Fiction – Falling Snow

Falling Snow

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

He should be acting his age, but hell, it felt good to be like a kid again, or at least feeling young. Nate couldn’t help but feel happy as he stared out of the huge bay window of his home. The yard had a fresh layer of virgin white snow on top, and it looked so pristine, so fresh, that he couldn’t help but smile. The smile grew wider as he saw the snowman sitting under the bare branches of the huge tree in his front yard.

To think how he used to love making snowmen, and then stopped when he had become an adult, and then there was yesterday. Suddenly he was no longer a dour man of 45, instead he was back to feeling like a kid and he could thank his son for that.

Strange, to think his own grown up son would try to play matchmaker for him, and to be honest, he had been pissed about it at first, but after yesterday, well he’d have to find a way to thank his 20 year old son. They had grown up so fast, and Nate realized just how much he loved them. They were his wife’s kids, already approaching their teen years when he had married Martha. It was a marriage of convenience, one she fully accepted and when the kids were old enough, one that was explained to them.

Still, he had been the father, and now his youngest, Brian, had thought he had been alone long enough. Martha had passed away several years ago, which had nearly ruined his life. He didn’t realize how much he had truly cared for her, and the boys, and losing her to illness had been devastating. Maybe that was how he had become bitter and old before his time, and maybe too, it was how his life had suddenly seemed empty.

Nerve racking at best, as he had seemed to just drift aimlessly through the years, until now. Oh he had his investment brokerage firm to keep his mind active, and he did quite well at it too, which allowed him his escapes, like this house on the side of a lonely mountain in the Colorado Rockies. The land had been cheap and the house hadn’t cost too much. It was great for skiing, something he loved, as did the boys.

He stared out, sipping his morning coffee, recalling how it all started. Simple and harmless it had seemed. To begin with Brian had to leave, thanks to a call from his girlfriend. Nate knew now that it had to be a put up job, but it had left him alone with Justin.

Then it had started to snow, a thick wet snowfall that was breathtaking to watch. Justin had suddenly slapped him on the shoulder, calling him grandpa of all things, and urging him to join him outside, making a snowman of all things. It was childish, crazy and yet he had grinned back, suddenly feeling a bit like a kid. He had pushed Justin aside, making it a race which he lost to the younger man.

The biting cold was heart stopping, but the wide grin on Justin’s face was more heart stopping than the weather could be. Nate realized how much he was attracted to the young man, and suddenly rolling up snow to form the base heightened his desire for the young man.

The odd snowball found its way and despite the temperature, he was enjoying playing in the snow. He could still throw a mean snowball, and had nailed Justin a few times. It only made the young man laugh, and taunt him even, which made making the snowman very time consuming. In between snowball fights and running from each other, the morning passed rather quickly.

It was like he was an older brother to Justin. They worked together, side by side rolling the snow up and placing the huge balls together. Then it came to the face, and he sent Justin inside to get a carrot out of the refrigerator. His face must have shown his surprise when Justin returned with two instead of one.

Asking why two, Justin grinned like a devilish kid, and said he thought they’d make a proper anatomically correct snowman. The look on his face made Justin laugh, as he pushed the long thicker carrot right down in the bottom base. He pulled two huge chestnuts out of his pocket, pushing them on either side below the jutting out carrot.

Stepping back to admire his work, he turned to Nate, asking for his opinion. Taking his cue, he stared at it then commented that it didn’t look big enough. The talk suddenly became charged as Justin said it was okay, and that besides, what would an old gramps like him do with anything bigger. That of course got Justin a snowball, and suddenly, the two were tossing snow at each other, until he felt Justin’s hand touch his chest. His own hand clasped it, and the horseplay stopped. He found himself looking hard into Justin’s red cheeked face, and somehow, he just knew that Justin knew too. It was like they had somehow connected in a way that words couldn’t.

Justin’s expression grew serious, as he looked at Nate and then he moved a step closer. His hand moved out of Nate’s grasp and reached around the older man’s frame. He wrapped his arms and held him at the small of his back.

Thinking back now, he still wasn’t sure how it all started. They had frolicked in the snow, acting like some love sick teenagers. The taunts of ‘gramps’ were always flying around and yet it wasn’t derisive, or mean spirited. He rather liked it and the mood was amazing. He felt so alive, so young despite his advanced years, that he didn’t even remember the journey to his bedroom.

He remembered the groping in the snow, the rolling around as they play fought. Nate recalled how Justin teased him, groped him and just made him laugh as they made the entire yard their special playground. The cold didn’t seem to bother them either as they just enjoyed the touching, the hugging.

It was in one of those rolls that Justin kissed him. To say he was surprised was an understatement, and yet thinking back, he didn’t hesitate in kissing Justin back. It was a deep wet kiss and at last he remembered how they got to his bedroom. It was the damn kiss, as Nate licked his lips remembering that hard deep passionate kiss.

Justin had led him back inside, up the stairs to his own bedroom. It was all unreal still, but as he drank more of his coffee, he knew it was real. After all Justin was still up there, laying in his bed. Shaking his head he remembered how passionate they had been. Maybe it had been the cold or maybe it just was that for that brief moment Nate thought he was a college kid again. Whatever the reason, he felt unbelievably happy, content.

Entering the bedroom, Justin had let go of his hand and flew onto the bed, making it bounce and himself. He was wet and it didn’t matter, as the bed shook to his presence. The face turned to smile at him and at the same time begin to remove his wet clothes. The jacket was tossed off to one side, then the socks were pulled off, tossed right at him. He couldn’t help but laugh as he undid his jacket and laid on the chair, still dripping from the melting snow. His eyes were afire as he watched Justin stripping his clothes off, while making the bed bounce and shake.

‘Come on Gramps’ echoed in his room, as Justin pushed his pants down his lanky frame, revealing very muscular looking legs. His eyes stared too at the rather large lump showing in the shorts, and subconsciously he licked his lips, desiring to do more than stare. His heart was pounding, and he was sweating which surprised him as he too began to feel the excitement rising inside. His own clothes began to disappear off his own body as Justin continued to taunt him, with each article of clothing he disposed of.

It felt like a race that Justin won hands down. His naked body was stretched out on the huge bed, the legs opened wide so that Nate could see his manhood and his well developed body. His eyes must of have shown his desire, as Justin reached up with his arms, encouraging Nate to come join him. He hesitated but only for a mere second. The moment was too powerful for his mind, and glare of that huge cock was too inviting. He no longer felt like he was in his forties, but back in College.

He jumped too, making the bed shake and surprised Justin with his vigour as he reached out and grabbed hold of the young man. He wrapped his arms around him and while planting a hard wet kiss on his lips, began to wrestle with the boy, making him roll over, so that now Justin lay on top of him. He stared up at the surprised young man, and laughed.

His hands moved down the firm flesh, and he could feel the muscles tremble to his touch as he just stared up into the eyes. His body was tense, as he felt the boy’s breath on his face. The press of his cock next to Justin’s was nearly too much for him. It had been a long time since he had come this close to having sex with another male. Still the instincts were in tact, as he let his hands go down, to grapple with the boys firm buttocks. The flesh between his fingers was supple and warm as he gripped each cheek tightly, moving his head up and kissing the boy several times on the lips.

Justin responded by pushing down his hips, making his fully erect cock dig into the soft flesh of Nate’s groin. He moaned as his cock dug into the older man, which only made Nate pull him down harder into his body. They rolled on the bed, kissing and touching each other like a pair of teenagers in their first grip of desire.

The touching moved from the body to reach for the jutting poles that were pressing into their bodies. Justin had a look in his eyes that made Nate tremble with excitement. It somehow made him feel more alive than anything ever had before. The taste of Justin’s lips was making him groan, as was the young man’s probing and prodding of his groin. The weight was holding him down and yet he didn’t care as he continued to revel in the attention his body was getting.

The gyrating motion of Justin’s hips against his own made him moan. He was feeling like he would explode at the next touch, the next grope but he held on. His body was sweating as Justin began to explore his crotch. His finger moved down his legs, and underneath their bodies. It moved along the thigh, and across his pulsating cock shaft. It reached up to the very tip of his aroused cock head, and smeared the precum that was oozing out. Moistened, it moved down the cock, to jiggle his balls, and then reach underneath, to feel him where his legs met his torso.

Justin began to kiss him, and move downwards. His tongue licked at the stubble under his chin, then down the hollow of his neck. Nate swallowed as the caressing tongue continued to move down his shaking body. The hands now had spread his legs apart, and were rubbing the exposed cheeks of his buttocks. He squirmed on the bed, as Justin’s fingers now travelled under his cheeks, to find his love valley and move up to the treasure of his hole. He groaned as the finger tips moved upwards, teasing the aching hole.

His penetration was quick and he felt the stab of pain go upwards, as his ass was suddenly filled by the probing finger. He groaned louder as Justin wiggles his finger while it was going in deeper. His legs were suddenly up and spread apart, giving Justin an easier entrance to him. His hands held the young man’s head ad began to push it down. The tongue was still caressing his stomach, but as he pushed, it moved down to lick at his belly, then suddenly he cried out as Justin reached out and held his cock in one hand, while he wrapped his entire mouth around the trembling pole.

The press of his lips around his cock made him shudder. His hands pounded each side of the bed as Justin took his cock in one swoop. The lips moved quickly down the shaft, until his nose was pressing hard into Nate’s groin. He felt the breathe on his crotch, and bit his lip. His eyes were shut but he opened them briefly, to stare down his shaking body.

The image of that head, covering his groin was enough as he closed his eyes tightly, his head now pushing back. Nate’s chin was up in the air as his head dug into the bed. His hips shot upwards, pushing his cock further into Justin’s throat and his hands were balled up into fists as the young man began to move up and down on his cock.

There was no way he could hold back. His hips pushed upwards, his balls slung up with them and he cried out, as his body surrendered to the moment. His cum was boiling up and moving upwards towards escape when he cried out, signalling Justin that he was going to cum. He expected him to suddenly stop and was ready to reach out and stroke his cock off for that final push, but Justin didn’t.

He reached under, to hold Nate’s ass and push it up, deeper into his mouth as he began to move his head up and down even faster. Justin was going to take his cum. Nate felt the lust, the desire pour out of him, as his body shook hard. His teeth bit hard into his lips as he cried out, screamed really. The sound distant and unheard as the thunder of his heart beating filled his ears.

The body convulsed in several hard spasm of release. He could feel the cum shooting out into the waiting mouth of the young man. His mind was reeling, as he shot his load deep down into the willing throat. He felt the muscles in the throat shudder, as Justin began to swallow the sticky fluid.

The pain in his chest grew, as his body shook and shuddered. Nate could feel the tears rolling down from the corner’s of his eyes, as his body surrendered. He was panting as finally the last of his cum left his cock and his body slowly sunk back to the bed. His heart still pounded as he opened his eyes, to see Justin slowly lift himself up. Cum, his cum, was coating his mouth, and even down one side of the young man’s chin. The eyes were shining at him, filled with satisfaction as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. The face looked down at him, as the boy slowly moved off of Nate’s exhausted body. He then stretched out, resting at Nate’s side, his hand over the heaving chest, and his chin on Nate’s shoulder. The eyes never left his face, as Justin moved himself in closer, so that no empty space was left between them.

The sudden touch of a hand on his shoulder made Nate turn around. There was Justin standing behind him, a wicked grin on his face. He was wearing Nate’s bathrobe, and it was open at the front. Nate licked his lips as he sat the coffee cup down, as there once more was that beautiful thick pole, winking at him.

‘Come on gramps, You have had enough time to finish your breakfast, now its my turn to be fed, assuming you can make up the stairs.’

Nate smiled as he stood up, and put his hands on Justin’s shoulders, turning him around, aiming him for the stairs. He slapped Justin’s rump.

‘I’ll manage junior’ was his reply, that got Justin laughing as he raced up the stairs, taunting Nate one last time, before disappearing into the bedroom.

Nate just smiled as he began to climb the stairs, his eyes sparkling as they stared at the doorway to his bedroom.


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