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Unwanted (2)

Part (2)

‘Aren’t you the smart one, then.’

‘No, if I was, I’d have figured it out.’

‘Then what?’

‘How the fuck do I know? Look, I don’t get it, why did you have to tell me, why couldn’t you just keep it to yourself?

Josh stared up at Bradley, saw the hurt in his face, along with the growing anger. It was a question he had been asking himself, without any success of having an answer.

‘I dunno, figured we were friends.’

‘Yeah, so?’

‘I guess, I dunno, just thought friends shouldn’t have secrets.’

Bradley just glared at him, his face constricted, the thin lips made even thinner by how he was staring, at how his muscles looked so tight. The eyes were narrow slits, no sparkle in them that Josh had admired so much. The way his body was being held, made him cringe a bit, his back leaning as far as it could into the trunk of the tree.

He couldn’t explain it, but then, he never could. Maybe it was just wishful thinking, figuring that somewhere out there, was a friend who would understand, who would accept him for who he was, not what he was.

‘That’s crazy, no such thing as having no secrets.’

‘I know.’

‘Well if you know, why the fuck did you tell me? You think maybe I am the same as you, some sicko?’

Josh was tired, drained, by the way Bradley said it, made his blood boil. He felt like he had enough of the whole thing, wishing that Bradley would just shut up and leave. This was his spot, he didn’t invite him here.

‘I am not some sicko, as you call it.’

‘Yeah? Well what would you call drooling over other guys, wanting to suck their dicks, and God knows what else.’

Josh stood up. He brushed some of the dirt off his pants, and looked at Bradley. There was no mistaking how he stood, his hands to his side, the fists clenched. It was like Bradley expected he had gotten up to fight him or something.

‘So? It’s okay for some chick to suck a dick, but not another guy? Okay for guys to fuck a chick up the ass, but not another guy? Why? Tell, why is it wrong?’

‘Why? Fuck, because it is another guy, that’s why.’

‘That makes no sense, and you know it.’

‘Because that’s just how it is, it’s the way God set things up’

‘Oh, right, since when did you become so religious.’

‘Hey I believe in God, so I don’t go to church or whatever, doesn’t mean I am some pervert, or sicko like you.’

Josh could almost feel his hatred, as he spoke to him. The way his eyes never grew, but seemed to be just tiny slits, focusing all the hatred to strike at him. It was real, there was no mistaking that, and yet, he still liked him. Odd, how he could still feel something for him, when all he could do was stand there, telling him how sick he was, because he was Gay.

‘And because I like guys, you think I don’t believe in God? Man you are the one who is sick, not me.’

He knew he was never going to win this argument with Bradley, and that was that. Josh felt his body sag, felt his heart sigh as the realization of the futility of his life, came through, making him shudder.

‘Why did you come here? You made it clear how you felt, so what, you here to call me more names, what?’

They stood there, staring at each other. Josh couldn’t help but notice how Bradley stared, the eyes narrowed and angry. His face look pinched, as if he was in pain. That was how angry he looked, and frankly, Josh never could understand why. Okay, so they didn’t like gays, he didn’t like lots of things, but it never got his blood boiling, like it seemed to do with guys like Bradley.

‘to make sure’

‘make sure? Make sure of what? That I am gay?’

‘No, that you made clear, I want to make sure you know I am not that way, that I don’t want you to think of me, in that way. Fuck, it makes me sick to just think about it.’

‘Then don’t fucking think about it, besides, I never said I thought of you that way, so don’t go flattering yourself.’

‘Bullshit, I ain’t blind nor stupid.’

‘So you keep saying, but you sure as fuck are showing just how lame you really are, and I was wrong, thinking you were a nice guy.’

Bradley took a step closer, his hands balled up, his body rigid with anger, as he glared at Josh. For a moment or two, Josh felt like he had gone too far, but he no longer cared. It didn’t matter what Bradley did, or didn’t do to him. He had been beaten up before, been yelled at, spit at, and he couldn’t care less anymore. It was nothing new.

‘You are asking for a shit load of trouble, I mean it.’

‘Christ, won’t be the first time some redneck beat me up, so do your worst, but this time, I won’t just let it happen. I have had enough of your kind Bradley, I am not going to just roll over and let you beat me, so go for it, show me how fucking tough you are.’

‘You are crazy’

‘No, just fucking tired of the bullshit, so come on, do it and stop the yapping. You know how much you want to prove what a big man you are. So do it, I am not gonna run away, but I am not gonna just take it either, so come on, get it over with.’

Bradley glared even more. His entire body seemed like it would explode, as Josh watched the hatred growing. It was almost like he could reach out and touch it, and yet at the same time, he felt so dejected. He never understood the reasoning behind wanting to beat up someone, because you didn’t like them.

He wasn’t brave, but he was tired. He knew that standing up this way was just asking for a worse beating, than if he’d kept his mouth shut, but fuck it, he had thought Bradley was different. He had fucked up thinking that, but he wasn’t going to run. Not this time, not anymore.

‘Christ, you one of those queers into pain or something?’


‘Then why, you fucking know I can whip your ass.’

‘So, do it.’

The hands fell down a bit, the fists seemed to relax as Bradley stared. Josh wasn’t sure what was going through his ex-friend’s mind, but something was changing. He didn’t know what, but he wasn’t about to back down. He had made up his mind, which for him, was something. There was no explaining his mood, as he stared back, acting unafraid despite the queasy feeling in his gut.

‘You ain’t worth it’ Bradley said, then turned and walked away. His back said more to Josh, than anything. As he watched the young man walk further away, he felt his body shaking, as the ordeal seemed to be over. It was odd, but he felt a bit sad, disappointed even. Maybe he was some sort of closeted pain nut, or maybe he had wanted the confrontation?

He stepped back, as the last of Bradley disappeared among the far off trees. Josh could still hear his footsteps, wishing he could call him back, could explain how he felt about guys, so that Bradley would understand. It wasn’t a choice, it was how he was, it was who he was. Why couldn’t people get that? It was no different than how they liked woman, it just was that way, so why couldn’t they accept how he felt about another guy?

Josh felt the tree behind him, felt himself slowly sink down to the cold earth. Fallen leaves rustled, as he tried to figure out the meaning of life, which is why he never heard the added rustling from behind. He just sat there, wondering why life was so complicated for him, why so many simply hated him, without even knowing him. Fuck, even those who did, suddenly hated him when they found it, and it made no sense to him.

‘Hey Chris, the fag is here, after all.’

The voice had a nasty ring to it, and despite the surprise of hearing it, he felt the chill racing up and down his spine. He knew that voice, knew who Chris was too, which only made him quiver a bit more, inside. He tried to push himself up to his feet, but Jack’s foot was suddenly resting against his chest, keeping him down.

‘What the fuck do you want?’

‘Chris wants to talk to you, you got any objections?’

Josh felt a bit hesitant. Why would Chris want to talk to him? The guy was a real jerk, the son of the apartment manager, and a real asshole, or at least that was his impression of him. He and Jack were always hanging out together, and always seemed to have a beer in one hand, a cigarette dangling from their lips. Worse, they were always telling  sick jokes about gays and African Americans. It was obvious they didn’t like either, which only made him more nervous.

Chris’s dad never seemed to care either, almost as if he believed in the sick crap Chris would spew, with Jack nodding his agreement. Chris never seemed to have anything good to say about blacks, Arabs, Jews, or gays. Hell everything he said was always said with a sneer, a scowl on his face, which made him look menacing. Josh didn’t know what Chris wanted with him, but he doubted it would be pleasant.

He couldn’t figure out how he knew he was gay either. Unless Bradley has told them, which might explain why Bradley left. Why beat him up, if he knew Chris & Jack would do it for him. Keep him out of trouble, while still getting even. Christ, what had he gotten himself into, as he once more tried to get up, but was pushed back by Jack’s foot.

‘Aren’t you the anxious one, now fucking stay down, or else.’

There was no mistaking the threat, or what ‘or else’ meant. He felt the fear in his throat, as the bile kept coming up, threatening to make him retch.

The noise of another person coming closer made them both turn their faces towards the close by thicket of brushes. He saw the branches part, and there stood Chris.

At times, he thought Chris would be cute, if he would just stop scowling so much. That would be a miracle, as he saw him approach, that evil sneer plastered across his thin pale lips. God, how nasty he looked, dressed in a dark olive green parka, olive green work pants, tucked into the tops of black work boots. Josh felt frightened, by the way Chris pushed the last branches aside, and stared down at him. That grin only added to his fear.

‘Well, well, look at what we have, our own little prissy boy. Nice work Jack, and he’s already down in the muck. How fitting.’

‘What do you want Chris?’

Josh didn’t know how he found his voice, but he had. His eyes had looked around, knowing that he didn’t stand a chance of getting away, least not without a fight. Somehow that seemed to calm him down, as he tried to think, to figure out a way to maybe surprise the two, so he could run off. Problem was, Chris and Jack were blocking the only way out. To go the other way, would mean going further into the woods, which wasn’t such a smart move, not with those two on his heels.

He waited, not sure what was going to happen, though he was fairly certain it involved him being hurt. Damn, how the fuck could Bradley have done this to him? There was no doubt in his mind, that these two were here, thanks to Bradley.

‘Shut up faggot, you speak when I say.’

‘Yeah shut up, or else’ Jack echoed, grinning like he was hoping for Josh to answer back. He almost did, but bit his lower lip, still thinking of how he could maybe take off, go into the woods, then try and circle back, while they kept chasing him deeper into the woods.

‘I don’t like faggots, they are so creepy, don’t you think so Jack?’

‘Fuck yeah, they are creepy, always staring at guy’s crotches, hoping for a look see, maybe they are jealous, what cha think Chris, think they are jealous of our dicks, of how we know how to really use them?’

‘Nah, they just want to have our dicks, it’s part of their weirdness, they just like cock, don’t you faggot?’

He stared at Chris, not sure what to say, wondering if he could just push up, get Jack off balance, then take off away, he might be able to circle around, get back to town. But then what, they knew where he lived.

The pain was sudden, as he felt the kick in his guts, and his eyes glazed over for a second, as the pain worked its way through his whole body, making him grunt.

‘I asked you a question faggot. You like cocks, any cocks, right?’


‘Hear that Jack, just like I said, he likes cocks.’

‘Yeah, I heard, kind of gross that.’

‘Yeah, some guy liking a cock, you like my cock faggot?’

Josh stared up at Chris, saw the snarl, wondering where this was all headed. ‘No.’

‘Oh, you hear that Jack boy, he doesn’t like my cock. You prefer Jack’s dick, is that it?’

‘No, I, leave me alone Chris, I am not into you or Jack, just leave me alone.’

‘Oh, listen to that Jack, he’s not into us, how come pussy boy, we too much man for you?’

‘I, look, I just am not, okay?’

‘I don’t believe him, do you Jack?’

‘No, I think he’s lying, he’s probably aching for our dicks, that’s all his kind dream of, having a real man’s dick.’

‘Yeah, but no real man is gonna give him that, isn’t that right faggot?’

Before he could think of how to answer, he saw Chris’s foot move forward, saw the flash as it moved, and then felt it, as it hit him squarely in the thigh. He moaned, and fall over a bit, managing to put his arm out to stop him from falling completely over. Then he felt the earth against the side of his face, and the pain lancing up from his arm, as Jack had kicked it, making him finish the fall over to his side.

Another kick, from Jack, landed in his stomach, making him lean back, onto his back. He saw Chris move in closer from the other side, that evil grin looking even more menacing than before.

‘Now Jack, you know, he can’t help himself. Maybe we shouldn’t be so greedy.’

Josh heard the laugh and turned to stare up at Jack, who was close by, his foot twitching a bit, as if it wanted to strike out again. He cringed a bit, hearing the sound of a zipper being pulled down. Turning his face, he saw Chris had unzipped his pants, and had one hand inside the opening.

‘You are right Chris, look at how he’s looking at your crotch, man, he can almost taste it, I bet.’

‘Ha, yeah, but don’t you know fag, real men only pull their dicks out to fuck a nice hot pussy, or take a piss? And you ain’t got no pussy.’

He heard Jack laughing, as he saw Chris pull his dick out from under his pants. It was soft, but still looked like it could be above average in size. His mind was calculating the size, while his eyes took it all in, not sure what Chris was up to. The words didn’t register, as he saw the uncut dick staring at him. The foreskin was partially pulled back, and then he realized what Chris was doing.

The stream of amber liquid came sputtering out at first, then turned into a steady stream of liquid, that struck him on the chest. He could smell it too, the smell of urine, as Chris moved the cock a bit, the piss now striking him in the face.

He felt the sting, felt the heat too, as the hot piss splashed across his face, and his eyes. It burned a bit too, as Chris began laughing, joined by Jack’s hideous squeal of joy too.

‘Come on Jack, give the fag your piss, looks like he enjoys piss.’

He tried to turn his face, but the quick kick of Jack’s boot into his side, made him stop. It also made him groan, and as he let out the sound of his pain, he felt the bitter salty taste of urine, make its way in. He gagged on the taste as Chris only began to laugh even louder.

‘He likes it Chris’

‘Looks that way.’

The stream of hot piss began to stop striking his face, as he coughed, gagging on what had managed to trickle into his mouth. He felt his stomach turning, as he reached up, to wipe off his face, with the back of his arm.

He felt another kick, in his other side, and he turned his face, to see Chris glaring at him. His eyes were dark, filled with hate, worse than anything he had seen in Bradley’s face, just a few minutes earlier.

‘You ain’t done fag.’

‘Jack, you stand over the queer, and you listen up Josh boy, Jack here, he’s gonna give you more of what you want.’

‘I don’t…’ another kick landed, making him gasp for air.

‘Shut up and listen. You open your mouth, take Jack’s piss, and maybe, we won’t beat the crap out of you, maybe we will have had our fun, for now, got it?’

‘I got it’

‘Good, now open your mouth.’

He did as he was told, opening his mouth, then wider, at Chris’ urgings. Josh could smell Jack, feel his body hovering over his crotch, then he heard the zipper go down, knowing Jack was reaching inside, and at what was to come. He closed his eyes, and his fists grabbed a handful of leaves & dirt, as the first of Jack’s hot piss struck his mouth.

‘Wider faggot, don’t want you to miss a drop’

He obeyed, as the hot liquid filled his mouth, burning his lips, and making him gag.

‘Swallow it you fucking pansy’

Josh did as he was told, gagging and nearly retching, but he did as he was told, hoping that they would leave him alone after, hoping that Jack had taken a piss earlier, and would be soon done. The taste was salty, worse than what he had tasted from Chris, but he continued to swallow, afraid not to, afraid to.

His stomach was doing flip flops, as the liquid dribbled out of the corners of his mouth, as he kept swallowing, tasting the salty fluid. His eyes were watering, as Jack seemed to have an endless supply of piss, most entering his open mouth, though some managed to catch him in the eyes.

He could feel the bile, feel his stomach rearing up, and before he could even try to hold it back, he felt his face lurch forward, his guts emptying. His puke came rocketing outwards, catching Jack by surprise, with most of his vomit flowing across his outstretch body, but nailing Jack’s pant legs.

The outrage was unreal. The screeching voice, shouting damn, nearly made him go deaf from its high pitched roar. His body bucked, as he once more heaved the contents of his stomach outwards. The sweet smell of vomit, only adding to his discomfort, as well as signalling a continuation of his puking.

The laughter made him wince, even as his stomach continued to twist and turn. He felt like he was in a washing machine, at how his whole body seemed to be swirling around. He felt dizzy, as Chris’s voice cut Jack’s whining voice off.

‘He doesn’t like your piss Jack.’

‘Seems so Chris, ain’t that a shame, for him.’

‘Yeah, but hell, we should have known, fags are fags, they just can’t handle anything from a real man, including our piss.’

‘Guess so.’

‘Well we did try, gave him a chance to not get the crap beaten out of him.’

‘Yep, more than he deserved.’

‘That’s so true, well Fag, time for you to pay the price for wasting our time.’

Josh felt the kick, from Jack, and tried to pull away, which only seemed to make them both laugh even harder. Another quick kick to his leg, made him cry out, pushing himself backwards, trying to get to his feet, but failing.

Again the pain came, this time followed quickly by a second jolt, as first Jack kicked out at him, then Chris. He cried out, still trying to get away, still only succeeding in making the two laugh louder, and harder.

Just as he tried to gird himself for the next round of blows, he heard the voice, realizing that someone else had suddenly joined their little party. He felt his lungs ache, sucking in air, as the kicks didn’t come. Instead he could sense the two had turned around, to face the voice, caught off guard by its sudden appearance.

Josh tried to open his eyes, to see who had shown up, as the voice had sounded like it was coming out of some fog. The words were not recognizable, as he wondered if another of Chris’s gang had shown up, to join in the party.

To be continued…



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Part (2)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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The Motel

The Motel

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (-)

Michael WiickKaylan pulled the car into the snow covered parking lot. The sign had said ‘no vacancy’ but he didn’t care. Besides, the only car in the entire lot was his, and no lights were on in any of the Motel units, other than the office. He figured whoever owned it, simply threw the sign on, figuring no one would be coming anyhow.

He sighed, as he sat there, staring out at the falling snow, unwilling to leave the comfort of the warm car, for the cold outside. It wasn’t that far to the office door, but he was tired, exhausted from the stress of driving in the blizzard. It had been stupid to have headed out in this weather, but he just couldn’t stand being back there, at the family home, listening to their snide remarks, their little digs at him.

Despite his successes, being a Harvard graduate in business, at being his own successful boss at just twenty nine, didn’t seem to count for much with his family. Whether it was his cousin with his tart of a wife, or his own sister with her constant jibes, they all seemed incapable of giving him any credit for his successes.

The final straw was his mother’s latest, Charlie. Man what a prick the guy was, so charming, so oily, so fake. He hated the guy the first time he met him, and tonight’s little shin dig didn’t erase those earlier feelings about the man. If you could call him a man, hell the guy was older than Kaylan, but only by a year and a bit. Still he acted like he was the Patriarch of the family, when truth was, he was his mother’s boy toy.

He was a fine one to talk, and Kaylan had let him have it, the instant the jerk had said that Kaylan’s success was not about luck, not about intelligence either, but was more about how he used his dick, to get what he had wanted. Like he should talk? Man it had frosted him, but what felt worse, was how everyone around had agreed.

None of them acknowledged how hard he had worked, to get into Harvard, and on a scholarship. None of them had accepted that he had spent long hours, day in, day out, to pass and to work at his own dreams, at making them come true. None of them, not even that sanctimonious Priest who always kept staring at Kaylan’s crotch.

What a fucking waste of time this had been, and here it was, Christmas Eve and he was at some rinky dink motel, trying to get out from a storm, all because his family was a bunch of spoiled snobs, and homophobes. It wasn’t like he brought any of his partners home, unlike his cousin Jeremy, who always showed up with some new bimbo, or the one his cousin Marty actually married, yet they always made it sound like he was some sex maniac.

Looking over at the office, he sighed, feeling his resentment inside, feeling the fire inside of his whole body, from the way he let them get to him. He knew better, knew that any family gathering would be filled with innuendo, if not outright insults. Yet he still kept showing up to them, like a moron.

Okay so he was approaching thirty, and as of yet, hadn’t found anyone. Not like it would matter much, because even if he did find someone to share his life with, not like they could get married. That sucked, but in some ways, not as much as having to attend all these family gatherings, that were more like some Grand Inquisition.

He pushed his car door open firmly, his anger taking hold, as he let the cold winter air try and cool him off. He stood up, and realized how much heavier the snow was falling, in the short time. There was no way he could further, even if he wanted to. Stomping his feet, he pushed through the small pile of snow, to yank open the Motel Office door.

A bell jangled as he walked in, feeling a blast of warm air, scented with pine. It felt good, as he stomped his feet free of snow, at the front. His muscles relaxed a little, and the frown on his face eased a bit, as he heard someone moving around in back. He waited, looking around at the bare office.

They obviously didn’t get many visitors, as even the rack of pamphlets seemed sparse. Still it was better than sitting the storm out in the car, and maybe freezing to death. He felt tired, more than he wanted to admit, as he waited for someone to come out. It was like they were taking their time, and he was about to call out, when the curtain that led to the back was pushed aside, and a tall young man came out. A gust of warm air came rushing out as the man stepped into the office, letting the curtain close behind.

He had dark hair, with a rather tussled look to it. His shirt looked like he had just tossed it on, as the buttons weren’t quite lined up right. Kaylan couldn’t help but stare at the man. He had a slim build, sort of like a swimmer. The way he moved reminded him of a Ballet dancer. So graceful, so effortlessly, that he couldn’t help but also check the rest of him out.

Kaylan noticed that while he was checking the guy out, the favour was being returned. There was no mistaking how the younger man’s eyes immediately moved down to check out his crotch, which only made him feel warmer. His body twitched a bit, as the man came up to the front desk, a small smile on his lips as he asked if he could help. Maybe he was too tired, but after the time with his family, it almost sounded like he was being propositioned.

For a second, he wanted to say that he most definitely could, and not for a room for the night, either, but he restrained himself. Instead he simply asked for a room, until the storm eased up. The younger man stared at him for a second, as if the request was a new one. It was almost as if he didn’t understand, which was odd, but all he wanted, was a room.

The younger man stared out past Kaylan’s shoulder, at the white swirling snow, then gave a low whistle. It was as if he hadn’t even known it was snowing, until now.

‘Uh, gee, we are closed, don’t think we have any heat on in the rooms.’

‘Can’t you turn it on? I mean look at it out there, I barely made it here, no way I can drive any further, not until the storm lets up.’

‘Yeah it is rather nasty out there, uh, let me check, won’t be long.’


Kaylan watched the young man move back behind the curtains, enjoying the way his butt moved until the curtain blocked his view. He could hear some muted voices in the back, and he wondered how old the guy was. At first he thought he couldn’t be more than nineteen or twenty, but then he revised his estimate, thinking he was much younger. Like what would someone his age, be doing here in the middle of nowhere?

He was lost in thought, and didn’t notice the curtain move, and a figure come out from behind it. It startled him when another more husky voice broke his thoughts. Glancing up there was an older version of the young man standing be the counter, the younger version hanging by the curtain.

‘You looking for a room?’

He felt like saying something snarky, because why else would he be in the stupid office, with it snowing like hell outside? Instead he just nodded, as he noticed the older man look back at the other, then stare down the register on the desk. It looked a bit faded, blank & dusty.

‘The rooms have no heat, we are closed for the holidays.’

‘So your friend there told me, you aren’t seriously suggesting I try elsewhere, are you?’

‘Huh? Oh that’s my kid brother, Garrett, he showed up from College, which really isn’t important. I guess I am trying to think of a way to help you out.’

‘Can’t you just turn the heat on?’

‘Uh no, not really.’

‘Why not?’

‘Well we close the place down around mid November, don’t re-open till February, and well, we shut the power off to the rooms, at the main.’

‘Oh, don’ they have a fireplace or something, space heater or something?’

‘No power for space heaters, and no, no fireplaces, other than the one in back. Look, uh, we got a couch, it isn’t much, but well, it’s all we got.’

‘I’ll take it, how much?’


‘How much, to sleep on your couch?’

‘Geez, I can’t charge you to sleep on our couch, wouldn’t be right.’

‘Thanks, sorry, it’s been a rough night.’

‘Must be, to be out in that weather, guess Garrett & I sort of been, uh didn’t realize it had gotten that bad out there, uh, if you wanna come back, you can warm up more by the fire.’

Something about how the guy acted made him a bit nervous, but he didn’t care. It was warm and no snow, and it wasn’t like he had a choice. Following the older brother inside, he noticed a rather spacious room behind the curtain. The roaring fire filled the room with its warmth, and a strong smell of pine. He sighed, as he walked over to it, to let it warm him up.

The younger man, Garrett, fell down into a big chair, that was off to the side, and just stared at him, while the older brother went further back, into another room. He gave a quick shout for Garrett who sprung to his feet and followed. As he reached out, to let the fire warm his hands, he noticed how the room was rather bare.

The chair to one side was one of those oversized leather one’s, another was opposite, and a rug was spread in front of the fireplace. The fireplace was rather large, and as he warmed up, he began to let his eyes explore his room for the night.

The couch itself looked rather large, more oversized than normal, which would mean he could maybe stretch out. It certainly looked like it might be comfortable, for the night. The lamps on the end tables were rather old fashioned, and he noticed a couple of bottles of beer on one.

He figured the brother’s must have been having a quiet drink together, until he interrupted them. That made him grin, as he recalled how dishevelled Garrett looked when he came out front. He had to stop letting his imagination get the better of him, or he’d screw up, say something, that would get him tossed out, or worse, beaten up. The older brother certainly looked like he could do that, as he was much more muscular, than Garrett.

‘Care for something hot?’

The voice surprised him, but his mind immediately began thinking of a nice uncut dick, though he was certain the voice had meant something else. Turning around, he stared at Garrett, who was holding a steaming mug of something.

‘Sure, whatcha got?’

‘Huh? Oh, uh, hot rum?’

‘Thanks, that would be great.’

The younger man handed him the mug. When his finger brushed his, he felt a sort of tingle inside, and the way Garrett looked down, made him wonder even more, as he took his first sip. There was no mistaking it had rum in it, as he coughed a bit. The noise brought the older brother out, who scowled.

‘Damn it Garrett, don’t go getting the visitors drunk.’

‘Hey, I only put in what I do for you.’

‘Yeah? Well don’t.’

‘Hey, it’s fine, I like my drinks strong, just wasn’t expecting it, is all.’

‘Yeah? Well, you have to watch my little brother, he’s got a streak in him.’

‘Hey, stop calling me little, I am bigger than you.’

‘Not in everything little brother, not in everything.’

Kaylan coughed again, as he stared at the two. No way, he thought, could he be that lucky, but there was no mistaking the looks the two were giving each other. There is no doubt that the older brother was larger, in frame, in height, and certainly he weighed more, so it was obvious to him, what Garrett had to be referring to.

He couldn’t help but glance down, to check out the packages, of the brothers. Taking another sip, he felt it warming his insides, or was it the sight of those two brothers, and their banter that had him feeling rather hot?

‘Like what you see?’

‘Huh? I uh, sorry, what?’

He felt his face flush, as he realized the older brother was staring right at him, with a sort of wicked grin. Yet as he looked at him, he noticed where his eyes were looking, and looking over at Garrett, he too was looking. Kaylan felt flustered, not sure what he had gotten himself into, or if it was as he was rather hoping.

‘Ya know little brother, he might give you a run.’

‘Nah, I think I am still the bigger one here.’

‘I don’t know, it looks awfully tight, bet it beats you.’

‘How much?’

‘Say, if I am right, you gotta cut the firewood for the week.’

‘And if you are wrong?’

‘I’ll cut the firewood for the week.’

‘Hmm, no, if you are wrong, I get to lead for the week.’

‘No way, not the week.’

‘Yeah, you couldn’t handle it for that long, okay, for tonight.’


The two turned towards Kaylan, both of them smiling as they stared at him. He could see the way their eyes were lit up, and as he drank the last of his hot rum, he felt like he knew exactly what it was they wanted. He sort of just stood there, looking from one to other, not fully believing he could be so lucky. It had to be a dream, maybe he really wasn’t here, but lost out on the road, freezing?

‘So uh, you want another hot drink?’

‘Huh, uh, yeah sure, that uh, hit the spot.’

Garrett moved in closer, reaching out to take the empty mug. As he handed it forward, the young man’s hand touched him, then he moved in even closer, taking the mug and handing it to his older brother.

‘You look like you need to warm up a bit more.’

‘I uh… uh, maybe, I uh, yeah guess…’

Garrett reached out and suddenly Kaylan felt his body shudder, as the younger man kissed him full on the lips. Garrett’s body arched into his, and he could feel his crotch pushing into his, feel the lump inside as he opened his lips, letting the younger man flick his tongue inside.

He sighed, his arms moved to gather the younger man closer, pulling his body harder into his own. Kaylan felt a weight against his back, and realized that the older brother was up against him. He could feel his hot breath on his cheeks, as the man’s hands moved around, unbuckling his belt, undoing his pants.

For a second, he thought about stopping them both, but it felt so good, to be stuck between them, to be the object of their desire, he let himself go. He felt his body reacting to the press of the two bodies, as his own tongued darted out, tasting Garrett. He could feel the younger man sigh, a sort of whimpering sigh. It made him even more aroused, as his hands moved down the slender body, to wrap around the slim waist. His fingers dug in, and pulled, so he could feel more of the young man’s groin press up into his own.

Big brother was good, as he felt the warm air blowing across his bare legs. He didn’t even flinch, as he let the older brother lift his legs up, one at a time, and remove his pants. His briefs were taut, and he could feel his cock straining at the fabric, as the sound of another male undressing, filled his head.

His own hands were busy, undoing Garrett’s pants, as he concentrated on the younger brother. He tasted so sweet, so innocent, and yet he was the one who had started this little private sex party. Kaylan felt the Garrett’s hands around his waist, then the warm flesh of his hands moved between his shorts and his hips.

Kaylan felt himself quivering, as the two hands moved down the inside of his short, along his hips and then to his upper thighs. They fingers dug into his flesh, pulling him even closer, as he felt the soft kisses from the older brother on the back of his neck. He felt himself arch backwards, as Garrett moved below his chin, kissing and licking at the hollow of his neck.

Moaning now, he felt the two men caressing his whole upper body with their kisses, while Garrett’s hands continued to prod at his hips. He could feel the other pair of hands, moving around outside, then back to grasp at his buttocks. He moaned a bit louder, as big brother’s hands moved across his two cheeks, lightly caressing the flesh.

His whole body felt like he was on fire, as Garrett’s hands moved back, moving across the front of his thigh. Every nerve in his body was tingling, as the hands moved up, and then wrapped around his waistband. They pushed down, as big brother’s hands joined with little brother, and he felt his shorts pass below his shaking knees.

Big brother was behind him, licking at his spine, kissing him, while his hands now moved around, to hold onto Kaylan’s hips. Garrett was licking at his chest, then down, at his small treasure trail. He could hear the sounds, as his head tilted back, his own hands now resting on Garrett’s head, the fingers twisting the curly locks of hair in between them.

From behind, he felt the body move away, he press of it against his own, suddenly gone. Then he felt the fingers, moving across his cheeks, then reaching down between, to press into the moist lining inside. The face was licking at the small of his back, and he cried out, as suddenly big brother moved between his cheeks. His fingers had dug into the soft flesh, pulling it apart. His tongue quickly moved down the warm valley, to swirl around his puckered hole.

At the same time, he felt little brother suddenly drop to his knees, his head just in reach, the face pressed up against his belly. His cock was aching, but not as much as his ass was, as big brother continued to lick at his valley, and around his hole. Then he felt the nose pressing into the softness of his inner thigh, between the leg and crotch.

His hands pulled the hair it held, then pushed down, desperate for little brother to move over his raging hard one. In one split second he felt the waves of pleasure come surging into his body, as little brother took the hint, and grabbed hold of his throbbing cock. At the same time, big brother stopped teasing, and the curled tip of his tongue was pushing past the surprised sphincter muscle, into his very insides.

The muscles in his legs stiffened, as he felt the tongue dig deep into his insides. The raspy edge pushed inside, tasting him where no one had ever been. Kaylan could hear himself pleading, begging for more, as he shot his hips forward, his cock suddenly engulfed in a warm wetness.

The muscles in the back of his legs grew even tighter, and he could feel his toes curling as the tongue dug inside, then came back out to lick around his hole, before once more penetrating his insides. Garrett was sucking on his cock, taking it all deep inside, while his hands pulled and yanked on his full balls. He cried out, as he felt the pleasure surging, felt it making his head dizzy and light headed.

Kaylan was suddenly afraid of feinting, as the two brothers worked his body over. The one making him groan, the other moan. His cock was pulsing, growing even harder as Garrett licked at it, ran his tongue all along the veins underneath, before once more taking it all into his mouth. Big brother was licking at his valley, then his hole, then back up between his cheeks, then suddenly once more diving deep inside, to lick as his soft velvet like lining. He couldn’t stop crying out, as the pressure in his body continued to rise, to grow to the breaking point.

Sweat was dripping from his forehead, as he held onto the shuddering shoulders of Garrett, as he felt the force of big brother’s face against his ass. Garrett’s face was pressed hard into his groin, then his cock was suddenly free, as the mouth moved down and under, taking his balls inside. He felt the tongue poking them, felt his saliva soaked cock brushing up the side of Garrett’s face. How hot it felt, as his body shook, as his nerves screamed their joy to him.

Kaylan knew he couldn’t hold much longer, crying out, begging little brother to suck more, pleading with big brother to dig his tongue in even more. They didn’t say a word, as they complied with his cries. Garrett taking hold of his shaft, as he buried the cock down his throat, his nose wedged tightly into the groin.

Big brother had his own nose wedged hard into the very valley, that was pulled apart even more by the fingers. Kaylan felt his body shudder, as the tongue licked at him deeply, as his whole insides seemed to just suddenly explode. Sweat was pouring from his body, his heart was pounding, as he could hear it echo in his ears while Garrett sucked on his cock, his tongue licking around the cock head, then the tiny slit on top, then back down at the whole shaft.

His fingers tightened, and he couldn’t hold back. His hips pushed back, driving his ass further into big brother, who moaned, and then in one fast motion, shoved forward, driving his cock even deeper into Garrett’s mouth. As it shot forward, he felt it bang up against the roof of the mouth, then the head rear back for a moment, before it too shot forward.

As it did, he felt his balls suddenly explode. The wave of the coming explosion made his muscle quiver, through his whole body. The blood was long gone from his arms, and his knuckles were white, as they gripped Garrett’s shoulders.

The long cry echoed in the room, drowning out the crackling roar of the fire. His body gave one long shudder, that signalled the beginning of his orgasm. He felt the muscles release, felt the raging flood of cum leave his balls, and begin to flow through his rock hard cock. He cried out, yelling that he was Cumming, which seemed to go unheeded. Then he felt the fingers tightening, the one’s from Garrett on his hips, the one’s from big brother, around his thighs. The tongue inside his ass drove in further, while his cock was deeply impaled into Garrett’s face.

His cum came flooding out, and he felt himself shaking, every muscle, every nerve, was suddenly screaming at his mind, as his cum came flooding out, nearly choking Garrett. The sound of someone gagging passed, as his second load of milk came rushing up and out into the willing mouth, that was swallowing as fast as it could.

As the third load of his cum dribbled out, he felt the pressure against his back lessen. He could hear the panting breath of the older man, as his body continued to shake to his orgasm. Then he felt the mouth retract from around his own cock, but as he looked down, he saw the mop of hair, streaked with sweat move around his still quivering leg.

Kaylan watched as Garrett was met by big brother, and they kissed each other, their heads resting against Kaylan’s thigh. He felt them leaning against him, as he struggled to hold himself upright, despite the weakness in his legs. The kiss was brief, and he watched as Garrett stood up, cum all over his chin. His eyes were flickering, as he faced Kaylan, then they fluttered and began to close, as he moved in and kissed Kaylan.

He choked as Garrett surprised him, by feeding him some of his own cum. It tasted so salty, with a hint of sweetness, as he swallowed the offered load. He realized that he had probably also shared some with his big brother, which only added to his sense of pleasure.

The kiss was quick, and suddenly they broke apart. He looked around, to notice how big brother was naked, and leaning back on his arms, his legs spread apart.

Right smack in the middle was a nice thick cock, looking like it needed some old fashioned sucking. He felt like he wanted to, but was too exhausted, as he moved to sit on the couch, panting as he tried to gather himself. His body ached, as he sat there, staring at big brother’s raging hard on.

Kaylan licked his lips, as he leaned back into the back of the couch, his body still trembling from its recent release. He could hear his panting breath as Garrett moved into his view, and who now stood above his older brother. The younger man slowly removed his shirt, then dropped his pants. He had a perfect pair of cheeks, that stretched the fabric of his shorts, as he stood there, his front facing his big brother.

In a swift motion he pushed his shorts down, and off, his behind pushing back, exposing his rear fully to Kaylan’s wide open eyes. He felt the ache in his groin, as he saw the soft flesh wiggle, then as he stood back upright, Garrett turned and showed Kaylan his cock.

The sight of him, standing there totally naked, with a massive hard on, only made his heart quicken. He didn’t know which one he wanted first, as he just stared at Garrett, then over at his big brother. Both were well hung, but he had to admit, Garrett was indeed the bigger of the two, as he thought about what it would be like, to be impaled on Garrett’s cock, while sucking on big brother’s dick.

to be continued…

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Bel Ami Club

Bel Ami Club


Along the Garden Path

Along the Garden Path

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (1)

CortJesse stood up, arching his back as he stretched, trying to work the kinks out of his lower back. His hands rested on the small of his back, as he leaned backwards, head tilted back. The soreness began to ease a bit, as he twisted his upper body around a bit, they eyes squinting at the bright sun that beamed down. He took a few deep breathes, as his body felt like it was a hundred, instead of the twenty eight years it was.

Slowly, as the pain eased, he let himself stand erect, staring down at his handiwork. The flower bed was nearly filled with the tiny shoots of flower stems, some nearly ready to bloom, other’s just beginning to bud. The weather had been perfect for planting the bedding plants, and he admired his handiwork. Hopefully his client would agree, as he looked up, and over at the stone house in the distance.

It was one of those two story stone houses, built long before modern siding techniques were in vogue. Massive stones in a distinctive pattern, dotted the lower level, with huge bay windows that overlooked the rather large front yard area.

The second level used smaller stones, but each one was obviously hand placed, with a pattern in mind. Jesse couldn’t help but admire the craftsmanship of the stone work, how each piece was fitted into the wall. They really knew how to build them back then, and he couldn’t help but wish more houses were like this one.

Three large trees dominated the front area. In between two was the walkway to the front of the house, then the drive to the garage was also guarded by another tree. Shade of the front was enormous, from the large branches that poked out from the trees, and in one, he could see the remnants of an old tree house or fort. Must have been when the occupants had small children, though it was hard to imagine the couple inside, having kids.

She was a rather domineering type, very posh in her appearance, and her speech. Nothing was common about her approach, and she prided herself in using the proper names for the plants she wanted Jesse to use. In looks, you would never imagine her being attractive to any man, with the long thin face, the small beady eyes, but she had snagged someone.

Her manner wasn’t mean, just snooty, but in a sort of, accepting way. At first he found her a pain, but she knew her plants, and she knew what she wanted. He learned to not argue, but simply do it her way, and so far, it had worked out. The addition of the bedding plants was not in character, but then nothing about the Willows seemed normal.

As he looked at the massive house, he could see the lace curtain in the main room flutter, and he just knew, that it was Mr. Willows. It had creeped him out at first, until he realized that Mr. Willows was like any old geezer, married to someone like Mrs. Willows.

While she looked, an acted like an old battle axe, he on the other hand seemed a lot younger. At a guess he’d figure the guy was at least sixty, but he had to be older, given that he was retired. Must be nice, he thought, to be able to just sit around all day, and enjoy the money, he obviously had.

The house was not a mansion, but it was well situated, and the land it sat on, well it was a darn site bigger than what some apartment buildings sat on. Not only was the front yard rather large, but the backyard was like being on a farm. Tons of space, dotted with trees all over, but well spaced.

In some ways it was a bit scary. Everything around the house looked so structured, so ordered. The way the trees were pruned, to how deep he dug holes for plants, were all carefully spelled out by her, with him, just watching. That too had been unnerving, and a couple of times, he had noticed how she would suddenly turn and stare at her husband, until he lowered his head, then mumbled something and left. It was as if, well, as if he was a trained puppy, being admonished for some trivial transgression.

Jesse stretched again, pushing his hands out from his upper body, pushing his hips just a bit forwards, while tilting his head back slightly. He yawned as he noticed the lace curtains flutter a bit more, knowing that Mr. Willows was watching. It was like that every Monday & Thursday, when he would show up to do the landscaping work.

In his mind, he didn’t think he was what you would call handsome. Sure, he had a fit body, from working outside all his life, from bending and lifting, so sure he had a good toned body, but that alone didn’t make, what he would call handsome. His face was usually covered with a day or two of growth, simply because he hated shaving. His hair was a bit straggly, though short.

Jesse hated his hair getting tangled in trees, or shrubbery, so keeping it short helped him. Plus, nothing worse than sweaty strands of hair falling across his warm face, which was often enough when the weather was nice. Working outside had its advantages, but it had also weathered his face a bit. There were lines around the forehead, and a few around his mouth, plus the small bags under his eyes, all made him think he was just ordinary, nothing to get excited about.

Mind you, his package was a different matter. He was uncut to begin with, and had been blessed with an above average sized dick, which the guys enjoyed. Least those he let unwrap his package, but lately, he had been a bit more selective. Not like there had been a ton chasing him before or now, but he just seemed to have a body language that said, ‘back off’, a bit more lately.

If he was honest with himself, he really had never been much of a sex demon. Not even as a teenager, with raging hormones. Least for him he never thought they ever got into the ‘raging’ category. He got horny, enjoyed jacking off in his bedroom, but the whole sex with another person, just never really made him any hornier, or excited.

As he once more surveyed his work, he couldn’t help but wonder what Mr. Willows’ story was. The man obviously took care of his body, and yet was so docile around her, that it seemed almost sterile. Mind you, the idea of anyone mounting that old prune, was well, not for the weak of heart. Still, it wasn’t like she was bad, she did allow the kitchen door to be open for him, during his days working, and he was welcome to help himself.

That had surprised him, the way she had made it seem so normal, which really it wasn’t. Sure, some of his clients did offer him coffee or a cold drink, but she had given him the run of the kitchen, including the ‘larder’ as she called it. At first he didn’t get it, the meaning, which Mr. Willows had picked up on, explaining it to him, which did earn poor Mr. Willows a stern glare. Thinking of it, it was always that way, whenever Mr. Willows ventured a few unasked for words, or opinions.

The longer he worked for people, the less he understood them. Here was her husband, obviously not allowed a single original thought, while he, the hired help, seemed to have more privileges. Somehow he didn’t think Mr. Willows got free run of anywhere, in the house, or out. He felt a bit sad for him, but that was the extent of it, though lately he had noticed how much more often, the lace curtains were fluttering.

Maybe the old guy was one of those closet queens, that had married out of necessity, and who knows, maybe she knew it too? Stranger things had been done, in an effort to hide one’s sexual preferences, though these days, he didn’t understand why they still kept hiding.

He had a few friends like that, but while they didn’t like to broadcast their sexuality, get them into a totally gay environment, and man did they let loose. Must be all that pent up frustration, that made them so, well, obviously gay when among other gays.

Trisha was one of those, but the worse had been Sam. Talk about being a real flamer. The guy talked in such a shrill voice, yet if you were to meet him on the street, you’d swear he was some bass singer in opera. He had such a deep rich voice, outside of gay bars and parties.

Maybe Sam was an exception to the rule. The guy certainly was a sex-a-holic when out with other gay men, in a gay surrounding, yet put him in a straight situation, like at a sports bar, or restaurant, and you’d swear the guy was straight. Not just the change in voice, but his mannerisms as well.

He could talk about football, baseball, like an expert, and girls, you would think he had either had lots of female dates, or had memorized some medical dictionary. He could talk about tits and vagina’s like any straight guy, but then he would drool when talking about uncut dicks.

One reason Jesse had never take Sam up on his offer to ‘get it on’ was his split personality. He just didn’t know, if he was or wasn’t, or what the end result would be. Though from what he had heard, Sam knew how to please a guy. Still it wasn’t his thing, and honestly, not much was.

Maybe he was indeed ‘older than his years’ as one of his friends had told him, in a drunken fight they had, years ago. He still saw the guy, but their friendship had suffered a bit. He just never wanted wild sex, just once. That really was his problem, because he wanted it often, when he could get it. His problem was, not many could satisfy him that way, though his own imagination could.

Thinking about it all, he felt the hunger pains in his belly, as he also felt the need for a quick wank. It was like some strange ritual for him, but whenever he craved food, he also craved a bit of a pull. Call it weird, but he did enjoy having a full stomach, and laying back and giving his dick a bit of a pull. Not always to orgasm, which he liked to save till before bed, but he liked to stroke himself, to get himself close, and then stop.

In his mind, he rather thought it helped him be more awake, more passionate about whatever he was doing, whether pruning a tree, or organizing some bedding plants. Maybe other’s wouldn’t understand it, but then, he really didn’t care what ‘others’ thought. He was his own man, and as he made his way long the cobblestone pathway to the kitchen door, he hoped that Mrs. Willows had gotten more of that sliced meat.

He also wondered if he’d ever understand people like the Willows. They were the type who obviously had money, yet didn’t laud it over people. She was precise in her desires, and he could see her directing poor Mr. Willow into position for sex too, which made him grin.

The idea of those two engaging in sex had to be like watching some bizarre Broadway play. Her coolly giving him directions, how to move, what to touch, when to penetrate her, was how he saw them acting. Still in some ways, he was rather like that too, in that he wasn’t afraid to tell his partners what he liked. Difference was, he didn’t give them instructions, not like he imagined she did for poor Mr. Willows.

Entering the big kitchen, he called out, announcing his presence into the house. He thought he heard a door close, but other than that, nothing. Typical of them, as he had yet to ever get a reply, still it was all part of the normal routine.

As he rummaged through the big double door refrigerator, he wondered how two rather thin people could have such a well stocked larder. The inside was always well stocked, with packaged meats, to fresh foods that always seemed to change. It was convenient for him, because the selection was a damn site better than his own refrigerator.

His eyes lit up as he saw a nice tasty treat, and as he began to gather the goodies up, he also started thinking of where he’d go to enjoy his snack. The back area had many secluded spots, where he could munch on his lunch, and give himself a few good strokes.

There was the little spot behind the small group of bushes, just before the little stream, or maybe where the two Oak Trees stood. They really were one tree, that had somehow split into two a bit up from the one massive trunk. The thick trunk could hide two of him, and the heavy foliage was ideal for preventing anyone from seeing him, from the back of the house.

It also gave him good warning, of anyone approaching. One critical criteria in selecting a spot. He grinned as he pulled back from the refrigerator, his hands laden with taste treats. Using his knee, he pushed the door closed, and as he turned, his whole body stiffened.

The image of the man, standing there, staring, shocked him, and his hands shook, as a few packages rocked and slipped to the floor in a loud slapping sound. His mouth was open, because it was Mr. Willow, but he was dressed in nothing but a rather expensive looking housecoat.

That looks tasty.

Jesse saw how his eyes were not staring at the collection of goodies in his hands, but was aimed right at his crotch. He felt his face turning a bit red, feeling flustered as he stammered out a short mumbled affirmative.

I wouldn’t mind a taste, it does look good.

It wasn’t just what he said, or that he was staring directly at Jesse’s crotch, that made him begin to sweat, but how he said it. How he licked his lower lip as he said how good it looked. There was no mistaking his real intent, which made Jesse nervous.

Uh, yeah, I can, I can make you one, if you would like.

Oh, I would indeed enjoy a taste. I so rarely get to sample such delightful things. Margaret really does keep me from enjoying such simple pleasures.

Jesse really didn’t know what to reply. He was feeling the sexual innuendo, feeling the older man’s eyes still fixed to his crotch, as he bent over, picking up the dropped packages. As he turned, to place them on the counter, he couldn’t help but hear the man sucking in his breath, as he stared at Jesse’s butt.

It was flattering, but also he sensed dangerous. He didn’t know why, precisely, but he thought he was about to get in over his head, as he laid out the food, and began to make enough for two. He could feel the eyes following his every movement, mostly how his hips and buttocks moved, as he quickly put together two sandwiches.

Jesse knew it was risky, but the old guy interested him. There was no doubt he had nothing on under his rope, and it also was obvious that he was excited. He had no idea how old he really was, but somehow his own body seemed interested. Least the stiffening of his own dick seemed to be saying as much.

He nearly sliced his finger, as he cut the sandwiches in half, his mind distracted by the idea of the old guy and him. At the same time, he couldn’t help but feel a bit worried. The idea of him and old man Willows, was one thing. The possibility of being caught by Mrs. Willows, was something he really didn’t want to even imagine, let alone incur.

You know, Margaret has gone to her garden club meeting, she won’t be back for hours.

He had said it so softly, and it was almost as if he had been reading Jesse’s mind. He had been thinking of where she was, at what would happen if she had caught him and Mr. Willow.

Finishing the sandwiches off, he turned around, noticing that Mr. Willows had moved in closer. He could smell a hint of cologne, that reminded him of his father. It was Old Spice, which made him relax, just a bit. It was familiar, but as he handed the plate to Mr. Willows, he was once more suddenly on edge.

It is so nice out, why don’t we take these out, to the old Oak Tree by the stream. Makes a nice spot for a bit of a picnic, don’t you think?

The way the man was looking at him, taking the plate but staring directly at Jesse’s crotch, left no doubt in his mind, that he was being propositioned. Strange, he had always thought the old guy was Queer, but now he knew for certain. He was hesitant, as he thought it over.

He liked the job, and if Mrs. Willow ever found out, he’d be toast. Still, the idea of having a helping hand or so, wasn’t exactly displeasing. Okay, so they guy was old, he didn’t look it. His body was lean, his face was rather kind looking, and well, he did feel rather sorry for the guy. After all, he was married to her.

Okay, why not? I could use a break.

Really? Oh that would be so nice. I do so enjoy a change from routine, don’t you?

Yeah, I guess, but I really don’t have a lot of time.

Oh I am sure it won’t take long, you’ll have plenty of time to finish the bedding plants, besides I’d say you are almost done now.

There was no slipping past this guy. He might be old, but his mind was obviously very sharp, and he was certainly horny. As he grabbed his plate, and headed to the door, he couldn’t help but notice how loose the robe was bound, nor how aroused the older man was. He could see the head, poking out a little, as the man quickly took his plate and began to follow Jesse. How his eyes were staring at the firm buttocks, at how they seemed to sparkle with excitement.

In a sense, it felt flattering, pushing down his anxiety about the whole thing. He still wasn’t all that certain about what would happen, or if anything but having a little lunch, would happen, but it was feeling rather nice. The idea of an older man touching him, or him touching the older guy didn’t repulse him, as so many of his friends would feel. For his own part, Jesse really didn’t care much about age, just as long as the sex was good. Not like he had a ton of experience with guys Mr. Willows’ age, but close enough.

They had given him some surprising moments too, as they seemed more intent on enjoying every second of being with another man, especially one much younger than themselves. Still, he wasn’t so sure about Mr. Willows, as well, he may look in good shape, you never really knew.

The walk down the back area, towards the Oaks was more or less silent, though he could feel the excitement growing. Then too, he could feel Mr. Willows’ eyes focused intently on him. It did feel good, he had to admit, as they reached the tree, and sat down to stare out the stream.

Mr. Willows took his eyes off Jesse to gaze out, then turned his head to look right at Jesse. His gaze was directed at the full package, and his plate was off to one side, as he just stared. The odd flick of his tongue betrayed his calm appearance, that made Jesse smile a bit, as he took a bite from the sandwich.

Turning to his older companion, he smiled, asking if he wasn’t hungry. The reply made him choke a bit, as he realized Mr. Willows was not exactly the bashful man he had thought.

Collecting his thoughts, he managed to swallow what was in his mouth, and put the sandwich down. There was no need to guess, as he smiled at Mr. Willows.

You don’t waste time do you Mr. Willows?

I am 72 years old, young man, I don’t have time to play parlour games. Never had the opportunity when in the Service, or when I went into Private Life, and since retiring, well, being my age, one simply can’t afford to, whether one has the desire to, or not.

I guess, so uh, you certainly do know what you want.

Oh I do, and frankly, I have hope for much more, but for now, well, I know how you younger people are, so for now, that will do just nicely, if you are so inclined to oblige and old man, and your employer.

The last words were said softly, but they had that hint of menace that was unmistakable. He felt a bit angry at that, yet the man had such a nice smile on his face, as he had said it, that Jesse couldn’t help but just want to ignore the implied threat. Mr. Willows hadn’t needed to threaten him, as he was quite willing to do as he had asked. Mind you, he had expected a bit more, still, the implied threat did rather excite him too.

Maybe it added to the whole thing, but he couldn’t help but feel attracted to the older man, who sat next to him in an expensive housecoat, totally nude underneath. Jesse could see his dick too, as it tented the one side of the robe, and it did rather turn him on. Strange that, as he smiled at the man, and began to stare at the man’s crotch.

His one hand, moved down to slowly rub at his own crotch, while his eyes looked directly at Mr. Willows groin. Jesse could feel the man’s eyes on him, hear him suck in some air, as he moved his hand around his crotch, pushing at his rather thick bulge. Funny how hard he was, already, how he felt a dull ache between his buttocks, as he moved the hand up. The fingers playing with the waist, then popping the button of his jeans. Jesse heard him suck in his breath, holding it, while his fingers tugged the zipper, slowly pushing it down.

He moved his legs apart, slightly, as he let the pants open to expose his underwear. Jesse was wearing his boxer shorts, the light blue pair, that seemed to widen Mr. Willows’ eyes while Jesse pushed the pants open a bit further.

Jesse closed his eyes, as his hand massaged the thick lump under his shorts. His chest ached a bit, as he let his fingers prod and push at his stiff dick, while his legs spread apart wider. The pants holding them from going too wide, as his hand moved under the shorts, to take hold of his throbbing pole. He heard the older man sucking in his breath, heard his panting breath as he continued to stroke his hard cock.

The fingers pulled at the foreskin, bringing his head out from underneath. He could feel it tighten, as his hand stroked the shaft, wiping the pre cum around the hot head. His own eyes felt the hot sun burning his face, the sound of the tree branches swaying filled his ears, as the hand moved slowly up and down.

He pulled the thick shaft out, hearing the quick intake, the short gasp of surprise, as he felt the waistband slide under his dick. Jesse pulled the cock upwards, until he felt his balls come free from beneath the shorts. Another quick gasp as he slowly stroked his cock. The oozing pre cum wiped over the thick head, as he leaned further back against the tree, just enjoying the warmth that surrounded him.

His body stiffen, as the strokes became a little faster, as his fist tightened its hold around the blood gorged shaft. The ache in his balls grew, as he let his mind free to enjoy the sensation of warmth and motion, that flowed upwards, from his dick. He was slowly going into that zone, as his body trembled a bit, when he heard the piercing cry. It was hers, as she called for Henry, which had to be Mr. Willows’ first name.

Opening his eyes, he saw the look of terror on the man next to him, and then as his body came down from its natural high, he could hear the voice calling again, more insistent, more shrill as panic seized him.

Mr. Willows had a finger to his lips, and a sharp angry look to his face, as he stood up. He indicated that Jesse was to stay as he stepped out from behind the tree trunk, tightening his rope around his thin frame. Slowly he made his way up from the little stream, answering the shrill voice as he ambled along. Jesse noticed how old he looked, as he made his way to the house, and he waited.

Hearing the door close, the sound of voices were gone though he could hear the frantic beat of his heart. Jesse slowly tucked his semi erect penis, back into the shorts, zipping up his pants. He waited several minutes before he peered out from behind the trunk of the tree, making sure the coast was clear.

Gradually he managed to work his way back around, to the front, and once more concentrated on the bedding plants. The panic in his heart slowly went away, as the afternoon wore on. He didn’t know what else to do, but felt relieve at narrowly escaping detection from Mrs. Willows. Still, the feeling he had, of Mr Willows enjoyment watching him stroking kept coming lingering. He knew that when he got home, he’d have one hot session. Too bad that Mr. Willows wouldn’t be there to see it, as he began to pack up his tools.

As he did, he noticed the lace curtains flutter from the main bay window. Somehow, he knew that it was Mr. Willows, and couldn’t help himself. He stretched his arms outwards, pushing his hips forward a bit more than normal, feeling rather horny. The curtains moved a bit more, as he finished his stretch, and somehow, he just knew there would be a second try. He also began to wonder, what Mr. Willows had meant, when he said he wanted more.

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On The Run (8)

On The Run

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (8)

Jack had been fun, hell his whole life had been mostly fun, but here he was, sleeping in a bunch of dead vegetation, a skunk hanging over his head, putrid liquid mix of skunk piss and poop falling across his body, while he thought about the guys he had, the guys he wished he had had. Strange, how his mind seem pre-occupied with sex, when he should be worrying about staying alive, of staying out of jail.

Life hadn’t been all fun for him, there had been rough times, such as when the Twister had hit, when he had found out about his parents. Still, he had managed to get over it. Sure he had lost the farm, but the place he had now, well it wasn’t much, but it was his.

He had enough smarts, to keep out of trouble, to earn a sort of living. Least it was enough to keep clothes on his back, food in his belly. Not many his age could say that, and he still managed to satisfy his natural urges, so life really wasn’t bad.

Twisting a bit in the rotting leaves, he felt his mind wandering, felt a strange prickliness in his nerves, as he tried to figure it all out, to try and put it together. Why were the Feds after him, but just as important why was Old Roy taking the risk to protect him? Okay, not protect him, but at least help him. There is no doubt, without his help, he’d be a goner. So why?

It troubled him, as he tried to push the thoughts away, to send the fear packing. His father told him, fear needed to be faced, but not allowed to take charge. He didn’t quite get it back then, but he was starting to figure it out now. He was scared, and he rarely let himself admit to being scared. There was the time when he found out about his parents, a few times earlier in his young life, but nothing like now.

For the life of him, he couldn’t figure out why. Why were the Feds after him, as he had only been fishing, then had hid out in an old barn. It wasn’t like he had seen anything, just some old geezers nattering. He hadn’t heard a word they said, just a sort of buzz as they talked. Okay, he knew it was serious stuff, by the way the buzzing sound rose and fell.

You could see the guys were not in a happy mood, but was that reason enough to go after him? Hell, he didn’t even know what they were saying he had done, nor did Bobby Rae seem to know. Still, he hadn’t killed anyone, hadn’t seen anything, just some old crocks talking. He didn’t even recognize them, so what was the fuss about?

It gnawed at him, at his mind and at his whole body. He felt the fear, always lurking wanting to wake him up, to make him run, to just run. He had given in to that at first, but ever since the cabin, he had held it in check. Yet each time he slept, he could feel it coming back, trying to get past his defences, to have him sit up, to push the cover off and just light out for somewhere. Anywhere but where he was going.

The arguments he had with himself, about how stupid it was to be going back, to going closer to the source of his whole problem, was making him shiver. Even the hot sun striking the leaves, filling the air with its warmth, didn’t seem to stop the shakes that would come to him, while he slept. The fear wouldn’t go away, but kept hammering at him, telling him to get up, to run. Yet in the back of his mind, and deep in his heart, he knew it was wrong. He just didn’t know how long he could keep himself going, without listening to the doubts, to the fear.

His Father had told him, even Bobby Rae had told him, but there were moments, like now, when he was close to ignoring them. He wanted to leave, to just go someplace, strip his clothes off, clean up and be free. He didn’t want to spend his time in the recess of some dingy cave, never warm, never dry. Besides winter was coming, and those caves were no place to be.

TJ wasn’t what you would call religious either. Yet as he made his way to the caves, as he lay there trying to sleep, he found himself thinking about God, about his parents. Anything to keep the fear at bay, to hold it off for just a few more minutes. His body needed the sleep. The cold river water was tough enough to manage, never mind having to wade through it tired and exhausted. He needed the sleep, but the fear kept him semi conscious.

Mind you his Dad had told him to respect fear, that to never assume anything. Yet he was covered in dead leaves, and God knows what else, because of what Old Roy and Bobby Rae told him to do. He had accepted it, but what if they were just setting him up? TJ knew he wouldn’t stand a chance if his fear was right, but he didn’t have to make it easy for them either.

His fingers flinched a bit, touching the hilt of the knife Bobby Rae had given him, and he felt his mind relax, just a bit. Least if he was cornered, he’d be able to sort of fight it out, though the ending wouldn’t be ideal. Still, it was better than nothing, or was it? Did death really end or was it, as the Preacher said, a stepping stone to a new life elsewhere?

Was there Gays in God’s Heavens? Was his folks there, waiting for him, or was it just all a bunch of hokum, used by some to fool people into doing their bidding? He hadn’t bought into religion must, though his parents seemed to have believed. His Mother specially, and in his own way, so did his Father.

Oh he didn’t go for that Church Going religion, like his Mother did, but he was a believer in a higher power, and in there being a better place after death too. TJ hoped his Father had been right, that he was now in that better place, looking down on him, feeling for him. He could feel the pain in his heart, feel the little twitch, as his mind thought about his parents, as he missed them, even while sleeping.

The fear couldn’t stop that, couldn’t make him forget. Oh maybe there were times when it could, but he retreated to those earlier memories, the times when he would sit on his father’s lap as a youngster, listening to his tales of Blackie the rabbit. How his little heart would quicken, as his father spoke to him, about the renegade rabbit, that always got into trouble, yet never seemed to give up.

It hadn’t been easy back then, just that his memories weren’t jaded by all the politics of the time. He didn’t know about the pressures of being an adult, just that his parents had food on the table, clean clothes for him, and lots of love. What did he know about mortgages, about grants or even working? All he knew was he liked to sit on the river bank with his Pole, and enjoy the warmth of the sun, with his Father next to him.

Even his earlier experiences with sex weren’t complicated. The first time he jerked off, was still amusing to him. How he had been so surprised when he had found his little dick stiff, and how it had felt when he had touched it. There were times when he wished, it would still be like that. Full of surprises, like how it had made his heart quicken, how it had made him actually break out into a sweat, as his small hand had stroked his little dick. But that was then, when he didn’t know, and as he let the sleep work, he realized that sometimes, not knowing wasn’t so bad.

Least when things happened, it was fun. Okay the time he had stuck his hand in a hive, now that hadn’t been fun and the stings had hurt like hell for a long time after. For months afterwards, each time he saw a Bee he had gone running home, afraid of more of those stings. Yet he had gotten over it, and learned from it too. Just like that first time whacking off.

How surprised he had been when he felt the sticky stuff come from his dick. How it had made him giggle actually, and how he had been so proud of himself. He could laugh now too, as he had to taste that stuff, and it hadn’t been what he had expected. In fact, his mind remembered how he had thought it was icky, and he had spit it out, right away. Sure wasn’t that way these days, as his body continued to relax. Today that sticky stuff was like Nectar to him, no matter how salty or sticky it was.

His mind continued to think of those times, holding his fear at bay. How he had run to tell his friend Jimmy about it, how this strange stuff had come spurting from his little stick. Like he had a clue back then? Still it had been interesting to see Jimmy’s face, as he had told him. How frightened Jimmy had been, how he hadn’t believe TJ, until he too tried it.

Thinking back, maybe that had been his first ever gay experience, unplanned, and certainly unknown, but it must have been. He could still feel the tingle inside, as he had then, watching his best friend play with himself, and how he had looked. In all fairness, it wasn’t like watching a guy today, as he stroked himself. Yet, it still was exciting, except back then he hadn’t a clue as to why it had excited him.

His dream was peaceful, or at least it was beginning that way. His body sagged a bit deeper into the earth, as his muscles relaxed, as his mind felt more at ease. Yet even as he sighed, as his mind told him everything was fine, that danger was far, far away he felt the tingle, felt the slight prickling of his hairs, as if his body sensed something else. His mind continued to play the earlier memories, to soothe his tired body, but the apprehension lingered, lurked nearby.

Suddenly he felt the warmth of the sun being blocked out. A dark cloth was over his head, the air was difficult to breath, as he felt his eyes pop open. There was nothing but blackness, and a strange buzzing sound. He tried to lift himself up, but as he moved his head up, he felt his body being held down, felt his whole body being restrained by some unknown binding.

TJ struggled, felt his chest heave as he struggled for air, as he twisted his head but was unable to shake the covering off his head. Nor was his body able to move beyond a certain point. He felt the restraints cut into his flesh, realizing that he was no longer covered by leaves, or anything. Not even clothing. He felt a chill creep up his whole body, as the realization that he was naked, was being tied down, hit him.

How could it have happened? TJ felt the fear inside, felt the quickening of his heart, as he lay back, exhausted. His arms ached, as did his legs, and he could wiggle his toes, but his feet just wouldn’t move much. Sweat was dripping from his forehead, down the sides of his face, making it very hot and uncomfortable. Yet not a sound, not even the wind rustling the trees could be heard. He wanted to shout, to cry out, but instead bit his lip.

The idea that somehow he had been set upon, had been tied down without waking made him angry. How stupid could he be, to have let himself get trapped this way, but by who? Who had done this to him?

His mind was reeling, as he felt some hot liquid touch his body, near his groin. He moaned, as he felt the burning sensation across his pubic region, afraid to call out. He had no idea if anyone was even there, though the burning liquid would indicate someone was. He struggled to move out of the way of it, but couldn’t. The restraints were too hard, to restrictive. He felt them cut into his flesh, felt their roughness too, which made him realize that they were rope.

The slap across his face made his head roll viciously to one side. He felt the hard surface strike the other side, and his heart quickened again. It wasn’t like the dirt, like the ground, but more like some flat surface, like a table or slab of something. His cheek hurt, and the side of his head ached from the hard whack across it, as he bit his lip, tasting blood.

Not only had he been tied up, but somehow moved too. Where in this wildnerness could there be a shack he hadn’t known about? How could someone sneak up and not only tie him up, but haul him off to some place? It wasn’t possible, his mind kept telling him, reaching for him, yet being denied. The fear was too great, as it mocked him, calling him a ‘great woodsmen like Daniel Boone’ and making fun of his predicament. His body shook, as he felt something reach down, and grab his genitals. It didn’t feel good, and yet as he felt the searing pain of his balls being squeezed, he could see the laughing face of a child. His eyes tried to peer into the darkness. Yet as he tried, he realized the laughing face was his own, from when he had been seeing that sticky stuff come shooting out of his dick, that first time way back when he hadn’t a clue what it was. It was his face laughing, not some stranger, as the pain lanced up his whole body now.

He twisted against the rope holding him down, felt another stinging blow land across his other cheek, driving his face over to the other side. TJ felt the cold of the table strike his cheek, felt his head shake, as it bounced a bit off the hard surface. The pain in his groin suddenly stopped, and there was suddenly no blindfold over his face.

Instead he was staring up at a soft gentle face, a face he knew. It was staring down at him, a tuft of bright blond hair dangling in front of one eye. The lips were thin, but sort of red in color and were coming closer to him. He stared as the face grew closer, as he felt the soft brush of those lips against his own mouth.

Somehow he felt his lips part, tasted the tongue as it darted past and into his mouth. He could feel it lick inside his mouth, at the roof of his mouth. TJ could feel his chest heaving, feel the ache deep in his groin, but not from being squeezed, but from an urgent desire. He felt the kiss stop and once more his eyes opened, to stare up into the soft gentle face above him. His eyes blinked, and as they did the face above changed from a sweet handsome face, to one of a leering wrinkled face. It was the face of the Preacher.

He shuddered, as he saw the angry eyes, saw the dried spittle around the Preacher’s mouth. His eyes were dark, evil looking as he stared down at TJ. He felt his heart go cold, felt a chill, as the face moved out of his view. He began to lift himself up, not sure if he was being held back or not. Yet as his head moved up, he didn’t feel anything holding him back, and now he was sitting up, looking around a sort of misty darkness. There was a sense of warmth in the air, but no real light. Nothing to hinder his vision, yet it seemed so misty, so clouded.

His hand moved out from his body, feeling the richness of topsoil. The fingers dug into the soft warm dirt, as he lifted his body up, to see dirt falling off his chest, falling from his head too. He felt the pressure on his legs, and glanced down to see they were covered in the same rich dark dirt. TJ felt his body ache, felt a tremble inside, as he shook the dirt off.

He was naked, but not cold in the growing darkness. There was a strange scent in the air too, that he breathed in. He realized it was lavender, a scent his Mother liked, and his home had always been filled with that smell. Now he could smell it, feel its familiar aroma as he sat up, trying to figure out where he was. Strange too, how he could smell that, yet not the Skunk.

Glancing upwards, there was no sign of the sack, or of the tree he remembered crawling up under earlier in the morning. Nothing was as it had been. There was no dead leaves, no fallen branches anywhere. As his eyes grew accustomed to the semi darkness, he noticed other mounds around him. Strange lines of grass covered mounds, with strange shadows all lined up behind each mound.

A cold shiver ran through his body, as he turned every way possible. No matter which way he looked, there were rows of mounds, with the dark shadows at the head of each mound. He couldn’t make them out, just the shadows of their shapes. Some were tall, some wider than the one’s next to them. Some had different shapes to their darkness, yet they were all in a perfect row. His heart was thumping as he stared around, and looked down at the fresh soft dirt around him. It was good dirt, the kind you could grow lots of stuff in, not something you found near the top of the ground, either.

His eyes blinked, as he stared at the silent rows, felt the presence of others, yet he couldn’t hear or see anyone. The shiver inside made him reach up, to rub his eyes, to maybe erase the last remnants of sleep from them, but as he did, he felt a strange reluctance from within. His arms didn’t feel heavy, light actually and yet they seemed unwilling to move. It wasn’t like they were held down, just that there was nothing there.

Glancing down he couldn’t see much, but as he looked back up, he had this strange notion that there were people all around him. He tried to stare through the odd swirling darkness, but he couldn’t see a thing. Just the rows and rows of mounds. Yet as he peered forward, off in the far distance he noticed a light.

It wasn’t bright, but yet it pierced the swirling darkness, in a sort of soft soothing way. He stared at it, noticing shadows moving towards it. Well not really seeing them, but sort of feeling them, as they seemed to head towards the distant light. It was a strange feeling, that didn’t scare him, or make him feel any better. It was just a curiosity, that made him want to get up, to move that way too.

Yet he couldn’t. It was like he was still tied up, though there seemed to be nothing holding him back. He could only stare at the light, the sort of glitter of little stars off in the distant that were gold in color. He could see that much, but nothing else. He shook his head, trying to figure out what he was seeing, trying to figure out where he was.

The motion of his head made him moan as he felt a strange ache inside. His eyes closed, then as they reopened, he found himself staring into the face of an animal. He felt himself shuffling backwards, as the animal head glared at him. It had small beady yellow eyes, that made him cringe in fear.

His one hand was reaching out to his side, trying to find something solid, a branch or something, that he could use as a club, when the head in front moved. It wasn’t an animal at all, but the head of one, sort of like a mask, as he saw a pair of pale blue eyes now staring at him. The face looked familiar, but he couldn’t place it.

Looking at the face, he saw the thin nose, the soft lips, and the sunken cheeks of the man under the animal head. His heart quicken a bit, but his fear seemed to dissipate a bit. His hand stopped searching for a weapon, as he watched the man move his hand towards him, but he didn’t feel threatened by it.

TJ noticed that along the shoulders was some fur, sort of like a cape. It covered the back of his arm too, and over his hand, but beneath it was a soft golden color. He watched the hand reach out, to touch the side of his face. He could hear a soft purring sound, like a sound a cat would make, when pleased.

Nothing was making sense, as he felt the hand touch the side of his own face. It was warm to the touch, soft and gentle as the fingers lightly moved down his face, then under his chin. The fingers lifted his face up, then caressed his chin and moved across to run up his cheek, and along his ear. TJ felt his body shudder, as the head now stared at him, the hand moving down his neck, and along TJ’s bare chest. He could feel the warmth, the lightness of the touch, as the fingers moved across his body. They touched a nipple, which made his body shudder. Then they moved down the centre of his chest.

His head lowered and his eyes followed the fur covered hand, as it caressed his stomach, then down his belly towards his groin. He could see the tip of his cock, sticking upwards, feeling his excitement, as the hand moved down across his groin.

Staring down, he saw the fingers brush his pubic hairs, then circle the base of his hard cock. He sighed, feeling the tenderness in the touch, as the tips brushed up against his throbbing pole. Tj felt his excitement growing, as the watched the strange hand move across his groin, to run down the inside of his thigh. He felt the muscles shiver, felt the nerves tingle, as the hand moved down and he top of the animal head began to block his vision. The fur was blowing in a gentle breeze, as he leaned back, letting the caressing hand soothe his body, soothe his mind.

The sound of a twig breaking made him start. TJ was suddenly awake, and the man dressed like an animal was no where to be seen. The smell of skunk made him want to retch, but he held back as he listened to the forest sounds. He could hear the river running, the water moving along against the shore. The sun was high in the air, judging by the light that was blinding him, as he struggled to regain consciousness.

His body ached, but he tried not to move, not to let his body make a single sound. The stench from the skunk made him look up, to see the familiar sack above him. He had been dreaming, the guy with the animal cloak was just a dream, the being tied up was just a part of that dream, as was the strange light among the rows of earth mounds. Yet the sound of a breaking twig, that wasn’t a dream, that was real. There was something out there, moving silently as he held his breath, wondering if somehow someone had stumbled upon his trail?

TJ felt the panic inside, but he didn’t jump up. He held his breathe, remembering the lessons from his Father. He controlled his breathing, controlled the motion of his body, as he lay there. He didn’t even reach for the hilt of the knife at his side, though it was within easy reach of his hand. His fingers could feel the hilt, but he didn’t flex them, keeping silent as he just listened.

There was a rustling sound to his right, as his head turned slightly. He could see some of the brush moving, some branches of a low brush move, as he bit his lower lip. His fingers ached, but he held them still, as the branches moved a bit more, a bit more violently, as whoever it was, whatever it was, was coming closer.

His heart pounded, as he waited. In his mind, he could feel the fear, telling him to jump up, to grab the knife and be ready to defend himself, then to run for it. It was a persistent mantra inside his mind, as he struggled with the urgings, while in his heart, he knew he had to sit still, to keep perfectly silent. He didn’t know what was out there, running wasn’t going to help him, least not yet.

The pins and needles in his legs, in his arms, were making it harder for him to sit still. He had too, and the cold sweat he was feeling didn’t help matters, but he held firm, watching the branches of the bush, listening. His ears didn’t pick up any other sounds, just those coming from his right, from the bushes. Staring at them, he saw the branches closest to him move, knowing that he would soon know what was there, what was stalking him. His fingers ached, but he held from reaching for the knife, leaving it for the last possible second.

The branches moved, and a dark pointed head came out. It had a dark nose, and was nibbling at the leaves on the branches, as he relaxed. Nothing but a deer, which didn’t seem to notice him, as it fed on the leaves. It’s ears perking up every few seconds, as it too listened for strange noises.

TJ felt suddenly foolish, yet relived as well. His fingers relaxed, and the ache in his body eased a bit. He had won one more battle with fear, as he saw the Deer’s nose twitch, as it picked up the skunk scent. The head lifted up, staring straight at him, but it didn’t rush off. The dark nose wrinkled a bit, as if it recognized the scent, and like everyone else, wasn’t impressed.

Finally it lowered its face, and once more nibbled at the lush leaves, before slowly moving on, paying him no further attention. It had been satisfied that the only scent was one to be expected. Seeing that, made him relax even more, as he watched the Deer move along. His body was easier, as once more TJ closed his eyes.

Maybe this time, he’d get some sleep without the strange nightmares, the strange visions. His mind let him rest, as his body unwound, as sleep once more took hold.

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Remembering (Epilogue)


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved


Trent stared out the big bay window of the front room. He could see the horizon, see the orchard fields below. He sighed, as he felt the warm air blowing into the room from the opened front door. He turned his face, to look at the front stoop, to see the man slowly making his way down the ramp, towards the front roadway.

He felt a small twinge in his heart, as he saw how he moved so slowly, the pain of his injuries showing across his face, as he began to make his way towards the front gate. The mail sign was up, and there was no denying him. For several days now, Rob had made this journey, accepting the pain it gave him, refusing to let Trent go.

It was his choice, his decision and Trent wasn’t about to argue. He could see the determination on his friends face, knowing how much it cost him, knowing too that even now, several years after his injuries in Iraq, the pain was never gone. Well that wasn’t entirely true, least in his mind.

There were moments when it seemed like Rob had no pain, nor did he either. He had suffered no injuries, no scars covered his body as they did Rob’s, though his scars were within. He still could hear the General’s words, the scathing remarks, and his own equally harsh retorts.

It was a long time back now, but they still hurt. Yet, one day soon, he knew he’d let them go, forget them as they deserved to be forgotten, but not just yet. He may have aged in years, but in looks he had seemed to just get younger. He kept blaming Rob for that, because they were finally together, finally accepting of the love that they shared.

Moving to this valley had been hard, had cost him every penny he had saved, begged, or borrowed, but then too, Rob had done the same. Yet for him it had been hard, because Rob needed so much, even though he rarely asked for anything. Then that was Rob, he never did complain, and so they had bought this small little orchard in California.

He had expected some troubles, specially if the neighbouring people found out about him and Rob, which they were bound to do. After all, his Court Martial wasn’t exactly a well kept secret. Nor was Rob’s either, which had really hit the wires like a ton of bricks. It was bigger than if the Titanic had been sunk, all over again.

Still he had been surprised by how welcomed he & Rob had been. Oh there were a couple who grumbled, and who would never have him or Rob on their guest list, but then again, he wouldn’t have them on his. For the most part, the folks in the valley accepted them both, and while it had been a bit strained at the start, things had gotten a lot easier over the few years they had lived there.

Many had watched at how determined Rob had been. He didn’t act like any cripple they had ever seen, and while no one expected much, they soon came to realize that Rob was a force to reckon with. While the Doctors had said he’d never walk again, that the rest of his life would be confined to a wheelchair, Rob didn’t accept it.

And there he was, outside on his own two feet. Granted, he wouldn’t win any marathons, but he was lurching ahead, on his own. No wheelchair was in sight, just a pair of canes now. The crutches had disappeared six months ago, and Rob had vowed that the canes too would disappear. Trent believed him too, even if the Doctors were still a bit sceptical. But then, they didn’t understand the man, or his character.

Trent was just realizing it, himself, as he watched his friend slowly making his way down the hill, towards the gate. The small red flag of the mailbox up, showing they had mail. Rob was certain that today it would be there, that this was the day.

He smiled, realizing that he too was just as anxious. It was rather special, and frankly, he never thought he’d see this day come. Certainly not as a teenager, nor even after he had his first sexual experience, back on his eighteenth birthday, had he ever thought this day would come.

Looking back on his life, on his time both with and away, from Rob, he had to admit. The sex had been something else, specially that first time, but in all honesty, the sex lately, had been more than just a release. He couldn’t really explain it, it wasn’t like they had a lot of options either.

Rob had come back damaged, yet despite all that, the sex seemed to be as good, if not more enjoyable. Sure, they were limited, at first, and Rob liked to joke that it was the sex that was making him push himself, so that he could really get off. Course, Trent knew that each time they became physical, it was a hard choice for Rob. The pain, in moving, was real. It was a constant reminder of his service in Iraq, a constant reminder of his personal sacrifice.

Just trying to move his legs at times, to spread them apart, caused him pain. Certainly at the beginning of their living together, yet Rob never complained. In fact, he kept instigating it, wanting it, even though he had to have felt more pain than pleasure. Still, that was Rob, and who was he, to deny him that?

They had talked about it, even with the Doctors. That was a discussion he wouldn’t forget. Looking out at Rob now, he remembered how he had been sitting with the Specialist, when Rob out of the blue asked him when it would be okay for him to have anal sex. He had almost fallen off his chair, and the look on the Doctor’s face was priceless.

Still Rob hadn’t let him off the hook, despite his unwillingness to get into the details. Rob on the other hand, well he wanted to know if certain positions would cause harm, to his recovery. The Doctor was as white as a ghost, and given that he was an African American, that was one hell of a feat. Still, Rob had persisted, and when he got his answer that in all honesty the Doctor couldn’t say that it would cause any added damage, Rob had simply turned to Trent, and smiled.

Course he had also blurted out that Trent could pick up the Condoms on the way home, which had made him have a pretty bad coughing fit. The Doctor on the other hand, had glanced away, but you could see his own surprise.

Then that too, was Rob. As he had said afterwards, why should he feel ashamed of how he liked sex? It was a natural physical function, and as long as he wasn’t going to cause any more damage to his already damaged body, he was damned if he would pass on trying. Plus, as he pointed out, he had some new memories to try and make, which had ended any objections Trent had.

Thinking now of it, of coming back to their small little apartment, at that time. He was rather amazed at just how good of a memory that first time had been. Maybe it had been all the talk, the touching to position Rob, but he had to admit, it had been a memorable night of passion. One that certainly had rivalled their first experiences, when they had been eighteen, out camping.

Staring at his friend now, he realized just how special their moments had become. It was those earlier memories, that had brought them together, had brought them to this very point in their lives. Sex for him, had always been more of a physical thing. Least when it had involved other men, not Rob. Yet those times with Rob, before now, before his war wounds, had always been more than just a physical release. Course he hadn’t seen it that way, then. He sure as hell did now, as a smile crossed his weathered face.

Being an Officer, being in charge of other people’s lives, had taken its toll on him, but the news of his friends wounds, had sent him over the top. He had known, virtually the instant he had heard, that he couldn’t do it anymore, that he couldn’t handle that kind of responsibility. He also didn’t know how he’d handle life, if Rob wasn’t somehow a part of it.

Fortunately the Doctors then, had been wrong, and it seemed since too. Rob had made progress, but the physical act of sex, was vastly different. Trent realized that despite his advanced years, he looked forward to their intimate moments. He yearned for them too, like the time when Rob had been hospitalized, for complications.

God, how he had imagined the worse. How he had thought that somehow their sex had been the cause of it all, though it hadn’t been. Still it hadn’t prevented him from thinking of it, from vowing he would not press it. Yet, seeing Rob in that bed, again, had made him realize just how connected they had become.

That first hospital night, when he was still running a high fever, and under some powerful sedatives, how he had looked up at Trent, winked, and asked him to rub his itch. Trent had almost split a gut, because he knew exactly what itch Rob had wanted scratched. The guy was more of a sex pig, than he had ever thought one man could be.

What had made it so funny, was that the male orderly was in the room, and offered to scratch whatever was irritating Rob. Fact that he was rather cute, and had been the subject of an early discussion on how Rob wouldn’t mind a nice sponge bath from him, only added to the moment. And in typical Rob fashion, he had merely looked at the orderly, and told him that only his hubby could scratch that particular itch.

The guy’s face had been a study in changing seasons. From concern, to consternation, to sudden realization, to embarrassment. He was a nice guy, but you could see how his face dropped when it dawned on him exactly what Rob had been asking for. He had stared at him, then over at Trent, his lips quivering, his eyes fluttering, as he tried to figure out what to say, if anything.

He opted for nothing, and quickly left the room, with Rob trying to lift himself up, to stare at his butt as he swished out of the room. It was those moments, that really made what they had special. While Rob’s mouth was certainly getting them more notoriety than Trent was comfortable with, it really didn’t matter at the end of the day.

When they would lay together, side by side, and Trent would have to undress Rob. How they would talk about the day, about those little moments when the straight world had been turned upside down by a crippled queer. How he enjoyed his moments of watching their faces, at how their mouths would tremble, trying to say something, without being offensive.

At the very beginning, after Rob had been evacuated to Germany, for better care, Trent had thought it was simply his way of getting back. He had been surprised at how often Rob would let people know about who he was, about his homosexuality. It bothered him, because while the cat was out of the bag for him, too, he didn’t think it right to flaunt it.

Yet when he had casually mentioned it to Rob, it was what had set off their first real disagreement. Hell, it had been a knock em out, drag em down, battle royal actually. Oh, he could smile now, but back then, he didn’t see any humor in it. He had even wondered why he had thrown his whole military career away, on someone like Rob, but finally the shouting grew to a distant roar, and he began to actually listen to the words.

That discussion had been one for the books. The way Rob’s face had twisted in anger, his too. Never before had he felt such anger, such disgust too. There were things he had said that he instantly had regretted, but Rob wouldn’t let him off the hook either. He had pursued it, like a dog with a bone in its jaws. No way was he going to let it go, and now, well now Trent understood it better.

Course, when Rob had said he damn well needed to know where Trent stood on it, given how he was planning to spend his entire life with him, well it changed the whole argument. It also made him realize that in many ways, Rob had planned it that way. He was a calculating son of a bitch, at times, but then, maybe that was why so many respected him. He saw not just the next hill, but beyond the whole range of hills.

He knew that it would be hard for Trent, not the gay stuff, but what if Rob’s determination to walk again, didn’t work out? Could Trent handle that, could their relationship handle that? In some ways, the whole being gay thing, wasn’t what they fought about, but the feelings of guilt, of fear too.

Just like back when he had been eighteen, unwilling to admit he liked guys, that he wanted dick not pussy. Now it was the same, in many ways. Was he really willing to spend to his remaining years looking after a cripple? Was he prepared to have his sex life limited by braces, by broken limbs?

Yet each time he had thought about it, he too had wondered, but the memories, they were just too much, too overpowering. Still, Rob knew that too, making sure that Trent did, as well. It was all part of the whole transition, from military life, to one of domestic bliss, as Rob put it. Only thing was, domestic bliss had its pitfalls, its battlefields too.

At first he didn’t think he could handle it, making his private life, public. Yet with Rob, it was like, it didn’t matter, because he had him to come home to, to be with. Strange, because he had never felt so alive, as when around Rob. Specially after the trial, after what had been described as a brilliant military career had come to a close.

None of it matter, and yet sitting alone in that dingy apartment, after the final gavel of the Courts Martial, after the rendered judgement of his peers, it didn’t seem to matter. He had Rob, and Rob him.

They had lain on the bed, the hot stuffiness of the room making the shirts stick to their skin, when Rob had looked up at him, and just smiled. It was like the future didn’t seem so dark, so ominous. It was as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders, as Rob pulled himself up on the bed, so his back lay against the headboard.

What if it doesn’t get any better than this? Can you handle it Trent?

He had seen the look, seen the way he was being given a way out. Trent knew that look, had seen it many times, when he had even grabbed at it. As he studied his friend, and his friend him, he saw it all flash before him. The tent, the way the sleeping bags had been laid out for them both.

But there wasn’t any eighteen year olds spread out on them. Instead there was a wheelchair to one side, metal crutches next to it, and shiny metal braces on the seat of the wheelchair. He could see two old men, hair white for the most part, where there was any hair. It was them both, but not in the past, but the future.

He had shaken his head, to clear the image, but it persisted, as he realized that his mind was transporting him to what it might be, if things didn’t get better, if Rob didn’t manage to confound the Doctors.

It scared him, to peer into the possible future. Here he was, discharged, unsure what he would be doing at his age, with a cripple to care for. Maybe that was harsh, but it was the truth, and one thing he knew, the truth never stayed hidden for long. Could he cope? Could he manage the rest of his life, looking after someone who couldn’t look after themselves?

Not the sex, because that was what it would be, but the rest of it. The having to help him to the bathroom, and afterwards. The having to bathe him, to clean him up, because he couldn’t do it for himself. Could he spend the rest of his life, dealing with that, as well as all the rest? The medical bills, the medical crisis that would surely follow as they both grew older, could he deal with that, and still love him?

Looking at the vision, of what might be, he wondered if he could, and he felt a cold chill in his heart, despite the warmth of the small room. Despite his shirt being sticky with his sweat, he felt a coldness in his heart, as his eyes looked downwards, and across the room. There was the wheelchair, dark and forbidding, the crutches off to the side. Just as in his vision, but they looked dark, forbidding, as he turned his eyes back to his friend.

Already he had made sacrifices, to be with him. He had outed himself, had thrown his entire career away, and for what? Damaged Goods? That was what some would think, would believe, and yet, did he believe that? Was Rob damaged?

Sure, he had no feeling in his legs, his arms were barely strong enough to pull himself up into a sitting position, and while he had managed to wheel the chair for a little distance, he still couldn’t get around with being pushed. He might make it to the bathroom, but that exhausted him, least then it did.

The sun shone off some stones, blinding him for a minute, as he saw the struggling figure of the man, making his way down the road towards the gate. Yes, now he could walk, now he could manage a lot more than just wheeling himself to the edge of a bathroom 40 or so feet away.

Back then, they didn’t know what lay ahead. Back then, Trent had no idea what Rob could manage, or not. Neither did Rob, and the question had to be asked, the way out had to be given. He could see that now, see it then too. He knew Rob was just as frightened, but he was thinking of Trent, when he had asked.

Trent hadn’t answered Rob, instead he had simply stood up, and took off his sweat soaked shirt, tossing it aside, while unbuckling his belt and throwing his clothes off. His eyes had never left Rob’s, which seemed to grow wider with each discarded piece of Trent’s clothing.

He stood there, stark naked, as he stared at his friend. It was like yesterday, as he watched his friend make it to the gate now. His body had tingled, as he had stood there, seeing the way Rob’s face looked at him. Seeing how his eyes sparkled, as he moved slowly towards him. Rob had licked his lips, as Trent moved around the bed, to stand beside him.

The way his face looked up at him, as he towered over him. How he flinched, as he reached out with his hand, to tussle his hair, to run the back of his hand down his friend’s face. He could see it all now, as if he was there. How hot his cheeks felt, how flushed he was, as he let his hand move down, as he sat on the edge of the bed.

There was no mistaking the fear that existed either. Yet he seemed unwilling to let it stop him, as his hand moved down his friends face, to rest lightly on his chest, near one side of him. He could feel the irregular beat of the heart, feel him sucking in air, afraid to let it out, until forced to. The way his whole body seemed to be on edge, as if wound up tight, beyond its ability, ready to explode. Trent felt it all, as his hand rested there, as they looked at each other.

Yes the vision of the camping trip had been altered. There was a wheelchair, but it was still the same tent, still the same sleeping bags. So there was some added stuff, it didn’t change how he had felt that time when they were just eighteen, it hadn’t changed how excited he felt, being touched by Rob, or by him touching Rob.

Nothing was really different. Sure, time had marched on, things had changed, but so? They were still the same, older, more experienced, had more to share, so what if Rob couldn’t run a marathon anymore? So what if he needed Trent to shift his legs, to lay them out? It was still him, still the same man inside, and wasn’t that what had made him fall for him, in the first place?

He had let his hand move downwards, to run across Rob’s crotch, as he thought about it all, as he thought about how he had always liked Rob, how before that birthday party, he had been attracted to him. It wasn’t his good looks, wasn’t his lock of hair that he would wipe away, or how his basket would bulge at times.

It was how he felt after they talked, how he would lay next to him, on those sleep overs, and just be there. It wasn’t his dick, or his ass, it was him. It was how it felt to have his warm breath blow across his chest, or his face. It was how he felt each time he looked at him with those eyes, always sparkling.

That is what made him want him, made him dream of him when they were apart. It was how he was always watching Trent’s back, without it seeming like he was. His hand had stopped over Rob’s groin, and he began to unbuckle his pants, to let his hand slide underneath, as his eyes stared deeply into those of Rob. He could feel him, not just his hard penis, but the man himself.

It had made him shudder then, and it did again now. He felt the rolling tremor inside, just as he had back then, as he told him, in his own way, that it didn’t matter. The fear he had, seemed gone the instant his hand touched Rob’s penis. The very instant he felt his warm body, felt his heart beating, he knew he could manage whatever the future would hurl at them both.

If Rob never walked, if this was indeed as good as it got, he’d manage. It wasn’t some form of penance either, because he didn’t see it as an obligation. Just as then, he felt the excitement inside, felt the tingling as he undid the pants some more, as he pushed them open.

He breathed in deeply then, smelling his scent, his aroma. Just as then, he could smell it now, feel it waft around his nostrils, float deep down into his nasal passage to make his heart quiver with the excitement. Just as then, Trent could feel it all over again.

How good it had felt to touch him, to let his hand move down, and push the shorts down, so that Rob’s penis stuck up, fully aroused. His legs might not work, but that third leg had no trouble standing up. How it had felt, had trembled to his light touch. Trent could feel it throb, through the tips of his fingers, as he let them move up and down the hard pole. His eyes could see the little flickers inside of Rob’s eyes, as his fingers moved up and down, then around the head.

His eyes never left Rob’s, as his fingers seemed to know where to move, how to move, no matter in which way Rob’s cock jerked, or moved to his touch. It all seemed like they were connected in ways, that were impossible to be, but he felt it then, felt it now, and yes, he had felt it ever since. They were connected.

His body shook, just as it did that time too. Trent could feel the way his legs grew stiff, how his heart began to race, as his fingers just moved across the throbbing pole, at how they sensed the blood pumping through the organ, feeling every drop as it rushed past. It didn’t make sense, but he could feel each drop, feel its warmth, its very essence, and he could see it too, see it in Rob’s eyes.

The way he looked, how when his heart skipped a beat, he could see that too, see the chest rising and falling as his breathe became labored, became shallow, as his body reacted to his simple touch. Trent could hear his questions to, his constant question of if he was sure, if he was certain.

Yet as he heard the question being asked, his body was responding, telling him yes, soothing his frightened nerves, with reassurances, that no words could ever give. How calm he had felt, as his fingers moved down the hard pole, to circle the shaft, to feel its power, as it shook to his touch. How at ease he felt, as his body gave Rob the answer he wanted, the answer he needed to hear.

Closing his eyes, he could see it all again. See how the vision of the tent, switched from two old men laying on the sleeping bag, to two eighteen year olds, exhausted by the night’s passion. He smiled, as he felt his groin stir, as he felt Rob’s cum spurting through his fingers.

How neither of them seemed surprised either, as they just stared at each other, as Rob’s body shook, as his milk flowed. How he felt his own body shake, felt his own heart quicken, as it felt the hot jizz flow past his fingers. It was as good as if they had been having intercourse. The moment was right, for just what they had done.

How Rob’s chest had heaved, how his eyes had shone, as the last of his milk dribbled out. The way he had looked at him, had felt the calm entering his friend’s body, and mind. They never did speak about the ‘what if’ again, they simply didn’t need to. They had answered the question, the only way they could, with deeds, not words.

Trent heard his name, and he shook his head, to stare out at the front. There was Rob, at the mailbox, and he was waving the envelope. He smiled, as he left his post, to head outside. The blast of hot air assailed him, but he didn’t care as he jogged down the path, to his friend. Trent could see his eyes sparkling, see how his body seemed a bit more erect, a bit stronger.

Coming to stand in front of him, he saw the State Seal on the envelope. He smiled, as he held Rob’s hand, as he ripped it open, to pull it out. He saw the fancy writing, saw it all as Rob turned from looking at the certificate to look up at him. The canes were in one hand, suddenly fell to the ground, as Rob just looked at Trent.

It’s official now

Trent felt the tears at the corner of his eyes, as he saw the small grin on his friend’s face. It was like being eighteen again, as he leaned forward, and pushed the hand holding the certificate to one side. With his other hand, he lifted up his friend’s face, and stared into it.

Was there any doubt?

As he said it, he leaned forward and kissed Rob fully on the mouth. A car whizzed past, honking as it did, but he barely heard it above the roar of his heart. He felt Rob’s body pulse, felt it shake, as they held each other, tasting each other. The tent, the crackling fire, all of it was there, parading past them, as they clung to each other, feeling the satisfaction of having reached this moment, together.

The license lay between them, clenched in both of their hands, as they broke apart, and looked into each other’s eyes, for the millionth time. It felt right, now, just as it had back then, so many years ago. Rob smiled, as he held onto Trent. His body swayed, but he reached up, and wiped away that rebellious lock of hair, grinning as he did, recognizing the glint in Trent’s face.

We’re legal now

He couldn’t help but grin, at seeing the joy in Rob’s face. Deep down inside, he knew he too was just as happy, just as excited. At long last, part of their struggle was over, part of their pain was now gone.

You Non Coms, we have always been legal.

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