Fiction – Just Sex (2)

Just Sex (2)

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

The food wasn’t the best, but for a guy who hadn’t eaten in a few days, it tasted like dining out at a fancy restaurant. At least it ended the rumbling inside, and the annoying gurgles. Kyle had worried that they would be picked up by the microphone or something, but in the shower scene the running water had masked it, least he hoped so.

Lunch gave him a chance to study the other guys in the room. The camera crew were obvious, as they were the only one’s dressed. The naked one’s all looked bored, yet he couldn’t be more amazed at how they all seemed in a state of being semi hard. At one point or another, they had all checked him out, and he felt a bit self conscious.

Sam obviously knew how to pick them. Tony seemed a carbon copy of Tyler. He was tall, well built and other than having brown hair, he could be Tyler’s twin. His cock was a little shorter, definitely not as thick either, but damn he had some huge balls hanging below. They looked a bit misshapen, as they drooped below his cock, the sac looking rather long compared to the other guys.

Still he had a sort of look that made him rather sexy. His hair wasn’t as curly as Tyler’s, nor as long, but he had a nipple ring. Kyle had been tempted once to get one, but he just never seemed willing to take a chance at it. Pain wasn’t exactly his thing, no matter how short lived.

Then there was the one tattoo that Tony had. It was near his left shoulder, showing a rather angry dragon, done mainly in green, that seemed to cover his entire upper arm. Other than that, he had pretty clean skin. A bit of hair down the centre of his chest, and his legs seemed a bit thicker too, unlike Tyler who seemed almost hairless both on his torso and legs.

Cameron on the other hand was totally different than Tony or Tyler. He was shorter to begin with, and he had a lot more body hair than the other two, together. His eyebrows were bushy and dark, matching his dark hair. You could see the shadow of his beard too, the darker skin where he had shaved.

His chest was also more hairy. Tufts were under each nipple, both of which were pierced. He also had a shiny metal stud gleaming from his belly button, and his right arm had a black tattoo running all around his bicep. It looked like a linked chain, rather dull actually. He had another one on his thigh, again no color to it.

His cock didn’t look like it would be too long when fully aroused, but it did hint at being a thick fucker. His balls were more or less normal, looking rather puny compared to the dangling pair of bowling balls Tony sported. Still he seemed to always be looking around, and it was obvious he was into jewellery.

Not only did he have the piercing on his nipples, and belly, but he had four rings dangling from one ear lobe, and some sort of dangling figure from the other ear. He seemed to have a permanent frown on his face, and his nose was fat and thick, clearly showing signs of having been broken more than a few times.

The eyes made him look angry, and someone not to mess with. He moved quickly, when he moved, as if always on the alert for danger. He kept looking around, the eyes rarely settling on anything, even the small television set that was playing some porn video.

The camera guy returned, slapping his hands together, to sort of silence the room. Not like many were talking, but all sound and talking ended almost immediately. He seemed to still be angry, but maybe it was simply his nature.

He laid out the plans for the next scene, carefully explaining what he expected from them all. Kelly felt rather nervous, as he realized he was about to service all three of them. Staring at the blank faces of the others, he felt the unease growing inside. Tony was up first, and his job was to suck him, until he was hard enough to fuck, while Cameron was supposed to loosen his ass up.

Somehow he didn’t think Cameron would be all that gentle, and being fucked up the ass, even with a finger or dildo wasn’t something Kyle enjoyed. Still, he had agreed. Mind you, after having some food and being more or less cleaned up, it wasn’t quite as appealing. Then, he had to admit, it had never been really appealing. It was the money, and nothing else.

His thoughts were harshly interrupted by the Camera Guy shouting, telling him to wake up and get into position. He had a sort of stunned look on his face, because he had no idea what he was supposed to do. It obviously only infuriated the camera man more, until Tito walked over to him, pointing to the far wall and the lone piece of furniture spotlighted in the glare of flood lights.

Walking quickly he couldn’t help but see Tony snicker, and Cameron’s wicked little grin grow wider as he began to climb onto the ratty old chesterfield. It had a stale smell to it, that almost made him want to throw up, but he held it back as Title quietly explained what he was supposed to. Least someone was being nice, he thought as he rested his upper body on the arm of the couch. He felt his legs push apart, as balanced himself on the couch, so his head hung over the edge, his ass upraised.

Tony moved in, to stand in front of him. Kyle could see his cock, the way it hung down, the big balls swaying a little as he spread his legs apart, to stand directly in front. There was some talk going on but he didn’t turn his head, afraid he’d be yelled at. Then it all began. The word ‘go’ was shouted and in an instant Tony had reached out to grab hold of his hair, holding his head up.

His hips moved and the other hand lifted up his semi hard cock which he wiped across Kyle’s face. It was warm but felt odd as he felt it slap against one cheek a few times, then was pressed over his lips. He heard Tony tell him to open his mouth, and as he did, Tony began to stuff his cock inside.

Suck it bitch’ was shouted at him, and he rolled his eyes up to see Tony’s constricted face. The eyes were staring down at him, and the cock was being pushed further into his mouth, as he struggled with the sudden presence of the cocking his mouth. He gagged a little, as he was totally unprepared for such quick action.

It was totally different than being with a john. It was action on cue, not something he was used to, but soon he felt his nervousness lessen. His body began to react to the sex. His mouth was now wrapped around the cock, as he tightened his lips to hold it steady, as it pushed in and out of his mouth.

The grip of his hair loosened a little, as he began to suck on the cock. He could feel it thicken as he let his tongue flick and tickle at the underside, as it moved in and out. His lips tightened their hold on it, as Tony’s huge balls continued to sway beneath his face. Their sound was exciting him, as he opened his eyes to take it in. He could see them moving, see their size growing too, as he managed to get into the whole action.

The loud slap on his buttocks startled him. He let the cock fall out of his mouth to turn his head, to see Cameron by his upraised butt. He slapped his cheeks again, making him grunt, then the hand holding his hair jerked him back, and he felt Tony stuff his nearly fully erect cock back into his mouth. He struggled a little, but Tony’s hold on him was too good.

The cock pushed past his lips, into his mouth and then he felt the sudden press of something cold up against his buttocks. He felt it near the small of his back, then felt it push his cheeks apart, and slide down his crack. His legs grew a bit taut, as the hand holding his hair tightened its grip too. He felt the pubic hairs brushing up against his nose, as Tony stuffed his cock deep into his mouth, nearly gagging him. His mind was becoming overwhelmed, as he felt the huge balls swaying beneath his chin.

Suddenly his ass felt like it was on fire. A sharp pain entered his thought, as something hard was wedged tightly up against his rectum, then slowly twisted around and around, gradually being pressed inwards. Kyle struggled with the hard cock in his mouth, and the pain coming from his rectum. He cried out, muffled by Tony’s cock in his moth.

It didn’t seem to matter, as suddenly he felt the pain growing inside of his ass. The pain was intense, as the hard object began to split his ass apart. His tiny pink hole was resisting, but it was useless. The relentless press of the object only grew more intense as he felt the object penetrating his hole. His cries went unheeded as the cock in his mouth began to push in and out faster. The hand on his head gripped him even tighter, adding to the pain he was feeling.

His body shook, as the object in his rectum pushed in, then twisted around, then began to pull out, then suddenly push back in. His legs quivered, his arms were shaking too, as he struggled to suck on the now throbbing pole inside his mouth. He felt himself crying, or it felt like it. Something wet was running down his cheeks, sweat or tears, he didn’t know. His body continued to shake as the hand on the small of his back pressed down harder, the one on his head also becoming stronger. The pain in his jaw from Tony’s now fully erect cock hurt but it was nothing like the constant pain coming from his ass.

Again he felt a sharp stinging blow on one cheek, then another. The cock in his mouth was suddenly gone, as he began to pant. He was in pain as he felt the hard object twist inside of his ass. Then he felt something just below it, as he groaned loudly. He knew a finger was being pushed into his ass, under the thick object. He cried out, but it didn’t stop the assault on his ass.

Suddenly he saw another cock in front of his face. His eyes glanced up, tears trickling down as he saw the hairy bush come closer. A hand reached out, to take hold of his head, another was holding a rather short but thick cock. There was some white pre cum on the cock head, and the hand rubbed the thick cock across his lips. He could taste the salty liquid, and he heard the order to lick it.

His tongue seemed to obey on its own, as the pain in his ass was lessening. His rectum was hurting, but it was no longer sharp. The hard object inside was slowly being pushed in and out, and his body was stretching to accommodate it, to take it without resisting. Slowly he was beginning to get into it all. The sudden assault had thrown him off, but soon he was licking and sucking on Cameron’s thick cock.

He enjoyed feeling it swell up as he reached out, grabbing hold of it. His tongue moved up and down the shaft, licking at it, then sucking on it. He would put the head between his lips, suck a bit then let his hand pull at the hard pole. The motion in his ass was no longer painful, as his buttocks was spread wide apart, his hips moving back and forth to the object.

Then he felt the object pulled out, felt the press of a warm body against his cheeks. He could feel the pubic hairs scratching at his cheeks. The slap stunned a bit, but he was now used to them. The warm glow from the slap helping to relax him, as he felt the hard cock being wedged between his cheeks.

He sucked on Cameron’s cock, as Tony began to slide his cock down between his cheeks. He could feel the pre cum lubricating him, not even realizing what it meant. His body was trembling a little, eager to take the cock. His eyes closed as he sucked on Cameron’s cock, licked under the cock head, when he felt Tony’s cock wedge up against his stretched pink hole. He felt it push, felt his muscles resist at first, then gradually open to hold the tip of Tony’s cock in their grasp.

His lungs ached, but he tried to control his breathing, to let the penetration be as painless as possible. His body grew rigid as he felt the increased pressure, the cock in his mouth no longer moving, as everything stood still, waiting for that one moment. He felt the press, then with a grunt, he felt it push forward, penetrating him quickly and deeply.

Sweat was dripping from his forehead, as he bit his lower lip. The pain lanced up his spine, made his heart skip a beat and made him close his eyes tight. Then he felt it rolling through his body, and he felt the cock in his mouth tremble a little. His body was shaking, as the cock drove steadily into his body.

He reached back with his hands, spreading his cheeks wider, to make the entry easier. The cock fell out of his mouth, as he was puffing hard, moaning too, as he felt the hard press of Tony’s groin pressing against his cheeks, driving his whole body forward a little. His head met Cameron’s groin, and he groaned, as the hard cock inside of him seemed unstoppable. Then it just stopped, hardly moving but he could feel it throbbing inside of him.

Slowly it began to move backwards, to leave his hole empty, but just when he thought it would drop out, it stopped and then twisted a little, making him groan. Then it was suddenly driving hard inside, moving in again faster and with more power than before. His body groaned, his mind was lost in a fog of pain and pleasure, as the hard cock pushed in a bit deeper, then once more began to pull back.

The thick cock head was huge inside of him, it made him tremble, sent rolling tremors up and down his body, as it pulled back, then was driven back inside. It was going faster each time, and his muscles were useless in stopping it. His nerves were all tingling, making him shake. Sweat was dripping off each strand of his hair, as he moaned, cried out, still reaching around to pull his cheeks apart, to make the cock enter him easier, to not let it hurt as much as it did.

The sound of flesh slapping onto flesh, made him moan. Then once more his mouth was suddenly filled as Cameron stuck his cock back inside, and began to fuck his face hard. He held onto Kyle’s hair, tight and at the roots, as he kept shooting his cock in and out of Kyle’s mouth. He was moaning too, as his hips moved faster. Just as Tony’s seemed to move faster and faster with each thrust.

He heard Tony cry out, then he felt the sudden emptiness inside, then hot splashes were stinging the small of his back. His body shook, as he felt the cum splattering across the small of his back, then his buttocks. Kyle felt Tony collapse on top of him, his cock resting across the inside of his thigh.

Cameron pulled his cock out of Kyle’s mouth, but as he seemed to move away, another longer and thicker cock was suddenly shoved into his mouth. It seemed familiar as he felt the press of a thick cock between his cheeks. His mind was numb, as the pain suddenly made him cry out, muffled by the thick cock in his mouth. It was a jolt, as he felt Cameron drive his cock into him.

His muscles resisted, but the thick pole sliced past them, ignoring his pain as Cameron began to quickly pound his ass. It was like a jack hammer, the hard rapid thrusts in and out. He had one hand down between his legs now, grabbing at his own cock, pulling on the soft flesh of his dick, desperate to make it hard, to make it cum.

The pounding in his ass only grew faster and faster. Cameron was indeed jack hammering his ass, the thick cock being pushed in as fast as possible. His hips gyrated a little, making the cock shake and jerk from side to side as it ploughed into his body. His legs ached, as he heard the heavy breathing, felt the hot breath on the small of back, were Tony’s cum was dried and sticking.

The cock in his mouth was also driving in and out fast, and hard. He found himself gagging several time, panting in between thrusts, as his whole body was shuddering, shaking to the hard fucking from both ends. His arms were growing numb, as he struggled to remain upright, to take the cock in his mouth, while his ass took the thick pole.

The heavy breathing from behind him grew more rapid, more shallow, then came the hard scream. As he heard the agonized cry he felt the cock jerk inside of his ass, felt it begin to rear back, even as it was being pulled out. The first stream was already beginning to flood out, as the head came free from his hole. He could feel it against his hole, against the insides of his cheeks, as Cameron was crying out.

He felt the thick cock against the insides of his cheeks, felt the hot splatter of cum, felt the pole as it wiped the cum, spreading it across his cheeks. A slap resonated in the room, as his body shook. His body was still shaking, when he felt the cock pull out from his mouth, felt the cooling air over the cum on his back, on the dripping goo on the inside of his thighs.

Kyle felt his body being moved, felt the hands as they twisted him to lay on his back. His head rested on the arm, where he had been resting, sucking on the offered cocks. Now his back was on the chesterfield’s cushions, his legs were being pulled open and lifted up. His hands moved up to take hold of his ankles, as his legs were pushed up and over.

Opening his eyes, he stared up at Tyler.

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