Fiction – 3 for 1 Trade

3 for 1 Trade

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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In all honesty, he had never even saw it coming. His mind was still in shock from the news, delivered in what he thought was a cold and heartless manner. Hell, he had given the team his all, right from the moment he had been drafted 3 years ago. He had worked hard to learn the system, to take charge even, while the others had concentrated on their own stats. His agent had finally come by, to try and coddle him, to pacify his anger and mollify his hurt.

Three god damn years, busting his ass and for what? To read about being traded off like so much garbage in the morning paper? It simply wasn’t fair. Okay, the win loss record wasn’t good, but those things took time with all new personnel. It wasn’t like you could just pull one key guy out, and plug in another and expect victory, yet that is exactly what they did, and what they expected.

Welcome to professional sports, he thought as he once more tried to control his anger. He really felt like exploding, like telling the press exactly how he really felt, not that standard nice guy bullshit. Still, he wasn’t a seasoned veteran, just an expendable Quarterback with enormous talent. Least that is how he was referred to in the papers, and the talk shows in town. Some blamed him too, for the less than stellar team performance last season, but hell the 7 wins were at least better than the 2 the team averaged per season in the previous 5 years before he had been drafted.

His frown grew as he sipped at his coffee, feeling totally betrayed. He had given them everything they had asked for, and more. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for the Coach, and this was his repayment. Not even a call beforehand, not even a word that he was being made available for Trade and that is what hurt the most.

His new coach had already called, before the news had even sunk in. Couple of the veterans on offence had called as well, and while they all claimed to be pleased, he found the calls less than sincere. It was really just a business, as he finished the coffee and began to think about getting dressed. His agent was coming over later, with the new contract details, and his new team was sending over some personal assistant or other, for some reason or another. He really didn’t care, nor was he in the mood for it either. There was so much to think about, like getting out of his long term lease on his house, arranging for his stuff to get shipped, if he could find a place first.

The whole thing was just one huge nightmare for him. Here he was, just about to turn 23, three years of his career shot with some no place team, and he was heading off to another also ran team. To start all over again.

Getting dressed, he looked at himself in the mirror. He stood 6 foot 2 in stockings, weighed in at a respectable 200 pounds, and he had speed. He was no Michael Vick, but he wasn’t a lumbering ox either. He had managed a few good runs and he worked out as hard as any player ever did. He had a good arm, could throw the long pass as well as any of the starters out there, plus he could finesse the pass too. He had the talent, the skills, and yet standing there now, looking at his well built body, he felt like just a piece of meat. It wasn’t fare, he was the Quarterback, the star.

Everyone in town had hailed him as that. The same people who now thought it was for the best that he move on, were the one’s who praised his being drafted. Now they questioned the deal that gave the team the draft spot to grab him in the first round. Hell, he had spent the 1st year on the bench, and in the second had made mistakes, but he still had managed to eek out 4 wins, and last season he had turned that into 7. What more could he do?

The ringing of his doorbell brought him out of his reflective mood and he wrapped the towel around his waste, to answer it. He expected it to be his agent, but upon opening the door, a young man stood there, looking like he had just come out of a steam bath. His face was dripping from sweat, and his hair looked like it hadn’t seen a comb or brush in years, let alone this morning.


‘I am Kyle’

‘Good for you, and?’

‘Uh, your new assistant? You were expecting me, weren’t you?’

‘Oh, yeah, sorry dude, uh, come in, just in the middle of waking up and getting dressed. You got here fast’

‘The team owner, Jerry, had me catch the red eye. He wanted to make sure I got here to be of use, to uh, make it more comfortable for you.’

Jordan stared closer at the young man at his door. He saw how he had glanced down at first, to check him out which registered in the back of his mind. It was also when he realized he hadn’t gotten dressed yet, and he quickly let Kyle inside. He certainly was a step up from the last personal assistant he had. This one certainly had better looks.

Walking towards his bedroom, he thought about his last assistant. Colin was nothing in the looks department, and he had tired of him quickly. It was one reason that Colin was now assisting Greg, the new wide receiver the team had picked up late last season. He hardly heard from Colin now, and as he walked into his room, he felt a small pang of regret. Colin really hadn’t been all that bad, just dull really.

He didn’t realize that Kyle had followed him into the bedroom. Dropping the bath towel from around his waist, he suddenly heard the quick intake of breath. Without even thinking he whirled around to see Kyle staring at him. He felt embarrassed as he realized that he was standing there, stark naked, with a semi boner as well. That is what you get from thinking of the past flings, like Colin, he thought as he saw the wide open eyes of his new assistant staring at him.

Before he could reach down for the towel, the new assistant finally tore his eyes away from gaping at Jordan’s cock. He looked up at Jordan, and had a strange glint in the eyes.

‘Shit, you don’t waste any time, do you?’

Jordan was confused as he just looked at the young man. He noticed that there was a bit of a bulge in Kyle’s own pants, a pair of tight fitting jeans. Looking the young man over, he felt excited by the young man’s gaze. He wasn’t as tall as him, maybe only 6foot, but he was slender, and had fine looking features. Plus, he was blonde, something Jordan preferred. Unsure of what to say, he just shrugged, which seemed to relax the young man. He watched as Kyle stepped closer towards him, his eyes glancing from Jordan’s face, to the fully aroused cock, then back again, but always going back down. Jordan sort of enjoyed the admiring look he was getting.

His mouth dropped down, as he watched Kyle get close, then drop down to his knees. He was at a loss for words, as the young man reached out, to touch him.

‘Whoa, what you doing there?’

Kyle looked up, his hand poised near the naked thigh of the Quarterback. His face was close, and Jordan could feel his breath across his fully erect cock.

‘About to give you head, isn’t that what you want? Or you want me to uh, you know, get comfortable first?’

‘Head? I don’t, I mean… what gave you that idea?’

Kyle leaned back on his heels. He had a handsome face, Jordan thought, as he felt tiny beads of sweat on his forehead. This was a bit unexpected, and yet, it wasn’t displeasing either. Still, how the fuck did this guy even know he was that way? He had done a pretty good job of hiding his sexual preference, ever since High School. So how the fuck did this guy know?

‘Don’t sweat it, Jerry was very clear and I know how to keep my mouth shut, except when I am sucking cock’

He really had no answer to that one, nor did Kyle give him any time to think about it. His head moved down to stare at Jordan’s cock, and he reached out with his hand to hold onto the massive thighs. The touch took away any thought of rejecting the offer.

His body trembled when he felt the hands grasp his legs. The way the fingers slowly moved outwards, then dug into his flesh made him let out a small moan of pleasure. It made Kyle look up for just a second, and flash him a smile. It was that smile, that broke down any last thought of stopping the young man.

Looking down, he saw the blond hair was streaked a bit, and he began to wonder a little, until he felt the warmth of the lips, pressing on the skin of his inner thigh. He felt the kiss, very light and yet it made him shudder. The waves of excitement were growing, as he reached out to rest his own hands on the young man’s shoulders. He sighed as he felt Kyle kissing him, while his head kept brushing his stiff cock. Jordan didn’t think he could get harder, yet he could feel the skin growing more tight on his cock, making him ache.

Another shudder passed through his body, which Kyle picked up on and he moved his head upwards, to lick at Jordan’s body. The tongue moved between the thigh and crotch, licking at the tender flesh, then the wiry pubic hairs, as Kyle moved his head until now Jordan’s cock was underneath his chin.

The head moved back, as a hand reached down to grasp the shaft of his cock. He felt the fingers tighten around the base as it raised the cock upwards, brushing past Kyle’s mouth. He flexed his hands and dug into the shoulders, enjoying the sensations that were flowing through his body.

Kyle let the cock brush past his mouth, and as the head came by, he flicked his tongue out. The small drop of pre cum was suddenly gone, and a wave of pleasure raced along the shaft. He felt his body tense, as the lips now touched his head, kissing it just under the slit, while the hand held it firmly.

He began to moan a little, and then he sucked in his breath, as Kyle suddenly shoved the whole cock into his mouth. He felt the lips wrap around the head, then he felt the wet warm mouth cover his whole cock. Jordan groaned now, as he felt his cock strike the back of Kyle’s throat. He shot his hips forward out of reflex, that made the young man grunt.

Looking down he saw the head begin to move as his cock was sucked. His hands clenched the shoulders tighter, as he began to match the head’s motion. His body was aching as he felt his balls slinging upwards. Kyle seemed to sense his mood, and his other hand now reached over and pushed at the dangling balls, wedging them upwards into the cock. With each inwards thrust of his head, his chin rubbed against Jordan’s balls, that made him shudder.

The boy’s stubble on the chin scratched his leathery sac, and the tongue licking at the underside of his throbbing cock was too much for him. He could feel himself losing control as his moans now echoed in the room. Kyle began to twist his head a little as he sucked on the cock. The turning motion only making Jordan groan louder. His hands were digging hard into the young man’s flesh, touching bone as he shot his hips in and out in time with Kyle’s own motion. He was going faster and faster as he shut his eyes, seeing long brilliant flashes of lights against his eyelids. His body trembled, and he felt himself surrendering.

The blood rushed to his groin. His arms were numb and his legs were threatening to collapse at the knees. He was leaning forward, shooting his hips forward, driving his own cock deep down into Kyle’s mouth. He felt the muscles tighten, the stomach muscles hurting as they contracted inside. He groaned loudly as the first stream of his cum came flooding out into Kyle’s mouth.

He couldn’t help himself, as he continued to pound his cock into the young man’s face. Crying out he let his body explode into the willing mouth and he could feel his own cum coating his cock head, even as more hot milk came flooding out. His whole body shook as he came.

It hadn’t taken him long to cum. His body was still quivering as he pulled his cock out of his new assistant’s mouth. He leaned on the young man’s shoulder, not sure if he could stand on his own. The release had been unlike any other, as he listened to his own panting. Finally he felt like he could move, and slowly made his way to the edge of his bed, Quickly he sat on the edge, and stared over at the young man.

‘You do that well’ was all he could mutter, as he was still short of breath.

Kyle smiled as he stood up, brushing his pants. He looked around the room and then back at Jordan. His eyes seemed a bit distant as he stood there, just looking around. Finally he picked up a pair of boxers and brought them over to Jordan.

‘Part of the job. I think you’ll like the new digs that the team picked out for you too, uh better get dressed, the doorbell is going nuts, I’ll go answer it’

Jordan watched as Kyle left his bedroom, to answer the door. He hadn’t even heard it ringing, but as he pulled his shorts up, he suddenly felt a whole lot better about the trade.

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