Fiction – Playing Paddy Cake with Pat

Playing Paddy Cake with Pat

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Jordan stared at his reflection. His hair was just right, the frosted tips has just the right amount of glitter spread threw them. It lay perfectly over his head, and the bags under his eyes were well covered by the make up he used. His eyes stared at each imperfection on his face, noting that no pimples had popped up in the last hour, and there wasn’t any sheen to his golden colored flesh.

Blake Mason 1He was ready, as he sighed, and turned to head out. Tonight was his turn, he was certain of it, because Pat had said so. And the world evolved around Pat as far as Jordan was concerned. There was no explaining why either, because frankly Jordan wasn’t what you would call a looker. There was no stand out features that made you take a second look, but the whole package was indeed breath taking.

What Pat didn’t have in looks, he made up for in attitude. He was in his late twenties, while he, Jordan, was just 20. Pat’s tag along friends said it was unnatural for a 20 year old to want someone who was nearly 30, but they were jealous. They wanted Pat as much as he did, and while he had his fling with him, he wanted more. They were still waiting for their first fling, and he knew they’d never get it.

Pat wasn’t into older guys, he liked ‘em young, like him.

A self satisfied smirk came over his face, as he closed the door to his apartment and took the steps down two at a time, to rush outside and climb into the waiting cab. He felt like he did that first time back when he was just 16. Though this was different, this time he knew what to do, how to make it all work right. No trying to figure out how to take a cock in his mouth, or up his ass. He knew the ways now, and Pat was his crowning glory.

As the cab moved through the traffic, Jordan couldn’t help but think about that first time with Pat. They way he had pursued him then, had kept ‘bumping’ into him, as if it was an accident. The thrill he would get, from feeling Pat’s body brush against his, was only a hint of how it would feel later. Still, the memory of that pursuit, made him horny, even now some six months later.

He could still get an erection, thinking of that night at the club, where every time he turned around, there was Pat. It was like being stalked, like some big game hunter had selected him, as the target for the night. In truth, he had been the target, but unlike other prey, he kept coming back for more. He wanted to be stalked by Pat, to break that rule of his, to only shag once, then move on.

Pat might be stubborn, experienced in deflecting seconds, but Jordan was persistent. It wasn’t his fault, as he told Pat, but was Pat’s own fault, because of that first night. Pat had laughed, at first, but last week Jordan had managed to break through his reserve. Last week, he had finally gotten the go ahead that would make all those failed attempts worthwhile. Tonight he would experience Pat once again, a feat no one in recent memory had accomplished.

That thought also helped the erection that was making the cab ride a bit uncomfortable. He wasn’t average, least not in that department. You couldn’t call his equipment ‘monster’ sized, but it certainly had made a few think twice before having sex with him. Not Pat, but then Pat was different, he was a confirmed Top, and in his own short time, Jordan hadn’t much experience in being a bottom.

Still, that time with Pat, the way he had taken him, so hard, so completely still made the pre cum ooze. No wonder when he jerked off at home, it would always come back to that night, when Pat took him out back.

It had been his first time at the club. There were a lot of people milling around, dancing and groping each other at the various tables or leaning against the walls. Some where interesting, but that first ‘innocent bump’ had made all the rest seem uninteresting. The way Pat had smiled at him, apologized and grinned. It was like he knew then and there, that he would be taking Jordan. Jordan had to admit, he knew it too, but the game had to be played.

Least that was how Pat explained it, and now the game would start all over. He liked the idea of walking through the crowded mass of people, never knowing when Pat would suddenly be next to him. The way he would fend off others, their groping hands never quite making it to the promised land. Yet Pat somehow, always managed to get his hand there.

The whole night he had walked the floor, avoiding this hand, that hand, that leg, that touch. Yet when he felt the quick brush over his crotch, or against his buttocks, it had always been Pat. No one else had managed to find their way past his defences. That alone made Pat worthy of more attention, but as quick as the slight touch would come, the figure would be gone.

It had started by the bar, and as he had moved through the crowd, it was like Pat was herding him to a specific spot. Thinking about it after, he realized how good Pat was at it. The way he would seem to be nudging him towards the far wall, towards the only door that exited the bar without setting off alarms.

Without even realizing it, he had been gently guided to that far wall, where eventually he had been cornered, and the full press had begun. The charm Pat had was unnerving. Just a small grin was enough to set his heart pounding, even now.

His voice was never loud, despite the blaring music. You could hear him clearly, but no one else could. They could be standing right next to you, but only you could hear his words, feel his breath against your face. It was like being taken into a confidence, amidst a swirling world of potential interlopers. It felt special, as it was meant to.

The words didn’t matter, it was the look, the odd touch, that made it all special. How his eyes would light up as he spoke, how they made you feel special, unique. It was an amazing trick, or tactic. Even after, when you talked to Pat, he could make it seem like there was no one else in the room, as if it was only you he was talking to.

No wonder he was successful, but if his mannerisms weren’t enough, his touch would put anyone over the edge. The way he would laugh, then run his finger down the side of your face, or lightly tap your chest. Just that simple gesture, was enough to have nearly made him cum, that first time. Still would too, but that night, it was like Pat’s touch was electrically charged.

When Pat had managed to herd him to the back wall, how he had stood in front of him, his one hand up over Jordan’s head, resting on the wall above. How his body smelled, being so close, the mix of sweat and cologne intoxicating. It all added to the mystique, and to setting the mood.

How he had felt, when Pat had clinked their glasses together, and his fingers had lightly brushed the back of his hand, the jolt was unreal. Pat had noticed it too, smiling at him, the eyes sparkling as they bore into his very soul. Or at least it was how he had remembered it. The way he had shook for a moment, when they had touched, how suddenly he felt his whole insides twisting and turning with excitement, with desire. How his knees had quivered, barely keeping him upright.

It was a memory he would never forget, never become clouded by time. It was fresh now, as it was then, as he closed his eyes, trying to control his breathing. The cab bounced but all he could see was Pat’s smiling face, feel the eyes staring at him, questioning him in a way he had never experienced before.

He still couldn’t recall how, but they had made their way out of the bar, were off in the back alley, among piles of garbage cans and bins. The noise of cars passing across the alley opening only seemed to make it all even more special, as they had moved to stand out of the back lights from the various other back doors.

The sounds of people, of cars, or horns, and emptying trash seemed distant, as they had kissed, as Pat had held him tightly up against the wall. The way his lips had crushed his, forcing his mouth apart. How he had tasted him that first time, feeling the warmth make his whole body tremble.

One hand had moved down, to hold his hip, to wrap around his slender waist, digging in slightly. The mouth had crushed his, the tongue snaking into his, tasting him and letting him taste back. It had nearly knocked all of the breath from him, when he felt himself being shuffled further down the cold brick wall. His body was shaking, from excitement, as Pat kissed him under his chin, licking at his Adam’s apple, then licking up and around his chin, up to his ear lobe.

He felt the tongue lick at the underside of the lobe, then he felt the teeth nibble at the bottom, pulling it even, before the tongue was suddenly licking at the inside curve, making his head grow dizzy.

The feel of the tongue, the tip licking along his ear, then swirl around the inside, made his whole body shudder. He felt the hard press of a hand on his belly, felt the fingers caressing his trembling stomach, brushing over the rolling muscles. He had sucked in his gut, thrilled by the touch, the seeming cautious groping, as the hand worked down, to rest over his aroused crotch. He knew he was totally erect, and yet as the hand moved across his groin, he felt himself grow even harder.

It was impossible to believe, but it felt like his cock would rip through the pants, to let Pat hold it, to let him grab hold and do whatever he wanted with it. His eyes were shut tight, as he felt Pat kiss his cheek, then just back of his jaw, and all he could do was to moan his pleasure, his joy at it all.

Jordan remembered how he had felt the cool night air blowing across his belly, how Pat had managed to undo his pants, to push them down and had his fingers probing at his testicles. It had shocked him, the hard touch of those tapered fingers against his balls, digging into the sack, pushing up at his cock. He had moaned, but had it cut off as Pat once more, kissed him full on the mouth.

His whole body was shaking, as the hands reached around and grabbed hold of his ass. The fingers dug into his flesh hard, making him wince a little. He felt them pull him and grind his hard cock into Pat’s body. He felt the cock tremble, felt his body grow rigid as the fingers stretched outwards, digging and pulling as they sought t spread Jordan’s cheeks even more. The wind seemed like it was blowing between his cheeks, as he had felt himself turned around, his face resting up against the cold brick wall.

There seemed like nothing he could do, his body was Pat’s to command, and he could only remember how good it felt, to have his hands running up and down his chest, under his shirt, while his pants and shorts had been pushed down to his knees. Pat pushed his legs apart, as far as they could go with the clothes preventing them from being too wide.

His heart had been pounding, his pulse racing unchecked, as he felt Pat lean into him, his head on Jordan’s shoulder. He felt the lips brush past his neck, then once more the teeth nibble at his ear lobe, the tongue flicking out to taste his skin, under the ear lobe, then over it. Jordan remembered how he had shook then, how he had whimpered out begging Pat to take him, to enter him.

Jordan had never begged anyone before to fuck him, nor since. But at that moment, he was almost in tears, wanting Pat to fill his insides. Instead, he felt the finger move down his spine, under his shirt. He felt his buttocks clench as the finger left the small of his back, then he felt it come back, moistened by some spit.

It moved slowly down between his cheeks, which were quivering. He was moaning ‘yes, oh yes’ as the finger moved down between the cheeks, lightly touching his hole and teasing it. He felt his body shake, felt himself trying to push back against the finger, but Pat not letting him impale himself, least not right away.

He moved the finger up and down his valley, letting the tip reach down and under, to brush over the very base of his cock. It pressed into his scrotum, then moved away, once more to be moistened. Then he felt it slide between his cheeks, the wet tip lightly pressing up against his hole, and then in a sudden press, Jordan felt it penetrate him. He cried out, sucked in his breathe, as the finger was pushed deep into his insides. His legs quivered, his heart skipped several beats, and the air left his lungs, as the finger penetrated.

Every nerve tingled, screamed out at his mind, as the finger dove deep into his insides, twisting as it moved unimpeded inside. His inner muscles were taken by surprise, and then the finger began to gyrate, to move in and out with speed. He felt himself grunt, then he cried out a second time, as Pat suddenly added another finger.

His body shook, as the two fingers pressed in, twisted and turned inside as they dove in, then pulled out. In and Out they went for several hard minutes, making him moan, making him try to push his legs further apart, restrained by his pants. Sweat was dripping from his forehead, as he felt the fingers digging deeper with each thrust, then he felt the hard kiss under his ear, felt the other hand reach around and grab hold of his hard cock. He groaned as the hand gripped him tightly, the fingers pounding his insides while the other hand stroked him in time.

Then it all seemed to stop. He didn’t know what was happening, didn’t recognize any of the sounds, until he felt the sudden hard press of a cock up against the small of his back. He felt his body being pulled away form the wall, and he could feel Pat’s fist between the top of his butt cheeks. Between his hands was a hard lump, hot and throbbing.

The press of the hard cock between his legs only made him shake more. He didn’t even have the strength to turn his head, to look back at Pat, who leaned into him. Jordan heard him spit, felt the hard cock pulled back and then he could hear the sound of the spit being quickly spread over the burning pole. He took a deep breath, as the hard cock was once more wedged between his cheeks. He felt the wet spit, felt the thin plastic tip as the cock was slowly slid down his open cheeks, until it was firmly wedged up against his trembling hole.

Jordan remembered closing his eyes tight, his mouth open as he waited, as his muscles tensed up both inside and out. His legs were trembling in anticipation. He held his breath, feeling his lungs ache, as the rolling pain suddenly hit his sense.

He cried out, as Pat penetrated him, as the hard cock head wedged between his legs pushed past his inner muscles. The pain was sharp, as it raced up his spine, as his body was suddenly being split apart. Every part of his body shook, as Pat pushed his whole cock into Jordan’s rectum, without stopping. Jordan felt the grinding of Pat’s groin into his buttocks, as he was completely impaled on the cock.

The fullness was almost too much. The pain seemed endless, as Pat ignored Jordan’s cries, and began to pull out, then push in. He moved his hips from side to side, making his cock jerk and shake inside. Jordan remembered how each thrust into his body was like feeling the penetration all over again. It was hard, and only seemed to grow harder with each thrust.

Pat reached around and had hold of his thighs. The fingers dug deeply into his flesh, and with each thrust in, the fingers would pull back, forcing him backwards onto the pile driving cock. He could feel it inside, the way it throbbed, and moved. He had bitten his lip, when it had dug into his body, and he could taste some blood, as Pat rocked him.

In and out like a jack hammer, was how he remembered that whole episode. The pain was dulled by its constant repetition. His body was a mass of quivering muscles, as the cock seemed to go deeper each time it was pushed in.

Jordan could remember each thrust, even now, as he ignored the cab’s motion. His cock was stretching his pants as he remembered each hard thrust, remembered each twist as the cock head would bang up against his insides. How he could feel the head as it would press up into his prostrate, bang off to one side, and how his whole body shook.

The pounding continued to get faster, then suddenly it had ended. He felt his muscles go slack, felt his lungs gulp in air, then he heard the heavy breathing. He felt Pat leaning up against him, his head on his shoulder. His still quivering buttocks was being hit hard by Pat’s fist, and something else. It took Jordan a second loner to realize that Pat was jerking off, and the realization made his body stiffen, made his lungs ache, as he held his breath, waiting.

Pat let out a stifled moan, that made Jordan turn his head to stare back. He saw Pat’s head tilted back, the way his whole face was contorted, as his body seemed to shake. He watched, in amazement, as the whole figure behind him seemed to become a blur, as Jordan’s own body suddenly tensed.

He felt the hot splatter across his lower back, then he felt it burn his skin, as Pat’s cum flew out and covered his bare skin. He felt each splash, each drop as it hit his own shaking body. His legs suddenly tightened, his lungs grew empty of breath, his heart pounded, as the hot cream flew across his body.

The sensation was amazing, as his muscles began to twitch, his flesh taut like sheets of steel. The pain was almost as intense inside, as it had been when Pat first penetrated him. He felt his cock jerk, felt his groin ache, as his own body reacted to the splattering of cum.

Every nerve in his body seemed to be groaning, as his eyes fluttered, as they closed, with the image of Pat’s head tilted back, his hair askew, his eyes tightly shut, as the final spasm of his orgasm passed across his face. Jordan moaned, feeling his own body explode, feeling his own orgasm explode.

He handed the cab drive a twenty, telling him to keep the change, as he hurriedly exited the vehicle. Jordan adjusted his pants, wiping the sweat from his brow, as he made his way to the entrance of the club. Tonight, he was going to relive that moment, and he had a surprise or two in store for Pat. He’d see who would be paddling whose bum with a drained dick, as he headed down the stairs, towards the noise, towards Pat, the wet spot on his pants adding to his excitement.

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