Fiction – Graduation


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Petrified and yet Thrilled was the only way Kerry could describe the way he was feeling. It was finally all over, those awkward years of High School, and in a few short weeks he’d be off, experiencing life in a whole new way. No longer would he be a big fish in a small pond, as his father loved to remind him, instead he’d be just one of thousands of unknowns, looking to make a small mark. College scared him, yet he knew it would be something he’d never forget.

Looking over the small crowd of friends that had shown up at his Summer Kick Off pool party, he smiled to himself, reliving some of the memories he’d take with him into his adult life. His mom and dad were over at the patio, putting out more food platters for the hungry bunch of aged teenagers. His mom looked tired, and yet relieved too, as her son had done it, had graduated at last.

Off to one side was his father, talking to Mary Kapowlski, who had to be one of the more stunning girls he had ever seen. She was all decked out in a tiny two piece swimsuit that made most of his male friends drool, and a few walk around with raging boners. That was always fun to notice, even though he knew Mary still had a crush on him. She knew it was pointless, yet Kerry could tell she wasn’t totally convinced of it. He smiled at that, and a couple of the other girls near her noticed. They giggled and smiled back, oblivious to the truth.

Tommy was hanging around Mary too, and for a second his eyes grew sombre. He was going to miss Tommy, one of his closest friends. They had met in grade school, and been nearly inseparable ever since. Still, as he stared at him, he felt a pang of regret. Despite their closeness, Kerry had never told him, never let on, though he had come close a few times. Hell, he had many a night dreaming of Tommy, and a few of their sleep overs had been some of the hardest nights he could recall.

It wasn’t just the physical attraction, though that certainly was a factor. After all Tommy was an athlete, worked out regularly even in grade school. It was his dream and he was going to live it. In fact, in less than a week Tommy would be heading across the country to check out his new digs at Florida State, where he had gotten a partial scholarship. He was definitely about to live his dream, while Kerry would be thousands of miles away.

He would miss their late night confabs, their little chats that always gave Kerry a bit of a thrill. It was the intimacy they shared, though right now, he was feeling like he had somehow let Tommy down. He should have told him, let him know just how much he did care for him, beyond the slap on the back stuff. For a brief second he saw Tommy turn and look at him, smile and go back to talking with the others. It gave Kerry an instant hard on, and made him turn away for fear of showing his own arousal.

There was no helping it, Tommy had the key to his heart, but as he looked away, he knew it was an impossible dream. His friend was a poster boy for straight, and he just couldn’t bring himself to risking that friendship for a possible fling. Still the notion of his head on Tommy’s hard body, resting on his washboard stomach while Tommy caressed his head, played with his own long strands of hair, was almost too much for him.

All of his friends were there, smiling and laughing as the party took hold. His parents were good about it too, dropping platters of food when needed but otherwise being scarce. His mother would keep glancing at him, a wistful look in her eyes, though he knew she already had plans to turn his bedroom into a semi office and den once he was off to college.

Glancing around he watched a couple of his other friends chasing some of the girls around the pool. You could tell they were excited too, and he had a secret grin inside, as he watched Damon chasing Susan around. He was a hot stud but a total red neck. Course his father was also the local Pastor so it sort of figured. Yet he did enjoy the times they had spent together, and it seemed that the one thing he had in common with Kerry, was his horniness. The guy was always sporting a hard on or a semi erection.

As the party dragged on, Kerry realized he was trying to capture the moment, unwilling to let it all end and yet knowing that it was. He was a bit saddened by that thought, specially as it made him think more of Tommy than anyone else. It wasn’t like Kerry was a virgin either, he had found a few kindred souls that enjoyed cock too, but it never really was more than that. Sex was sex and he was a normal teenager. He liked it, and seemed to always want it, though in his case, it wasn’t so simple. His friends always seemed to have girlfriends or experiences to relate come Monday’s, while he just listened. Even Tommy had one, and in fact right now the girl of the moment was Mary. He suspected though, that Mary had snared Tommy simply to be closer to him. She really did still think she could entice him, which made him smile.

It really wasn’t a choice or a conscious decision. He liked guys for sex, and yet Mary had this notion she could change him. She thought he just hadn’t met the right girl, but he had tried. It wasn’t like he had never been with a girl, but in comparing his experiences with girls, and those with guys, the guys won hands down. It was just more natural, more enjoyable to him, for which Mary seemed unable to comprehend fully.

He looked around the pool to find Tommy, but couldn’t see him anywhere. Mary had disappeared too and he grimaced a little. All he could think of was how lucky she was, as no doubt she knew exactly how it felt to nestle on Tommy’s chest, to play with the chest hairs or those ripe nipples of his. He sighed, wishing once more that he had told him, but quickly pushed the idea away. Tommy was leaving soon, and he didn’t need any drama to ruin their few remaining days together.

The tap on his shoulder startled him. Kerry turned around to suddenly find himself face to face with Tommy. Mary was no where in sight. He gulped as he saw the sad look in his friends eyes. There was something else in his eyes, something that almost resembled a forlorn lustful look, one he had noticed once or twice before.

Tommy was hesitant, and began speaking about how the party was super, how he was almost all packed, ready to head out to Florida, and a whole torrent of jabber that seemed to just be to fill the silences, or to hold back what he really wanted to say. It wasn’t natural for Tommy to be so hesitant, so distracted. Kerry tried to make light of some of what he spoke, but he was quickly lost among the various topics that seemed to just pop out. Though part of his distraction was Tommy standing so close to him, in only a small swimsuit. The obvious bulge definitely was making him lose track and he tried, he honestly tried to not look. It just wasn’t in the cards, and he noticed that Tommy was aware of it as well.

Kerry grew a bit frightened then, as he noticed the strange look in Tommy’s face, the way his eyes narrowed, his nostrils flared even and he wondered if he could wiggle out of this. He wanted to turn and run, but knew he couldn’t. He’d have to brazen it out, if Tommy mentioned it. No way would he, as he tried to keep his eyes from wandering downwards, to that perfect looking basket.

Suddenly Tommy took his hand, and telling him they needed to talk, and talk now, Kerry found himself being dragged into the house, and up the long winding stairs towards his bedroom. Panic gripped him as he wasn’t sure what was happening. He let himself be guided up the stairs, and as he entered his room, his eyes made a quick sweep, to make sure nothing incriminating was lying in plain view.

Breathing a sigh of relief in finding no boy magazines laying out, he turned to stare at his friend, wondering what had him so forceful, yet so hesitant. As he turned, his entire life suddenly changed, as Tommy reached out, and pulled Kerry close to him. He could feel the heart beating as he was held by him, and then his eyes bulged out as he felt the hard press of Tommy’s crotch into his own. The hard cock inside pressed into his soft groin, and as he looked up he saw Tommy closing his eyes.

The long eyelashes fluttering briefly as they shut and then the head tilted to one side and in utter disbelief he saw the head coming forward. He leaned back, but to no avail as Tommy’s mouth suddenly pressed against his. The touch made his whole body quiver, his legs twitched and his arms tingled.

Without thinking, he felt his lips part, his mouth open and before he could suck in one breath of air, Tommy’s tongue had darted past his lips, pushing under his teeth and licking at the insides of his mouth. Kerry shuddered as Tommy kissed him hard, the tongue darting all over inside, teasing and licking at Kerry’s own tongue. His body reacted naturally, out of instinct and he kissed his friend back, hesitantly at first, then with more gusto as the pent up desire for Tommy was suddenly released.

Tommy’s hands began to caress his back, rub and pull at his flesh, as he ground his groin inwards, pushing at Kerry’s own aroused crotch. He felt his cock stir, felt it thicken even more as the blood rushed to it, and all that time he felt the hard penetrating kiss reaching down inside of him. His head grew faint, as he reached out himself, to grasp Tommy’s muscular frame. His hands moved up and down the back, as Tommy continued to press forward, to kiss him in a way Kerry had never experienced before.

It was both desperate and yet passionate. In some small way it felt like Tommy had suddenly gone mad, as his hands moved all up and down Kerry’s trembling body. The hands were suddenly pulling at his hips, at the waist of his swimsuit, and so were his. His mind briefly thought about it, but the lust inside was too powerful. The wary thoughts were pushed aside, as he felt his swimsuit being pulled down, while he held onto Tommy’s own quivering body. He felt the air across his groin as his cock sprang out, then he nearly passed out as he felt Tommy’s hand grab hold of his cock.

The touch of the long tapered fingers on his shaft, was unreal. The jolts of electricity made him stagger, which pulled them both back a step. His legs hits the end of his bed, and he felt himself losing his balance. Suddenly the ceiling was filling his eyes as his backside hit the bed, making it squeak and groan. As he bounced on the mattress, he saw Tommy’s face looming over his. A wild glint was in his eyes as suddenly Tommy reached down and pushed his own shorts off. Kerry could just stare, as he saw Tommy’s cock swaying slightly before him.

Tommy suddenly climbed up on top of Kerry, his legs on either side of Kerry, pinning him down on the bed. His eyes were glazed over as he leaned forward, his long hair now dangling down over Kerry’s face. The eyes closed again, as Tommy leaned down more, and once more they were locked in a hard deep kiss. It didn’t last long, as Tommy leaned back up and staring down at Kerry, he reached down to grab his cock and rub it along Kerry’s groin.

He felt the pre cum being smeared across his belly and shook. It was all a dream, he thought, but then opening his eyes he knew it was no dream. Tommy’s hand reached out and began to pull on Kerry’s cock, twisting it a little but always pulling it up, until the head rubbed up into Tommy’s own groin. The soft moans suddenly registered as he reached up with his hands, rubbing the chest, then moving over to grab at the nipples. He heard Tommy grunt as he twisted one then the other nipple. Leaning forward, he brought Tommy’s head down and kissed him hard on the mouth.

He broke the kiss off, and stared up into his friends face. He saw the affection being reflected in Tommy’s dark green eyes, and smiled. Falling back onto the bed, he felt the growing ache in his body. He was panting as Tommy held Kerry’s cock in his hand, stroking it hard as he too was panting. It didn’t take long either, as Kerry felt his body trembling, as the blood rushed from his limbs towards his crotch. His cock felt like it was on fire, as his balls slung upwards, aching and then suddenly exploding. He could hear his own voice crying out, yelling even, as he arched upwards, his cock flying up out of Tommy’s grip.

His mind was suddenly overwhelmed. Kerry’s legs shot outwards, his toes curled downwards in a painful cramp, as his hips were pushing up, lifting his buttocks off the bed. The explosion, the sudden jerking of his cock made him yell even more, as he felt the hot milk leaving his cock. He could hear it splatter against Tommy’s chest, and his own. The hot load of cream was pouring out of him, as if a dam had burst.

The stinging sound of cum hitting skin echoed in his head, as he struggled to breath. His head flopped from side to side, as his hand fell to the bed, slamming into it. He felt his whole body twitching and shaking as he came.

It seemed like an eternity before his body stopped shaking. His eyes opened briefly then closed again, then opened again. Kerry saw Tommy, sitting astride of him, his chest splattered with Kerry’s cum. His eyes grew wider as he searched his friends face, still in shock by the whole thing. He could feel his legs ache as he panted, his breath short and ragged.

He wanted to say something, but hadn’t a clue as to what. He was in shock, as he saw Tommy stare at him, then at the dried cum on his own heaving chest. He looked hard at it, a sort of confused look on his face, and then he leaned back, speaking softly.

‘I think I’ll spend the night, okay with you Kerry?’

He just nodded, as Tommy leaned forward, and kissed him lightly on the lips. There was no mistaking the affection in that kiss, as Tommy stood up and walked to Kerry’s closet, to pull a towel out and wipe his chest. He tossed it over to Kerry, then rummaged around in the closet, pulling out a shirt and pair of Kerry’s pants. Tossing a pair to Kerry, he then began to put the other pair on.

Tommy looked over at Kerry, one pant leg on, his other leg upraised to slide into the other leg, and he grinned as he saw the look on Kerry’s face.

‘We’ll get rid of everyone downstairs first, I’d hate to be interrupted’

Kerry laughed as he reached down, to pick up the pair of pants Tommy had tossed towards him. Looking over at Tommy getting dressed in his clothes, he felt a small pang of regret. He realized he shouldn’t have kept his secret from Tommy after all. He also realized that what had just happened was only a prelude to what would come later on. He moved faster, as he couldn’t wait to start pushing people out the door.

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