Fiction – Fries With That?

Fries With That?

By Gaystoryman

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Norm walked out from behind the cooking area up to the front counter. He tucked in the hanging shirttail as he made his way to the service counter, a small grin fixed to his face. The eyes sparkled as the customer grinned at him.

Norm “Here is your order Sir”

Customer “Thank you”

Norm “Come back again”

Customer “Oh I will, the service is great here”

Norm “Anytime Sir”

He watched the man walk out, whistling a tune with his bag of hamburger, fires, and milkshake inside. Norm couldn’t help but smile as he thought about the milkshake. Leaning on the counter looking around at the empty eating area he smiled, glad he had taken the graveyard shift. It has so much more to offer him than either the day or night shifts.

Rarely were there more than two or three people inside eating. Most of the trade was drive thru which suited him just fine. On occasion a couple would stumble in and the weekends had their moments when the bars all closed. But for him the night was generally quiet, except on nights like tonight. Man he wished there were just a few more of these type of nights.

His hand reached down into his pocket where the two folded twenties were. Yep he thought, this is the best shift to have as he went over to the French fry warming tray and picked at a few remaining fries. They tasted not too bad though the taste of man juice had tasted better. Leaning back Norm wondered if he’d score again tonight or not.

It had happened a few times, lately a bit more often than not which suited him just fine. Maybe there was some network out there where these guys exchanged notes or something. Wish he knew, he might do some advertising but then again that was a bit mercenary. Mind you, it really wasn’t that he was a sleaze or slut either. He enjoyed having his dick sucked. It always made him feel good so what if the guy offered some cash for the pleasure?

Mind you he had refused once or twice, but only because he was a bit uncertain of the guy. He did have a good instinct about that, still he knew it was dangerous. Maybe that was why he enjoyed it so much? The thrill of getting sucked off, the odd chance of being caught. It all added to his excitement level which made it even all that more enjoyable.

To know that some guy would walk in, size him up and try to proposition him was always fun. He liked to hear the different lines they would use to sort of feel him out. It made it more like a sport than anything. Would they pick up on his rejoinders or would they let them sail over their heads? Course too, he had to be careful. He didn’t want to be nailed for solicitation or whatever it was the cops called it.

More he thought about it, more he was certain that there had to be some talk going on among the guys. After all this guy was pretty particular about how he ordered his meal. I mean wasn’t too often that someone wanted a milkshake, that was thick, and with fresh milk. Course the way he ordered it, Norm knew instantly that the guy was looking for his brand of milkshake, not the kind the restaurant offered.

The evil little grin he had when he asked if the man wanted it stirred or not. The guy’s face had merely looked down at his crotch and merely added that he preferred it fresh. Like who served Milk that wasn’t? Still he had to be sure, and placing his hands down his front, pushing in just enough to show his package a bit better, he had enquired if the man wanted to have it poured right from the jug.

The guy had licked his lips and not even once did he look up from Norm’s crotch when he merely nodded his desire. It was as if he had been hypnotized by the bulging package that Norm had showed off. Kind of nice to have that effect on guys.

He had asked if the man would like to step behind the counter, to make sure his milk was fresh by watching him pour it from the jug. It was a risky move but it hadn’t failed him yet. The man had nodded and Norm had let him come back to the spot he had found to be most effective. It let him watch the front, to make sure no one else came in plus if they did, they couldn’t see more than his upper torso.

There even was a small little foot stool that he kept there for those who didn’t want to rest on their knees while partaking in their milking. He had to laugh at that one though it wouldn’t be all that funny if he ever got caught. Smiling again as he thought about the guys who had been back there, some sitting on the stool letting his cock pound their faces. Others would kneel and just suck.

He didn’t care how they did, just as long as they did it. Most would be nervous and he would just stand there, looking down at times but mostly he would daydream. It wasn’t that they repulsed him, he just had his own way of getting off and they merely provided him with a warm moist jack off aid. Really he shouldn’t charge but then again, he really didn’t. When they’d ask how much he’d just tell them no charge, but a $30 or $40 tip would be nice. Just a ploy really but it worked. Most would smile in understanding too.

So far no one had stiffed him either. Well okay they had gotten him stiff, but they all tipped and some even gave him more. Now that he never could figure out but he never refused. It really was about the thrill he supposed as an older man walked in. The idea of possibly being caught always seemed to make each time special, whether the guy could suck good or not. It was that which he enjoyed as he approached the front counter, his eyes checking the man out.

The image of a man on his knees, hidden from everyone else while he stood in full view. His pants wrapped at his ankles while his stiff dick was firmly planted into some guy’s mouth was definitely a rush. Hell he was feeling horny again just thinking of it, wondering how he’d handle it if someone did walk in while his dick was pounding the guy’s mouth. The idea made his dick thicken, the blood rushing to push it hard up against his pants. Would he stop his hips from crashing into the guys mouth, pushing the head further into the throat or would he just smile and move the hips in and out faster?

Be interesting to find out he thought as he stood back from the front counter a bit, showing off the bulging package. Hell, advertising never hurt as he thought about making another tip for the night.

Norm “Hi, what can I get you?”

The man smiled at him with a sort of nervous grin, one that Norm recognized. The older man’s eyes were fixed on Norm’s groin as he stared, licking his lips. There was not mistaking that hungry look either as the man muttered: ‘Thick Milkshake, please”

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