Fiction – Cole’s Declaration

Cole’s Declaration

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Looking at the small pile on his bed, he felt even more depressed as he realized it wasn’t much to show for 18 years of life. A few shirts, the odd little trinket from a few high points, but that was it. The yelling and cursing from downstairs hadn’t stopped or even toned down yet, and he doubted if it would, until he could put this place far behind him.

University was not an option, even community college had gone by the wayside, and as Cole looked around the bare room, he realized that anything would be better than this. It was too cold, too empty for 18 years of living in this room and he quickly pushed the small pile into the back pack and slung it over his shoulder.

Moving quietly, he went down the stairs and out the front door. The screaming and shrieks from inside became muffled but still audible as he walked down the front walk and headed down the street. In a strange sense, he was feeling relieved that he had finally taken the plunge. Where it would lead Cole had no idea, but it had to better than the alternatives.

Walking, he lost track of time and was absorbed by all that had gone on. Bad enough that his parents were constantly locked in some strange war of wills, and somehow that had become his fault too. Or so he had heard when he had crept down the stairs to listen to the raging battle below. His father blamed his mother for making him a sissy, his mother blasting back that his dad hadn’t been much of a role model.

Seemed they spent a lot of time blaming each other for the failures in their life, and from what he had heard, he had to be their greatest failure, or mistake as his Mother had put it once. It had hurt, even now after all the years living with them both. Sure there had been some good times, though he couldn’t really remember them all that much.

When he had asked about College, all he had gotten was a surly answer that if he wanted it, he should have earned the money to get in. It was one of the few things they both seemed to have agreed on, that he was on his own. Well, walking down the street, he finally was and realized that it was perhaps about time too.

The final straw was when he had gone to the local recruiting office for the Army. He had some strange notion that at least there he might find something he hadn’t had in his life. Man was he wrong, and he still didn’t know how the man sitting at the desk interviewing him knew, but he had. Maybe they trained them to look for something to tip them off. Bottom line was the man smirked at him, and told him they didn’t take pussy boys.

Others in the room had stared at him, and he felt like he was back at home. He had merely stood up and walked out, his head hung low as he could hear the others chuckling. Screw them he thought and as he had headed back home, he had made up his mind to get out, to find someplace else to begin fresh. To start a real life for himself, away from what he called home. The idea of going away, of starting fresh meeting new people, making his own decisions without the worry of who would jump down his throat for making them was appealing, and was why he was now walking along a dusty road.

He hadn’t noticed how far he had come and as he lifted his head, he realized he was on some secondary road out of town. Farms were now on either side of him. Looking up at the sky, he realized it had to be approaching dinner time. The sun was setting and soon it would be dark. He didn’t really mind, as he had a sleeping bag under his pack, and the weather was still warm. Sky looked clear and he always had enjoy camping out. It was the one place where he could escape the yelling.

There was a small fruit stand coming up and he dug into his pocket, to find some change. The rumbling in his stomach told him he needed something to eat, as he trudged up the road. A small pickup was angled in front, and he saw an older man talking with some pimply faced kid behind the stand. He looked around and picked up an orange and apple, and stood off to one side, waiting for the two to finish their bargaining.

Standing there, he noticed that the man he had thought was old, really couldn’t be more than 30 or so. He was rather attractive too, and Cole couldn’t help but notice how he kept glancing at him, checking him out. He felt a bit uncomfortable about it, as he knew he was looking a bit rough. Still it was kind of nice to realize that even after walking all day long, someone might find him interesting.

Finally the man moved away to go browsing along the baskets lined up with apples and other farm produce. He stepped up and saw how the pimply faced kid was staring at the man. It was almost a look of disdain, one he was used to seeing in the eyes of many at school.

He paid the kid the $1 he asked for and began to move on. Something about the kid bothered him as he headed up the road, moving on. Munching on the Apple he was back to thinking about the future, about where he would go. Somehow he had the notion that going west, towards California might be his best bet. Least the weather would be better than here. With winter coming he didn’t want to be out on the streets, and even if he had to walk the whole way, California might be doable.

Cole didn’t hear the truck come up from behind, until it drew level with him and there was the guy from the roadside stand. He had the window down and slowed down, saying something that Cole hadn’t quite heard. He stopped walking and then realized the man was offering him a ride.

With the man making the offer again, Cole didn’t take long to simply nod his acceptance, and open the door to climb in. It was better than walking plus it would at least get him further away from his past. So what if the guy was a stranger, couldn’t be any worse than riding with his father.

The truck moved on and the man engaged in small talk. Cole found out he was some inspector, and his name was Reggie. He was going along all the county roads, to inspect the various stands for licenses and some other stuff that Cole didn’t quite understand. Seemed like Reggie was a talker too, and it didn’t take Cole long to find out he had two kids, was divorced, and enjoying his freedom. He also found out that he didn’t miss his kids, who hated him anyway for something or other. Typical he had thought as he merely nodded, now and then, totally not interested, as the truck bounced along the country road.

The conversation finally turned a little, and Cole found himself answering questions, and before he realized it, he was giving the guy his life history. Strange, he hadn’t realized how the man had gotten him to open up, as he finished relating the story about the Army Recruiting centre. It dawned on him that he had said a lot more to this guy, than to anyone else and he had somehow, shared his secret as well.

Cole turned to look at how Reggie was taking what he had said. He had one hand on the door handle, just in case he got the usual reaction when people found out about him. Instead all he got was a sad looking smile which surprised him. Reggie, somehow didn’t seem to care, or mind either and as he sat there, he slowly relaxed.

Reggie must of picked up on it, because suddenly Cole felt the man’s hand resting on his leg, telling him it was okay, that he understood. He had flinched at the touch, but he didn’t push the man’s hand away. It felt strange, and in a weird way felt even comforting to him, as he just stared.

The hand slowly moved up and down his thigh. He didn’t stop it, and in all honesty, he rather enjoyed it. It was nice to be touched, to think that even some stranger might find something worthwhile in him. He let it continue and leaned back in the seat, waiting for Reggie’s next move.

Didn’t take long as the truck moved off the road to a rather secluded little spot. A huge tree hung over the cut-off. There was even a few bushes rising up on the other side, more or less blocking the view of the small truck. Reggie turned to Cole and stared at him, his eyes telling Cole exactly what was the man’s thoughts. He smiled, a sort of signal and placed his own hand on top of Reggie’s.

That seemed to be all it took.

The change was so sudden, that it caught Cole off guard. Reggie was leaning now next to him, his face an inch or two from his own. The eyes were dark and clearly filled with Reggie’s lust. His other hand came over and began to press against Cole’s chest, rubbing it while his other hand moved up the leg, to also caress the upper thigh and hips.

Cole turned slightly in the seat, to let Reggie have a better opening. It was all that Reggie needed as he reached behind the seat and pulled up a wrapped roll.

‘More comfortable in the truck bed’ was all he said as he pulled back and opened his door. He stepped out, but turned to see if Cole was following. Just for a second Cole hesitated, then opened his own door and stepped out to go around and climb into the truck bed.

Reggie quickly undid the roll and tossed the blanket out, covering most of the cold metal of the truck bed. There were two blankets and Reggie obviously had done this a few times. Cole just smiled and while Reggie spread out the blankets more evenly, he unbuttoned his shirt, letting the night’s warm breeze caress his chest.

Smiling he undid the top button of his pants, keeping his zipper up and then laid down on the smoothed blankets. Reggie was on his knees, and stared down at Cole. The look in his face was twisted and excited. It didn’t scare Cole, but made him realize that Reggie was aroused. He reached out, to take Reggie’s arm and pull him down.

They kissed softly at first, but the excitement was too much for Reggie. He began to press harder and worked his tongue into Cole’s mouth. He deep kissed him hard, his hands moving up and down Cole’s prone body. He found the opened pants, and had the zipper pulled down in no time. His hand moved in quickly to probe the groin, to rub across it and touch Cole’s semi erect penis.

The feel of the man’s hand over his crotch made Cole shiver a little. He had never had sex with a stranger before. He had always known the other guy for a bit longer than a couple of hours, still it seemed to excite him. He found his own body reacting to Reggie’s rubbing and even managed a small moan or two as he turned flat onto his back.

Reggie broke off the kiss and sat up on one elbow. His one hand was down Cole’s pants and suddenly grew still. It was on top of Cole’s cock, and Cole could feel himself getting harder with each passing second. He just looked up at Reggie, his own eyes signalling the older man to go on, to do him. He didn’t know why he was doing this, but it felt good to him.

The hand over his cock began to move and Reggie leaned back down, to kiss underneath Cole’s chin. His mouth moved down and the weight of his head pressed Cole back a little. He just let his hands fall to either side as Reggie began to lick at his chest, and then move across to one of the nipples. He felt the teeth nibble a little, which made him squirm a bit. He had never enjoyed that but now it just felt different, pleasant even.

Obviously Reggie sensed his pleasure as he pulled the nipple with his teeth, then began to lick around the firm flesh. Slowly he began to suck on it too, which made Cole shudder a little. He could feel each lick, each pull and it made him more aroused. His cock was already stiff, but it continued to harden as Reggie licked and sucked at one nipple, then the other. The hands were resting on his belly, and then down under his shorts. He could feel the fingers as they touched his cock shaft, as they moved lightly over the pulsing pole itself and then up to his pee slit.

The finger moved across his cock head, smearing the small pre cum that had magically appeared. The tip of the finger continued to move lightly down and around his cut cock. The light pressure was driving him crazy and he moaned as Reggie continued to play with his cock, while moving his mouth down Cole’s lanky torso.

The kissing came to his belly, and he felt Reggie’s tongue tickle his belly button. For a second he wondered if there was any lint inside, a curious thought that ended as he felt the tip of the tongue licking the soft knot of his belly button. He moaned and shifted his legs, and then he felt the night’s breeze blowing across his legs. His pants and underwear were suddenly pushed down, to rest around his ankles.

Cole looked down his body, to see a tiny bald spot on the back of Reggie’s head, and he raised one hand, to reach down and caress the man’s head. He felt the body stiffen to his touch, then relax as he pushed slightly, forcing the head further down his body. He could feel the tongue as it moved down from under his belly button to begin to lick at the very top of his pubic hairs.

His crotch ached as his hand pushed Reggie’s head more, willing him to go further, to take his aching cock into his mouth. It didn’t take Reggie long to understand the signal. The finger stopped playing and now the whole hand reached down to the root of Cole’s throbbing cock, and pushed it upwards. Then it wrapped around the base of the cock, and his head moved up and down from its licking of his groin. Cole felt the man’s breathe on the tip of his cock, and he tensed a little, waiting and wanting.

It didn’t take him long, and soon Cole felt the warm moist lips touching the top of his cock. He trembled a little as they opened and slid down the bulging cock head. Cole felt the warmth of Reggie’s mouth surround his cock head, and the grip tighten as slowly he moved his whole head downwards, taking the entire cock into his mouth, inch by inch.

It felt like being hit by a bolt of lightning. His body shook and shuddered as his cock was slowly eaten by the hungry mouth above it. He felt the saliva from Reggie’s mouth coating his shaft, making it moist as it continued to be taken inside. He even felt the lining of Reggie’s throat as his head made its way further inside, and Reggie’s head made it way down to his shaking groin.

The touch of his nose into the crook of his leg and crotch made him moan. Reggie had all of him inside his mouth and his tongue was licking at the throbbing pole wedged inside. Cole didn’t know how long he could hold on, as slowly Reggie began to pull back. The lips were so tight against his flesh, that it felt like he was being stretched.

Cole couldn’t stand it, and he began to push harder against Reggie’s head. He made him go faster, and the motion of the head under his hands was adding to the wild sensations rolling inside of his body. He groaned as Reggie began to suck harder. His hands now held firmly to Cole’s shaking hips, as he moved his head down and up in a rising tempo.

The motion was too much, and he clenched some hair in one hand, pulling on it as he arched his body upwards to meet the downward thrust of Reggie’s head. He cried as his body couldn’t hold on a second longer. All of his pent up frustrations, disappointments, exploded in that single flash of a second.

His cries were loud, and he didn’t care as his body lifted up off the blanket. His hands were forcing Reggie’s head down, to meet his upward thrust, driving his cock deep into the throat. He heard a gurgle sound, sort of a gag, but ignored it as his body couldn’t hold back a single second longer.

Long before his cock was all the way down Reggie’s throat, it was shooting out its sticky sweet cream. He could feel it boiling up from his balls, as he shook. His legs grew taut and the muscles in his arms tightened, as his body exploded into Reggie’s mouth. The soft gurgling moan making him fall back for a second, then rear back up, driving his cock further in, as more of his cum came shooting out.

Every nerve in his body was tingling as his body exploded. He cried out, feeling the release and then felt himself sinking back down. He felt the hard metal under his buttocks, as he hit, his hands releasing their hold on Reggie’s head. He was suddenly exhausted, only his ragged breathing making any sound in the still night.

He trembled, as slowly Reggie began to pull his head up from Cole’s crotch. As the head lifted up, Cole could see the wide eyed expression, and the milky colored cum around the lips. He just smiled as Reggie lifted his head to stare down at Cole.

The distant flash of lights held them both rigid suddenly. Then Reggie quickly fell flat onto Cole’s body. The lights grew brighter and then they heard the sound of the vehicle over their pounding chests. In a second the car was up to them, and then just as quickly had passed.

Cole felt the heart slowly returning to normal, and his own breathing was becoming easier as Reggie moved slowly off and lay to Cole’s side. He had his head turned to stare at him, and Cole could see the desire still. He just smiled, feeling free at last. He had finally taken the plunge, and declared his freedom from the guilt that had consumed him ever since he could remember.

‘Think we need a less visible spot’ was all he said, as Cole pulled his pants up, smiling as he said it. Reggie just nodded, a huge grin on his face.

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