp jolt of pain lanced up as Brian twisted one nipple very roughly. The pain made him yelp and before he could say anything, he felt the hard press of Brian’s mouth on the nipple.

The teeth were nibbling at it, and Brian’s tongue was swirling around while the hands were pressing roughly across his chest, and other nipple. The fingers were pressing hard into the flesh, and he felt a strange exhilaration as he suddenly tried to move his arm down, to cradle Brian’s head. He couldn’t and he felt the unease once more, yet it also seemed to excite him more than ever.

His body was shaking as Brian moved his head over to the other nipple, and gave it a hard nip with his teeth. The pain was unreal and then it passed. His breathing was a bit shallow as Brian’s hands moved down and roughly circled his erect penis. It pulled at the full balls, pushing them around like little tennis balls. The fingers would push inwards, till they were touching Shane’s cock root. He groaned loudly as Brian twisted and probed his groin.

Suddenly he felt his cock in Brian’s hand. He struggled forgetting he was tied up. Shane thrashed around, his body squirming as best as it could, as Brian stroked his cock quickly. He felt his balls begin to inch upwards, and then it all stopped.

Nothing, absolutely nothing was happening and he tried to peer down his body, to see what Brian was doing, but he couldn’t see him. Panic gripped him as he tried to look around the room but he couldn’t see anything. The open door to the bedroom held his attention, as the fear continued to rise inside. He pulled at the ropes, wanting to shout out, but didn’t.

He let his head fall back down, to rest on the bed. His eyes were glaring upwards at the ceiling, noting the off color of it all. Shane felt confused, unsure what had happened. His body ached like it had never ached before, even now. Brian had him all worked up and now had disappeared.

The sudden slap of a wet cloth on his groin startled him. He felt the hot cloth on his crotch and he stared down his body to see Brian standing there. A wicked little grin was on his face as he held a bowl that he set down next to Shane’s hip. He pulled the cloth from Shane’s groin and dipped it back into the bowl.

Then Shane watched as Brian pulled his hand out, dripping and stared open eyed as Brian moved the hand down and under his erect cock. He felt the fingers as they pulled apart his cheeks, and moved down his crack towards his hole. He bit his lip as the finger tip began to poke at his tight pink hole.

He cried out as suddenly Brian dug it in, pushing past the muscles until Shane could feel the knuckle itself pushing up against his ass. He shook and tried to wiggle free, but couldn’t as once more he forgot about the restraints. His arms jerked hard against the rope, as he felt Brian dig deep into his ass.

The rapid in and out motion made him shake. His head was flung side to side as Brian worked his ass. Just as quickly it too ended, like the earlier face fucking he had gotten. Just as he was getting used to it, there was nothing. The empty feeling in his guts made him whimper a little but not for long.

Once more he felt the slap of a wet cloth on his groin, and this time Brian began to rub it roughly over his crotch. He kept dipping it into the bowl and keeping it hot as he washed Shane’s groin, the cock, the balls, his pubic hairs. All were well soaked when suddenly he heard a strange hissing sound.

Glancing down he saw a can of something, spurting a white foam out of it into Brian’s hand. He strained to see what was going on, as Brian began to rub the foam across his crotch. It was cold and felt strange against his warm wet flesh. His eyes were darting around trying to figure out what was happening, and yet his cock seemed to enjoy the rough attention it was getting.

Brian put the can down and seemed to look down at Shane’s groin, admiring the white foam that covered it. His cock was sticking up out of it, looking like something towering out of some clouds. Shane felt that fear again as he noticed the strange glint in Brian’s eyes and then his eyes widened even more, out of fear.

Suddenly he noticed in Brian’s hand a razor, not one of those disposable kind, but the real old fashioned types. The long blade and handle. He cried out, begging Brian to stop, to let him free and he struggled against the ropes, panic taking hold as Brian ignored his cries.

‘Stay still if you want to keep your dick Bitch’ was softly spoken and yet it seemed to hold more impact than if it had been shouted out. Shane’s eyes were ready to pop as he stopped moving around, the fear gripping him as he swallowed. His mouth was dry as he watched Brian dip the long glimmering blade into the bowl.

He kept saying ‘no’ as Brian grinned down at him, the blade dripping and then with an evil grin, he reached out and grabbed the hard erect cock. He held it tightly, and slowly moved the long handled razor downwards, making sure that Shane could see it clearly. The blade was nearly against his hard throbbing pole, when Brian told him to be perfectly still. Shane gulped, afraid now as he felt Brian rub the side of the blade down his cock shaft.

It wasn’t the edge but the flat side of the razor and he could feel the metal against his burning flesh. Fear was tearing at him as the razor moved down to his pubic hairs. Then the harsh rasping sound of metal scraping skin tore at his ears. He bit his lip, tasting blood as he realized that Brian was scraping his pubic hairs.

He lay perfectly still, afraid and yet somehow thrilled. The sounds of metal scraping flesh, the touch of the steel against his pubic region was intoxicating, as well as frightening. The sounds continued and he felt the tremors inside. His body was in rapture as Brian moved the blade expertly around his stiff cock.

The hand never let its grip go, as it moved the hard pole around, to avoid the scraping motion of the long sharp razor. He could feel the tip touch his cock root, that only made him shudder even more. His legs were numb as were his arms. He couldn’t help it, but his blood was rushing towards his groin. He moaned now, no longer in the grasp of the terror. Instead he felt strangely elated as he felt Brian suddenly let go of his cock. Then he felt his scrotum being cradled, and slowly stroked.

The touch of metal on his hard leathery sac only made him bite his lip a bit harder. The sweet taste of his blood didn’t even phase him as he could feel the razor moving across his sac, scraping his tiny pubic hairs off.

Shane could feel the sweat pooling on his body. His forehead was dripping as if in a torrential downpour. Under his extended arms, his armpits were soaked too as he kept perfectly still, desperate to not move, no matter what. The touch and slide of the razor along his scrotum was doing something to him. It wasn’t fear anymore, but something else. He could feel the adrenalin rushing as he continued to just stare up at the ceiling. He was afraid to glance down, and then suddenly he felt nothing. The touch of metal on his burning flesh was gone, and just as quickly as it had ended, new sensations began to fill his thoughts. The wet cloth was once more over his groin.

Brian rubbed him off, caressing his balls, then his cock. Still Shane didn’t look, still afraid to move. He was feeling the adrenalin and the excitement inside when he felt the hard grasp of Brian’s hand around the base of his cock. It felt different and still he didn’t dare move. Then he felt the tip of his cock being enveloped in a warm wet grip. Brian’s lips closed around his cock head, and he felt the mouth moving down his throbbing cock shaft.

He couldn’t stand it and heard himself begging Brian to let him look. The grunt seemed to be an affirmative one, and relief filled his mind as he glanced down his body. He could only see the top of Brian’s head as it popped up and down. He felt the press of the lips as they slid up and down on his cock, but what made him groan was when Brian’s mouth pressed up against his groin.

He could feel the stubble on his face as it ground into his pubic region. It made him tingle and suddenly he felt himself shaking. His whole body seemed suddenly sensitive to the touch, to the feel of Brian’s stubble. He cried out as Brian sucked on his cock, going faster each time, digging his chin in harder with each downward motion. The feeling was too much for him, and he once more forgot about the restraints, straining hard against them, feeling them bite into his flesh despite the towels.

Shane was squirming with each press of Brian’s face into his groin. He was crying out loudly now, panting even as his body was totally aroused. It felt like he was on fire, as his hips would shoot up to meet Brian’s downward plunge. His hands now gripped Shane’s buttocks, holding and squeezing them as he sucked on the throbbing pole. His tongue was licking at it as his mouth moved down the long pole.

It was unreal, and he couldn’t stop himself. He groaned loudly as he flung his hips upwards, the hard squeeze on his cheeks only adding to the insanity of it all. His eyes were closed tightly as his body surrendered to the rolling waves of pleasure inside. The tingling of his skin and every nerve inside, added to the wildness of his actions, as he found himself out of control.

His arms were pulling inwards, his legs stretched outwards, his toes curled outwards, as he screamed loudly as his balls dug deep into his body. His cock reared back, the head ready to explode, Shane felt dizzy. His body was in uncontrolled spasms as he let go. The cock shot forward, burying itself deep down into Brian’s open throat.

He felt his body jerk, felt his muscles release, his nerves tingling in ways he couldn’t explain. Every part of him seemed to be pushing out, trying to rip out from the confines of his own flesh. He cried loudly as he felt his milk go flying out, and he felt the reflex pull back action from Brian, but still his mouth held him tightly. The fingers dug in harder, touching bone as Shane’s body shuddered and trembled to the harsh release of his jizz. Tears were welling up and rolling down from the corners of his eyes as he felt the waves of pleasure running up and down his whole body.

It seemed like his trembling would never end. The joy was endless, or so it seemed as he continued to shake, to feel his cock dribbling cum from its tip, still in the confines of Brian’s mouth. He shook as he felt the rivers of sweat cooling over his entire body. Shane felt totally exhausted as he finally felt the uncontrollable shaking begin to subside.

At last he opened his eyes, to see Brian staring down at him. Dried cum was caked around his lips, but there was no mistaking the satisfaction in his eyes as he just stared at Shane.

With the back of his hand, Brian wiped his mouth and smiled. An evil little twinkle once more appeared in his eyes, and Shane smiled back, slowly catching his breath as he looked upwards, at the towering man. He didn’t move, or even speak, as he waited, knowing that this party was far from being over. Shane let his body settle down back into the bed, his mind wondering just what other tricks Brian had in store for him.



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