Fiction – Anniversary Surprise

Anniversary Surprise

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Terry knew something was up. He wasn’t certain what, but he kept repeating the safe word ‘haggard’ over and over in his mind. He didn’t know why he felt this way, but the hairs on the back of his neck were already standing up, and as of yet, nothing had even happened. Lloyd had seemed normal, for him, as he had helped Terry into the sling.

First he had secured his wrists, as they went over what was allowed, and what wasn’t. Everything seemed normal, as Lloyd put his ankles into the restraints, except there was that little smile, the glint of deviousness that had first attracted Terry to the man, over a year ago now. Funny, he realized that in fact, tonight was their first year anniversary of being lovers. He felt a bit more apprehensive when Lloyd had suddenly put a blindfold over his face, and wishing him a happy anniversary.

He really hadn’t realized that tonight was one year to the day when they had first decided to become sexual with each other. It had been pretty tame sex too, considering what they were doing these days. Still, he should have remembered, but the fact that he couldn’t see anything had sort of give him the shakes. Even the routine slap on his upraised ass cheeks as the sling took his weight and let him swing freely in the air felt slightly different tonight.

His legs were spread wide, as were his arms. That was normal, but still he couldn’t get rid of the idea that something different was happening, beyond just being blindfolded. Once more he repeated the safe word, something he rarely even though about. He trusted Lloyd totally, and so far his trust hadn’t been misplaced. Sure the sex had gotten intense, but then, that was exactly what he had hoped for when hooking up with the older man. He wanted to be dominated, to be fully satisfied at the end of the night. Something Lloyd was good at doing.

Swinging there, he felt his body slowly become accustomed to the position. His head was tilted down, as he still felt the tingling of his nerves. Something was up, he could feel it as he waiting, the silence deafening to him. He wanted to cry out, to see if Lloyd was there, but he bit his lip instead. Terry knew that Lloyd was there, watching and waiting for the right moment to begin. Still he couldn’t shake the strange feeling that was taking hold. Everything had seemed normal, and yet not. No single thing stuck out as he had felt his body raised into the prone position, until Lloyd suddenly had stood in front of him, still dressed in his black t-shirt, and jeans.

The smile on his face as he brought out the blindfold was different. It gave Terry a bit of a chill, as Lloyd didn’t say a word. Still, with that evil grin on his bearded face, he tied the thick dark cloth over Terry’s eyes. He made sure that it was tight and as the darkness had descended over Terry, he felt his body grow tense. The hairs on his body were standing up in anticipation as this was a new element to their sex. One he still wasn’t sure he liked. The safe word continued to beat into his head as he heard Lloyd move away, not even touching him.

The silence was becoming unreal as he struggled a little, making a creaking sound. It was one he was well used to hearing, but that was usually while Lloyd was administering some pleasure to him, which still had yet to begin. He could feel the sweat beading up on his forehead, as he just hung there, his legs spread wide, as was his arms. He couldn’t see anything, and he tried to decipher the different noises that seemed louder to him, than normal. He tried to place them, as he felt the nervousness taking hold.

Suddenly he felt the burning heat of something dripping onto his semi hard cock. He cried out in surprise as the heat began to cool where it first hit him, and yet continued to flow across his groin. His cock was suddenly fully erect, as he felt more of the hot liquid dripping onto the very tip of his cock. He bit his lips as he realized that hot wax was coating his cock. It was not something Lloyd usually did to him, but as the hot liquid continued to drop on his crotch, he felt himself squirming, as if to move out of the way of the hot drops. It only made them fall across his groin, as well as onto the skin of his inner thighs. He moaned as the drops splattered all over his groin, burning and yet not.

Just as suddenly as it started, it ended. He felt himself suddenly breath out, releasing his pent up fear a little. That seemed to suddenly signal his partner, as he felt two hard fingers force their way into his ass. He cried out at the hard deep thrusts of the fingers, never feeling such pain before. It was different, harder and seemed even longer as they twisted deep inside his ass. He felt the sling moving to the hard penetrating thrusts, adding to the twisting inside. Biting his lip, he began to repeat over and over in his mind the safe word, ‘haggard’.

When he felt he was about to shout the word out, the hard fingering of his hole ended. He could hear himself panting as the swinging motion slowly lessened. Christ, he thought, what was next as he still couldn’t see anything, despite the blindfold being drenched in his own sweat. His body ached, but he could feel the excitement in his loins as suddenly his head was gripped by two strong hands. He could smell himself on the fingers that were placed on one side.

It was different, he knew that as he felt his head tilted back and suddenly the feel of a hard cock was pushed across his entire face. He could smell the aroma, that special crotch scent that always got him excited, except for now. He felt fear as he realized, it wasn’t Lloyd’s cock that was being wiped across his face. It was longer, thicker even as he tried to peer out from under the blindfold. What was Lloyd up to? The safe word nearing the tip of his tongue.

Before he could think further, he was struggling to not choke. The huge cock was suddenly being shoved down his throat. He gagged as he felt it slip past his mouth, his head being held down to take it. He could feel it slide in, slowly filling his entire mouth with its girth, along with a strange scent that began to fill his nostrils. He gagged several times, but finally managed to take the huge cock deep into his throat. His body was tense, and just as he felt the prickly press of tiny curled hairs against his mouth, his ass was screaming in agony.

It was like something huge was ripping into his hole, while at the same time his mouth was being fucked by a strange cock. He felt the sling moving as he was getting it from both ends, and all he could hear was the grunts as his cock took the huge tool inside, protesting as each inch was pounded into him. He felt the panic, as he struggled to try and remember the safe word, to shout it out despite the huge thick cock inside.

Whoever was fucking his mouth suddenly stepped in closer, released his hold on his head, and began to tweak and twist at his nipples. He cried out, muffled by the hard cock in his mouth. The pain was mingling with that from his ass, and from his jaw. He was being fucked on both ends with brute force. There was no gentle easing in and out that he was used to from Lloyd, and yet despite the pain, it was beginning to feel pleasurable. His body continued to shake as it took the double pounding. The pain in his chest from the hard squeezing of his nipple only adding to the waves of pain and pleasure that was rolling through his body.

Suddenly the huge cock in his mouth was removed, as he gasped for air. His body continued to rock to the deep thrusts into his rectum, and before he could gather his wits, he had one huge ball stuffed into his mouth. He began to suck on it, out of instinct, knowing it wasn’t Lloyd’s ball either. Still it was rather exciting, despite the rising fear inside.

No words had been spoken yet, which made him sweat even more. He needed to hear Lloyd’s voice, to know it was okay, as he continued to suck on the ball. First one, then a different one were stuffed into his mouth. His cheeks felt swollen by the huge leathery sac that filled one side. The smell was different, as he tried to figure out who it was, if it was one of the few friends he had met with Lloyd, but he couldn’t concentrate.

His ass suddenly felt totally empty as the hard pounding ended. But before he could even feel relieve at that, he felt the probing begin again, and he knew this was no cock trying to work its way into his ass. The growing thickness of the probing made him realize that he was about to get fisted, but by whom? It too didn’t feel like it was Lloyds hand, as it was too thick. The grease was finding its way deeper inside his ass, as the fingers pushed inwards, twisting and turning that made him cry out in pain.

The balls were suddenly removed from his mouth, and he felt himself taking huge gulps of air, as he felt the man above him rub his chest, tweak his sore nipples. Then he cried out as something hot and burning touched his nipples. It was only for a mere second, but the surprise doubled the pain of whatever it was. His mind was in disbelief as he cried out when the second nipple felt the same burning sensation, that lasted just a split instant longer. He tried to twist away, which made the hard thrusting in his rectum hurt even more. His body was being assaulted and he felt the panic tear at his heart. His eyes were desperate to see who was doing this to him. He cried out for Lloyd but got no response.

His mind was in full panic, unable to remember that one word that would suddenly end it all, would let him stop the pain that came rolling up and down his body. He felt himself groan, desperately pleading for the man shoving his fist into him to stop. He cried, feeling the tears being soaked up by the cloth that denied him his vision. His body jerked as the fist worked deeply into his body, the muscle shrieking in protest. His mouth begging more and more for it to stop.

A hand suddenly gripped his penis. He felt it squeeze it, tightly until he winced in pain. Then the coating of wax was being ripped off, making him cry out again. With the coating of wax off, he felt the sudden warmth of a mouth covering his cock. He felt the tongue lick at his head, that made him quiver. The pain in his ass adding to the sudden pleasure. His body continued to jerk and shake as he felt his cock being expertly sucked on. His balls were aching, and just as he began to feel them sling upwards, it all stopped.

The mouth was no longer enveloping his pulsing cock. The fist was suddenly out of his ass, no longer stretching him. The room was silent, except for the creaking noise as his body slowly began to stop its swinging. He could hear himself panting, the fear still there but slowly subsiding. He smelled the fragrance of burning incense, as he called out for Lloyd, begging him to answer.

Instead he suddenly felt a burning sensation slowly move up and down the underside of his erect cock. He cried out, as it moved down over his shaking balls, and then up along the inside of his butt cheeks. It hurt and yet as it continued to move up his cheeks, he felt himself growing accustomed to the warmth. The pain wasn’t harsh, but became rather tingling as he felt his cheeks pushed apart by a pair of rough hands. The burning continued to move up and circled his open hole.

Terry cried out, as suddenly the hot burning sensation was shoved deep inside of his rectum. He shook and struggled as the pain rolled up his body. Then as it subsided, he felt his ass being probed by a finger. Then it became two fingers that moved around his hole, and they were slowly inserted inside of his quivering hole. They moved in slowly, and then out.

He was crying, still unable to remember that word, that one word that would end this pain. His body shook with his sobs, but it didn’t stop the slow in and out motion of the two fingers into his butt. Then as he felt the fingers pull out, he felt the press of a cock head against his cheeks. It was a familiar feeling, the first so far this night, and he stopped his sobbing.

He sighed, and grunted, as the familiar cock slowly entered his body. His muscles easily let the cock in, and he felt his muscles surrounding the thick shaft as it pushed in, slowly. Very slowly it made its way inside, and his body didn’t resist. He was totally relaxed, as he took the cock that he knew was Lloyd’s.

As he felt the growing press of Lloyd’s groin press up into his upraised buttocks, he cried out. Another sharp burning pain exploded on his nipples. Two hot jabs made him cry out, and as he did, the slow motion inside his ass changed. He felt the cock beginning to thrust hard and fast into his hole. It was pounding him as more of the hot burning wax was being dripped down across his heaving chest. He could feel each splatter as he could also feel each penetrating thrust inside.

He cried out again and again, as the wax found new untouched flesh to coat and burn. The grunts he heard suddenly changed. They were louder, angrier as the hot cock began to race in and out. His body swung hard in the sling, the wax dripping where ever his body was. It followed him it seemed as the hard cock inside stretched him and twisted inside. He felt and heard the hard slap of flesh on flesh as the cock dove deeper with each thrust. His own cock was once more feeling the hot sting of wax and he didn’t care. His balls were aching too much as the cock in his ass was being rocketed in and out.

The cry of release was familiar. It was Lloyd’s voice crying out, as he felt the cock inside of him jerking and shaking. His own cock was threatening to explode as well as he felt now the cock being pulled out. The sound of a condom being ripped off echoed in his ears as he felt the first splash of his friend’s cum strike his balls. It was hot and sticky as more of the milk came spurting out over his own throbbing cock and groin. He felt himself crying out too, as more of Lloyd’s cum splattered across his body. Then he felt the hot tip of the cock being pushed along his butt. The head pushing along just where his groin met the crack of his cheeks.

Before he could say anything, he felt a mouth close over his own throbbing pole. He felt the lips grip his own burning flesh and move up and down. The ache inside grew quickly and Terry felt the blood leaving his limbs as it rushed to the aching cock. He heard himself cry out now, as his body finally reached its climax.

He couldn’t hold onto it any longer. His balls were slung upwards, and the hot milk inside exploded outwards, deep down into the throat of whoever was sucking on his cock. He didn’t care as he bucked in the sling, letting his cock push upwards, as it released his load of cum.

As he fell backwards, letting the sling take his entire weight, he could hear the panting. The heaving of his own chest made him sway a little, as he listened to his own panting mingling with that of someone else. He didn’t know if it was Lloyd or the other person, as he lay there, wondering what would happen next.

Terry felt the blindfold being undone, and as it slid off his face, he blinked several times. As his eyes adjusted to the light, he found himself staring up at the peering face of Lloyd. He saw him smiling down at him, and he began to smile back, when it dawned on him. Lloyd was still fully clothed. His eyes widened as Lloyd wished him a happy anniversary, and stood aside to let him see two naked men behind. He couldn’t make out much, except the two stiff cocks pointing at him.

His heart froze, as he heard Lloyd speak to him. Telling him, that now that the introductions were over, it was time to get down to it. As he said it, Terry saw one man begin to walk closer, and he noticed the dark color of the man’s skin. He also noticed how huge the cock was, long and thick and in his head, he heard his mind repeating the one word, ‘haggard’ over and over again as the huge black cock came closer and closer.


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