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Fiction – Yard Sale (pt.2)

Yard Sale

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (2)

The crumbled bills felt strange in his hands, as he watched Cory come forward. His face looked clean still, but the eyes looked sad. His whole body seemed tense, on edge as if he was nervous about something, as he kept glancing around, as if to look for a place to run to. It was odd, to see him looking so jittery. He felt sorry for the younger man, but there was something in how he moved that made him a bit uneasy.

Garth stood aside, as Cory walked in. He watched as the younger man stood inside, staring at the more or less empty room. His shoulders seemed to sag a bit, as he turned to look at Garth. There was something in his face, that made Garth quiver a bit. Something was on his mind, as the younger man looked down at his feet, then dug into his pants, and pulled out a small trinket.

He lifted his hand up, opening it, to show an old watch, dented and faded from years of use. The gold coloring of the pocket watch was faded to a dull metallic shade as Garth recognized it. He reached out, to take it from Cory’s hand and looked at him, as the young man shoved it towards him.

How did you? I…

I stole it, it was in the bathroom. I saw it, and, anyhow, I couldn’t keep it.

I see, why? No one willing to pay you enough for it?

Cory looked up, and Garth saw the tears rolling down his face. His voice had been harsh and he could see it had made an impact on Cory. Yet he was feeling angry, betrayed as he looked down at the old pocket watch. It had been his father’s, and while it wasn’t worth much in money, it had sentimental value to him.

You won’t believe me.

Probably not, but go ahead, let’s hear it.

Cory moved a bit, shuffling his feet as he eyed the doorway, which Garth noticed. He tensed up, wondering if the kid was going to bolt, through him, as he stood between the door and Cory. Instead he watched as Cory seemed to just slump a bit more, almost as if he was going to collapse.

Does it matter? You have it back.

You were going to keep it, until I called you back, so give, let’s hear it Cory.


I don’t know, maybe because you gave me back the cash, but kept the watch, you think it’s valuable, worth more than the cash, or were you hoping I’d call you back, so you could maybe find something else?

NO!, No, I uh, I just… you won’t understand.

Try me

Part of him wanted to reach out, and just shake the kid. It wasn’t that the watch was worth much, most pawn shops had dozen’s in better shape, but it was all he had left that meant something. It was a connection that he would have missed, and yet looking at Cory, there was something that held him back. It was stupid, he should call the cops on the kid, teach him a lesson, but then once more that damn conscience held him back.

It made no sense, but instead of lashing out, his tone softened, and he felt sorry for the kid. Besides, he did give him back the cash, worth a damn site more than the watch. Yet it wasn’t making sense to him, why did he give him back the money, but keep the watch?

Come on, we’ll go to the kitchen, have some coffee, and you can give me the story.

It isn’t a story, It..

It’s what? Come on, what?

I was going to give it back, when I uh, when I gave you the money back, but…

But what?

I guess I just wanted something, to hold, to have.

Cory was right, he didn’t understand. Instead of making a smart ass reply, he kept quiet and led the younger man back towards the kitchen. In some ways maybe he could understand, but as he watched Cory walking ahead, he couldn’t help but wonder what the real story was. There had to be more, than just wanting a watch.

He poured himself a second cup of coffee, as he leaned back a bit in the chair. Garth looked over the top of his cup, as he sipped the luke warm brew, watching how careful Cory was to avoid his stare. The way he fidgeted while holding the mug, still virtually untouched. It was strange, but he felt that maybe Cory really hadn’t tried to rip him off, least not in the classic sense.

God, he had been down the route a few times, and for a lot more than the price of an old watch. Hell, Ken was a perfect example of how not to handle a relationship, yet he had fallen for him, hook line and sinker. Sure the sex had been good, well he thought it had. Obviously Ken didn’t think so, given his parting words. They had hurt too, and yet in the cold light of day, he knew that he had simply been a sucker.

Ken had played him, no doubt in his mind about that. Course, he had let him. So was it right to blame Ken, when he knew better? Maybe that is what hurt the most, that he had tried, knowing it was fruitless. Ken had taken a lot more off him than a watch.

Christ, Ken wouldn’t lower himself to take something as meaningless as an old watch. He was a gold digger, and he knew the cash value of everything. When he had left, he had taken what mattered to him, what he could get money for, not what meant anything to him. Like the watch, it only had a meaning for Garth, to Ken it was worthless junk.

He felt a small shudder, as he realized he was comparing Ken to Cory, as if there was a need to. It felt odd, to sit here, knowing that the kid in front of him had stolen from him, yet at the same time try to make sense out of it. Not like he would have known, until morning, and then what? Would he have gone hunting Cory down for it or would he have simply swore, and moved on?

At the same time, he felt something for Cory. Maybe it was his look, his youth, or maybe it was something he couldn’t put his finger on. There was something different about Cory, hence his comparison with Ken. Was he trying to make Cory into something Ken wasn’t? Or was he just wanting it to be that way, sort of a rebound type thing?

He was smart enough to know that he wasn’t in the best of shape, emotionally, yet Cory had struck a nerve. Looking at him now, he couldn’t help but compare his looks to Ken’s, as well as his actions. Ken would never have given him the cash back, nor the watch. He never admitted to anything, even when he left, he couldn’t accept that Garth had done anything for him.

It had shocked him, that morning when Ken told him off, and left. Looking over at Cory, he didn’t see Ken or anything resembling him. Ken hadn’t looked ashamed, didn’t look sorry or even sad. Hell the guy seemed pleased to see the way Garth had looked, when told that it was all over.

Yet the night before, he wouldn’t have guessed that Ken was about to dump in the morning. Man, what a night it was, the wine flowing, the cuddling, and the attention too. Strange, but he realized it now, that it was nothing but a set up. Ken had a mean streak, and he had made that last night together as perfect as possible, simply to make the break up even more painful for Garth.

Christ what a bastard he thought, and his face grew a bit more taut, as he held his coffee cup, remembering both that night, and the morning after. Man what a sap he had been, getting up early, fixing a special breakfast for Ken, to have it all thrown in his face. His eyes got a bit narrow, as he thought back to that morning, at how right after he had swallowed the last waffle, drunk the last sip of specially brewed coffee, Ken had looked at him, and told him it was over.

Just like that, he had sat there, a thin cruel smile on his face as he said the words, watched Garth’s face as each word registered, as the surprise and shock turned to hurt. He relished it, there was no doubt of that. How his lips curled up as Garth had started to tear up, how he had shook a bit. It was all a good laugh for Ken, yet the night before, it had seemed like Ken was the perfect partner.

He couldn’t get rid of the conflicting images, of Ken smiling his ‘gotcha’ look in the morning, with the wide grin of pleasure he had been giving Garth all night long. How he had whispered ‘I love you’ so many times while touching him, while holding him. It was a good acting job, for sure, and now in front of him, he was confronting another disappointment. Or was he?

Ken had a good body, was handsome and certainly knew how to please a person in bed. His body was always moving, his hands, his tongue, all were like weapons of sexual torture. How he could get Garth almost ready to blow his load, then let him down, making it hurt unbelievably hard, yet pleasurable. How he could get him in the mood just with a look, a toss of his head and a glance of his eyes.

The way he had done it countless other times, but that last night, he was in top form. The way he had looked, fluttered his eyelashes at him, looked at him with his eyes, as if devouring him. It had given him chills, and when he had helped clean up the dinner dishes, it was like being in a room charged with electricity. Every nuance, every move, seemed sexually charged, which he fell for.

It wasn’t that they had a wild passionate sex life to begin with, normal he would call it, but that night, it was like the first time, only better. There was no need to explore, to test the waters. Ken knew what he liked, knew where those special places were and how to touch them, to get them pulsing. How Ken had used that knowledge.

In some ways, recalling it now only made it seem even more intense than then, yet it didn’t lessen the anger he had for the guy. How he could have done all that, knowing, was still a mystery to him. As he sipped the coffee, looking at Cory, he knew that with Cory, he could never do that. There was still too much honesty in the kid, too much naivety. Garth sighed, as he felt his body stirring, as the memories of that night worked its way across his mind.

How his whole body had trembled when Ken had brushed his arm past his buttock, reaching for a towel to help dry the dishes. How it had lingered against his cheeks, just lightly touching, while Ken talked about the day. How his voice had sounded husky, how his talk seemed to be about things that interested Garth, things that Ken rarely talked about or showed an interest in.

The whole routine was so charged, he had almost dropped a plate, and how the laughter had filled the kitchen then. How it would be filled with angry retorts less than 24 hours from then. Instead it was nothing but soft words, the odd joke that wasn’t as funny as their laughter might have indicated. Still, the touching, the way Ken would grab his shoulder, squeeze it, after a bit of a joke, or just out of the blue.

How he had made Garth feel like he was the only person in the entire world, by his look, his touch. How he moved his slender body next to him, and then how he took the wash cloth out of his hands, and dropped it into the sink, while turning Garth around, to face him. The way he looked into his face, the love that seemed to just sparkle from his eyes, then how his head had tilted. How the lips had looked so inviting, and then moved closer, to brush against his own.

God, the way his body had shook then. Ken only smiled and kissed him on the cheek, wiping a strand of Garth’s hair off his forehead. That little gesture almost giving him an orgasm. It was so well orchestrated, the odd little touch, the way his eyes looked, and how it felt as he had taken Garth’s hand, and pulled him away from the sink, some dishes still left inside.

Again, something he wasn’t used to. Ken had the charm, to make him forget stuff, to ignore tasks that needed doing. Leaving the dishes, Ken had taken him straight to the bedroom, another unusual move. He had laughed, joked at what a horny bitch Ken was being, who only grinned more, and made him feel so special. Even now, he could feel that tremble inside, that little quiver, that only had helped to arouse him.

Normally Ken liked it quick, but not that night. Walking into the bedroom, he flicked off the lights, and led Garth to the bed, to have him sit on the edge. Then he pulled out a large candle, and went around the room, lighting several other candles that had been placed all over. Again, a surprise as Ken had done it all, while he had been making dinner.

It only added to his love of the guy, or so he had felt then. To be surprised was not easy to do, yet Ken had done it then, and certainly the following morning. That angry thought, memory, was somehow pushed aside, as his mind dwelled on the night. How the room seemed to be moving, thanks to the flickering flames of several candles. How the flames all seemed to be dancing with each other, against the walls. Sort of like some weird love making ritual dance, as they would flicker one way, moving away from each other, then suddenly rush back towards each other.

He sat on the bed, watching as Ken moved around, and soon he could smell the aroma too. Not only had he placed several candles around, but they were those aromatic types, that weren’t cheap either. The fragrance wasn’t overpowering, as the room begun to fill with their scent. Once lit, Ken moved back to face Garth. His eyes just seemed to sparkle in the room’s darkness. The eerie glitter of the candles played across his entire frame, as he stood there looking down at him.

Moving softly, he began to slowly undress. Another little trick of his, that worked. How he would make sure you were watching, then slowly, agonizingly slowly, move his hands to undo his shirt buttons, one at a time, drawing the moment out. Then he would just let the shirt hang there, open just enough to show off his flat stomach, to give a small glimpse of his golden skin underneath.

One hand would move up and down the opened part of the shirt, caressing his own body. He would push the hand behind the shirt, not letting the shirt open much more, and you could see the hand reaching towards his nipples, at how they would move around the firm flesh, but not actually see it. Ken would moan a bit, a soft sort of whimper really, then once more the hand would be running down his flat chest, towards his belly.

He had you then, and knew it. The hand would rest at the pants waist band, waiting for him to move. Garth had looked up, licking his lips, hooked fully in the moment. Ken had smiled, as his fingers deftly undid the button to his pants. The sound making him jump a bit. A smile crossed Ken’s face then, as he held his fingers still for a second, until Garth’s eyes had once more moved down to stare at the bulging basket and the pants.

Ken let his fingers slowly unzip the pants, then push them apart and guide them down his legs. He stood there, bent over a bit, as he pulled each leg out of the pants, then tossed them aside, like a finished banana peel. So casual and yet so exciting too. He couldn’t help it as his eyes turned and watched the pants go sailing off to the floor. Then once more they returned to the man in front, the bulge of his erect penis stretching his underwear.

Calvin Kleins of course, as the huge letters seemed to glower at him. Ken’s hand would move down, to surround his bulging dick, highlighting it even more. Garth had licked his lips, as the one hand moved across the huge lump, the other moving up the centre of his chest, pushing the shirt open a bit more. Garth had been hooked and found himself leaning back on both hands, his eyes devouring the beautiful shape of Ken’s thighs.

The way the hair on his legs seemed to be standing up, and how big his basket looked. Even though he knew exactly what was under the underwear, he couldn’t help but feel tense, feel impatient at the delay in showing him what he already knew was there. It was all part of Ken’s plan, at how he suddenly moved his hands away, and removed the shirt instead. Yet even that had its moments, as Garth couldn’t keep his eyes from the show.

With his shirt off, he moved in closer, to where his legs now rested up against Garth’s. The room’s electricity quotient shot up a thousand fold, as his legs brushed up against Garth’s own legs. The face was looking down at him, as his eyes moved from Ken’s face, then to his groin, then back up to the face. How handsome he had looked, how alive he had felt.

Ken leaned forward, making Garth lean back for a second, then a smile crossed his face, as Garth felt his lips brush his. He felt the hands now resting on the bed, next to his shaking body. Garth couldn’t help but feel fully aroused, as their lips touched, as Ken’s tongue suddenly poked out, pressing up against Garth’s closed mouth.

He felt himself being forced backwards, further onto the bed, as he moved his arms back, then up and off the bed. Garth felt himself fall back, his arms reach up and around Ken’s body. The touch making him shiver. Then the lips were pressing hard, and he felt Ken’s body pressing down onto his own. He felt Ken’s hard groin pressing down onto his belly, as he took all of Ken’s weight.

His hand reached up and held his head between them, then he pressed his own face down, his lips crushing Garth’s. The tongue dug between his lips, pressing past and driving deep into his mouth. He tasted the younger man, tasting his lover in a way he hadn’t before. The tongue was relentless, but the hands held his face firmly in place, and then he began to kiss him back. His own hands moving up and down Ken’s body, then settling at his hips.

Ken managed to not only kiss him hard, but swivel his lower waist across Garth’s. It was all so quick, so unbelievably hot, that he lost all thought. His body was no longer his to command, as Ken’s body pressed down on him, making him feel like he was being pushed through the actual bed. His chest hurt, his legs spread apart, as Ken’s body formed itself to him.

The hard press on his crotch was making him sweat, as Ken continued to kiss him hard, deeply. The tongue moved in and out, and it was like being fucked. Hard deep thrusts, then out, then back in. The hands moved from his face, to slide down his body, making every nerve tingle as the hands past by. Every nerve inside was tingling, was on edge, as the hands moved down, to his own hips.

He sucked in air, moaned constantly as Ken continued to kiss him, to taste him. The lips would press hard on his, then move to kiss his chin, even his eyes. The hands undid his pants, and were pressing over his own throbbing cock. He felt the moment coming, moaned louder, and unlike most times, Ken didn’t stop. His fingers took hold of his cock, and the touch as they reached up and glided over his moist cock head only made him tremble more.

What a rush it was, to feel that one finger as it slid over his pee slit. The way the tip just managed to move over the top, then moistened by his precum slide back down underneath. Garth groaned, his body arched up but was held down by Ken’s weight. His legs stiffened, as his eyes fluttered, and he caught a quick glimpse of Ken’s face. He could still recall each line across the forehead, see each eyelash as they fluttered.

It was more than he could take, and without Ken stopping, neither could he. His whole body shook, his cries echoed into the room, as he heard his heart race to a fever pitch scream. The thumping inside was too much, as he bucked and shook. His legs kicked out, his arms dug deep into Ken’s thighs, right to the bone.

Ken’s hand suddenly closed up around Garth’s cock head, as it reared back, then released its steamy load of milk. He felt it flowing out, felt it being directed back to his belly, splattering across his pubes. He cried out, his voice shrill, as his arms let go and fell hard onto the bed. Yet all he could do was feel the rolling thunder inside, the way his whole body suddenly felt like it was on fire.

He remembered it all, as his body heaved, as his head rolled from side to side as his hips arched upwards, pushing up against Ken’s body. The way his cock ached, as it became coated with his own hot milk. How his entire groin was soaked and he could hear Ken’s heavy breathing as well. He could feel it against his cheek, as his body shook and shook.

It felt like forever, but finally it had subsided, and he lay there, his eyes adjusting to the room’s light. The candles still doing their little dance on the ceiling, the walls. His breathing was labored, as he stared at Ken, like a deer caught in a car’s headlights. He saw the glint in the eyes, the pleasure around his mouth, which made Garth smile back. He felt like he had just climbed Mount Everest, as Ken lifted himself up, and looked down at Garth.

How assuring his eyes had looked, how loving. He remembered how Ken leaned down, to kiss him once more, but this time, lightly. The brush of his lips had been like a match on dry kindling. All the passion he had just felt exploding inside, came rushing back. His cock jerked a bit, its decline arrested.

Garth shook his head, trying to clear his mind of the memory. His eyes were clouded, as he tried to focus, tried to get back to the moment. Looking over across from him, wasn’t Ken, but Cory. He let the chair move back forward, and sat his coffee cup down. A slight chill crept through his body, as he stared at the young man who had stolen his watch. Yet as he looked at him, saw how nervous he was, he couldn’t help but continue to compare him with Ken.

Garth took a deep breath, pushing aside the memories of that last night with Ken. Ken was gone, and he had to deal with this instead, plus morning was getting closer, as was his departure away from here, away from Ken.

Time to fess up Cory, why did you take the watch?

Cory put the coffee mug down, and looked up at Garth. He had his hands on the table, around the mug, and Garth could see how he kept moving them, showing his nervousness.

I wanted something to remember you by


Fiction – Graveyard Shift with Dawson (2)

Graveyard Shift with Dawson

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (2)

Just looking at Chip and how his face was so relaxed, eased the tension, but only a little. He still didn’t know how this would play out, as he zipped up and stared. Those eyes were baring down on him, and yet they didn’t look menacing, or dangerous. He felt his face was flushed, knew he’d been caught, but it was done. Dawson had learned a long time ago, you can’t undo certain things, you can only hope to minimize the damage.

Sorry, I uh, I don’t…

It’s cool man, I guess in a way its flattering.

Huh? You aren’t uh, pissed?

Nah, not like you are the first fa… uh gay guy to uh…

For a split second, he felt himself tighten, specially as Chip had begun to say the ‘f’ word, but when he stopped himself, he felt relieved. The guy obviously wasn’t a total jerk, or one of those ‘jocks’ either. For some reason, he felt pleased, and then too, what did he mean he hadn’t been the first?

get off on thinking of you? That what you were gonna say?

yeah, kind of. Makes me sound like some conceited jerk when you say it that way, but I mean not uh, quite so, uh shall I say, vividly as you, but yeah

How? I mean how did you know others were uh, you know, thinking of you?

Shit man, I played football, you can’t hide a woody in the showers man, even if you are fast enough to get the cold water happening


Hey no big deal, like I said, rather a compliment

It is, isn’t it?

Yeah, so uh, this may sound weird, but uh, what is it that uh, you know, got you so uh, so…



The way he had looked away, had turned his eyes downward gave him a look that got him hard all over once more. Christ, if this kept up he’d need to go use the restroom. It was strange, to see him standing there, suddenly looking so vulnerable too. It was a bit out of character, or was it?

I don’t know, you uh, I guess you just have that look, that sort of hits a button with me. And I guess the others too.

Wish it would with the girls.

Yeah uh, well I can’t help you there.

Guess not, uh, but uh, this may sound dumb, but uh, oh shit this is gonna be dumb, but is it true, what they say about Gays?

Is what true?

That gay guys suck a guy off better than any chick?

Now it was his turn to look downwards. To try and glance up without being noticed. His nerves were on edge, yet he didn’t feel threatened, and frankly, judging by how Chip looked, Dawson thought he was being serious. That he really wanted to know.

I suppose, no one ever complained

Chip didn’t look at him, but stared out at the empty lot, at the glaring lights. Dawson waited, wondering what this was all about, he also felt a bit excited. Could Chip be just trying to put him at ease, or was he curious? He had met a few straight boys that were curious, but it never really turned out well. It was a bit worrisome too, because once they tried gay sex, and didn’t like it, they became distant, or worse, abusive.

Then there were the closet cases. He stared at Chip, at how he stood there, at how his hands seemed to keep wiping his pants, as if they were wet or something. How he would glance around, yet not look directly at him. Maybe it wasn’t that he was curious, but that he really was family? Yet the guy was 18, he would know, wouldn’t he?

Dawson waited, but it seemed like it was just going to be left at that. Chip seemed to be thinking, but did everything he could to avoid looking at Dawson, or even talk to him. For a bit, Dawson thought maybe he was pissed at him, but then the body language didn’t seem angry, or anywhere close to it. Their few words exchanged were out of necessity and brief. It was awkward at best, and he still didn’t know if Chip would let anyone else know.

It worried him, and as their end of shift drew near, he began to fret. What if the first thing out of his mouth when their relief crew arrived, was that he had caught him jerking off? Or worse, mentioned he had been calling his name? Christ, he could hear the comments now, and it was making him edgy. It was also giving him the willies too, because he didn’t know how or what Chip would do.

He wanted to ask him, tried to a few times, but just when he had enough nerve up, a customer would show up and off Chip would go. About the only good thing was that his pumping was better, the over pumps were getting less. Still, as time advanced, he grew more uptight, and wondered how he could make a quick exit, to avoid the whole situation? Problem was, he was the senior, had to stay to cash out, reconcile everything.

The morning rush was on them, and he lost himself in his work. He lost track, briefly, of the dilemma he was facing, and without even realizing it, the shift was over. Looking up, he saw his relief, and was nearly finished the book work when he noticed Chip had already left. No one seemed to act any different, and Dawson sighed with relief. For now, his secret was safe, as he signed out and headed towards his car.

Turning the corner, he saw a slender figure standing near the door of the closed shop, in front of his car. For a moment he didn’t pay much attention to it, but as he got closer, he thought it looked familiar. Getting closer he recognized the shaggy looking hair, and his heart tightened. It was Chip, and all he could think of was that he was going to either strike out at him, or warn him that he was about to let everyone know about earlier.

His whole body was tense, his hands kept bunching up and balling up into a fist, ready in case it got messy. On the other hand, he also kept looking around, realizing that there were too many people around, opening their stores or whatever, so maybe it wouldn’t turn into a brawl. He wouldn’t back down, he decided, as he came closer.

Chip moved out from the store to come closer, and Dawson saw how he moved. It wasn’t his normal graceful motion, and he looked tense too. So it was going to be a battle, he thought, as Chip was between him and his car.

Uh, can I catch a lift? My apartment is down the road a bit.

Chip indicated the direction with his head, but his eyes seemed locked onto Dawson. It was not what Dawson had expected, as his body sagged, in relief. He quickly agreed, not sure what this was all about, but he wasn’t about to ask now. He just wanted Chip to get in, and drive off, so that any problems would happen away from the gas bar.

The silence was a bit hard to take, as he drove out of the lot, yet he sensed that there was more to Chip’s request for a ride. He waited, unsure what to say himself, as he’d really never been in quite this position before. It felt odd, scary too, but as he moved down the road, he felt a bit easier. The worst was over, least if Chip was going to out him, it wouldn’t be today.

As he pulled up to the curb, near the large plain apartment building, he felt relieved. However, as Chip thanked him, and opened the door to climb out, he hesitated for a second. He turned to look at Dawson, the first time he really looked at him, since he had caught him whacking off.

I got coffee, if uh, if you want to come in?

As he started to refuse, he saw the look in the younger man’s face, and something inside made him change his mind. He accepted, turning off the car and climbing out. It was not like he had a bunch of time, unless he decided to skip first period, but hell, he hadn’t studied much either so missing the morning wouldn’t hurt too much. He’d make it up later, he hoped as he followed Chip to his apartment.

The apartment wasn’t what he’d call filled with stuff, like one might expect. There was a coffee table, a couch and chair and that was about it. There was the standard television and surprisingly a computer but no stereo which was also surprising. Like a good nosey guy, he managed a quick peek in the bedroom as it was right in front as he had walked in. The bed was a mess, just like his own, but it looked so plain, so empty.

Chip made himself busy preparing the coffee, and when he brought the steaming mugs in, he barely looked at Dawson, just thrusting his hand outwards. Their was the briefest touch of fingers, that rather gave Dawson a bit of a thrill. Still, his own nerves were screaming, making him sweat a bit.

The silence from the car carried over, and it felt odd. To sit sipping coffee, both of them looking at their own feet. The odd glance from underneath only heighten the tension, which was making Dawson very uncomfortable. He didn’t know what to say, so he just sipped the coffee.

Dawson glanced at his watch, thinking he should make an exit. It was just too quiet for him, and he really needed to get home and shower. Last night’s little relief was beginning to feel icky, not to mention all the sweat from the tension he was feeling. He sort of sighed, about to thank Chip for the coffee, which seemed to spur Chip.

You really never had anyone complain?

Huh? Oh, uh, well no, not from any of the uh, straight guys, no, no complaints

Been a few?

Well, I wouldn’t say a lot, a few though.

Did they uh, did they strip all the way? Or uh, I mean, shit, uh…


On what?

How good of a blow job they wanted. Look, you asking me to suck you off?

For a moment he thought he saw a flash of anger, and he tensed up, though he had no idea how he could. Yet as he waited, Chip sort of just sagged, but without saying anything, he just nodded, keeping his face averted.

Dawson sipped at the last of his coffee, wondering what next. The other straight guys he had done, well they were guys he had known for a time, not like Chip. Still, even they had more or less drifted away afterwards, but he had to work with this guy. Last thing he needed was for some stupid drama at work. Besides, it could screw his job, if word got out.

Why? You seem like a guy who can get any chick with just a smile, so why?

Chip got up and walked around the tiny living room of the apartment. He was obviously nervous, as he kept moving around, then finally, facing the patio door, he stood still. His voice was soft, almost in a pleading tone really.

I don’t know, just that, shit, does it matter? I don’t know, just that when I saw what you were doing, heard you call my name, I sort of, well, I don’t know, I just felt like, wanting to feel it, to see for myself, or, or I don’t know.

The obvious pain in his voice, the way he kept glancing over at him. Dawson knew, or at least thought he knew, as he stood up and walked over to the young man. The closer he got, the more he could see how he was actually trembling, frightened. The image tugged at his heart, as he put his arm over Chip’s shoulder. He felt him shrink away at first, then move back into Dawson’s embrace.

It felt right, not strange, which in itself was perhaps strange. Yet Dawson felt the beat of Chip’s heart, felt his warmth, as well as his own excitement. He had this urge to kiss him, but he drew back, knowing it would only freak Chip out. Maybe later, if there was a later.

He helped guide Chip towards the couch, and then went back to close the drapes over the patio doors. Without turning around, he could feel Chip’s eyes on him, felt them watching every movement he made, as he slowly turned around. This time, Chip didn’t lower his eyes, but Dawson could see how nervous he was, but also how excited.

Walking over, he moved the coffee table out of the way, then lowered himself to kneel in front of Chip. He kept his eyes on Chip, not letting him see how nervous, he himself was. Leaning back on his haunches, he just looked at Chip, glancing down towards the young man’s crotch, then back to his face. He could feel Chip regaining control, relaxing a little.

Dawson moved his hand up, and let it rest on Chip’s knee. He broke off eye contact, just taking in the younger man’s body. There was a quick intake of breath as his hand rested on the knee, then slowly he felt the body relax, as it became used to his touch. Dawson was in no rush, as he slowly let his eyes move back up, adding a small smile to his face.

Chip smiled back, and leaned further back into the chesterfield. His legs moved a little further apart, no longer presenting a closed stance. He was becoming more comfortable, as Dawson shuffled himself closer, shifting his gaze downwards, towards Chip’s crotch. He let it happen slow, feeling Chip’s eyes following him.

For a moment he wished he had thought about getting some music happening, but no way was he going to break the spell now. Instead he let his hand move up the thigh, to rest near the bulging package. Dawson couldn’t help but notice how much larger it had grown, a good sign, as he took one more look upwards. Chip’s eyes were a bit narrow, focused on Dawson’s hand, on how close it was to his crotch. The eyelids were fluttering a bit, as he watched. There was a bit of a glint as well, as Dawson slowly moved his hand over the crotch.

He could feel the lump, feel the warmth too and the eyes seemed to flicker as his hand moved over it. It was like he was already close, as he gently prodded the firm package, feeling it move. His fingers moved upwards, towards the waist band, and as he moved his other hand to help hold the pants, he felt Chip inhale and hold his breath.

His fingers fumbled a bit with the snap, but he soon had it open, and Chip exhaled. He felt the warm belly press against his hand, which made him tremble a little. His eyes glanced up, to see a sort of glazed look, but no less intent than earlier. The hands pulled the pants open, to expose the underwear, and the very well defined pole inside.

Dawson felt himself sucking in his breath, as he stared down at the long thick pole that was held fast by Chip’s underwear. He wasn’t wearing boxers, but jockey shorts, that were a pale blue in color. The way the fabric was stretched, around the pole, he could see the shape of what was obviously a very thick cock. It would certainly challenge his mouth, given how big it looked.

Looking up, he saw Chip staring, saw him lick his lips, in anticipation. It felt so hot, that Dawson felt like he couldn’t wait himself. He felt his own cock stiffening, even more than it was. His fingers shook, as he reached up to take hold of the elastic waistband, the tops of his fingers actually touching Chip’s skin.

It was as if he had been given a huge electric shock. His arms tingled, his eyes fluttered and he felt his heart beating faster. The simple touch of skin against skin, was almost enough to make his own body shake. It certainly made Chip’s body shudder, as he slowly pulled the top of the underwear down, until finally Chip’s aroused cock was staring at him.

Uncut Bel Ami ModelsThe cock looked so huge, so big as it stood there, wavering from its sudden release. He couldn’t help but lick his lips in anticipation, nor could he avoid opening his eyes wide, to stare at it. It was one of the thickest cocks he had seen. The way the veins circled around the shaft, pulsing and bulging made him quiver a bit. He was rapidly swallowing his saliva, feeling totally mesmerized by the sight.

He felt his chest heave, as Dawson saw the little puff of white show, then disappear, then reappear. The pre cum was there, beginning to over flow, as he watched, his body shaking. Dawson had never felt so aroused before, as he reached down, adjusting his own bulge, then looked up to see a small smile curl around Chip’s thin lips. It looked so damn devilish, that he couldn’t help but grin back.

Leaning forward, he let his hand move lightly down the hard underside. Two fingers just lightly touching the hot flesh, that kept jerking and swaying to his touch. He felt the electricity, felt the desire coming from within. His whole body quivered, his legs were already growing numb from sitting on his heels, but he didn’t care. He was thoroughly entranced by watching his fingers move along the shaft, exploring the hard flesh, feeling the rushing blood flowing through the bulging veins.

The fingers moved down, to circle the shaft, to brush past the swaying pubic hairs. He let them circle then lightly caress the swollen testicles. The scrotum was stretched taut, from the waiting jizz inside, as his finger slowly moved down, towards the hidden valley below. Dawson felt the legs twitch, felt them tighten up and he stopped, moving his finger back upwards, feeling the legs relax as his hand moved back upwards.

Licking his lips, he let his finger move up and down the shaft, then circle under the exposed cock head. It touched in spots, missed in others, as he felt his mouth going dry. He let his eyes take the whole sight in, watching the white liquid begin to drip down from the head. His hand moved up quickly, to pass over the dripping fluid.

Its stickiness made him tremble, as his hand smeared the goo across the head, as Dawson let his head move forward to peer straight down at the hard pole. His eyes widened, then closed as his lips parted, as his head lowered. He felt the hands on the back of his head, felt the fingers reaching and twirling some of his own hair between them. He sighed, feeling the warmth, feeling the excitement as lower his head went, his lips slightly parted.

The instant his lips touched the head, he felt the body stiffen, heard the whimper, and felt the sudden pulling back of the cock, then before he could even blink once, the hard pole was pressing upwards. The hands were suddenly pushing his head, and as he blinked, he tasted Chip.

The cock pushed its way in, banging hard into the back of his mouth. His lips were pressed wide, as the thick pole was shoved inside. The pressure on his head was intense, making him realize just how powerful Chip really was. He gagged, as the huge cock was still being pushed into his mouth. His jaw was forced open wider than it had ever been, as he tried to pull back, to let himself breath.

Dawson heard the moan, as he fought to control his throat & mouth muscles. He stiffen, resisting the hard press on his head, until finally Chip relented, letting him do it his way. His eyes opened, as he saw the shaking belly, the way the muscles within were moving, rolling. He breathed in deeply, smelling that musky scent he knew so well.

The taste was just as familiar too, as he slowly pulled his head back, until just the head was impaled in his mouth. He let his tongue lick at the huge head, tasting the pre cum, swirling it around to mix with his saliva, to then coat the hard head burning the roof of his mouth. He felt his legs stiffen as he began to lower his head, taking more of the thick pole inside.

Chip’s hands moved down to Dawson’s shoulders. He felt the fingers on one dig into his flesh, felt it dig harder as his tongue licked around the head, then the underside of Chip’s cock. His body was shaking, as he let one hand circle and hold tightly to the throbbing pole, at the base. His fist pushed down, into the soft groin.

He could feel the throbbing pulse of the blood, feel the way Chip’s whole body was trembling, as he licked at the underside, his one hand pulling up and pushing down, stroking the hard shaft. His tongue licked at the very base, right between the cock and balls. Chip groaned louder as Dawson’s tongue was licking, as the cock vibrated to the sensations flowing inside of the 18 year old Jock. Dawson felt his own cock jerking against his underwear, wishing he could undo his pants, wishing his cock could be out from under its own restraints.

His eyes clouded, as he once more took the cock between his lips. He tasted it, let his tongue lick at it once, then flatten as he fed the hard pole to his own mouth. Every nerve inside was on edge, as he slowly let himself take the cock. His throat resisted, but he forced it to open, forced his jaw to nearly unhinge itself, to let pass the tasty pole.

Chip was squirming as his hips kept trying to push up, making Dawson pull his head back a few times. The moans and the way the cock was jerking told Dawson it was close. He wasn’t sure if to let it just shoot or not, but as he thought about it, he felt the head jerk backwards. He didn’t have time to think as the first stream of milk was splashing against the back of his throat.

He gagged twice, before he could swallow enough of the thick cream to relax his muscles. More of the hot milk was pouring out, and a hand was clutching at his hair, twisting it and pulling. The body was shaking, in uncontrollable spasms as the cock banged the sides of his mouth. His jaw was aching, as more of the hot milk flowed inside, large amounts dribbling out from the corners of his mouth.

He swallowed hard, taking as much as he could as the cock reared back and sprang forward. The hand held his head firmly, as the cock dug into the back of his throat. His whole body began to shake, to quiver, as Chip’s body kept unloading a steady stream of salty sweet cum.

It ended as it had begun. The hand holding his head fell to the side, and the body in front of him, just seemed to collapse. He could hear the heavy breathing, the harsh panting sounds, as he leaned back. His own body was aching, his limbs numb from being in the one position. Cum was all over his chin, as he looked up, blinking several times to get accustomed to the light.

Chip was leaning back, his tongue hanging out a bit, off to one side. Dawson stared at the young man, at how his chest rose and fell, how the nipples were so firm, making little tent shapes in the shit he wore. He wanted to reach out and touch them, to feel them between his teeth, but he was too exhausted. His body was slowly feeling the pins and needles from blood returning to his limbs.

Dawson had to move, to stretch out, and lay on his side. As he did, he saw how Chip was looking at him, how his eyes moved from the cum coated chin, to Dawson’s own bulging package, that now stared outwards, right at Chip. The eyes didn’t flicker, or move away, but held firmly at the sight. It only added to Dawson’s excitement, as he struggled to regain his energy.

He reached up, to wipe off his chin with the back of his arm, noticing how that small smile curled around Chip’s face, once more. His chest was still heaving, as he lay there. His pants were still down, around his ankles. The knees were spread wide open, the feet close together. In the centre Dawson saw the now drained cock, laying downwards, the head and part of the shaft resting on the dangling scrotum.

Looking up, he wanted to ask, but his jaw still hurt, and he was too exhausted to speak. Yet as he looked into the eyes, he could tell, Chip was as exhausted as he was. His face had a glow to it, one of obvious satisfaction. The eyes shimmered, as Dawson lay on his side, wondering if there would be more, or would this be the end?


Fiction – Graveyard Shift with Dawson

Graveyard Shift with Dawson

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (1)

Glancing at the clock, Dawson wondered what was taking the new guy so long. Granted, when he’d send his regular partner to get some burgers, Tubby Telly, as they called him, it could take close to a half hour before he would be waddling back with their meal. Still, Chip was no Tubby Telly, he was a Jock, and this was his first night working the graveyard shift.

The guy had promise, though he did seem a little dense, in grasping that you didn’t pump the gas close to the amount, but pumped it to the exact amount. Granted, it took a bit of time, but so far he had been all over the place. Yet most of the regulars didn’t seem to mind, which surprised him. Not like they gave him any slack, even when he first started working the Graveyard Shift.

Thinking about it, he didn’t think it was because his smile was any less friendly, or his looks any worse than Chip’s. Okay, so he hadn’t been a jock when in High School. He was nearly 20, studying hard to get through the local community college. Chipper on the other hand, was fresh out of High School, and just 18.

Maybe it was his hair? The way his shaggy hair would bounce as he’d trot out to help, or how his chest must look through the windshield as he stretched across them to wipe them clean could be the reason, but he had a pretty good muscular build too. So what was it, that made them accept his over pumping? His basket didn’t look any more inviting than his, and frankly he figured he had more meat hiding behind those tight fitting black denim pants, they all wore, than Chip did.

What was it that got them all drooling, forgetting to be their normal whining bitching selves? Surely it wasn’t his age, because frankly, he still got carded everywhere he went. Whether the local bar, liquor store or anywhere, no one bought that he was just 20. Chip didn’t have that baby face quality, though he was good looking. Everything was well proportioned, the lips with the mouth, the nose, the green eyes and the hair. It all fit, even the hollow looking cheeks, and the rest of him was just as well put together.

Dawson hated training new guys, though he had to admit, it could be fun. Still, while Tully was not a raving beauty, he knew how to pump gas, how to wipe windows, and best of all, he wasn’t a chatterbox. When Tully worked, he could always count on getting an hour or two of sleep, without worrying. Now with Chip, well, that wouldn’t happen.

The guy was pleasant enough, and from that first introduction, Dawson couldn’t help but think of what he would be like naked, and in his bed. Not like he would dare try to find out, unless certain signs were given. However, as much as the boss hired young guys, and most were lookers, after working here for nearly 4 years, he hadn’t found one that was, how shall he say it, family?

Hell most of them were homophobic slime, if you were to judge them by all their comments. Though frankly he was pretty certain he had more sex than most of them combined. Christ, the bullshit that came out of people’s mouths, trying to impress each other with their sexual conquests. Trouble was, he could see through the B.S.

It had been awhile since his last fling, and Dawson knew he was ready for another. Hard to do, when you worked the graveyard shift, which explained why he was having a hard time tonight. The notion of ‘training’ Chip in other ways seemed to be on his mind, and he had some difficulty in hiding his obvious attraction from the guy. So far, knock on wood, he had managed, but even now, just thinking about it was giving him another friggin erection.

Erections at night were fun, because he could always send Tully off and whack off in relative safety. Wasn’t so easy with Chip around, who really was the cause of his discomfort. Tully, well he wasn’t into that kind of twink, but he did enjoy a good wank during his shift. And Chip certainly made for good wanking material. Hell, he enjoyed it anytime, but the graveyard shift was perfect for those moments.

The risk of a customer driving up, having to quickly yank the pants up to rush out and pump the gas. It all was a thrill, that he enjoyed. Still, he didn’t want to get caught, and while he normally had a good whack off when Tully was off getting food, he didn’t want to risk it with Chip. He had no idea how long he would take, but looking at the clock again, he rather wished he had taken the chance. The guy was slower than Tully, but oh so much better looking.

Dawson knew he didn’t have time but he couldn’t help himself. He ached too much to ignore it, and he would see Chip returning, long before Chip could see what he was doing. Glancing around, checking the time, he felt his hand across his groin, felt it pushing at his blood gorged pole. The constant comparison of Chip to Tully had done its work. He could feel his dick hard, feel it tugging at the pants, wanting to be free.

The pop of the button startled him a bit, as he looked all around, making sure no one was about. He took extra care in checking down the road, from where Chip would appear. Still no sign of him, and he knew that it would take the guy at least a few minutes to jog up to the gas bar. So he felt safe enough to reach down into his pants, to let his fingers caress his erect dick. It felt good, and the instant his fingers touched it, he felt it move, felt it jerk a little, as if it knew what was to come.

Bel Ami OnlineHe leaned back a little, spread his legs apart a bit further, to give his hand more easy access. Dawson rubbed his dick, feeling it shake to his touch, then he moved his hand up under his shirt, to rub across his belly. A quick glance down the road, then he let his head tilt back, as his hand moved up, pinched one of his firm nipples. God it felt good, as he closed his eyes for a moment. He could see Chip’s face, see those thin lips with a small curl to them, as if hiding a secret smile behind. The guy was certainly hot looking, and would be fun to undress, he thought, as his hand moved back down, sliding underneath the waistband of his shorts.

The touch of his hand across his pubic hairs made him shiver a bit, and he opened his eyes, glancing down the road. Still no Chip, which made his fingers run along the stiffened pole, to slowly wrap themselves around the shaft, just under his cock head. It added to the quivering inside, made his legs spread apart even more. His chest began to ache a bit, as he kept his eyes focused down the road, his mind thinking of how it would feel to have Chip down under the counter. To have his mouth partially open, waiting for Dawson to offer him his cock.

Dawson felt his eyes blink, felt his body growing hotter, despite the coolness of the night. Sweat was beginning to bead up on his forehead, as his closed hand moved up and over his cock head. The feel of the thick pre cum only made his legs tremble, made his chest heave. The notion of having Chip below, of him waiting for his cock was unreal. It was making him ache in a way he hadn’t felt for some time, as his hand began to push down the long trembling pole. The pre cum helping to lubricate the flesh, but only momentarily.

A quick glance, and he found his hand back up and near his own mouth. He put his fingers into his mouth, moistening them, then quickly he took them and wrapped them, once more, around his cock. It felt better, as he let them coat his cock, and he began to slowly stroke his dick.

He could hear his shallow breathing echoing in his ears, as he shut his eyes, bringing up an image of Chip. How he would look, kneeling below him, how his lips would be moist from being licked in anticipation. How his eyes would be wide open, staring right at Dawson’s cock, watching ever movement it made, every jerk of the head, every drip of the pre cum. How his tongue would flick out, wanting to catch that drip, how his brow would shine from the glistening sweat that had popped up. It all filled his vision, as his hand moved faster up and down his pole.

The idea of Chip, of being able to feed him his cock was intoxicating. His body felt so hot right now, sweat was dripping between his legs. It really was happening so fast, so unlike him. His body was stiffening, his balls were aching, as his closed fist would push back into them, with each stroke down. His lips parted, he moaned a bit, as the hand began to move even faster.

In the back of his mind he knew he should look, should open his eyes to make sure he was safe, but the thought of Chip was more powerful. The notion of him wanting to take his load, was just too overwhelming. He couldn’t push the image aside, push aside that shaggy hair bouncing, those thin lips parted. It was too much as he felt his body surrender to that image.

The cry startled him, but he knew it was his. His body shook, as the hot milk came gushing out, pushing past his clenched fingers. He felt it ooze out from between the fingers, to splatter upwards, to coat his belly. He heard himself breathing hard, felt his buttock clench tightly, as his hips shot forward, then sink back down. His body trembling, as the cum oozed out, then dribbled down his spent cock.

His hand dropped to his side, the strength needed to hold them up gone. His whole body felt like it had just been drained of all energy. Dawson could feel the sweat dripping down his cheeks, felt the heat from being flushed, as his hand dangled beside him. His chest hurt too, as he struggled to try and sit back up. Never had he cum so fast, so hard, and so much. It was like every drop of his precious milk had spurted out in one single stream, though he knew it hadn’t.

Wiping his hand on his side, he felt the night chill, as he struggled to finally open his eyes. Sudden panic hit him, as he realized he wasn’t alone. His eyes fluttered, not sure if they wanted to open or not. There had been no noise, no sound of a car coming up, nor of the door opening even. Yet he knew, without opening his eyes, he wasn’t alone.

Slowly he sat up, unsure if he should reach down, to pull the pants up or not. Opening his eyes he closed them quickly. The bright lights of the room were harsh but he opened them again, seeing no one in front. He sighed, but then stiffened, as he turned his face to the side. His hands, that were reaching down to pull up the pants, froze in mid reach.

He knew that figure, that shape that filled his eyes. Dawson didn’t know what to do, as he looked up into the young man’s face. He saw the thin curl of lips, the hint of his teeth just showing, as he leaned against the door. His eyes were fixed on Dawson’s crotch.

How long you been standing there?’ he asked, as he figured he’d try to brazen it out. His hands once more moved towards the pants, to yank them up.

Long enough to hear you call my name

The pants were covering his groin but they trembled as he felt a cold chill run up and down his spine. He didn’t recall calling Chip’s name out, but as he looked into the young man’s eyes, he knew he wasn’t lying. A lot of crazy thoughts were running through his mind, as he sat there, not sure what to say, or do even. He didn’t think Chip would attack him, but would he tell?

Uh, you must have heard wrong, I uh…

Nope, it was Chip, no mistake in that Dude.



Fiction – Hung and Not Camera Shy

Hung & Not Camera Shy

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Damon stood by the buzzer, his finger shaking a little as it hesitated above the call button. He felt nervous, even a bit angry, because he knew he wasn’t a faggot. If any of his friends found out, he’d be toast. They would razz him endlessly, at best. Still, the money was good, and he needed the cash.

Answering that ad had been a lark, he never really figured they’d call, and when they did, he still never thought he’d wind up actually here. The building was one of those new high rise jobs, in the classy part of town. It wasn’t what he had expected, but the need for the $400 was just too overpowering.

I am not Queer’ he kept mumbling to himself, as he rode up the elevator. It had been running through his mind ever since he got the call. The money was a lot more than he had expected, and the task wasn’t all that distasteful. Mind you he never had jerked off in front of other guys, well not queer guys. Then again, maybe there had been one or two, but not that he knew. Circle jerks at summer camp, at some of the frat house parties later on, were just clean fun.

Okay so there weren’t cameras then, nor were the pictures going to be on some porn site. Still, it really wasn’t any different. Besides, the idea that he was hot enough to be filmed, was a turn on. He had to admit that, which helped ease the twisting & turning of his insides. As long as he didn’t have to see it, to look at himself whacking off, he was cool with it. Least so he kept telling himself.

Besides, he rather was pleased that he had actually been chosen. Money aside, it was nice to know other’s appreciated his looks, even if they were guys. Now the women, well, they were a bit pickier, or so it seemed. They didn’t like how he wore his hair, long and a bit unkempt. Nor did they go for the ear ring in one ear. They sure as hell weren’t impressed by the dragon tattoo over his left shoulder, and upper chest.

His latest bed partner, Holly, was really turned off by his tattoo, but worse, she always was afraid of his dick. Now he never understood that, how could girls not want a big dick? Wasn’t that what they all dreamed of, or was that just hype from the media? Not one of his girlfriends had ever been pleased by the size of his dick.

Not that they said anything, well not much anyhow. Some just stared at it, with a sort of look of horror in their eyes, while others simply shook their heads and said ‘no way Jack’, which pissed him off more than anything. Like fuck, they get you all heated up, then when it comes time to deliver, they chicken out.

When the guy had phoned, and had asked a few times if the photo he had sent was for real, he had been surprised to realize, gays liked guys with big dicks. His certainly filled that description, though he never really thought it was all that huge. Okay, back in High School, he had managed to realize that even soft, his dick was usually the biggest one hanging.

In College, when he had pledged for the fraternity, when the brothers had seen his drooping dick that first time, most had just whistled. Hell, the fraternity President had even commented how he should be automatically given membership, simply for the size of his dong. He felt rather proud at that, but the girls, that was so different.

Will from Blake MasonTo say his sex life was great would be a lie. Oh the girls loved to be around him, as he supposedly rated high on the ‘cute factor’ list they had in the various Sororities. Still, when it came to sex, the best he’d get would be a sort of blow job, but more of a hand job. As to fucking, well they would let him, but only if he agreed to stop the instant they said. Unfortunately, that was almost always right away. Few would let him get more than the first quarter of his dick in, before they’d holler it was too much.

Funny thing though, they never said a word about it. Instead they all seemed to credit him with being a choice lover, so his reputation had grown, to match the size of his dick. Yet inside, he couldn’t quite grasp why.

He wasn’t conceited, but he did think he was good looking. He had the shaggy hair, the sort of naughty look that he thought made his thin face look mysterious, look dangerous a bit. His nose was a bit hooked at the tip, and his lips were thin and rather pale. Damon was a sun worshipper, in that he was always down at the beach when he could be. It gave him a nice golden tone to his skin, even during the cooler months. His hair was always lighter in the summer, and the body hair above the waist was nearly white from being exposed to the sun constantly.

Working out, jogging every day, had given him a decent build, one that always turned eyes. He was rather proud of that, the stares. And as he walked down the silent hallway to his rendezvous with stardom, he realized that a lot of the guys would look too. In fact, maybe a bit more than the girls, which sort of made the unease grow inside. What did they know, that he didn’t?

Shaking his head, he knocked on the door, telling himself he simply was here for the cash, not because he was Queer or even gay curious. He didn’t want a dick, didn’t want to touch one, taste one, or any of that perverted shit. All he wanted was to get the cash, and at the same time, get his rocks off.

The door opened, and he was surprised to see a rather well built guy answer. He was not only taller, but far more developed. The arms flexed under the tight t-shirt he wore, and you could see the chest muscles rippling under the tight fit. His legs were huge, like some running back on a football team. Yet, he had a nice smile too, that sort of gave him a rather comforting look. His voice wasn’t shrill or high pitched, but rather deep toned.

Walking in, he noticed another guy in the room. Immediately he tensed up, but Jeff introduced him as Donny, the sound guy. He made like it was all normal, though Damon wasn’t so sure. It was starting to sound a bit too much, as now the odds were two to one.

After the introductions, and the handing over of the cash, he felt easier. It was all done rather smoothly, and he felt a lot more comfortable about things, as the man, who introduced himself as Jeff, explained how things worked. He was very careful in insuring that Damon understood exactly what was expected, what wouldn’t be accepted either.

The papers he was given to sign, seemed less frightening, as Jeff stood by, not too close but not too far away, to answer any questions. Both Jeff & Donny always seemed to stay back, giving him a clear path to the front door. It was a rather lengthy form, but he didn’t feel uneasy. He didn’t even feel threatened, or worried that the guy would think he was Gay. He seemed quite accepting of him, as being Straight, and yet Damon could tell Jeff was enjoying watching him fill out the form. Strange, but it felt rather nice, to be appreciated that way.

It didn’t creep him out, as he had thought it would. In fact, he was starting to wonder what Jeff would do, once he did see that the photo was for real, that he really did have that size of dick.

After Jeff had gone over the form, asked him to confirm verbally his answers, and to make sure he had understood them, they went into the next room. He was a bit surprised at how light the room was. A nice black leather couch was set against one wall, the large patio doors were open, and he was able to stare out at the wide expanse of the city. The apartment was way up there, and there weren’t any buildings close by, of equal height, so it wasn’t like anyone could peek in.

There was a freshness to the room too, it didn’t smell like some locker room, which he had expected. There was a painting on one wall, a rather interesting one, that wasn’t even sexual. Just an old fashioned sailing ship in rough seas. It was rather different to the light colored walls, and the small collection of plants that helped make the room less stark.

In front of the couch was the video equipment. He noticed the tripod, and the boom microphone that hung above the couch. He also noticed the rather large plasma television set just off to the left of the camera. A DVD player was on a stand next to it, along with several obvious porn flicks.

Behind the camera were obvious expensive lights. There was no cheap floodlights, and he realized that this guy was not some sleaze. Everything was clean, fresh smelling, and even the bottle of lubricant on the one end table, was brand new.

Jeff had been talking all the time, though he had barely heard a word he had said. He was just taking it all in, but as he sat down on the couch, he began to listen, to relax. The offer of a beer, was accepted, and as he sipped at it, he listened to Jeff explaining how it would go. He told him how he would ask him some questions, from the list he had seen on the form, then he would ask him to stand up, and to undress.

He told him that the video player would be running and he was welcome to pick out any of the movies they had, now, so that it would help create the mood. He sort of laughed at that, realizing that in some ways, Jeff was also a bit nervous. Yet it was all very professional, very matter of fact, which helped Damon feel at ease.

The DVD began to play, as he sat back down on the couch. Donny walked in, and picked up some headphones, and began to twist some knobs as he asked Damon to say a few words, then Jeff. When he was satisfied, he nodded at Jeff, who started to ask Damon the questions.

It was all matter of fact, friendly too. He leaned back in the couch, rather enjoying the attention, listening to Jeff talk. On occasion his eyes would wander towards the screen, to see the action, but it didn’t seem to matter much. He wasn’t erect, but he could feel himself tingling a little, just from listening to Jeff.

Talking about the girls he had, he found himself actually telling these strangers about his problem, about how they all seemed afraid of his dick, of how they hated to feel it go into them. It was odd, he had never told anyone about it, now here he was telling not just these two guys, but all the queers that would see it on their web site. Yet, it didn’t seem to matter, it was almost as if they understood.

It also brought him to the point of having to strip. It had worried him before, but as Jeff asked him to stand up, and get naked, it just seemed natural. He got up, a smile on his face as he pressed his hands on either side of his groin, highlighting the bulge. Damon noticed how Donny’s eyes moved from his dials towards Damon’s crotch, and he could see Jeff licking his lips, his eyes also riveted on his crotch.

He ran his hands a bit down his thighs, pulling the pants a bit tighter around his crotch. Damon could feel his monster insides stirring, feeling it grow and push out. Looking down at it, he got a sly little grin on his face, as he sort of thrust his pelvis out, then reached back up to quickly pop the button on his jeans. The sound echoed in the room, and he heard Jeff suck in his breath.

Glancing up, he could see he had their interest. Swaying his hips he saw their eyes follow the motion. Slowly he unzipped the pants, but without pushing them apart wide, he let just a bit of his underwear show. He could see how closely they were watching, as he began to turn away from them. Disappointment registered in their faces, as he turned completely around, then glanced over his shoulder, his head cast downwards, his eyes glancing up at them.

It was amusing, and very exciting for him. He had never gotten such a response from anyone like this. No girl had every followed his every movement so closely, with such desire showing in their faces. It was making him feel very proud, and it was also making him horny as hell. He could feel his cheeks quiver as he reached back and leaned forward, away from the two men. His buttocks filled the jeans fully, and stuck out at the two men. He swayed them a bit, side to side, then spread his legs a bit further apart.

Damon heard Donny gasp, and he turned his head away, as he brought his hands around the waist, then he slowly began to push the pants apart, and carefully slide them downwards. He couldn’t see their faces, but he could imagine the expressions on them, as he lowered his jeans, until his buttocks was fully exposed to the two.

He was wearing a pair of dark red briefs, and as he let his pants fall to the ground, he carefully stepped out of them. Bending forward, he took hold of the socks and pant legs, to pull them off each leg. He made sure his buttocks was upraised, full in their face, so to speak.

The sound of their heavy breathing told him he was doing it just right, and as he tossed the pants and socks off to one side, he stood back upright. His back still to them, he ran his hands along the firm cheeks of his buttocks, then up towards the waist band. He hooked his fingers into the band, and ran his hand from the back all the way towards the front.

He pulled the cloth out, then let it slap back into his flesh, making a loud noise, that startled both men. He heard their reaction, then he once more inserted his fingers into the waist band, and began to pull down on the shorts. He pushed the front down, making the fabric behind ride up a bit, before falling down.

As the material moved down, he realized just how aroused he had become. Without even looking at the porno on the DVD, he realized his cock had become nearly fully erect. It struggled with his shorts, as he tried to pop it out, without having to reach inside. It made his body wiggle a bit, shake, that seemed to be pleasing to the men behind him.

Another look over his shoulder surprised him. He saw Jeff, sweat was dripping off his forehead, his eyes were glued to Damon’s buttocks, and there was no mistaking his desire. Donny was even more excited, and a quick glance down showed he wasn’t exactly tiny down there either. The way his khaki shorts were tented certainly helped Damon realize he was doing just fine.

With a wicked little grin, Damon turned away and began to gyrate his hips a bit more, as he continued to unveil his buttocks. The shorts were gathered just under, as he wiggled his buttocks, then he let his hands reach behind, and he began to fondle his cheeks, pushing at the flesh, making it jiggle.

Turning back, he moved the shorts down towards his knees. He heard the gasp, as his balls came free, and slightly visible to the men behind. So too was the base of his cock, and as he bent over, he moved a bit faster, in removing his underwear. He let his hand reach down, and he felt the throbbing in his cock. He was nearly fully erect, which surprised him, as he turned his head again, to the opposite shoulder. Again he let his face hang down, his eyes glance upwards.

The sounds coming from the two were amazing. He had them, he knew it, as he reached back with his hands, then slowly let his fingers stretch out across his cheeks. Turning his head away, he slowly spread both legs further apart, and let his upper body bend forward. His hands now clasped his cheeks, the fingers digging deep into the soft flesh, and he pulled back, spreading his cheeks.

He could only imagine what they must be feeling. His cheeks were white, as he had a well pronounced tan line, and it was a perfect contrast, as he dug the fingers in, even more. Pulling back, he wiggled his hips a bit, as his cheeks were spread wide apart, giving them full exposure to his valley, to his hole. It was strange, because somehow he just knew it was turning them both on. Damon didn’t understand the attraction, but he knew it would help him earn the money they had paid him.

Will’s buttocks from Blake MasonFinally he stood up, slowly let his buttocks close back up. Then he stood upright, one hand held in front of him, as he grabbed hold of his cock. He could hear them sucking in their breath, as he very slowly began to shuffle around, to show what had been hidden from their view. His other hand moved down, to grab hold of his balls, as he heard Donny moan.

Turning around, he held his cock up towards his own stomach, felt his muscles tighten and ripple. The other hand held his balls, yet as he turned, he could see the glazed look in their eyes. He also saw how closely they were watching. Jeff was constantly taking his face away from the camera view finder, to wipe his forehead, to lick his lips. Donny seemed to be doing the same, wiping his face and forehead, as Damon finally faced them both.

His hand holding his testicles dropped, letting both huge balls dangle underneath his cock. He opened his legs a bit wider, so they could get a full view, without any thigh being in the way. As he watched their eyes focus, saw them widen, he let his cock free. Moving his hand away, his erect penis fall down, then sprung upwards. It swayed a bit, jerked a little from side to side, then seemed to be pointing straight at Jeff.

My God’ Jeff uttered, as he saw the huge cock pointing at him. It really wasn’t that big, in inches. Damon felt himself smiling as he bounced his cock, showing how hard it was. He knew he wasn’t that big, like it was at best just under 11 inches long, rather thick too, but what made everyone think it was bigger, was him. He wasn’t six foot, or even close. He was a runt, about 5ft 6in and he didn’t weigh all that much. Damon might have a good solid look to his body, but it was his dick that had these two guys sweating buckets. The look as he stood there, his finger making his cock bounce, was priceless. It also was all rather exciting. It was perhaps the first time he had shown his fully erect cock, without some sort of fear being shown. These guys seemed to appreciate his size, more than any girl ever seemed to.

He glanced over his shoulder towards the couch, then at the two men. He stepped backwards, his movement making his cock sway and move. Damon noticed how Jeff kept the camera trained on it, as he sat down on the couch. He still had barely glanced at the screen. He noticed the girl sucking on a cock bigger than his, feeling like he wouldn’t mind meeting someone like her, then focusing back onto the camera, he realized he had. Trouble was, they were guys.

Will lubricating his penis from Blake MasonHis hand reached out for the lubricant on the table, and he popped the lid open with one hand. Damon could see he had their full attention, as he brought the bottle over, then turned it upside down, to let the slick liquid pour out onto his cock head. As the first glob hit, he moved his hand up, so that the liquid was a long stream. When he thought he had enough, he quickly turned it back upright, capping it and putting it aside.

Now he looked down, at the huge pole sticking up. The liquid was dripping down the sides, as he reached over with two fingers. He let the two fingers smear the glob of lubricant on his cock head, then he began to run the fingers down his pole, then just under his head, he let his whole hand take hold. He smeared the lubricant slowly down the full shaft, twisting his hand to make sure it got every inch of his flesh coated.

Satisfied, he dropped his hand away, putting a finger at the base of his cock, between his cock and his belly. He pushed the cock, as he was certain Jeff was zooming the camera in. Then he leaned to one side, grabbing the lubricant again, and this time he poured some of it into the palm of his other hand.

He took that hand, then reached down and coated each of his full balls. He covered them with the silky looking liquid, then pushed his hand back up towards his cock. He again twisted his hand around, as he pulled upwards, adding to the glistening coating of lube on his cock.

Damon shut his eyes, tilted his head back into the couch, as he began to slowly stroke his huge cock. His hand covered some, but it was so thick, so long, even with both hands over it, parts could still be seen. One hand was cupping his balls now, as his nostrils flared. Damon could smell his own aroma, the scent of his own excitement.

The one hand pulled at his scrotum, pulled the sac down then to one side. It moved across, pushing them upwards, pulling them down, while his other hand held tightly to his cock, moving slowly up and down and around. His hand grew tighter, as he slid his body forward, spread his legs even further apart. He could hear himself moan or was it him? The room felt heavy, as he squirmed a little, as his hand worked his balls, the other his cock.

The fingers of his hand moved down under the balls, pressing up against the root of his cock. He moaned, as he felt his chest begin to ache. Damon was breathing hard, more shallow, as the finger poked at the root, then pushed upwards, between his exposed cheeks. His other hand now began to work his pole, to grip it harder, to tighten its hold and pull it from side to side. It felt so hot, so alive, that he forgot where he was.

His body squirmed, as he began to free his mind. The hand moved faster, and when it came up to his cock head, it would work around it, holding it firmly and letting the palm of his hand press over it, making his legs stiffen a bit more. He felt his cheeks clenching, as he worked his cock, his other hand now joining the one working his cock.

With two hands, he held on tighter, as he stroked himself. He felt the eyes on him, but he was gradually losing himself in the fog of his own actions. His legs stiffen, the thighs were taut as the muscles grew hard, unyielding. His feet lifted up off the ground, as he stroked faster. His two hands pumping his cock, his head pressing hard into the sofa.

The toes were curled upwards, then his feet began to tremble, to quiver. His body was shaking as his mind ignored the heavy breathing from Donny, the groaning from Jeff, listening instead to the beat of his own heart. It was like an echo, a constant rolling echo down some tunnel. The roar was unreal, was growing more strident. Just as if huge ten foot waves were crashing into the shore, breaking over an outcropping of rocks. The sound echoed, thundered even, as his breath was very rapid. His chest hurt, his whole body was stretched taut now.

Damon felt how he was basically erect, yet leaning in a sofa. His legs hurt, the toes cramped as they arched and wiggled, while his hands became a blur. His eyes were shut tight, his teeth biting down on his lower lip. They hurt, as they dug into the soft flesh, but he ignored it, as the ache in his balls grew. His body was trembling, as he felt the rush inside. His lungs ached, his head was swimming as the blood began to rush to wards its calling master, his cock.

His heart was racing, he could feel the sweat pouring from his body. It was even working it way behind his shut eyes, burning as it snuck inside. The lids shut tighter, and dots of various shades of black popped before him. It was like a parade of dots, as his hands moved up his cock. He could feel his blood, feel it rushing around his entire cock.

Each vein was full, throbbing and threatening to explode, as the friction from his hands grew even more intense. His mouth parted, as he let out a sort of gurgling groan. It only made him twist his head, bang it to one side, and stick his legs out even more.

His head felt dizzy, his body seemed like it was floating off the couch. The tremors racing up and down inside were lifting him up, making him float. His body shuddered, his heart skipped several beats, drool dripped from the corners of his mouth, mixed with some blood from his lower lip. He cried out, feeling himself being lifted upwards by some strange force.

Every nerve was tingling, twitching, as he floated there, held up by the constant push and pull of his two hands. His balls were in torment, aching and throbbing, then suddenly he felt a strange silence engulf him. Everything was quiet, there was no noises, no sound of flesh being pulled, no sound of a wild beating heart, nor any sound of a chest struggling to breath.

Will ready, from Blake MasonIt was all dark, darker than he had ever experienced before. His eyelids hurt, as the strange dots grew into stars. Brilliant blue stars, that seemed to come towards him, that seemed to explode just before they hit him. The lights were amazing, as he watched them come faster and faster. Each one more brilliant than the one before.

Then they began to not come so close, not appear so brilliant. His body was suddenly falling, no longer floating free. Pain was in his legs, in his arms. His head hurt as he felt himself fall, knowing that somehow it wasn’t real, that he really wasn’t falling. His arms ached he couldn’t hold them any longer, and he felt them drop to his sides, banging against the quivering muscles of his thighs.

His chest hurt, his jaw ached, as he tried to breathe, tried to swallow even. His mouth hung open, desperate to draw in the air, to help his lungs breath. Sounds were once more echoing in his ears, but they weren’t familiar. His body was shaking, he could feel it now, as the pain in his body began to slowly ease.

Damon could feel his chest heaving, as his eyes slowly fluttered, then opened. The harsh light of the sun was too much, quickly making him close them. Slowly he let them open, gradually realizing where he was, what had happened. His body was covered in sweat, felt sticky all over, as he pulled himself back up, to sit deep into the couch. He looked out, then down, at the now sleeping giant curled up in his lap.

Looking up, he saw the expressions on both Donny & Jeff’s faces. The smell of his jizz filled his nostrils, the testosterone scent dominated the room, or so it seemed, as he sat there, totally exhausted. He had never felt so empty, so drained as he did at that moment, when Jeff stepped back from the camera. Damon could see the large wet patch across the mans crotch, and he smiled.

Both Jeff and Donny looked totally drained, almost as much as he felt. He saw them look at each other, then was a bit surprised as Donny reached into his shorts, and pulled out more cash. Walking over he handed Damon another hundred dollar bill. Damon looked at him, then over at Jeff.

What’s this for?

So you’ll come back tomorrow, to do it again

Damon looked at Jeff, as he spoke, heard how strained his voice was, how totally exhausted he seemed. He held the bill in his hand, looking at it, then at the two men. He could see what was on their minds, feel their unasked questions, and as he held the cash, he realized, he enjoyed having them stare at him. It also dawned on him, neither of them would tell him to pull out, to stop.

Uh, you mentioned you would uh, you know, pay for any extra stuff, uh, maybe you could uh, well, you know, tell me a bit more about that. I mean, it isn’t dead yet, just sort of resting.


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Fiction – Waiting for Jim

Waiting for Jim

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

It was crazy, totally implausible, yet here he was, once again standing at the bus stop, looking for that car to come cruising by. Wes knew, in his heart, that it was stupid, even a bit weird, to hope that a year later, he would find him again. Not like he really needed to hunt for a pick up, after all he was 20, had a decent body, and he knew how to please. Least all of his past dates told him that.

Still, this was different. To start with, Jim was way older than he was. While he joked that he was ‘only 37’ there was no doubt that he was way past that. The snow colored hair, thinning a bit, was a sure sign of that, but not his body. The guy had a killer bod, but more than that, he was nice. That in itself was enough to want to be with him again, and again.

It was a bit chilly, and he pulled his jacket a bit closer around his own thin body. He only weighed just under 140, soaking wet, but the guys liked that. Even Jim had commented on how good he looked, that first time they had met. There had been a second time, and a third before he had left to head back home.

Wes really wished that he didn’t have to leave, and he did mention he might be back in a year, which would be exactly today. Stupid to hope he’d find him again, yet in a year, there hadn’t been anyone who had pleased him as much as Jim had. He had a few since, and not one of them had been able to excite him.

It was like he had been spoiled or something by that older man. The way he had been able to sneak past his reserve, his wall. He had made their time together more than just the sex, which was pretty damn good, in itself. It was more, and he really wanted that again, to feel that special.

For Wes, sex had always been a way of escaping the daily crap, the grind that seemed to never end. He enjoyed the partying at the bar, when he went. He loved the attention the old farts paid him, even the free drinks they would send, hoping for a taste. Rarely did he give in to their desires, though just enough now and then to keep their interest, and the free drinks.

After all, why spend his own cash on drinks, when others were willing? Not like he was some tart or whore either. Sex to him was about having fun, no matter with who. At least, until he had met Jim. Somehow he changed how he looked at sex, at whipping the pecker out for a quick slurp, or hand job.

Jim had spoiled him, he realized that, and no matter how hard he had tried, no one had come close to giving him the same thrill. Even when he finally had his chance with Cory. That should have been a time of not just pure pleasure, but ultimate satisfaction. He had been chasing Cory since High School, and when he finally got him to his place, it was no different than any other stud.

Even the fact that Cory was uncut, and hung, didn’t seem to add much to their fling. It should have, he loved dicks that were uncut. To be able to pull back on that skin, to see the pink head stick out, then fall back into hiding, was super thrill. To lick at the skin, feel it tighten, and then find the moist head, poking out, wanting its turn was something that always made him moan with desire.

Jim was cut, yet he had moaned and groaned a damn site louder sucking on his dick, than on Cory’s. It wasn’t Cory’s fault either, the guy was into it, and it showed. He liked to have Wes licking his dick, then his balls. He would moan, swayed a bit too as he worked his tongue across the foreskin, making the head pop out all on its own. It should have thrilled him too, but all he could think of was how Jim tasted, how he had trembled as he had worked his tongue around the cap, licking at the hot flesh.

Cory had quivered a little, but not like Jim had. And when Cory had placed his hands on Wes’ shoulders, it wasn’t the same as when Jim had. Oh they felt good, strong too, and had dug into his skin, while he worked his mouth up and down Cory’s throbbing shaft, but it just wasn’t the same.

Jim’s hands had been firm, but they didn’t hurt, didn’t dig in and make him wince, as Cory’s did. It wasn’t fair to be comparing the two, but for some reason he couldn’t get Jim out of his mind, while he was doing Cory. It was like his mind was trying to find reasons to not let him enjoy his moment. Trying to dampened his desire, or at least keep his expectations down.

The taste of Cory’s cock was strong, but then most uncut men had a stronger taste, more pungent odor than cut dicks. In the past it was a turn on, yet he kept finding it hard to enjoy, thinking instead of that scent that Jim had. It had been a mixture of man, as well as something else. Maybe it had been the man’s after shave, or cologne, but he could still smell it, and it still had the same effect. It would get his own dick hard, still make him quiver a little, as it was doing now.

The whole night with Cory, was unbelievable. It was good, just not in the way it had been with Jim. With Jim he felt like he wasn’t working at pleasing the older man, or for that matter that Jim was trying to please him. It was more like they were in sync, that they just knew what each other wanted. It wasn’t quite that way with Cory.

Like when Cory pushed his legs apart, and began to lick at his balls. It was hot, felt amazing too, but it just wasn’t there. It was hard to put into a thought he could understand. The way Cory worked his tongue up and around his balls, the way the tip had flicked out underneath, to tease him, to tickle and taste him between his cheeks, just below his quivering hole. It was amazing, and yet just not enough.

When he had taken each of his balls into his mouth, had swirled them around, licking at the tough skin, nibbling even, it had made him moan, groan even. Still there were no flashing explosions of lights, no rapid beat of his pulse into overdrive. Oh, it got his chest heaving, his breath short, but not like it was threatening to make him pass out from lack of air, as it had when Jim had licked him down there.

The way Cory had caressed him was sensual, enticing, and damn pleasing, but just not earth shattering. It had made his cock stiffen, but not like it had threatened to make it shoot, as Jim’s gentle touch had done. Just the pass of his hand over his belly, had nearly made Wes lose it.

If he hadn’t met Jim, his time with Cory would have been perfect. He knew that, yet even as he tried to tell himself he should be happy, glad that he had finally gotten into Cory’s pants, he felt unsatisfied. He still wanted Jim, again.

It was stupid. Cory was his age, had a bit more muscle definition, was fit and trim, and certainly an active sex partner. He knew how to move, how to touch and kiss, and just where to plant those little kisses. He could flick his tongue in just the right way, and when he had rimmed Wes, it was as close to nirvana as he could get, with anyone but Jim. Jim had taken him there, and beyond, and yet hadn’t rimmed him.

Cory had made him weak in the knees, while Jim had made him shudder, made him collapse, unable to stand. That was the real difference, though he had to admit, second best with Cory was still miles ahead of anyone else. The way Cory had licked his valley, had teased his hole until he was begging for it, almost crying for the desire of feeling Cory’s tongue inside him, was something he had never really experienced before. And Cory didn’t disappoint either.

The way he would let his tongue dart in, then twirl it around inside. The way he would let it lick deep and long the very insides of his butt, was still something that got him a bit excited. Hell, the hard on he had right now was aching, that he was sure the guy sitting next to him had to notice. He was cute too, but he wasn’t here looking for a cute pick up, he wanted to be here, in case Jim really did come back. It was Jim he wanted, even after Cory had made him cum twice.

That had surprised him, the way Cory had been able to get him so hot, so aroused, that he had shot his load twice in their night’s passion. The first had been right after Cory had worked his magic with his tongue, rimming him. He could still feel that raspy edged tongue, the way Cory had curled it up, to make it stiff, to make it dig deeper into his insides, to lick at his silky smooth innards.

God, it had felt so good. How it had pushed in, licked all around inside, then slid out, to lick hard against his trembling valley, making his cheeks shudder, as it went all the way up, then back down. How it had circled his puckered hole, making it ache for more, and how he had given him more too.

In and out it would go, then back to lick his valley, or to slide down, flicking at the root of his hard dick. It would make his balls shake, tremble really as it would flick out, the tip touching the skin, adding to the rolling waves of pleasure that were racing up and down his spine. It all came together, so fast, that he was amazed Cory had noticed.

His balls had swollen, his heart had been pounding, when he felt the tongue come out of his hole, lick at his root, then very lightly lick across his balls. He had moaned, felt his legs stiffen, and before he could scream his pleasure, he felt first one, then the other ball, sucked into Cory’s mouth. He felt the tongue licking hard at his skin, felt them tighten, felt them suddenly tremble, as the explosion built up, unstoppable.

He had hit the sides of the bed, his fists tight, his knuckles white from clenching his hands so tightly. His chest heaved, his whole body was trembling, as each ball was sucked, licked, then he found himself turned over, onto his back. He felt his cock stiffen, felt the swelling as the blood was rushing from his arms, his legs, from everywhere, to thicken his cock.

Cory must have sensed it, because as he realized he was on his back, he felt his cock suddenly being gripped. Wes felt Cory’s fingers take hold of his cock, wrap its fingers tightly around the base of his cock, then it all became a blur to him.

Wes felt the wet lips touch his cock head. He moaned, feeling the lips tighten around the head, slowly moving down. As they did, he felt a strange jolt inside, as Cory began to wiggle a finger near his hole. He felt his head roll from side to side, as the finger gently prodded his hole, as the lips moved down over his head, to slide even further down his throbbing pole. Waves of pleasure were entering his body from his cock and his ass. He couldn’t tell which was which, as they mixed and raced along his entire nervous system. His head was aching, his chest heaving, as the lips moved down, the finger pressed into him.

The penetration was quick, and it didn’t surprise him either. There was no hard racking pain, as his body seemed to suck Cory’s finger inside. It wanted it, and he could feel it fill his tunnel, fill him with its warmth and movement. At the same time he felt the lips down at his groin. Cory’s nose was pressing into his soft belly, to one side, near his quivering thigh muscles. His whole body seemed a mass of quivering muscles, as the finger dug deeper, as the lips seemed to tighten even more around his cock.

He had felt the pleasure, felt the sudden desire exploding deep in his own body. His hips had arched upwards, driving his cock further into Cory’s mouth, but as they pushed up, the finger inside also pushed up, was even joined by a second finger. He cried out, as the two fingers twisted as they pushed upwards. His whole body lifted up into the air, crashing into Cory’s face, that held its position, taking his cock deep down into the throat.

Wes felt the muscles tighten, then relax, as his cock was deep into Cory’s throat. He felt himself shake, felt every nerve tingling, as his body surrendered to the various rolling feelings of pleasure that were racing inside. Every muscle quivered, as his body seemed to just reach up and up, and then explode.

He felt his cum, felt it coating his cock, dribbling out of Cory’s mouth, as his body continued to push up, to keep him in a state of suspended motion. It didn’t make sense, as his body poured its milk out and up. Wes could feel the hot milk sliding back down onto his groin, making his pubic hairs tingle. It was strange, yet amazingly sensual. Sweat suddenly was pouring from every pore in his body, making him hot, making him wet, as his body began to fall down, to end its drive to the heavens.

Then it shook, and arched up a bit more, as more of his milk came flooding out, as his body continued to twist, quiver, and shake. His legs were taut, his toes curled up and aching, as his body continued to tremble from its explosion. He could hear Cory breathing hard, hear his struggle in swallowing all of his cum. Yet all he could do was feel the strange floating sensation, feel the lips holding his cock from sliding out, feel the two fingers still pushing inwards, still pushing his groin upwards, or at least holding it up, off the bed.

Wes couldn’t believe how much cum he shot, how much Cory managed to keep in his mouth, and swallow. As he finally sunk down, to rest on the bed, he could feel every limp twitching, uncontrollably. His arms felt numb, his fingers began to ache as if they had been asleep. His entire body was still shaking, as he felt the head over his cock lift up, as he felt the fingers inside slowly slide out.

Even as he lay there, totally drained, totally exhausted, he still couldn’t help but think of Jim. It had driven him nuts, and yet even now, knowing how much he had enjoyed Cory, how much he had been exhausted by his old school friend’s love making, he still had this insane desire to have Jim.

The honking horn made him look up, as he realized that the guy sitting next to him, was staring. He just grinned as he also realized how hard his cock was, how it was pushing his pants in a tent like appearance. The honking horn blared again, and he stared out, towards the street. His heart skipped several beats, as he recognized the dark blue car. It looked the same, and there behind the wheel, was a white haired man, staring at him, a wide smile across his face.

Wes moved quickly, and was inside the car, before the door had fully opened. He had it closed just as fast, as he stared at him.

I knew you’d be back.

The man laughed, as he put the car into gear and drove on. He reached out, his hand resting on Wes’ leg.

Well, I did say I’d be back, and it is the 2nd of July, I keep my word

Wes put his own hand on top of the one on his leg. His hand was trembling a little, as he leaned back in the seat. Cory was indeed good, but now he had what he really wanted. He could feel his cock, still hard, but it felt even more excited, than it had, when comparing Cory to Jim.

So you did, so you did.


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All Rights Reserved Copyright 2013