Fiction – Cooking With Irma

Cooking With Irma

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Morgan had taken a lot of ribbing when his friends found out he had signed up for the cooking classes. They joked endlessly about it, making it seem like he was a wusse. They didn’t go all the way, but that might have had something to do with him being the leading scorer on the Basketball Team, and the leading hitter on the baseball team. Then too, they did buy into his reasoning that it was easier to find dates in a class filled by females. Add into that lie was his childhood friend Mary who was considered to be a knockout, and always hanging out with him and it was hard for anyone to question his sexuality.

Still he had endured the jokes and the glances some still gave him. It really wasn’t what he had thought would happen, but he was more serious about his education, in a practical way, than many assumed. He might be a jock, but he had his eye on the future. Morgan knew that there wouldn’t be any ‘little woman’ in his adult life, that he’d have to fend for himself without a woman’s help. Besides, it might help him get what he really wanted, a good man.

Most of his friends had a field day when he had been partnered with one of the few other guys in the class. He had drawn Caleb for his cooking partner, and everyone had howled at that bit of news. Course they didn’t know he had secretly hoped for just that.

Caleb wasn’t a jock, but he had a muscular looking frame. He wasn’t quite 6 foot and had rather girlish looks, if there was such a thing. His features were fine, and his wavy hair made him look a little like a girl from the back. Course his narrow hips and slightly larger butt didn’t help change that view either. Still, he had a husky voice and his hands weren’t exactly feminine looking. One glance at them ham hocks and you knew this guy used his hands.

Still the others did poke fun at him, though never to his face. He wasn’t the type you really wanted to take on by yourself, and Morgan was sure his friends were all a bit cowardly when it came to facing someone on their own. They preferred to travel in a pack, but there was something dangerous about Caleb that held them back from taunting him openly.

In class, he was quiet and he had a hungry look in his eyes that had first attracted Morgan to him. He wasn’t about to blurt out his attraction, but he had done his homework. Something he had learned from his early days in football and basketball. Know your opposition his coaches had told him and he had listened. Not quite how they had imagined though. Now he used his skills to seek out others who might be inclined as he was.

Caleb seemed to be a loner. He didn’t say much in class, but he managed his end of things okay. He was a bit clumsy and Morgan knew it was holding him back a bit. One of the reasons he had used, to set up this weekend. Least he figured if he could get Caleb away from the school setting, he might be able to signal his interest in a more open way. Least that was his plan, as he stared around the kitchen.

His parents had left for the weekend, heading up to their cabin. He had stayed home, claiming homework which had satisfied them. He smiled as he stared at all the pots and pans laid out on the cooking island in the kitchen. His mother would have a fit if she had seen it, but he didn’t want to tip his hand too quickly. He had used the pretext of the upcoming cooking test to get Caleb to come over.

Morgan had been a little surprised at how reticent Caleb had been to the suggestion. It was a natural part of school, and yet somehow Caleb seemed reluctant. He couldn’t really figure the guy out, except that he intrigued him. Maybe it was how he rarely talked about himself, or what he did outside of school. He was a Senior and despite his digging, no one seemed to know very much about him. That only made him more curious, and interested.

After all, he did have his own secret to keep. It all sounded bit cheap and tawdry, but he wasn’t a fool. He knew that his popularity wouldn’t help him if they found out about him. So he had managed to keep them all in the dark, and the few times he had ventured into who he really was, it had always been carefully thought out. Just like this was, he hoped. He was pleased with how he had it all set out, and as the doorbell rang, Morgan licked his lower lip, and pushed back a lock of hair that had fallen over his eye.

He smiled at his reflection in a silver mixing bowl, and headed to the door, feeling nervous and yet also excited. He rubbed his hands on his jeans, wiping the sweat off. ‘Show Time’ he thought as he opened the door to greet his guest. He smiled as he opened the door to see Caleb standing there. It was a bit of a surprise too, as Caleb was dressed up a bit. Instead of the normal faded jeans, and tank top shirt he normally wore to school, he was dressed in a pair of fresh black jeans, a crease even in the legs. His shirt was a plain light blue button job, not too tight or too loose.

As Caleb walked in, Morgan smelled his cologne. It was not overpowering, but rather nice. He could sense the nervousness too, but he quickly tried to put his guest at ease. He showed him into the living room and was pleased with the low whistle that came from Caleb. He had stood in the centre of the room, staring at the rather large television set that dominated the room.

‘Nice huh?’

‘I’ll say, your folks must be loaded’

‘They do okay, I guess, but Dad is really into his sports, so they splurged’

Caleb just seemed stunned by the 48” set, and he stood there, taking it all in. Morgan watched as Caleb took in the long couch, the various accents his mother had around the room. He had never seen someone so taken but what he had never really thought about. His friends weren’t all that impressed, as most of them had decent sets, hell one or two had their own sets. Yet Caleb seemed different.

‘Must be nice’

Morgan didn’t say anything. He watched as Caleb stared around the room and then looked out the sliding patio doors. His eyes seemed to bulge open wider as he walked over to the doors. He took in the long dining room table and its fine polished look but his attention was on the outside. He whistled again as he stared out at wide expanse of yard and patio.

‘A pool too? Shit, you guys must be loaded’

‘Not really, it came with the house, and I am stuck with the cleaning, but its nice to have on the hot days’

‘Hell I’d clean it every day if I could, to be able to go swimming when ever, now that is what I call having it made.’

Morgan looked at Caleb’s back, and the awe in his voice made him tingle. He felt a bit awkward too, at how impressed Caleb seemed to be. Still he didn’t miss the opening either.

‘We can go for a swim if you want?’

‘Really? That would be cool, but.. uh, I don’t have any shorts’

Morgan smiled. It was going better than he hoped.

‘No problem, you can just strip to your shorts, or I can see if I have any extras, but I think they’d be too big for you. I can always throw your shorts in the drier after, besides, no one can see into the backyard. I sometimes just strip down in the buff, and jump in, it’s one of the perks.’

Caleb was silent as he stepped out onto the patio, to stare around the back yard. He could see the high wooden fence that surrounded the property. The large tree off in back hid the alley view, and there were high bushes against one side, taller than the fence even. Morgan could see the interest, and he decided to take a risk.

The air was warm and he felt the breeze against his chest as he shucked his shirt off. He kicked off his shoes and bend down to take his socks off, turning his back to Caleb. He could feel the eyes watching as he moved quickly, not letting Caleb think too long about it. Morgan tossed his shirt aside, and unbuttoned his own jeans, pushing them down to his ankles. He stepped out and then in a calculated move, he pushed his boxer shorts down as well.

With his back to Caleb, he managed to hide his erection but he could sense the eyes bearing down on his ass. He hoped Caleb was enjoying the view, as he ran to the edge and jumped into the pool, feeling the water chill him. While it was heated, it still felt a bit cool at first. He came up and turned to stare over at Caleb, standing right where he had left him. Morgan saw the eyes were like huge saucers as Morgan sputtered a bit. He wiped the hair out from his eyes as he shouted to Caleb.

‘Come on, the water is fine’

He stared as Caleb hesitated a little. Morgan saw him stare down at the discarded jeans, then he saw his hands move up and undo his shirt. Morgan couldn’t help but stare as the shirt was pulled off. The chest was well defined, small tuft of hair in the V portion, and the nipples looked hot. Caleb had nice golden skin, which made Morgan realize that he spent a lot of time out in the sun. To have a tan this early could only come from someone who was outside a lot.

He treaded water, urging Caleb to come on in. He hoped that he would take his lead from Morgan, and not keep his shorts on. His eyes narrowed, as the pants were pushed down. Morgan could sense the shyness, but Caleb didn’t turn away. When he stood up, there was no mistaking a tell tale lump in the boxer shorts. He licked his lips, taking in some water that made him cough.

As he pushed back, to lean on his back and tread water while waiting, he saw Caleb hesitate. His hands were on the waistband of his shorts. He looked unsure and Morgan could tell he was hesitating too much. He yelled out, that no one could see, and to come on in, which seemed to work.

Caleb pushed his shorts down, and Morgan took a mouthful of water into his mouth. He couldn’t help it as he saw the long dangling cock, semi hard, exposed. It was one of the most amazing cocks he had ever seen, even compared to those in some of the magazines he secretly looked at.

Watching Caleb stand there for just a second, then run towards the pool was worth it all, even if nothing else happened. He had no idea how well hung Caleb was, and it made his butt cheeks clench a little, wondering if he could take such a tool. He sure wouldn’t’ mind trying as he swam over to his cooking partner.

They swam around, and raced each other from end to end. It was a fun time and Morgan never had felt so relaxed as he did splashing around with Caleb. It felt good and he forgot all about the cooking as they just enjoyed having fun. The odd time that Caleb swam close, and brushed past him Morgan got an instant hard on. It was so intoxicating that he struggled to not just blurt out his desire for the young man.

It was a friendly game of tag, that finally broke the ice. He had tagged Caleb and was swimming away, waiting for Caleb to try and catch him. He was enjoying the game, being able to actually reach out and touch him, and have Caleb touch him. It was also making him a bit aroused, and as he swam away he couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to hold that cock, to touch it and taste it.

His daydreaming was at fault. Morgan was fully erect when Caleb snuck in to tag him. His hand reached out to Morgan, who was swimming backwards, away from Caleb. The hand was reaching out for him and he turned to swim away. It was then that he felt it, and his whole body shook. He couldn’t move for an instant, and his movement away stopped as he felt the hand brush his erect cock.

He coughed and turned around, treading water. The expression of shock on Caleb’s face made him just tread water. His eyes searched the face, and he saw the small little spark deep in the eyes. Morgan could sense the shock, but he also could see the pleasure that Caleb experienced from that touch. It was too much and before Caleb could do more than mumble an apology, Morgan had moved closer, to where he was treading water right next to Caleb.

Carefully, he looked deep into Caleb’s face, and then reached out with his own hand. There was a sudden shocked expression on Caleb’s face as Morgan’s hand took hold of Caleb’s own erect penis. It was thick and long as Morgan just held it in his own hand.

Without saying a word, he reached out with his other hand, to bring Caleb closer. He moved his head in and with his eyes staring into Caleb’s, he pressed his lips onto his trembling lips. He felt himself going down, and let go of the throbbing cock. He wrapped his hands around Caleb and kissed him hard and with a deep sense of desire. As their heads sunk below the water surface, he felt Caleb kiss him back, his own hands now holding desperately onto Morgan’s frame.

Then they popped back up to the surface and just stared at each other. Their hands were spread out, helping them stay on top. Morgan smiled and nodded toward the edge of the pool. Together they climbed out and Morgan couldn’t help but look down at Caleb’s naked body. He saw some scars on one leg, but it was the hard thick cock that held his gaze. It made him feel rather ordinary as he noticed how Caleb was looking at him, seeing Morgan’s own hard cock. In comparison it must look rather small, but it didn’t seem to matter.

Reaching out, he took Caleb’s hand into his and lead him up to his bedroom. They were dripping on the carpet, and he didn’t care as he opened his bedroom door and led Caleb inside. He closed the door and reached out to once more grasp Caleb’s wet body. He held him tight as he leaned to one side, and brought his mouth back towards Caleb’s lips.

He pressed his lips, and stuck his tongue out a little. Caleb’s hands were suddenly around his own hips, holding him tightly as he let his mouth open, to let Morgan’s tongue enter. His heart was racing as he kissed hard and licked the roof of Caleb’s mouth. He felt his warm breath on his tongue, as they kissed long and hard.

His body was aching all over as they slowly moved closer to the bed. He felt his cock pushing up against Caleb’s thigh, and felt the hot burning touch of Caleb’s own cock rubbing up his belly, digging into the flesh between his thighs and groin, then across the belly. He shook as he held tightly to the trembling body and then they were at the bed.

Morgan turned a little, and together they fell down onto the bed. More of a sitting actually and as they did, he let his lips part, and took Caleb’s pressing tongue enter his mouth. He tasted a tangy sweetness, and he moaned a little. His hands were moving along the still dripping flesh of Caleb’s side and wrapped together, they fell further onto the bed, their legs dangling over the side.

Breaking apart, he moved his head back to stare over at Caleb. Their were some strange sparks and glints of light but it only made him think of how handsome Caleb was. His nose was thin and a drop of water dripped off the edge. He smiled, and pushed away some of Caleb’s wet hair, to look deeply into the young man’s eyes.

Caleb moved his hand off of Morgan’s shoulder, and slowly began to trace a dripping stream of water downwards with his finger tips. Morgan shivered to the touch and saw a warming gleam cross Caleb’s face. He let the man run his hand down, till it was now touching his hips. The fingers moved down and to the side, moving towards Morgan’s aching crotch. He let out a small little whimper of enjoyment, and suddenly it seemed that Caleb was no longer the shy awkward one.

With a strangely firm push, he moved Morgan off and onto his back. His hands held Morgan down as he straddled the surprised man. His knees were pressing into Morgan’s thighs, keeping his legs closed. His wet hair hung over his head and he flung it back with a violent toss of his head. His eyes sparkled as he stared down at Morgan.

Both of his hands reached up to hold Caleb’s hips. His fingers clung tightly to the hot flesh as he watched Caleb stare down at him. He could feel the hard pulsing cock resting on his belly, his own cock flattened, and pushing up against Caleb’s groin from underneath. His breathing was becoming laboured as he watched the eyes narrowing. Caleb’s hands moved along Morgan’s chest, caressing and then teasing the nipples. The fingers dug in around each nipple, then softly moved across his heaving chest. They would circle his nipple, then suddenly reach out and tweak the firm flesh. He cried out in a strange yelp of pleasure each time, which seemed to make Caleb smile.

His legs were tightly holding Morgan underneath. He could feel the heat and his cock was aching in a way he had never felt before. He licked his lips as suddenly Caleb leaned down and kissed him. Morgan felt the tongue flicking out, and lick at his chin, then underneath it. He closed his eyes as Caleb kissed his Adam’s apple, and then licked upwards and around his jutting chin. Then he pressed his lips hard against Morgan’s mouth and just as suddenly backed off. His hands suddenly stopped playing with his chest hairs, and moved down, pressing on his belly, and under Caleb’s cock.

The fingers reached down underneath, and touched Morgan’s pressed cock. He felt his body shudder to the touch, and he looked upwards, to see a strange glaze come over Caleb’s eyes. The hand touching his cock suddenly moved away and moved up his shuddering body. Caleb moved it up to run across Morgan’s mouth, and then he slipped a finger into Morgan’s mouth. He sucked on the finger, that was just as suddenly removed. He felt his body tighten as the hand moved down and so too did Caleb’s body.

Before it dawned on his mind, he was feeling the moistened finger begin to probe his ass crack. He moaned as Caleb moved to let one of Morgan’s legs free from his grip. He quickly spread it far away and as he did, Caleb found his hole. The finger teased it briefly before it was quickly driven inwards, spreading his hole apart. He cried out at the sudden insertion, and he tossed his head to each side, as Caleb probed his innards. It was hard jabbing thrusts and before he could finish his first groans, he felt a second finger join the first one.

Caleb was twisting them around, deep inside of his rectum. He groaned and his hands hit the bed hard with each deep penetrating push. Morgan began to sweat as he bit his lower lip. It was making him groan constantly as Caleb released his other leg. Now he kneeled, between Morgan’s spread apart legs. His knees pushing the quivering thighs apart, as his two fingers dug deep into Morgan’s ass.

When he didn’t think he could take it anymore, he felt Caleb pull out, and the hand now pushed upwards against his balls. His cock was flaying around in the air, as Caleb slid his body down the bed, until his head was poised just above Morgan’s trembling penis. He looked down his body, to see the head staring down, strands of Caleb’s wet hair scratching his belly. He moaned as he tried to spread his legs even wider, the ache in his ass making him gurgle a little. His eyes opened wider as he saw the head slowly begin to lower itself, his cock sticking upwards towards the mouth.

The touch of Caleb’s lips on the head of his cock was unbelievable. He groaned loudly, thrashing around as Caleb’s lips spread open and began to slide down the burning head of his cock. He felt the jolts of pleasure race down his cock shaft, into his body. Morgan could see strange dots and flashes of light across his eyes as Caleb slowly lowered his head, enveloping the hard throbbing cock. Pressing his nose into the soft groin only made Morgan try to burrow deeper into his bed.

Caleb’s tongue flicked out, and licked at the very root of Morgan’s throbbing cock. He couldn’t stand the sensation a second longer. His body was out of control as he felt the raspy edge of the tongue licking hard onto his root, drawing his balls upwards. His sac felt heavy and his cheeks were suddenly clenched tightly together, as he arched his whole body upwards.

Morgan cried out wildly, as his body moved upwards. His cock suddenly shot upwards deeper into Caleb’s throat. He felt the cock head being held tightly within, but he didn’t care as he cried out. His fists were filled with his blanket and were white at the knuckles as he felt his body surrender.

Never in his dreams, had he expected this cooking homework to turn out this way. His mind was in a fog as the blood rushed from his arms and legs to his cock. His ass was up off the bed, his knees up in the air, the feet spread flat onto the shaking bed. His toes curled into the soft blankets as he felt his body explode.

Strange wild jolts kept pushing up into his body as he flung his body hard upwards. The sudden release of his cum coincided with a wild animal like cry that echoed in his bedroom. He cried out again as the second explosion of his milk was released from his throbbing cock. The lips around the base of his cock were holding him hard, but he could feel the hot milky cum flowing down his shaft, felt the cum dripping from beneath the lips which made him cry out again, as the third load of his cum went shooting out and into Caleb’s full mouth.

As his body sunk back to the bed, the hands on his cheeks released their grip. Morgan was trying to catch his breath as Caleb coughed. He could hear him panting just as he was. He opened his eyes to see his chest heaving as it struggled for more air. Then he saw the look in Caleb’s face as he lifted his arms upwards. They felt heavy as he stretched them up and let Caleb fall into them.

He pulled him close to him and lifted up his head. Morgan looked deeply into the eyes and then closing his, he kissed him on the lips, tasting his own cum. He let the head rest on his chest, as he slowly regained his composure.

‘No one will be home until late Sunday’

Caleb looked up at Morgan, and smiled, licking his lips and grinning. He put his head back down on Morgan’s chest, and sighed. His arms wrapped around Morgan’s body.

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