Fiction – Lonely Boy

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Lonely Boy

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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The holidays always sucked for Kelly, it was depressing really. It reminded him too much of how alone he felt, despite the fact that he had a full address book of names. Some were casual lays, others were dear friends, who he could always count on, no matter what. Yet at this time of year he always felt blue, left out.

Many of his closer friends were off shopping for family, or rushing to get ready for journey’s home, while he sat in his studio apartment alone. His holidays were already set in stone, or so it seemed. While some would journey to the local night spots, he opted to stay away.

Besides, most of the bars were rather dead. They only helped remind him of what he was missing out on. It wasn’t like he couldn’t go home, but those times when he had were nightmares he’d rather not repeat. The ‘family’ just weren’t gay friendly and it always took him longer to get back into the groove than if he just stayed away.

He wasn’t old, but he felt ancient at times like this. Kelly was just 25, had short dark hair and was fairly well built for a short guy. Standing just about 3 inches under six foot, weighing in at about 140 wasn’t bad, all things considered. As a kid he was a lot heavier and as a twink he was a damn site skinnier. For now he thought he was at the ideal weight and look.

Still it didn’t fill his evenings with Mister Right, which is what he truly wanted. Not to just have mindless sex either. He had plenty of that as a twink, and even now if he wished, but he didn’t. Call him a romantic, but he wanted to sit with a person, curl up in their arms and be held. It wasn’t always about the sex, though he kind of wanted that too, though his type of sex. Not some vanilla crap either, or too extreme.

For him, he liked to have his butt worked, but not always with a stiff dick. To have someone who would worship his ass, to kiss it and play with it was something he dreamed of constantly. Despite his vast experience with others, there weren’t many who could handle his special needs.

To most, his cute little ass was best for ploughing with their dick, not for tender love making. A few had tried, most had failed horribly. They never seemed to want to make it last, or to make it anything but a passing stop on the way to intercourse. While he loved a good dick up the ass, he also wished some would do much more.

The rumble in his stomach reminded him that it was time to head off for dinner. For a second he thought about foregoing his Thanksgiving ritual of eating down the street at Mike’s Diner, but then he would regret not seeing Tyler. Least his little routine gave him some food for dreaming, as well as nourishment for his tummy.

Hell, one day he might break down and actually ask Tyler out, for a drink or something. The guy was Kelly’s perfect ideal of a man. To begin with, Tyler was taller, but a bit thinner. He always wore his hair cut in a shag style, that was also frosted at tips and streaked too. It was unusual and yet not. It suited Tyler’s build and face.

Unlike Kelly, who had a button nose, Tyler had a rather thin more Roman styled nose. His lips were thinner than Kelly’s but redder in color. His hair was mostly a dirty blond, though Kelly wondered if the light streaks of golden blond weren’t the real color. Be fun to find out, as Tyler always seemed to have a nice basket showing when Kelly would walk in to Mike’s.

Tyler had a nice caboose too. The way it would fill his jeans, and hold its form as he walked always gave Kelly a bit of a rush. He really would like to dig between those mounds of flesh, to taste the hot flesh between the cheeks. He bet it would be slightly salty, and every so tasty, but he just never had the nerve to ask him out.

Without even realizing it, Kelly was at Mike’s Diner. He looked in through the steamed windows to see a few tables occupied but otherwise rather empty. Typical he thought, as it was Thanksgiving and only losers like him were eating out at Mike’s. Walking in, he felt the blast of heat and the smells of grease assail his nostrils. Even if it was for losers, he rather felt comfortable. Least here no one would be asking if he had grown out of his ‘queer phase’ yet like his Mother always did.

His brother was worse, but it was the look of disdain he would get from his Father that would seal the whole visit. The way he would sneer, saying that one day Kelly would see the error of his ways, and return to GOD’s chosen path. The condescending attitude with the odd bible phrase thrown in would only encourage the others. At Mike’s he didn’t have to deal with that kind of shit.

He took his seat, and looked around. The few others in the place were already finishing. Most were on their coffee already which was odd. It wasn’t that late as he turned to look for Tyler. The counter looked cleaned, as it usually looked just before closing. Hell some of the chairs were already up on the centre tables which seemed odd.

Kelly looked at his watch, when he felt Tyler’s presence. Glancing up, he immediately felt his body stiffen, and his jaw must of opened as Tyler swung his body inwards, sitting down across from Kelly.

Guess you didn’t hear huh?

Hear what?

Mike’s closing, for the holidays.

Typical he thought. Just one more night of being totally alone. He hated this feeling, wishing that maybe he had taken up Sharon’s offer to join her and her lover for dinner. While it had been tempting, the idea of sitting and watching those two make eyes at each other was just too much to handle on a holiday. It reminded him, too much, of what he was missing, and wanting for himself.

Shit, no I didn’t. The grill still on?

For a bit, you want Turkey or anything special, it’ll have to be take out.

Okay, guess Turkey to go, with the works.

Truth was, he felt like just leaving but then he didn’t have much in his fridge, and the growling of his stomach insisted on him getting something, even if he only pecked at it.

Cool, uh you live close?

Around the block, why?

I am off, wanna maybe share dinner? I didn’t get any supper, worked the morning shift as well.

Uh, sure, I mean if you want.

Great, won’t be long. I’ll just go cash out, place the order and we can head off, you sure you don’t mind?

No, no fine.

He watched as Tyler stood back up. The way he looked down at him, smiling, only made the ache in his groin grow. It was like something out of his dreams, or out of some romance novel. To have Tyler actually coming to his place, gave his imagination a lot to think about.

He tried to not let his imagination take flight, but it was friggin hard. Specially the walk back to his place once the food was all ready. The closeness, the way he could just breath in, smelling not just the aroma of the food, but Tyler as well, wasn’t helping any. Kelly felt nervous, but as he passed the bag of food to Tyler, while fumbling for his apartment keys, he realized that the place was a mess.

Christ he hoped he hadn’t left out anything incriminating, like his magazines, or worse, his bright pink butt plug. The idea of Tyler seeing that made him both giddy as well as petrified. Opening the door, he walked in, standing slightly aside to let Tyler in. As he did, he noticed over on the coffee table, the pink butt plug. His face fell as Tyler walked in, his stare right at the coffee table.

He stared at the table, then glanced around the room, while taking off his jacket. He walked over to the table with the bag of food, and turned to Kelly.

I got the blue one, looks nicer on the dresser

Kelly couldn’t believe it, as he just stood there, his jaw hanging open. The grin on Tyler’s face was amazing, as it seemed to just light up his whole face, making him look younger than he normally looked. He guessed 23 or so, but wasn’t sure. As he had turned, there was no mistaking that bulge either, and Kelly found his eyes gravitating down towards Tyler’s crotch.

‘I uh, sorry, I don’t normally leave it out, I uh, I wasn’t expecting company.

Tyler put the food down on the coffee table as he picked up the dildo, and tested its weight.

Oh? You wear it that often, can kind of stretch the old muscles if you keep it in too long

Kelly couldn’t help but give a nervous giggle. To think of him wearing it all the time was crazy, but he also wouldn’t mind having Tyler playing with it while he did. His eyes moved up from the hard lump in Tyler’s pants to stare up at his face. The eyes seemed to be sparkling, as he kept glancing at the butt plug, then over at Kelly. It was like he was trying to see how it would fit, through Kelly’s clothes.

Uh, no, I just uh, well uh… oh hell, when I am in the mood for jerking off, I kind of, well you know.

Tyler just smiled as he threw the butt plug up in the air, and caught it in his one hand, while his other hand was rubbing his front. He licked his lips, as he turned from looking at the butt plug and Kelly, to the large brown bag of food.

We can always reheat it you know.

Kelly just looked at Tyler, blinking rather fast as he couldn’t really believe Tyler was saying what he was saying. It was more than what he had dreamed about, let alone thought possible. He didn’t know what to say, but he did feel his pants tenting even more, as he just stood there, feeling very warm and very horny.

Tyler bent over, putting the butt plug on the table, then picked up the bag of food and walked over to the small kitchen area. His hips swayed a bit as he walked, which drew Kelly’s eyes towards his butt. He couldn’t help but stare at those perfect orbs, wondering how the pink butt plug would look between those two cheeks.

He was so absorbed by his fantasy, he didn’t see Tyler drop the bag on the counter, and turn to face him. All he noticed was that suddenly he was staring at the crotch, not the firm butt cheeks. He looked up to see Tyler staring at him, his eyes boring in on Kelly’s own crotch, and there was something else in the look. It was almost as if there was a growing cloud in them, one like a gathering storm over a clear blue sky. He looked at them, feeling like he was peering into a coming thunder storm.

Turning away, he watched how Tyler seemed to take charge of everything, The way he just seem to dominate the room, as he walked slowly back towards Kelly, his eyes fixed on Kelly’s face. The way he crossed one leg over in front of the other, which made the hips push out one way then the other. It was all like watching a movie, where the seductress approaches the helpless male. It was how he was feeling when he realized Tyler was now in front of him, within easy touching reach.

Tyler looked down at Kelly, and yet Kelly didn’t feel scared or frightened. He looked up, watching as Tyler removed his shirt, and let it drop to the floor. Then just as quickly he unbuttoned his pants, and pushed them down to his ankles. As he did, he bent over, keeping his face looking at Kelly’s face.

The shoes were kicked off, and then the pants stepped out of. He stood back up, the obvious bulge in his shorts showing his excitement. Kelly licked his lips, as he quickly shucked his shirt off, throwing it behind him, and then he kicked off his runners, while fumbling with his belt and pants.

The grin on Tyler’s face grew wider as he reached forward, to unbuckle the belt, and the button. Then he let Kelly continue to unzip and push his own jeans down, while he pushed his shorts down his long legs. The spring of the cock that came free startled him for a second, then held his attention as he quickly pushed his pants and underwear down in one motion. His own cock was fully aroused as it came free, awaiting Tyler’s examination.

He felt a bit uneasy, wondering if he would measure up, as he stared at the long thick cock jutting straight out from a bushy brush of blond pubic hairs.

Kelly felt Tyler staring at his cock, but didn’t look up. He was too amazed at the sight of the other’s cock. He could see the vein underneath, at how it seemed to pulse as the blood flowed through it. The head was thick and angry looking, mottled in purple but the shaft was nearly white just under the head, more pink or skin tone halfway down and all the way back to the pubic hairs.

He felt the hand on his shoulders, and finally looked up. As his chin lifted, he felt Tyler’s breath on his face, then saw the looming face growing closer. The sudden touch of the young man’s lips on his made him tremble. His whole body shook, as he found his own hands reaching out, to hold onto Tyler’s hips.

The touch of his fingers on the warm flesh added to the rolling tremors inside, as he felt Tyler’s own excitement passing thru his finger tips. He held on tight, increasing his grip, as he felt their two bodies come closer, touching. The hard cock in front brushed past his inner thigh, and he felt the wetness of precum helping to glide it past. His own cock dug into the thigh, before it too passed between the legs.

He felt his lips being pressed, felt the wet raspy edge of Tyler’s tongue digging at the space between his lips, prying his mouth open. He gulped as his jaw opened, and the long tongue came darting inside. He felt it lick at the roof of his mouth, then twirl and dart at his own tongue, that fought back. It was like duelling flat broad swords, as they kissed hard, and all the time he felt himself being guided backwards, towards the chesterfield.

Kelly banged against the coffee table edge, then the back of his legs hit the chesterfield hard. He felt the sting, but ignored it as he held onto the quivering hips between his fingers. His mouth was split open wide, as Tyler’s tongue licked the very back of the mouth, then the inside of his cheeks, before leaving. The lips pressed hard on his, then he felt the kiss on the bridge of his nose, then over his eyes, as the man’s hands moved up and down his body. Kelly felt himself shaking, as the hands moved down his chest, then over to tweak a nipple, then back down his side.

Slowly he felt himself lowered onto the chesterfield, with Tyler moving to more or less stand on the couch, leaning forward. His hands continued to explore his body, as he felt his breath quicken. Then he was slowly being turned over, to lay out on the chesterfield. One leg was draped off the couch, the other pressed up against the back of the chesterfield.

Tyler leaned on him, and pulled his hair off to one side, as he kissed the side of Kelly’s face. Then he licked at his ear, biting his ear lobe for a second or two, before licking inside. He let his tongue follow the natural curves of the inner ear lobe, until it’s edge was licking at the very entry to the ear. He shuddered, as he lay there, enjoying the tongue licking, feeling it slide down his cheek, then onto his shoulder.

Soft kisses were placed on each shoulder, then under his hair, at the very back where the neck joined the head. Then Tyler licked down, all the way down his spine. His whole body convulsed in rolling tremors, as the tongue moved up and down his spine. It stopped at the where his spine joined his buttocks.

Tyler suddenly stopped, and just ran a finger lightly over his spine. The tip of the finger barely touching his skin, all the way from his neck, down towards his buttocks. He felt his muscles tense, felt the nerves tingling, as back and forth the finger moved, and then at the last downward stroke, it stopped at the opening to his valley.

He felt his cheeks clench, as he held his breath. The finger pressed onto the small of his back, then slowly it pushed past the opening of the valley between his cheeks. It moved slowly down, the tip resting firmly on his inner flesh. His buttocks quivered, as finally the finger moved down towards his pink hole.

Kelly moaned, as he felt the finger circle his opening, teasing him with its closeness. He felt the trembling in Tyler’s own body too, as the finger moved around and around his hole, then depart to trace further down, towards where his cock joined his torso.

There was a bit of movement behind him, then he felt the hands reaching up and around his cheeks. He wanted to turn and lean back, to watch, but he couldn’t. His face was more or less, pushed into the arm of the chesterfield, as he felt his cheeks being pried open. The tips of each finger were placed on the inside of his butt cheeks, slowly pressing inwards, until they were digging hard into the soft flesh. Then he felt them pull the cheeks apart, heard a soft sigh escape Tyler’s lips.

The tongue was suddenly licking at his crotch, where his cock root was. He groaned, as he felt it dig into his flesh, then slowly pull upwards, entering his valley, tasting his flesh. He moaned a bit more, his hands balled up into fists, as the tongue moved up and now circled his hole.

Just as the finger had done, the tongue teased his hole, moving around and around it. At times the tip would move across the hole, the tip just grazing the centre, just barely touching the puckered hole. It made his head swim, his eyes close even tighter and his moans more intense. His body felt like it was on fire, as the tongue continued to swirl around, then suddenly, when he didn’t think he could take it anymore, the tongue pushed forwards.

The hard tongue was pursed into a wedge shaped dart. It pushed at his puckered hole, pushed past the sinew muscle, and he cried out. It drove hard inside of his hole, licking at him, tasting him. He heard Tyler groan, heard his breath being sucked in, as his whole insides seemed to just explode.

His chest ached, as he felt the tongue licking at his insides, felt it move in and out, moistening further his velvet lining. He felt his legs tremble, felt them quiver as the raging tremors found every single nerve he had. It was like a raging flood of lava, the hot wet feeling inside. It made his stomach ache, his throat become parched, as the tongue wiggled and pushed further inside. The hands continued to pull his cheeks apart, continued to try and split him in two, as the nose dug hard into his valley.

Tyler pulled back, then took one hand, to work two of his fingers into the suddenly empty hole. He drove them in hard, twisting them as he did. Kelly cried out, moaning constantly as his hands hit the couch, the pleasure becoming almost unbearable. He kept pushing them in and pulling them out, then he added a third finger, and drove all three in hard and fast. He pumped Kelly’s ass hard, twisting his hand all the way around, making Kelly cry out, making him moan louder with each loving thrust.

He kept at it for several minutes, then he pulled out, and Kelly felt the press of his pink butt plug between his cheeks. He reached back with his hands, to help open his cheeks wider. He was breathing hard, as he felt the tapered tip press up against his hole, then slowly twist around as Tyler began to press it inwards. He grunted, as the plug was pushed all the way inside of him, stretching his insides beyond what he thought he could handle. He cried out, sweat poured from his brow, as he held his cheeks apart. His own fingers digging hard into his flesh, as the flat base of the butt plug pressed up inside. Kelly felt the fullness, biting his lower lip as Tyler slapped one cheek, then another, before twisting the butt plug a few more times. He jerked it out a bit, then pushed it in, out, then in and then suddenly it was over.

He felt Tyler push his hands away, then reach and turn his body over. The butt plug still firmly inside of him. He lay on his back, as he saw Tyler leaning up over him. He had one leg against the back of the couch, the other on the edge, both his knees helping to keep Kelly’s legs tightly pressed together.

Tyler sat on Kelly’s legs, as he reached down and began to stroke his cock. His eyes were fixed on Kelly’s face, as he bit his lower lip, while his hand moved up and down his shaft. He would bring his hand up every now and then, spit on it, then let it coat his cock, as he began to stroke himself even faster. Kelly could feel the butt plug inside, feel it as his muscles tried to push it out, unable to.

His hair was flying a bit, sweat was dripping off his forehead, onto Kelly’s belly, as he watched Tyler stroking his cock. He could see it thicken, see it growing fatter as the hand became a blur. His eyes held firmly to the blurring motion of the hand, watching the cock shake and jerk, until he saw the slit open and close, then open again. This time a thick milky substance was starting to show, and he heard Tyler cry out, as the first stream of cum came flying out at him.

It him in the chest, under one of his firm nipples. The stream making small splashes on his skin, as the second stream came out, striking him just above his groin, and onto his pubic hairs. Tyler’s groans were more like howls, as his body shook, as his hand was nothing but a blur. He was moving back and forth, his head tilted back, as his load came gushing out, spraying all over Kelly’s body.

The man towering over him began to shake, to quiver, as he watched the hand slow down, saw the last of the cum being squeezed out, to dribble down the swollen cock head, to drop harmlessly onto Kelly’s thigh.

He felt his own excitement, as Tyler collapsed on top of him. His body was sticky, and hot. His own body was still trembling, as he felt Tyler’s chest heaving on his, as the man tried to collect his breath. He could feel the press of the butt plug up into his prostate, feel it still pressing upwards, as Tyler continued to shake.

He realized that Tyler was staring at him, and he opened his own eyes, to look back. He felt his heart quiver, felt it skip a beat or two, as Tyler licked his lips, then lightly kissed Kelly on his breast.

That’s what I call a nice appetizer

Kelly felt his legs clench even tighter, driving the butt plug inside a bit further. If this had been an appetizer, he couldn’t wait for the main course.

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