Fiction – Morning After

Morning After

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 ? All Rights Reserved

Dustin felt the rays of the sun burning at the back of his eyelids, as he opened first one, then the other to stare at the bright morning sun. It was beaming in, lighting up his entire bedroom, despite the curtains being drawn. He yawned, feeling the stiffness in his joints, as he stretched his arms up and over his head.

It was then he realized that he wasn’t alone in his bed. His eyes blinked as he leaned up, to stare at the figure covered by his blankets, that lay next to him. At the same time he realized he was stark naked under the covers, and he had no recollection of anything.

Panic was reaching for him, when his memory finally seemed to wake up, lagging behind his body’s awakening. It suddenly all came back to him as he looked over at the slightly smaller figure. Leaning up against the wall, he felt the memory of last night come flooding back to him.

How he had picked up the guy, or was he the one who had been picked up? Thinking about it now, he stared down at the still sleeping young man, who was just 19. Cully was his name, he recalled as his mind began to unravel the hidden memories of last night.

Dustin had first spotted him running down the street towards the bus stop. He had noticed the way his butt had swayed, as he ran to catch the bus, but failed. For some odd reason it had made him smile, and more surprisingly, had made him pull into the curb, to offer the guy a ride.

That was totally out of character for him, and now here he was. Sitting in bed, and next to him the young man who had turned out to be more than just a passing fancy.

He shivered a little, as he glanced over to the night table next to him. There were empty condom wrappers, which gave him a sense of relief. At least what happened last night had been somewhat safe, though he was still struggling to recall it all.

The figure next to him moved a bit, a small little groan escaped and Dustin could now see his face. He had dark hair, a large lock covering his forehead and one eye. The eyelids were still shut, but he could see the long dark eyelashes, remembering what a turn on they had been when Cully had first poked his head inside, as Dustin had pulled up to the bus stop.

It had given Dustin an instant hard on, and as his mind became more awake, he knew it had been a lot more than just a quick ride to somewhere. His body was stiff, but he realized it wasn’t from sleep, but from all that had happened last night. The memories were flooding his mind now, and he sighed, realizing what a night it had been.

Somehow the offer of a ride down the street had turned into grabbing some burgers and fries, then going back to his place. Early on he had brought out the booze, but it was just icing on the cake, as Cully was making all the moves. He didn’t need any coaxing, and as he sat there, he realized it was he who had needed the artificial courage.

While he was no slouch in the looks department, had his own special features that managed to keep his dance card full, Cully was a few steps above his league. To begin with, Cully was 19, while he was 22, nearly 23. Cully was an inch or two shorter than he was, but he had a perfect looking body. Not much body hair, except around his lower legs. Even his pubic hairs were sparse, but damn he had a monster cock.

Just recalling that first glimpse, gave him a strange sensation, and the ache in his ass suddenly reminded him of just how big that cock had been. Hell, as he thought about how thick and long it was, he could feel his own cock stirring, beginning to tent the sheet that covered him, for the moment.

He could feel his chest heaving, as his eyes glanced back over at the sleeping figure. The way the nostrils were flaring, the eyelashes fluttering, brought it all back to him. He could recall the press of those thin lips against his own full mouth, how they had pressed, how the tongue had worked between his own lips, to dig deep into his mouth. It was all coming back to him, as he found his hand moved down towards his cock.

Christ he was like some teenager, feeling so horny from nothing but a memory. Yet that memory was laying next to him, and he glanced back over, wondering if he should wake him, or if he should just slide his hand over, to touch him once more? Dustin was finding it hard to think, the ache in his groin, between his buttocks, was making him sweat a bit. Tiny beads were once more dotting his forehead, less than those that had dripped from his forehead last night.

His toes curled up, and his legs spread open a bit more, as he thought about last night, about how the evening had somehow turned to raw sex, from a simple lift. He could feel the firm arms wrapping around his own body, at how the lips pressed against his flesh, at how the hand had gripped his cock, holding it tight. It all was coming back to him, as he turned his head away from the sleeping young man. He stared up at the ceiling as if last night was being replayed on it.

There was the image of him entwined with Cully, of the two of them ripping the clothes off the other, of their naked bodies pressing into each other’s. How good it had felt to have Cully’s cock sticking into his belly, at how erotic it had felt to have his own cock wedged underneath, and how they had kissed so passionately. It all was playing on his ceiling, as his eyes were closed tightly, remembering it all, tasting it again, feeling it again.

Last night was good, wasn’t it?

The voice broke through his thoughts, and he turned towards the voice, his eyes opening wide. Dustin found himself staring into those dark eyes, seeing the gleam in them that had made such an impression on him last night. He saw the golden flesh of the young man’s chest too, as the sheet was resting down near his waist. His eyes couldn’t help but also notice the bulge below, as he quickly looked back up.

You could say that.

Mmmmm, yep I sure could, but I see you aren’t just a night owl.

Dustin looked at Cully, then at what Cully was staring at. He saw the tent look of the sheet, and laughed. Glancing back up he saw Cully beginning to reach over, and at the same time, shuffle his body closer. The sheet was still between them, but he could feel the heat coming from Cully’s crotch as they snuggled close together. He could feel his breath on his face, smell his morning breath that for some reason didn’t turn him off.

Then he saw the eyelashes flutter, as the face tilted and came closer. Before he could react, he felt the press of those lips once more, their taste even more arousing than last night. He kissed him back, letting his tongue push apart the young man’s lips.

Cully seemed to know how to play him, as his hand moved quickly from under the sheet, to move it out of the way. Dustin felt the hot flesh against his own, felt the warmth creeping along his prone body as Cully moved in closer, while Dustin’s tongue continued to taste the inside of Cully’s mouth.

His body shuddered, as Cully reached down to grab hold of his cock. As the hand tightened around it, gave it a pull or two, he then felt Cully’s cock wedge in more. Then it was placed next to his own, and Cully’s hand was holding them both together. It was like he could feel the blood rushing in both cocks, as they were pressed together. His heart was beginning to beat a bit faster, as Cully let go of the two cocks.

The hand moved up and along Dustin’s crotch, twisting the pubic hairs a bit, the fingers prodding at the soft flesh of Dustin’s belly. He found his own hands begin to reach out and draw Cully in closer. His fingers touched the hot flesh, and reached down to prod the scrotum, to press the testicles a bit, as he moaned softly.

Cully’s hand moved up around his face, touching him and caressing him at the same time. It moved up over his hair, twisting strands and then running down the side of his face, lightly touching his cheeks, then down to his shoulder. The fingers clutched at his shoulder, as he broke the kiss off, then began to lick at Dustin’s throat.

Dustin felt his legs quiver, felt his stomach twist as his body trembled to the rapid changes of Cully’s hands. The closeness of that hard cock only adding to his lust, his desire. He no longer was thinking of last night, as his own hands moved randomly across the young body. His fingers found a nipple, tweaked it until he heard a garbled groan of pleasure. Then he released it and continued to caress the stomach, the belly, while Cully ran his hand up and down Dustin’s pounding chest.

He would find a small chest hair, and twirl it around a finger, then pull, then he would release it to ran the palm of his hand over it, then down, to where he would quickly grab Dustin’s cock, stroke it two or three times, before moving back up the now shaking torso.

It was if last night was a prelude, as if it was just a minor get acquainted meeting. There constant touching, moaning was making them both sweat. The bed was no longer soft and dry, but rumpled and wet as they twisted around the whole bed. One minute Dustin would be on top, then it would be Cully. Their heads would be near the headboard, then hanging off the side. Their legs would dangle from the foot, then be pressing up against the wall, as they touched and played with each other.

Dustin felt his breath growing shallow, felt the ache in his rectum burning, as he was suddenly laying face down, his head dangling off the side of the bed. A pillow was under his waist, and he felt his legs being pulled apart, by Cully’s knees. He didn’t resist, as he felt Cully’s hands pushing at his buttocks, as the fingers suddenly reached between, one on either side. Then he felt them dig into his flesh, as he softly moaned his enjoyment.

The first touch of the tongue against his buttocks made him moan louder, made him spread his legs further apart. The fingers were clenched deep into his flesh, pulling his cheeks apart. The tongue licked at the soft pink flesh inside, running up and down the valley, until it reached his pink hole. Then the tongue seemed to twirl up and poke at him, then flatten as it licked at the outer rink of his hole. The tip lightly passing over at times, making his whole body shake.

The first wave of pleasure came rushing up from his spine, as Cully let his tongue flick at Dustin’s hole. He felt it rub the muscles, then all around before it finally spread his hole open, and dove inside. He felt the raspy edged tongue licking at him as it made its way inside, touching him and filling him at the same time. He moaned loudly, his hands grabbing the bed sheets, bunching them up in his fists, as his body began to quake.

Cully’s tongue moved in and out quickly, then it licked around the hole, before once more diving deep inside. He cried out, feeling his body shaking, feeling his mind growing cloudy. His pulse was racing as the tongue licked him deep and hard inside, then moved out and licked down his valley, towards his sac.

A hand reached under him, pulling his hard cock out and he cried out, as Cully’s tongue licked his whole cock shaft. First he had licked at the full balls, then the hot throbbing pole and now Dustin found himself rolled over, his legs spread apart, and Cully leaning up and over his groin.

His eyes opened briefly, to see the young man’s hair dangling over his face, to feel the warm lips wrap around his cock, two fingers probing his rectum. He felt himself shudder, felt his balls growing fuller, as his body shook. Dustin’s legs were taut, spread fully apart, threatening to break him into two, as Cully sucked on his cock.

The two fingers dug deep into him, pressing up hard, then they began to slowly move around, to twirl and twist inside, as his mouth was moving up and down on his cock. He felt the nose dig into the soft flesh of his belly, then slide off to the side, between his thigh and crotch.

He cried out, as Cully licked at the throbbing pole, as he pulled his fingers almost out, before driving them in even further. His whole body was quivering, as he felt his body about to explode. The lips seemed to tighten even more, and a hand was rubbing him, going from his stomach up his chest, then back down. Dustin felt Cully’s lips up around the head of his cock, felt them sucking just at the head, as the hand now grabbed hold of his shaft, pulling at it quickly.

Dustin moaned, groaned, as his body shook, as Cully sucked on his cock head. The tongue licked just underneath, then the hand moved away, the mouth came crushing down to bury itself into his pubic hairs. The fingers in his rectum went diving in hard, twisting as they did, and his balls moved up then down, as his body released its load.

His voice echoed in the room, mingled with the slurping sounds coming from Cully. His hips arched upwards, driving his cock even deeper into Cully’s mouth, and he heard the gagging sound, as his first stream of cum shot out.

Dustin could feel his milk spurting, feel it as the head moved back, as every nerve in Dustin’s body began to tingle, to quiver. His heart was pounding, the pulse racing as his chest heaved. His respiration was ragged and shallow, as his body shook. His cum was spurting out, splashing against Cully’s face. He could feel drops of it fall onto his own body, as his buttocks clenched together, trapping the two fingers inside.

He yelled, as his body shot every drop of cum it could. His balls were throbbing, his cock quivering, as the heavy load of cream dribbled out, to be licked up greedily by Cully’s tongue. Sweat was dripping down his forehead, across his face, as he fell back onto the bed, exhausted.

The only sound he could hear was the beat of his heart, the rapid breathing of Cully, as he lay there, exhausted. His eyes flickered, as he looked up to the sprawled body next to him. He could see his face, looking so angelic, so sweet, and yet so full of lust. It was amazing, as he lay there, wondering what would happen after breakfast.

Cully smiled, as he rolled over a little, showing his still heaving chest.

Never thought I’d be glad to have missed a bus

Dustin grinned, as he reached over to lay his arm over Cully’s body.

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