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One Nine Hundred Pervert

Part (-)

In some ways, it really just pisses me off. Seriously, who the fuck does Mr Brad Greene think he is? Okay, sure he’s drop dead gorgeous, has a killer body to go with a great face, but fuck it, now I have to spend another hour cooking up the dog’s dinner, and that is after I rush out to the butcher shop, to buy more of it. Like, really, he couldn’t have waited until I finished cooking it?

Kelvin from Blake MasonObviously not, given as how here I am, in the friggin kitchen cooking over a hot stove. Alright, I’ll admit it, my ass is sore, and it isn’t easy standing, and yes, tonight I will definitely be thinking of earlier, when he showed up at the door, with that glint in his eyes, that bulge in his pants, and oh those damn carnations in his hands.

I am such a sucker for flowers, specially fresh cut carnations, that have some scent to them. Not like the crap you get at the supermarket, that are painted and you could burst a nostril trying to get any smell from. Nope, these were the real deal, the one’s that wafted across my nose, as soon as I opened the door.

Call me a Queen, but as soon as he handed them to me, I just had to rush to the kitchen, and put them in water. I like things to last, sort of why guys like Brad keep showing up at my door. Now stupid I am not, and I know it sure as fuck isn’t for my looks, that keeps hot studs like Brad Greene, yes with an ‘e’, showing up.

Okay, I am not some old fart either, and it sure isn’t for money because I just manage to make the mortgage payments each month, and I do have a day job, sort of. Well, I do work at a phone center, but well, it’s not what you call one of those telemarketing places where they try to sell you magazine subscriptions, it is where guys phone us, and well, you get the idea.

It isn’t bad work, but damn, it does tend to make a guy a bit horny, and no, you can’t talk to the customer, and take care of business. The place is run by a real shrew, named Cyn. Man, talk about a cow, nor does she get what a guy really wants, which is why many of us get some biz on the side.

Sure it is against the rules, and if the owner catches us, well so much for making those mortgage payments on time, or at all. Yet it is worth the risk, because of the guys you meet, and get to know. I am just 32, not what you’d call old or young, and I have a good sex life, now. Didn’t really before, but that was mainly because as a teenager, I hid what I wanted, and in college, well I had bad acne. Being a dozen or so pounds overweight didn’t help.

Besides I am not what you’d call outgoing. I keep to myself pretty much, and I doubt I’d have this house, if it wasn’t for a small inheritance. Now it doesn’t cover the entire house price, but did let me buy one. That was pretty huge for a guy like me, and sure, I graduated, but jobs aren’t exactly a dime a dozen around here.

Long before the media was talking about a recession, and companies going belly up, our little area of the country was already well experienced with unemployment, with empty houses, with people lining up at the food bank. So, working at the call in center, was, well not something you just pass up. Sure I wouldn’t mind working in my chosen field, but not really a lot of call for broadcasters.

Like what was I thinking of, but hey, it is what interests me, and I guess, working those phone lines, I am sort of in that field, kind of.

I digress though, and besides, the dog food is about done, which means I have to mix it up with the rice and veggies, and then cool. Man, talk about having a good life, but then my little buddy deserves the best. He does keep me company, and somehow, he just knows when to put his head on my lap, and make me feel better.

But the thing is, I would be relaxing now, if it wasn’t for Brad showing up. He is a guy who first starting calling about, oh year and half ago. It wasn’t anything kinky, least not then, nor really is it now, though it is a bit more, than when he first would call. The guy is loaded too, from his family. I doubt if he’s worked an honest day in his 29 years, but he doesn’t come across as one of those snooty types, ya know?

He really is pretty nice, was the first time I picked up his call, and from what I had heard, he was a tipper too. His regular had left the place, so I got his regulars. I didn’t mind, as most of them where just ordinary guys, looking for some conversation. Brad was different, because he didn’t mind spending his $2 a minute just talking.

There never was a rush, when he’d call, and until we came up with our own little arrangement, well, those calls were maybe twice a week. Usually on a Friday and Tuesday. I took weekends, because well, the traffic was always busier for some odd reason, and the chance for tips was a damn site better than during the week.

Only worked Monday once, and that was enough. I mean Jesus, talk about depressing guys, but hey, it was all money, and for every minute they nattered, I got a whopping 75¢ which doesn’t sound like much, but think of talking for maybe 20 minutes out of every hour. That’s like $30 an hour.

Brad on a Tuesday was always good for a lot more than 20 minutes, and in fact, a few times it was over an hour. So you do the math.

We’d talk about lots of stuff, not just how I would suck his cock, or have him suck mine. That part, well, it was okay, but it never took that long. He did seem to cum quick, when we did get down to that kind of business. Maybe it was the talk about going out for dinner, or to movies, that helped get him going, I don’t know, but ever since we made our own deal, well, he sure as hell doesn’t cum in a few minutes.

Now I know how to suck a cock too, and I have been known to get some of the more stubborn one’s off a damn site faster than anyone else, but with Mr. Brad Greene, he seems oblivious to my technique. He really can hold it, which is kind of fun, as it does make for some interesting moments when we are together. Kind of like having a bit of a competition, that is, well, like seeing just how fast you can eat an all day sucker, hoping all day, but also trying to make it last only an hour.

Brad is funny too, and he’s never pushy. Like when he shows up, he always has something with him. Nothing expensive, or trashy even. He’ll maybe have the latest video release of a super movie, before its even out in the movie house, but then, his family is rich. Guess it’s one of the perks, but like earlier, he brought flowers.

I am not his boyfriend, nor does he think of me as his. Least so he says, but he does seem to show up a lot more, than he did at the beginning. And he always does seem to have a boner, and in need of servicing. And like the sucker I am for a handsome guy, I always drop whatever I am doing, to help ease that boner of his.

It isn’t like its gigantic either. I’d say it is a bit above average, maybe a good solid 7 or so inches long, and it is rather thick too, least right around the base. Uncut too, and his foreskin amuses me. I love to just lay across the sofa, and let my fingers play with it, while occasionally kissing his stomach. It makes him moan, and it does tend to make him a bit hornier too.

I normally don’t bottom for clients like Brad, but with him, I have been making an exception. Now I know, it does make me sound like some tramp, or a hustler, but if that bugs you, well, piss off. I mean, come on, sure I get cash for having sex with the guy, but it isn’t any different than any other type of business. A butcher sells his skill at cutting meat, a taxi driver is selling his skill at driving and getting to a place no one has ever heard of, so I happen to sell my skill at making someone feel good.

Thing is, Brad likes how I make him feel. We don’t just strip and I drop to my knees, or bend over the bed and spread my butt cheeks. We talk, and we may even watch television, or some video he brought along. Hell some times, we have done nothing more than just cuddle, talk, and watched a video. My role, or relationship with him, isn’t to suck his dick, but to just, well, be there for him.

Jock PissIt’s odd, because on those times, when we talk for a bit, cuddle a bit more, the sex is, well more natural, and I gotta be honest, a damn site more intense. The guy is like some wild animal, the way he moves around the bed, how he will grab my cock, and yank on it, then quickly give it a few licks, like a Popsicle.

It feels so good, as his tongue runs up the underside of my cock, then around the shaft, then up the top, to swirl around the cock head. Man it makes me want to scream, and okay, yeah I do scream. Mainly because he’s also got his hands moving all across my belly, then down between my thighs, and up and under.

Damn it feels so good, when he takes my burning cockhead between his lips that first time, his fingers moving up between my butt cheeks, then swirling around my tight hole, as his head moves slowly down the cock. I love how he’ll tease my hole, how his head moves so slowly down my throbbing cock, until his nose buries itself into my pubic hairs. That is when he shoves his finger in, and when I arch upwards, driving my cock even further into his throat.

Also when I scream, and usually wind up squirming, moaning and frothing at the mouth, as he impales his finger deep inside, my dick in his mouth. Just as I think it will make go insane, he suddenly is on top of me, his body crushing me into the bed, his lips crushing mine.

The sudden taste of his tongue, that was just sliding up and over my cock, is unbelievable. His hot breath filling my own mouth, as he huffs and puffs, moaning a bit too, as his body pushes down on me. It really is unbelievable, and it only seems to get more intense.

How he can move his body in so many different directions at once, always amazes me. The way he moves across my sweating body, his own sweat making us stick, yet not. The sound of our flesh grinding, of his sweat dripping onto my own body, almost as if it sizzles. His hands move everywhere, and I mean everywhere. One second I feel them pushing at my chest, tweaking a nipple, then suddenly he is clenching my butt, the fingers digging into the wet shaking flesh.

I can’t believe how much it makes me groan. I mean I am not a vocal type of fuck, but damn, Brad makes me sound like a friggin full blown orchestra. How his touch makes my body shiver, makes me pant for more, as I struggle to breath. It seems like, it only makes him even hotter, more aroused. I mean that dick of his becomes like a solid piece of steel.

He’ll ram it down my throat, get it nice and moist, which never seems to last. It is always dry, from the heat. Then he coats it and I sweat, at times, I smell rubber burning, as the condom is unrolled. I stare at it, feeling its power, feeling its desire for me, and mine for it.

I really do lose myself, and Brad is so, well, it is like he’s another person. He isn’t the same guy, who cried at the love scene in a movie, or the guy who laughed till he was crying, at another. He is like a lion, who has finally captured the prize, cornered the game, and is now ready for his first bite into the still quivering flesh of the game.

It is so unreal, so surreal. I mean in some ways, it is like we become two different people, and then when he takes one hand, and flips me over. I mean I am not a skinny beanpole, I have some meat to me, yet with one hand, this guy tosses me over, and has my legs spread so far apart, I am already feeling like a wishbone about to be broken.

I don’t have long to wait either, because before the bed stops quivering from my sudden flip, I can feel the pain as his cock pushed into my tiny hole. I can feel the muscle stretching, then I can feel my vocal chords unwinding, as I feel it move past the muscle.

I don’t know, penetration has never been so painful, yet so wonderful. I have taken some big ones, like Vince that had an eleven and half inch dong, was about 7 inches thick too, and I took it a damn site easier than Brad’s. He really does know how to make it seem bigger than it is. It gets so hard, I mean it. Okay, everyone says that, but I sweat, Brad’s cock just feels so hard, so thick and unyielding, that when he shoves it in, it is like he shoved both of his fists into me. It hurts, then as I think I am about to be split into two, the glorious pleasure hits. His cock drives in, and it hits that second hole, that special spot, that just, well crushes the waves of pain, and replaces them with pure joy.

I mean it, it is unreal, how good I suddenly feel, with his dick buried all the way in me. Then he really starts to move. His hips grind and push into me, his legs tighten, pushing mine further apart. His breath is on my neck, growing hotter with each puff, that comes in rapid succession.

His cock seems to jiggle a bit, tremble might be a better word. My insides quiver, as they feel that motion, then it begins to pull back, my inside muscles protesting, but not for long. Then it is like an explosion of bottle rockets inside my ass, as he starts to pump me. I don’t know how he manages, but the bed shakes, my hands pound the bed, my teeth bite at the sheets, the pillow, the blanket. I scream, and scream so loudly I am sure that one day, the paint will fall of the ceiling.

His whole body seems to lift off me, for a mere second, and for that instant, I grab a deep breath, because he is suddenly crushing me back down into the bed, making my whole body shake, make it feel like it should push the mattress apart. He really does drive me, and keeps on driving me.

In and out, just like that for what seems like hours. I can feel the weight dripping off my entire frame. My legs grow numb, the muscles quiver and grow taut, as his entire body weight keeps on crushing into mine. What is worse, I even try to meet his downward thrusts, by pushing up, trying to meet it, to feel it sooner.

Have to be honest, most of the times, my dates are done after a good three or five minutes of fucking. Doesn’t matter if I am the top, which I normally am, or the bottom, which I am with Brad. I don’t look at the watch, but I swear we go at for at least ten or more minutes. I mean, when he is finished, neither of us can . His dick is still impaled in me, stays there too, until it finally plops out, usually while we are still trying to catch our breathes.

He is one hard fuck, it is frantic from the instant he drives his dick in. It is like non stop, fast paced, that leaves me totally spent, totally exhausted. Brad never just gets up, dresses, and leaves. There is no way one can plan a second date, later, or even plan to go out for a drink with friends. I just don’t have the energy left.

I still can feel it, feel how his cock feels, as it pounds in, how his sweat feels as it strikes my body. I can feel it all, I relive it over and over again, all night long. Yes, it gets me an erection too, later at night, that needs a good wank. And you know, it doesn’t take me long to shoot another load, at most a few quick strokes, and wham, I am spewing my cum.

Brad has told me, that every part of his body hurts as he drives home, and that rarely does he get home, before he’s grabbing his crotch, feeling hard again, long before his car pulls into his driveway. I don’t know whether to believe him or not, though my own experience says he’s probably telling the truth. It is the same for me, and I have to admit, I love it.

Still, having to cook, I mean, why didn’t he just let me finish first.

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Part (-)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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The Motel (2)

The Motel

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (2)

Young Hot Latino GainIt was as if they could read his mind, as Big Brother grinned, telling Garrett could have first crack at Kaylan’s puckered hole. In some ways, it was like he wasn’t even in the room, the way the two brothers talked about him. In some ways it was even more alluring, making him hornier than he could ever recall. The idea of these two brothers, talking about him, that way, was making him lick his lips, and play with his spent dick. It didn’t go unnoticed either, as big brother moved closer, and gave Kaylan a hard kiss on the lips, while guiding him down and up the couch, so that he now lay fully stretched out. His head was resting on the arm of the couch, a small throw pillow under his neck.

Looking down his body, he saw Garrett by the other end of the couch, stroking his cock, making it grow even thicker, as he stared at Kaylan’s naked body. Man that dick looked huge, he thought, wondering about how it would feel entering his tight hole. Garrett looked up at him, smiled and continued to stroke his dick, as if he knew exactly what Kaylan was thinking.

Big Brother turned to smile at his little brother, and then looking down at Kaylan he asked him if he wanted it with or without. For a minute or two, Kaylan wasn’t sure what he was asking, then he figured it out. In a cracked voice, filled with anticipation, he said ‘with’.  The older one leaned over him, and Kaylan could smell his scent, that mixture of sweat & testosterone. He breathed in deeply, as the man grabbed something from the end table, then twisted and tossed them down towards Garrett.

‘Got ‘em’ the younger voice cried out, as big brother blocked Kaylan’s view with his own body. He was not sitting up on Kaylan’s body, his warm body resting firmly over his stomach. His one leg was crammed in next to his side, the other seemed to be bracing the body on the other. Yet all he cared about was seeing how that massive cock was staring at him, almost like it was winking, knowing exactly where it was about to go.

Licking his lips he ignored the extra weight on his stomach, enjoying the wet warmth of the flesh pressing down. His own dick was hard again, and every now and then, he felt it brush up against the hot cheeks of big brother, who just looked down, smiling. His eyes were taking in every part of Kaylan’s features, and his one hand was holding his cock, right around the thick base.

The man’s body moved down a bit, as his upper body leaned forward, bringing his head down to hover above Kaylan’s. The eyes were sparkling as the lids fluttered a bit, and then it all went blank, as they kissed. Softly at first, then growing in passion, as the man’s hands began to once more explore his body, to touch him in a way that made him shiver with excitement. It took his breath away, as he felt the man’s tongue inside his mouth, felt it tickling the back of his throat even, as they kissed.

Vaguely in the back of his conscious mind, he could feel one of his legs being lifted up and placed over the back of the couch, the other being pushed up and off so it rested precariously on the edge of the sofa. Hands were there, running up and over his exposed buttocks, pulling at them one second, then just running across them the next. It had a surreal feeling to it, as big brother continued to kiss him hard, his own body responding with equal pressure. His lips were hurting a bit, when it suddenly ended.

For a minute or two, he kept his eyes closed, still enjoying the rolling waves of pleasure inside from the tongue fucking his mouth had just gotten. Opening his eyes, at last, he saw the older brother leaning up, placing his two hands on either side of Kaylan’s head. The palms were planted a little apart on either side, a few strands of his damp hair caught underneath, but he didn’t care, as he just stared up at the looming figure.

The weight on his lower body changed, as big brother moved up, bringing his own lower body up more, so that he could smell his scent. He breathed it in deeply, enjoying its musky aroma, as he saw the body lift up and move inwards towards his face. Kaylan’s eyes fluttered, then closed, as he felt the tip of the cock rub up against his closed mouth.

Parting his lips quickly, he tasted the salty pre cum, and felt his whole body shake as he swallowed it with gusto. It was unlike any pre cum he had ever tasted before, and the pleasure inside seemed to be only becoming more intense, as the thick pole slowly slid between his lips. He had no control over it, as the head was quickly covered by his mouth, and a gentle in and out motion already began.

At the same time, he felt the press of fingers near his hole, felt his cheeks being pulled apart, then the sound of someone spitting made his heart quicken its beat a bit. The feeling of wetness near his puckered hole made his legs stiffen, made the muscles tighten even more. Then he felt the press of a finger around the base of his hard cock, feeling it move slowly down towards the spread apart valley of his cheeks.

The cock in his mouth began to push in deeper, as he squirmed a bit, to the touch of Garrett’s finger along his crack. He moaned a bit, sort of a muffled one, as the cock in his mouth felt a lot thicker than he had first imagined. It began to dive in deeper, making him gag a bit, which stopped its inward motion, but only for a moment. As his mouth and throat adjusted to the thick piece of meat being stuffed into it, it began to once more slide further inside.

His lips were wrapped up under his teeth, and his jaw began to ache, as it was being spread open wider than he thought possible. Christ, the guy was thick, he thought, as the pole slid inside, as the head poked hard against the back of his throat, then found the small opening, to slide down into the waiting passage. His chest heaved, his lungs ached for air, as the cock inside his mouth was making it hard for him to swallow in any air.

As he struggled to take the whole cock, he felt the finger moving around his hole now. Its slow downward journey  was reaching its final destination, and his body shuddered, as the tip of the finger circled the tight pink muscle band around his butthole. He felt it tighten, knowing it was about to be tested. The tip moved around and around, then down a bit, then back up to pull at the fringes of his hole.

Kaylan was moaning, muffled but noticeable, as he felt the cock in his mouth start to pull out, then come back inside, a bit faster than he anticipated. His head was hurting, his eyes clenched tightly shut, as the hard pole moved in and out, gradually increasing speed. His chest heaved, and as it did, he felt the sudden pain lancing inside his body. Garrett penetrated his hole in one quick hard motion.

The tapered finger was suddenly buried deep inside of him, the pain of its penetration quickly replaced by his inside muscles grabbing hold of the sliding digit, surrounding it with his own warmth. He felt the tip wiggle, felt it dig inside of him, touching him all around. His body fell downwards, his chest tightened, as he felt the finger exploring his insides, then the pain came again, as another finger was expertly inserted, to join the probing of the first finger.

The cock in his mouth began to thicken and push in harder, deeper into his throat. He felt his muscles tightening, then releasing their hold, as they failed to stop the hard thrust of the pole. He gagged, felt himself wanting to throw up, but his mind quickly moved to squelch that thought, to push aside that idea, and to try and enjoy all the strange sensations that were coming from every part of his body.

Thirty years old, and this was his first threesome. Never had he been serviced like this, as his body seemed to become just one mass of shuddering nerves and rolling muscles. Every part of his body was tingling, even the strands of his hair. He could feel his cock swaying, feel it leaking precious pre cum as the fingers inside poked at him, as the cock in his mouth made him gasp for air.

It felt so amazing, he could barely breath, his jaw was aching from being wrapped around big brother’s huge cock, and his hole was being expertly stretched, loosened, that he forgot about time, about everything, as he just reveled in the feelings that kept growing inside. His body was pouring sweat out, as he felt the cock inside his mouth shiver a bit, felt it actually throb as it slid past his lips in an increasing speed. The head was banging hard against the back of his mouth, before finding the opening to his throat, and he could hear the panting breath becoming more laboured, from above him.

The warm glow in his gut was suddenly replaced, as the two fingers were gone. His insides felt empty, when he felt the press of something hard against the side of his inner thigh. He felt the warm air, as the flick of a tongue dug at the puckered hole. He moaned, loudly, despite the cock wedged in the back of his throat. It only spurred big brother on, as his cock was now flying in and out of Kaylan’s mouth. Kaylan’s hands reached up and outwards, to grasp at big brother’s thighs. His fingers dug into the hot flesh, until they touched bone, as he felt the muscles tightening underneath. He could hear the older brother’s panting breath, and in a brief moment, he let his eyes open, to stare up at the handsome face of the older brother.

He saw the head tilted back, the mouth parted, and sweat dripping off his forehead, drops dripping down onto his own body, from even the tip of the hooked nose. The nostrils were flaring, as the upper body seemed to be vibrating, shimmering in his view. He knew it was from his own sweat, that was dripping over his open eyes, which he tried to keep open. The way the tiny little rivers were flowing down the cheeks of the man’s face, how his lips were curled, his nose flaring, made Kaylan quiver.

The cry barely registered in his mind, as the thunder of his own heart was too much for him. He felt it instead, felt the way the cock in his mouth trembled, even thicken more, which he couldn’t believe, as the blood flowed through it, stretching the outer skin. He felt it burning the inside of his mouth, as the head suddenly swelled, then reared back, which was when he distantly heard the loud cry from way above his head.

The gushing feel of thick goo made him gag, made him nearly retch, as it took him by complete surprise. The sudden torrent of hot cum was filling his throat and mouth before he even realized the head had shot forward. His throat tightened up, restricting the flow of milk down into his belly, making it back up and push up against the back of his lips. He felt some of it trickling out from his lips, as his mind quickly tried to make his throat open more, as he swallowed several times, in quick succession.

The thick goo was almost too much for him, but even as he struggled with it, he felt the hard twisting presence of Garrett’s tongue, now buried inside his hole. The sudden penetration, by little brother’s tongue, while big brother was cumming, was unbelievable. His whole body shot upwards, bucked, as he felt the juice in his mouth slide down his throat, as the second load came flowing into his flooded mouth.

Big Brother had his groin pressed hard up into Kaylan’s face, and he could barely breath. The man’s aroma was intense, and then suddenly it was gone, as was the cock in his mouth. He gasped for air, cum dribbling out from his mouth. He heard himself moan, heard the beat of his heart stutter, as his eyes flickered open, to see the cock moving away from him, still dripping precious cum

He watched, as he swallowed more the milk in his mouth. The body was changing in an odd way and he glanced up to see that big brother was turning himself around, that he was leaning towards Kaylan’s lower body, while shifting his body upwards. His hands came around, to pull at the offered butt cheeks, to spread them open.

His eyes opened wider, as he saw the pink hole being exposed to him, and he stopped himself from swallowing the last of big brother’s cum. He held it in his mouth, as the white orbs came closer to his face, as he breathed in the man’s scent. His vision was blocked as the cheeks came up and he leaned forward, lifting his head to greet the spread open buttocks.

His hands reached up and his fingers dug into the hot flesh, helping to spread them apart as they came towards his face. Leaning in, he pushed his face between them, to let his lips touch the very inside, over the offered hole.

Kaylan let the few remaining drops of cum dribble out then, which made big brother moan. His tongue flicked out, to dig at the tight hole, to spread it apart with its curled up tip. He tasted the older brother, letting his own saliva, along with remnant’s of the man’s cum lubricate the pink hole.

Licking at the hole eagerly, he ignored the pain in his neck, in his shoulders, until he could bear it no more. Collapsing backwards, his eyes saw the hunched figure locked in an embrace with Garrett. His body shook, as he saw them kiss, saw the way their mouths were locked together above his own shaking body. It was unreal as he just stared at them both.

The two broke apart, and Kaylan watched as big brother reached out to grab hold of his legs, just under the knees. He pulled at Kaylan’s legs, then slid his body down, forcing his butt firmly into Kaylan’s face. As his cheeks pressed up against his nose, Kaylan felt his cheeks being slapped, then twisting his head, he saw Garrett suddenly stand up and feed his big brother his cock.

His eyes bugged out, as he saw the thin swimmer’s body gyrate, as he fucked his older brother’s face for a few quick hard thrusts. His legs ached, as he saw the way big brother’s head rocked from each hard thrust. Garrett had a glazed look on his face, as he reached down and while pulling his cock out from big brother’s mouth, he lifted up the hand, to let his teeth rip at the small package.

Kaylan watched, as Garrett ripped open the condom, then pull his cock out of big brother’s mouth one last time. He noticed how it was dripping from the saliva, as the thin plastic condom was quickly unrolled down the throbbing shaft, until its end was snugly resting up against the younger brother’s pubic hairs.

He knew what was coming, as he let his head fall back, and stare at the glistening orbs of big brother’s shaking cheeks. Kaylan moved his hands to run them, to let his fingers run across them, until they reached between the two half moons. He felt the warmth coming from between the cheeks, felt the wetness as his fingers dug into the soft flesh, to pull them apart.

As his fingers dug in, he felt his legs pulled back, felt the sudden hard press of Garrett’s cock up against his own body, right below his full & aching balls. His eyes closed tightly, as his tongue licked up and out. He felt the tongue licking at the soft moist valley of skin, felt the body shudder to his touch. His own body quivered, as the hard pole slid down from below his balls, to wedge itself over his puckered hole. He felt the muscles tighten, to deny Garrett entry, as his own tongue shook, recoiled a bit, waiting for the pain to enter him.

His thoughts were all over the place, as his mind struggled to make sense of all of the different sensations that were running through his body. He felt his arms growing numb, felt the ache in his groin from being unable to reach and touch his own cock.

The pain took him by surprise. He yelled out loudly, as Garrett suddenly pushed hard into him. Kaylan couldn’t believe the pain, the intensity of it, as the big thick cock that had been wedged at his hole, was so quickly buried deep inside of him. His insides felt like they had been split apart, as the huge pole drove itself deep into him.

The waves of pain were raging inside of him, going everywhere. Up to his toes, that were held up over his body, to his fingers and even to the very hair on the back of his arms. Everywhere his mind searched, it found the pain there, making his eyes tear up. The thickness of the cock, the depth of its penetration, had made him expel the last of air in his lungs. Kaylan was gasping for air, made harder by the press of big brother’s ass into his face.

Gasping for air, he felt the cheeks pressed up against his face quiver. His eyes were rolling back in their sockets, as his brain struggled to remain alert, despite the deprivation of oxygen. His hands fell to his side, as he tried to breath, as the pain inside only continued to grow and grow. The hard thrust had pounded the air out from him.

Just when he thought he was about to pass out, to shout out for Garrett to take it out, he felt it stop driving in, then begin a slow backwards motion. His lungs drew in some air, his own actually that had been trapped by the ass before him. He felt the pain in his chest, but the harsh pain of penetration was dulled now, as his body adjusted, as his mind managed some hold over his racing thoughts.

Kaylan felt his body shake, felt it tremble, as the cock inside pulled itself nearly out. His hold shuddered, unsure of whether to let it pass out, or to hold it inside. Before it could decide, the cock was once more travelling fast into him. He cried out again & again, as the hard cock pressed inside, once more. The hard slap of the groin into his upraised buttocks only added to the moment. His mind seemed to be overwhelmed, again.

His hand, that was now dangling over the edge of the sofa, was twitching uncontrollably. It was convulsing, like in an uncontrollable spasm, as the hard cock began to pound him harder and harder. Each thrust coming before he could relax, before even realizing it had pulled out, even a fraction. Kaylan felt his stomach muscles contracting, as the waves of pain were being replaced by a new sensation. It wasn’t pleasure, nor was it pain, but more of a fullness, that gave him a warm feeling inside. It was more like he was burning from the inside, outwards. Sweat was pouring from every pore of his body, making each deep thrust noisier and more intense.

The weight of big brother suddenly was gone, as his eyes flipped open. He could see that his legs were still being held up and apart. He could feel the press of a cock on his forehead, as he glanced up to see that big brother was leaning over him, though now standing behind him.

Looking down he saw Garrett, saw his face twisted as his body kept up a steady thrusting motion into his body. He saw the sweat dripping off his forehead, falling down onto his own crotch. Kaylan saw how the eyes were glazed over and empty looking. The younger man’s face was coated in a fine sheen, glistening in the rooms light. The shadows of the flames from the fire adding to the unreal scene before him, as he groaned his own pleasure.

Spittle was dripping from the corner’s of Garrett’s lips, as his thrusting motion grew faster and faster. The pain of his thrusts felt good, as each thrust drove that huge cock deeper into his body. His own body, hips, were in sync with the hard thrusts. Each push in was met by his own body pushing up.

The eyes rolled back in Garrett’s sockets, then the hard cock was suddenly free of the grip of Kaylan’s insides. He saw it suddenly looming up from between his legs, as the thin plastic was quickly grabbed and yanked off. He saw the cock head all mottled in purple, saw how it looked like a small bomb about to explode, which is was.

Garrett was suddenly yelling, and a huge stream of his cum was streaming its way towards Kaylan’s face. He could see the thick stream leave the cock head, see its gray globs lurching towards him.

Kaylan leaned forward, his mouth wide open, hoping to capture Garrett’s flying sperm. He felt the stab of pain, as some splattered against his chin, then more hit him on the tip of the nose, before he felt the hot milk splash in the back of his throat. He leaned forward even more, ignoring the pain in his neck, as he also opened his mouth even more, threatening to break his jaw, as he tried to capture more of the younger brother’s cum.

He managed to trap a few more splashes, before he felt his head pulling back. His body was quivering, as the remaining shots of cum splattered along his heaving chest. Kaylan felt them strike, felt them burn, even as Garrett fell forward, onto Kaylan’s trembling body. He felt the younger man shaking, felt the tremors from his body mingle with his own, as they lay there, both of them gasping for air.

Kaylan had no idea how long they had lain there, before finally having enough strength to move. His body was sore, ached in spots buried deep inside, yet for the first time in his thirty years, he felt totally alive. All the pressure of his life, seemed to have just evaporated, as he slowly let himself sit upright in the sofa.

His body had cooled, but he could feel the dried cum all over as he let his body unwind, as he began to finally look around at the room. Garrett had moved to lean over on the sofa, resting his body against the far corner. He had a satisfied look on his face, but his eyes were not looking at Kaylan, but at the grinning figure in the big armchair, to Kaylan’s other side.

Turning to look, Kaylan couldn’t help but feel like the night was far from over. His own body tingled still, though he was deeply satisfied. Yet he could feel the small jerk of his dick, knowing it was thinking the same as his mind. As his eyes found the older man, he noticed how his eyes did a quick glance over of Kaylan’s naked body.

‘You look like you could use another hot drink.’

‘Among other things, but yeah another would hit the spot just right.’

His eyes moved up and he turned to stare at Garrett, his face still locked in a huge smile. His eyes twinkled a bit as he spoke to his younger brother.

‘Told you Garrett, it takes a real man to satisfy a guy, like our guest here. So be a good little brother, and get us men some drinks, then I’ll show you how to properly satisfy a man.’

‘Fuck you Jason, I was just getting warmed up, I am not done yet.’

‘That limp pecker of yours, says you are.’

‘I can get it up, when its time, so you get the fucking drinks.’

He couldn’t help but laugh, at the banter of the two brothers. Plus he had learned the name of the older one, and as he laughed out loud, the two of them stopped their banter, to stare at him.

‘Don’t getting into a fight over me fellas, there is enough for you both.’

‘Oh? Think you can handle more of us both, do you?’

‘Yep, you are what Garrett, eighteen or nineteen?’


‘And you uh, Jason is it?’

‘Twenty four, why?’

‘Well see, there you are Garrett, nineteen and limp as a wet noodle, and you, twenty three year old big brother, are just as soft. Yet if you two rookies will notice, the old fart, me, is still rock hard. Now I don’t know, but maybe you both should get the drinks, so you can both recover. Looks like you both could use the time, I can wait.’

The two brothers looked at each other, then both stared at his hard dick, and they laughed. Garrett even giggling a bit, as he looked at Kaylan’s erection.

‘He’s got us there Jason.’


Holiday special from Hot Young Latinos, Gain. 

An eighteen year old who just loves to show off his uncut cock, when he isn’t stuffing his nice tight hole with his favorite red dildo. Course he’d prefer another nice thick cock to replace the dildo, but until then, he makes do with what is at hand.

Gain from Hot Young Latinos

Gain from Hot Young Latinos


On The Game

On The Game

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Part (0)

Donny was one of those ‘golden haired boys’ that seemed to always be the centre of attention. It wasn’t like he sought it, but his looks, his winning smile, all added up to a package that made many drool, and seek him out. It didn’t matter if it was out shopping, or down at the local bar, the guys & girls all stopped and stared.

He didn’t really mind it, least most of the time. Though lately he was beginning to tire of it, specially as the summer wore on, and the more seasoned visitors were flocking to the beaches, to where he tended the grill. It was his spot, ever since he had been sixteen, some five years now.

The owner of the resort liked to have beautiful boys & girls working the outside stands, leaving the inside to the more professional staff, the more adept workers who could sell an expensive bottle of wine with dinner, to a family of five just out for an evening. Though Donny had surprised him, by how well he tended his own little turf on the beach.

On his days off, business was nearly 50% less than those days he worked it. Even when the weather was the shits, he was able to attract a lot of business. Course he knew, as did the owner, that it wasn’t his smile, or the quality of the food he fried up on the grill. It was him, how even in the rain, his shirt was always open, off totally on the hot days, where he showed off his build, his firm pecs, and flat washboard stomach.

The close cropped blond hair, the angular face, with the piercing eyes, all made him the total package, that seemed to attract a lot of customers. Course, he didn’t ignore them, and always could remember names. Even if they only showed up for a week, each year, he had a knack of recalling their names, their tastes even.

It had made him popular with the Boss, and with the repeat customers. His tips rivalled those in the big dining room, specially on hot weekends. It wasn’t just the tips though, that had made his summer job lucrative. It had helped keep him going during the off months.

People were surprised to learn that he was going to college, that his favourite drink was a mix of vegetables, not hard liquor. Oh sure, he smoked the odd joint, but drugs and him weren’t on friendly terms. He didn’t like not knowing what he was doing, and he could nurse a single drink, at a bar, for nearly the whole night. Specially when he was on the prowl for more than a dance or two.

It irked him too, that people assumed he was the typical Blond Adonis. Sure, he took care of his body, worked out every morning too. Wasn’t always easy, but he did his jogging, went to the gym once or twice each week, and did a lot of swimming, indoors and out. He liked how he looked, as did others. Still it bugged him, that they couldn’t see the mind too, that was a good one.

He didn’t just skate by in School, he worked hard at his studies, made way above average grades, and when people heard he had a partial scholarship to college, for his grades, they were always stunned, shocked even. And that was beginning to piss him off. Donny didn’t mind the attention, after all, it paid for his books, his self indulgence treats, now and then, but he was tired of just being an object of desire.

Even when he first got ‘on the game’, as the Brits would call it, he wasn’t your run of the mill player. He had his standards, and after all those years of being on the ‘game’, he still could say that he had kept to those standards. He was selective, and his record was clean. No one at work, had an inkling of how he made his money. Most assumed he had some job elsewhere in town, during the off season. No one suspected that he spent the off season, working out, studying.

They just didn’t give him much credit for being more than just a pretty face. Even his boss had sat him down, pretending to be a big brother type, or father type, and suggested he should start thinking of his future. Man was he surprised when Donny told him that he was majoring in Economics.

Even his best friend, Todd, didn’t seem to get it. Donny had known Todd for ages, ever since they were kids playing in the playground during recess. Yet even Todd didn’t know that there was a lot more to Donny, than his looks. All he knew was that Donny had been popular in school, had all the girls following his every move. In fact, Todd had gotten a few ‘cast offs’ though Donny knew that was simply for show.

The one thing Todd did know, was that Donny liked dick. He had been Donny’s first, way back when. Not like they had done much, just what most kids at that age, but it hadn’t ended for them. In fact, he still saw Todd on odd occasion, to just get it on. To not have to worry about who to please, or have it all detailed beforehand. With Todd, Donny could just be himself, and always, Todd seemed satisfied.

Granted, last year had been tough, as Todd had a crush on him. It had made for some tense moments, specially when Todd seemed upset that Donny wouldn’t be there to celebrate his twentieth birthday. He wanted to, but he didn’t think Todd would understand why he couldn’t. And that too, was pissing him off.

Okay, so he slept with people for cash. Call it what you want, being a hustler, a hooker, a slut, or whatever, but it paid his bills, and at the same time, he got off. Maybe at times it wasn’t as much fun as he had hoped, but Todd would be surprised at just who some of his clients were. They weren’t all old men or women. Some of them were, well quite attractive and youthful too.

Working at the Resort, he rubbed shoulders with the rich, not just the fashionably well off. There were some high rollers that stayed there, and their offspring. That was the perk, that he rather enjoyed. It was one thing to satisfy some old codger, another when the guy was hot, and able to do more than just grunt & sweat.

Guys like Todd, they didn’t understand that in his line of work, it wasn’t just the sex. It was how you looked after your client, how you made them feel, no matter how repulsive they might be. Sort of like, you didn’t give a guy a raw burger, if he wanted it well done. You had to deliver, but you had to make sure they were enjoying what you were serving.

Just like you would know that some hated pickles & onions, so you threw some sliced tomatoes alongside, or a leaf of lettuce. It didn’t mean much, but over the long run, it showed you were interested. Not like he cared what they ate, but it did get repeat business. Selling your ass wasn’t really all that different.

You learned what your client wanted, whether it was to have their dick held tightly, while you moaned as their pole throbbed, or if you licked your lips when staring at them, as they grabbed hold of your dick. It was about putting on a show, even if they had rolls of fat for a belly, which you were supposed to lay on top of.

Everyone assumed that those who sold their asses, did it because they liked sex, that they had no other talents, so they sold their body. He had other talents, was a good short order cook, a good salesmen too, but selling his ass, paid a damn site more. And it was the money, that had been his reason. Not for drugs, like others claimed.

It pissed him off, that people assumed that those in his profession, did it out of desperation, out of a need to pay for their drug habit or that they were just too stupid to earn money any other way. He hated that, and yet he wasn’t about to tell Todd, or any of his other friends, about his profession.

You could talk about anything, like of how you got the clap, or how you don’t use Condoms. It was like not much was off limits, no matter how personal it was. Like his friend Joey, who preferred to fuck guys without a condom. Most of the guys he knew, insisted on Condoms, and most ragged on Joey too, for not being more safe. Yet no one looked down on him for it.

No one talked about him being incapable of loving another person, because he liked bareback sex. Yet when they talked about hustlers, it was like what they did, just precluded them from being boyfriends, lovers. It was like what they did, was the lowest of things to do. He didn’t understand that, because in some form or another, everyone sold their ass.

Like Joey, what did it matter what a guy did before you met? Okay, maybe in Joey’s case it did matter, simply because of health stuff, but unlike Joey, he had regular tests done at the clinic. Hell, Todd only had two HIV tests since he’d known him, while he had one every three months, along with other tests for things like Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, and such. Joey didn’t, nor had Trace or even Willie bothered to have any tests, even though they seemed to have a new sex partner every weekend.

Sure many in his profession were careless, were high risks for disease. But they were the strung out ones, not his kind of Hustler. He charged a lot, and his clients expected some degree of safety, which he obliged. Now, Joey, well he didn’t charge, but he didn’t tell his partners about his penchant for bareback sex. If they wanted a ride with a condom, he didn’t object, but then he didn’t tell them he liked doing it without, either. So who was more risky to be with? Him or Joey?

Yet they all figured all Hustlers were like that. Just as he knew that a lot of guys who didn’t use Condoms, did get tested. So he didn’t judge all like Joey, so why should they judge all Hustlers like the one’s they read about? Why should they assume that they were all just in it to get the cash, to score drugs with.

Okay, maybe he didn’t know a lot of guys that were in his line of work, given he wasn’t the kind who stood on a street corner, looking for a date. Still, even they deserved some consideration. It wasn’t all fun and games. He had a few clients that he wished he didn’t have to service, which is how he looked at it. He provided a service, one he was good at.

His customers were varied, with one exception. They had the money to pay, without blinking an eye. Like old man Winters. In all honesty, he had to say that the guy was repulsive, in his eyes. He wasn’t just fat, he was obese, but that didn’t mean he deserved any less service, than maybe Joshua Blonden the Third did.

Ken Winters was about 60, and he had to weigh at least 350 if not more. He had thin hair on top, and he was constantly wiping his face, as he perspired a hell of a lot. He wasn’t tall either, so his weight was a lot more obvious, and his legs were almost the size of Donny’s waist. Still, he was willing to pay, and he paid good.

So why shouldn’t he get the same service that he gave to Joshua? In some ways, Ken was nicer, because he wasn’t arrogant, he didn’t believe he was entitled, and yes, he knew he was fat. Joshua on the other hand, had it all. His family were loaded, and they paid for his time at the resort, and it wasn’t like Joshua had a brain.

The guy knew how to order the good stuff, how to indulge himself with treats, but he never worried about the cost, nor about those who waited on him, or who he had around him. It had taken a whopping wad of cash for Donny to agree to service him, much more than anything he had ever charged Ken.

Yet if he had told that to Todd, he wouldn’t understand. All he’d see was some fat old man being naked, while Donny sucked him off. He wouldn’t see how the guy looked so happy afterwards, how his eyes would light up and how he would laugh, feeling like he had just been given a super gift. Todd wouldn’t see that, before making up his mind, before judging Donny.

And by the same token, he’d accept him doing Joshua, who had a good body, who wasn’t fat or even old. He would accept him taking money from him, because he was ‘acceptable’ in Todd’s eyes. He wouldn’t even think of it as paying, but more of simply Joshua being a generous sort, who knew that Donny could use the money more than say a new pair of pants.

In the back of his own mind, he knew that the sex with Ken was difficult. That he had to conjure up all sorts of mental images, so he could do his job, so he could suck on that tiny dick, that was buried under the rolls of fat. Course, he knew too, that if Ken ever lost that weight, that so called tiny dick wouldn’t be so tiny. It simply wouldn’t be hidden.

On the other hand, Joshua was not well endowed. Maybe that was why he was such a prick, not just that he got whatever he wanted. Maybe it was that he didn’t know how to compensate for having a below average cock, by learning how to touch a person, how to arouse them and yes, even satisfy them.

If anything, Ken was more fun. Least with him, you could tell he was enjoying Donny’s work. How he would moan, how he would cut off his cries, and you could look up at him, and just see him biting down on his lower lip, as you licked at the cock head, or flicked the tongue across his balls. You could see it, in how his fat jiggled, as his chest heaved up and down, while you held his cock in your fingers.

With Joshua, he wasn’t vocal at all. In fact, Donny would call him pretty much a dead fuck. He did like a bit more servicing than Ken, and he paid dearly for every bit of it, but if he was to be honest, he worked perhaps harder to please Joshua, than he did Ken. Sure, he had to conjure up more mental pictures when with Ken, but he had to do more physically, for Joshua. It was a trade off.

It was the little things too, that people like Todd never understood. Things like how a client expected not just certain sexual acts, but how they were to be performed. Joshua was very particular. Now most guys named Joshua, you could call them Josh, and it would be fine, but not Mister Joshua Blonden the 3rd. Nope, it was Joshua, or Mister Blonden, and if you forgot, well, he was not a pleasant man about it.

Todd didn’t understand, that in cases like Joshua, if the guy wanted to be a prick, you pretty well had to take it. You couldn’t take him to court if he didn’t want to pay you, for calling him Josh, instead of Joshua. And he had tried that crap with Donny, but then Donny wasn’t a rookie either. Todd didn’t understand that at times you had to go out of character, to do or threaten to do things, you could never do, but the client had to believe you would, or it would all be for nothing. Todd just didn’t get that either, that it wasn’t just about spreading your legs, of taking some strange dick in your mouth.

Hell you could think you gave the client the best damn fuck in his entire life, and after you pulled out, you find the guy was bored, or he makes some comment, like ‘is that it? You charging me how much for that?’. There was a lot of negatives in his business, but no one seemed to grasp that little fact.

They didn’t get it, didn’t understand how guys like Joshua were not clients you really wanted, but they were more common than old man Winters. Sure you got some sweet hearts, but most were like Joshua. Demanding at best, darn right rude more likely. How he would lay there, while Donny had his legs up in the air, how he was dripping sweat, as he pounded his ass, yet when looking up at him, he would look bored, look like he wanted to read a book. Guys like Todd didn’t seem to understand the work involved, in seeing that kind of reaction, but not get distracted. To keep his dick hard, to keep his rhythm going, despite the bored glances, the disdain on his face.

Nor did he understand how it felt when you had done the deed, had satisfied them, to then be rushed out the door. To have them, wrap themselves up in a robe, and count out the rest of the money due, while glancing at the clock, trying to hurry you up in leaving. That too was a price a guy like him had to endure, to pay.

Oh they may come around, chat you up, buy you drinks, in an effort to get you to come home. Then would come the haggling, and then once the deal struck, it was like you were suddenly on a timetable. Get in, get naked, do it, then get the fuck out. That was how many did it, how it felt most of the time.

So yeah, when he had guys like Ken, who didn’t rush, who offered you the use of their shower, even an after sex drink, you appreciated it. Not because it was due, just that it was a rarity. Todd didn’t get that part of his life, nor would he understand it. He’d tell him that if it was that horrible, why do it? He just couldn’t get that many people did their jobs, because it paid what they wanted. They didn’t switch jobs, simply because their boss was a prick, or the people they had to deal with, were jerks.

Donny wanted a fine life, and he knew that in time, he could get that, with his career in Economics, but that was at least five years away from being started on. In the meantime, he knew that his looks would only last for so long, that he could make a lot of money now, to give him a real edge when he did finally get his degree, and head out into the world. Yet, somehow, he knew that Todd couldn’t or wouldn’t, understand that rationale.

It bugged him in a way that was becoming more noticeable too. He was snapping at Todd, and the others, too, because while they could easily dismiss guys who didn’t tell their partners they had been having unprotected sex, at the same time they nattered about how they could never date a hustler, for fear of him always cheating. Shit, it wasn’t like he did his clients just to get off, he did it for the cash, for the rewards.

Sure guys like Ken weren’t what most of his group would call desirable, though Joshua they all thought would be a good catch. In his mind, he’d been around both, seen how they were. Joshua was a self centered bitch, while Ken was nice. He respected Donny, and those who paid him any attention. He knew his negatives, and you could see how it hurt him too, how insensitive others were. So yeah, he paid for the sex, and frankly, it wasn’t a turn on for him, but he was nice. That had to count.

Yet at the same time, the sex with Joshua was nothing he’d write home about either. Sure he had a few, like that guy from the Cayman Islands, that would fly in for a few days, then jet off somewhere else. Every summer, he showed up, and he had become a regular too. And yes, he was loaded, knew it, but unlike Joshua, he didn’t lord it over everyone.

He was always in a hurry, but when he had enlisted Donny’s services, it never seemed like he was. He didn’t hurry him out the door right after he shot his load either. And he talked, and seemed to take an interest. Oh at first it was mostly about how did Donny like working at the resort, at his job at the refreshment stand. But it grew, as they got to know each other.

The sex wasn’t bad either, and for a man in his late forties, Mathew was pretty damn hot. His body was lean, not going to seed. His stomach was flat, not washboard flat, but close enough. His chest had a nice patch of hair, but because he could, it was trimmed. The hairs were never overly long or short. Plus he smelled nice, always fresh, no matter how hot it had been outside. He had that scent that just made you close your eyes and imagine a soft deserted island somewhere.

What surprised Donny was that he liked it up the ass. He loved to be pushed down onto the bed, to have his legs spread apart, then mounted quickly. He was a bit into the rough stuff, in that he didn’t want it easy. Maybe it was having to always be ordering people around, that it was a relief to not make the decisions. Plus, for a man his age, he had one tight ass. It was always fun to do him, to hear him moan, to hear him grit his teeth as he mounted him. To feel his cheeks clench as he drove his dick into him.

Yet when he had done him, when he had pounded his ass hard, till he was ready to shoot, it didn’t end with that. It wasn’t over when he pulled out, and ripped the condom off, to shoot his hot load across Mathew’s backside. To see how his spine seemed to stick out more, as each shot of his cum splattered across the back muscles, only made him feel like he was being enjoyed. The way his cheeks would tighten, as the cum spread across his back, as he leaned against him, smelling that scent mingled with sweat, with cum.

Then, rolling onto his own back, it wasn’t like Mathew got up, and reached for the wallet. He would roll over too, and usually lay a hand over Donny’s heaving chest. His fingers would lightly play with him, caress him, until he had calmed down, until the rush of his blood had returned to normal. It was then, that they’d talk, that he would ask him about things, about what classes he was hoping to take next semester. Never did it seem false, or phoney either. It was like he really did care, though Donny didn’t quite buy it. Still it was nice to be asked.

Still he doubted if Todd or the others would get it, would understand, how that was important to him. Sure, he could just as easily get up, dress, and leave, but this way, it felt less like business, less dirty. That too was gnawing at him, because he really didn’t think that what he did was dirty, or something to be ashamed of.

He worked hard for the money, and so what if it was about sex. Not like any of them had not done things, had sex, to get their way. Todd, had openly admitted to sleeping with one of their friends, to get a chance at being invited to a concert that he had tickets for. So like, how come that didn’t make him a hooker? He sold his ass, for some tickets. Least when he sold his ass, it was for a lot more than the price of some concert ticket.

But they wouldn’t get it. They’d all think he was somehow, unreliable, but it was a lot more than they were. He showed up, did his best, whether it was for guys like Ken or those like Joshua. He didn’t beg off, didn’t do just enough to get the cash, so he had nothing to be ashamed of.

He did what was expected of him, so how did that make him less than qualified for being a boyfriend, a lover? He did his best to please the other, that it wasn’t just about his enjoyment. In his books, that made him a good candidate for boyfriend, for lover. Yet guys like Todd thought otherwise. It made no sense.

Donny felt his shoulders sag, as he realized that he was simply trying to figure out why, at his age, he was still single. Why he had no boyfriends, least nothing that had become serious. Sure there had been the time last year with Todd, but then he had pulled back, afraid of how Todd would react, if he found out just what Donny did for his money.

Back then, it didn’t seem important, but as this last year moved on, it grew in importance. He knew he was feeling lonely, that he wanted someone to curl up with at night, to not be just there, as part of the service. Maybe that was why he had started accepting the odd sleep over client, the kind that paid big bucks, to wake up with him next to them in the morning?

Maybe he accepted guys like Ken, because he didn’t feel all that good about himself? That maybe he did it, as sort of punishment, for doing what everyone considered, the bottom of business? Strange, because being a hustler, was one of the oldest professions out there, which must mean it was in demand. So how come so many assumed only scum were hustlers? Why couldn’t good guys, like Todd, understand that he didn’t feel for his clients, that it was about simply giving them their monies worth?

Why did they assume it was a sexual perversion, or some addiction, that made him sell his ass? He did what he did, for the cash, not for the physical contact. Did a dentist open your mouth, because he liked smelling people’s breath? Did a person become a proctologist because they had a yen to stick their hands up people’s assholes? So why did they always assume you became a hustler, because of the sex?

Then too, there was that whole ‘golden boy’ crap. No one figured he had an original thought in his head, let alone that he could see beyond the next roll in the hay, or whatever. Donny opened his dresser drawer, rummaged inside, and then pulled out his bank book. He flipped it open, to stare at the tidy neat figures recorded. His eyes narrowed a bit, as he stared at the figures.

If he was so damn stupid, how come he had a bank balance with five figures? So much for being just a scattered brain blond. Not like any of his friends could boast having that kind of money. And some of them made a lot more than he did, or had families that paid a lot more of their expenses. He sighed, knowing that it wasn’t a comfort, he still wanted what seemed like, unattainable to guys like him, a lover.

Putting his bank book back under some shirts, he leaned back on his heels, to look at himself in the mirror. He could see what made people want him, to be near him, but just as he couldn’t see beyond the tanned skin, the frosted tips of his eyelashes from the sun, the pale pink lips, neither could they. He was more than just a hot body, looking for an easy fling. He had opinions on things, had values.

He knew how to make a guy cum super quick, though he didn’t use that trick. Instead he let his clients get their monies worth, he let them enjoy it. So why couldn’t other’s see that he was just as deserving of that? Maybe Ken was right, maybe he should think of giving it all up, of retiring and looking for someone to settle down with, but how could he?

See, that was the problem for him. If he did settle down, if he did find someone he wanted to be with for a lifetime, didn’t they deserve to know the truth about him, even if it was over with? Like Joey, he should be telling his dates, that he had unprotected sex with others, but he didn’t. So if he was upset about that, in Joey, how could he not tell his planned partner about his past?

And why should he have to give it up?

Why was it, that when it came to sex, even the so called liberals were as straight laced about it, as the tight assed bigots? He sighed, as he adjusted the beaded choker he had on, as he straightened a small lock of hair. He looked down, at the bronzed flesh of his chest, and pushed down some of his fine blond hairs. He adjusted his crotch, and licked his lips, then peered in closer, to check for any blemishes that might have popped up. Everything was in place, looked just right, as he reached down, to grab his keys.

With one last look in the mirror, he smiled, realizing that maybe he didn’t have a lover, right now, but at least he had money in the bank, and shortly would add to that total. He felt the stirring in his groin, felt his eight inch dick jerk a bit, and smiled. Screw Todd and the others. He was still the guy people followed, he was still the guy they dreamed of at night, some with cause.

After all, they had paid their money for it.

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Fiction – Pity Fuck

Pity Fuck

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Staring at his computer screen, he couldn’t believe what he was reading. It just didn’t seem possible, but there it was, all the gory details. His stomach was in knots as he read every chilling word, words that he knew were true, and yet not. How could someone do this, he thought, as he kept torturing himself, reading it over and over again.

Mark knew he wasn’t a prize catch, despite his age of 21, he didn’t fool himself. He didn’t have a buff body, or close to it. He was tall, and too light for his height. Still to be called ‘nothing but a sack of bones’ wasn’t fair, nor was it true. He had some meat to him, just not well proportioned. Okay, so he didn’t work out, he had a life, didn’t that count?

Maybe he didn’t go jogging every morning, but he did get up early, do a large paper route for the extra cash. His legs might not be bands of steel, but they weren’t chicken legs either. All that walking, every morning, made certain of that. Still, that was how that creep described them. Sure, they weren’t ham hocks or whatever, but they were solid.

It wasn’t like he was some spoiled brat either. He worked hard for his money, and so what if he posed nude for that website? Sure didn’t make him a pervert, just in need of some extra cash. Going to college wasn’t cheap, and his family weren’t rich, so what was the big deal about pulling in some extra cash by sitting on a couch, and jerking off?

Alright, it went beyond that, but not in front of the camera. Now here was the jerk, slagging him for being a dead fuck, which wasn’t true. Maybe he didn’t scream hosannas every time the guy stuck his dick in, or pound the bed when the guy was stretching his asshole with his dick, didn’t make him a crappy lay.

Until he logged in and read this, he actually thought it had been a good night. He could still feel the dull ache in his ass, from the hard pounding he had taken. Christ, he was rather proud of it, until now. It wasn’t like he was a seasoned butt fuck pro, and he had trusted Gary. That is what hurt the most, he had trusted the guy who was just a jerk.

Okay, he had to admit that Gary was a damn site better looking than him. Hell the guy was a dream fuck. He had the look that you saw in virtually every magazine, on the cover of all those videos showing big cocks, with well built bodies. The hair, the eyes, all of it was perfect, just like out of one of the magazine center folds. Still, it didn’t give him the right to say what he did.

Sure, he had fallen for the guy, had even been thrilled when Gary had wanted to hang with him after the shoot. To just be with him was exciting, then when it all went down, well, he had felt special. To think it was just an act, was deflating, painful even. He really thought Gary had liked him, had wanted him.

Now he knew it was just bullshit. Reading it again, for the umpteenth time, he knew that his friends would see it, that they would all think he was not only a dork, but a pathetic one too. A pity fuck, that is how Gary described it, and how Mark knew his friends would see it.

Sure he had been dazzled by the attention, by the fact that someone like Gary would want him. Didn’t make him desperate, besides his sex life wasn’t all that bad. Maybe the guys he did wind up with weren’t golden boys, or magazine cover material, but they were nice. They at least appreciate his talents in bed, and even those who weren’t thrilled by it, weren’t nasty about it.

He knew how to suck a dick, how to make a guy squirm while licking his dick. When he went down on someone, they knew it, and he could do it for hours, without letting them cum. No one bitched about how he sucked them off, at how he could bring them right up to the edge, then stop, make them ache so much they begged him to finish them off. Hell, Gary knew that, he had done plenty of his own begging during their little ‘pity fuck’ as he referred to it.

Funny how he didn’t mention any of that in his little tirade. Strange how he didn’t mention that he had been on his back for over an hour, squirming and begging Mark to let him cum, to take him. Maybe he should remind him of that, though he doubted it would be believed. After all, he was the freak, Gary was the Golden Boy.

Still he could remember vividly how Gary had lain on his bed, his legs spread wide apart, while Mark had his head down there, working on that average cock. It was no giant, no monster dick, but still it wasn’t tiny. It was long, bit thicker than most, but it tasted good. Isn’t that what counts, but maybe not with Gary. Maybe he was just disappointed that Mark wasn’t hung like a horse?

Still, he had enjoyed having Mark lick his balls, suck each one, tickle them to the point that he was begging for Mark to take him, to even fuck his hole. That is how good he was with his tongue, his mouth. He knew how to excite, how to please, but obviously Gary didn’t want to mention that part.

He certainly didn’t in his little inside news post. There wasn’t a word about how Mark had licked at the underside of his hard cock, in such a way that it trembled waiting for more. Nor did he talk about how it kept oozing pre cum, and how each time he let his tongue lick at the head, that Gary moaned, that his hands tried to force Mark’s head down on the cock, but his strength was enough to hold back.

No mention of how when he licked at the inner thigh, that Gary shuddered, that his whole body was like a bowl of jelly. Not a single comment about how his balls kept rising up, ready to fill his dick with its seed, nor how he, the scarecrow, managed to keep it from happening not once, not twice, but five different times. Not a single word about how he had licked at it, at how he had stuck the whole cock down into his throat in one easy motion. No words at how his throat could open, to take it all, then close around it, and keep it in place, while his tongue licked at the whole shaft, while it was buried inside his throat.

There was no mention of how he had taken each ball, sucked on it, then sucked on them both at once. How his tongue had Gary trembling, had him groaning or had his chest heaving constantly. Nary a mention of how he had laid there, begging Mark to let him cum, while Mark’s tongue licked at his hole, at the very valley between his cheeks. Or how he had him raising his legs high in the air, as he dug his tongue deep into his hole.

No expression of gratitude for how he had licked at his hole, had tasted him, and made him squirm, that he was even begging for Mark to fuck him. That never got written about, and it should be. He had Gary begging, but who would believe him? Who would think that there was a lot more to being fucked, than screaming ‘oh yeah baby’ or some other mindless chatter?

IGay PassSex was about pleasure, and inside, he knew he had given Gary pleasure, damn site more pleasure than Gary returned to him. Hell, he didn’t even fuck him all that good, compared to others. Gary was show, and yet he was the one everyone sought, just as he had.

For the time, he felt flattered, but sitting back, he realized he was the one who did it all, that it was Gary who really was the dead fuck. Hell, he had him so hard, that touching his cock was like touching a burning pole of pure gas. It was that hot, he was certain you could fry an egg on it. Hell when he poured the whip cream on it, to lick it like an ice cream cone, the cream didn’t stay solid long. It wasn’t because Gary was some shit hot lover, it was how he, Mark the pity fuck, made him excited. He had the blood pouring into that cock, he was the one that had Gary’s pulse racing, had his heart beating like an over revved racing car engine. He was the one who had him shaking, had him drooling too.

It was his tongue, his ability at teasing, tasting, and sucking, that had Mister Wonderful groaning without a break. It was his lips that crushed Gary’s, that spread them apart to taste all of him. It was his tongue that swirled around inside the ear, that made him moan, made him whisper ‘please’ countless times. It wasn’t Gary’s lips, but his that had the room filled with groans of pure pleasure.

It was his tongue that got the legs up in the air, that had the knuckles holding those legs go white, as he dug deep into the stud’s rectum. It was his tongue that flicked at the scrotum, that had the balls shaking from anticipation. It wasn’t Gary’s tongue, it was his. His that made his legs tremble, that send tremors of pleasure racing up and down Gary’s spine.

Maybe the bedroom hadn’t echoed with his cries of joy, because he wasn’t that turned on. Not like he had done to Gary. Those weren’t pity groans either, they were real. He had seen in the guy’s eyes, seen it as his whole body glistened from the rivers of sweat that had poured across that golden flesh, and it was from his tongue, his hands.

It was the way he caressed the hard body, the way his fingers had moved across the sun baked hairs. How the finger tips had twirled the hairs on the centre of the chest, at how they had circled the erect nipples, that made him groan, that made him squirm. It was the way his fingers had moved across his belly that the muscles inside rumbling, twisting inside. It wasn’t Gary’s hands, or fingers. It was his, but that wasn’t mentioned anywhere.

Maybe his legs weren’t steel bands, but they had held Gary between them, so he couldn’t move. They had managed to encircle his well developed body enough to keep his dick pounding Mark’s ass. To hold him up, even after his 3 minute pile driving routine. That is, if it was even that long.

It was the muscles inside that held that pounding cock, that made it work for every penetrating thrust. Sure as hell wasn’t some loose muscles, but his own tight fit ass that kept Gary’s cock inside, kept it hard, made it feel him. There was no empty space, no vacant void to pound, but that didn’t get mentioned.

Judging by all the sweat that had poured down onto him, while Mister Stud had fucked his ass, it couldn’t be all that bad. It sure couldn’t be a dead fuck if Mister Super Fuck was moaning and grunting his pleasure, while he drove his cock in and out. Mark could still feel it, still feel how tight it had felt, and how Gary had moaned about it too, had used nearly a half bottle of lubricant, while fucking him.

Mark had stamina, he could take a good fuck just as he could suck a good cock, for hours. Least he made it seem that it was hours, that time didn’t count when he was having sex. Even super boy there, hadn’t realized how long he had driven his cock in and out. It stayed hard, because of Mark, not because of any super sexual powers that Gary had. Hell, it was all Mark, and he knew it, but no one else would believe it.

He sighed, as he realized that his night with the Golden Boy was a nightmare now. No second date, that was for sure, which was okay. Golden Boy Gary wasn’t all that good, and there were times he wished that his partners would please him, instead of him doing it all. Some did, he had to admit that, but not Gary.

To diss him, when he was the one who did it all. He was the one that kept Gary hard, right until the moment that he spewed his cum all over Mark’s body. Sure he had been enjoying it, had brought him to that point countless times. Yet even he had been surprised by how much Gary came. The look on his face, when he was about to explode, about to cum.

It was like watching a raging battle. Cannons were exploding all around, you could see the flashes reflected in the eyes. The way his face had twisted, and became distorted, as if in pure agony, yet Mark knew it was from pure pleasure.

For a second, he had thought Gary would pass out, the way his body had twisted around, the way his head had flopped from side to side, as his body jerked, as the cum flew out, splattering all over Mark’s body. The way it had just kept coming, shot after shot of hot cream, that burned as it splattered across his own trembling body.

Yet he hadn’t, but he had come close. Gary had shook hard, the bed had creaked more when he was ejaculating, than when he had been pounding Mark’s tight hole. None of that was mentioned, nor was how he had collapsed to the side afterwards, totally exhausted. He had lain there for nearly fifteen minutes, his chest heaving, his body shaking, long after the last drop of cum had dribbled out of his cock.

Sitting back, he flicked the computer off, putting down his pen, and closing his notebook. One more entry, and he’d be ready to publish his thesis. Gary would not be pleased to know that he had been just a lab rat. He sighed, as he stood up, ready to go do his paper route, just one more part of his study.


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Fiction – Just Another Night

Just Another Night

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

He could feel the cock as it slid into his hole, feel it throb as it pushed past his muscle. The pain was rolling up his spine, as he bit the pillow, trying to stifle his screams, waiting for the pain of penetration to end, for the pleasure waves to race up and down his trembling body. Tony could feel the sweat beading up, feel the hard cock digging deep into his hole, spreading his insides apart like a hot knife slicing through butter.

It hurt, and yet it didn’t.

Trojan CondomsHis eyes were shut tight, the taste and feel of the pillow under his face was becoming damp, as he felt the cock inside shudder, stop, then slowly pull backwards. The relief from his insides was apparent, his body was beginning to relax, when it began all over again. The pain, the sensation of being stretched, all came rushing back to him as the hard pole dug back down into his body.

Tony could hear the distant sounds of flesh slapping onto flesh. He could feel the grinding motion of the other man’s body into his buttocks, feel his hot breath on his neck, as his body pressed him further into the mattress. The bed squeaked, as the motion of pulling back then pushing back began to quicken, to become almost like one.

His lungs ached, and his cock was semi hard as the pain mixed with the pleasure. He could feel his body shake, feel his legs growing taut as they spread apart wider, to make the entry easier, to manage the hard thrusts that were now all he could think about. His whole body was tense, the nerves tingling, the muscles never getting a chance to relax, to regroup. They were like taut wires, being played hard and fast.

The hard breathing in his ear was making him twist, to try and get away. His head twisted and flopped from side to side, as the groans echoed in his mind. He wasn’t sure if they were his, or if it was from the man behind him, the man holding him down with his entire body weight. The hard thrusts were interrupted by the odd hard slap on his buttocks, first one side, then the other. It made his cheeks tingle, and then they would quiver as the man would drive down hard onto his body.

Tony felt each thrust, as it drove in, as it pushed his muscles aside, as it filled his insides. The feel of heat inside, of a greater warmth than he could generate filled his mind, he felt the beads of sweat turn into tiny little rivers. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get a clear picture of who was behind him, who was drilling his butt so expertly.

He remembered Jason, the bar’s waiter but it wasn’t him. Tony knew what his cock felt like, so it had to be someone new, someone he hadn’t taken home before, but his mind was unable to concentrate. The pain inside, the fast thrusts, followed by the odd twist of the cock, was overpowering his mind. It made him groan, made his hands ball up into fists, and strike the bed, as each thrust became deeper and harder.

Whoever it was, was good. He could feel his insides turning to mush. He was used to being fucked, but this was different, the cock was harder and thicker. Each time it was driven into him, he could feel it swelling, feel it stretching his insides. He cried out, enjoying the hard pain, enjoying the strange sensations more than anything. His mind felt the pain, but was amazed by the warmth it created inside.

His hair was matted from sweat, that now dripped between his closed eyelids. Some was even dripping down his hooked nose, to drop across his upper lip. He struggled to breath, feeling the ache in his chest as his whole body was pounded into the bed. He heard the springs creak their objection, felt the motion of the bed as it moved to each thrust.

Two strong hands gripped his hips, pulled him upright. His head was still buried into the pillow, but his legs were raised up, his knees and lower legs pressed into the bed. His buttocks was lifted up, driven into the hard pole, and he could feel the pubic hairs of the man behind him, scratching against his moist cheeks. His whole body was a massive puddle of sweat, salty sweat that filled the room with its odor.

BoyrideAs his buttocks was lifted up, held tightly, the pounding into it grew fiercer. It was like a jack hammer was in his ass, as the couldn’t tell when the cock was going out or coming in. It was fast, furious and hard. His whole body was shuddering, absorbing the shock of the hard hammer like blows. The sound of flesh banging against flesh echoed in the room, along with the heavy panting breathing of someone, other than him.

Tony moaned, his head buried deep into the pillow. He was still biting it, as the cock continued to twist and dive into his body. His butt cheeks were shaking from the force of the hard blows of the other man’s hips, as they crushed down onto his upraised buttocks. He felt his whole body moving with each thrust.

His legs ached, his cock was flopping between his upraised body. Sweat was pouring from every conceivable spot of his body, as the pounding only seemed to intensify. His limbs grew numb, his toes were curling as the pounding of his heart and heaving of his chest seemed uncontrollable. He felt himself suddenly being twisted and turned over. It was quick, and hard as he felt himself on his back.

Before his ass could collect itself, could relax, he felt the cock being wedged back up against his pink hole. His legs were lifted up, and spread apart. The hard cock was there, then was driving deep back inside of him. His head twisted, as he felt the hot breath over his face, then the press of lips against his, teeth nibbling at his own trembling lips.

His eyes fluttered as he stared up at the towering figure over him. His hips shivered, as he glanced up, trying to focus on the face behind the dangling strands of blond hair that grazed his chest and face.

Tony moaned, as he watched the head pull back, tossing the long strands of hair to one side. He saw the firm jaw, the clenched mouth, teeth over the lower lip gleaming. His chest was heaving, he could see the sweat dripping off the man, see the glitter of light across one nipple, realizing it was a nipple ring.

As his eyes adjusted to the light, he could pick out more details, despite the hard pounding his ass was still taking. He could see the star tattoo on the belly, the way the belly button was the centre of five painted stars radiating outwards. Looking up, he saw the one nipple ring swaying to the man’s motion, as his hips continued to pound into his upraised buttocks.

There was a light patch of matted chest hair, behind the swaying strands of blond hair. The chin was there, small tuft of wet hair visible, but it was so firm, so white that he couldn’t help but wonder. The lips were taut, and the man’s nose was shining, coated by a heavy sheen of sweat. He felt the drops on his own chest, as he struggled to stare upwards.

He heard him grunt, watched as the chin trembled a bit, then he suddenly felt the pressure inside end. He felt one ankle being released, as his eyes stared up, the head above moving to one side, glancing downwards, past his face, towards his groin.

Tony heard the man groan again, heard something else that he couldn’t place, then felt the man leaning into him, the weight of his body holding his legs upraised. Glancing down his trembling body, he saw the sheen of his own flesh, saw the tiny rivers of sweat trickling down the rolls of his flesh, and then he saw the hand between his legs.

His eyes opened even wider, as he saw the blur, the way the man’s hand was nothing but a blur, and in the centre was a huge fiery object, aimed at him. He felt himself licking his lips, as he realized the man was stroking his cock, about to cum. The muscles insides tensed as he looked at the blur, then saw the fiery head suddenly begin to split open.

The growing hole in the centre was being filled by a dull greyish color. Before his mind could assimilate what the eyes were seeing, the first stream of cum came shooting out, splattering across his lower face. Tony felt himself flinch, as the hot milk hit his lips and chin. It was almost as if burning hot oil had been poured on him.

He cried out, his head moving to one side, as more of the hot liquid splattered across his neck, then his upper shoulder. His body shook, as more cum came flying towards him. The harsh cries from the man suddenly filled his ears, as his body shook. His legs were on either side of the man, trembling and moving on their own, as he felt the splattering cum across his belly now.

His groaned, as suddenly the man above him fell fully onto his prone body. The bed groaned and they bounced a little, and Tony felt the weight solidly across his chest. His body was still quivering, and now he could feel the other man’s body. It too was shaking, as it slowly rolled off, an arm across his stomach. He felt the cum cooling on his body, still amazed at how much cum covered his body.

There was a dull ache in his ass, as he let his head roll over to one side, so he could look at the figure lying next to him. He saw the milky white skin, the long arms, as the man’s chest still heaved. The figure was as tall as him, as his head was level with Tony’s, and his toes were next to his. The body looked thin, he could see the ribs sticking out from his side.

Blake MasonThe man next to him turned his head, and he saw the face at last. He didn’t recognize it, but the face was thin, haggard looking but the eyes. The eyes were a deep blue, and they seemed to be alive with tiny stars inside, shimmering as they stared at him. The arm that was spread over him, moved, and he could feel the long fingers inching down his prone body. They lightly ran across his skin, barely touching it, but just enough to make him tingle.

His fingers moved down, and ran lightly across his cock shaft, which immediately grew back into life. He saw a smile cross the man’s face, and for a moment he thought that he couldn’t be more than 18 or 19, but then as the fingers moved past his cock, to ran across his inner thigh, the smile left his face. He suddenly looked older, more like 22 or older, but the eyes, that once shimmered, glittered even, were slowly clouding over, growing darker, becoming impenetrable.

Tony didn’t know what was happening, his mind couldn’t put a name to the face, and yet the feeling he knew him was gnawing at him. Yet his mind wouldn’t focus, wouldn’t seek out who it was. His body shivered as the touch around his groin disappeared. The light of the room was growing darker, as his breathing became more normal. The figure next to him was slowly being swallowed up by the darkness, and he wanted to call out to him, to ask him who he was but the words wouldn’t come. His mouth felt like it had been glued shut.

Shutting his eyes, he was silently pleading for the man to take him again, to touch him more, to take his cock and make it cum, just as his had just done. He wanted to cum, wanted to let his body explode, but the man seemed to not hear him, or read his mind. He felt the darkness around him now, suddenly uncertain of where he was, of what had happened. He felt his body squirm, felt the ache growing in his groin, felt his need becoming urgent. The press of something seemed to prod his bladder, as he felt his body move.

There was a strange noise, off in the distance, but he couldn’t place it. All he wanted was to feel those long fingers reach around and grip his cock, to take his throbbing pole within, and to move up and down, to make him harder, to make him cum. He wanted to feel the fingers prod his testicles, to maybe feel those thin lips wrap around his cock, while the slender fingers dug back into his body, to make him groan again.

Still that noise was becoming louder, more annoying, as his mind tried to focus, to bridge the gap between him and the mysterious stranger. He felt the pain, from his groin, from his desire. Yet he couldn’t seem to reach the man, to find him again. He couldn’t feel him next to him, couldn’t even smell him now, just the odor of stale sweat mixed with dried cum. Desperately he tried to call out, to reach out, but the darkness wouldn’t let him. He felt something holding him back, and for a second he thought it was him, but it wasn’t.

The noise was too much. It was too loud, ruining his concentration, when his eyes popped open. There was the light again, but it came from his windows, through the curtains. He was still breathing a bit hard, as he realized at how sticky he felt. Turning around, he couldn’t see anyone, hear anyone in the room, just the damn noise.

Turning his head in its direction, he saw the flashing red numerals of his clock radio, realizing what the noise was. He sighed, as he tossed the covers off his body. He felt a bit dejected, knowing he was alone in the bed, knowing that what he had been feeling was just a result of his late night snack of spicy pizza. He sat up on the edge of his bead, letting the night’s cobweb’s clear a bit, wishing that his dream had been real.

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