Fiction – Ken’s Bitch

Ken’s Bitch

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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He had heard the stories, discounted them as nothing but fear tactics used by some to keep people like him from making the mistakes some seemed to be hell bent on making. He hadn’t listened to the stories, no matter who did the telling, and as he sat there, feeling the pain still, he realized what an ass he had been.

Tears weren’t going to work either, as really no one gave a damn. It was cold in the place, in both people and climate. For his first month it hadn’t seemed to bad, except for the loneliness. He hadn’t counted on what would happen once he was with the rest.

It was scary, and the nights had been filled with lots of strange noises, but it hadn’t dawned him, even then, that he’d soon be part of those noises. The people were impassive, always silent and wary at best, angry on the average. He didn’t understand it at first, but he was beginning to now.

No one wanted to be here, not even the staff. Those who did, well they simply had a cruel streak. This wasn’t what he had bargained for, or even thought about as he sat there, realizing that tonight would just be more of the same. If he was lucky, it would just be Ken and not the others as well. He rather hoped that eventually Ken would tire of letting him out, and just keep him as his bitch, and not everyone else’s bitch too.

Being someone’s bitch wasn’t what he had thought it would be. It made him realize what an ass he had been before he got into this nightmare mess. He had always been top dog, had his way with everyone he wanted, girl or guy. It was his decision, his mood that mattered then, and now that was all gone, taken away in a flash. Steve had never taken his power to this level though. That was one thing he could maybe take pride in, though he wasn’t feeling exactly proud. He had been caught, and now he was paying for his own stupidity.

Back before, he was the tough guy. He had the build for it too, the muscles and the look. He had taken great pride in his body and its look, and the girls had certainly enjoyed it. He supposed the guys must of as well, though he never bothered to find out. That wasn’t his thing. How they managed he hadn’t a clue, as he stared at the calendar on the wall. It looked so empty, as he realized how many pages he would need to cross off before this nightmare would end.

Whether it would when he left, he wasn’t sure. All he could think of was getting through tonight, and then the next. The days were okay, at least so far. Food wasn’t great, but he had worse so that didn’t bother him like he thought it would. Instead it was that he was nothing but a bitch. Someone to trade for cigarettes or favours, and only if he was good.

It had only been a week, and already Ken had traded him twice to two others, for cigarettes. Rodriguez had been the worse so far, and Clements had to be a twin to the idiot hillbillies from Deliverance. Christ they had been brutal, and he had thought Ken had been bad. Now he realized how lucky he was that Ken wasn’t like them. Least his cruel streak was tempered more than Rodriguez’s. Man that guy showed no mercy, and worse, he had the stamina of a fucking bull.

Back before this nightmare began, he had never understood some of the dates he had. They always wanted to kiss, to fondle a little and be attended to. He had never bothered, instead he would prefer to drop his drawers and slam his cock into their pussies or asses even. He would tell them they were lucky to get that, and now he understood just how much it wasn’t lucky.

Now he knew how hard it could hurt too, and he continued to hope that tonight it wouldn’t be share the bitch again. Rodriguez had a huge cock, thick and long, and all he did was spit on it, and plough it right into his hole. Christ he must have screamed loud, as he had heard the laughter coming from all around him, as he struggled to catch his breath. Rod didn’t seem to care, as he just stood there, slamming his cock into Steve’s virgin hole.

He could still feel it ripping in, the way it shoved his muscles out of the way, and stretched his insides till he felt they would burst. Maybe they had, as the next day he was shitting blood along with his crap. The urge to crap had stayed with him all day, and he hated that. It wasn’t like no one knew either. That was maybe the second worst thing about being caught, the loss of privacy for the rather more personal things, like taking a pee or dump. Problem was, he couldn’t hold it if he had wanted to, the way Rodriguez had fucked him. And there was nothing he could do about it either.

The guards sure as hell weren’t going to do squat about it. He was just one more nameless bitch for the more senior residents of the place. And they seemed to not want to take them on, knowing he would be long gone while the others would be around for a long time. He sort of understood it, but being taken that way wasn’t right. Funny, him thinking of what was right or wrong. He didn’t seem to have felt that way before, and he was only here for just over 6 weeks now. If he was lucky, he’d only be here for another 98 weeks or so.

Christ, to think he’d have to put up with always wondering who it would be every night for that long suddenly made him feel empty inside. He knew he had shown too much of his emotions already, and so for a bit he was resigned to paying for that. No one, it seemed, liked to see emotion. They just wanted to live in their own dream world, their own fantasies, and his ass was nothing more than a hole they could fill.

It was how he used to think, when he was on the outside. Strange how role reversals could alter one’s own opinion. He still cringed when he thought about that first night in the cell. Ken was there and he was a huge fucker. Had to stand at about 6foot 2 and weighed in at about 240 or so. He had a pock marked face and crooked nose. Obviously it had been broken a few times, and he was missing a few teeth as well. But shit, the guy was built. He had huge pecs, and his biceps were unbelievably huge. Larger than his thigh or so he had first thought.

Rodriguez and Clement were the other cell mates. Yet while they were impressive in size as well, Ken obviously was the leader. He had another twenty years to go, before even being eligible for parole, which scared the crap out of Steve.  Clement would more than likely be out in another five, as would Rodriguez, so Ken was the senior. He took it seriously too, and that first night Steve found out just how seriously he took it.

Rule number one he learned was to keep his mouth shut. A slap across his face at his first attempt at small talk told him that. Balling up his fists to fight back only made Ken laugh hysterically. That was mistake number two that night. Never get Ken laughing like a hyena because it made him crazy.

Once his laughter had stopped, he just reached out with those python like arms, and pinned Steve up against the cold cement wall, while Rodriguez and Clement merely looked on, grinning from ear to ear. Ken lifted him up by the throat, with one fucking hand, and he could feel his strength in the grip. Ken merely looked at him, and told him simply, ‘you gonna be my bitch’ and with that he let Steve down.

He had no idea exactly what he had meant, but it didn’t take long to realize he wasn’t going to like it. Ken merely nodded to Rodriguez and suddenly Steve had felt Clement seize him by the arms, holding him from behind. As he held him, Rodriguez stood close and stared at him. Then with his wicked smile fixed on his face, Steve felt him undo his pants and force them down to his ankles. His underwear was pushed down as well and he stood there, his private parts exposed to these three strangers.

Ken didn’t say a word as he moved closer, to inspect Steve’s body and he reached out, and yanked on the limp cock. Looking up he spat out the words that from now on, Steve better be rock hard when he dropped his pants. He pulled harder on his cock, demanding Steve answer him. Once he did, his cock was let go, and he realized that he was semi hard.

Steve enjoyed rough sex, least when he had been the one dishing it out. It was strange to be in this situation with other men, and being on the receiving end. He had never touched another cock, and sure as hell no cock had ever come close to his asshole, but as he stood there, pinned by one man, another yanking on his cock, he realized that situation was going to be changed.

The realization made him struggle a little, which only made the three men laugh. Rodriguez asked Ken to be first, but thankfully the man refused. He didn’t think that was a plus at first, but when it was Rodriguez’s turn later that night, he was thankful that Ken had been first. Least he wasn’t one of those who liked to just slam it in, and keep on slamming it in.

He had directed Clement to turn him around and Steve stood there. His arms pinned as Clement wedged his head under one of his own arms. He locked his hands under Steve’s pits and braced himself. He spread his legs to straddle the cell floor, and hold Steve’s head from moving. Fear had gripped him as he stood there, bent over with his virgin ass waving in the air. His head immobile and his upper torso locked into position.

Ken told him to spread his legs, but he didn’t which earned him a hard slap on his cheeks. He had never thought a slap could hurt as much as that one had, and the entire cell had echoed from it. He thought for sure someone would hear, would signal a guard or something, but no one it seemed cared. It was just one more of those odd sounds he had heard when in solitary at the beginning. Now he knew exactly what they were, and he felt very frightened.

Those sounds had never stopped, and there had been no sounds of them being stopped either. No cries from the guards to stop, nothing and as Ken slapped his ass again, he realized that there would be no rescue either. He moved his legs apart, and then felt the man’s rough hands grip his inner thighs, spreading him apart even more.

Rodriguez told him to stop playing nice, which earned him a warning growl. Steve couldn’t see what was happening, only smell the stale stink of sweat and Clements pits. Gawd the man stunk and as he started to relax, he felt the first of what would be many insertions into his asshole. He had no idea what it was at first as the pain had taken him by surprise.

His body lurched forward, or tried to but Clements hold on him was too good. He cried out as the probing finger pushed inwards, and then he felt it twist around his virgin ass. He struggled which only made it hurt more. Slowly he breathed out, trying to control the pain and just when he thought he had it mastered, Ken dove a second finger into his asshole. It was unbelievably painful as the man kept moving it in and out with increasing speed. He didn’t once reach out to touch his cock either, but Steve realized he was fully erect as Ken continued to finger his ass.

The sound of someone spitting made his head perk up. It didn’t sound promising as he heard that sound twice. Then he felt a hard hand on his back, and the wet push of something very thick and round on the top of his cheeks. He didn’t quite know what it was, if maybe Ken was getting ready to put something else into his ass, as he felt it slowly moved down his crack. The hard object was hot and wet, and as it slowly moved down his ass, Steve knew what it was. He cried out ‘NO’ but it didn’t seem to register. Instead his ass was slapped again and as the harsh slap echoed, Ken suddenly pushed inwards.

He cried out, muttering ‘no no’ over and over again, as the pain began to build inside his rectum. He was suddenly screaming as the hard thick cock was pushed all the way in. He heard the grunt as Ken’s breathe was on his backside. He felt his weight on his body and his legs were close to buckling as the man reached out and with one hand, wrapped his fingers around the back of Steve’s head. His other hand was holding onto his outer thigh. The massive hand gripping his leg tightly.

He winced from the pain of that grip, as Ken began to slowly move his cock in and out of his tight asshole. He whimpered now, as the man just ignored his pleas to stop. The guy continued to pull out and push in, going a bit faster each time. The huge cock filled him, and made him groan as it continued to dig deep inside of him. Tears were rolling down his face, something he hadn’t done in years. Still it didn’t seem to make any difference, as Ken continued to fuck his ass.

Every other time he would grind his hips as his cock was pushed all the way in. It would then twist inside of Steve, which made him cry out. He was feeling feint and the numbness in his legs was making it hard for him to stand, as he shifted his legs a little, trying to ease the pile driving effect. It didn’t help much but he realized he needed to relax, to let the man have his way. It hurt like fucking hell, and yet the more the cock pounded him, the more used to it he became. It also eased the pain, to the point where it seemed like his body was enjoying it.

Steve had no idea how long it was before finally the huge cock was pulled out from his ass. All he knew was that he felt very empty, and for some strange reason he wanted more. He hadn’t expected more, and certainly not from the others. But for the rest of the night, they all took turns, holding him still while one would fuck him hard.

The pain didn’t go away either over the night. It always seemed to be there, to make him cry out or even squeal a bit. Rodriguez did that to him, the way he was such a maniac. He had one speed, and that was fast, like a friggin jack hammer. In and Out he would go, always hard and fast. Every now and then he would twist it around, to make it stretch his insides even more. He hated that, and hated the battering he took from the man. But he had no choice as he endured the man taking him three times that first night.

Clement only rode him twice, but that was two times too many. The guy liked to pull all the way out, then ram it back in, and he too wasn’t exactly average in size. Still he was the smaller of the three, which was sort of a blessing. He made up for it in not using any spit, but then by the time he got his first turn, Steve’s ass could have taken a Mac Truck. The way both Ken and Rodriguez had fucked him, stretching him, there wasn’t any feeling left.

He had merely grunted when Clement had entered him. Not much of a grunt either, which made the man angry. He learned early on, not to show he didn’t feel Clement entering his ass. The guy was an ass as he would reach around while driving his cock in, and pull at Steve’s nipples, until Steve screamed out in agony. Then he would let them go, and drive his cock in harder, the sound his groin slapping hard into Steve’s ass cheeks.

Sitting on his cot, waiting for the three to get back from their various jobs, he realized his cock was already hard. He shook his head, hoping it would only be Ken, but suddenly not really caring if it was or not. Whoever it would be, he knew he’d take it, and that afterwards, he’d still be around for more later on.

He heard the jangle of keys, and knew that it wouldn’t be long now. He quickly moved over to the stainless steel toilet, and relieved himself as best as he could. Least the blood had stopped showing up as he wiped his ass, and stood there, waiting for the others. He had his work shoes still on, but nothing else. The shoes helped keep him from slipping on the cement floor, as he watched others pass by. Some would stare at him, with a wishful gleam in their eyes, others with a look of disdain, but not one ever said a word.

After all he was Ken’s bitch.

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