The Motel (2)

The Motel

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Part (2)

Young Hot Latino GainIt was as if they could read his mind, as Big Brother grinned, telling Garrett could have first crack at Kaylan’s puckered hole. In some ways, it was like he wasn’t even in the room, the way the two brothers talked about him. In some ways it was even more alluring, making him hornier than he could ever recall. The idea of these two brothers, talking about him, that way, was making him lick his lips, and play with his spent dick. It didn’t go unnoticed either, as big brother moved closer, and gave Kaylan a hard kiss on the lips, while guiding him down and up the couch, so that he now lay fully stretched out. His head was resting on the arm of the couch, a small throw pillow under his neck.

Looking down his body, he saw Garrett by the other end of the couch, stroking his cock, making it grow even thicker, as he stared at Kaylan’s naked body. Man that dick looked huge, he thought, wondering about how it would feel entering his tight hole. Garrett looked up at him, smiled and continued to stroke his dick, as if he knew exactly what Kaylan was thinking.

Big Brother turned to smile at his little brother, and then looking down at Kaylan he asked him if he wanted it with or without. For a minute or two, Kaylan wasn’t sure what he was asking, then he figured it out. In a cracked voice, filled with anticipation, he said ‘with’.  The older one leaned over him, and Kaylan could smell his scent, that mixture of sweat & testosterone. He breathed in deeply, as the man grabbed something from the end table, then twisted and tossed them down towards Garrett.

‘Got ‘em’ the younger voice cried out, as big brother blocked Kaylan’s view with his own body. He was not sitting up on Kaylan’s body, his warm body resting firmly over his stomach. His one leg was crammed in next to his side, the other seemed to be bracing the body on the other. Yet all he cared about was seeing how that massive cock was staring at him, almost like it was winking, knowing exactly where it was about to go.

Licking his lips he ignored the extra weight on his stomach, enjoying the wet warmth of the flesh pressing down. His own dick was hard again, and every now and then, he felt it brush up against the hot cheeks of big brother, who just looked down, smiling. His eyes were taking in every part of Kaylan’s features, and his one hand was holding his cock, right around the thick base.

The man’s body moved down a bit, as his upper body leaned forward, bringing his head down to hover above Kaylan’s. The eyes were sparkling as the lids fluttered a bit, and then it all went blank, as they kissed. Softly at first, then growing in passion, as the man’s hands began to once more explore his body, to touch him in a way that made him shiver with excitement. It took his breath away, as he felt the man’s tongue inside his mouth, felt it tickling the back of his throat even, as they kissed.

Vaguely in the back of his conscious mind, he could feel one of his legs being lifted up and placed over the back of the couch, the other being pushed up and off so it rested precariously on the edge of the sofa. Hands were there, running up and over his exposed buttocks, pulling at them one second, then just running across them the next. It had a surreal feeling to it, as big brother continued to kiss him hard, his own body responding with equal pressure. His lips were hurting a bit, when it suddenly ended.

For a minute or two, he kept his eyes closed, still enjoying the rolling waves of pleasure inside from the tongue fucking his mouth had just gotten. Opening his eyes, at last, he saw the older brother leaning up, placing his two hands on either side of Kaylan’s head. The palms were planted a little apart on either side, a few strands of his damp hair caught underneath, but he didn’t care, as he just stared up at the looming figure.

The weight on his lower body changed, as big brother moved up, bringing his own lower body up more, so that he could smell his scent. He breathed it in deeply, enjoying its musky aroma, as he saw the body lift up and move inwards towards his face. Kaylan’s eyes fluttered, then closed, as he felt the tip of the cock rub up against his closed mouth.

Parting his lips quickly, he tasted the salty pre cum, and felt his whole body shake as he swallowed it with gusto. It was unlike any pre cum he had ever tasted before, and the pleasure inside seemed to be only becoming more intense, as the thick pole slowly slid between his lips. He had no control over it, as the head was quickly covered by his mouth, and a gentle in and out motion already began.

At the same time, he felt the press of fingers near his hole, felt his cheeks being pulled apart, then the sound of someone spitting made his heart quicken its beat a bit. The feeling of wetness near his puckered hole made his legs stiffen, made the muscles tighten even more. Then he felt the press of a finger around the base of his hard cock, feeling it move slowly down towards the spread apart valley of his cheeks.

The cock in his mouth began to push in deeper, as he squirmed a bit, to the touch of Garrett’s finger along his crack. He moaned a bit, sort of a muffled one, as the cock in his mouth felt a lot thicker than he had first imagined. It began to dive in deeper, making him gag a bit, which stopped its inward motion, but only for a moment. As his mouth and throat adjusted to the thick piece of meat being stuffed into it, it began to once more slide further inside.

His lips were wrapped up under his teeth, and his jaw began to ache, as it was being spread open wider than he thought possible. Christ, the guy was thick, he thought, as the pole slid inside, as the head poked hard against the back of his throat, then found the small opening, to slide down into the waiting passage. His chest heaved, his lungs ached for air, as the cock inside his mouth was making it hard for him to swallow in any air.

As he struggled to take the whole cock, he felt the finger moving around his hole now. Its slow downward journey  was reaching its final destination, and his body shuddered, as the tip of the finger circled the tight pink muscle band around his butthole. He felt it tighten, knowing it was about to be tested. The tip moved around and around, then down a bit, then back up to pull at the fringes of his hole.

Kaylan was moaning, muffled but noticeable, as he felt the cock in his mouth start to pull out, then come back inside, a bit faster than he anticipated. His head was hurting, his eyes clenched tightly shut, as the hard pole moved in and out, gradually increasing speed. His chest heaved, and as it did, he felt the sudden pain lancing inside his body. Garrett penetrated his hole in one quick hard motion.

The tapered finger was suddenly buried deep inside of him, the pain of its penetration quickly replaced by his inside muscles grabbing hold of the sliding digit, surrounding it with his own warmth. He felt the tip wiggle, felt it dig inside of him, touching him all around. His body fell downwards, his chest tightened, as he felt the finger exploring his insides, then the pain came again, as another finger was expertly inserted, to join the probing of the first finger.

The cock in his mouth began to thicken and push in harder, deeper into his throat. He felt his muscles tightening, then releasing their hold, as they failed to stop the hard thrust of the pole. He gagged, felt himself wanting to throw up, but his mind quickly moved to squelch that thought, to push aside that idea, and to try and enjoy all the strange sensations that were coming from every part of his body.

Thirty years old, and this was his first threesome. Never had he been serviced like this, as his body seemed to become just one mass of shuddering nerves and rolling muscles. Every part of his body was tingling, even the strands of his hair. He could feel his cock swaying, feel it leaking precious pre cum as the fingers inside poked at him, as the cock in his mouth made him gasp for air.

It felt so amazing, he could barely breath, his jaw was aching from being wrapped around big brother’s huge cock, and his hole was being expertly stretched, loosened, that he forgot about time, about everything, as he just reveled in the feelings that kept growing inside. His body was pouring sweat out, as he felt the cock inside his mouth shiver a bit, felt it actually throb as it slid past his lips in an increasing speed. The head was banging hard against the back of his mouth, before finding the opening to his throat, and he could hear the panting breath becoming more laboured, from above him.

The warm glow in his gut was suddenly replaced, as the two fingers were gone. His insides felt empty, when he felt the press of something hard against the side of his inner thigh. He felt the warm air, as the flick of a tongue dug at the puckered hole. He moaned, loudly, despite the cock wedged in the back of his throat. It only spurred big brother on, as his cock was now flying in and out of Kaylan’s mouth. Kaylan’s hands reached up and outwards, to grasp at big brother’s thighs. His fingers dug into the hot flesh, until they touched bone, as he felt the muscles tightening underneath. He could hear the older brother’s panting breath, and in a brief moment, he let his eyes open, to stare up at the handsome face of the older brother.

He saw the head tilted back, the mouth parted, and sweat dripping off his forehead, drops dripping down onto his own body, from even the tip of the hooked nose. The nostrils were flaring, as the upper body seemed to be vibrating, shimmering in his view. He knew it was from his own sweat, that was dripping over his open eyes, which he tried to keep open. The way the tiny little rivers were flowing down the cheeks of the man’s face, how his lips were curled, his nose flaring, made Kaylan quiver.

The cry barely registered in his mind, as the thunder of his own heart was too much for him. He felt it instead, felt the way the cock in his mouth trembled, even thicken more, which he couldn’t believe, as the blood flowed through it, stretching the outer skin. He felt it burning the inside of his mouth, as the head suddenly swelled, then reared back, which was when he distantly heard the loud cry from way above his head.

The gushing feel of thick goo made him gag, made him nearly retch, as it took him by complete surprise. The sudden torrent of hot cum was filling his throat and mouth before he even realized the head had shot forward. His throat tightened up, restricting the flow of milk down into his belly, making it back up and push up against the back of his lips. He felt some of it trickling out from his lips, as his mind quickly tried to make his throat open more, as he swallowed several times, in quick succession.

The thick goo was almost too much for him, but even as he struggled with it, he felt the hard twisting presence of Garrett’s tongue, now buried inside his hole. The sudden penetration, by little brother’s tongue, while big brother was cumming, was unbelievable. His whole body shot upwards, bucked, as he felt the juice in his mouth slide down his throat, as the second load came flowing into his flooded mouth.

Big Brother had his groin pressed hard up into Kaylan’s face, and he could barely breath. The man’s aroma was intense, and then suddenly it was gone, as was the cock in his mouth. He gasped for air, cum dribbling out from his mouth. He heard himself moan, heard the beat of his heart stutter, as his eyes flickered open, to see the cock moving away from him, still dripping precious cum

He watched, as he swallowed more the milk in his mouth. The body was changing in an odd way and he glanced up to see that big brother was turning himself around, that he was leaning towards Kaylan’s lower body, while shifting his body upwards. His hands came around, to pull at the offered butt cheeks, to spread them open.

His eyes opened wider, as he saw the pink hole being exposed to him, and he stopped himself from swallowing the last of big brother’s cum. He held it in his mouth, as the white orbs came closer to his face, as he breathed in the man’s scent. His vision was blocked as the cheeks came up and he leaned forward, lifting his head to greet the spread open buttocks.

His hands reached up and his fingers dug into the hot flesh, helping to spread them apart as they came towards his face. Leaning in, he pushed his face between them, to let his lips touch the very inside, over the offered hole.

Kaylan let the few remaining drops of cum dribble out then, which made big brother moan. His tongue flicked out, to dig at the tight hole, to spread it apart with its curled up tip. He tasted the older brother, letting his own saliva, along with remnant’s of the man’s cum lubricate the pink hole.

Licking at the hole eagerly, he ignored the pain in his neck, in his shoulders, until he could bear it no more. Collapsing backwards, his eyes saw the hunched figure locked in an embrace with Garrett. His body shook, as he saw them kiss, saw the way their mouths were locked together above his own shaking body. It was unreal as he just stared at them both.

The two broke apart, and Kaylan watched as big brother reached out to grab hold of his legs, just under the knees. He pulled at Kaylan’s legs, then slid his body down, forcing his butt firmly into Kaylan’s face. As his cheeks pressed up against his nose, Kaylan felt his cheeks being slapped, then twisting his head, he saw Garrett suddenly stand up and feed his big brother his cock.

His eyes bugged out, as he saw the thin swimmer’s body gyrate, as he fucked his older brother’s face for a few quick hard thrusts. His legs ached, as he saw the way big brother’s head rocked from each hard thrust. Garrett had a glazed look on his face, as he reached down and while pulling his cock out from big brother’s mouth, he lifted up the hand, to let his teeth rip at the small package.

Kaylan watched, as Garrett ripped open the condom, then pull his cock out of big brother’s mouth one last time. He noticed how it was dripping from the saliva, as the thin plastic condom was quickly unrolled down the throbbing shaft, until its end was snugly resting up against the younger brother’s pubic hairs.

He knew what was coming, as he let his head fall back, and stare at the glistening orbs of big brother’s shaking cheeks. Kaylan moved his hands to run them, to let his fingers run across them, until they reached between the two half moons. He felt the warmth coming from between the cheeks, felt the wetness as his fingers dug into the soft flesh, to pull them apart.

As his fingers dug in, he felt his legs pulled back, felt the sudden hard press of Garrett’s cock up against his own body, right below his full & aching balls. His eyes closed tightly, as his tongue licked up and out. He felt the tongue licking at the soft moist valley of skin, felt the body shudder to his touch. His own body quivered, as the hard pole slid down from below his balls, to wedge itself over his puckered hole. He felt the muscles tighten, to deny Garrett entry, as his own tongue shook, recoiled a bit, waiting for the pain to enter him.

His thoughts were all over the place, as his mind struggled to make sense of all of the different sensations that were running through his body. He felt his arms growing numb, felt the ache in his groin from being unable to reach and touch his own cock.

The pain took him by surprise. He yelled out loudly, as Garrett suddenly pushed hard into him. Kaylan couldn’t believe the pain, the intensity of it, as the big thick cock that had been wedged at his hole, was so quickly buried deep inside of him. His insides felt like they had been split apart, as the huge pole drove itself deep into him.

The waves of pain were raging inside of him, going everywhere. Up to his toes, that were held up over his body, to his fingers and even to the very hair on the back of his arms. Everywhere his mind searched, it found the pain there, making his eyes tear up. The thickness of the cock, the depth of its penetration, had made him expel the last of air in his lungs. Kaylan was gasping for air, made harder by the press of big brother’s ass into his face.

Gasping for air, he felt the cheeks pressed up against his face quiver. His eyes were rolling back in their sockets, as his brain struggled to remain alert, despite the deprivation of oxygen. His hands fell to his side, as he tried to breath, as the pain inside only continued to grow and grow. The hard thrust had pounded the air out from him.

Just when he thought he was about to pass out, to shout out for Garrett to take it out, he felt it stop driving in, then begin a slow backwards motion. His lungs drew in some air, his own actually that had been trapped by the ass before him. He felt the pain in his chest, but the harsh pain of penetration was dulled now, as his body adjusted, as his mind managed some hold over his racing thoughts.

Kaylan felt his body shake, felt it tremble, as the cock inside pulled itself nearly out. His hold shuddered, unsure of whether to let it pass out, or to hold it inside. Before it could decide, the cock was once more travelling fast into him. He cried out again & again, as the hard cock pressed inside, once more. The hard slap of the groin into his upraised buttocks only added to the moment. His mind seemed to be overwhelmed, again.

His hand, that was now dangling over the edge of the sofa, was twitching uncontrollably. It was convulsing, like in an uncontrollable spasm, as the hard cock began to pound him harder and harder. Each thrust coming before he could relax, before even realizing it had pulled out, even a fraction. Kaylan felt his stomach muscles contracting, as the waves of pain were being replaced by a new sensation. It wasn’t pleasure, nor was it pain, but more of a fullness, that gave him a warm feeling inside. It was more like he was burning from the inside, outwards. Sweat was pouring from every pore of his body, making each deep thrust noisier and more intense.

The weight of big brother suddenly was gone, as his eyes flipped open. He could see that his legs were still being held up and apart. He could feel the press of a cock on his forehead, as he glanced up to see that big brother was leaning over him, though now standing behind him.

Looking down he saw Garrett, saw his face twisted as his body kept up a steady thrusting motion into his body. He saw the sweat dripping off his forehead, falling down onto his own crotch. Kaylan saw how the eyes were glazed over and empty looking. The younger man’s face was coated in a fine sheen, glistening in the rooms light. The shadows of the flames from the fire adding to the unreal scene before him, as he groaned his own pleasure.

Spittle was dripping from the corner’s of Garrett’s lips, as his thrusting motion grew faster and faster. The pain of his thrusts felt good, as each thrust drove that huge cock deeper into his body. His own body, hips, were in sync with the hard thrusts. Each push in was met by his own body pushing up.

The eyes rolled back in Garrett’s sockets, then the hard cock was suddenly free of the grip of Kaylan’s insides. He saw it suddenly looming up from between his legs, as the thin plastic was quickly grabbed and yanked off. He saw the cock head all mottled in purple, saw how it looked like a small bomb about to explode, which is was.

Garrett was suddenly yelling, and a huge stream of his cum was streaming its way towards Kaylan’s face. He could see the thick stream leave the cock head, see its gray globs lurching towards him.

Kaylan leaned forward, his mouth wide open, hoping to capture Garrett’s flying sperm. He felt the stab of pain, as some splattered against his chin, then more hit him on the tip of the nose, before he felt the hot milk splash in the back of his throat. He leaned forward even more, ignoring the pain in his neck, as he also opened his mouth even more, threatening to break his jaw, as he tried to capture more of the younger brother’s cum.

He managed to trap a few more splashes, before he felt his head pulling back. His body was quivering, as the remaining shots of cum splattered along his heaving chest. Kaylan felt them strike, felt them burn, even as Garrett fell forward, onto Kaylan’s trembling body. He felt the younger man shaking, felt the tremors from his body mingle with his own, as they lay there, both of them gasping for air.

Kaylan had no idea how long they had lain there, before finally having enough strength to move. His body was sore, ached in spots buried deep inside, yet for the first time in his thirty years, he felt totally alive. All the pressure of his life, seemed to have just evaporated, as he slowly let himself sit upright in the sofa.

His body had cooled, but he could feel the dried cum all over as he let his body unwind, as he began to finally look around at the room. Garrett had moved to lean over on the sofa, resting his body against the far corner. He had a satisfied look on his face, but his eyes were not looking at Kaylan, but at the grinning figure in the big armchair, to Kaylan’s other side.

Turning to look, Kaylan couldn’t help but feel like the night was far from over. His own body tingled still, though he was deeply satisfied. Yet he could feel the small jerk of his dick, knowing it was thinking the same as his mind. As his eyes found the older man, he noticed how his eyes did a quick glance over of Kaylan’s naked body.

‘You look like you could use another hot drink.’

‘Among other things, but yeah another would hit the spot just right.’

His eyes moved up and he turned to stare at Garrett, his face still locked in a huge smile. His eyes twinkled a bit as he spoke to his younger brother.

‘Told you Garrett, it takes a real man to satisfy a guy, like our guest here. So be a good little brother, and get us men some drinks, then I’ll show you how to properly satisfy a man.’

‘Fuck you Jason, I was just getting warmed up, I am not done yet.’

‘That limp pecker of yours, says you are.’

‘I can get it up, when its time, so you get the fucking drinks.’

He couldn’t help but laugh, at the banter of the two brothers. Plus he had learned the name of the older one, and as he laughed out loud, the two of them stopped their banter, to stare at him.

‘Don’t getting into a fight over me fellas, there is enough for you both.’

‘Oh? Think you can handle more of us both, do you?’

‘Yep, you are what Garrett, eighteen or nineteen?’


‘And you uh, Jason is it?’

‘Twenty four, why?’

‘Well see, there you are Garrett, nineteen and limp as a wet noodle, and you, twenty three year old big brother, are just as soft. Yet if you two rookies will notice, the old fart, me, is still rock hard. Now I don’t know, but maybe you both should get the drinks, so you can both recover. Looks like you both could use the time, I can wait.’

The two brothers looked at each other, then both stared at his hard dick, and they laughed. Garrett even giggling a bit, as he looked at Kaylan’s erection.

‘He’s got us there Jason.’


Holiday special from Hot Young Latinos, Gain. 

An eighteen year old who just loves to show off his uncut cock, when he isn’t stuffing his nice tight hole with his favorite red dildo. Course he’d prefer another nice thick cock to replace the dildo, but until then, he makes do with what is at hand.

Gain from Hot Young Latinos

Gain from Hot Young Latinos

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