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that during the 1700’s the concidered medical opinion was that self ejaculation was a terrible illness?

It was perceived that masturbation was not just immoral, according to religious morals of the time, but that it was actually an illness that could lead to serious health problems.

During the Victorian Era, pants were specifically designed, to prevent the hands in the pockets from touching the male genitals. ( source – Gaydemon Dicktionary & Wikipedia )


Ancient Queers

Did you know thatthat in Ancient Greece, about 1400 BCE, homosexuality was practiced in public,

Not only that, but it was a major part of their society.

Older males were expected to take younger males as lovers, to teach them about sex.

And believe it or not, but they have artifacts that show there were even ceremonies celebrating the affection of these older men to their younger proteges.

It was called Pederasty.

You can read more about this at Gaydemon Dicktionary or you can search Wikipedia for more details.


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