The Locker – Chapter 6

Chapter 6


8:21 p.m.

Dinner had been strange; different in a way he just couldn’t put his finger on. Every time he’d look over at Dakota he got this feeling that everyone else at the table was noticing and then like the perfect dufus he had to have a choking spell, that sure was a hit with Dakota’s mom who seemed so distant, so strange really. He couldn’t quite say why, but he was sure she kept looking at him as if to see if he was good enough for her son and yet at other times it was like she was feeling angry with him, upset that he was even sitting at their table.

It certainly wasn’t a dinner like he was used to. At his place his folks would talk, laugh, tell and ask things of him and each other, sort of like they were catching up or something, but Dakota’s folks seemed different. It was more like they were only there to fuel up, not to check up or anything. It was kind of weird for him and even Arizona was quiet which he didn’t think was possible and yet, he couldn’t quite put his finger on it but it didn’t just seem because he was there, that somehow this was normal for them.

Noah had tried to offer to help with the dishes but both Arizona and Rosalie, Dakota’s mother, refused his offer quickly. In fact he sort of felt like she really didn’t even want him there and he noticed a strange glance between her and Dakota as well which only made him feel more out of place. He really didn’t understand it but somehow it didn’t seem to matter much, as each time he would steal a glance at Dakota he would feel the strange glow in his body flare up. It was like he wanted to just reach across the table and grab Dakota and kiss him, and he could feel the desire inside, feel it burning into his body with each stolen look, each covert glance.

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Unwanted (2)

Part (2)

‘Aren’t you the smart one, then.’

‘No, if I was, I’d have figured it out.’

‘Then what?’

‘How the fuck do I know? Look, I don’t get it, why did you have to tell me, why couldn’t you just keep it to yourself?

Josh stared up at Bradley, saw the hurt in his face, along with the growing anger. It was a question he had been asking himself, without any success of having an answer.

‘I dunno, figured we were friends.’

‘Yeah, so?’

‘I guess, I dunno, just thought friends shouldn’t have secrets.’

Bradley just glared at him, his face constricted, the thin lips made even thinner by how he was staring, at how his muscles looked so tight. The eyes were narrow slits, no sparkle in them that Josh had admired so much. The way his body was being held, made him cringe a bit, his back leaning as far as it could into the trunk of the tree.

He couldn’t explain it, but then, he never could. Maybe it was just wishful thinking, figuring that somewhere out there, was a friend who would understand, who would accept him for who he was, not what he was.

‘That’s crazy, no such thing as having no secrets.’

‘I know.’

‘Well if you know, why the fuck did you tell me? You think maybe I am the same as you, some sicko?’

Josh was tired, drained, by the way Bradley said it, made his blood boil. He felt like he had enough of the whole thing, wishing that Bradley would just shut up and leave. This was his spot, he didn’t invite him here.

‘I am not some sicko, as you call it.’

‘Yeah? Well what would you call drooling over other guys, wanting to suck their dicks, and God knows what else.’

Josh stood up. He brushed some of the dirt off his pants, and looked at Bradley. There was no mistaking how he stood, his hands to his side, the fists clenched. It was like Bradley expected he had gotten up to fight him or something.

‘So? It’s okay for some chick to suck a dick, but not another guy? Okay for guys to fuck a chick up the ass, but not another guy? Why? Tell, why is it wrong?’

‘Why? Fuck, because it is another guy, that’s why.’

‘That makes no sense, and you know it.’

‘Because that’s just how it is, it’s the way God set things up’

‘Oh, right, since when did you become so religious.’

‘Hey I believe in God, so I don’t go to church or whatever, doesn’t mean I am some pervert, or sicko like you.’

Josh could almost feel his hatred, as he spoke to him. The way his eyes never grew, but seemed to be just tiny slits, focusing all the hatred to strike at him. It was real, there was no mistaking that, and yet, he still liked him. Odd, how he could still feel something for him, when all he could do was stand there, telling him how sick he was, because he was Gay.

‘And because I like guys, you think I don’t believe in God? Man you are the one who is sick, not me.’

He knew he was never going to win this argument with Bradley, and that was that. Josh felt his body sag, felt his heart sigh as the realization of the futility of his life, came through, making him shudder.

‘Why did you come here? You made it clear how you felt, so what, you here to call me more names, what?’

They stood there, staring at each other. Josh couldn’t help but notice how Bradley stared, the eyes narrowed and angry. His face look pinched, as if he was in pain. That was how angry he looked, and frankly, Josh never could understand why. Okay, so they didn’t like gays, he didn’t like lots of things, but it never got his blood boiling, like it seemed to do with guys like Bradley.

‘to make sure’

‘make sure? Make sure of what? That I am gay?’

‘No, that you made clear, I want to make sure you know I am not that way, that I don’t want you to think of me, in that way. Fuck, it makes me sick to just think about it.’

‘Then don’t fucking think about it, besides, I never said I thought of you that way, so don’t go flattering yourself.’

‘Bullshit, I ain’t blind nor stupid.’

‘So you keep saying, but you sure as fuck are showing just how lame you really are, and I was wrong, thinking you were a nice guy.’

Bradley took a step closer, his hands balled up, his body rigid with anger, as he glared at Josh. For a moment or two, Josh felt like he had gone too far, but he no longer cared. It didn’t matter what Bradley did, or didn’t do to him. He had been beaten up before, been yelled at, spit at, and he couldn’t care less anymore. It was nothing new.

‘You are asking for a shit load of trouble, I mean it.’

‘Christ, won’t be the first time some redneck beat me up, so do your worst, but this time, I won’t just let it happen. I have had enough of your kind Bradley, I am not going to just roll over and let you beat me, so go for it, show me how fucking tough you are.’

‘You are crazy’

‘No, just fucking tired of the bullshit, so come on, do it and stop the yapping. You know how much you want to prove what a big man you are. So do it, I am not gonna run away, but I am not gonna just take it either, so come on, get it over with.’

Bradley glared even more. His entire body seemed like it would explode, as Josh watched the hatred growing. It was almost like he could reach out and touch it, and yet at the same time, he felt so dejected. He never understood the reasoning behind wanting to beat up someone, because you didn’t like them.

He wasn’t brave, but he was tired. He knew that standing up this way was just asking for a worse beating, than if he’d kept his mouth shut, but fuck it, he had thought Bradley was different. He had fucked up thinking that, but he wasn’t going to run. Not this time, not anymore.

‘Christ, you one of those queers into pain or something?’


‘Then why, you fucking know I can whip your ass.’

‘So, do it.’

The hands fell down a bit, the fists seemed to relax as Bradley stared. Josh wasn’t sure what was going through his ex-friend’s mind, but something was changing. He didn’t know what, but he wasn’t about to back down. He had made up his mind, which for him, was something. There was no explaining his mood, as he stared back, acting unafraid despite the queasy feeling in his gut.

‘You ain’t worth it’ Bradley said, then turned and walked away. His back said more to Josh, than anything. As he watched the young man walk further away, he felt his body shaking, as the ordeal seemed to be over. It was odd, but he felt a bit sad, disappointed even. Maybe he was some sort of closeted pain nut, or maybe he had wanted the confrontation?

He stepped back, as the last of Bradley disappeared among the far off trees. Josh could still hear his footsteps, wishing he could call him back, could explain how he felt about guys, so that Bradley would understand. It wasn’t a choice, it was how he was, it was who he was. Why couldn’t people get that? It was no different than how they liked woman, it just was that way, so why couldn’t they accept how he felt about another guy?

Josh felt the tree behind him, felt himself slowly sink down to the cold earth. Fallen leaves rustled, as he tried to figure out the meaning of life, which is why he never heard the added rustling from behind. He just sat there, wondering why life was so complicated for him, why so many simply hated him, without even knowing him. Fuck, even those who did, suddenly hated him when they found it, and it made no sense to him.

‘Hey Chris, the fag is here, after all.’

The voice had a nasty ring to it, and despite the surprise of hearing it, he felt the chill racing up and down his spine. He knew that voice, knew who Chris was too, which only made him quiver a bit more, inside. He tried to push himself up to his feet, but Jack’s foot was suddenly resting against his chest, keeping him down.

‘What the fuck do you want?’

‘Chris wants to talk to you, you got any objections?’

Josh felt a bit hesitant. Why would Chris want to talk to him? The guy was a real jerk, the son of the apartment manager, and a real asshole, or at least that was his impression of him. He and Jack were always hanging out together, and always seemed to have a beer in one hand, a cigarette dangling from their lips. Worse, they were always telling  sick jokes about gays and African Americans. It was obvious they didn’t like either, which only made him more nervous.

Chris’s dad never seemed to care either, almost as if he believed in the sick crap Chris would spew, with Jack nodding his agreement. Chris never seemed to have anything good to say about blacks, Arabs, Jews, or gays. Hell everything he said was always said with a sneer, a scowl on his face, which made him look menacing. Josh didn’t know what Chris wanted with him, but he doubted it would be pleasant.

He couldn’t figure out how he knew he was gay either. Unless Bradley has told them, which might explain why Bradley left. Why beat him up, if he knew Chris & Jack would do it for him. Keep him out of trouble, while still getting even. Christ, what had he gotten himself into, as he once more tried to get up, but was pushed back by Jack’s foot.

‘Aren’t you the anxious one, now fucking stay down, or else.’

There was no mistaking the threat, or what ‘or else’ meant. He felt the fear in his throat, as the bile kept coming up, threatening to make him retch.

The noise of another person coming closer made them both turn their faces towards the close by thicket of brushes. He saw the branches part, and there stood Chris.

At times, he thought Chris would be cute, if he would just stop scowling so much. That would be a miracle, as he saw him approach, that evil sneer plastered across his thin pale lips. God, how nasty he looked, dressed in a dark olive green parka, olive green work pants, tucked into the tops of black work boots. Josh felt frightened, by the way Chris pushed the last branches aside, and stared down at him. That grin only added to his fear.

‘Well, well, look at what we have, our own little prissy boy. Nice work Jack, and he’s already down in the muck. How fitting.’

‘What do you want Chris?’

Josh didn’t know how he found his voice, but he had. His eyes had looked around, knowing that he didn’t stand a chance of getting away, least not without a fight. Somehow that seemed to calm him down, as he tried to think, to figure out a way to maybe surprise the two, so he could run off. Problem was, Chris and Jack were blocking the only way out. To go the other way, would mean going further into the woods, which wasn’t such a smart move, not with those two on his heels.

He waited, not sure what was going to happen, though he was fairly certain it involved him being hurt. Damn, how the fuck could Bradley have done this to him? There was no doubt in his mind, that these two were here, thanks to Bradley.

‘Shut up faggot, you speak when I say.’

‘Yeah shut up, or else’ Jack echoed, grinning like he was hoping for Josh to answer back. He almost did, but bit his lower lip, still thinking of how he could maybe take off, go into the woods, then try and circle back, while they kept chasing him deeper into the woods.

‘I don’t like faggots, they are so creepy, don’t you think so Jack?’

‘Fuck yeah, they are creepy, always staring at guy’s crotches, hoping for a look see, maybe they are jealous, what cha think Chris, think they are jealous of our dicks, of how we know how to really use them?’

‘Nah, they just want to have our dicks, it’s part of their weirdness, they just like cock, don’t you faggot?’

He stared at Chris, not sure what to say, wondering if he could just push up, get Jack off balance, then take off away, he might be able to circle around, get back to town. But then what, they knew where he lived.

The pain was sudden, as he felt the kick in his guts, and his eyes glazed over for a second, as the pain worked its way through his whole body, making him grunt.

‘I asked you a question faggot. You like cocks, any cocks, right?’


‘Hear that Jack, just like I said, he likes cocks.’

‘Yeah, I heard, kind of gross that.’

‘Yeah, some guy liking a cock, you like my cock faggot?’

Josh stared up at Chris, saw the snarl, wondering where this was all headed. ‘No.’

‘Oh, you hear that Jack boy, he doesn’t like my cock. You prefer Jack’s dick, is that it?’

‘No, I, leave me alone Chris, I am not into you or Jack, just leave me alone.’

‘Oh, listen to that Jack, he’s not into us, how come pussy boy, we too much man for you?’

‘I, look, I just am not, okay?’

‘I don’t believe him, do you Jack?’

‘No, I think he’s lying, he’s probably aching for our dicks, that’s all his kind dream of, having a real man’s dick.’

‘Yeah, but no real man is gonna give him that, isn’t that right faggot?’

Before he could think of how to answer, he saw Chris’s foot move forward, saw the flash as it moved, and then felt it, as it hit him squarely in the thigh. He moaned, and fall over a bit, managing to put his arm out to stop him from falling completely over. Then he felt the earth against the side of his face, and the pain lancing up from his arm, as Jack had kicked it, making him finish the fall over to his side.

Another kick, from Jack, landed in his stomach, making him lean back, onto his back. He saw Chris move in closer from the other side, that evil grin looking even more menacing than before.

‘Now Jack, you know, he can’t help himself. Maybe we shouldn’t be so greedy.’

Josh heard the laugh and turned to stare up at Jack, who was close by, his foot twitching a bit, as if it wanted to strike out again. He cringed a bit, hearing the sound of a zipper being pulled down. Turning his face, he saw Chris had unzipped his pants, and had one hand inside the opening.

‘You are right Chris, look at how he’s looking at your crotch, man, he can almost taste it, I bet.’

‘Ha, yeah, but don’t you know fag, real men only pull their dicks out to fuck a nice hot pussy, or take a piss? And you ain’t got no pussy.’

He heard Jack laughing, as he saw Chris pull his dick out from under his pants. It was soft, but still looked like it could be above average in size. His mind was calculating the size, while his eyes took it all in, not sure what Chris was up to. The words didn’t register, as he saw the uncut dick staring at him. The foreskin was partially pulled back, and then he realized what Chris was doing.

The stream of amber liquid came sputtering out at first, then turned into a steady stream of liquid, that struck him on the chest. He could smell it too, the smell of urine, as Chris moved the cock a bit, the piss now striking him in the face.

He felt the sting, felt the heat too, as the hot piss splashed across his face, and his eyes. It burned a bit too, as Chris began laughing, joined by Jack’s hideous squeal of joy too.

‘Come on Jack, give the fag your piss, looks like he enjoys piss.’

He tried to turn his face, but the quick kick of Jack’s boot into his side, made him stop. It also made him groan, and as he let out the sound of his pain, he felt the bitter salty taste of urine, make its way in. He gagged on the taste as Chris only began to laugh even louder.

‘He likes it Chris’

‘Looks that way.’

The stream of hot piss began to stop striking his face, as he coughed, gagging on what had managed to trickle into his mouth. He felt his stomach turning, as he reached up, to wipe off his face, with the back of his arm.

He felt another kick, in his other side, and he turned his face, to see Chris glaring at him. His eyes were dark, filled with hate, worse than anything he had seen in Bradley’s face, just a few minutes earlier.

‘You ain’t done fag.’

‘Jack, you stand over the queer, and you listen up Josh boy, Jack here, he’s gonna give you more of what you want.’

‘I don’t…’ another kick landed, making him gasp for air.

‘Shut up and listen. You open your mouth, take Jack’s piss, and maybe, we won’t beat the crap out of you, maybe we will have had our fun, for now, got it?’

‘I got it’

‘Good, now open your mouth.’

He did as he was told, opening his mouth, then wider, at Chris’ urgings. Josh could smell Jack, feel his body hovering over his crotch, then he heard the zipper go down, knowing Jack was reaching inside, and at what was to come. He closed his eyes, and his fists grabbed a handful of leaves & dirt, as the first of Jack’s hot piss struck his mouth.

‘Wider faggot, don’t want you to miss a drop’

He obeyed, as the hot liquid filled his mouth, burning his lips, and making him gag.

‘Swallow it you fucking pansy’

Josh did as he was told, gagging and nearly retching, but he did as he was told, hoping that they would leave him alone after, hoping that Jack had taken a piss earlier, and would be soon done. The taste was salty, worse than what he had tasted from Chris, but he continued to swallow, afraid not to, afraid to.

His stomach was doing flip flops, as the liquid dribbled out of the corners of his mouth, as he kept swallowing, tasting the salty fluid. His eyes were watering, as Jack seemed to have an endless supply of piss, most entering his open mouth, though some managed to catch him in the eyes.

He could feel the bile, feel his stomach rearing up, and before he could even try to hold it back, he felt his face lurch forward, his guts emptying. His puke came rocketing outwards, catching Jack by surprise, with most of his vomit flowing across his outstretch body, but nailing Jack’s pant legs.

The outrage was unreal. The screeching voice, shouting damn, nearly made him go deaf from its high pitched roar. His body bucked, as he once more heaved the contents of his stomach outwards. The sweet smell of vomit, only adding to his discomfort, as well as signalling a continuation of his puking.

The laughter made him wince, even as his stomach continued to twist and turn. He felt like he was in a washing machine, at how his whole body seemed to be swirling around. He felt dizzy, as Chris’s voice cut Jack’s whining voice off.

‘He doesn’t like your piss Jack.’

‘Seems so Chris, ain’t that a shame, for him.’

‘Yeah, but hell, we should have known, fags are fags, they just can’t handle anything from a real man, including our piss.’

‘Guess so.’

‘Well we did try, gave him a chance to not get the crap beaten out of him.’

‘Yep, more than he deserved.’

‘That’s so true, well Fag, time for you to pay the price for wasting our time.’

Josh felt the kick, from Jack, and tried to pull away, which only seemed to make them both laugh even harder. Another quick kick to his leg, made him cry out, pushing himself backwards, trying to get to his feet, but failing.

Again the pain came, this time followed quickly by a second jolt, as first Jack kicked out at him, then Chris. He cried out, still trying to get away, still only succeeding in making the two laugh louder, and harder.

Just as he tried to gird himself for the next round of blows, he heard the voice, realizing that someone else had suddenly joined their little party. He felt his lungs ache, sucking in air, as the kicks didn’t come. Instead he could sense the two had turned around, to face the voice, caught off guard by its sudden appearance.

Josh tried to open his eyes, to see who had shown up, as the voice had sounded like it was coming out of some fog. The words were not recognizable, as he wondered if another of Chris’s gang had shown up, to join in the party.

To be continued…



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Part (2)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Unwanted (1)

Part (1)

Josh sat there, huddled up into a small ball, holding his knees tightly. The wind swirled around him, as he shivered, but not from the cool breeze. He felt his chest ache, felt the pain searing his very soul, as he kept seeing Bradley’s face, the way the eyes narrowed, how his nostrils flared, as he shouted it at him.

‘Your Queer? Fucking Hell, you are a damn faggot?’

All he had been able to do was nod, hanging his head down, in utter desolation. Even then, his body had been shuddering, from the tone of Bradley’s once warm voice, now turned icy cold. How his lips were pursed as he screamed it at him, at how his face had gone almost white in disbelief, as he spit the words out at Josh.

It wasn’t what he had expected, but then that is how it seemed to always go. To the very few, that he had told, he had never expected to see the raw hatred take over their faces, their whole bodies. One, back in High School had even struck out at him, giving him some painful reminders, of what it meant to be a hidden minority, among a self righteous majority.

Now, at 22, he had thought he had put those kind of errors behind him, until he felt Bradley’s reaction to the news. It had taken him totally by surprise, as he really had thought that he would be the one who wouldn’t freak out, who wouldn’t lash out at him.

Josh still couldn’t believe it. How Bradley had screamed at him, so upset that with each tortured word that escaped his mouth, spittle flew at him.

‘Jesus Christ, a fucking faggot? Unfucking believable.’

Those were the words that hurt, but it was the look that sealed it for him. How could he not have seen it before, though in his own defence, he had been taken in by the boyish looks, the charm of his supposed new found friend.

They had met in the lobby of their apartment building. He had been moving in, when he first spotted Bradley, almost dropping the box in his hands. To say Bradley was a hunk, would be an understatement. The guy was just shy of six feet, about 150 pounds, and that smile was to die for. How his face looked so finely chiselled, honed really without a single blemish on it.

Then to hear his voice, as he reached out, to help prevent the box from crashing to the floor, was the topper. How soft and full of life it had sounded, how full of fun. It made his heart quiver a bit, and his body tremble some. The ease at which he simply took the box out of Josh’s shaking hands, as if they were the best of friends.

It was so seamless, the way he had grabbed another box, and led the way to his apartment, his heart pounding all the way. Even letting him in, had made him feel light headed. How fresh he had smelled, with that just washed kind of scent, nearly made him pass out, but he had held on.

Even now, he could see him, see the darkish hair and the small curl of locks, around each ear lobe. The way the hair just seemed to swirl all around a perfectly shaped head, that was atop of a perfect body. Bradley was more than just a looker, he was a living breathing specimen of perfect male sexiness.

No matter how he walked, how he moved his arms, it seemed to speak volumes about him, make his own body feel like it was being taught how to be pleasing. Josh had a boner from the instant he had spotted him, and even after an hour of moving stuff in, he still sported a stiff one. No one had ever affected him that way, but Bradley didn’t even seem to notice. If he had, well he never said.

Yet now, that was all gone. In the blink of an eye, Bradley had turned into just another one of them. He couldn’t figure out why, because really, it wasn’t like he had hit on him, or even made a half hearted pass at the guy. Not saying he hadn’t wanted to, but there was a lot more to Bradley, than being a perfect fuck fantasy.

He genuinely seemed nice, and helpful. Even that first day of meeting, he had been warm, open, and inviting. No aloofness with Bradley, who could be a poster boy for the Outgoing Male Society. Hell, before they had even finished bringing up boxes, Josh knew that Bradley was 22, worked at the local supermarket as a bagger & stock boy. Josh learned that how much he earned, that he had no girlfriend at the moment, and that to him, sex was over rated unless it was with someone you cared for. Hence his being single at the moment.

Not once did he think it meant Bradley was coming on to him, or that even he might be gay. That though never once crossed his mind, and over the few months of knowing him, it didn’t even flash across his thoughts. Oh, he spent many night with a towel, thinking of what it would be like to be naked with him, touching his perfect body with his own hands.

Maybe Bradley had sensed that? Could he have seen the desire in his own blue eyes, whenever he would steal a glance at him, or was he just looking for a reason to forgive Bradley his outburst? He did do that a lot, because after all, they all couldn’t be wrong, could they?

The tears were drying up, but he was still huddled into a ball, as he thought about Bradley, about his confession to him. How stupid could he have been. Twenty two years old, and damn it, he still couldn’t tell who was friend, who was foe. Yet, to be fair, it wasn’t like he had given Bradley any hints either, that he might be Gay.

Not like he had any skin mags laying around, or even porno flicks, never mind gay ones. So how the hell was Bradley to even guess that he might be? Like, it would shock anyone, or at least, it seemed to. Hell his own family had booted him out when they found out and if anyone should have known, it would have been them, right?

Thinking about it, it seemed like he was just going from one disappointment to another. Everyone he looked up to, had turned their back on in a New York second, when they found out he was Gay. His best friend since grade school had nearly pummelled into the hospital when he had found out, so why should Bradley have reacted any differently?

But then he was Bradley, he wasn’t some jerk who thought he was God’s gift to women, like his best friend thought. He wasn’t some egomaniac who figured he was the hottest looking guy on the planet, like his friend in High School, who had made Josh’s senior year a living hell, just because he could.

Xtra Big DicksSure there were some nice guys, but they would never just hang with him, least not alone. It was like they were two different people, when around him. Even the couple of others who worked with him, treated him differently, when they were alone on a job. Not once did they take their shirts off, or strip down to their shorts. Long pants, and shirts always on, was the routine, unless there were others around. Even when it was nearly a hundred out, they kept their shirts on.

Of course, even then, they would watch his every movement. Each time he would look up, to just wipe his brow, they’d be watching, as if making sure he kept his eyes anywhere, but on their naked chests, or bare legs. It was why his boss had stopped assigning him to large jobs. Now he was sent out to do jobs, that only required one person.

His Boss told him it was a compliment, that he was trustworthy to not dog it, when on his own, but he knew differently. It was to avoid the others being uncomfortable, around the queer. Strange how they didn’t mind showing off for each other either, just not around him. Like maybe they’d enjoy being stared at by some fag, or something like that.

Maybe that was why he got so attached to Bradley. He seemed different. Okay, he didn’t know that Josh was Gay, until now, but he was not bashful either. Man, the times he would be over on a day off, his shirt off, that gorgeous flat chest heaving ever so slightly with his breathing, was a sight to behold.

Josh loved the horseplay too. How Bradley would grab his shoulder to point out something, when they would go out together, and they had done that often. In some ways, it was like an older brother showing him around. How Bradley always seemed to stop by his place, ask him to join him in some outing, even if just to go grab a snack or pick up some milk from the corner store.

At first he was hesitant, but that lasted like ten seconds, before he was off with his new found friend. Hell, it was almost as if they had known each other forever, and Bradley never seemed to hide anything from him. Like how he believed that sex was special, that wasn’t for just getting off. He even admitted to preferring jacking off, to fucking some girl, simply because he was horny.

It was how he felt too, though not about the girl part, though he never said a word about that. Funny too, how Bradley never once asked him about girls, or even if he was looking. Not once did he try to fix him up, or talk about past exploits. Not your typical guy talk for them, as if Bradley knew, or so he had thought then. Obviously that was wrong, given how he had screamed at him, how contorted his face had become, almost instantly, when Josh had spoken that word.

How the fuck could a three letter word, make so many people go ballistic, see red and turn their friendship into outright disgust? It amazed him, even now, though maybe he shouldn’t be so surprised. After all, Bradley wasn’t the first to turn on him.

Still it hurt, as he sat there, slowly managing to lift his head up, to let the pain begin to subside inside. How it hurt, and it seemed each time, was worse than the time before. Maybe the answer was to simply not tell anyone, no matter what? Heck, he still wasn’t sure why he had told Bradley, because it wasn’t like he had asked, or anything.

Again, as usual, he kept turning it over in his mind, wondering if he had some secret wish to be hurt. Maybe that was it, he enjoyed feeling rejected, or something Freudian like that? Could be part of the sickness, part of being Gay?

Granted his few ventures into the Gay scene hadn’t been much better, though he had managed to figure out some of the meanings. Like who knew that being a bottom meant you didn’t like to fuck another guy? Then too, he was surprised at how many older guys were always hitting on the younger ones, and how they would snicker, while preening themselves, just for that reason.

It didn’t make him feel any better either, when the few guys he thought he’d like to know, turned out to be nothing more than smooth talkers, who only wanted a piece of his ass, or to feel his dick up their holes. That isn’t what he had imagined it would be like. Josh supposed he was just a romantic at heart, and the guys he met, well they said they were, but when it came right down to it, they were only interested in shooting their load, then moving on.

Maybe he wasn’t any good as a queer either? He liked the sex, it felt unreal to have another guy sucking his cock, but it never seemed to be more than just that, different in a pleasing way. He never experienced that explosion of emotion, that feeling of being wanted beyond being a sperm donor.

He sighed, finally letting himself sit upright, leaning back into the trunk of the Arbutus tree. He felt the cold wind, and wiped his face with the sleeve of his shirt. Maybe he shouldn’t have dreamed so much about Bradley? That could have been the problem, that made him think that somehow the guy was different.

All those nights, when he would lay in his bed, thinking of him, of how it would feel to make love to him. It didn’t matter that he didn’t know if he was cut or uncut, or if he had a big cock or a small one. All that mattered was that it was him, of how he would nestle into his arm, smell that scent that always gave him a hard on.

The more Josh thought about it, the more he wondered if that really was his problem, his damn imagination, his dreams of having someone hold him, care for him? Wasn’t like he got that from his own family. Seems like they always knew, though acted like it was a shock when it was spoken out loud. How his father’s face showed such disgust, his mother’s nothing but fear, as if he’d somehow turned into an evil demon.

The words, the way they spoke to him, how they seems so unwilling to realize he was the same kid from before, just that he had a different sexual need. Even the so called teachers seemed to not realize that it wasn’t some sickness, some disease that needed stamping out. They acted like he had a choice, like could switch his desires on or off. None of them understood, or maybe they just didn’t care to want to try?

And now here he was, once more feeling rejected, from some guy who he should have known would throw a bird. Yet it wasn’t that way in his dreams, when he would imagine a life of actually being wanted, instead of the reality of his young life.

In those nights, he was on cloud nine, the way he would imagine himself coming back to his apartment, all sweaty from a day’s digging and planting. How his shirt would stink from his sweat, still even be damp from it, and there he would see Bradley, sitting down by his apartment door. Not Bradley’s, but his, and how his face would look so unhappy, until he turned and would see Josh coming out of the elevator, and turning to come towards him.

Then those eyes would suddenly come to life, sparkling. His face would begin to glow, and he would push his lean body upwards, his back still leaning against the door. He’d be wearing that red t-shirt, that showed off his muscles, that seemed to just wrap around each bulging sinew. He would spot the chest, how the small orbs of his pecs would push out.

His eyes would brighten too, at seeing Bradley waiting, and they would devour that golden skinned face, before moving down, to take in the heaving chest. It always heaved, as if Bradley was suddenly short of breath, or had it taken from him, by the excitement of seeing him, Josh.

Then he would let his eyes move downwards, as he started to move a bit faster, despite the soreness in his legs, from squatting all day over flower beds. They would widen as the took in Bradley’s slender waist, how the belt was flapping, as it was way too big for that slight perfect waist. The buckle would gleam in the hall light, as he would stare, usually licking his lips. Then he’d glance up, to see the tail end of Bradley’s tongue sliding back inside, from having just licked his lower lip. The tip would be curled, from pressing up around the corner of his mouth, than was now open, in a big grinning smile. The white teeth seeming to glisten, despite the yellowish light of the hallway.

Josh would feel his tiredness dissipate a little, as he would be coming closer to Bradley. His body would be tense, the ache from work replaced by the one of desire, that was growing throughout his whole body. How his groin would throb too, as he got closer, as his eyes moved back down, to take in all of Bradley’s slender frame.

They would move down, to see the skin tight pants and the bulge at the groin. There would be no mistaking that bulge, no mistaking that it contained something special, that he, and he only, would be allowed to enjoy, as soon as he could get inside his apartment door.

In his dreams, it was always that way, always a frantic rush at first, and even now, he could feel his cock stirring, as the dream was being played in his mind. How his eyes would bulge, as he got closer, because he could see Bradley groin growing. The way the pants would tighten even more, the tell tale bulge moving the pants outwards, as if to greet him.

Then he would be up close, and Bradley would step aside, breathing in Josh’s scent as he moved just enough to let him put the key into the lock. How he could smell Bradley too, that fresh washed aroma, that always drove him crazy. How it would make his legs weak at the knees. He could feel his hands fumbling with his keys, as his arm would brush past that flat washboard stomach, the heat coming from the skin beneath the shirt, making him hurry to open the door.

God, how good it felt, to hear him suck in his breath, and give a small whimpering sound, as he smelled Josh’s body smell. How his nostrils would be flaring, trying to take all of his scent in, at once. Josh could see how his legs quivered, in the tight pants, the bulge threatening to burst out, to rip through the tough jean fabric.

Somehow the door would be pushed open, and he’d step inside, feeling Bradley right behind him, the door always suddenly slamming shut. The lock would be turned, with a loud clanking sound, making it secure, preventing anyone from suddenly intruding.

He would turn, his keys dangling in his hand, when he would feel Bradley’s hands grab his shoulders, pulling his own trembling body close to Bradley’s. How his eyes would flutter, seeing that tuft of hair over one eye shake, then he’d hear his keys hitting the carpet of his hallway.

Josh would feel all the air in his lungs being sucked out, rushing like in a typhoon, as he would feel the hot press of Bradley’s thin lips against his own. He’d feel his mouth opening, to take the offered tongue, that was twisting and eager to enter him. He’d feel the hands reaching around, taking his buttocks in their palms, clenching at the shivering flesh, grabbing them hard with a sense of desperation.

He’d feel his body trembling, feel the tremors reaching for his heart, as their lips would grind into each other, their tongues duelling each other inside of his mouth one second, then inside of Bradley’s. Josh would feel the hands tearing at him, reaching for his belt, for his pants button and then he’s see lights behind his eyelids. His body would be shaking, as he felt the air caress his naked thighs, then his groin. Somehow Bradley would always have his pants down, and without knowing, he’d have done the same to him. He would feel the press of a hard thick cock into the soft belly of his groin, never seeing it but just feeling it press into his soft trembling flesh.

Laying there, against the tree, he could feel his heart kicking up a fuss. The blood was starting to rush, as his mind kept going back to his dreams, kept trying to make them more real, than reality. He knew it wasn’t going to help him, now that he had spoken up, had told his secret to Bradley. That dream would never be the same now, as he sniffled, the mood suddenly coming to an end.

He felt the pain again, wondering why he had spoken up, why he had told Bradley he was gay. It wasn’t like he had any notion that by speaking up, that he would suddenly have his dream become reality. He wasn’t that stupid. Then again, maybe he was, because he did just, well blurt it out. Just, that the idea of being held tightly by Bradley, of having him touch him seemed so, possible.

Josh felt the confusion, yet also the desire inside of him. He wanted someone, and maybe that was why he had done what he did. He wanted Bradley, even knowing it wasn’t going to happen. He wanted to feel his hand moving up and down Bradley firm chest. To feel the chest hairs move beneath his fingers, to tweak his nipples that he imagined would be firm.

The whole idea of touching him, of moving his hand slowly across his chest, of twisting a nipple, maybe even licking it or nibbling on it, while his hand would lightly run down the chest towards Bradley’s belly. To feel the muscles rolling under his hand, to feel the warmth of his flesh, as the hand would slide down, to maybe play with the wiry pubic hairs. The way his own breath would get short, become labored, as he anticipated that moment when his fingers would touch the rock hard root of Bradley’s cock. God, how he ached for that chance, and how much it seemed to be driving him.

Leaning there, he could almost see it, even though he had no idea what Bradley looked like, naked. What he wouldn’t give to have that moment. Just to stare at his naked body, at his groin unhindered by any clothing. To be able to just gawk at him, to think of what it would be like, was all he really wanted, that was now lost to him forever.

Josh knew he was being stupid, even as his own hand moved down over his bulging crotch. Still, the idea of him and Bradley, was overpowering. He knew it was stupid, but he couldn’t get him out of his mind, not that easy. Maybe in time, but for now, he still felt his desire for him. If only he hadn’t said anything, if he’d have just kept it to himself, things might not be as they were now.

He sighed, feeling dejected, realizing how stupid he was. Yet the image of Bradley, in a t-shirt, in tight jeans sitting next to him on the sofa, watching television, still flashed before him. He could smell him too, that aroma that always gave him a super boner. God, how sick was he? Even now, to be thinking of him, to be rubbing his own aroused dick, despite the reaction he had just gone through.

Even the idea of trying to talk to him, lurked in the back of his mind, which was stupid. There was no mistaking that look, that hatred, when he had told him he was Gay. Yet despite that, he was already thinking of trying to patch it up, to maybe still be friends. That was sick, he thought, as his hand moved over his hard crotch. Christ, how the thought of Bradley made him so hard, so horny.

The sound of someone coughing startled him. Josh quickly pulled his hand up and leaned forward, towards the sound. His eyes grew wide, as standing there, in front of him was the guy of his dreams. He couldn’t believe it, as he stared, open mouthed at Bradley. No way had he not noticed what Josh had been doing, yet there was no anger, no hatred in his eyes, or in his face.

‘Figured this is where you’d come.’

‘to be continued’


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Part (1)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2009 ? All Rights Reserved

Category ¦ First Time

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Tough Guy (5)

Part (5)

‘Dude, you are nuts.’

‘Most likely, but I am not joking Jesse.’

‘Shit, but, I mean we’ve just, well met, how can you…’

‘I don’t know, not like I am a stranger to sex, so before you say it, no it isn’t about that.’

‘then what?’

Connie leaned back, pulling his legs up, under his chin. Resting his head, he felt the cool air, cooling the last remnants of sweat from his body. Still, he could feel the desire inside, for the young man next to him. Truth was, it was partially about the sex, because he’d never really experienced something, so completely exhausting, and yet seeming to expect even more.

Trent Stokes from Bel AmiHell even his own jacking off in his bedroom, never felt this good. It always satisfied him, but it never left him feeling like he wanted more, and right then. Not like this, where he’d already shot his load, twice, and still wanted more. It was that, but it was also, more than that.

Jesse had put his whole future on the line, to just bail him out, and no one, had ever done that for him.  Not his parents, no one, had gone that far out on a limb for him, so how could he not be attracted to the guy? Hell, how could he not want to have him with him, to not just enjoy, but well, to be a friend he could actually trust.

He’d had a few when he was younger, until they found out he was Gay, or worse, when the other’s would pick on him because his parents named him Connie. It had hurt then, and still did, so how could he be like those so called friends?

He turned his head to Jesse, who sat quietly beside him, waiting for him to answer. The way his eyes stared at him, made his heart quiver, but it did more than that. It made his soul cry, deep inside, at the idea of leaving him. He just couldn’t do it, and he prayed, he had the words, to tell Jesse why, even though he really wasn’t all that certain, himself.

‘I don’t know, not for any one reason, or maybe, shit, I am not good at words, I know how to box, to fight my way out of shit, been doing, hell, ever since I can remember.’

‘Yeah, but, I mean, to not get out of here, just ‘cuz some guy you don’t know won’t go with you? I mean…’

‘putting it that way, sounds nuts, but look, your parents, not really much different than mine, they just have a different way of getting rid of their gay kid.’

‘I guess, yeah, so?’

‘you are not making this easy for me, are you?’

‘no, suppose not, just, fuck man, you don’t know how much I want out, but…’

Connie felt a sudden chill go down his spine, as he stared deep into Jesse’s eyes. He could see the despair deep inside, the torment, that had to have been his life, growing up with parents who couldn’t stand the sight of him. He knew the feeling, but not like what he was seeing being reflected in Jesse’s face.

‘taking off with me, that’s not the kind of out, you want, is it?’

‘no, not… fuck, can’t we just, I mean look Connie, whatever those guys do, I can handle it, if not, well, it’s not like anyone would lose any sleep over it.’

It was how he looked away, hanging his head, that clinched it inside. Connie knew exactly what Jesse was thinking, which frightened him, even more than not being with him seemed to have. There was no rational explanation for it, because he had been down that path, himself. No one knew, not even his parents, but he knew how it was.

‘I would’

Jesse looked up as Connie had softly spoken the words. There was a slight trembling sound to his voice, as he had spoken the words, as his hand moved outwards, to rest lightly on Jesse’s shoulder. It was so soft, like he was afraid his touch would break something fragile. There was no mistaking that Jesse needed more, than just a bit of slap and tickle, as his grandfather would say.

‘Thanks, but come on, you don’t really know me, and well…’

‘So you think, shit man, my Gaydar may not have been working, but I know what it’s like. Maybe my parents aren’t like yours, but the bottom line, well, it is the same. Besides, I’ve been exactly where you are now.’

‘I don’t… really? You?’

‘Yeah, me, why is that hard to believe?’

‘Kind of.’


‘Shit man, look at you, solid muscle, knows his way to hit back and make it count, how could a guy like you ever…’

‘want out?’

‘uh huh.’

‘I got this rep, because of what I am, not because I love fighting, fuck man, I hate duking it out, but it is my way, and you know, you weren’t exactly a rookie back there either.’

‘Not like you, but… I mean, you uh…’

‘Yeah, but I figured, why make it easier for the bastards.’

Connie reached out, and Jesse moved in closer, resting his head on Connie’s shoulder. He let his head rest on the upper part, above his chest. With his one hand, Connie stroked the hair, just letting him rest, as he thought back, to that dark moment in his young life, realizing just how close he had come.

Odd, how he had never really thought about, since, but it all made sense now, as to why he was, who he was. He wasn’t exactly a fighter, and it was the truth. He didn’t care for the sound of his fist hitting another, once it was over. Sure, during a fight, the rage, the emotions, made him relish the sounds, but he always felt sick after, and a bit, well, disappointed.

In the Ring, it was different. It wasn’t about being Gay, and so there, he felt like he could use his head, plan his moves, so they would be effective, but not like how he had taken out Tim earlier today. That was just being, well mean. Yet he didn’t feel as sick either, but then he won this time. Maybe that was why he always felt so, well, disappointed.

As he let his hand stroke Jesse’s head, he realized just how much he was willing to risk, to keep feeling as he felt now. He was tired of being disappointed. Thing is, he realized, as he held Jesse close to him, that he was disappointed with himself, more than with how the other’s acted. They did what they did, out of fear, but what was his excuse?

‘you really want me to come with you?’

He turned to look down at Jesse, to see those eyes, pooled with tears, staring up at him. He could see the disbelief, but also the hope, the need to be assured it wasn’t a dream, that he really did want him to come with him.

‘uh huh’

‘but, I mean, what if all this, is just, well because of the, you know, the adrenalin rush, from earlier?’

‘So? Least you will be away from this shit, from the crap everyone loves to throw at ya.’

‘It is scary, and yet, I can’t stand this place, but…’

‘but what?’

‘what if you get tired of me, or find someone new?’

He turned away, letting his head tilt up, and away. The feel of Jesse’s eyes on him was a bit, unsettling, as he tried to think, to wonder if maybe he was being fair to him, or maybe he was right. Maybe this was just the aftermath from the fight, but if it wasn’t? Could he not take the chance that it was real, not some weird rush after escaping?

‘I don’t know, I wish I did, but…’

‘Then maybe it’s best you go without me, I mean, I don’t want to ruin things, not now, when you’ve gotten a chance to get away, to, well you know.’


‘You say that, like you mean it, but Connie, I mean come on, we don’t really know each other, so how can…’

‘I can’t explain it, I know it’s daft, but look, it isn’t about sex, and okay, say we do get tired of each other, say we do find someone else, do best friends stop being friends, because they find another friend? It just, it doesn’t work that way.’

‘But, I don’t know if…’

‘Look, I know you want me say something mushy, like I love you, but I am not going to say it, because well, I don’t know. Shit, I don’t even know what it is. If it’s what my parents have, well then I don’t ever want to be in love, but I know that you and I, we have more in common, than we know, and I guess, I kind of want to find that out.’

‘I know that, I think, but maybe it is just, that I am Gay too, and so I helped you out…’

‘Fuck Jesse, you weren’t the only Gay guy out there, I mean, look, I didn’t know you were, but I do know there were 2 others who are, and they weren’t rushing in to help, so no, it isn’t just because of that, it is… well it is because you did help, and I guess, all this, well, it is different, least it is for me.’

‘Me too.’

‘Then, why fight it? Let’s blow this pop stand, together, and leave those morons to pick on each other.’

Jesse smiled a bit, and he looked like he really was more relaxed, than he had been while talking. It was strange, at how his face looked almost, well like it was glowing. Then too, he sort of felt like his was, as well.

Connie sighed, realizing just how strange this day had turned out for him. From being the whipping boy for the town bully and friends, to being a protector. All in one swoop, but he was not stupid. He knew that if he stayed, if he didn’t get Jesse to go with him, that he’d never make it out of this burg, in one piece. Tim was not the kind to easily forget, and a public whipping certainly would insure he’d do everything possible to get even. Hell, he might even try to come after them, even in here, but that was for later.

Turning to Jesse, he could see that he too, was thinking the same thoughts, or at least they were in sync. He smiled, wiping the side of Jesse’s face, realizing that they were in this, together, for better or worse. He had to laugh as that thought passed through his mind, and he couldn’t help but see a small grin on Jesse’s face too. Maybe they did have a lot more in common, than either of them realized.

‘So, agreed? You’ll come with me?’

He watched as Jesse lifted himself up, and noticed how his body seemed to tense for just a second, then once more relax. Jesse stared at him, and he back at him, as if they were trying to read each other’s thoughts. He felt a strange shiver, not a cold or scary type, but something he had never really experienced before. It felt good, as Jesse reached out with his hand.

Connie could see the hand tremble a little, and then he closed his eyes, as he felt the soft touch against his own chest. How the finger felt so alive, like it was actually able to feel the blood pulsing, the heart beating. He moaned a bit, as the soft caress of the finger moved down, and around his heaving chest, feeling totally lost in how gentle the touch was.

His body leaned back, as Jesse’s finger moved down the center of his stomach, making him shudder a bit, to every touch. How good it felt, to feel this way, and once more the day’s events seemed to be lost, in a cloud of pleasure. He could feel the way his dick jerked, as the finger moved down his stomach, how it curled around his belly button. It was just so exciting, he didn’t know he could feel this way, as Jesse’s hard breath echoed in the cave.

There were no other sounds, audible, as he let the moment take hold. Connie felt his muscles tightening, then sort of just flutter a bit, as the finger moved around and around his belly. He felt the excitement, and the beads of sweat begin to form around his forehead, and between his legs. He felt the way his toes started to curl, to flex a bit, as the finger moved down below the belly button, to run across his abdomen.

The touch of his lips, against his bare chest, made him groan. He was surprised at how intense the feelings were, that were running through his body, from that soft little peck on his chest, just below one nipple. He felt his body squirm, as the waves of pleasure seemed to be growing with each second. They didn’t lessen, as he felt the finger move down, to curl some of his pubic hairs, to touch him in a way that only made him moan more. His eyes fluttered, but they wouldn’t open, as he let Jesse touch him, explore his groin. He was hard once more, and the idea that he was about to go another round, was unbelievable to him.

Sure he’d jacked off a few times in a day, now and then, but this, this was totally different. It was something he couldn’t explain, to himself. All he knew, was that he never wanted this feeling to end, or be taken from him, as he reached up and wrapped his arms around Jesse, pulling him down onto his own body.

He felt the hard poke in his side, from Jesse’s hard cock, and heard him sigh, as he let his hands move up and down the slender back. He felt the ridges of his spine, the softness of his buttocks, as his fingers clenched a mound of flesh, squeezing them, as the body crushed further into his. It was becoming too much, as he felt the hot mouth close over his own, and the tongue begin to press forward, opening his own mouth.

The taste of his breath filled his mind, as did the aroma of dried cum, of sweat, of something else, that made him groan a bit more. His body twisted, as he reached down with his hand, to take hold of Jesse’s hard cock. The heat was intense, as their bodies seemed to just melt into each other’s.

Everything became a blur. Nothing made sense, or seemed connected, as he found himself flat on his back. His legs were up in the air, his hands grabbing the ankles like he was dangling off a cliff, hanging on for dear life. Yet, he was not afraid, not frightened. In the back of his mind, he knew that Jesse had a condom, how he didn’t know, or care. All he knew was he could feel that hard cock between his cheeks, feel the pulsing muscles of his hole, as the head was wedged up against it. The waiting seemed endless, as he could feel the hot breath on his face, and for a mere instant, his eyes opened.

Staring up, he saw the blond hair dangling over and across the sides of Jesse’s face. Saw the way his eyes were glazed over, locked in an intensity he had never seen before, in anyone. Then he felt the sudden jolt, as his eyes once more closed, a huge smile crossing his face, as his body knew what was happening, long before it registered in his clouded mind. He felt the pain, racing inwards, but his body ignored it, as he found himself pushing upwards, trying to take more, quicker.

Connie could feel his breathing growing short, feel the blood rushing from his arms and legs, as his body felt the hard pole slicing into his body. He felt every inch of it, as it slid inside, stretching his muscles, making him squirm as it impaled itself deep inside. He moaned, his hands no longer able to hold his legs, as they rested over the shaking shoulders of the man above.

He was sure he could feel it throb, feel it pulse as the blood rushed through the wonderful organ, as it moved in and out of his tight valley. There was the way it felt, as it dug deep inside, then suddenly pulled back. How it felt as it was nearly out, before once more plunging inside, to fill him, to stretch his very insides.

Still, it was like time was standing still. Not only could he feel it pulse, feel it slide in and out, but he could feel the hot breath on his face, feel the lungs working overtime, as the motion inside sped up. He sensed it all, at the same time, and yet not. His body was squirming, he knew his voice was begging for more, that the rain of sweat was striking his body in a torrent, and yet he knew it wasn’t time. His own hands were a blur, sending back sensations he had never felt before, or at least recognized. How the muscles around the hips bulged, how the bone felt like it was vibrating, as his fingers clutched at them.

Everything was going so fast, yet captured in slow motion. Each drop of sweat, made a strange sound in his ears, mingled with the roar of his thundering heart, but he could hear them, pick them out. His body was shaking, with each thrust, but he could pick each sound out, each tingling sensation as it raced up to his mind.

He knew his own body was getting close, by how tight he felt in his chest, in his groin. The way his muscles were constricting, tightening with each breath, as the huge pole kept filling his insides with its throbbing power. Connie had never felt this way. It was like being in the middle of a hurricane, facing the strong winds, as Jesse’s cock kept hammering away at him.

With each thrust, each gust, he felt his body fall backwards, struggle to push forward, to meet the next hammering gust, the next thundering thrust. His body met each thrust, rose to greet each new thrust. Then, just like being caught in a hurricane, there was nothing.

A still came over them both, a quiet that was both eerie, and yet tantalizing. He knew it was time, that for the moment, the final push was readied, about to come crashing into him. He gritted his teeth, sucked in a long gulp of air, just as he felt the tip of Jesse’s cock head near his hole, near enough to almost pull out, but he knew, it wasn’t to be. His muscles tightened even more, the lining inside, already stretched, tried to spring back to their original shape, before the final push came.

One single drop of sweat fell on his chest, a strange plop amidst the silence, then suddenly he heard himself cry out in pure ecstasy, as he felt the throbbing pole lurch forwards. He felt it tremble, as it began to pick up speed, and dive deep into his gaping hole. His legs were numb, but he could feel them shake, feel the tremor of excitement being replaced by the wave of pure pleasure, as the huge pole made its way all the way inside.

Crying out, he felt his hands wrap around the shaking body that was on top of him. His legs crushed back into his chest, as Jesse’ thrust all the way in, with every ounce of strength in his lithe body. He felt the crushing blow, like a full on power hit to the chin, though a thousand times more powerful, and a whole lot more enjoyable.

The flashing lights behind his closed eyelids, the way his heart suddenly raced, made him gasp, then cry out his own pure joy. The sound echoed and echoed in the cave, adding to the waves of pleasures racing all through his body, as Jesse now lay on top of him, totally spent.

Connie had no idea how long he lay there, or how long Jesse was on top of him. It was like coming to, after being KO’d in the ring. He had no clear recollection of anything, but the force of the blow that had sent him sprawling. Yet as his mind slowly regained its composure, the memories came flooding back to him, making his body jerk, spasm.

It made Jesse open an eye, and stare at him, and inside those wide eyes, Connie knew that he had made his decision, that they just needed to wait it out, and that soon, they’d never have to worry about the likes of Tim and his ilk. He knew, that he would never have to suffer alone, his own fears, his own doubts, as he felt Jesse kiss him, then nestle his head under Connie’s chin. Nothing had ever felt that way, and somehow, he just knew, that it was only the beginning.

‘you don’t snore do you?’

Jesse looked up at him, and looked puzzled for a second, then he smiled.

‘like a damn fog horn’

‘oh great, now I have to get ear plugs’

‘or you can just find something to stuff in my mouth.’

Connie laughed, as he pulled Jesse closer, enjoying his warmth, and enjoying the idea, that when that bus left, he’d not be sitting alone.



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Tough Guy

Part (5)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2009 ? All Rights Reserved

Category ¦ Athletes, Jocks

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Tough Guy (4)

Part (4)

Jesse stared at Connie, as he felt his hand run across his cheek. Connie could feel his body trembling, as he touched the soft skin, as they looking into each other’s eyes. He had never felt this way before, and even though they had blown their wads, he couldn’t help but still feel very aroused, very excited. He knew it wouldn’t be long, before they were once more clawing at each other, touching and just enjoying the wild sensation of being with another person, that way.

Many didn’t understand it, how they could have such feelings, but that was their problem, not his. And it wasn’t like he was some sex maniac either, because truth was, it wasn’t like the magazines, the stories, or the videos made it out to be. You didn’t just find someone, then rip their clothes off, and fuck.

Boyfunks beautiful boy JeffOkay, this was different, or was it? They had gone through something together, shared something that many never shared. They had bonded, without saying a word, without even really knowing each other. Still, it was nothing like how they said, it was real, and the dried cum on his stocky body, on Jesse’s slender frame, was real.

And he knew, from that touch, that they had something special between them, that would only grow. Not just his dick, or Jesse’s, but what they were feeling inside, where it really counted.

Connie pulled himself upright a bit, leaning up against the bare wall of his secret place, and Jesse moved up to lean next to him. They just grinned at each other, though he could see how moved Jesse was, how much his early shooting had effected him. Granted, at that particular moment, when it dawned on  him that Jesse had cum, he had felt disappointed, but it only lasted a millisecond. He knew, inside, that there would be more opportunities, and even the realization of it being out of circumstance, he didn’t mind. It didn’t seem so bad, knowing that right now a few toughs were out looking for him and Jesse, waiting to attack him, to beat him into a pulp. He also knew, that if cornered, he’d not hold back anymore. He had tasted victory, and it was sweet, just as it was in the ring.

‘Connie, uh, how long you figure we going to hide out here?’

Looking at him, he realized he was scared, desperately trying to not show it. Inside, he felt a bit of that fear, but he also knew, he was about to blow this area, to head off to college, where he hoped things would be different.

‘As long as we have to, I guess.’

‘They won’t give up, no matter how long we stay away.’

‘No, they won’t, but hell, we have loads of canned stuff, last about a few weeks or more, if we go easy on it. Plus there is fresh water and even fish in the river, so really, we can hide out here, as long as we want.’

‘Nothing is forever Connie, besides, as much as I don’t want to think about it, eventually we have to go back, don’t we?’

‘Yeah, I have to get back, to grab my stuff then blow this place, forever.’


‘Yeah, but what about you? Did you get in anywhere, away from here?’


‘How come? I mean, you didn’t fail did you?’

‘No, just uh, oh shit, I am not a 4.0 student, not a jock, so no chances at any scholarships, and well, it isn’t cheap, college.’

‘Your parents not able to help?’

‘Oh they could, but I won’t take it, not under their terms. I’d rather dig ditches than give in to their conditions.’

Deep in the pit of his stomach, Connie had a pretty good idea what those conditions might be. In some ways he was lucky, in that while his parents didn’t care for his lifestyle, they were quite willing to pay the price, to have him out of their lives. It sucked, in one way, but was a blessing in another, because it meant he could get away.

Looking over at Jesse, he felt his pain, and let his hand reach out, to take hold of Jesse’s. He felt the coldness, felt the misery, as he held it tightly, then brought it up and kissed the back of it, as he moved his body, shifting to lean into Jesse’s body. He let his arm move around his slender body, pulling it closer to his own.

The feel of Jesse’s head on his shoulder, felt good, as he let his one hand gently caress the back of the blond hair. It felt so soft, so silky that it made him quiver a bit. He could feel the way Jesse’s chest heaved a bit, how his face buried into the muscle of his upper shoulder, how the warm tears felt as they began to trickle down.

Laying there, with Jesse in his arms, made him feel contented. He knew there was some real problems ahead, for them both, but somehow, he just knew he couldn’t leave Jesse to face them alone. It wasn’t right, to just take his ticket and go, leaving the wrath of Tim & his gang, to fall on Jesse. And fall it would, but how could it be avoided? He didn’t quite have an answer, yet, but they had time.

There was no sense in heading back to town, until there was no choice, which gave them a chance, to not just be together, but to maybe figure something out. He wasn’t sure what, but he owed him that much.

Finally, Jesse lifted his head off of Connie’s shoulder, and wiped his eyes. He looked over at him, noticing how red and puffy the eyes were, but also how they seemed to sparkle a bit, as if there was a bit of fire inside.

‘sorry about that.’

‘no problem, you okay?’

‘yeah, just that, I dunno, sometimes it just, you know, gets a bit much.’

‘yeah, I know.’

Jesse leaned back a bit, and stared hard at Connie. His eyes were questioning him, as if not quite believing that a tough guy like him, would feel the same way. He saw how his eyes peered into his, and he didn’t turn away. Truth was, when he was younger, when he wasn’t all muscle, he spent many nights crying into his pillow.

‘I normally don’t bawl my eyes out like that, guess it was just, the after shock of everything, I mean…’

‘you don’t have to explain it to me Jesse, I get it.’

‘for real?’

‘yeah, it sucks, but yeah, for real.’

‘so, when do you have to… shit, I really don’t want to think of that, not now, not when you are so close.’

‘we’ll have to, soon enough, but yeah, for now, let’s just.. i don’t know, ignore all that, besides, I think I need to do some personal exploring.’

‘huh? Exploring? Where? I mean you aren’t…’

Connie leaned and covered Jesse’s mouth with his, and stifled his sudden onset of panic. He felt the tense body, go limb in his arms, as he gathered him up and brought him closer. He kissed deeply, his tongue driving deep inside, duelling with Jesse’s own. His hands began to move down the lanky frame, as he felt Jesse move his leg closer, wrapping it over Connie’s. He also felt the growing stiffness, of not just his own dick, but of Jesse’s, as it pushed into his belly. It felt so good.

He could feel the slender guy awakening, as his hands began to explore Connie’s body, with as much intensity as his were. It felt amazing, at how the soft hand moved across his belly, down between their two bodies, to touch his penis, to make him shudder. It was like the electricity had suddenly returned, with even more of a charge, than at first. Connie couldn’t believe how his whole body seemed to be shaking, quivering with the excitement, and how Jesse’s seem to be doing the same.

How his fingers groped down, to touch the base of his cock, how his own hand had suddenly moved down between them as well. How it moved to grab hold of Jesse’s cock, to wrap the fingers around it, feeling it pulse, feeling it throb to his simple hold. It was amazing, yet hard for his mind to grasp, given all the other pleasures that were once more rushing through.

Connie felt his head being pushed back as Jesse’s own head lunged forward, his mouth now over his throat, his tongue licking at the hollow of his neck, as the hands pinned his shoulders back, then moved up and down his body. Jesse had moved to where he was basically, on top and it felt so fucking good, Connie could almost scream.

His whole body was laid out on the ground, his head twisting back and forth, as Jesse worked on his upper body, with his hands, his tongue and lips. He felt himself moaning, not hearing it, just feeling it, as his body squirmed, shook to the hard then soft, then hard, touch of the hands. How they fingers moved around his chest, reaching and circling his nipples, then suddenly grabbing hold of them, tweaking them a bit, then releasing them. Then suddenly he’d feel the mouth over it, the lips pressing down into his skin, the teeth grating lightly across the very tip of the nipple, then suddenly bite down on it, and pull up, making him groan, and flop around more.

Every part of his body seemed on fire, as his hands kept flaying at the scattered leaves on the dirt ground. Then they’d move back up, to try and corral Jesse’s moving body. His legs were pinning him down, then between them, the knee wedged up tight into his scrotum, his balls pushed and flattened up into his groin. He could feel himself moaning, hear the distant echo of the hard panting sounds, that came from them both.

The hot liquid around his thigh only made him moan more, made him clutch up at the swirling body, knowing it was the pre cum from Jesse’s dripping cock. His own pole, throbbed with desire, as he groaned, with every touch, every press against him.

Then suddenly it stopped.

Connie felt his body tremble, as there was a sudden emptiness. No hands moved along his body, no lips pressed down or teeth nibbling at his flesh. Nothing, and his head couldn’t figure it out, when suddenly he felt the hard grasp of a hand wrapping around the base of his cock. His eyes started to open, to see what was happening, when he felt the lips.

He cried out, as the hot mouth suddenly closed around the head of his cock, the weight of the young man resting on his legs, which straightened out, and shook, as he felt the press of the lips, against the fiery top of his cock head.

The warmth was unbelievable, as he felt the quick flick of the tongue, knowing that his dripping precum was being taken, was being swallowed. His whole body was on fire, as he felt every pore opening, oozing rivers of his sweat, to run all down his muscled body. His stomach quivered, the muscles rolling inside, in an unbelievable pattern of increasing waves, that just made him sweat even more.

Connie didn’t even notice the hard ground, as his fists hit it, repeatedly. His mind was blank, as wave after wave of pure pleasure came rushing through, only making him moan and cry out his enjoyment. He could feel the blond hair swaying across his stomach, making him writhe about more. It felt so light, so stinging almost, as it was dripping sweat, almost like tiny little lashes of a whip end, as they moved across his belly.

The pain of holding back, was too much. His whole groin was about to explode, as he cried out, as the mouth suddenly pulled up off his cock head. He felt his lungs sucking in air, as his body slowly relaxed, as the pressure in his groin eased. Connie couldn’t believe how good he was feeling, and how much he needed this interlude.

Just as he was about to reach up, his fists no longer pounding the dirt with joy, he felt the stinging lashes across his stomach, as Jesse’s hair moved across his still stomach. Then once more his cock was being coated in a warm wetness, that has him clenching his fists, had his legs trying to stretch out of the skin. His toes ached, as they flexed up and down, as the pleasure came roaring back inside.

‘Oh God’ he cried out, as the mouth moved down, until he could feel the nose poking into the side between his crotch and inner thigh. He could feel Jesse’s hot breath, blowing as he tried to breathe through the nose, while taking all of his cock down into his throat. Nothing seemed real, and at times, he felt like he was floating, other times, drowning in his own seed, because he refused to let it free.

His arms became heavy, his eyes were closed so tightly he could feel the eyelashes digging into his cheeks, just under the eyes. His whole body was shaking, as the lips moved up and down, along his throbbing pole. There was no stopping it now, he thought, as his body began to swing, to move up in time with each downward push of Jesse’s head. He had his one hand up, the fingers wrapped tightly around several strands of hair, yanking on them, then pulling on them, as he tried to quicken pace, to force the head to move faster up and down his pole.

Crying out, he couldn’t hear anything beyond the thunder of his heart. It was beating so fast, he didn’t think anyone could ever count it, and that he’d have a blasted stroke, the way it was beating. Yet even as he heard the roar in his ears, he could feel the pain deep in his chest, as his lungs were drained of the last of his air.

Jesse had moved his whole body, in between Connie’s legs. He had pushed the two strong legs aside, as if they were feathers, and had moved his whole body up, to keep the legs apart. His head was bent over, working on Connie’s cock, sucking on it like it was a siphon to some secret stash of a magical elixir.

The pounding grew, and his whole body was nothing but a pile of burning flesh under a raging river of sweat. He could feel the way it flowed all over his body, dripping between his legs, making his body hairs flatten. He was soaked, as the head continued to move up and down, faster with each halting breath he took.

He could feel his hips moving upwards, then come crashing back down to the ground. His cheeks made a hard thump each time they crashed down, but only for a brief moment, before they were once more being lifted upwards, to greet the greedy throat that held his cock.

‘I can’t hold it, oh God, I am cumming’ he yelled, in a strange gurgling sound, as his body heaved, as the waves of pleasure were replaced by a sudden surge of electricity. He felt the hairs on his body suddenly bolt upright, felt the way his legs shot out, becoming steel boards. His arms were suddenly on the ground, laid out like a giant hammer had pinned them to the ground. His head throbbed, ached even, as strange lights flashed behind his closed eyelids.

His lungs were suddenly empty, no air was coming in, as his mind clouded over, grew very light headed. His heart seemed to have changed gears, from overdrive to super hyper drive. It was like an engine running amok, no control, no way to brake its wild charge forward, constantly gaining speed, becoming faster and faster.

With his head tilting up, his neck also tilting up and his shoulders firmly digging into the ground, Connie felt the explosion rolling through his whole body. His arms pined, and his feet too, as if a thousand pounds of weight were on each. Yet, his torso was up, lifted up off the ground and high up in the air, nearly soaring to the clouds, it was so far up.

The rush made his head swim, made the roar in his ears grow to a thundering crescendo, as his body arched even more, his cock firmly impaled deep down into Jesse’s throat. He could feel the head, feel it rearing back, even as his hips shot upwards.

He felt the lips tighten their hold, in anticipation, as he screamed, as the hot liquid churning in his balls, suddenly came flooding out and into his cock. He felt the skin stretch, as the liquid rushed through, bulging the skin, and then he felt the head shoot forward. The tiny little slit at the top widening, and the stream was burning as it flashed past, threatening to rip the tiny slit wide open.

Every nerve in his body seemed to suddenly explode, and filled him with an unbelievable warm and content feeling. It wasn’t like a sudden release of electricity, but more like a sense of well being, that he had never experienced before. It was like a warm deep wave crashing all over him, washing everything away. Taking the tension, the fears, that rested inside, and throwing them aside, leaving nothing but utter happiness.

Tears were rolling down the corners of his eyes, as his body slowly seemed to come down from the strange high it had achieved. His lungs burned, from no air, his mouth was bone dry, and his heart seemed ready to just explode, but it too, was beginning to slow down, to ease down a notch or two.

His head was like a ball of cotton, fuzzy and warm, as he heard strange sounds begin to replace the roaring thunder they were used to. He could hear the coughing, the gagging sound in the distance, but he also hears a strange indistinguishable sound, almost like singing, but not quite that. Connie felt his body shaking, as if he was in the middle of 9.0 earthquake.

His cock was still trembling, as the last of his milk, came dribbling out, sliding down the underside of it. He could hear the gasping sound, and he realized that the mouth no longer covered his dick, that the head no longer was bent over his crotch. The hairs no longer grazed his belly, and yet he couldn’t open his eyes, not just yet. The shudders continued for some time, until finally he felt them subside, and opened his eyes, to stare upwards.

The dark craggy roof of the cave didn’t register at first, then as he glanced down, he could see Jesse. His chin was coated with his dried cum, and the head that had been hovering over him, was now leaning backwards, looking up at the same roof.

There were streaks all down the still heaving chest, that Connie was sure was dried cum, mingled with sweat. He could see the dots, the tracks too, as his eyes adjusted to the dimness of the cave. Looking at Jesse, he knew he couldn’t leave him behind, not alone, not to face Tim or the others. He knew that what he had found today, wasn’t just a friend, but someone who was more like a part of him.

He also could see the desire, even in the rolled back eyes. It was amazing how he could notice every tiny detail, while still trying to catch is own breath. How the vein running down to one side of the neck was still throbbing, how the left nipple was sort of shaking, vibrating really, while the right seemed as rigid as a two by four.

The way the whole slender body seemed to be at odds with each other. Like how the stomach looked like it was rolling up and down, as the chest heaved and shook.  How the arms, that held him up, were shaking, quivering as he tried to hold on, to keep supporting the weight. How each nostril flared, opening wide then collapsing inwards, the mouth slightly opened as well, adding to the intake of air.

Finally Jesse moved off, though in reality it looked more like he simply rolled off, to lay beside Connie. It was more as if he had simply been unable to support his body upright, and as they lay side by side, Connie knew he wasn’t going to leave him behind, not without one hell of a fight, if it came to that.

He opened his eyes, his mind made up, to see Jesse staring at him, a small smile across his mouth. Connie leaned forward, head tilted to one side, and he gave him a small kiss, tasting the remnants of his cum on the lips. Then he leaned back, his eyes not leaving Jesse’s face. One hand, reached out, and rested lightly on Jesse’s warm arm.

‘how much cash you got?’


‘you got anything saved, I mean in a bank account or anything?’

‘why, you thinking of charging me or something?’

‘bitch, no, not for that, seriously, how much, if any, have you got?’

‘not much, about 700 I suppose, why?’

‘got any credit cards, your own?’

‘VISA, but, what is this about?’

‘That’ll do, hell it’ll have to.’

‘Okay, glad you approve, but what the fuck are you rambling on about.’

Connie stared hard into Jesse’s face. He could see the confusion, as Jesse tried to figure out what he was up to, in asking those questions. Yet, it was so damn obvious, he could kick himself for not thinking of it before now.

‘I am not going to leave you.’

‘Well, glad to hear that, least for now, as I kind of want my turn.’

‘Shit, not that, I am serious man, I don’t want to leave you, not now, not later either.’

‘Yeah well, not practical, is it? I mean you are off to college, so, it isn’t like you are going to hang around, now is it?’

‘Only if you refuse.’

‘Refuse what? Fuck, talk sense dude’

‘It’s your choice, but I want you to come with me.’

He could see the surprise on Jesse’s face. The way the eyes opened wide, and the mouth sort of just hung open, he knew it hadn’t sunk in yet. He waited, as Jesse closed his mouth, and as his eyes focused onto his. He could see a small tremor going through his upper body, see the chest heave a bit, as he tried to digest what Connie was trying to say to him.

‘I don’t, I mean, are you sure, of what you are asking me?’

‘I am sure, should have thought of it sooner, but no way can you stay here, not with Tim and his goons hunting for you. And don’t think it’ll end with just one shit kicking, I know how those mother fuckers are.’

‘Yeah but, I don’t see how.’

‘Look, not like your folks would care, right? I know that sucks, but it is the truth, isn’t it?’


‘so what have you got to lose? Come with me, we can share a place, and be away from this place, from guys like Tim.’

‘do you know what you are suggesting?’

‘I know’

‘And if I refuse?’

Connie lifted himself up onto his arm, his upper body up off the ground. His eyes bore straight into Jesse’s, as his hand reached out, and he took hold of Jesse’s shoulder.

‘Then college will have to wait, until you change your mind.’

He could see the shock in his face, even in his own body, he could feel it as he heard himself say those words. Maybe he was being crazy, stupid perhaps, but he couldn’t leave, knowing that Jesse would have to endure endless beatings. It hadn’t been his fight to begin with, but had stuck his nose in, to help him. How could he leave him behind? Besides, he felt a strange attraction, not just at how good he looked, or even the sex that they had just enjoyed.

It was something else, something far more powerful, than anything he had every felt before, and which he doubted he’d every feel again. Maybe he was crazy, but as he stared at Jesse., he couldn’t help but feel excited, feel so at ease, comfortable, that he knew, any sacrifice, would be worth just being with Jesse.

To be continued…

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