Fiction – Lawn Boy Fantasy

Lawn Boy Fantasy

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Brad watched as Reed manoeuvred the lawnmower around the flower bed with one hand while talking on his Cel phone with the other. He smiled as he thought about how Reed had grown up and become quite a handsome young man. As the smile curled around his lips, he realized that Reed had been mowing his yard and looking after it for eight years now. At the beginning, when he was only a youngster, the mower was bigger than him. It took him both hands to push the contraption around and on occasion he had managed to take out several of Brad’s prized flowers. Now here he was, a young man of 20 who was clearly the master of the machine and the job.

As he looked on he recalled how much Reed had changed. He had grown up to be a well built young man. He stood maybe just over 6 foot and weighed maybe around 170. Reed still had that wide eyed innocent look even now. His long eyelashes still fluttered at times, and his straggly mop of hair still kept falling across that sensitive looking face. It hadn’t change in all these years.

Perhaps what amazed him the most was how Reed still showed up every Saturday morning to cut his lawn, weed the flower beds and just look after his grounds. He never really realized how attached he had become to having Reed around. As he had grown older, he had taken on more responsibility around Brad’s home, doing odd repair jobs. Last summer he had completely rebuilt the back fence.

That had also been when Brad suddenly realized how much he was attracted to Reed. The way he enjoyed standing by the patio doors, watching a shirtless Reed hammering and sawing. It really had surprised him when he began to sport a hard on and look forward to Reed’s arrival so he could fantasize about him. He had never once thought about Reed in that way before.

Perhaps it was because then, Reed had been a kid, but now was a fully grown adult. Maybe it was seeing his fine chiselled chest or the way his long hair would move that grabbed his attention first. He didn’t know, but last summer had made a change on his view of Reed.

At times he felt guilty about thinking of Reed in that way, of wanting to see him without those worn jeans on. He found that through the entire summer, he would try to find ways to entice Reed to come in or to talk with him. Not like they hadn’t before, but now he would make excuses, find odd jobs that enabled him to get a good look at the handsome man. The way his muscles would show when he reached up to change a light bulb or how firm his ass would look as he bent down to pull out some offending weed.

Course he tried not to let on, but soon as Reed had left for the day, Brad would find himself in his bedroom, naked and thinking of nothing but Reed. It never took him long to find the physical release he needed, but lately it was becoming a little harder for him. His mind wanted to know more, after all how often could you only imagine what a guy’s cock looked like or tasted like without seeing it or taking it?

This summer he had looked for jobs that he could get Reed to do. Jobs that would involve perhaps a lot of sweating, so he could maybe offer him a dip in his swimming pool, but over the years, Reed had never opted for that pleasure. In fact Brad wondered if Reed could swim, but it was the idea of seeing him in a pair of swim shorts that made him try to find ways to accomplish his task.

Too bad he hadn’t thought of that last summer. Yet he wasn’t sure if he could contain himself. He didn’t want to tip his hand or frighten the guy off. So he let himself be satisfied with just watching, and hoping. Course his sojourns to his bedroom were becoming more frequent, and he found himself needing to relieve himself while Reed was in the yard. It was maybe a bit dangerous but he couldn’t hold on, as he used to do. The sight of the guy and his gorgeous body was too much for him.

Add onto that how pleasant the guy was. The way he would always wave to him with a huge grin, was in itself, enough to get him horny. The mere sound of his voice saying hello always got the blood rushing. The look of those eyes as if they knew his secret was to die for. To think of having those eyes peering down into his face, inches away as they held each other was a thought he wished he could turn into reality. However, he was too scared of what might happen if he trotted out some sexual suggestion. He didn’t want his weekly visits to end, or his fantasy either.

Brad could feel the heat between his legs as he stared out at Reed. The way those long legs kept moving, the way the body seemed to just flow across his lawn made his body ache. He wanted to feel those long powerful legs wrapped around his own body, but he didn’t have the nerve to ask for it. He just didn’t see how he could. Yet as he watched, he saw the firm buttocks and the ridged back pass by as his body signalled its own needs.

He couldn’t help himself and reached down to adjust his hard on. Licking his lips he wondered briefly if Reed was cut or not. He wondered that a lot lately, but he also began to wonder if Reed liked to do it, or have it done to him. He would love to find out, to see if he could be the one to open those cheeks, to spread them and taste the man himself.

Rimming wasn’t something he normally did, but if it was Reed, Brad knew he’d do anything to please him. He would love to run his tongue up and down those cheeks, to let it slide around the pink hole and moisten it, before digging in and tasting the very insides of the man. The notion of his tongue in Reed’s rectum made him squirm a little and he found his hand was caressing his cock in his pants.

It was becoming worse for him, as Reed had only been here an hour and already Brad felt like he needed to go to his bedroom. The wild thoughts of him licking Reeds butt, of touching his golden flesh with his own hands was driving him nuts. He wanted him so badly that it really did hurt. He could feel the pain in his entire body as he continued to watch the tall young man mowing the yard.

His tongue licked his lips as he saw Reed stop. The sound of the mower muted by the glass doors of the patio. He stared as Reed bent over to pull at something that was in his way. It was just like some of his fantasies. The way his torso bent over, the rear sticking out. The firm cheeks held tightly in the pants. Yet he could see their outline clearly. He felt his heart skip a beat as he stared at Reed, his hand pulling and pushing at the bulge between his own aching legs. God, to just feel those cheeks, to touch those perfect mounds of flesh, would be worth the risk, if only he had the nerve to go with his desire.

The constant thinking was making him sweat too. He could feel it on the palms of his hands as he continued to work his stiff cock, hidden in his own pants. Looking out, he saw Reed turn and stare back towards the house. He could feel those powder blue eyes boring in on him standing by the patio doors. He looked out and saw the smile cross the young man’s face and saw the hand rise up and wave to him. Brad took a deep breathe as he moved his hand up and waved back. The smile on his own face had to be strained, but it was something.

Reed turned his back to him and once more began his mowing. Brad on the other hand couldn’t stand it anymore. The pain in his body was too much as he quickly headed off to his bedroom. There was no way he could stand around watching without some relief.

Entering his bedroom he quickly drew the drapes shut. For one second he thought about leaving them open a bit, but quickly dismissed the idea. He was unbuttoning his shirt as he made his way to his side of the queen sized bed. He felt the warm air across his chest and stared down at his own body.

For a man of 50 he didn’t look all that bad, he thought. His body hadn’t gone totally to ruin and while he had a small paunch, he was in pretty decent shape. Certainly not as good as Reed, but hell Reed was 20 not 50. He smiled at that, as he undid his pants quickly, the urgent need to expose his body driving him.

With one hand he pushed down his pants and boxer shorts, then sat down on the bed. He reached over for his tube of lubricant and quickly flipped open the top. Pushing a generous helping of the slimy liquid onto his palm he leaned back. The image of Reed hovering over him filled his mind. He could see the hard nipples jutting out and wondered how they would feel between his teeth.

His hand moved down and coated his hard cock. The cool gel only seemed to excite him more as he covered his whole cock and even managed to coat the top of his scrotum too. He groaned a little and his eyes fluttered as he could see that chest now, sweat dripping down the chest. The washboard stomach with its muscles making his hand tighten around his pole. His body ached as he continued to think about Reed’s golden tanned skin. The way the hair would lay across his shoulders and over his eyes. The eyes, damn, he could see them now as if they were there. They were looking at him, a sort of spark glittering deep in the centre of the powder blue colouring.

Faster his hand moved along his coated cock now. He licked his lip and actually bit the lower lip as he thought about Reed. About how it would feel to be running his hand along that taut belly, to have his own lips pressed up against Reed’s mouth. To taste him as they would kiss deeply.

His eyes closed as he began to stroke himself. The hand moving effortlessly up and down his blood filled penis. The image of Reed always hovering, but not quite close enough to touch. The notion of being able to reach out, to touch or kiss that Adonis like body was making him quiver. His balls ached and he felt a strange tingle in his own ass.

The idea of Reed running his finger up and down his crack, of perhaps even pushing up against his tight pink hole was making him sweat. He could feel it on his forehead as his hand moved faster and faster. The mere thought of Reed wanting to touch him was driving him crazy. He felt like shouting but didn’t. His mind continued to play out the fantasy, to show him Reed’s image, the smile, the eyes, the thin pale lips. It all flashed before him and he could hear himself moaning as he pulled at his cock.

The sounds of the mower moving past his bedroom made him go even faster. His breathing was hard and rapid as he thought about Reed just outside, of him pushing at the mower without his shirt or in a pair of spandex shorts even.

As he thought about it, about being able to see the package bulging and to think he might reach out and touch it, made him groan loudly. His body bucked as every muscle inside of him grew taut with desire and lust. To think that Reed was just going past was adding to his dreams. To imagine Reed suddenly coming into his room, of him standing by the drawn drapes, his own hand gripping an enormous stiff cock brought tears to Brad’s eyes.

His hand was a blur, his other hand now held his aching balls. The fingers were digging into the rough skin of his sac, digging and pushing upwards while his hips shot upwards, making the bed squeak and shake. He could hear his own laboured breathing as he stroked himself, thinking of nothing but Reed, standing by the drapes, naked and wanting him as much as he wanted Reed.

He cried out as his body shot upwards. His heart was pounding as the stream of hot man juice came flooding out between his clenched fist. The release was amazing and he could feel the hot stinging drops of cum that splattered across his upper chest and even managed to hit his chin. He felt his body tremble as the second load of cum came shooting out as he held his bulging cock head tightly, squeezing it.

The hand that had been pushing at his balls fell to the side as he let out a deep breathe, quickly drinking in more air to replace all he had spent. His eyes were closed tightly but he could feel the water and sweat trying to get under his lids. He felt the pain in his chest as he exhaled, thinking that if he opened his eyes, he would see Reed.

The last of his cum dribbled out and he shook the cock a little. His hand had moved down to just under the head and as he held it tightly, he shook it, getting every drop out. He felt the air cooling all that had already covered his upper body, knowing he’d need a shower. Yet he also knew that he would quickly pull his pants up and do his shirt up so he could continue to stare out at Reed, to continue to add to the images that he would use when Reed left for the day.

His body finished shuddering and he lay there, letting his breathing slow down to somewhat normal. He let his hand release his cock, and felt it against his inner thigh. It was over for now, but as he slowly recovered from the quick ejaculation, he knew he’d be back, doing it all over again.

As he slowly regain his composure, he realized that the sound of the mower had been stilled. It suddenly made him nervous and he quickly sat up on his bed. His eyes opened as he tried to listen for the mower, but heard nothing. With his eyes still closed, he cocked his head to one side on the bed, trying to listen for the sound of the mower. He heard nothing at first, then it suddenly dawned on him. He wasn’t alone as he could hear the sounds of someone breathing.

Fear gripped his heart as he opened his eyes at last. The darkness of his room made it hard to distinguish who was there, but in his heart he knew. Panic was ripping at him as he looked harder and finally recognized the tall figure that stood silently in his bedroom doorway.

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