Fiction – Pipe Seller

Pipe Seller

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

The sun was out, people were all about, and yet he was having a rotten day selling anything. He stood by his tables, watching the crowds go past, few barely even glancing at his stuff, which was unusual. Dean always had lookers, and buyers too, but this Sunday it was like he was a leper or something. It was nearly noon already, and normally he’d have sold a few things, but so far his biggest sale had been an old DVD for $5.

The spot had cost $15, and then the gas another $10 which normally he made in the first half hour of setting up. On a good day, he’d make it before he was even set up, but not today. Today it was worse than pulling teeth. People were around, but for some reason they just weren’t stopping at his tables. Dean hated days like this, though he rarely had them.

People liked his stuff, it was always different, and you couldn’t get them in any store around. As he stood there, letting the sun bake the back of his neck, he wished he had taken the offer Friday night from the guy at the bar. Least he would have some cash in his pocket, instead of some change and maybe $2 or $3 bucks. But this was summer, this was when he made his money.

The guy across from him was doing a booming business. He sold hand carved pipes, which normally didn’t move. After all, how often did you need a new pipe? Yet today he seemed to always be wrapping one up, taking a fistful of cash in the process. They weren’t cheap either. He had looked at them a few weeks back, as his boyfriend of the time smoked one. Then too, the guy selling them was hot.

Sean was his name, and he was about 21 or 22. Slender build, with a bit of beef to him. He stood maybe an inch or two under 6 foot, but he had long blond hair. Sean had that hippy look to him, and when he wore those tight t-shirts, faded blue jeans that hugged his body, it was like instant hard on. Normally he just stood there, puffing on one of his pipes, but then he didn’t have to sell a lot to make his expenses. None of his pipes sold for less than $30.

When things were slow, he’d stare across and watch Sean. He loved the way he would stand behind the tables he had. He never slouched, and whenever he would see his face, it always was smiling. At first he thought he was just always high, but a few times he had talked with him, Sean never seemed stoned. His eyes were always clear, sparkling even, and that grin was something else to behold. It made his whole face light up, which attracted Dean to him. He liked happy people, which he himself normally was, except for today.

It was times like this that made him wish he had a trade or something to fall back on. He had done landscaping and roofing, but the company had let him go this spring, leaving him no choice but to rely on his charm at times, but mostly on the money he generated from here. Today was not going to be good, but on the upside, he got to watch Sean.

He wasn’t 100% positive, but he suspected Sean was gay, like him. Every now and then he had caught him looking in his direction, the way he would occasionally look at Sean. The eyes would seem very focused, and he was certain Sean was staring at his crotch. It always got him hard too, but so far the talk between them had been too casual for him to be certain. He kind of wished he knew, because Sean was exactly the type of guy he was attracted to.

Long hair specially made him look. Then a nice tight ass was another immediate turn on. From what he had seen, Sean had a perfect pair of buns, a pair he’d love to bury his head between, as well as his dick. The notion of doing Sean had crossed his mind often, and lately had even been in his thoughts when he had jerked off at home.

He could charm an old lady out of her last bobby pin, if he put his mind to it, but when it came to guys, he was tongue tied. He would stutter, stammer, and mumble. Not great techniques for getting a date, or more importantly a companion to have some sex with. Wasn’t like he was a virgin, just that he found himself spending more time jerking his own cock off than he would prefer.

Wasn’t like he was a dog himself. His hair wasn’t as long as Sean’s, but it was below his ears. Not a blonde, but sort of a light brown that matched his chocolate eyes. One of his old dates had said they enjoyed watching his eyes, the way they would make him melt with desire, but then the guy was also a damn site older than he was.

Dean didn’t work out, but when you work outside, digging and planting one could manage to look in shape. He wasn’t a smoker either, nor did he drink a lot. He enjoyed the work outside, had a decent tan that made his skin look darker than it was. Surprised a lot when he would get undressed, at how the tan lines ended in weird spots. He always had a V shaped tan mark down his chest, but the rest of his body, his upper legs and stomach were as white as a ghost.

Looking over at Sean, he wondered where his tan lines ended? While he wasn’t much for tanning, he bet Sean did. He had that kind of look to him, the self assured type who would have no hesitation of undressing totally, stretching out on a blanket, and just baking. He envied those types of guys, as he turned away, feeling his dick jerk a little in his jeans. He really was becoming horny, thinking about Sean.

It was getting close to start thinking of packing up for the day, and still no sales. It was disappointing and he was so busy feeling sorry for himself, he didn’t notice Sean walking across, until he was at his table, talking. His mouth was open, because Sean was there, and he had his shirt open. Dean could see the golden flesh, the light colored chest hairs made lighter by the sun. At first he didn’t catch what was said, but by the end of the conversation, he had found that he was heading over to Sean’s house.

Suddenly the lack of sales didn’t seem to be as important, as he began to pack up. He was whistling a little. It was like a huge weight had been lifted, and as he packed up, he also managed to score one or two sales that at least covered his expenses, plus a few bucks left over. He acted like he had sold his entire inventory, the way he smiled, but fact was, he couldn’t stop thinking of Sean, of being with him alone, and better still, in private.

The drive to Sean’s was like a blur. Even looking at the rather tiny little shack that Sean called home didn’t seem to penetrate his mind, as all he could think of was Sean. The way he had watched him go back to his own tables, to begin to pack up. The way his buttocks moved in the jeans, the firm ovals that seemed to fill his eyes with their perfect shape. He could feel himself getting excited, though he wasn’t sure why. It was almost as if all the doubts he had, the questions if Sean was, or wasn’t, had disappeared.

Entering Sean’s home was odd. It had a warm homey smell, like he used to recall whenever he visited his grandparent’s home. That same sort of warmth, same sort of fresh baking in the air aroma. Strange to smell that here, and as he looked around, he realized just how small the place was. Off in one part was what appeared to be the living area. A television and couple of chairs stood, near a fireplace. The kitchen area was right next to where they had walked in, and he figured the closed door is where the bathroom was, as in front was the bedroom.

Well bedroom area, not really a room. He couldn’t help but notice the rumpled bed, the blankets tossed to one side, and a pile of dirty laundry near the end of the bed. His heart did a small skip as he noticed a pair of blue boxer shorts resting on the top of the pile. He felt himself wishing he could have been there, to see them coming off.

He turned his face, reluctantly, away to find himself staring right into Sean’s face. He had a huge grin on his face, and his eyes were so bright, that they shined. Dean felt his legs go a bit weak a the knees as he realized that Sean had noticed him staring at his discarded underwear.

What kind you wear?


Sean merely tilted his head towards the laundry pile, grinning as he nodded a bit. It was obvious he had noticed Dean staring at them.

Going to make me guess huh? Okay…

Before he could answer, Sean took a step backwards. He put his hands on his hips and looked right down at Dean’s crotch. His eyes were staring right at him, and he felt his face blush, as he tried to stammer out his response, but Sean just kept looking and then slowly moved his head upwards. Dean saw the grin on his face, the way he looked as their eyes met.

After what seemed an eternity, as he felt his face grow hot with embarrassment, Sean moved his eyes back down, to once more gaze at Dean’s crotch.

Was going to say boxers, until I noticed that nice bulge there. So I am gonna go with Jockey shorts. Am I right?

Dean didn’t know what to say to that. He sort of stammered out a yes. Sean seemed to think it was funny, as he gave a short laugh, then suddenly stopped as he stared at Dean. His eyes were still going back and forth from Dean’s face to his crotch. His lips were set firm, as he finally let his eyes focus on Dean’s face, as if trying to decide what he would say next.

Didn’t mean to upset you.

Huh? Oh, uh no, no you didn’t.

It’s a game I play, trying to guess what some guys are wearing.

Really, you uh, you didn’t upset me.


Yes, really, I uh, sometimes I do it too, just uh, I never have the nerve to ask, you know?

Nervous type are you?

I guess, or just shy. I uh, I mean…

Ever try to guess what’s inside them?

Huh? I uh… I don’t uh…

Did it again, didn’t I? Look, uh, maybe I have it wrong, I thought maybe you were uh, interested.

Fuck yeah’ he shouted, which startled them both. He sort of stood there, his mouth open at his outburst, then slowly he heard Sean’s laughter. He grinned as he realized that Sean was just as interested.

Sean moved closer, until his face was within touching distance. Dean could feel his breath on his cheeks, as Sean stared at him, then softly replied. ‘Good, I was hoping you were’

Before he could reply, he felt Sean reach out and bring him closer to him. His eyes closed as his face moved inwards, and Dean felt the press of Sean’s lips on his. He didn’t resist as he felt his own body surrendering to the urges racing inside. He felt his own arms wrap around Sean’s body, then he felt one of Sean’s hands moving down his body.

He trembled, as he felt the hand move quickly down to his crotch, where it began to caress and rub his groin. His cock was instantly rock hard, pressing outwards. He moaned as he felt the pressure increase, tasted Sean’s tongue running across Dean’s lips. His body shook as he let his mouth open, letting Sean’s tongue go flying inside.

His hesitations were suddenly gone as his own hands began to move quickly all across Sean’s body. He was rubbing his back, then one hand was down, around the firm buttocks. His other hand joined from the other side, as he began to kiss back with real passion. Dean’s fingers dug into the cheeks, grabbing a handful of flesh in each hand as he felt his lungs grasping for air.

The kissing and fondling was nice, but it didn’t last. They broke apart, staring at each other for a second or two. Then in a frenzy they both just seemed to forget about convention. Dean saw the look in Sean’s face, one he knew was in his own and he began to strip his clothes off, barely glancing at Sean doing the same.

He just tossed his clothes, until finally he stood there, totally naked. Sean was a second behind him, but he too now stood totally naked. Dean stared down to see a fully erect cock sticking out, one that was surprisingly thick looking. Glancing back up he saw Sean licking his lips as his eyes were fixed on Dean’s own fully erect cock. It wasn’t as thick as Sean’s, but maybe a bit longer but all he could think of, was how it would feel to have Sean’s dick buried in his ass. Dean felt the twitch in his ass as he thought about it, and looked back up at Sean.

Their eyes met and once more they found themselves locked in an embrace. Sean’s hands were reaching down at his cock, wrapping around it and pulling on it. He was kissing Sean’s neck, then under his chin, as his own hand had grabbed hold of the throbbing pole. It was thicker than he had thought, as he licked at the hollow in Sean’s neck.

The continued to play with each other, constantly moving and touching and somehow he realized they were on Sean’s bed. They were both stretched out, Sean had one leg over Dean’s thigh, his thick cock digging into Dean’s belly, as they kissed and hugged.

The way Sean’s hands moved across his body, made Dean groan and moan in ways he had never done before. Every nerve in his body was tingling, and the ache in his ass was over powering. He felt it more and more, as Sean’s hands caressed him, touched him and prodded him. He felt the thick cock and realized how much he wanted to feel it inside of him. He rolled on top, pinning Sean down and leaned up, his upper torso off Sean’s body, but his lower body still holding him down. He could see the lust in the eyes, the desire as he looked down.

I want you in me, I need it.

Sean looked up at him, his eyes bulging wider and he held his breath, searching Dean’s face, trying to make sure it was real.

You sure?

Yes… where are the Condoms?

Sean turned his face towards the small little night stand next to him. ‘First drawer

Dean leaned over and as he did, he felt Sean kiss his lower chest, lick at it as he fumbled with the drawer, then yanked it open to peer inside. His fingers rummaged around till it found the strip of Condoms and he quickly pulled it out and ripped one package off the strip, tossing the others back onto the top of the nightstand.

His eyes were burning as he ripped open the package, and he felt himself tremble as his fingers took the thin plastic out, and he shifted his body down Sean’s own quivering body. He felt Sean’s eyes staring at him, as slid down until Sean’s cock was now sticking up and in front of him. His own cock was resting on Sean’s thigh, throbbing in anticipation.

Quickly he took the condom, pinching the top to keep the air out, then unrolled the thin plastic over Sean’s cock. He could feel it throb, his hands shook a little, as he slid the plastic over the cock. He leaned back, staring down at it. It looked like something out of an old movie, a long shot down a missile silo or something. He grinned, realizing how he couldn’t wait for it to lift off and he more or less leapt forward. His hands were on either side of Sean, and his eyes looked down into the face. He saw the look, the desire, as he reached down to hold onto the thick missile.

He held it as he lowered his ass, wedging the head between his own cheeks. He felt it press up, felt the excitement too. He couldn’t believe how anxious he was to take it, so much that he didn’t care how much it was about to hurt. Smiling, he forced his body to sink down. He forced himself to drive his whole body down, sending Sean’s hard cock deep into his insides in one swoop. He didn’t let it work its way in, he just sat down, feeling it slice through his muscles, making him cry out as it surged inwards.

His whole body shook, his heart began to race, and his vision grew dizzy as he felt the huge cock fill and stretch his very insides. Every muscle inside of him screamed out in agony, his nerves were raw and begging him to slow down, but his need for the cock was too great. He gritted his teeth, taking it all and as his buttocks felt the sticky flesh of Sean’s sweat soaked legs, he twisted himself around, making the cock turn and twist inside. He cried out, feeling the air leave his lungs. Dean was panting as he rested for a second, then began to move his lower body back up, but he didn’t get far before he was once more pushing down.

He grunted and groaned, each thrust making him sweat harder than before. His lungs ached, his whole body was trembling as he used his insides to stroke Sean’s cock. He could feel it tremble, feel it quiver as he continued to slide up and down on it. It hurt, ad yet it felt so good too. He felt the sweat dripping off his forehead, off his face and from under his arms. He felt his body growing hotter with each thrust, each press of that cock into his innards.

Sean was moaning too, his hands holding Dean’s hips as he helped guide him up and down on his cock. The fingers were dug deep into the flesh, touching his bone as they held him steady. Sean’s hips would push up to meet Dean’s downward push. The two bodies would slap hard with each movement, and Sean was moaning constantly. He was crying out, saying ‘yes, oh yes’ over and over again as his cock was ploughing hard into Dean’s rectum.

He felt Sean stiffen, then hold him up. He looked down, and he knew. In a second he got up and was laying flat on his stomach. Dean felt Sean crawl over him, and he felt his legs being pushed apart, and felt Sean move in closer. There was no mistaking the hard cock as it was wedged back between his cheeks, slid down to his aching hole, and as before, was shoved quickly inside. Dean cried out, his legs stiffened, as he felt his insides being stretched even further. He cried out, as the huge cock began to push in and out faster and faster.

His body shook, his legs were numb as his toes curled and grew painfully cramped. His breathing was ragged, as he felt Sean’s sweat pouring down across his upper back. Sean had his hands now on either side of Dean’s quivering body. The arms were fully extended, his upper body off of Dean’s body all together. The loud slap of Sean’s groin crushing into his buttocks, the searing pain that kept racing up from his rectum, made him cry out and moan.

Dean kept twisting his head from side to side. His hands were bunched into fists, as Sean drove his cock deeper with each thrust. He felt it, felt it touching the very back of his throat, or so he thought, as Sean pounded him harder and harder. He couldn’t hold on. The ache in his own groin was too much and then he heard Sean cry out, felt the huge cock trembling just as Sean pulled it out.

He heard the sound of plastic being ripped off flesh, then he felt Sean leaning up against him, grunting and groaning and he felt the swish of air, felt the heat too, as once more Sean let out a loud cry. Just as the cry echoed off the far wall, he felt the hard stinging splatter across his back. He heard the cries, heard the deep satisfying moan, as the hot cream splattered again and again on his trembling flesh. He heard Sean gasping for air, then he felt his weight crush onto him. The bed groaned as Sean collapsed on top of Dean’s trembling body.

Then Sean rolled over onto his back, and Dean rolled over to let his head rest in the crook of Sean’s arm. He felt exhausted, as he let his body turn and press into Sean’s. He reached down with his hand, to grab hold of his own throbbing cock, and he began to stroke it quickly. The ache in his groin needed to be satisfied as his hand flew up and down his shaft. Sean turned and looked into his eyes, and in that second, Dean felt his body surrender. He leaned further into Sean, letting his cock jerk back then fire forward.

His cum went flying out, landing across the shaking belly. He could feel it leave his cock, hear it splatter across Sean’s body and he saw it land, reflected in the eyes that stared at him. As the last of his cum dribbled out of his cock, he watched as Sean leaned over, and kissed him on the lips, then lean back, looking totally spent.

He felt his body cooling, as he curled up into Sean’s body. He might not have sold much stuff, but he felt like he had his best day ever, as he slowly fell asleep in Sean’s arms. Wink

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