Fiction – Birthday Surprise

Birthday Surprise

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

He put the book down, and walked over to answer the door. Dan wasn’t expecting anyone, but as he glanced at the clock, he realized it was still early. Maybe it was one of the guys, finally remembering that it was his birthday. He sighed as he opened the door to stare at a medium height young man.

The young man at the door had a huge smile on his face, and held a bunch of balloons in one hand. He was wearing a tight fitting t-shirt and had nice long reddish hair across his shoulders. If Dan had seen him from the back he might mistake him for a girl, he had that kind of slender figure and look, even from the front.

The young man asked if he was Dan, then handed him the balloons, announcing himself as Cory, Dan’s birthday present from the Gang.

His face must of shown his shock, as Cory gave a sort of amused cough, as he took out a mini camera and snapped a picture of Dan’s bewildered face. Stepping back, he didn’t know what to say as the young man walked in and closed the door behind him. He stared around at the entrance to the living room and gave a sort of look of approval.

Turning to Dan he wished him a happy birthday, again and took Dan’s hand into his. It was like touching a live wire, as he felt the jolt all the way into his very core. He shuddered a little, totally lost and confused. He stuttered a little as he asked what the young man meant, that he was a birthday present.

Cory merely smiled and ran his hand down his flat stomach, and licked his lips. ‘Oh I think you know’ was all he said as he walked into the living room, leading Dan by the hand.

Walking behind, Dan couldn’t help but notice the firm butt cheeks, and the slender hips. He licked his own lips as he wondered who could have known, who could have arranged this type of surprise for him. He was at a loss for words when Cory turned around, and drew Dan in closer to him. He could smell the young man’s cologne and breathed in his aroma deeply. Dan couldn’t help himself as he felt the man lean into his own body, and there was no mistaking the rather firm lump of flesh that was pressing into his own groin.

To his own surprise he found he was aroused himself. A small smile crossed his lips, as he realized that despite his advanced years, he could still get it up, without any of that chemical help so many others seemed to need. He found his arms encircling the slender frame in front, pulling it in closer so he could enjoy the fresh scent that filled his nostrils.

Without even thinking, he found himself being kissed on the lips. It wasn’t a wild passionate kiss, but one that just seemed to suit the situation. His mouth opened and he found the tongue quickly entering his mouth, tasting him and making him feel very much alive. The young man’s hands began to roam across his back, up and down and then finding their way down to his ass, where they would clench his cheeks.

Dan exhaled with each clench, and would then feel the young man’s hands go exploring all over again. He felt him digging one knee into his legs, pushing them a bit so that Dan stood in a wider stance. He let the young man take the lead, still in a bit of shock, still wondering who knew him that well, that they would send him a stud like this.

As Cory began to slowly guide him towards the couch, touching him and running his hands all over his body, Dan still tried to figure out who could know? It wasn’t like those at work knew, and he was fairly certain that most of the people he hung out with weren’t aware of his secret. It was bugging him but the touch of Cory’s hands over his body was doing a great job of not letting it get in the way, too much.

He sighed as he felt his legs touch the chesterfield side. He opened his eyes and saw the twinkle in the youth’s face. Dan smiled back at the warm inviting grin that stared up at him. Cory was maybe an inch or two shorter, but he was a charmer.

Dan ran his hand down the back of Cory’s head, letting the long strands of reddish hair flow through his fingers as he stared at the man, wondering just what was next on the agenda. He could still taste him in his mouth as he stared, enjoying the warmth of another body pressed up against his own.

Cory had that look in his eyes that made Dan a bit weak at the knees. He felt the hand run lightly down his chest, and then begin to unbutton his shirt. The eyes never left his as the young man undid each button and then spread the shirt open, to reveal Dan’s naked chest. His eyes moved down and then back up to hold Dan’s attention.

The warm touch of Cory’s hand along his chest made him tremble a little. The young man felt it and just widen his smile. He moved his head in and lightly kissed the deep hollow of Dan’s chest. It made him tremble even more. He felt himself being slowly pushed down onto the couch, and he didn’t resist. It was still overwhelming as he found himself sitting, with Cory now towering over him.

He looked up to watch as Cory first held his attention, then in a flash was lifting up his own shirt, pulling it up and over his head, to expose his own body to Dan’s eyes for the first time. Dan couldn’t help but admire the perfectly cream colored skin that greeted him.

Two firm nipples were jutting out and he licked his lips as Cory tossed his shirt to one side and moved back a single step, his hand moving down his slender frame to his own waist. The long tapered fingers snapped open the pants button and then he watched him unzip his pants.

Dan’s mouth felt dry as he watched the young man push his jeans down, to stare at a bulging crotch. A pair of tiny briefs made a vain attempt at hiding a rather long thick pole inside. His heart was beating as Cory ran his hand over the bulging lump, and then stepped in closer to Dan. He reached down to take Dan’s face into his hands, and moved his head down to give him a light kiss on the lips.

He pushed Dan back into the couch, and dropped to his knees in front. Cory kept his eyes on Dan’s face, as his hands moved down and without even really noticing, Dan was stripped down. He couldn’t help but keep his eyes on Cory’s face. The feeling of being naked in front of him was there, but the waves of excitement that were rolling up and down his body was keeping him still.

He felt Cory’s hand slowly push up on his bare legs. The press of those fingers along his muscles made him quiver as he kept his attention on the dark eyes that stared up at him. Dan let out a small moan as the hands moved up along his thighs, in a caressing manner. He felt himself leaning back into the couch as the young man’s face moved in, and began to kiss at his belly.

Dan felt his body shudder to the press of lips. His whole mind was reeling as the hands held his hips steady, while the long hair moved across his lower body, making him jump and tingle. It was unreal how the tiny strands of hair found their way across his lap. He felt the tongue reach out and dig into his belly button, licking at it and he closed his eyes, no longer able to watch.

He groaned his pleasure as the young man continued to kiss and lick at his belly and then down. The tongue moved down to just above his groin. His pubic hairs seemed to be standing on edge, hoping for a taste of that hot mouth that now moved across his waist line. He felt the wet raspy tongue as it moved across his waist.

His body shook as the tongue moved down the inner thigh, tasting him where his legs joined his body. He let out a small cry of pleasure as one of the hands moved down to tickle his full sac. The tip of a finger lightly passed across his sac, making him shake in anticipation. He bit his lower lip and found his own hands were now firmly on Cory’s shoulders.

His own fingers were slowly stretching out, to gain a solid hold. He heard a soft moan and breathed in deeply. He could smell that cologne and the scent of shampoo as he leaned further back into the couch. His legs moved open, wider. Dan felt the press of Cory’s head against his stiff cock, and the flow of hair now was rubbing against his entire groin. Each strand seemed to have a life of its own, as it moved across his crotch.

The light movement of hair across his cock and his balls made him tremble even more. It was driving him nuts, and he dug his fingers into the boy’s shoulder a bit harder as he groaned out loud. He bit his lower lip as he felt the nose pressing into the soft flesh of his groin, the tongue now licking at the outer edge of his pubic hairs.

The fingers now dug upwards, pressing hard into his sac. He cried out a little, as the boy’s hand moved upwards, pushing and probing at his sac. His balls moved around and then suddenly were engulfed in a warmth that made him shudder.

He felt the teeth craze his skin, as his balls were sucked into the mouth. Cory’s hands now pressed down on his thighs, pushing him down as the boy sucked on Dan’s balls. He felt the tongue licking and then a hand reached across to hold his erect cock steady, while the head moved from side to side. Tasting each of Dan’s eggs, pulling the leathery skin deep into the mouth.

Just as suddenly as his balls had been sucked into the warm mouth, a hand suddenly was pulling on his cock. He felt the fingers wrapping around his shaft and move up to the cock head. It touched his head and he groaned. The fingers wiped the oozing precum off and under, while the hand then moved to close around the fiery head. His whole body felt like it would just explode as Cory used Dan’s own precum to lube the cock shaft.

He held it tightly as he stroked him slowly. Dan opened his eyes to stare down, to see Cory’s eyes staring up at him, watching. Their eyes locked and he could see the lust inside. He felt it in his body even, as the young man began to lick at the root of his cock, the hand moving slowly up and down, stroking the blood filled pole.

Cory ran his tongue along the pulsing pole. He started right at the root, and slowly let his whole tongue move upwards. It moved along the shaft, pressing against the hot taut skin. Dan watched in amazement as he felt the pleasure rolling into his body. He saw the slow motion of the face as it moved up his shaft, and then he felt and saw the tongue move up from under his cock head. He saw the tongue licking his cockhead, felt it and his whole body was like a taut spring ready to unwind.

His hands had moved off Cory’s shoulders and were digging into the couch seat cushions. His eyes were open wide in one second, then clenched tightly shut in another as Cory began to lick around his cock head. He felt the tongue licking under the small ridge where his cock head joined the shaft. Each flick of that tongue made him groan his pleasure, made his body shake.

The hands clenched as he felt the warm press of lips around his cock head. He could feel the teeth grate across the sensitive head, as the lips wrapped tightly around the cock, just under the head. He cried out as slowly Cory moved his mouth further down the quivering cock.

Dan desperately tried to hold onto control, but the sensations were becoming too much. His hands once more reached out to grab at the long reddish hair. His fingers found a mass of hair, and he pushed down, urging Cory on. The head didn’t resist and he found the lips sliding down his cock. His body was in pure torment as the nose once more buried itself to the crack between his legs and groin. The tip pressing hard into the soft flesh of his groin. The lips were still tightly gripping his cock, right at his root.

He bucked as he realized his whole cock was now deep into Cory’s throat. He felt the tongue flattened underneath his meat, and the teeth were near the root. The head suddenly made a twisting motion, pulling at his cock. He cried out, caught totally by surprise. Dan cried out loudly now as he felt his cock being twisted and pulled from side to side.

That was the only opening his body needed. Dan felt his hips grow taught, his butt cheeks clenching tightly inwards, a strange ache making his ass hurt. Dan found himself pressing like a madman into the back of the chesterfield, while his hips shot upwards, driving his cock deeper into Cory’s mouth.

The press of lips grew tighter, and he felt two fingers probing down under his balls. His eyes now were clenched shut tightly. He could feel the muscles in Cory throat, feel them holding his pulsating cock as he rocked it in deeper. He cried out as his balls slung upwards, releasing its load of cum. His heart was racing and he could feel sweat rolling down from his forehead, as his hips arched upwards, his butt no longer touching the cushions underneath.

His hands held tightly, the fingers digging in deeply to Cory’s shoulder as he pulled downwards. Dan cried out again and again as he felt his body explode into Cory’s mouth. He could feel the throat contracting as it swallowed his milk. Wave after wave of pleasure was filling his whole body. His knuckles were white from the strain and his legs twitched. His toes curled downwards as his body released its load. His eyes seemed to be seeing tiny explosions of colors as he held onto Cory’s shoulders. His breathing was ragged and sounded strange to his ears as his body surrendered to the wild sensations of release.

Just as quickly, he found himself sinking back down, his body totally exhausted as the last of his cum dribbled out into Cory’s mouth. He let out a long moan, as he released his grip on the young man’s shoulder.

Slowly his eyes opened. He blinked several times, the room’s lights rather harsh on his vision, as he could hear himself panting, like a dog. His hand now rested on either side, aching as he finally looked down at Cory.

The young man looked up at Dan. He slowly let Dan’s spent cock slide out of his mouth, his hands still on either side, resting on the top of the thighs. His eyes sparkled and Dan could see the tell tale signs of dried cum around the corners of Cory’s mouth. The young man leaned back on his haunches, staring up at Dan.

Licking his lips, Cory smiled and looked up into Dan’s face, as he spoke.

‘I like how you open your birthday presents’

Dan just grinned as Cory stood up, holding out his hand to help Dan up from the chesterfield. They looked at each other as this time, Dan took Cory’s hand, and led him towards his bedroom. He smiled, realizing that turning 40 wasn’t so bad, after all.

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