One Nine Hundred Pervert

Part (-)

In some ways, it really just pisses me off. Seriously, who the fuck does Mr Brad Greene think he is? Okay, sure he’s drop dead gorgeous, has a killer body to go with a great face, but fuck it, now I have to spend another hour cooking up the dog’s dinner, and that is after I rush out to the butcher shop, to buy more of it. Like, really, he couldn’t have waited until I finished cooking it?

Kelvin from Blake MasonObviously not, given as how here I am, in the friggin kitchen cooking over a hot stove. Alright, I’ll admit it, my ass is sore, and it isn’t easy standing, and yes, tonight I will definitely be thinking of earlier, when he showed up at the door, with that glint in his eyes, that bulge in his pants, and oh those damn carnations in his hands.

I am such a sucker for flowers, specially fresh cut carnations, that have some scent to them. Not like the crap you get at the supermarket, that are painted and you could burst a nostril trying to get any smell from. Nope, these were the real deal, the one’s that wafted across my nose, as soon as I opened the door.

Call me a Queen, but as soon as he handed them to me, I just had to rush to the kitchen, and put them in water. I like things to last, sort of why guys like Brad keep showing up at my door. Now stupid I am not, and I know it sure as fuck isn’t for my looks, that keeps hot studs like Brad Greene, yes with an ‘e’, showing up.

Okay, I am not some old fart either, and it sure isn’t for money because I just manage to make the mortgage payments each month, and I do have a day job, sort of. Well, I do work at a phone center, but well, it’s not what you call one of those telemarketing places where they try to sell you magazine subscriptions, it is where guys phone us, and well, you get the idea.

It isn’t bad work, but damn, it does tend to make a guy a bit horny, and no, you can’t talk to the customer, and take care of business. The place is run by a real shrew, named Cyn. Man, talk about a cow, nor does she get what a guy really wants, which is why many of us get some biz on the side.

Sure it is against the rules, and if the owner catches us, well so much for making those mortgage payments on time, or at all. Yet it is worth the risk, because of the guys you meet, and get to know. I am just 32, not what you’d call old or young, and I have a good sex life, now. Didn’t really before, but that was mainly because as a teenager, I hid what I wanted, and in college, well I had bad acne. Being a dozen or so pounds overweight didn’t help.

Besides I am not what you’d call outgoing. I keep to myself pretty much, and I doubt I’d have this house, if it wasn’t for a small inheritance. Now it doesn’t cover the entire house price, but did let me buy one. That was pretty huge for a guy like me, and sure, I graduated, but jobs aren’t exactly a dime a dozen around here.

Long before the media was talking about a recession, and companies going belly up, our little area of the country was already well experienced with unemployment, with empty houses, with people lining up at the food bank. So, working at the call in center, was, well not something you just pass up. Sure I wouldn’t mind working in my chosen field, but not really a lot of call for broadcasters.

Like what was I thinking of, but hey, it is what interests me, and I guess, working those phone lines, I am sort of in that field, kind of.

I digress though, and besides, the dog food is about done, which means I have to mix it up with the rice and veggies, and then cool. Man, talk about having a good life, but then my little buddy deserves the best. He does keep me company, and somehow, he just knows when to put his head on my lap, and make me feel better.

But the thing is, I would be relaxing now, if it wasn’t for Brad showing up. He is a guy who first starting calling about, oh year and half ago. It wasn’t anything kinky, least not then, nor really is it now, though it is a bit more, than when he first would call. The guy is loaded too, from his family. I doubt if he’s worked an honest day in his 29 years, but he doesn’t come across as one of those snooty types, ya know?

He really is pretty nice, was the first time I picked up his call, and from what I had heard, he was a tipper too. His regular had left the place, so I got his regulars. I didn’t mind, as most of them where just ordinary guys, looking for some conversation. Brad was different, because he didn’t mind spending his $2 a minute just talking.

There never was a rush, when he’d call, and until we came up with our own little arrangement, well, those calls were maybe twice a week. Usually on a Friday and Tuesday. I took weekends, because well, the traffic was always busier for some odd reason, and the chance for tips was a damn site better than during the week.

Only worked Monday once, and that was enough. I mean Jesus, talk about depressing guys, but hey, it was all money, and for every minute they nattered, I got a whopping 75¢ which doesn’t sound like much, but think of talking for maybe 20 minutes out of every hour. That’s like $30 an hour.

Brad on a Tuesday was always good for a lot more than 20 minutes, and in fact, a few times it was over an hour. So you do the math.

We’d talk about lots of stuff, not just how I would suck his cock, or have him suck mine. That part, well, it was okay, but it never took that long. He did seem to cum quick, when we did get down to that kind of business. Maybe it was the talk about going out for dinner, or to movies, that helped get him going, I don’t know, but ever since we made our own deal, well, he sure as hell doesn’t cum in a few minutes.

Now I know how to suck a cock too, and I have been known to get some of the more stubborn one’s off a damn site faster than anyone else, but with Mr. Brad Greene, he seems oblivious to my technique. He really can hold it, which is kind of fun, as it does make for some interesting moments when we are together. Kind of like having a bit of a competition, that is, well, like seeing just how fast you can eat an all day sucker, hoping all day, but also trying to make it last only an hour.

Brad is funny too, and he’s never pushy. Like when he shows up, he always has something with him. Nothing expensive, or trashy even. He’ll maybe have the latest video release of a super movie, before its even out in the movie house, but then, his family is rich. Guess it’s one of the perks, but like earlier, he brought flowers.

I am not his boyfriend, nor does he think of me as his. Least so he says, but he does seem to show up a lot more, than he did at the beginning. And he always does seem to have a boner, and in need of servicing. And like the sucker I am for a handsome guy, I always drop whatever I am doing, to help ease that boner of his.

It isn’t like its gigantic either. I’d say it is a bit above average, maybe a good solid 7 or so inches long, and it is rather thick too, least right around the base. Uncut too, and his foreskin amuses me. I love to just lay across the sofa, and let my fingers play with it, while occasionally kissing his stomach. It makes him moan, and it does tend to make him a bit hornier too.

I normally don’t bottom for clients like Brad, but with him, I have been making an exception. Now I know, it does make me sound like some tramp, or a hustler, but if that bugs you, well, piss off. I mean, come on, sure I get cash for having sex with the guy, but it isn’t any different than any other type of business. A butcher sells his skill at cutting meat, a taxi driver is selling his skill at driving and getting to a place no one has ever heard of, so I happen to sell my skill at making someone feel good.

Thing is, Brad likes how I make him feel. We don’t just strip and I drop to my knees, or bend over the bed and spread my butt cheeks. We talk, and we may even watch television, or some video he brought along. Hell some times, we have done nothing more than just cuddle, talk, and watched a video. My role, or relationship with him, isn’t to suck his dick, but to just, well, be there for him.

Jock PissIt’s odd, because on those times, when we talk for a bit, cuddle a bit more, the sex is, well more natural, and I gotta be honest, a damn site more intense. The guy is like some wild animal, the way he moves around the bed, how he will grab my cock, and yank on it, then quickly give it a few licks, like a Popsicle.

It feels so good, as his tongue runs up the underside of my cock, then around the shaft, then up the top, to swirl around the cock head. Man it makes me want to scream, and okay, yeah I do scream. Mainly because he’s also got his hands moving all across my belly, then down between my thighs, and up and under.

Damn it feels so good, when he takes my burning cockhead between his lips that first time, his fingers moving up between my butt cheeks, then swirling around my tight hole, as his head moves slowly down the cock. I love how he’ll tease my hole, how his head moves so slowly down my throbbing cock, until his nose buries itself into my pubic hairs. That is when he shoves his finger in, and when I arch upwards, driving my cock even further into his throat.

Also when I scream, and usually wind up squirming, moaning and frothing at the mouth, as he impales his finger deep inside, my dick in his mouth. Just as I think it will make go insane, he suddenly is on top of me, his body crushing me into the bed, his lips crushing mine.

The sudden taste of his tongue, that was just sliding up and over my cock, is unbelievable. His hot breath filling my own mouth, as he huffs and puffs, moaning a bit too, as his body pushes down on me. It really is unbelievable, and it only seems to get more intense.

How he can move his body in so many different directions at once, always amazes me. The way he moves across my sweating body, his own sweat making us stick, yet not. The sound of our flesh grinding, of his sweat dripping onto my own body, almost as if it sizzles. His hands move everywhere, and I mean everywhere. One second I feel them pushing at my chest, tweaking a nipple, then suddenly he is clenching my butt, the fingers digging into the wet shaking flesh.

I can’t believe how much it makes me groan. I mean I am not a vocal type of fuck, but damn, Brad makes me sound like a friggin full blown orchestra. How his touch makes my body shiver, makes me pant for more, as I struggle to breath. It seems like, it only makes him even hotter, more aroused. I mean that dick of his becomes like a solid piece of steel.

He’ll ram it down my throat, get it nice and moist, which never seems to last. It is always dry, from the heat. Then he coats it and I sweat, at times, I smell rubber burning, as the condom is unrolled. I stare at it, feeling its power, feeling its desire for me, and mine for it.

I really do lose myself, and Brad is so, well, it is like he’s another person. He isn’t the same guy, who cried at the love scene in a movie, or the guy who laughed till he was crying, at another. He is like a lion, who has finally captured the prize, cornered the game, and is now ready for his first bite into the still quivering flesh of the game.

It is so unreal, so surreal. I mean in some ways, it is like we become two different people, and then when he takes one hand, and flips me over. I mean I am not a skinny beanpole, I have some meat to me, yet with one hand, this guy tosses me over, and has my legs spread so far apart, I am already feeling like a wishbone about to be broken.

I don’t have long to wait either, because before the bed stops quivering from my sudden flip, I can feel the pain as his cock pushed into my tiny hole. I can feel the muscle stretching, then I can feel my vocal chords unwinding, as I feel it move past the muscle.

I don’t know, penetration has never been so painful, yet so wonderful. I have taken some big ones, like Vince that had an eleven and half inch dong, was about 7 inches thick too, and I took it a damn site easier than Brad’s. He really does know how to make it seem bigger than it is. It gets so hard, I mean it. Okay, everyone says that, but I sweat, Brad’s cock just feels so hard, so thick and unyielding, that when he shoves it in, it is like he shoved both of his fists into me. It hurts, then as I think I am about to be split into two, the glorious pleasure hits. His cock drives in, and it hits that second hole, that special spot, that just, well crushes the waves of pain, and replaces them with pure joy.

I mean it, it is unreal, how good I suddenly feel, with his dick buried all the way in me. Then he really starts to move. His hips grind and push into me, his legs tighten, pushing mine further apart. His breath is on my neck, growing hotter with each puff, that comes in rapid succession.

His cock seems to jiggle a bit, tremble might be a better word. My insides quiver, as they feel that motion, then it begins to pull back, my inside muscles protesting, but not for long. Then it is like an explosion of bottle rockets inside my ass, as he starts to pump me. I don’t know how he manages, but the bed shakes, my hands pound the bed, my teeth bite at the sheets, the pillow, the blanket. I scream, and scream so loudly I am sure that one day, the paint will fall of the ceiling.

His whole body seems to lift off me, for a mere second, and for that instant, I grab a deep breath, because he is suddenly crushing me back down into the bed, making my whole body shake, make it feel like it should push the mattress apart. He really does drive me, and keeps on driving me.

In and out, just like that for what seems like hours. I can feel the weight dripping off my entire frame. My legs grow numb, the muscles quiver and grow taut, as his entire body weight keeps on crushing into mine. What is worse, I even try to meet his downward thrusts, by pushing up, trying to meet it, to feel it sooner.

Have to be honest, most of the times, my dates are done after a good three or five minutes of fucking. Doesn’t matter if I am the top, which I normally am, or the bottom, which I am with Brad. I don’t look at the watch, but I swear we go at for at least ten or more minutes. I mean, when he is finished, neither of us can . His dick is still impaled in me, stays there too, until it finally plops out, usually while we are still trying to catch our breathes.

He is one hard fuck, it is frantic from the instant he drives his dick in. It is like non stop, fast paced, that leaves me totally spent, totally exhausted. Brad never just gets up, dresses, and leaves. There is no way one can plan a second date, later, or even plan to go out for a drink with friends. I just don’t have the energy left.

I still can feel it, feel how his cock feels, as it pounds in, how his sweat feels as it strikes my body. I can feel it all, I relive it over and over again, all night long. Yes, it gets me an erection too, later at night, that needs a good wank. And you know, it doesn’t take me long to shoot another load, at most a few quick strokes, and wham, I am spewing my cum.

Brad has told me, that every part of his body hurts as he drives home, and that rarely does he get home, before he’s grabbing his crotch, feeling hard again, long before his car pulls into his driveway. I don’t know whether to believe him or not, though my own experience says he’s probably telling the truth. It is the same for me, and I have to admit, I love it.

Still, having to cook, I mean, why didn’t he just let me finish first.

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Part (-)

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