Fiction – Double Feature

Double Feature

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Randy didn’t think he was dull, or unimaginative. No matter what Frank might say or think, he wasn’t some boring old queen either. Hell, he was just 24, had a decent job and before meeting up with Frank, had done his share of partying. He was known in the bars, and could hold his own. More than that, lots of guys pursued him, including Frank, so what if that had been almost a year ago?

He had been with Frank, did he expect him to still flirt with every Tom, Dick, and Harry just to prove he still had it? Besides, it wasn’t like he hadn’t asked Frank to go out, to take drives to the lake, or go park and neck. It was Frank who always had the excuses, not him.

Randy selected a seat near the back, where no one else was around, and he waited for the movie to begin. It was mid afternoon, and the place was nearly empty. As he waited for the movie to begin, he continued to think about Frank, about how he had just told him, point blank, that he was bored, that their sex life was dull, and that he was moving on.

It had come as a total shock to him, because Frank had never shown he was bored, or unhappy. They had sex just the night before, and he had enjoyed it. Still, it hurt and in all honesty, it pissed him off too. Yet he couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe Frank was right. Maybe he was dull, but he had been happy just nestling in Frank’s arms, in cuddling together on the sofa. Obviously it wasn’t enough for Frank.

He should have known better than to hook up with someone like Frank. While he was no slouch in the looks department, Frank had a look to him that just seemed to attract others. He was tall, just over six foot, solid build too, and had the most amazing abs you could lick. Frank liked that, or so Randy had though.

Frank had a big dick, but Randy thought his wasn’t exactly out of the running. He never had any complaints before but about his dick size, so it couldn’t be that. Others certainly had enjoyed sucking on it, or taking it up their ass. Frank always seemed to enjoy those moments, when he would penetrate his tight ass. Plus, he was always willing to roll over when Frank wanted to be the top, so it couldn’t be that.

The theatre grew dark, and he could see some of the couples ahead getting closer, in anticipation of the something. He didn’t think it really had anything to do with watching the big screen either. He chuckled, as one couple suddenly disappeared from his view. It brought up some interesting memories, which is why he didn’t notice the man coming down the aisle.

It was as he sat down, in the seat next to him that made him realize he wasn’t alone. It startled him a little, as he turned to stare at the shadow figure. There was the drink container in one hand, the popcorn in the other, but there was something familiar about him, that he just couldn’t place.

To begin with, he didn’t look any older than his own age. Maybe even a year younger or maybe older, though it was hard to gauge in the dim light. Whoever he was, he had longish hair, and he slouched in his chair, hardly even noticing Randy. That was okay, but he wished he’d chosen somewhere else to sit, as he just wanted to be alone, to try and figure out what he had done wrong with Frank.

He heard the guy next to him lower the other seat, and saw him placing his drink down. The guy was settling in, and he was stuck with him next to him, unless he got up and moved, but screw it, he thought. He settled himself down, reached over to his other side, where he had his own stash of goodies. There was his super sized extra large soda, the gigantic tub of buttered popcorn, and a few assorted candy bars. He was set for the double feature, and set to feed his rejection from Frank.

Not like he put on any weight. He was still the same weight as he had been in High School, where he played football, was on the basketball team and even the track team. He loved sports, which maybe is what upset Frank. Maybe he spent too much time watching the games on television, but it wasn’t like he wouldn’t turn it off, if asked.

The music blared out and he looked up to see the opening credits finish their crawling on the screen. He stared at the screen, aware of the man next to him. Randy could hear his breathing, but he just knew the guy wasn’t looking at the screen, but was checking him out. It kind of felt creepy, but then also rather exciting.

After all, even in the dark of a theatre, it was nice to have someone check you out. So much for being dull, he thought, as he smiled. He put his arm down on the chair, and instantly felt the other arm. Randy felt himself grow tense, just as the other arm seemed to stiffen to his touch too. It was electrifying even, that somehow made him squirm a little in his seat.

He had forgotten about the rules in a dark theater. His mind was trying to search its memory banks for the codes, the signals, but he was drawing a blank, as he kept his arm there, just as the other person did. It was all rather exciting and nerve-racking at the same time.

Randy had his tub of popcorn in his lap, and despite the thrilling touch of hands, arms, he used it to reach in and dig out some popcorn. He felt the grease on his fingers, as he stuffed his mouth with the tasty bits of popcorn kernels. His eyes never moved from the screen, despite the growing desire to steal a glance or two.

After each mouthful he would put his arm down, and the other hand never seemed to move. It was always there, which made him more intrigued by it all. It was almost like he was having a secret liaison, like in the old spy flicks. The secret agent would come into the dark theatre, exchange some secret signal, then pass over the secret plans that would save mankind. Okay he was stretching it, but then too, would a boring person think of such a thing?

He had to chuckle as he thought about Frank, wondering what he would be saying if he knew what he was thinking right now? Would he make fun of him, or would he re-think is opinion of Randy? In a strange way, he realized he just didn’t care what he would do or think.

He felt the hand move a little, and felt the man’s hand touch his, which didn’t really click. He felt a strange warmth growing inside, felt a strange rush of emotion and he turned his head to stare at the man’s silhouette. Randy liked the man’s outline, the way his hair seemed to be so full, curly even. It had a light tint to it, so maybe he was a blond, like him. He had a rather nice shaped nose, and his mouth seemed well proportioned and shapely.

For a minute he wondered if he was a good kisser or not? And then he turned back to stare at the screen. Suddenly he was certain that he was being checked out. There was no mistaking the feeling of being watched. It was an instinct he had honed during his bar hopping days. He could always tell when someone was checking him out, when they were feeling interested. He had that feeling now, which made him turn to look back.

The eyes were indeed looking at him, and he saw a thin smile curving around the face, as he turned to look at him. Randy couldn’t get the idea out of his head that the guy looked familiar, but the eyes held him captive. They looked so intense, so filled with desire that he couldn’t help but stare back at them.

As he did, he felt the hand next to his move, then cover his own hand. Randy didn’t move, letting the hand stay where it was. Hell, it was better than moping, he thought, not sure if there would be more or not. The finger over his began to tap, to lightly move up and down on his hand, then slowly the hand moved, the finger caressing his hand with a soft touch that made him shiver.

It was amazing, at how his body was enjoying the soft touch of the other’s hand on his. He felt the fingers move up his arm, then down. It was totally making him hard, which surprised him. He generally didn’t get that aroused, from a simple touch, least not for awhile.

The hand moved down and rested on his thigh. He felt himself stiffen, which seemed to hold the other man back. Randy felt himself suck in air, then he could hear his heart pounding a little faster, and in that second he made up his mind. He glanced around briefly, noticed how many heads were either close together, or simply just showing over the seats. His own hand moved off the arm of the chair, and rested on the thigh of the man next to him.

He felt the muscles stiffen, felt his own heart beat faster, as there was a soft little sigh. It was odd, but he felt his own leg begin to ache, along with other body parts. It was odd, the way his body was reacting to just the touch of the man’s hand on his leg. He felt the hand stir, as soon as he had placed his own hand on the other’s leg. He felt the fingers spread apart, squeeze his thigh, then begin to rub his leg.

The man next to him shifted, so he was leaning closer to Randy. He could smell his cologne, as his hand moved down the inside of his leg. The fingers were gently caressing him, feeling his muscles as they roamed across, reaching for more than just his leg. He felt his breathing becoming a bit shallow, felt the excitement rising inside of him. He couldn’t believe it, but he was fully aroused, his body trembling just a little to this stranger’s gentle touch, gentle caress.

His own hand seemed to move now and then, in time with the other guy’s. He felt his fingers spread out, reaching for exactly what the other was reaching for. He could feel the stretched fabric of the man’s pants, as he approached his groin. The other guy was aroused, as much as he was.

He took a deep breath, wondering if the guy was some cop, or was some movie theatre pervert. He looked over, seeing the man’s head leaning towards him, but staring straight ahead at the screen. He saw the nostrils of his nose flaring, and he recognized the look that was all over his face. It was the same hungry look that he knew was all over his own face.

Randy shifted himself over, and with his free hand, he put his tub of popcorn back onto the empty chair next to him. He felt the man next to him stiffen for a minute, then relax and continue to reach over. By moving himself over, he was closer to the man, and could smell that cologne. IT was a nice fragrance, that seemed to also remind him of someone, but he couldn’t think of who. All he could think of, was hot horny he was suddenly feeling. His body was aching in ways he hadn’t felt for ages.

Feeling a bit daring, he managed to take a guick look around, and saw that no one was watching him, or looking his way. He reached down with his free hand, and undid his jean button. The sound seemed so loud, and the hand that was near by, suddenly stopped moving. It just seemed to wait there, while he undid the button, then let the pants open, pushing his zipper down.

He felt himself swallow, as he realized he was exposing himself to some stranger, to some unknown person. If the guy was a cop, he was dead now, and if not, well, it would be a different movie going experience. Randy moved his free hand away, and waited. He felt the man next to him stir, felt him reaching to his other hand, and then he heard the pop.

Just as he had, the other man undid his own pants button, and pushed them open. He smiled to himself as he let his hand move across the open pants. His fingers felt the raspy edge of the opened zipper, and then the soft fabric of the man’s shorts. He felt the heat too, as his fingers and hand moved across the hard lump. His heart began to race, as his hand moved slowly over the stiff pole that was encased in the shorts. He could feel it throb, as his hand rubbed across it.

The stranger then returned the favour, which made Randy moan softly. The way the hand seemed to know exactly where his cock was, how it was resting under his shorts. It reached out, and the fingers led the way, moving slowly along his thickened cock. He felt his body shake, as the fingers moved along his shaft, until it came to the cockhead, that was nestled near his belly. He was totally hard, and the fingers moved across his shorts, and Randy realized he was dripping. The stranger seemed to sense it too, as the fingers played around the head, feeling the wet shorts, feeling the cock trembling under his touch.

The hand closed over his balls and cock root. He felt it squeezing him, making him squirm a little, and then it moved up, pushing up against his shaft, until it was up to his belly. He felt the hand, felt the fingers as they reached his waistband, and it was amazing at how quickly he was feeling out of breath. His chest was heaving with excitement, as the hand reached out and took hold of his shorts, and began to try and pull them down. The man wanted to touch him, to take his cock, and he let his other hand move over to help. As his fingers touched the man’s, he felt the jolt of electricity, felt his cock shudder, his balls suddenly feel like they would explode, but he held back.

Randy let the moment pass, and he pulled his shorts up and out, then down. So his cock was still being held by the waist band, but was partially exposed. The man grunted softly, as his hand moved quickly to touch his shaft. He moaned now, as the fingers reached around and began to grasp his cock. He felt the hand press it into his body, felt it run up and down the exposed portion of the shaft. His cock head was oozing more precum, and the hand moved over it and under, coating his exposed shaft with his own milk.

It made him groan, slink down a little in his seat, and yet stiffen too. His legs were spread apart, and he felt his own hand try to fondle the other man’s package, but he was too into the feelings that were racing up and down his own spine. His hand lay limp, unable to move, as his body felt the hand wrap around his cock. He felt the fingers tighten as they moved slowly up the shaft and then down. His chest hurt, his heart was threatening to explode as his pulse raced faster and faster with each stroke of his dick.

His eyes closed, and he lost track of where he was. Randy bit his lower lip as the hand kept moving up and down his cock, stroking him hard. His balls ached even more, as he tasted blood from his lower lip. He couldn’t cry out, but he could hear himself breathing hard. It was like being in a raging storm as the hand pulled on his cock, faster and faster and he knew he couldn’t hold out any longer. He felt his balls slinging up, felt his body stiffen even more.

Randy could feel his hips arching up, feel his legs cramp up, felt his head leaning back against the seat, as his body surrendered to the blurred hand on his cock. The blood was rushing to his cock, his balls could no longer hold back, as he felt his hips squeezing his buttocks, then it was happening.

The strange glow of lights behind his eyelids, the thundering roar in his head, as his body exploded. The cum was spewing out, as Randy heard the man next to him suck in his breath. He could hear him moan, just as he was moaning. The pain in his chest was excruciating, as he felt his cum splattering across his exposed belly.

As his stomach twisted and his chest heaved, he felt the hand move away from his cock. He felt his own hand back on his side of the seats, as he tried to collect his thoughts. It was still hard to think, as he opened his eyes, still short of breathe.

His shirt was dotted with splatters of his cum, as he slowly began to relax. It had been an amazing hand job, one he’d not forget easily. He could feel the man next to him move a little, straighten up in his seat. He felt him doing his pants back up, which somehow seemed to disappoint him. It was like he wouldn’t get a chance to touch his dick, to give him a hand job, to return the favour. He felt suddenly dejected, and he turned to stare at the other man, when out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the credits rolling along the screen.

The movie was ending, and panic gripped him for a minute. He quickly reached down, stuffing his semi hard cock back into his shorts, zipping them up quickly, as the last of the credits came rolling across the screen.

He had no idea it had taken that long, as he sat there, waiting for the lights to go on. Least he’d get to see who the guy was, and for a second he felt terrified. What if it was some old fart, or worse, some ugly creep? Yet as he thought it, he realized he just didn’t care. The guy had given him one hell of a hand job, so what if he was ugly or something.

The lights came up, and he turned to see who it was that was next to him. His jaw fell open, as he stared at the familiar face. His eyes were bulging wide open as he looked into the smiling face. He couldn’t believe it, and he just stared.

The other person looked at him, then began to laugh as he leaned back in his seat. He had that familiar Cheshire cat look on his face, proud of himself. Randy just looked, still feeling blown away by it all.

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