Fiction – Bookworm Seduction

Bookworm Seduction

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

19, hung, and good looking, so what else did he need? It wasn’t like his grades were all that bad. Maybe it was a struggle but fuck, a guy needed a social life. He couldn’t just keep his nose buried in some ancient book when there were hot asses waiting to get stuffed. Maybe he had gone a bit overboard so far this year, but there was so much fresh meat to taste, to explore that he just didn’t have the time to waste away doing some dumb ass project or write some lame paper.

Damien knew he wasn’t the greatest student around, but he managed. High School had been a rush, not for the classes, but all those willing bodies that enjoyed his brand of attention. After all he was not just popular because of his looks, but his abilities on the football field. He knew how to run, how to catch, and had made some rather spectacular plays. Enough that he had a scholarship to this dump. Maybe Professor ‘Holier Than Thou’ Hanson should keep that in mind next time he wanted to lecture him.

Maybe he should have warned him, but then he had to admit, the old geezer wasn’t someone he wanted to fuck with. The guy was smart and he wasn’t going to risk it all, just to mess with some old fossil professor. Still it rankled as he ran his hand through his hair, giving it a rather rakish look. He had accepted the man’s stern warning, meekly despite the urge to just smack the asshole. He liked the ride he got from his scholarship, and the play time too.

Risking it all wasn’t in his best interests, which was why he had agreed to the whole tutor idea. Course he had managed to be the one to decide who to have help him, not that there were a whole lot of choices. Still, he liked having some control, which was why he had chosen Stuart. The Professor had been a bit surprised by his choice, but had accepted it. That was what counted, and it had given him some small satisfaction too.

One thing he had learned, was to plan. You had to have a game plan and he had one. Most of those available were, well, too ethical or just too into their own little power trips. Stuart was a mouse, easy to confuse too and a good plan always involved the element of surprise. He also had done his homework in that department, thanks to a heads up from his student adviser. Some careful advance scouting had helped.

Damien knew that Stuart was one of those who had no one around him. He was basically an outcast, that even the other nerds and geeks ignored. He didn’t fit their criteria, which made him a perfect mark for some flattery, and attention. Something Damien was good at doing, when on the prowl. He smirked as he took one last look in the mirror, hearing the knock on the dorm room door. ‘Showtime’ he thought as he threw himself a kiss and went to let his knew tutor in and to set his plan in motion.

Opening the door he saw a pile of books and a sort of messed mess of hair poking out over the top of the stack. Stuart had arrived, and as he had expected, looking like the typical geek. His scouting had told him that Stuart was not overly tall. Barely 5ft 10in and was nothing more than maybe 120 pounds. Not even enough meat on him for a half way decent tackling dummy, but he was considered to be a real brain. Only 18, he was already in his second year at the University.

While that was impressive, if you were into that stuff, it also meant that he was a real odd ball. Looking at him, Damien felt like he had won the lottery. This was a true rookie, and as he showed him, applying all the charm he could, he realized that it would be like taking candy from a baby.  Just the way the guy’s eyes lit up when he opened the door, never mind how huge they had gotten when he had taken some of the books from him, like he cared about his awkward situation of holding them all and walking at the same time.

In some ways it was comical. Stuart had a pasty white face, in contrast to Damien’s own well tanned face. His hair was askew, while every strand of Damien’s was neatly in place. He towered over the young man, which seemed to intimidate Stuart. His eyes kept darting all over the room, never settling on any one particular spot. He couldn’t seem to look at Damien in the face either, which rather amused him. He liked the obvious power he already had over the mouse, and felt excited that his plan would work just fine. So much for Professor Hanson’s threat. This would be almost too easy. Like some pro team taking on a High School team.

He gave Stuart the good chair, pulling up the other less comfortable one, to sit next to the guy. He could feel his nervousness, the way his chest was already heaving from the closeness of their two bodies. Smiling inside, he knew that Stuart was feeling the lust, the sexual attraction. He had chosen well, he thought as he played his role to the hilt. Stuart wasn’t even aware of being played, or so Damien thought.

After an hour of going through the script, of listening to that reed like voice explain the concept, Damien leaned over, letting his body touch Stuarts. It was by design and he felt the electricity, the fear too. Stuart’s body shuddered from the contact, which only encouraged Damien more. He was like a wild lion on the prowl, sensing the prey’s fear, readying himself to pounce.

As the prey began to babble, Damien knew he had him. After suggesting a small break, he leaned back and stared right at Stuart. He could see that his look was discomforting to the younger man, saw him flush even and averted his eyes. Damien made appropriate sounds, thanking him for giving up a Saturday to help him, which was quickly answered to. It also gave him the opening he needed, as Stuart told him that Saturday was just an ordinary night for him.

Following it up hard, he began to probe, to make sure his assumptions were right. He found out that Stuart had never gone to his High School prom. More and more he probed, until he finally got Stuart to surrender. It was too easy, as Stuart started talking about how he never had the nerve to ask anyone out, or how his school work had always taken priority. Damien made out like he admired his dedication, but then turned it into more sexual talk, describing how it felt the first time he had been sucked off. Not once did he let on that it was from a guy, and as he talked, describing in vivid detail the whole process, he knew he had been right. Stuart was a virgin.

A quick glance down, Damien could tell that his sex talk was working. He was a little surprised at the size of the bulge in the guy’s crotch, but hell even geeks could have a decent sized cock. He smiled, hoping that the outward signs would be bore out when he finally got into the guy’s pants. Least then it wouldn’t be a total waste. The idea of Stuart actually having a larger cock made him press even more.

As Stuart tried to deflect the talk, and get them back to studying, Damien leaned in closer, feigning interest as he put his muscular arm over the back of Stuart’s chair. The closeness only seemed to make Stuart perspire more. Damien could see the tiny beads rolling down his face. He continued to talk about some of his sexual exploits, making each one more lurid, more detailed. He hinted at them not being with women too, and for the first time since he had arrived, he could see Stuart starting to sneak glances at him.

He heard him suck in his breath, smelling his cologne and so he leaned in closer. Damien found small things to compliment Stuart with, including how he liked his choice of cologne. It was rather a surprise too, as it was one of his favourites fragrances. Strange to find a geek wearing it, but it would make it all a bit easier. He found himself enjoying the hunt more and more. His hand moved from the back of the chair, to rest on Stuart’s shoulder.

The touch made the young man jump a little, but Damien didn’t give him a chance to think, as he began to ask him a question about the problem. He rattled on, his hand just resting on the young man’s shoulder. Damien felt the excitement, and as he spoke, he couldn’t help but notice how he was stealing glances at Damien, at his crotch. Smiling he was glad he had chosen to wear the thin cotton pants. They weren’t exactly tight fitting, but they did show his underwear off, and if he was aroused, they showed that too. Much better than a pair of tight jeans, as he managed to force his cock to stiffen. After all, it was part of the plan.

From the first time he had noticed Stuart being aroused, he had kept the pressure up. That hard bulge never once seemed to go down, which impressed him. He continued to keep glancing at it, and began to let Stuart catch him at it. There was no mistaking the guy’s change in demeanour. His face was more flushed than ever, and the sweat never seemed to stop. It inspired Damien who made a comment about it, then handed Stuart a towel.

He made out like the room was always hot, and that despite his complaints, nothing seemed to ever work. Quickly he brought up that it was one reason why he usually hated working in the room, or that when he had no choice, he usually did his work more or less undressed. All Stuart could answer with, was to gulp for air and nod while murmuring that his room was like that too, and that he too would work shirtless.

Damien jumped on it, and said well hell, why suffer and immediately took his own shirt off. He flexed his muscles a little, showing off and watched the way Stuart’s eyes devoured the vision suddenly in front of him. Damien tossed his shirt to the far corner, right in front of Stuart’s vision. He ran his hand down his chest as he looked at Stuart, waiting.

Stuart looked like a deer caught in the headlights. He turned his head from one side to the other, unsure what to do. Damien smiled as he could see his torment. He wanted to take his shirt off, but was too nervous.

‘Here, let me help you, after all we are both guys, no big deal to work comfortably’

Stuart had his eyes wide open as Damien reached over and pulled up the shirt. He had the thin fabric up over Stuart’s head before he could voice any objection, and grimaced at the thin pasty chest. He could see the ribs sticking out at the sides. The guy had no meat to him as he yanked the shirt off and tossed it over towards his bed. He noticed how Stuart licked his lips, while watching his shirt fall on top of Damien’s rumbled bed.

‘You could use a bit of a workout, there. You always been this thin?’

‘Uh, yeah, I uh, I mean…’

“I can help you put a bit of muscle on that frame, I mean if you want.’

‘Yeah, yeah sure, but uh.. I mean you really don’t have… uh…’

‘No problem, after all, you are helping me out, so no big deal in returning the favour, hell in fact I bet in a few weeks of some basic routines, you’ll not recognize the change.’

‘Really? I mean, it would be nice to uh, well you know.’

Damien smiled as he had him. Stuart was bubbling and was clearly imagining himself changed, with some muscles. Naturally it wouldn’t be that quick, but he didn’t know that.

‘Look, why don’t I show you a few basic routines now? I mean we been at this for a bit, let’s take a break and I’ll show you the basics, so you can work on it until our next session?’

He watched as Stuart stared at him. For the first time he managed to look right at Damien, and there was no mistaking the gratitude being shown in the eyes. Damien felt his chest puff out a bit, as he felt the growing certainty of success for his plan. Stuart quickly agreed and Damien felt him stare at him as he stood up, stretched and walked over to his bed.

He pulled a pillow off, and tossed it onto the floor. He unbuckled his belt and kicking his shoes off, he dropped his pants. He didn’t turn around for a second, letting Stuart stare at his buttocks. The feeling of his eyes fixed on his butt, made him grin. He flexed his cheeks a little, then turned around.

‘Can’t workout with pants, okay, so let’s start with some basic, so why don’t you come here, kick your shoes off, and pants. Then lay down with the pillow just under your head, on your neck’

Damien watched with his eyes half closed. He didn’t want to give it away just yet. As Stuart hesitantly stood up, the bulge in his crotch looked even larger than before. He licked his lips and turned around to grab another pillow. He tossed it next to the one on the floor and stretched himself out, so he would be next to Stuart.

He watched as Stuart now stood next to him, looking down at the pillow and then over at Damien. His eyes were wide open as he slowly kicked his shoes off, not once did they move away from staring at Damien’s own bulge. It was going as planned and as he saw him slowly undo his pants, he watched with interest.

Stuart wore jockey shorts. There was no mistaking the huge tent pole sticking up, and Damien was a bit surprised. The cock sticking up at him was a damn site larger than he gave Stuart credit for having. He licked his lips as he couldn’t help himself. Staring at that rather long looking cock, a tell tale wet spot at the tip made him excited. His own cock was suddenly stiffening without any conscious thought.

‘Not what you expected, is it?’

The question startled him as he brought his eyes to stare over at Stuart. The tone of the voice was different, less hesitant than before, and in looking at him, he saw the knowing smile on his face. His head was propped up and Stuart turned his body, so that his aroused cock was now pointing right at Damien.

He tried to bluff it out, but as he heard himself stammering, he saw Stuart move his hands down his thin boney body, and then watched in amazement as the fingers hooked around the thin waist band of the shorts. Licking his lips constantly now, he shut up, as he watched the hands slowly begin to push the thin white material down.

First was the growing patch of wiry dark pubic hairs. He saw them come into view, and then more and more hairs began to show. The hard cock was pushed down, and he saw the first sign of skin showing from out of the mound of hair. His hand moved down to his own crotch, to push at his cock as Stuart continued to push the shorts downwards. The view of the bent cock shaft was growing and Damien knew that soon he’d see the whole thing pop out from behind the white curtain.

Now it was his turn to sweat as Stuart suddenly stopped. The cock was straining at the last of the jockey shorts. He could see it straining as he moved his eyes to stare up at Stuart. There was no mistaking the satisfied look in those eyes as Stuart slowly and very deliberately began to lick his own lips. It was making him crazy as he watched the tongue slowly move across those pale thin lips, reaching up to the corner and almost licking at them.

The eyes now bore directly at him. He squirmed a little as his hand wrapped around his own throbbing cock. The surprise was evident in his face but he didn’t care. The almost visible cock was once more beckoning to him as he let his eyes go back down, to stare at it. He was waiting, his own desire overpowering his reasoning as Stuart suddenly spoke, a soft yet commanding tone in his voice. He didn’t quite grasp the words as he replied, waiting for a repeat.

‘I said, explain to me the concept in the problem we been working on, and you can have a nice long taste of this.’

As he said it, he saw the hands jiggle the waist band, making the hard cock being held wiggle. He looked up as he heard the words echo in his head. They had been said softly, but with a sense of command that he hadn’t expected. He searched Stuart’s face and realized he wasn’t the only one with a plan.

He thought hard, wanting to give the right answer because he did want to taste it, to see it and hold it between his lips. Rattling off the answer, his eyes moved back up towards Stuarts then back down to the boy’s crotch. The hands moved down and suddenly it was there, staring right at him. Pre cum was already oozing out, and he didn’t even hear Stuart tell him he was right, as he leaned over and placed his hands on the boy’s hips.

His head was posed over the very long thick cock. Glancing up briefly, he smiled, and then drove his head down onto the throbbing pole. Fuck, he thought, as he tasted the pre cum and swallowed it quickly as his head moved down the hot thick cock, this wasn’t quite how he had planned to get a taste of cock tonight.

His hands tightened on Stuarts hips, touching bone immediately but he didn’t care as he sucked on the huge pole. It had a sort of salty taste to the flesh, as he felt his tongue licking at the underside of the blood filled pole. It didn’t take long either for him to hear Stuart’s shallow panting. His nose pressed hard into the young man’s groin with each downward thrust of his head. His lips pressing into the soft groin and then sliding slowly upwards, dragging the skin a little. He felt it thicken with each suck on that pole, and then he felt the hands on his head, pushing his head down more.

It wasn’t long before he felt the muscles contracting in the hips, and he felt the legs stiffen underneath him, as the moans suddenly filled the room. He closed his eyes again, tasting the cock as he felt the two scrawny hands with long tapered fingers hold his head, pressing it down hard. The hips under his own fingers arched upwards, to let the body meet Damien’s falling head.

The cry was loud, and he felt the cock head rearing back. He knew it was about to explode and he gripped tighter, pulling the boy’s hips upwards, driving the cock deep into his throat. It still surprised him as the cock head jerked and then suddenly shot forward, pushing a heavy thick stream of cum into the bottom of his throat.

Damien gagged as the cum filled his throat and then his mouth before he could gain control and swallow. It tasted salty as it filled his belly, and before it had all gone down, the second load was already filling his mouth. He tightened his lips around the trembling cock shaft in his mouth, but cum still dribbled out from the corners of his mouth. The hips sunk back down and he felt the long whimpering moan escape Stuart’s lips as the cock finally stopped its wild jerking motion.

He pulled his head up off the cock to look up at Stuart. He was grinning, and with one hand, he ruffled Damien’s hair.

‘Wait till you see what you get if you ace the next pop quiz’

Damien stared open mouthed at the younger man. He had been blind sided.   


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