Fiction – Erotic Sam

Erotic Sam

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

He had been with Cory for almost three months, the longest he had ever been with another person. There was something there, but what Cory had said, it just wasn’t fair, or right. No way was he a slut, or a pervert, and for Cory to say that, was just, well, being mean.

Like how many times had they been driving or walking, and Cory not point out some stud, commenting on how he’d not mind sucking him off, or ramming his ass with his dick? So maybe he wouldn’t do it, and Sam would, still he bet if Cory could, he would.

After all, it wasn’t like they were dried up old prunes. Both of them were just barely 20, and build like they had worked out, though truth was neither of them had seen the inside of a Gym since High School. Cory was a bit heftier, but then he didn’t exercise like Sam. Still, he was a looker, just like he was, so what was his frigging problem about being sought after?

Okay, so they were supposed to be together, but it wasn’t like they had formally talked about it. He didn’t really think he was supposed to be exclusive, and so what if the opportunities came up, and he took advantage of them? Still didn’t make him a slut. Besides, Cory wasn’t into all the stuff he was, so what, he was supposed to just stop wanting the things that excited him, just for Cory?

Cory was good, he could fuck his ass for what seemed like hours, before he would cum. He was good at it, and Sam liked to have his butt ploughed. He loved how Cory would slap his butt cheeks, just before driving his hard cock into him. The pain was intense when he first penetrated his butt, but then it would start to change. He would feel his muscles trying to hold onto the long thick pole, to feel it pulse even, as it drove deep into him. He loved it, loved how Cory would twist his body and make the cock twist inside of his tight hole. It made him sweat, made him groan too.

The way he would pound him, then suddenly make him change positions. From being on top, to being on his side, when he would slowly push his dick in and out. The way it would feel at a different angle, all made him tingle and moan. Even just thinking about it made him horny, made him hot inside and out. But he liked more, and while Cory could slam his ass anytime, and in a ton of different positions, it just wasn’t enough for him.

Sure, when he would tower over him, his legs pushed back over his head, his ass lifted up and Cory’s thick cock was driving hard into him, was great. To see his long dark hair shaking, the strands flaying across his own heaving chest, was amazing. To feel the drops of Cory’s sweat as they splattered onto his face, his chest, was sexy as hell.

The way Cory’s brown eyes would glitter, sparkle really, as his cock drove deep into Sam’s open body. It was all amazing, but it just wasn’t enough. Sure the feel of that cock spreading his insides, stretching him each and every time he pushed in, was exciting. It always made him tremble, made his legs go numb as blood would rush to his own cock, but it wasn’t enough.

Sam loved how Cory would pile drive his ass. How his cock would become like a jack hammer. The way his hips would move so fast, that they would be blurred. His own eyes would be misted, covered by his own sweat, mixed with the constant stream of Cory’s sweat. How his chest would heave, twitch when the long strands of dark hair would scrape across it. The way his muscles would coil, tremble even, while his insides were being pounded was all thrilling, and for that moment, ideal.

Every now and then, Cory would reach out, and twist one or both of his nipples. He would make him cry out, as his fingers would take hold of the nipples, then viciously twist them, making him cry out in pain. The cock would be buried deep inside him at the time, twisting. Cory knew how to make that cock turn, no matter how deep inside of Sam it was. The pain would mix with the deep waves of pleasure, and then he would feel his hot breath on his face, then the press of those thin lips against his mouth.

He would feel the pressure, then opening his own lips, would feel the hot tongue dig in. His mouth would suddenly be filled by the swirling tongue, as Cory would gyrate his hips more, making his groin sink down further into the bed or what ever he was laying on top of.

The kiss never lasted long, as he would take his tongue out, his teeth would grab his lower lip and nibble on it, before he would give his head a shake, raking Sam’s face with his long hair. Sweat would cover him, as Cory would raise his head back, tossing it back, as his hips would push in and out like a giant piston.

It always amazed Sam, at how Cory could pound him so fast, so hard. It was like a racing car engine that had no limits. The cock would pound him and with each hard thrust inwards, would pick up speed. At the end it was like a hundred different thick rods being rammed into him. He knew it was stupid, but there were times he wished he would just do it slowly, to let the cock slowly slide into him, then slowly, very slowly, pull almost out. He wanted to feel every inch of that cock as it moved in and out, to feel the veins underneath it quiver, to feel it tremble as it moved in and out.

Yet he had to admit, being fucked by Cory was still an amazing feeling. The power & stamina was unreal. The guy could keep that dick rock hard, from start to finish. If anything, it seemed to grow thicker, as it pounded his ass, made his insides feel like mush. There were moments when he would feel as if the cock would dig its way through and pop out his throat. It felt like it was that far inside, and when it twisted around, when that huge head banged into his soft insides, then pushed further down, he could feel his own legs quiver, his whole body shake.

Then when it was about to end, the sudden emptiness inside as Cory would pull out, rip the condom off, made his whole body shake and shiver. His legs would slowly sink down, numb from being held up for so long, yet as his eyes would adjust to stare up and over at Cory, he would feel the pounding still.

His memory would replay the feelings, as if they were still happening, as he would see Cory constrict his face, his eyes clenched tightly shut, the lips trembling as his hand flew up and down his hard dick. The way his cheeks would sink into his mouth, his nostrils flare out as he could hear the panting.

Then would come the piercing cry. He would see his mouth suddenly open wide, as the scream of release would come from deep inside of Cory. It would echo in the room, and the head would whip backwards, the chin jutting out, the hair flying backwards. Cory’s chest would be sunken, but his hips and crotch would suddenly push forward.

Cory’s hand would be like a blur, but he could see the wild shape of the pulsing cock head, as it would push forward, and then he would catch the flash of grey, as the first stream of Cory’s cum would suddenly come flying out towards him.

The hot cum would strike him in the upper chest. It would burn as it splattered across his chest, mixing with the river of sweat that would be pouring down the centre. It would make him flinch, make his whole body quiver to each hot splash. His belly would shake, the muscles rolling, as usually the second stream would splatter across, some even filling his belly button.

While the first splatters would be drying, the second stream cooling, the third and final load of Cory’s cum would hit him, around his groin. It would strike like huge rain drops, across his pubic hairs, even across his own quivering cock. There would be a strange moan from above him, and he would see Cory’s eyes flutter, as the lean body would shake before him.

He would see the body slowly collapse, usually on him, but off to one side. Sam would feel Cory’s heaving chest, as it would press his side, as Cory’s head would rest just to the side of Sam’s shoulder. An arm would drape across his own heaving chest, and he could see the affection being reflected in Cory’s face, but that was where it ended.

Cory was finished, and by this time, too weak to do much but watch as Sam would have to jerk himself off. It wouldn’t take him long, to cum, but it wasn’t as satisfying as it could be. Not if Cory was maybe doing the stroking, or if he would let Sam shoot his load on him. Cory didn’t like cum on him, not after he had cum.

Sam had needs too, and as far as he was concerned, Cory wasn’t willing to satisfy them. Oh sure, he was quite willing to fuck him, but when Sam wanted to feel his own cock driving between those firm cheeks, Cory was quick to beg off, to claim he wasn’t in the mood. When he wanted to suck on Cory’s cock, there was no hesitation, but when Sam wanted the favour returned, Cory was always not in the mood.

Now here he was, bitching and calling him a slut, because he spent a few hours with Justin, having his own cock sucked on, having his own balls licked and sucked. It wasn’t like Cory never did it, but it was rare. So what if he let Justin taste his cock, so what if he spread Justin’s creamy white cheeks apart, and licked his ass, and drove his tongue into that nice pink hole?

He liked it, and Cory didn’t. Oh, he didn’t mind Sam rimming him, but he wouldn’t let him finger him, wouldn’t let him use a dildo or anything. Justin was more than willing to let Sam lick his hole, to drive not just one finger up his ass, but two and even three fingers. To feel that 19 year old’s body squirm as he drove his three fingers deep into his hole was nirvana. It was food for his libido, plus it didn’t end there. Justin loved to have him finger him, to fill his hole, to lick at it, to taste it.

Then he would beg Sam to fuck him, to ram his cock deep into the well moistened hole. So naturally he would oblige, and it felt great. To feel that wet hole on the tip of his cock head. To feel the muscle resist him at first, as he slowly pushed his cock in, slowly feeling the muscles around the pink hole stretch, as his cock made its way inside.

The warmth, the way the inside muscles wrapped around his cock, held it, or tried to, as he slowly pushed inwards was heady stuff for Sam. Something Cory refused to give him, and Justin wasn’t a whore either. His ass was tight, always tight but just like he enjoyed Cory’s cock inside, Justin enjoyed having Sam bury his in him.

He loved to be fucked, to feel Sam’s own throbbing pole dig deep into him, then gradually go faster, then slow down. He could twist his cock too, not as good as Cory, but good enough to get Justin moaning, pounding the side of the bed, urging him on. Justin wasn’t a dead fuck, or a quiet one. He loved to moan, to groan, as Sam would pound his ass.

It didn’t take him hours before he was ready, and he would pull out, rip off his condom, and after maybe two or three quick strokes, his own cock would be shooting its cream across Justin’s still trembling body. He would see the cum fly out, see it hit Justin’s milky white body, see it splatter.

His own body would tremble, quake differently than when he would watch Cory cum on him. This was different, it was his cum, and it wasn’t always on the chest, or on the crotch. There were times when he couldn’t hold back, and would pull out, shooting his load across the small of Justin’s back, watch as his cream splattered across that trembling backside, see the butt cheeks quiver, shake as the cum hit.

Sam could watch the cum flow down, smearing it even across Justin’s flesh. They would kiss too, deep long kisses, that had a taste of cum to it. He would lick his own cum and then kiss Justin, who would always suck the cum from his mouth, or off his lips. It was unreal how it would make him tremble, make him shake.

Then he would go down on Justin. The way his eyes would light up, as his lips would touch the cock head, the way the pre cum would be oozing out. How he would smear it across the cock, using his lips, then wrap those lips around the whole head. Sam would always take Justin’s cock deep into his mouth, and Justin would moan and reach out, to grab hold of Sam’s hair. He would twist his fingers around the strands of blond hair, then he would push Sam’s face down onto his cock, forcing all of his cock deep into Sam’s throat.

He would push so hard, that at times Sam would gag, but he kept the cock inside, even when his nose would be pressing hard into Justin’s crotch. It was thrilling to smell that aroma, to feel the pubic hairs tickling his nose, his chin, and it never took Justin long.

His cum was sweet, not much salt to its wonderful taste. He would take all he could, drink it all, barely letting any drip out from the corner’s of his mouth. It was totally satisfying, and when it was over, he would lay next to Justin. He would feel his hot breath on his shoulder, feel the damp hair next to his face, and his cock would be soft, drained just as Justin’s would be.

Too bad Cory didn’t understand that, but to have called him a slut, was just mean spirited. It also meant that he’d have to find someone else who could fuck him hard, because he wasn’t about to give up Justin or Mark either for that matter. Good thing Cory didn’t know about him, he thought, as he looked down at the sleeping figure next to him.

He smiled, trying to remember the name of the sleeping figure. It didn’t matter, as he saw that whoever it was, had a very nice looking cock, bigger than Cory’s actually, and while he might be sleeping, no way was that cock asleep. It was sticking almost vertical, and he felt the desire in his own body, as he let his hand move softly across the sleeping figure.

Damon, that was his name, as his hand reached the groin, the fingers just lightly touching the base of the fully erect cock. He had remembered his name, as the figure stirred, and a pair of soft blue eyes opened, and a warm smile crossed the handsome face that now looked at him. Sam smiled back, pleased at remembering the name, as his hand took hold of the hard cock.

Cory’s angry words no longer mattered, as he leaned forward. He liked sex, and he wanted as much as he could get. It was Cory’s loss, not his, as he breathed in deeply, smelling that mix of sweat and dried cum with a hint of perfume.

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