Fiction – Just A Bike Race

Just A Bike Race

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Brad gritted his teeth as the pain took hold, but he refused to give in as he sat up on the dirt track. His leg was aching and every part of his body hurt as he stared at his bike a feet away. Once more he had misjudged the jump and it pissed him off. No way was he ever going to beat Kyle if he didn’t master this simple bump in the trail, and he had a lot riding on the race too.

Bad enough that everyone thought he was a loser, and made him fully aware of it, but doing in public, in a race, would be too much, even for him. Then too, the payoff wasn’t exactly something he wanted to even think about. With the race only a week away, the idea of backing out was becoming more appealing to him. He just needed to figure out an excuse, one that at least wouldn’t make him appear a total wimp.

Looking over at his bike, he wondered if Kyle would accept a broken bike as at least enough of an excuse to not force him to race, or at least not have to payoff the bet. He really didn’t want to have to do that, for obvious reasons. It was one thing to get into woman’s clothes for Drama Club, totally different to have to parade around all day in one to pay off a stupid bet, that he shouldn’t have made. There was enough people who questioned his sexuality, walking around town in a dress would cinch it.

Slowly he stood up, grimacing as he put weight on the sore leg and began to walk over to where his bike lay. He hated the damn thing, and yet no way could he afford a proper racing bike. He just didn’t make enough money from his odd jobs, and besides he had other obligations, all which took money. He really hated this, being poor and envied Kyle a little for that.

He and Kyle had grown up together. They had attended the same schools, but he was the one who always was 2 years behind in fashion, or was the one who had the faded hand me down jeans from the Thrift Shop. Kyle now, well he always had new clothes and the latest too. His bike was the latest in dirt bikes. It had all the added stuff like shocks even. Brad’s bike on the other hand was your typical standard issue bike. Nothing fancy to it and yet he was trying to beat Kyle in a dirt bike race with it, and for what? To make himself appear like not the loser they all thought?

Somehow he didn’t think it would matter to the others if he won even. They would still look down on him, not just because he was your typical Geek, but because he never had anything new. Hell, he didn’t even ever recall getting something new at Christmas time. It wasn’t that he really wanted new stuff, just that everyone else always bragged about it. All he wanted, was to brag about something.

He stood over his fallen bike, wishing he knew how to get out of the race, when a voice intruded on him. His stomach sank as he recognized Kyle’s taunting tone and he turned to see the young blonde leaning over his handlebars, staring at him. He could see the laughter in the pale blue eyes too which only angered him.

What had he ever done to Kyle to make him be so mean to him? It just didn’t make sense but he always felt this way when around the guy. It hurt too, the way Kyle always teased him in front of everyone. In some way, it seemed Kyle had taken it upon himself to make life totally the pits for Brad. He wished he could figure out why.

‘You really need a better bike if you hope to beat me, ya know?’

‘Yeah, tell me something I don’t know’

‘Hey, don’t get pissy, I didn’t buy that piece of shit’

‘It’ll do the job’

‘You think? Man you are nuts if you think that bucket of scrap metal will get you down the hill, never mind beat me’

‘Afraid I’ll go over a cliff so you’ll have to find someone else to pick on? Don’t worry, I’ll make it down and I’ll beat you too’

‘Big talk, but you know it’s bullshit’

‘No I don’t, I am gonna win Kyle, just wait and see’

‘So you say, but you can call this off, if you want’

‘Yeah right, so you make my life even more miserable? I don’t think so’

‘Doesn’t have to be that way, there are ways’

He looked around to see if anyone else was around. Brad couldn’t make out what was Kyle’s game here. It sounded like he really didn’t want to have the race but why? It had been his idea, well sort of. The others had more or less made it happen, and he had bitten for it. Truth was, Kyle hadn’t been that keen on it at the beginning but it just didn’t make sense. Kyle was right, he didn’t have a chance, so why the offer?

‘Ways? I can imagine, besides, the others won’t like it. They enjoy seeing me fall on my face.’

‘I can handle them, that’s my problem, so you want to call it off or not? I am not going to offer again’


‘Don’t want to see you kill yourself is all, sorry if that pisses you off.’

‘Say I do, what about the bet?’

‘Do you? Cuz if you do, maybe we can come to an agreement, and make it so things work out for us both. So?’

‘Maybe, yeah, I guess, but not if I have to go through with the bet’

Kyle looked at him with a strange glare in his eyes. He had his helmet in one hand, the bike in the other as he just stared at him. Brad didn’t know what to make of it, but the idea of having a way out, and not going thru with the stupid bet was attractive. He felt strangely uneasy though, as he shifted around on his feet, not really looking directly at Kyle. It was all a bit strange, and he couldn’t understand what was up Kyle’s sleeve.


‘Uh huh… so what is it you want, to call this off?’

There was silence as Kyle continued to stare at Brad. It was uncomfortable, but he owed it to his fragile body to at least here the guy out. Kyle by himself wasn’t always an asshole, just when with the others. Come to think of it, where were the others? He looked around wondering if they were hiding, snickering at his weakness.

‘You expecting someone?’

‘Huh? No, just uh, just looking. So, what’s the deal?’

Kyle dismounted from his bike and walked over to stand directly in front of Brad. His eyes stared hard into Brads. In some strange hold, he couldn’t look away as Kyle continued to stare at him. Then in a low whisper he spoke.

‘Suck me off’

He blinked as he looked into Kyle’s face. He didn’t know if he had heard him right or if it was all a ploy, to out him and make his life totally useless in town. He gulped and tried to bide his time as the shock of the suggestion made him shake a little. He put his full weight on his banged up leg and felt himself begin to topple over, but two strong hands reached out and held him upright. Kyle was still looking at him, waiting for Brad’s answer, even while he held him tightly.

The touch was electrifying too. He didn’t know what to make of it all and he swivelled his head around, certain that the others were close by, in hiding.

‘They aren’t here, and you heard me right. Course, tell anyone and I’ll deny it and you know who they’ll believe. This is our secret whether you do or not, and you don’t want to cross me on this, do you?’

Brad just nodded as he realized that Kyle was serious. He really did want Brad to suck him off. He felt a bit excited, and the pain in his leg seemed dull now as he stared back at Kyle, nodding his agreement.

Kyle’s face seemed to light up with that nod. He broke out into a smile that made Brad’s heart skip a beat or two. After all, Kyle was damn good looking, more so when he had that smile on. He watched as Kyle let him go and then picked up his bike and began walking off the trail, towards the woods. He turned back and Brad quickly grabbed his own bike and followed Kyle to the tree line.

They moved off the trail, and walked a few yards so that they were completely hidden from view. Kyle led the way with Brad following behind a bit slower. He still wasn’t sure if this was a trick or not, but the rush of adrenalin was amazing. His body seemed to tingle really as he followed Kyle. His eyes were fixed to the tall young man, and kept travelling down to his firm buttocks. He had always admired Kyle that perfect athletic looking body, and now it seemed like Kyle was about to let him taste it too.

He gulped and felt the sweat on his brow. This was like a dream coming true for him. He was not going to have race him, not risk getting hurt which had nagged at him. Though best of all, he was actually going to enjoy Kyle the way he had always wanted, sexually.

They found a small clearing and Kyle stopped, leaned his bike against a tree trunk and stared around. It was like he was making sure things were safe which helped ease some of Brad’s fears. He too leaned his bike against a tree and looked over at Kyle. He could see the uncertainty in his eyes, but he also could see more than that too. There was the look of desire, of hunger and it made him take a few steps closer, to where he was standing right in front of Kyle.

It struck Brad, that Kyle was actually nervous. He could see the beads of sweat on his forehead now, and the anxiety was clearly shown in his eyes. Strange, he never thought of Kyle as being scared of anything, yet he obviously was. He just looked, licking his lips and waited.

It took Kyle a few minutes and then he simply reached down with his hands, and undid his pants button. He pushed them down, and Brad noticed he was wearing blue boxer shorts. They too were soon pushed down and then the jock strap was also pushed down.

Suddenly Brad realized this wasn’t a set up. It was all real as he stared down at the hard cock that was waiting for him. His eyes couldn’t believe how gorgeous the penis looked and it was bigger than he had imagined. The tiny tufts of blonde hair above also made him smile. He knew that Kyle was vain at times, but it proved the guy was a natural anyhow. He licked his lips as he took it all in and slowly let his body sink to the grassy ground. His knees hit the dirt but his eyes never let their gaze drop from staring the stiff cock that stared at him.

He knew it was circumcised by the thin ridge and cap under the mottled cock head. He also noticed the thin white poking out from the pee slit, and realized that Kyle was excited just as he was. It wasn’t a joke or trick as he reached up with one shaking hand, to grip the base of the hard cock. Brad looked up one last time to see Kyle staring down at him. He saw the glazed look and closed his own eyes and moved his head inwards.

His lips touched the hot burning head, making his whole body suddenly shiver. It was like a bolt of electricity passing through his whole body. A soft whimper came from deep in his body as he let the lips spread open. As his head moved inwards, he felt the shaking but it was coming from Kyle, not him.

His teeth parted, raking the hot head as it slowly entered his mouth. The shuddering grew more intense as he slid his mouth over the head, tasting the burning flesh and the scent of sweat and Kyle filled his nostrils. He breathed it all in deeply as he felt the tremors.

As his mouth closed over the hot cock, his lips tightened their grip and he heard a long drawn out groan from above him. Then he felt the sudden press of two hands on his shoulders. At first they rested there, then the fingers tightened their grip. His body was being held tightly as he let his head move on along the whole cock. It amazed me at how easy his throat opened to let in the hot pole, and he didn’t gag once in taking it all. His lips felt the wiry hairs and then his whole mouth was pushing up against Kyle’s pubic region. He could smell the guy and it made him feel slightly faint.

Every nerve in his body was tense as he began to slowly pull back, his lips reluctantly giving way to the pull of his head. The cock shook a bit and he felt a sort of rolling wave of excitement passing along the thick pole. He moaned a little as he was feeling the thrill of the moment himself. His hand that had grabbed the hard pole now moved down to wedge itself under the dangling balls. His fingers pushed up on the leathery sac to playfully jiggle the two egg shaped balls.

Kyle moaned more as Brad’s fingers probed his scrotum. The legs were shaking and the hands on his shoulder held on tightly. It hurt as he moved his head back and forth along the penis. He could feel the excitement and the pleasure growing. His knees hurt from the hard ground, but he ignored the pain as he sucked.

Two or three slow pulls on the cock and he could feel Kyle getting ready. It made him go faster and he let his finger move away from the excited balls. He traced under the sac, to the root of Kyle’s cock and felt the body shudder even more. Then he slowly moved the finger back, to search for Kyle’s valley. The flesh of his cheeks parted to grant him entrance, and Kyle moved his legs a few steps to either side, making it even easier. The finger moved up the moistened valley as he continued to suck on the cock. Pre cum was dripping into his mouth. He swallowed it, enjoying the salty taste as he worked his finger up to Kyle’s pink hole.

Kyle said something but Brad didn’t hear what it was, as he let his finger tip play around the edge of Kyle’s rectum. Then with his eyes firmly shut, the sensations of doing Kyle making his whole body quiver, he lunged his head forward until his nose was pushing hard into the soft groin. As his nose touched Kyle’s flesh, he drove his finger up and in.

The tip parted the hole and rushed in. Kyle screamed out and his hands moved from Brad’s should to the head. He grabbed a fistful of Brad’s hair and twisted it around his fingers and pushed, urging Brad on.

He didn’t need the encouragement, as his head began to move in and out quickly. His head was aching as was his throat. He could feel Kyle’s cockhead striking the very back of his throat as he moved in, and with each inwards motion, his finger would plough hard and deeply into Kyle’s ass. He could feel the warmth inside of the body, the muscles that would tighten around his probing finger.

He could hear panting, not sure whose it was. His own lungs ached as he sucked on the throbbing pole. With his other hand, Brad reached down to grip his own cock. He felt the wetness around the groin, knowing he was dripping. The image of his cock dripping, the feel of the ache in his loins, made him groan loudly. He shifted himself to get in closer. Each inward push of his head made him crush into the soft groin. He could feel the matted hair now, wet from sweat and excitement.

His own body was shivering as he pulled his finger out of Kyle’s ass and then quickly he plunged his finger back in, this time adding another digit to the probe. Kyle cried out, and twisted at Brad’s hair. It hurt as Kyle suddenly thrust his whole body forward, then his hips even further.

Kyle’s cock went sailing deep down into Brad’s throat. He gagged briefly and then recovered as the cock shook. Then he felt the cockhead rear back and suddenly spring forward as Kyle’s body was crushing into his face. The sudden release of hot milk deep down into his throat surprised Brad. He choked and coughed once, then twice as the hot cum filled not just his throat, but washed back upwards to fill his mouth.

Out of instinct he swallowed and then again, to ease the pressure on his throat. He could feel the hot liquid coating the quaking shaft in his mouth and he reached around with his hands, clenching hard into the back of Kyle’s thighs. His fingers dug deeply into the soft milky flesh as Kyle shook and shivered.

For a brief instant Brad thought Kyle would fall on him, but he held him up. His head was aching and his body shook as Kyle’s cum filled his stomach.

Soon it was all over. Kyle’s body was leaning on his head as he leaned back onto his own legs. He was hurting as he opened his eyes and looked upwards. Kyle had a smile on his face as he tried to gulp in more air. A lock of his long blonde hair had fallen across his eyes that only made him look more handsome than before.

Kyle’s cock slowly fell out of Brad’s mouth. His eyes looked at it and then back up at Kyle who was still breathing rather hard. He felt full as he licked his lips and sat back, easing the pain in his legs. Brad watched as Kyle reached down and pulled himself together. He then looked down at Brad, and smiled as he spoke.

‘Race is off, meet you here tomorrow?’

Brad grinned as he nodded. He looked up at Kyle who reached down to help him get up.  Seeing the look in Kyle’s eyes suddenly made him realize that today was just a beginning of something very special. The pain in his leg was forgotten, so too was all the insults and taunts.  


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