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Wasted (5)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (5)

Kale from HM Boys“Hey Mr. Qb, how’s it going?”

“Rich, this is a surprise”

“Yeah, well I thought I’d come by to see practice, man that was one hell of a hit he took, how’s he doing?”

“Cool, yeah it was, uh, I don’t really know, they won’t really know much until the swelling goes down but he’s out for a few weeks at least, that’s for sure”

“So… does that mean what I think it means?”

“Uh huh, I get to start on Saturday”


“Hehe, yeah it is kind of exciting, hasn’t really set in yet”

“Well, hey, we have to celebrate…”

“No way man, I have a ton of stuff to learn by game time, I am going to have an early night”

Richard could feel his moment slipping away from him and the hard cock in his pants started to slowly shrink and grow limp. He had to make this work; the ache in his groin was almost too much for him to bear.

“Okay, but later we will have to make it up”

“Sure man, but if this works out, it most likely won’t be until after the season is over”

“Sure, I understand, but hey, how about this, I mean if you don’t mind, why don’t we just head back to your place, I’ll cook you up some dinner while you soak the grime off in the tub, and then, well if you want, I can give you a really nice rub down? What do you say Cory? Up for something like that?”

Cory really wasn’t into company at this moment, unless maybe if Mason had shown up but even now, well maybe yes, maybe no, but he just felt so drained by it all. The reality of his responsibility was settling in and he bore the weight hard. He felt so alone, so empty that he even doubted if he could do it. Sure he had made some pretty good throws in practice, but that was due to the adrenalin rush he had experienced then, and he doubted if that would sustain him through the next few days, never mind the game itself.

Looking at Richard, he could see the hope in his eyes and he really just didn’t want to disappoint anyone else right now. He knew in his heart what Rich wanted, which was to get into his pants and well, to be honest it was an attractive idea, after all it had been some time since he had felt a man inside of him or been inside of one himself. He could use the release and it was nice of Rich to show up on such a dismal day to watch him practice.

Maybe he could put aside his own selfish thoughts for a few hours tonight, and just let loose, it wasn’t like Mason was really ever going to come back home to him. He could feel the emptiness in his heart as he felt his thoughts jab into him. The ache inside of him wasn’t for the feel of a cock or the warm breath of another man, but was for the loss of his love. It felt so empty inside, so devoid of emotion and he had to admit, Rich felt good next to him.

The idea of someone cooking him dinner while he lounged in a hot steaming bath was enticing plus Rich did have nice hands. He could give a very good back rub and so what if it lead to something more? After all the guy had needs to and it was kind of selfish of him to expect Rich to stick around with only a rather half assed jerk off session afterwards.

“Sure, why not Rich, sounds good to me”

“Really? You sure?”

“Yeah, why not, I could get into a nice back rub, and such, sure it isn’t too much trouble for you?”

“Trouble? Fuck no Cory, I would really love it”

“Okay, well let’s go, I could sure use a good hot bath about now”

Rich almost jumped into the Camero as his heart was so pumped with the result of his desperate gamble. It had paid off and he would see if maybe it wouldn’t stretch into something a lot more involved than a back rub. He could see the small twinkle in Cory’s eyes and he was sure that tonight would be the beginning of a long and happy relationship with not just a hot jock but maybe even a rising college star, God, life couldn’t get any better than this.

The drive to Cory’s apartment seemed like it was taking forever. Rich had wanted to reach over with his foot and stomp on the accelerator but he managed to barely contain himself. His heart was pounding and each time he would steal a glance at Cory, his heart would skip a beat and race faster for a second or two, until he was forced to look elsewhere. He could feel tiny beads of sweat on the palms of his hand as they barely spoke with each other, both lost in their own fantasy worlds.

Cory could feel Rich’s desire burning a hole in the side of him. Every time he tried to start a conversation up, Rich would have to be brought into the present, his mind clearly elsewhere. In a way, Cory thought it was flattering, that someone as experienced and good looking as Rich would be so giddy about the prospect of doing him. Maybe it was that he was a jock, he knew that was a turn on for some, but maybe Rich really did care for him?

Deep inside his heart he felt alone, even with Rich next to him and the prospect of maybe having sex with him, he still felt like he was alone. He should be crowing now, talking a mile a minute about how it felt to kneel inside a college huddle, with the 1st string unit, how scary it was to think that in three days he would be taking the field for the first time, to lead his team hopefully to victory.

All of those things he should be doing, but in looking at Richard’s face he just knew that it wouldn’t get the kind of attention he craved and needed. If Mason had been here, well that would be different because when he did talk with Mason, he could see the way his words affected him. He could feel his words reaching down into Mason’s soul and while maybe Mason wasn’t all that keen on football or sports, he was interested when it had concerned Cory. He missed that the most, even though they rarely had in over the two years of being together.

Parking the car in his spot, he climbed out feeling a bit dejected, a little less than pleased, but as he kept telling himself, at least he wasn’t alone totally and at least he had some chance at maybe having a tiny celebration for his success. That had to be some comfort, and who knew, maybe sex with Rich would open up a whole new part of him that he could fall for, that could make him forget Mason and how much he loved him.

Entering the apartment, Cory stood still for a second or two, until Rich asked him what was wrong. He answered nothing but it was like he could feel the walls closing in on him and it had made him shiver a little. There had been a strange presence, as if to ward him off and he couldn’t understand it, as it grew inside of him while he turned on the lights and tossed his car keys onto the counter.

Maybe it was just a natural reaction from the afternoon’s stress that was getting to him as he went by every light, flicking them on so as to make the room blaze with the artificial light and hopefully drive away the dark fear that was suddenly filling his heart and soul. He couldn’t understand it as he listened to Rich talk about the bath, asking him which soap he liked and all the other stuff that he really no longer cared about.

“You okay?”

“Huh? Oh yeah Rich, sorry, guess I am more tired than I thought”

“Well, I have the hot water running, why don’t you go and get those clothes off and by then the bath should be all steamy and ready for you”

“Sounds good, you sure you don’t mind fixing dinner while I soak?”

“No, not at all, if you want, I’ll come and wash your back”

“That’s okay, I think I’ll just lay there and let the dirt soak off this time around”

“Well, whatever, holler if you change your mind, I don’t mind doing it for you Cory, you know… it is kind of exciting isn’t it? You getting the start on Saturday”

“You think?”

“Well, yeah I do, I mean I don’t know all that many athletes, well not your kind that is, but it has to be exciting for you”

“Yeah it is, guess it just hasn’t really sunk in yet, well… I better get a move on, I really am bushed, didn’t realize how much until now”

Cory headed towards the bedroom while Richard headed off to the kitchen area. He didn’t bother closing the door all the way as he quickly stripped off his street clothes and stood in front of the dresser mirror. He stared at himself wondering why it was that Mason wasn’t here but Rich was. Could it be fate telling him that he had guessed wrong a few years back? Could it be that maybe Rich was destined to replace Mason in his heart?

As he thought about it, the coldness from earlier grew colder and his heart shivered as the fear seemed to blanket it and tried to strangle his heart. He felt the cold run up and down his spine as he shook his head and went into the bathroom. The hot misty steam rushing towards him as he opened the door and he felt the heat as it surrounded him, and yet the cold in his bones still held him in its grip.

The hot water made his flesh groan and turn a bright red as he slowly lowered his bruised and aching body into its comforting hold. He could feel the coldness in his bones slowly begin to evaporate, as the steam swirled around him, cloaking him and he could look out, to barely see even his toes sticking up from the end of the bathtub.

Cory knew he had to shake this feeling and he started to think of how it would feel to hear his name echo through Martin Stadium on Saturday as the starting quarterback. It was what he had strived for back in middle school and then high school. He had succeeded too and he thought about his old high school coach, the one who had helped him in getting George out of Mason’s life and he smiled, knowing that at least he would be happy for Cory.

Laying there, he knew that he would have to call him, to let him know that he would be starting, because he would at least be able to have someone be really pleased for him, not faking it so they could get into his pants, or have the ability to say they were friends with the new starting Qb at WSU. Funny, he had thought Rich was sweet that first night, but now he was starting to see him differently and maybe that wasn’t fair of him. After all, Rich did come to the practice, he did offer to take him out to celebrate, so maybe he was just being too critical of the guy, or maybe he was just too damned hung up on Mason.

The water had cooled some, so Cory let some out of the tub and then turned the hot water tap back on full blast. He felt that same chill again and for some odd reason he couldn’t seem to keep warm. Damn, all he needed now was to get sick before his one chance. Fuck, couldn’t life give him at least one break? He wasn’t that bad of a person, and okay, yeah he had tried to run Mason’s life, but it wasn’t because he wanted to control him, it was because Mason needed someone to break him out of that situation, and damn it, he loved him, what else was he supposed to do?

“You going to turn into a prune if you stay in there much longer”

“Huh? Oh Rich, sorry, I guess I was just enjoying the hot water”

“Uh huh, well dinner is about ready, uh, you want to eat first or would you like that special massage I promised you?”

“Oh, uh, well, I am not really all that hungry, I guess, unless you are?”

“Me? No, I am not starved, uh, so tell you what, why don’t you come lie out on the bed, I put the bath sheets down already, and I’ll towel you dry and then give you a really super massage, in honor of the university’s newest star, hey?”

“Haha, yeah right, newest goat you mean, but sounds good, okay I’ll just be a minute”

“Goat? Nah, you’ll do fine, I am sure you are a good Quarterback”

Cory waited while Rich left and he could feel that chill again, but this time it seemed to be eating away at him, like it was trying to ward him off and the more he thought about it, the less he felt like going through with having sex with Rich. The guy was hot, there were no doubts there, but there was something wrong, something that was giving him the willy’s and he didn’t know what it was. He hadn’t felt this way for a long time, hell the last time he felt this way was when Mason had finally told him about George.

Standing up, he could feel the mist swirl around him and he cursed himself for letting his imagination run away again. Rich was a good catch, he was tall, had a nice build and while his dick wasn’t super sized, who cared, it was good enough to look at and it did feel nice when it would rub up against his body, so fuck it, he needed to stop thinking so much and start having some fun. After all, he was the starting Qb for Saturday’s game and that was what he was here for, to play football.

The sound of the doorbell echoed in his ears and he laughed. God he felt kind of giddy and he looked over at the man sitting in the big armchair, his head tilted forward and his tongue hanging out one side as he just sat there. To think, he was the Terrible Terry everyone snickered at when really he wasn’t all that bad.

So far all he had done was pat his bottom when he walked past or knelt down to snort up a line of coke. Other than that, the guy had honored his word and not made a move on him. It felt safe which surprised him, as the room they were in was not exactly your average den. He looked over to the one wall, to see long silver links of chain hanging from iron pegs, shackles on one end, the other fixed to the pegs. The other wall held a wide assortment of whips and then there was the glass-covered case.

Mason had stared at it in amazement, and every now and then he would get his ass up off the couch and stagger over to stare once more at the huge assortment of adult toys that were displayed under the glass case. It really was something actually, the guy had so many interesting toys, little clamps that he said were for a boy’s nipple, bigger one’s for men and then there were the dildos. Man some of them looked so damn huge he doubted if anyone’s ass was big enough to take the, but Terry said lots could. He thought he was bragging but what the hell, who cared?

“Man that doorbell sounds wild, maybe we should answer it?”

“Oh yeah Mason, go ahead… I don’t think I want to stand up right now, besides, I can stare at that nice firm butt of yours easier this way”


“Oh yeah, definitely, anyhow, it’ll be Chad, he’s bringing us some more candy”

“Oh well in that case I better get over there, hate for him to think we weren’t home, I do love his candy”

“I can see, maybe he’ll stay and join us, if you ask him nice and if I promise to give him a nice bonus, would you like that? To have Chad stay and join us?”

“Yeah it would be cool”

“Well then, go, go answer before he leaves”

Mason found it hard to get up off the couch, but the idea of partying with Chad again was enough to finally get him moving. He stumbled a bit as he went towards the front door, making sure to wiggle his butt a few times to keep his host happy. Amazing how such a little thing as a slight hitch in his step would make the guy happy so that he would keep on supplying the party goods. He had to admit, the coke was definitely 1st rate and at the door was more, plus a hot guy too. Shit, this was definitely better than staying at the bar or going back to the apartment.

“Hey its Chad the party caterer, how’s it hanging there Chad”

Mason was feeling very ripped. He had been sipping at some Jack Daniels all the time and he could feel his head swimming but the sight of Chad at the door was enough to make him feel very happy. He reached out as he spoke, his hand groping at Chad’s crotch, checking to see just indeed how it was hanging.

“Fuck Mason, are you ever ripped”

“Oh yeah, come on, get that nice firm little ass in here, we got some partying to get under way”

“Underway, shit man looks like its been going on for some time”

“Yeah, just the warm up, hey TT says he’ll give you a nice big bonus, but you gotta stay and party hard, so what do you say? Hmm? I’ll throw in a nice fuck if you want, or how about you fuck me? There, now that’s a deal you should like, right Chad old bud?”

“Christ, get a grip will you, since when did you become Terry’s agent? Man, you sit down while I go talk to Terry, where is he? In the room?”

“The room? The room you say… I don’t know, it’s his playpen he said, I think that was the words, so come on; you bring more of that excellent snow? I don’t know where you get it from man, but fuck it is good”

“Whoa, down Mason, okay? Shit, take a breather until I talk with Terry, this isn’t cheap shit either… fuck you are wasted”

“Yep, and if you aren’t careful, I’ll be more wasted soon, so hurry it up, do the business shit and then come and get me, I think I need to get a great big dick up my ass, you going to be my salvation, how’s that for fancy talk?”

“Good, okay man, let’s go see Terry”

HMBoys is about Home Boys, the kind you just might find next door, skateboarding down the street, or standing by the bus stop. They feature barely legal teens from all over, and you have to admit it, if you are a Twink fan, these guys know how to pick ’em.


If you like that look, wait to see Kale’s custom gallery.



Wasted (4)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (4)

The sky was clouding over and a cold wind started to blow across the field as scrimmage came to an end. Cory picked himself up from the turf and shook off the hit he had just taken but he was happy, the pass had gotten off and if it had been in a game, it would have meant an easy 6 points. He felt pleased so far and no one seemed to want to jinx anything by bringing up other shit. Maybe, just maybe he could get away with it, but he doubted it.

The team was being sent to the locker room and he glanced over at the bleachers. He had heard some of the cheers and one voice seemed to be familiar to him. For a second or two, he was sure that it had to be Mason cheering him on but as hard as he looked, he didn’t see Mason’s blonde mop or his face in the small crowd of on lookers. He did finally recognize Richard’s face and he smiled at that, not as happy if it had been Mason’s face.

His heart ached as he realized that Mason wasn’t there to see him get his chance. He knew that the odds of that happening had to be remote but still, a part of him still wished for it and even prayed for it, but he knew it wouldn’t be. Mason had been clear, he didn’t want to have anything more to do with him, so why was he still feeling like there was a chance? Why did he still refuse to go all the way with Richard?

It wasn’t like Richard was a dud or ugly or deformed or any of that stuff. Actually he was rather sweet and in the few days that they had been seeing each other he had shown up with flowers one time, candy the next time and now here he was at practice. It really was like Richard was boyfriend material, yet all he could think of was how it would feel to be with Mason, to be able to share this with him. He had to admit that Richard was hot looking too, and it was hard for him to refuse him but still, for some insane reason he felt like he would be betraying Mason.

God, was he stupid or just in love? Maybe he really just was a coward at heart, afraid to admit deep inside that it was over between him and Mason but he really did love Mason. Was it so wrong to want someone so bad that you would risk your own happiness? The more time he spent away from Mason the more he wondered if maybe he had gone about everything wrong. He had taken charge; he was used to doing that but was it right of him to make so many decisions about Mason’s life without asking him?

Okay, yeah there wasn’t really a lot of time to make some of those choices, but he could have tried, couldn’t he? Mason was right, he had made all the decisions, the set up in Memphis, then the decision to leave and come here, all of that was made without an even ‘by your leave’ from Mason, so yeah no wonder he was pissed off. He could understand it actually, how it made you feel so inadequate, so unimportant, when everything was decided for you. Maybe that was another reason why he had not yet given in to Rich’s sexual advances, because he still had some idea of getting Mason back.

Cory walked slowly back to the locker room, his mind whirling with a whole bunch of stuff and it wasn’t until he actually entered the locker room that he still had a whole team to convince of his abilities. One short workout won’t mean much, he would have to still prove himself tomorrow and the next and every time after, not because he hadn’t played, but mainly because they all knew of him as a fag. God, couldn’t he just have at least this?

He couldn’t help notice when he walked in how many of his teammates suddenly tensed up. Some of the guys heading to the shower quickened their pace, others coming back seemed to hold their towels even tighter now, and all of them stared at him while trying to look like they weren’t.

It felt strange, to be in a room of over eighty men and feel like you were the only one naked and they were all dressed in tuxedos or something fancy. Like showing up at a party in a costume while everyone else was in evening dress. He could feel the eyes of almost everyone, and the questions they were all dying to ask hung in the air unspoken as he slowly made his way to his locker.

Before he could make it to the locker, one of the free safeties’ stood up and got in his way. He looked at him, square in the eyes seeing the challenge for what it was. Would he cut and run or would he assert himself.

“I don’t like Fags”

“Really? I don’t like Free Safeties, guess we are even”

“Huh? What’s wrong with a free safety?”

“They think they are linebackers”

Cory walked around the stuttering player, his shoulder pushing past the surprised defensive player and he could hear some of the offensive players chuckling quietly. He didn’t have to impress the defense, his career depended on the offensive side of the ball and he had scored a partial point with that sally.

He managed to make it to his locker before the next group was around. This was the crucial test as the group was all offensive players and it was on them that he would have to rely on for protection as well as for keeping him in the game. Why couldn’t people get past this gay stuff, like what difference did it make what he did in the privacy of his bedroom, it didn’t help him throw a perfect strike or stop him from reading a blitz defense, so why should it be of anyone’s concern?

Looking back at how his team had rallied to him and Mason, he wished for a second that he could have all that again, but knowing that it was impossible. There he had been a big cog in the wheel, here he was just a number, he wasn’t the man they pinned their hopes on, he was there to clean up or for relief, but fate had intervened. Now he was all they had and they didn’t know how to deal with the fact that the man they were relying on was gay.

“Coach give you extra time in the film room?”

“Yeah, 6 to 7 tomorrow and Friday”

“Cool, their secondary isn’t that tough but their linebackers are”

“Yeah, he mentioned that”

“What about extra time with us? You interested?”

“Yes, I asked the coach about that, I need to try and get into sync with all the receivers”

“Uh huh, so, what did he say?”

“Said it was up to you guys”

“Well, to be honest man, don’t know about it.”


“Not sure if we want to put up with the comments”

There it was, the second challenge he had to face. While there were those who were uncomfortable with gays, and had their warped sense of what should be done with gays, there was the other side too. There was the ones who wanted to give you a chance, who weren’t too sure or had their minds made up but they were afraid of the fallout. He had to deal with that too, but when would someone have to deal with his problems? His fears?

“Guess that’s up to you, personally, I want to win, do you?”

“Of course”

“Then, guess the comments don’t matter, or do they?”

“It’s not that simple man”

Cory stared at the senior. He had been on the team for a few years; a good pair of hands and this was his last year. He could tell the guy wanted to show his stuff, wanted to go out a winner and he could also feel his resentment at Cory. The guy was right, the job was being made harder because Cory was gay, and he knew that when any new guy was suddenly thrust into the game he could use all the prep work available. Still, they were hanging back, unsure and to be honest, afraid.

“No I guess it isn’t, isn’t fair either but nothing I can do about it”

“I suppose, just that, well, how do we know it is worth the grief?”

“Catch 22 man, to find out you have to take the step, sitting back isn’t gonna prove nothing, look, I didn’t ask for this but here it is, it is my chance, I know I can do it, but stupid isn’t my middle name either. I know that unless I get a lot of help from all of you, I won’t make it, I want the same as everyone else, I want to win”

The tall lanky receiver stared into Cory’s eyes. He seemed to be searching for the answers there, wanting to find out if Cory was for real, if it was worth taking the chance and spending some extra time on the field. Cory could feel the doubts, the fears of the man and he knew that if he walked away, so would all the others and his chances of keeping the starting job beyond Saturday would be miniscule. His heart was heavy but he stood his ground, finding the strength somehow and he stared back, showing himself calm and collected while inside, his stomach was twisting and turning, gurgling to the point where he could feel his stomach acids bubbling and burning inside of him.

“Morning practice starts at 10 and afternoon practice starts at 2, guess we can be here at 9 and at 1, will that be enough?”

“If that’s what you can do, then it’ll have to be, won’t it?”

“Suppose, okay, 9 tomorrow”

“Uh huh, full gear, okay?”

“Full gear? Yeah, I guess might as well, yeah okay, full gear it is”


“Yeah, well…”

“I get the message”

“Okay, tomorrow then”


The receivers all left and he could see how everyone was staring, wondering what had gone on but all of them still keeping their thoughts to themselves. He was sure that as the evening wore on many of them would meet and there would be lots of cracks and comments made. He just hoped that he could keep those wisecracks from intruding on his concentration plus not become a focal point for the team. If it did, he didn’t stand a chance.

As he undressed, his heart was heavy with the pain of being alone. He wished he could just go back to the apartment and crawl under the covers and stay there. He knew he couldn’t but it would be nice. The idea of going back to the empty apartment only made him more depressed, as he missed Mason even more right now than any other time since he had left.

By the time he finished showering and cleaning up it had grown dark outside. An early fall was descending upon Pullman and he felt it as he walked out of the building towards the player’s parking lot. At least he still had his camero but it didn’t feel all that much of a consolation for not having Mason to ride around with. Funny, he always thought that playing Quarterback for a college team would be fun, and maybe if he had been given the normal chance it would, but now it seemed like it was just another chore to work through.

Things had been much simpler back in Texas, well at least until he hooked up with Mason. Thinking about it, he realized that his life had become nothing but a mass of complications ever since he first went after Mason as a date. Granted, the first reason was purely sexual, after all Mason was hot stuff, the way he walked, the way his hair just flowed around him making his facial features soft and desirable. Yet, he knew that after that first touch, that first kiss that it was more than just wanting to have his body.

He could still smell him, even now after all this time and the memory of that aroma would always make him hard, and this was no exception. For the first time since he had been thrown into the starting position he could feel his body stirring. The vision of a naked Mason was more than enough to get his juices flowing and he could feel his cock getting hard. Tossing his equipment bag over his shoulder, he reached down with his other to settle his personal package and he barely noticed the tall figure leaning against his car.

For a second, he saw a glint of blond and before his eyes could focus, his heart began to race faster, the pulse quickening as his heart thought it was Mason. It would be the perfect end to his day, to have Mason standing there, waiting for him and he started to quicken his gait as he thought of holding Mason in his arms once again.

As he got closer, his eyes were able to focus better in the dwindling daylight and his heart skipped a beat. A sense of disappointment grew in his heart as his eyes told him that he wasn’t rushing towards the love of his heart, but that it was someone else. For a second he felt panic, wondering if this was another encounter where he would have to prove himself but as the tall figure took better shape, he sighed, realizing whom it was, and knowing whom it wasn’t.

Watching all the players head towards the locker room, he stood up and made his way towards the player’s parking lot. In a second he spotted the sleek dark Camero and made his way towards it. He wanted to leave a note or something, and as he got closer he wondered if maybe he would just wait. After all, it would be a perfect time to be with Cory, he would be all pumped up about being put into the starting position, and hopefully that would hold for game time too.

Right now though, it would be nice to share in his happiness and maybe this would be the needed incentive to get Cory to unwind and let their friendship go where it belonged, which in his mind was the bedroom. He could feel his crotch now, the way it ached and the way his butt seemed to clench and unclench wishing for a nice hard cock to be wedged between the cheeks.

He could sort of understand Cory’s reluctance to take their friendship to a higher plane, after all Mason was a hot stud and most likely a hard act to replace, but he had found that for the most part, the lookers weren’t all that good in the sack and all he needed was his chance, to prove that he was worthy of Cory’s attention.

Maybe it was selfish of him, but every time he thought of Cory he got a wicked boner and even though he managed to get his dick off while in Cory’s arms or just laying next to him, he wanted and needed much more than that. He wanted to caress the fat thick cock that Cory had between his legs, and he wanted to feel it push inside of his ass and not just rest next to his buttocks. The nightly conversation wasn’t much, they would discuss the day briefly, mostly he did the talking and then they would watch some television but Cory’s choices weren’t exactly his.

If he really thought about it, there wasn’t all that much they had in common other than maybe they both liked to drink beer. That certainly wasn’t much to build a relationship on but then again, he had built relationships on less too. Sure they hadn’t lasted long but God the sex had been great for a few weeks. Maybe one day he would find that Mr. Right, the one who had the big balls, the huge cock that could satisfy him forever, and from what he had seen of Cory, well, he was sure hopeful that he was the one. It would be nice going to the bar on weekends, to be on Cory’s arm and now, if he started the game, man what a rush that would be.

Standing against Cory’s muscle car, he felt a pang in his heart and he wondered if maybe he was putting too much emphasis on the sex thing. He liked Cory, was sure that Cory was a decent guy who had a lot of deep sides to his make up, but maybe he was edging so much towards the sex stuff because inside, he knew that Cory would never really be his. He could pretend to be the tramp, the one who always wanted a good fuck, but deep down inside he knew he wanted more than that.

Sex was a big part of being gay, least in his mind it was but he was smart enough to know that you had to have more than just a hard dick to stay with someone. Hell, look at Cory himself, the way he still was agonizing over Mason when he should be out partying or looking for someone new. He did that, he never allowed himself to spend any time grieving for a lost relationship, but he had to admit that if he and Cory didn’t work out, he would maybe make an exception. Cory was the perfect boyfriend, he didn’t really demand much and he was positive that he was a good fuck, which was important. There was nothing worse than having to teach someone how to fuck or suck you off; it kind of ruined the moment.

He took a quick glance in the mirror, seeing his jet black hair falling perfectly across his shoulders, the dark hair had a slight curl at the ends and he liked the way it set off his face. His eyes sparkled back at him as he licked his lips, seeing the thin pale red lines grow a bit pinker with the saliva. His chin was firm and as he stood up, he knew that no one would take him for a queer, which was also good. No one wanted to have a ‘flamer’ for a date or companion.

Richard leaned against the passenger door, waiting for Cory to emerge from the locker room and hopefully, be all smiles so they could go back to Cory’s place and finally make out. He could feel once more his cock rising to the idea and he smiled. Just out of the corner of his eye he saw the tall figure coming towards him. He could tell instantly that finally his wait was over as Cory came towards him.

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Wasted (3)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (3)

He stood at the sidelines, watching the 1st unit as it struggled with the drills. His helmet was in one hand; a clipboard in the other as he ran over some of the plays in his head but his mind just couldn’t focus really. Mason had only been gone a few days and still he couldn’t get him out of his head, and now life was getting more complicated again with the appearance of Rich.

Waking up with a splitting headache and a strange person lying next to you was a novel experience for Cory, that seemed to be Mason’s routine, not his. He shivered a little in the brisk air knowing that he was being bitter which wasn’t going to get him anywhere. It also wasn’t fair, because in all the time he had been with Mason, Mason never once left him alone or didn’t come home to him. He still didn’t believe that Mason had been faithful all that time, but then he was either stoned or drunk a good deal of the time and you couldn’t hold him responsible, or could you?

There were times when he wanted to just strangle Mason, wishing he had never fallen for him but then there were other times when he wished he could just spend eternity with the guy. It wasn’t the sex, or was it? Well maybe at the beginning it was, he had never had such a wild romp as when he was first going out with Mason, but if he was honest, the last time was even more wild than the first time, so how could that be if all they had was sex? It was too confusing and he had to concentrate, he was listed as 2nd string for this weekend’s game, but unless disaster struck, he would pace the sidelines, hand signalling in plays instead of calling them in the huddle.

Cory stood there, watching the QB taking the snap and he wondered just where did he go wrong? Why wasn’t he the one calling the shots? It had all been set long ago but then he had to play the big hero and save Mason. Now his entire college career could be summed in the words ‘Bench Warmer’ and it rankled inside of him. He had to admit, Mason was right, he couldn’t juggle both responsibilities at once. He couldn’t be Mason’s protector and a college quarterback all at the same time. Both of those were full time jobs it seemed and Mason had been right when he said that Cory had the skills for one, not for the other.

If he was honest, Mason really was right about a lot of things and maybe his leaving wasn’t out of a desire to just party. Could he really be doing it because he did, in his own twisted way, care for him? He shook his head as he watched the left defensive end come rushing in on the QB and his thoughts of Mason suddenly vanished. He yelled out a warning but it was too late and the 1st string QB was blindsided hard. The ball went flying out of his hands but it was the hard bone crunching sound that made everyone turn their heads.

Players were milling around the field, no one really doing much of anything as they waited for the coaches to reappear from the locker room. It hadn’t looked good and the only other player that was isolated from everyone was the left tackle, the one who had missed his assignment and now they most likely were without a starting QB and Boise State were coming to town. Their entire season was on the line, and a 2-1 start was promising, specially after coming off that major upset of California last week. Gessler[1] had been fantastic in the last quarter and now he was in the locker room, his entire future maybe at jeopardy.

As they waited for news, he watched how some of the players walked up to the lonely tackle Reed, a senior. He watched as players patted his shoulders but you could see his anguish as he waited for word. It had been his missed assignment and now the starting QB was out. A few of the players glanced his way but none came over. He was the black sheep, most of the team seemed to know of his history in Memphis but none had said anything, yet. He could feel the knot inside of his stomach and he wondered if he would ever be able to enter a locker room without the glances, the stares from team mates or worse, the way many would clutch at their towels harder, afraid they might drop.

That had to be one of the hardest things about being out, the way his so called team mates would look at him after practice or a game when many would be passing to and from the showers or in various states of undress. He had been used to his high school team, where it didn’t seem to matter, he was their leader so they trusted in him but here, here he was unproven, not the leader just some queer who thought he could play football. That was how he was sure they looked at him and for the most part he ignored it, but now it would once more raise its ugly head.

Being the Quarterback of a major college team and then the pro’s had been his dream, now it all lay shattered and in shreds. It was a demanding job, one that required respect and unwavering trust from the other players, and how could they give him their best if they were too worried that he might cop a feel or steal a look at them or worse, put the moves on them in the locker room? This wasn’t how you built respect and trust; at least in high school he had already proven his skills on the field before they found out, now it was reversed.

“Wallace, get over here”

The coach’s voice startled him and he could see his fellow team mates all crowded around Coach Price[2]. He could feel that knot growing tighter inside and he figured he was about to be told that someone else would jump over him to lead the team this weekend. His whole insides felt like shit and he wondered if maybe he shouldn’t just quit football all together. It wasn’t like he stood much of a chance anymore but damn it, he did like the game and he was good, if only he could get a decent chance.

“Yes Sir”

“Okay, look everyone, its been a tough season, we have really had to battle, last week you all showed how we could come back, well we are going to have to do that again now, battle back and Wallace here is going to need your help. Gessler is out for at least 6 weeks, so Wallace, you ready to lead this team?”

“Me? Uh, Yes, Yes Sir”

“Good, see me after practice, we’ll need to get some extra time in the film room, right now you take your team and run off a few plays, get the cobwebs out”


Cory put his helmet on, the chinstrap dangling free for the moment as he felt like he would soon feint. Coach Price wasn’t going with someone else, he would get the nod and for the first time in 2 years he would take to the field as the man. Damn, he could feel his heart pumping a mile a second as the adrenalin poured through his system. This was what he had worked hard for and all thought of quitting was buried for the moment.

It was strange kneeling in the huddle, everyone’s eyes all turned to him and he felt his mouth go dry. His voice cracked a little as he called the same play that only a few minutes earlier had given him this chance. He knew it was a risk, but he also thought that by calling that play he could demonstrate his confidence in his offensive line. If they failed, well better he find out now, so at least this way he might manage to actually make his first start.

He could feel some of the questioning looks as he called the play, many of the players looking at him like he was nuts, but also some of them shifting on their feet, realizing that he was trusting in them that what had happened was just a mistake, one that hopefully wouldn’t be repeated.

“Sure you want to call this play Wallace?”

“Yeah I am sure”

“Okay, just that, well it is a tough pass to make at best, you have been a bench warmer for a long time now, maybe you should try something you can handle”

Cory could feel all the eyes boring onto him. He was being tested early, and at least it was on his abilities rather than his personal lifestyle. He could be thankful for that but he had to deal with it the same way.

“I have made this play lots of times, besides, it shouldn’t matter if I warm the bench or not, I am here cause I can do it, you just make sure you are in the right spot at the right time”

“I’ll be there, you just get me the ball hot dog”

“Hey, look, I am not a hot dog, but I am not a weenie either, got it?”

“We’ll see I guess”

“Just catch the ball, okay? ON 3 BREAK!”

Cory walked up to the line, his mouth dry and his heart pounding as he stared over at the defensive line. He could almost hear the thoughts of some of the guys, the way they looked at him from under their helmets or the way they just lined up. This was his one chance, he had to make the play or else they would never follow his lead in a game.

Rich sat down in one of the bleacher seats, watching as Cory had taken to the field. He had come by to catch the last part of practice and maybe talk with Cory. He had hoped to see him for dinner tonight, and maybe this time it would lead to more than just some heavy cuddling. The cuddling was fine, and he did manage to find himself cumming even with just being next to Cory, but he ached for more than just that, yet he didn’t want to push things. It still seemed like Mason’s presence was there, and he resented him for that even though he never met Mason really. He just thought he was a spoiled rich kid, like some of the others that came to University to party, not to get educated.

It was unexpected to see Cory in the huddle, and he felt a strange giddiness as he saw him saunter up to the line, placing his hands under the center and barking out his cadence. God, it was like a different person, the way he seemed to just be taking command. His voice sounded so drill instructor like, it made him smile a little. He wondered just how his voice would sound as he ploughed his big dick into his ass and his eyes watered a little at the thought. Rich didn’t notice the blond standing at the fence, near the gate as his eyes were strictly on Cory and the way he looked so damn hot playing Quarterback.

When Cory had started to walk out onto the field at Martin Stadium, the entire offensive squad following him, Mason came out from the shadows of the stand and stood by the chain link fence. His heart was in his mouth as he watched Cory kneel down to give the play to the team and he could barely breath as he watched the team jog up to the scrimmage line.

This was what Cory had been waiting for and he prayed silently, begging God to give Cory a good shot, to let him make the right call and complete the pass. He could tell it was going to be a pass the way Cory settled his helmet and stared at the two corners. It was a tell tale sign that he wanted to toss the ball, and he prayed harder, knowing this could make or break it for Cory.

Mason could hardly stand, and he leaned on the gate, his knees wobbly and his heart in his mouth as he watched Cory bark the signals, saw the ball go up into his hands and Cory fade back into the pocket. He saw him take three steps and pump the ball to the left, then pivot on one foot and set his feet for the real pass. The defensive end was coming in hard and he saw Cory side step to his right, then rear back with his hand and toss the football.

It was a perfect spiral; the kind that Cory loved to toss and he watched it float down towards the streaking receiver on the far sideline. His head was turned back, looking the ball in and the cornerback was two steps behind, his head now swiveling as he too caught sight of the incoming missile. The receiver started to put his hands out and Mason knew it was early yet but he kept praying, willing the ball to find those soft receiver hands and let Cory make his first pass a success.

The ball just dropped, a perfect toss and Mason watched the receiver bobble it at first, then bring it into his body as he continued to ran forwards, the defender now coming in for the tackle. It was a picture perfect play and Cory had pulled it off. He looked over at the sidelines, to see the coaching staff all standing, watching in stunned silence as their newly pressed into service quarterback threw a strike. It was amazing to watch the rest of the team too, to see the amazement on their faces but there was none of that stunned disbelief on his face, he knew that Cory had the right stuff.

The sound of someone cheering distracted him and he looked back into the stands to see a tall dark haired stud standing, clapping, and whistling. He looked familiar and then Mason realized that he was watching Rich cheering for Cory. The joy in his heart suddenly vanished and he felt heaviness around his chest as he carefully maneuvered himself back into the shadows of the stands.

What did he expect? Did he really think that Cory would be left on the open market for long? He just wished it wouldn’t be someone as damn hot looking as Rich was. Mason knew Rich from the local bar, Escapes. In one of his drunken moments he had toyed with the idea of trying for Rich but instead wound up drinking the night away with Justin and his friends. Looking at Rich up in the stands, the way his hair flowed, his lithe body shaking with the pleasure he was feeling, all of it made him feel sad and alone.

Mason turned and left Martin Stadium’s practice field. At least he got to see Cory succeed this time, at least now Cory had a chance that he deserved and maybe, well maybe with Rich he would have the support he would need to reach all of his goals. He knew that Rich was not a bad guy, least according to the gossip in the bar, and who knew, maybe he would be a good lover for Cory. There was a pang in his heart as he thought about Rich and Cory being together, but he tried to shrug it off, knowing he wouldn’t really succeed in that. He loved Cory too much, but he had to forget about that, and so he continued to walk back towards the bar. If he was lucky, Chad or someone else he knew would be there and he could get a head start on the night’s festivities.

The bar was pretty empty as Mason entered it and looked around. He couldn’t see anyone he really knew so he sat at the bar, where Randy was tending. He liked Randy but knew that Randy wasn’t exactly a fan of his. He wondered about that, as he always left the guy a decent tip, and he wasn’t a bitch to him and yet Randy always seemed to be rather annoyed at him. Oh well, no accounting for bar people was there?

God, listen to him, he thought, as he toyed with his first drink and stared into the glass. Here he was, in the middle of the afternoon drinking bourbon when he should be watching Cory finish his practice and then be at home to welcome him, to shower him with kisses and hugs, but instead it most likely would be Richard who would be doing that, not him. He sighed deeply and then drank the remaining liquid down in one fast swallow.

“Looks like you could use another, mind if I join you?”

“Huh? Oh, sure, why not”

Mason stared at Terry, ‘Terrible Terry’ was his nickname but today he looked like the stockbroker he was. He was dressed in a dark three-piece suit and other than the round earring hanging from his left ear you would swear the guy was normal. Terry was well known in the bar for his S&M fetishes and according to the gossip; he paid well too for those working boys that would indulge him in his fantasy. Well, he had had enough pain in his life, so he really didn’t think he would let Terry get too close.

“You look like you need more than just a single, hey Randy, bring a double here for Mason and a usual for me”

“Okay Terry”

“Thanks, yeah I guess I could use a double at that”

“Fine with me, so you normally don’t show up this early? What’s up? Looking for a party or something?”

Mason knew what Terry meant, and he could feel his stomach turning at the idea of going home with ‘terrible terry’ and checking out his house of tricks. He could feel his body shiver a little as he thought about some of things he had heard about Terry, but while it seemed to nauseate him, he could also feel his dick getting a bit hard at the idea as well. God, was he that sick, that perverted? Yeah, it was probably a good thing that Cory would go home to someone like Richard instead of a loser like himself.

“Been a rough afternoon, just came to see who was here, that is all”

“Yeah? Well, maybe you want to come to my place? I just scored some wicked snow[3], maybe we could do some skiing[4] together?”

“Really? Well I don’t know, bit early in the day even for me Terry”

“Oh well, can’t blame a guy for trying, can you?”

“I guess not, thanks anyway”

“Sure, no problem, maybe some other time?”

“Yeah, sure, some other time”

“Cool, well catch you later then”

Terry stood up off the stool and signaled for Randy to put the drinks on his tab and then he walked out, glancing back at Mason just before he left. Mason shivered a bit at the look and glanced down at the brown liquid in his drink, wondering why so many sleaze balls always were attracted to him.

He sat there nursing his double bourbon, thinking back to when they left Texas for Memphis and how fucked up he was then. First of all, he had let JT get into his pants, or was it him into JT’s? Damned if he could remember, except that it was the first time he really had been drunk and that was his excuse, or at least the one that Cory seemed to make up for him. He hadn’t argued about it but he felt so damn rotten that night, and everyone else seemed so hyper, as if they had all just won a super bowl game. Jocks go figure, he thought as he took a long pull on the drink and felt the harsh liquid burn his throat.

Maybe that was the whole problem, he was always letting someone else decide what had happened, either making excuses for him or giving him one, Cory had done it for a long time now, first with his relationship with George and then JT and then for Memphis. Maybe he should have been stronger, maybe he should have expressed his own needs better but he wasn’t used to that. His whole life had been planned out for him, first by his parents and then by George and finally by Cory.

How could he be expected to know how to act, when all he had ever been told was to do this or do that, not think about it, just do it because they all knew better than him what was right or wrong. He was wrong to let his parents manipulate him, to let them determine what classes to take, what friends to have, shit, they even decided what activities he should try out for, not once asking him if he wanted to do those things, just telling him.

No wonder he had fallen for George’s lines. After all he was the black sheep in the family, his parents had long since given up hope on making him into a clone of his father, so he was naturally attracted to him. The idea of listening to George talk, in being with him was intoxicating, it was like he was able to defy his parents without them even knowing it and that made it all worthwhile, or so he thought. Now look at him, a common bar fly that even people like Terrible Terry were attracted to.

Mason finished the double shot and ordered another, counting out the change first, knowing he had to be cautious of his spending. Cory used to look after that for him, but now he had no one but himself and he was finding it a whole new lifestyle, having to count money and worry about making it last the whole month. God, life was so complicated, as he sipped at the fresh drink.

He could feel the booze warming him up and he wondered if maybe tonight he’d just go home and sleep instead of going out with Chad and his friends. The party atmosphere was nice, but the mornings after weren’t exactly a ringing endorsement for late night binges. Shit, if Cory could hear him thinking this way, he would smile but Cory wouldn’t hear it, he would most likely be listening to Rich telling him how hot he looked or how good he had played. Damn, why did it bother him so much? Cory was better off without him, and to be honest, so was he better off without Cory. Least he could move on his own, he didn’t have to answer to anyone now and that was how he wanted it.

Mason swallowed the last of his drink and felt like he should get going when he looked up to see Terry walking back into the bar. He smiled at Mason as he headed over to talk with Randy. Randy handed him a leather case and Mason realized that Terry must of left something, which was why he had come back so quickly.

“Hey, you still here, huh?”

“Yep, just going though”

“Yeah? Well, sure you don’t want to join me for some skiing?”

“Uh, well… shit I don’t know, what the hell, it is close enough”

“Really? All right Mason, come on then”

“Yep, uh, I don’t have any money to pay for this”

“Did I ask you for any?”

“No, but I also don’t trade for it, you know?”

“Oh? Well, I did ask, so my treat this time around, besides Chad is supposed to call around 7, so, what the hell, let’s go”

“Chad? I didn’t know he was a, uh, well, uh…”

“A Player?”


“Not always, just sometimes, but I told him I might need some more snow, that’s why he’s dropping by at 7”

“Okay, well, as long as you know that I am just along for the trip, no side stops elsewhere”

“Sure Mason, I got that message loud and clear”

“Cool, okay, let’s go”

Mason got off the bar stool and followed Terry outside. Randy stared at his departure, shaking his head and wondering when Mason would grow up and get a life. He was spending way too much time partying and now that he had dumped one of the hottest guys around, he was going home with Terry? God, the guy must really be a blond, all the way through his brain. Oh well, it wasn’t his concern but he sure did like Mason, the way he moved his hips, the way he stood up and just the way his teeth sparkled when he smiled. He knew there was something good there, but damn it was buried under a ton of shit.

Wiping the counter top down, Randy wondered what it was about bar waiters that made all the hot looking guys ignore you? He wasn’t second-class or dirty, and hell, he thought he wasn’t exactly a hot stud but he sure as hell wasn’t a dud either. He really wished that sometime, he could be attracted to someone who would look back and not just see a tray with drinks on it.

The first time he had seen Cory and Mason walk into the bar, he had fallen for Mason. Cory was hot, but just not his type, he was too forceful of a character, at least so he had thought until he saw the way that Mason seemed to have him under his little finger. That wasn’t really fair though, it wasn’t like Mason seemed to really push it but just that Cory seemed to let it happen, as if he was afraid of stepping in, of calling a halt to the shit.

Thinking of Mason with Terrible Terry made him wince a little and he wished that he had the guts to just talk with Mason instead of feeling so tongue-tied. It was as if he was back in high school, whenever Mason was around, and he must be coming off as one smart ass bitch to the guy. Maybe if he could get someone to front for him, like Chad or Justin, but he doubted if they would, both of them were only interested in getting their dicks off, not into helping guys out.

[1] The name is real, this was the quarterback for the Cougars in the 2000 season, please note that the use of real player names or coaches is any indication of anything other than to provide a more realistic tone to the story. As the story is currently set in Pullman Washington at WSU, it is more realistic to use actual names where possible.

[2] Again this is a real person, but anything attributed to real people in this story is fictitious and is merely intended to add realism to the story and not to be taken as an endorsement of this story, or the characters or subject mater

[3] Snow = common street reference to cocaine

[4] Skiing = street reference to snorting or shooting cocaine

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Wasted (2)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (2)

Mason felt like he had run straight into a semi trailer truck and he staggered a little as he felt the soft moist lips of Chad against his own red lips. His whole body stood rigid and still, the obvious hard on evident to anyone with eyes. He could smell the testosterone and he breathed in deeply, his chest heaving a little which brought a few more sighs and moans from the onlookers but which he paid no attention to.

You sure know how to dance Mason

Thanks, so do you

Yeah, I kind of hate to…”

Me too, uh… shit, I need a fucking drink

I could use more than one

As they headed back to their table Mason could feel that something had changed between them both. He had this certain feeling that at some point later he would find out exactly just how big Chad was and if that bulge was really all meat or just stuffing. He licked his lips as the idea of grabbing Chad right then and there and stripping him made his groin pulse and ache even harder than it had been.

What you smiling about?”

Huh? Oh just wondering if that bulge is real or Parkay?”

Parkay? Oh funny bitch… its real. Want me to show you how real right now? Right here?”

Hmm, well I could think of worse places to find out, but I also think I’d rather find out where there isn’t so much of an audience, unless of course you like to have a ton of old farts drooling and smacking their lips while you prove your manhood to me

Prove my manhood hey? Hmm, sounds to me like you need a very private lesson in how to address those better equipped than you

Well, I am always one for higher learning, don’t know if you can come close to being a good teacher, but hell I am an equal opportunity type guy… I’ll give anyone a chance… if they got the balls

Chad stopped for a second, to look at Mason, to gauge whether or not this was just casual banter or if Mason was serious. He stared into the blue eyes and he could see the flames burning deep inside of Mason, and as he looked inside, he could feel his heart bursting outwards, attempting to engulf Mason in its grasp but it was still being held in check by his heaving chest. Mason was serious and now he had to figure a way to make it happen, to get Mark to let him welch on his agreement for later, so that he could take Mason up on his own offer.

Oh don’t worry Mason, I got the balls for the job

Guess we’ll find out later then

Guess so

For the rest of the evening, people kept sending the two dancers drinks. It felt rather nice to once more be the centre of attraction for so many people and he could tell that Chad was enjoying it as well. At some point they were having trouble keeping ahead of the drinks that kept arriving with one type of proposition or another but for which they both seemed to smile and ignore. Mason watched as Mark’s face at first was impressed by all the attention his little group was getting, but as the drinks continued and the senders seemed to become bolder, he became less enthused.

Mason could see that Mark was not happy and he sat back a little and realized that in many ways, Mark really wasn’t a bad sort. He wasn’t exactly a raving beauty, hell his weight proved that, but he didn’t really try to force his attentions on anyone. Sure, he liked his pleasures that seemed to involve a great deal of partying or was that maybe due to Chad? Damn, he was getting into one of his thinking moods, when all he really wanted to do was just forget everything.

Sitting back and watching, he could see the pained expression in Mark’s jowly face and for a brief time he was sure he saw tears welling up as he tried to talk with Chad. In many ways, he had thought that he and Chad were alike, and maybe they were. Mark was good to Chad; he paid for everything and looked after him in the same way that Cory had looked after him, which was somewhat weird when you thought about it. He really hadn’t minded that part all that much, and yet it was one of the reasons he used for dumping Cory.

The table was once more getting loaded down by drinks from would be suitors and Mason needed a break. He reached out to tap Chad and they headed back onto the dance floor during a slow song. It felt kind of nice to rest his arms around Chad’s waist and his head on his shoulders. That was one thing that he never did do with Cory, dance. Cory said he had two left feet but Mason really thought it was more that Cory was afraid it would tarnish his jock reputation.

Strange really, how he made such assumptions about Cory and yet really, when he sat down and thought on it, Cory never really came off half as bad as he had thought. Yeah, he did kind of take charge that one time, but he was right, Mason was in no shape to discuss it and even if he had, he was in no mental shape to decide the pro’s or con’s of such an action. George had hurt him, and it was because he had said no, so why was he so stuck on defending George now? For Christ’s sake his brother had raped him, then told a whopper to make his life even more miserable, and for what? Now, he was defending him? God, maybe he did need to see a shrink.

The feeling of Chad’s hot body next to his was intoxicating and his reflections on the right and wrong’s of his decision just didn’t seem important at the time. He knew that he would have to face it one day, and maybe that was another reason for him to really have left Cory. The more he stayed with Cory, the quicker he would have to face the whole issue of George and of what Cory did about him.

His mind wandered back to the young man in his arms, or more accurately the young man in whose arms he was, and he smiled as he realized that he really did enjoy slow dancing. The earlier wild dancing wasn’t his preferred style, but god it did arouse him but in a different way. He could feel his cock getting hard again as he started to concentrate more on Chad than on his rotten choices and decisions.

As his head lay on Chad’s shoulder, he was able to see their table and he could see Mark glaring over at him. That was strange, normally Mark seemed to like him but now he could actually feel the resentment coming from him as he danced with Chad. Was he that jealous or was there more to this evening than he had first thought? He felt uneasy as they twirled around the dance floor, in a sedate manner, that in itself was sensual and erotic. Chad had his hands resting on the small of his back and one on his right butt cheek and every now and then, he would squeeze the soft fleshy cheek.

Mark seems pissed

Yeah, kind of, he’ll get over it

That because of me?”

Well, yeah, but he’s also pissed cause all these old letch’s are sending us drinks, makes him feel insecure, guess he’s afraid I’ll find a better sugar than him

Is that what he is to you?”

Well like DUH, you don’t think I’d sleep with him for any other reason do you?”

Gee, I don’t know, maybe you are into fat people?”

Mason had said it with a smile, at the same time he pulled Chad’s body in a bit closer; to show he really didn’t mean it. Chad sort of chuckled and Mason could feel the ripple of suppressed laughter running through Chad’s body. It felt good to him and he could feel his pulse start to race a little faster.

Chad dug his hands into Mason’s fleshy butt cheeks and with surprising strength for someone of his build; he managed to force Mason’s body into his. His hard thick cock pressed hard into Mason’s groin and he ground his hips, making sure Mason could feel the thick organ and his state of arousal.

Does that feel like I am into fat people?”

Hmm, well I don’t know, guess you go either way? Haha

God, you are a bastard

I do try, so what are you going to do about Mark?”

I don’t know, I mean I guess he’s okay, but damn it, I want to see what I am feeling right now

Oh you do hey?”

Uh huh

I suppose I could whip it out here

God you are a pervert

Thank you, but you don’t need to flatter me, you already got the date


Oh that too, if you want

Haha, okay I surrender, you win, still doesn’t change anything though, I have to figure a way to get Mark calmed down

Mason was enjoying himself; the light banter was exactly what he needed. Nothing serious, he had enough of that to last two lifetimes already, what he needed and wanted now was to just have fun, to let himself do whatever he desired and fuck the consequences or the responsibilities. Thinking that it would be fun to play with Chad in bed, he knew he had to come up with something to keep Mark pacified. He pinched Chad’s bum and felt him push forward, his semi hard penis still hard enough to let him know it was there, which made Mason even more desirous for Chad.

You think Mark likes me?”

Huh? I don’t know, suppose so

No, I mean likes me as in I turn him on

Oh, shit yeah, I mean you got the looks Mason, why? Just what is going on in that blond head of yours?”

Well you aren’t the only one here who wants to see what he’s been feeling

Uh huh, so?”

Well, we could just go back to the apartment and have our fun in your room, and well, as long as the lights are off or just maybe a night light is on, well, who cares if Mark is there too?”

Hmmm, never thought of that, and besides, he does like jerking off, hmm, guess we could give that a try, but you sure? I mean he’d be there, he’d see it all…”

Well unless he’s blind I kind of figure he’d see… I mean shit, in a way it is kind of a turn on, I mean to know that when you are, well, uh, doing it… well that someone is sitting back there watching and getting off on you getting off, I don’t know, weird I suppose but well, it is an idea

While he had been telling Chad his idea, it made him tingle all over. His body was quivering to the idea of him having his butt filled by Chad’s hard dick while some guy was sitting there stroking his own meat. It made him shiver as he explained his idea to Chad and judging by the sudden hardening of Chad’s very interesting bulge, it seemed to make Chad excited as well.

Maybe George had been right when he said that Mason was a deviant, but shit, the idea of having some guy watching, while he got off, well it did make him feel rather hot and horny and hell, sex was what he wanted and if he could get it by simply letting some fat geek watch, why the hell not? Besides, Mark wasn’t a bad guy and it made sense to have him on his side rather than as an enemy. The other plus to him was that he also got what he wanted, which was to see if Chad really was as big as that bulge indicated and he did like ‘big’.

When the music switched back to a fast pace they headed back to their over burdened table. The drinks had piled up and he wondered if he could drink it all or if for the first time he’d actually leave full glasses behind. He decided that if he was going to be with Chad later, he might just as well pass some of the drinks on, he would hate to go through all this to wind up not being able to do his part later on.

Mason’s plan was a hit and the scowls and dirty looks ceased almost immediately. Mark even engaged Mason in some light conversation and Mason could see the desire in Mark’s eyes. Well, why shouldn’t he be happy? It wasn’t everyone who got to watch two hot guys getting it on, and if the outside packaging was any indication of what was underneath, then Mark was definitely in for an eyeful. He felt rather like a kid at his first date as he thought about it himself, and his cock was never far from total erection as he impatiently waited for the night to end so he could reach for that hard pulsing weapon that stuck out from Chad’s pants.


Part of him felt a bit like a tramp as he tried to keep his excitement under control. His whole body seemed anxious as if this was something new for him, like a kid on his first date, wondering if he would get a kiss at the door at the end. Funny, he used to feel that way each time he would wait for Cory to pick him up back home, yet it changed right after that one night. Instead of feeling giddy or excited, he felt apprehensive, almost as if he was afraid of having sex with Cory. He had tried to tell himself that he preferred a different type of sexual experience than what Cory could offer him, but that really wasn’t true. It was more like, he didn’t feel like he could be what Cory wanted, like he was damaged or something.

Mason shook the dark clouds away as they walked into the darkened apartment and Mark rushed towards his bedroom. He wanted to tidy it up for some reason, which brought a couple of smirks to both Chad and Mason’s faces. Tidy up? Like they weren’t about to make it messier? Chad had this wicked grin on his face and Mason knew he was feeling all the drinks he had downed just before they left. The cold air hadn’t helped either of them and yet Mark seemed untouched by the alcohol, even though he had actually out drank them both. Guess that was a reward for being fat.

It didn’t take long before Mark was motioning them to come into the bedroom and upon entering, Mason was surprised to find a rather large room, well furnished and actually quite neat. The big queen size bed had been turned down and dark shimmering sheets beckoned him and Chad. He walked over to find a small blue light on and he turned to see Mark watching. He looked actually nervous which surprised him and when he turned to look at Chad, he found that Chad was already stripping down, his shirt was off and he was in the midst of dropping his jeans. Talk about in a hurry, but then he could understand that himself, as his own body started to tingle once more.

The idea of just stripping and doing it was a bit weird for him, but as he stared at Chad’s flat chest and the bunched up baby fat on the stomach, he lost all reticence. He could feel the blood warming up inside of him and he licked his lips enjoying the sight of Chad’s 140-pound body. The long strawberry blond hair flowed so perfectly around his ears and neck, just long enough to reach the milky white flesh of his back, that Mason began to step forward. His fingers ached to run through the soft strands of hair while his eyes continued to marvel at the 21year olds wiry body.

While Chad pushed his discarded jeans to one side, and stood in the room clad only in his boxer shorts, Mason moved closer, tossing his own shirt off as the fever lust took hold of him. A thought of Mark being glued to the hot strip scene passed momentarily through his mind but was pushed aside by the idea of his own hot body crushing into the sweet young flesh of Chad. He looked down, into Chad’s eyes and he could feel the fire there, the deep heat as the fever took hold of Chad as well and he kicked his shoes off, then stumbling a bit forward, he hurriedly removed his socks, almost falling flat on his face in the process.

Chad reached out to hold Mason, and to stop him from kissing the floor. He couldn’t have that; he wanted those firm red lips to be pressed against his own mouth, not the floor. His eyes glanced over Mason’s slumped shoulder and back, to see Mark sitting down in the chair, opposite the bed and he saw that Mark had his shirt open and was pinching one of his own nipples. Well, he’d have rather not had an audience, but at least this way he did manage to keep Mark happy, and that meant free rent and parties.

The touch of Chad’s hands on his shoulder was like a match to dry kindling. He could feel the sudden fire bursting forth deep inside of him and his penis became rigid, almost like a 9 inch steel rod and it hurt, his groin suddenly feeling like it was set on fire, desperate to reach out. His eyes were focused on the large bulge before him and he could tell that the package was indeed real, that it was no mirage as he saw the hard outline of a long thick pulsing organ. He could see a growing wet spot where the bulbous head rested, jerking slightly, almost as if it was straining to escape the shorts.

Mason stood up and his eyes met the deep chocolate brown of Chad’s eyes and he felt the fire burn even hotter inside of him. Now his whole lower body ached, not just his groin, and his legs became weak as he reached out with his two hands to rest them around the thin waist of Chad’s 5 foot 7 inch body. The feel of his skin and its warmth made him shake a little and he could feel Chad reaching for his jeans, popping open the button in one quick motion.

He moved in closer as his jeans popped open and he felt them being hurriedly pushed downward. His own hands joined with Chad’s and in a second he stood up, devoid of his pants and his boxer shorts resting precariously on his hips, his belly button protruding outwards and his pubic hairs showing. His cock was hard, pressing straight out towards Chad’s own thick pole and the two tips met briefly as the two bodies came closer once again.

The feel of Mason’s dripping cock against his own fiery dick was almost too much for Chad and he groaned, bending forward so his face could turn up and his mouth reach Mason’s lips. Chad’s hot lips pressed eagerly against Mason’s mouth and he felt a jolt of electricity pass into his body, and he shook and jumped a little. His tongue darted out and passed between Mason’s lips and delved inside, to taste him and to feel him. Another groan passed his mouth as he reached out to hold the tall blond and bring his body crashing into his own body.

As Chad’s tongue played havoc with the senses in his mouth, he reached out with one hand, to run it down the firm belly and the soft cotton shorts to rest it against the throbbing organ inside. He felt its thickness and power and his hand grew hot and sweaty as he felt the pole shake to his touch, tremble to his fingers pressing through the cotton fibres.

They kissed briefly, as their lust grew too intense and they both struggled to quickly discard their shorts and with them both standing totally naked, they embraced each other, feeling the fire rise inside, feeling the urge overtake them and they began to sway as their legs trembled to the force of their wanton desire. Chad was the first to lose his balance and with a loud creak the two bodies bounced onto the large bed.

Mason could feel the sweat beading up on his forehead and all over his body as he felt the heat coming from the body firmly encased in his grasp. The touch of the young skin was making him dizzy as his heart pounded and his lungs ached for more air. Every limb of his body felt weak as the alcohol diluted blood struggled to keep its supply going, failing as numbness took hold over his long lanky legs. The tiny strands of blond hairs matted by the outpouring of sweat from his pores. His hard 9-inch cock pressed against the inner thigh and jerked as it dripped its sticky white cream, coating the side of Chad’s scrotum.

He could hear Mason puffing and his own body was feeling the strain as his hard thick cock rested briefly against Mason’s belly, the head dripping its own juice to mingle with Mason’s sweat. The touch of his body next to Mason’s was making him ache all over and the way his balls kept hurting, Chad knew he was getting close, his mind refusing to let it be wasted on just the soft outer flesh. He ordered his hands to move and with surprising speed and strength, he found himself suddenly resting on top of Mason’s prone body. His legs reaching to press apart the long legs and open the prized area of Mason’s buttocks. Somehow, he had managed to flip Mason onto his stomach, so his backside was facing Chad’s steamy body.

He looked over to the night table for some Condoms but couldn’t find any resting there, one hand prying open the soft white fleshy cheeks while the other stroked his hard 9 ¾ inch cock, bringing it to that final state of hardness he so desperately wanted. His mind was reeling, he couldn’t find any Condoms and instead of stopping, he found himself spitting on his hand, and then rubbing his saliva over the hot fiery cock head and he positioned himself, refusing to stop as Mason squirmed under his weight.

Mason felt Chad’s hands around him and could feel the urgent desire to lay him on his stomach and he moved with the force of the hands. He let his hands stray to the outside, to lay flat against the bed and he turned his head to one side, while he felt the sudden heat and pressure of Chad’s penis against his rear. His rectum started to ache with a sense of excitement and his breathing became shallow as he felt his legs being pushed apart by the hot fleshy thighs of Chad’s own legs. He could feel sweat dripping onto his lower back from Chad’s forehead and it only made him squirm more, his own body silently urging Chad on, the fever rising higher with each passing second. His own cock was wedged up against his stomach and the bed; already dripping gallons of hot sticky pre cum and it coated his skin, making his cock rub easier and more sensual as Chad pressed up against his buttocks.

The excitement rose as he heard the sound of Chad spitting on his hand and then the tell tale sound of it being spread along the waiting pole. His arms tensed and he felt his cheeks squeezing a little, clenching and unclenching, while his legs stretched out and moved away from Chad’s hot sweating body. His ears started to feel a rush or roar as he felt himself raise his hips slightly. He could feel the wet hot cock head resting on his one cheek, then it was pulled away and wedged in between his two quivering cheeks.

As the solid throbbing 2 inch thick cock was pushed down his love valley, he began to bite down and grind his teeth while his hands clenched, waiting for that first jolt of pain, praying it wouldn’t be too bad and yet at the same time wishing it would come faster. He suddenly saw an image of a grinning George then one of a sad Cory floated before him just as Chad plunged forward, making his hard throbbing cock a racing missile that quickly and painfully penetrated its target.

He cried out as the jolt sent waves of pain into his young body and he felt every nerve inside of him scream out in agony as the huge cock pushed its way inside. His whole insides felt like they had been torched as the heat of the hot weapon grew even hotter inside and it swelled even more, filling him fully and making his muscles stretch to what seemed like a breaking point. He cried out in agony, his voice trembling with the pain as he begged Chad to stop, his mind shocked by the sudden and painful entry of the huge cock.

The sound of Mason’s voice echoed in his ears but the words were unrecognizable as the lust took hold of him. Chad pushed even harder with each loud cry from Mason, his body thrusting forward so as to force the huge pulsing cock even deeper into Mason’s struggling body. He could feel the muscles desperate attempt to hold him back, but the strength of his throbbing 9-¾ inch cock was too much for them. The soft lining was too sensual for him and he could feel his head rocking as he ground his hips into Mason’s sweat soaked buttocks. The jiggling flesh only further enticing him as it rubbed against his pubic hairs and his full balls.

Chad could feel Mason’s muscles clenching in an attempt to stop his movement, and he swung his hips from side to side, as if to widen the entry and give his powerful cock more room to move inside. He felt the sweat pouring off his face and upper body as he placed his hands on the middle of Mason’s squirming backside, letting his full body weight rest on the arms as he continued to pull and push his hips into the young body. Each thrust, each pull brought a loud cry from Mason and made his body jerk and tremble. He could feel each tremor as it raced through Masons young sweating body and he swore that he could hear the sweat as it dripped onto Mason’s body, making a river of sweat that ran down his spine towards his buttocks, where it flowed down the deep valley between the cheeks to pour over his plunging cock.

His eyes opened briefly and he looked down to see the shimmering blond body shaking under his constant pounding. He saw it glitter in the dim light of the room and he felt the blood begin to drain from his limbs as he thrust forward with all of his remaining strength. His balls were digging into the root of his cock and he could feel them ready themselves to release his pure milk into the waiting cannon barrel of his throbbing cock. Chad began to tremble too, his legs no longer had any feelings left in them and his breath was short and shallow as his hips moved faster and faster, his hands barely holding his weight.

With each thrust, he came closer and the sound of his flesh slapping up against Mason’s body was echoing inside of his head. He could hear nothing else now except the harsh stinging sounds of wet flesh crashing into more wet flesh. The ache in his body grew and he felt the fever overwhelm him as his lust for Mason was in full control. His body had no will of its own, his heart answered only to the strange urges of his fever and his body continued to move faster and faster, until he felt that sudden pain in his groin, as his balls suddenly could no longer hold back the raging river of his cum.

Chad could feel his whole body shaking uncontrollably as he yelled out loudly, sending a harsh piercing cry into the night and his throbbing cock further and deeper into Mason’s inner sanctum than before. His cock head pushed aside the remaining remnants of Mason’s muscles, ripping them apart so that huge cock could plough inwards, and as it touched deep inside it started to jerk from side to side and in a second, a raging torrent of hot cum came flooding out.

The hot liquid shot inwards racing past the cock head to fill Mason’s body with its wet sticky feeling. It roared outwards and before the first of it could stop its motion, a second equally powerful explosion happened, sending even more of the hot liquid out from the sizzling penis. Mason’s body shuddered with each explosion and the muscles squeezed tightly against the hot throbbing cock, sticky cum starting to slowly seep backwards, easing the terrible pain of delivery.

The pain lanced upwards through his whole body like a bullet shattering glass. Tiny fragments breaking off to reach far and wide inside, making every part of his body feel the pain of the powerful penetration and then the harsh pressure of the ejaculation. He cried out, partly from the agony of the hard pounding, partly from the strange new feeling of pleasure that was taking hold of his body. His heart continued to race ahead and he could feel his own hard cock shaking and moving along his belly, his balls slung upwards to add to the growing ache and pain.

As the hot liquid seared his insides and filled his body, he could hear George telling him to relax, to let it happen, to order his muscles to unwind and then he saw the brief image of George, standing over him, his long hard cock stained by his blood dangling from between George’s legs. He cried as the image floated through his mind and the pain continued to rise, continued to fill his body with its terror. His muscles contracted, holding the jerking penis within, squeezing it as if trying to strangle it.

The tightening of his muscles added to the pain, as Chad continued to pump his ass with the throbbing jerking organ, the hot cum helping to let the huge cock slide in and out but Mason wanted to hold the cock, to keep it deep inside of him, to keep its warmth in him. He cried as the image of George now left him and he felt himself shudder as the cock came slowly down from deep inside of him. Chad’s body was almost resting fully on his backside, the arms no longer able to support the young body and the wet strands of strawberry blond hair rested on his neck and around his face. He could feel Chad’s deep struggling breaths as he started to push one last time with his hips.

Slowly the huge cock was being pushed back inside, still dripping fresh milk to be added to the river already flowing inside. The cock head still jerking slightly as it pushed forward, but no longer acting like a missile launcher as the power was gradually diminishing. Chad no longer could hold himself up and he rested on the sweating back of Mason, his hips barely able to power his cock forwards and as he struggled to breath he felt his cock stop moving, as it gradually too became exhausted.

With Chad’s body fully exhausted on top of his own quivering body, he felt his cock start to tremble and then he felt the warm flush of cum against his own stomach, his cock finally releasing the waiting milk. He groaned as his cum splashed against his own body and his legs trembled and shook.

Mark stared at the two sweat soaked bodies that were resting on his bed. His hand no longer a blur as it lay in his lap, covered in his own cum as he saw Chad struggling for air, Mason quivering as his heart tried to slow down from its fever pitch. Mark’s own breathing was gradually returning to normal as he just sat there, completely drained from the scene he had just witnessed. Chad had been right, this was well worth the price of a night out and he wondered if he couldn’t convince Chad to set up another night like this one, except maybe next time he could actually be a part of it all. God, to think of himself in the middle of those two made his spent dick twist and jerk a little, as if it too was feeling the excitement of such a thought.

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Wasted (1)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (1)

The sound of water gurgling made Mason twist a little and blink his eyes, as he slowly woke up from his deep sleep. As he rubbed the sleep from his eyes he could see the haunting image of George looming over his prostrate body, his eyes glittering and his mouth salivating as he came closer to Mason’s nude body, all stretched out on a hospital gurney. He could almost feel George’s heavy breath against his face and almost feel the rough hands as they reached down to his groin, and he rubbed his eyes harder, willing himself to come awake and end one more episode of his nightmare dreams.

He lay there, sweat soaking his young body as he struggled to push aside the crazy images of George and the various ways in which he could imagine his older brother coming for him, coming to teach him that family love was his duty, was his responsibility. In the past, he would open his eyes to find Cory holding him in his arms, and as he finally cleared the sleep from his eyes, he felt disappointed. There was no Cory next to him, no Cory holding his sweating body next to his, no soothing sounds of ‘It’s Okay Mason’ softly filling his ears.

The sadness grew inside of him as his heart became heavy with the realization that he would not be having that safe feeling anymore. He trembled a little, realizing that his nightmares were his own; there no longer would be a strong loving shoulder to bury his head in, to take away the pain and fear. He was alone, once more left to the dark thoughts of his mind. CHRIST, one day away from Cory and already he was becoming the basket case, he knew he was.

Angry with himself, he threw off the coverings, and sat up on the floor to take stock of just where he was. He glanced around to see his bags next to him, a sleeping bag had been tossed over him and he shivered a little, as he had no shirt on and it was cold in the room. Looking over he saw an unmade bed, linens strewn over the place and dirty clothes piled up next to it on the floor. As he slowly stood up, his bare feet feeling the cold floors he searched for his socks and shoes but found nothing in the room, not even his shirt.

His first few steps were painful and his head began to ache something fierce. He could feel the room spinning and he found himself staggering over to the bed, where he sat down and waited a second or two, for the room to stop spinning and for his stomach to go back down to his belly instead of being in his throat. God, he felt like he had been shit kicked and yet he really hadn’t had all that much to drink, well comparatively speaking that is. Mind you, mixing beer with Tequila shooters as well as Vodka, was not always a good idea, plus downing a few rum and coke’s would not help matters either.

Man, you look like shit

Huh? Oh Justin, gee thanks for the kind observation, fuck if look half as bad as my guts feel…”

Yeah well, you most likely do… the john’s back there if you need it, want some food?”

GOD NO! Sorry, no… this your room?”

Nope, its Chad and Mark’s love nest, can’t you tell by the stench of cologne and sweat? Hehe

Oh, don’t… I thought that was… oh shit I have to lay down, my head is killing me… they going to mind?”

Huh? Oh no, Mark’s already off to class and Chad is still passed out in living room, just don’t sleep on your stomach unless you want to wake up to a dick up your ass… Chad has a habit of just, well you get the idea

Yeah, thanks… maybe I can just crawl to my room, which is where by the way?”

Yeah, well, about that, guess we should kind of get that all cleared up, uh, I mean I guess it comes down to how much you willing to chip in towards the bills and all

Mason had managed to squirm his way back onto the bed, his head and back leaning up against the wall. The smell of dried cum was ripe where he was and normally it didn’t bother him, but he could feel his stomach doing summersaults with each breath. He also was feeling a bit edgy, the way Justin seemed to be hedging on his earlier pledge about moving in.

Yeah? I thought when we talked before, you told me I could crash here for about $250 a month, so, like what’s the score with that?”

Hey, don’t get all cranky on me, that’s the deal if you want it, I just wasn’t sure if you did, after all you did crash in here instead of my room…”

Uh, what’s that supposed to mean?”

Fuck man, you still drunk or what? The deal man, you pay $250 and crash with me in my room, I mean you don’t get your own room for that kind of dough, besides, you said you wanted to pay cheap rent so you would have more to party with, remember?”

The mention of having more money to party with struck a chord in Mason’s jumbled memory and he slowly started to remember some of the conversation. They had been out on the quad, smoking a few joints when Mason had told Justin he wanted to find another place to live, and Justin had volunteered to let him move in with him. Shit, now he recalled it, Justin did say something about sharing his room, for the right deal. Fuck, one of these days he’d have to stop trying to make decisions while stoned, it never did work out.

Sort of man, tell me more

Nothing more to say, really. If you don’t want to go through with it, I suppose we could work something else out, there is a vacant room we use to keep our other junk in, but I mean not for any $250, that’s for sure

Yeah, so, like what? We share the room or we sharing our dicks too?”

Justin looked at Mason from under his eyes. He had a habit of looking away from a person when he was on edge, or when he was trying to pull something and Mason recognized the look. He maybe hung over but he still could think, in a fashion and he waited for the answer, knowing that if it was yes, he’d be looking for another place to stay.

Well that would be nice, but, uh, no, it wasn’t part of the deal, it was simply we’d share the bed, with one rule, whoever had a date spending the night, the other one got to grab a piece of the floor, but like I said, if you want to throw in sharing your dick, I sure as fuck ain’t going to object

Cool, you really do have a thing for wanting to get into my pants don’t you Justin?”

Hey, what can I say, I like a nice piece of cock and ass, and yours is definitely up there in the choice department

God, I bet if I told you to come and suck it now you would jump

Hehe, yeah most likely, why? You offering?”

Yeah right… NOT. But, hey you never know, so where is ‘our’ room then? Hate to have Chad mistake me for one of his one night stands, and I hate sleeping with my hand over my ass

Mason spent most of the day sleeping it off, but every now and then he would wake up and reach out, looking for Cory’s warm body and when he came up empty, he could feel the heaviness grow inside of him. He knew that he had deep feelings for Cory, and yet a part of him resented those feelings. There was no explanation other than that he was a major fuck up, a complete ass who deserved shit and not someone like Cory, and yet Cory seemed to be stuck on him.

He knew that leaving Cory was the hardest thing he had ever done, well almost, the hardest had been saying ‘no’ to George when he first started seeing Cory, but that was sex, this was different. Somehow, he had to give Cory a chance at getting what he deserved, and that meant no ‘Mason’ in his life. God, how could the guy still like him, never mind love him after the crap he pulled in Memphis?

There was no doubt that he had been out of control there, and yet through it all Cory had stood by him, even when he had come home with two other guys and proceeded to kiss them and fondle them, right in front of Cory. Either the guy was a sucker for humiliation or he really did love him, and in his way, Mason had to admit he did love Cory, it was just, well, just he wasn’t good boyfriend material. George had seen to that, the way he had twisted everything up for him, but it wasn’t all George’s fault, he had played his role in it too. After all, he could have done something to stop George, he didn’t have to let George rape him every time he wanted, so really, if anyone was at fault, it was his own sick sense of need.

‘FUCK’ this was getting him nowhere, and he finally climbed out of bed and padded into the bathroom, where he stared at the image in the mirror. ‘God what a royal fuck up’ he thought, staring at his reflection and he wondered why God had even wasted his time in letting him be born. ‘I mean shit, I can’t even decide if I prefer to get raped by my brother’s monster dick or spend a life in the arms of a nice guy, I gotta be a complete jerk’ and with those thoughts he went and turned on the shower, to try and clear his fogged brain.

Without even taking his boxer shorts off, he stepped into the shower to try to clear up the fog inside of his head. The cold water hit him hard and he started to shake a little and blubber as he let the stinging needles bring him fully awake. The sound of a person entering the bathroom shook the last cobwebs away.

That you Justin?” he yelled

No, its Chad, who’s that?”


Cool, want some company in there?”


Okay, how about a beer then?”

Okay, be out in a second

Kay, I just gotta pee, flush it for me when you get out


Mason wrung his shorts out and threw over the top of the shower bar, letting them drip into the tub while he towelled off. He felt better now, the dark thoughts banished for the moment, but he knew they would be back soon enough, but for now, he was free of them and after a few drinks, he’d be rid of them for a while longer. Nothing helped much, but at least he could get some peace from the thoughts that plagued him all the time. Cory told him he should see someone, and he had answered that he was, he was seeing several people, Smirnoff, Johnny Walker, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, and even Captain Morgan. Cory had not been impressed but Mason thought it had been funny.

Hey you made it, thought maybe you had drowned there for a second, here, have a cold one

Chad tossed him a cold Bud and he flicked the top off and took a nice long pull of the beer. He sat down on the couch, his hair still dripping a little but he did feel better now, that first taste helping immensely.


No sweat, so hear you joining our band of drunks and perverts

Yep, okay with you?”

Yeah I got no problem with that, so, what’s the score with you and the jock? Thought you two were an ‘item’ as they say

Ancient history

Cool, so no classes or taking a ‘moving day’? Hehe

Moving day… yeah that sounds good, hell, I needed a break anyway, you?”

Haha, me? Nah I gave up on that shit ages ago, I just go from party to party man, the only way to spend your youth

Sounds like a plan

Yeah, so, want another brew? Here…”

Thanks, you got wheels? I gotta hit the liquor store and re stock

Yeah, I got a beater, but hell, I got a couple of 24’s so don’t sweat it, you can pay it back later

Thanks, I’ll do that

So, you and Justin… anything there?”

No, why?”

Well don’t want to step on any toes, …you up for some party action or too burnt from last night?”

Never too burnt, what do you have in mind?”

Well, I got some weed if you want, good stuff from Canuck land too, or if you really want to get in the mood, I got some great coke, really good stuff

Maybe later, for now I’ll stick to the suds

Cool, let me know though, I got primo stuff, not like some of that crap Justin winds up getting

Yeah I’ll keep that in mind, so anything brewing for tonight?”

Not much, I think Mark wants to hit the bar tonight, so I’ll most likely start off there, not sure if Justin is going to come or not, he usually can’t handle two nights in a row during the week, you wanna tag along?”

Maybe, have to check the finances first, don’t get any more till Monday

Yeah? Well, its Mark’s party, he’s buying

Oh? Well shit, in that case sure… he won’t mind?”

Nah, I’ll just squeeze his dick a little first, and he’ll be happy

Haha, yeah okay

Hey, it works, and he really doesn’t mind, besides, he knows how it is

Yeah? Well, that has to help

Uh huh, guess the jock didn’t hey?”

No, no he really didn’t, funny isn’t it? You would think he would have tweaked by now, oh well, you got another brew there? This is gone


Mason was feeling a bit guilty as the waiter brought him another run and coke drink and passed the bill over to Mark. Looking at Mark, he smiled, wondering what the guy was thinking, and then he shook his head, wishing that these constant doubts would just leave him alone, let him be so he could have some fun. Chad had been right, Mark didn’t object when he was told that Mason would be joining them at the bar, if Mark were buying. All he did was smile and comment how it would be great to be in the middle of two hot young studs.

The booze was having its effect on him and he started to loosen up, ignoring the feelings he was having, the guilt of taking advantage of Mark. Instead he could feel his chest swell a little, as he noticed how most of the bars’ elderly patrons kept glancing their way, their eyes fixed either on Chad’s trim young body, or on JT’s athletic frame, or even on his own svelte muscular body. No one stared at Mark, or Debbie, knowing that they were lucky only in being able to sit so close to such obvious prime boy beef.

Seeing all those old guys drooling over him and Chad and JT, it finally dawned on him why Mark was always footing the bills for Chad. He enjoyed the attention; he enjoyed having other’s fantasizing about Chad while he got to actually realize some of those fantasies. If to keep that hold, he had to pay for other’s fun, why not, this way he was the envy of a group that normally wouldn’t even look his way, let alone wish to be in his place.

Mark really wasn’t a bad guy, he was actually funny at times and he did have a sort of interesting shyness about him that was rather attractive. However, that was as far as it went, and Mason didn’t think he really was being prejudiced but he just couldn’t see himself having sex with Mark, there was just too much of him. He was surprised that Chad would actually, because Chad was even more of a society climber than he was, but then Mark did pay the bills, so that had to be the reason.

Maybe Chad did care for Mark, but he couldn’t actually enjoy doing him. After all, Mark was not tall, maybe 5 feet 9 inches at best and if you looked at him sideways, you were sure he was the same size as if you looked at him from the front. He had to weigh at least 180 pounds and he had several rolls on his stomach and his arms were beefy looking, no tone to them or muscle definition either.

As he finally began to unwind and let the booze take hold of him, he also started to realize a little of what Cory must of felt like. Maybe that was why he had taken so much shit from him, because he enjoyed having people staring at him, knowing that he was Mason’s lover and boyfriend. Sure, Cory always said it was because he loved him, but come on, what they had wasn’t love, least not in any sense that he understood. Hell, they hardly enjoyed sex with each other lately, but then too, that wasn’t Cory’s fault, it was just that he, Mason, was always too drunk to really get hard enough. Plus, well, he really didn’t feel like he was having sex with Cory, there just wasn’t the pain that he had experienced with George, and that was what love was supposed to feel like, to be painful, to know you had something in there, not all that warm stuff, that gentle shivering or quivering body shit.

Downing another rum, he signalled for a refill and wondered if he really was that fucked up or if maybe he just wanted a reason to feel the way he did? There were times when the touch of Cory’s hands on his naked body would send him shaking and he thought the whole world had exploded, it had felt that good, but ever since Cory had dealt with George, had ended forever his time with George, that had changed.

No longer did Cory’s hands make him feel special, or any of that other mumbo jumbo stuff, least not all the time. Instead, he would find himself wondering what George was doing now, or whom he was doing. Thinking like that would generally get him horny too, as he would find his mind replaying some of the more pleasant times with George, when he took his time, to slowly insert his huge monster dick up Mason’s ass, and yes, it hurt even then, but differently. It was more like the pain was a part of the love, part of George’s gift to him and if he really loved his older brother, well then he had to show him by taking that pain, so that George could give him all of his love.

Maybe he was warped, but it was how he felt and no amount of discussing it with some shrink or other do gooders would change that. He loved his brother, they were blood and if it hadn’t been for George, he would never have accepted being gay. Maybe it was just that you had to have some pain in order to know how lucky you were, and while George did go overboard at times, he couldn’t believe he meant to cause him harm.

Okay, his story to the doctor and clinic was a lie, but if you thought about it, he had to protect his own reputation too, not to mention the families, so who was Cory to have passed judgement on him? Cory didn’t know all the details, and besides, it wasn’t George who plied him with alcohol so he could cop a feel, that was Cory, so maybe Mr. Righteous himself should be the one who should go see a shrink, not him.

Man you looking angry, what’s up bro?”

Huh? Nuthin Chad, just thinking how Cory thought I should see a shrink… kind of pissed me off

Whoa, no fooling man, come on, let’s go show all these old farts what two hot studs can do on the dance floor

Yeah, why not

They started off slowly, just dancing like any two people did but as they shook, as their bodies heated up and the booze took a stranglehold on them, Mason could feel himself getting more into it, more desirous to really show the people around what it was like to be 6ft tall, 165 pounds of pure man with real blond hair flowing down to his shoulders. He began to gyrate his hips to make even the blindest old man go bug eyed with desire and Chad followed his lead.

Together they started to heat up the dance floor, their two young bodies moving as one, slowly going up and down each other, as if locked in a wild passionate embrace. Mason had his hands on Chad’s shoulders, pushing him down where Chad would then rub his face against Mason’s stomach, then down his crotch and then down one side of his leg, then he would move over to the other leg, raising his head now upwards, once more passing the crotch and then the stomach and then he would bring his own young lithe body inwards. Chad would crush his pelvis forward, grinding his groin into Masons own solid crotch.

They danced wildly, making the sexually provocative scene from the movie ‘Dirty Dancing’ looks like a kids dance. They would have there hands clutching at the others buttocks, squeezing the hard flesh and making the body’s join together that no one thought two people could do on a dance floor.

Mason could feel his desire for Chad growing as they danced and he knew that he was definitely turning on Chad. Each time that Chad’s body would crush into his own, the hard press of a very substantial dick would press into his belly and he could only imagine the size of that cock as he would try to press his own 9 inch wonder weapon into Chad’s stomach, to make him feel his own hot desire and wild passions. The music grew hotter and their dancing became even more intense. His body started to sweat and he could feel his shirt sticking to his hot flesh as they danced wildly. No one else seemed to want to dance, all they wanted to do was watch the unexpected floor show of two hot boys as they enticed each other with their young flesh.

Chad’s body was shorter and he moved quicker, but you could see his jeans being stretched hard now by the bulging cock inside. The older men in the bar were all crowding around the edge of the dance floor to catch as much of the shots as possible. Mason could feel their eyes burning into his body as he would swing his hips to cover up the thick bulge, and it was as if he could hear them sigh each time he did that, and he got a large smile on his face each time.

The sight of Mason smiling every now and then was making Chad feel very horny. His cock was pressing through his jeans like a god damn jack hammer and he could feel hs body aching to have that young body pressed up against his own naked body. For a brief second he felt like just dumping his clothes and yanking on Mason’s jeans so he could drill his butt right then and there but he knew that Mason wouldn’t go for that, least not right now. As he danced, as he felt Mason’s hot hands caress his backside, and then squeeze his buttocks, digging the fingers in deep till they touched bone, his cock started to jerk inside of his pants. His balls were full and they started to ache in a way he had never really felt before and he swore that if Mason smiled one more time he really would fuck his ass there and then, and to hell with the consequences.

Mason could feel Chad’s desires, feel his need for him and it made him feel like he was special. He could almost read his mind, and each time he ground his hips into that hard throbbing bulge, he could feel Chad groan and a sort of glazed look would come into his dark eyes. Shit, every time he stared into those dark chocolate coloured eyes, he could feel his heart melting a little, wondering what it would be like to have Chad take him, right there on the dance floor in front of everyone, but he knew he couldn’t do that, least not now.

Both of them were sweating like pigs, pools of water were flowing down their bodies onto the dance floor. Their shirts were so wet that they clung clearly to every rippling muscle in both chests. Mason could feel the eyes on him and Chad and it made him dance even closer, draining him of his fluids as his body continued to ooze nothing but sweat. His state of arousal was becoming a problem for him too, he could feel his own hot sticky pre cum oozing from the slit in his hard cock and he knew it was adding to the wetness around his groin.

Chad had never felt so overwhelmed by another male as he was feeling right now dancing with Mason. His body ached for more and his heart was pounding, praying that this night would end in a wild passionate explosion. His mind could think of nothing but how hot Mason looked and felt. His body ached in spots he never thought could ache, and the excitement only increased with each thump of the music.

Once more, the music changed its tempo and slowly it began to die out, as the DJ simply couldn’t handle it any longer. He was feeling too aroused himself and he could see how everyone was being mesmerized by the two young men, as they gyrated closely, their bodies mere extension of some deep hidden desire. It was almost like a mating dance, the way the two had danced together and he could feel his own dick pushing at his pants and he needed a chance to hit the men’s room and relive that burning ache in his crotch.

The music had been stopped for several seconds before either Chad or Mason realized it. They had been so lost in their feelings, their awakened passions, that the empty sound and collective sighs of those watching didn’t even phase them. As the end of the music finally dawned on them, Chad reached across and kissed Mason very lightly on the lips. He could taste the salt from all the sweat and he felt his body quiver as his own lips pressed briefly against Mason’s.

Don’t know much about this one, other than his name is Kai and he is one of the models from HM Boys.


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