Fiction – Parked


By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Don was in his mid forties, and should have known better. He grimaced as he quickly flung open his apartment door, to head out to the parking garage. He followed the new tenant, the twenty something yuppie from across the hall. He acted like he was just going out, attempting to make like it was just chance that so too was Jay. Don had gotten his name from the super, when he had asked for his parking space in the complex underground parking.

He had to be nuts, he thought as he followed Jay admiring the young man’s firm buttocks, the way they so neatly filled the jeans. They swayed a little as he strode towards the elevator, where he knew Jay would go down to the parking level, just as he now was doing.

As the doors closed, they smiled at each other. It was the neighbourly thing to do, and he rather enjoyed those little moments, when he knew the smile was for him. Course he would have preferred it to be because of more than just sharing the ride down to the parking level. He had this fantasy, that it would one day be a smile, because of how good they had enjoyed each other in bed. It was just one of the many thoughts, that had somehow made him become rather unstable.

Least in his mind. After all who would go out and buy a damn car, just so he could have an excuse to ride the elevator with some stranger? No sane person would do that, even if the car had been a bargain. Hell, at moments, when he thought about it, he worried that he was becoming some lunatic stalker. The way he would stand by his apartment door, peeping out the little security peephole, waiting for Jay to open and head out.

You had to admit, that was definitely being obsessive, if not downright scary. Yet, he kept telling himself, it was all in the interest of romance, of ending his rather lonely little existence. Though if he was honest, he’d admit it was far from lonely, or boring even.

He wasn’t exactly ugly either. Don was just under six foot and had a well defined body that wasn’t yet showing his age. His weight was under 170 and while he didn’t work out or anything, he did do a lot of walking. Well okay, not lately, but until now he had. He would walk to work, to the grocery store or where ever he had to go. Buses were always available for when he was tired or had a lot of parcels, but that all changed when Jay moved in across the hall from him.

Maybe it was that he was tired of one nighter’s, or maybe he just had lost it? Don wasn’t too sure if it wasn’t more of the latter than anything. After all, he had been with many who were better looking than Jay. Yet there was something about him, that from the first moment he had lain eyes on him, that had him acting like a love sick teenager.

Jay was about his height, though a lot skinnier. He wasn’t a male version of Miss Twiggy but if he didn’t eat for a day or two, he might be. He had nice rich looking hair, that hung just above his shirt collar. It had a bit of a wave to it, at the ends. It was always washed, or so it seemed, and his face was like a sculpted marvel of beauty, captured at its peak.

There were no lines, no bags under the eyes. From what he had observed, Jay seemed to be a loner, and rarely came home late. Even on the weekends, he seemed like he was in his apartment long before the bars would close. One more sign of his obsession for the guy, he was a regular at the bars on the weekends. Most nights he would help close the place, but now he was home before midnight, just so he could look out his peephole for a minute’s worth of gazing.

It was stupid, crazy even he thought, as he watched the numbers above slowly make their way down, towards the main floor, then to the parking level. He sighed, knowing that the longest part of his time with Jay would soon end. He hated that part, but it was a highlight of his time too. Don found that he would take little signs, and build a whole story up in his mind, about how they would suddenly talk, suddenly realize they were meant for each other, or some other fantasy.

His work had suffered a bit at the beginning too. Don was so enamored by Jay, he opted to wait for him to get up and leave for work, though at the time he didn’t realize Jay didn’t go out to work. It took him nearly two weeks, of being late, to finally find out that Jay was one of those computer geeks, who worked from home. Just his luck, which is also why he had purchased a car. It was the only way for him to share something with Jay.

As the elevator arrived at the lower level, he watched how Jay would suddenly lean forward. The way his chin would seem to jut out, and how his dark green eyes would suddenly sparkle. It was fun to watch, and he found himself dreaming often of those eyes, of them sparkling as they would look into his own. He was a dreamer. He also was good at observing. Don noticed the little details, like how Jay would place his hands against the wall of the elevator, spread his fingers out and then push off the tips of his fingers, to stand upright.

He noticed how when he would get in, unless someone else was in the elevator, or got in, how Jay would lean, his legs out a bit, his hips forward, showing off his crotch more than anything. It was fun to see, though a bit awkward for Don. While it was enjoyable to see that nice firm package, it also gave him an erection. He couldn’t help it, the notion of one day unwrapping that package was something he couldn’t shake from his thoughts. It was, after all, why he was in the elevator.

Don walked slowly behind Jay, watching his hips sway, enjoying the view of his buttocks as they made the way to their respective parking spots. It had cost him to get the one next to Jay, but he thought was well worth the cash he had given to the super. He couldn’t help but enjoy the view, knowing that this was definitely an unhealthy obsession. He could feel the lump in his pants, knowing that once more he’d get into the car, and then wait till Jay pulled out, so he could relieve his tension.

It was becoming harder and harder to just get in and drive off, for some unnecessary errand to the local grocery store. Hell, he was even thinking of following him briefly, but quickly discarded the idea. That would be a dead give away, and worse, could lead to some confrontation. It was the last thing he wanted, as he unlocked his car door. He had momentarily forgotten about Jay, but as he opened the door, he turned to take one last look at Jay.

His eyes bulged, as he realized Jay was not climbing into his car, but was instead on the other side, leaning back against the passenger door, just a few feet from him. The young man was staring hard at him, those green eyes boring directly at him.

He gulped, feeling guilty, and feeling trapped. It was like being a deer caught in the glare of headlights. He didn’t know what was happening, but the look in Jay’s face, told him he was busted. How, he wasn’t sure, but he could see it written all over the young man’s face.

You in a hurry?

Don shook his head, unsure what was going to happen. It was really the first time the young man had spoken to him. He had mumbled ‘hi’ once or twice, but mostly had just nodded at him, acknowledging his presence.

Didn’t think so, so what you do after I leave, drive around the block? Go to the corner store? What?

Sweat began to form on his forehead, as he just stood there feeling trapped. He looked around, wondering if he could make it to the complex entrance, before being caught by the younger man. He didn’t know why, but he knew he was caught out. Going over all he had done, he couldn’t find how.

I uh.. I don’t know what you mean. I am going to the store for some groceries, I didn’t know that was, uh, was a crime.

Jay smiled and laughed a little as he just leaned there. He ran his hand down his stomach, as he stared at Don. The eyes continued to gaze at him, as the lips curled into a small grin. He wasn’t buying the words, Don could see, but what else was he to do? He couldn’t admit he was going nowhere, couldn’t admit that he had been stalking the younger man.

Too bad


Too bad, not hard to grasp, is it?

You saying you hoped I was uh, was following you?

Depends, were you?

Don swallowed hard, not sure what to say. He stared at Jay, seeing the eyes looking at him, just looking. Yet as he stared back, he thought he could see something in those sparkling eyes. It was almost like longing, like desire. It couldn’t be, but then again, it wasn’t like Jay was confronting him. Hell, he was leaning against his car, just like he leaned in the elevator.

It was like he wanted to show off his crotch. Don couldn’t help but lower his eyes, to see. The crotch was pushed out, the legs spread apart to add to the vision of that firm package. He licked his lips as he looked back up at Jay.

He saw the eyes grinning at him, a small curl around the young man’s lips as he had clearly seen him stare at his crotch. Don could feel the sweat dripping from his forehead, as he wiped his brow, staring back at Jay, uncertain what to say, or admit to.

And if I was?


Okay, yes, I was. Satisfied?

Jay pulled himself upright. He no longer slouched against the car, but he had his hand down at his thigh, yet he continued to stare at Don. He made no move forward, no threatening stare either, but just looked, as if thinking. His eyes moved up and down, taking in all of Don’s shaking body, and then he smiled.

Why? You think I am queer or something? Got a thing for guys do you?

Don could feel his body trembling. This wasn’t going the way he had hoped. Yet the words weren’t said in a mean way, just a sort of off hand manner. The voice had not risen or gotten harsh sounding. It was all strange, as he just stared, not sure what to say.

Well? You into guys or what?

Don merely nodded, not sure what was going to happen next. Would Jay suddenly turn on him, give him a thrashing? He knew he was not match for the younger man, though if push came to shove, he would give a good accounting of himself. He might be a few decades older, but he was in shape.

Jay appeared to look at him closer. His eyes seemed to be boring beyond his own eyes, digging deep into his soul. His heart was racing as Jay quietly looked him over. The smile on his lips faded, as he just stared. Don could feel his heart pounding, but the silence was deafening to him, as he waited for the first lunge, the first strike. He was certain of that, but then suddenly Jay relaxed.

His body leaned back against the car, as it had before. The legs were spread apart, and once more Don could see the crotch being pushed out. He couldn’t help but notice that it was a bit firmer than before, almost as if what it held was more aroused, more excited.

Like what you see?

Don only nodded, as he stared back into Jay’s face. He watched as Jay moved his hand across from his thigh, and rubbed his own crotch. He could see the outline of a long object, as it was pushed across. His fear still held him in check, but he couldn’t help but lick his lips, wondering just how big it was, wondering too what would happen if he dared, but he knew he wouldn’t. He was caught, and knew it.

Nothing to say? Cat got your tongue?

What do you want me to say? That I like cock? That you have a nice package? What?

Jay laughed, as he listened to the anger in Don’s voice.

You really think it’s nice, do you?


The sound startled him. His eyes bulged open as he saw the pants being opened. The sound was that of the top button being undone. Then he watched, amazed as the zipper was slowly slipped down. His eyes grew even wider as he saw the hand reach across, and spread open the jeans.

His mouth was dry as he felt his heart aching inside his chest. It was thundering, like it would jump out as he saw the pale blue shorts, then watched in amazement as the hand reached inside, and pulled out the long thick pole. He stared at it, feeling totally confused. The cock was not fully erect, and already it looked massive. He could see the pale skin, the darker veins that encircled the whole shaft.

I ain’t got all day.

Huh? I uh.. well, uh, what?

What? Shit, you been following me all this time, I thought you wanted this? If not, fine, I’ll put it back…

NO, no, I just.. I mean.. this for real? I can.. I uh..

Yeah, it’s real, besides, I am curious, never had a guy suck my dick.

Wiping his hands on his pants, Don stepped closer, his eyes moving from the semi erect cock to Jay’s face. He was afraid it was a set up. He glanced around, making sure no one else was around. Looking up into Jay’s face, he realized that it was safe, that it wasn’t a trap to lure him closer. He came closer, his eyes never leaving Jay’s face other than to look at the cock. It was a big one, and he wasn’t what he’d call the best cock sucker around.

Still, he was living his fantasy. This is what he had wanted, to be able to touch, to taste that which he had only guessed at. It was bigger than he had thought, and it was uncut. He could see the head peeking out from under the foreskin.

Don was standing right in front of Jay. He took one more look into his face, then slowly let himself drop down to his knees. He stared at the uncut cock, as Jay leaned back more into the car. Licking his lips, he reached out with his one hand, seeing it shake as he touched the young man’s thigh. He felt the body quiver as he touched him, then shake a little as he pushed the pants open even more.

Glancing up, he saw Jay staring off into the parking area. He wasn’t even looking down, but he could see his body tense as he reached out, and took hold of the cock, by the root. He felt the body shudder, yet the head remained staring off, not looking down.

Licking his lips, he slowly let his fingers wrap around the shaft. He felt the warmth, felt the blood as it flowed along under the flesh. His eyes now moved down, to stare at the head as it slowly poked out. He let his head move forward, his tongue flicked out, as he kissed the head, dead centre. He felt the reaction, felt the body rear back a little, then relax as he licked around the top of the head, watching as it slowly grow larger. It was coming out, the foreskin growing taut as Jay began to get aroused.

His own body was aching, and with his other hand, he adjusted his own fully erect cock. It was nothing compared to the beauty he held in his hand. He could feel the blood now, feel the veins thickening as blood began to flow faster to them. He leaned forward, his breath blowing across the hardening cock. Don breathed in deeply, smelling that man scent that made him swoon a little. His own heart pounded as he took one more look upwards.

Jay was still staring off in the distance, but his one hand was now under his shirt, rubbing his belly. Don could see the golden flesh as he turned back towards the cock that he held. It had thickened and gotten even warmer, as he leaned inwards more. His tongue flicked out, tasting that head juice, which made him gag just a bit, until he ignored it.

He ran his tongue across the head and around it. He tasted the hot flesh, and the small drop of precum that came from the pee slit. He let it roll around in his mouth before swallowing it, then once more concentrated on licking the cock. He let his tongue lick down under the head, along the taut flesh and the bulging vein.

Don licked as far down as he could, and he heard the soft moan coming from above. He felt a hand suddenly reach down, and twist at his hair, then push his head down, pushing his face hard into the soft belly. He breathed in that scent, holding it deep in his lungs and memory. He sighed, as he licked at the pubic hairs, at the side of the hard cock that was wedged next to his cheek.

He pulled back, his hand now gripping the pole hard. His fingers stroked it hard and pushed the taut flesh back over the throbbing head. He then held it tightly as he opened his mouth, and slowly wrapped his lips around the head. He heard the groan, felt the body shiver, as he moved his head forward, gradually taking the cock into his mouth.

His hands let go of the cock to grab hold of the young man’s hips. His fingers dug into the soft flesh and held tight, as he moved his head down the long throbbing cock. His mind was reeling, the pain in his own groin intense, as he sucked on the cock, while moving down towards the groin. His body shook as he felt the pleasure inside of his own body. His eyes were shut tight, as he moved up and down the throbbing pole. It was more than he had ever dreamed of, as he continued to suck on the cock.

The hands on his head became stronger. The tips digging into his scalp as they guided his head, urging him on. He felt his own body shaking, as he listened to the groans become louder, closer together. His own moans were muted by the thick pole going in and out of his mouth at increasing speed. His teeth grated across the skin, making the cock shake, making the young man quiver.

He felt the muscles in Jay’s thighs tighten. Felt the body stiffen, as he sucked hard on the throbbing cock. He took it all, deep into his throat. It made him gag each time the head would strike at the back of his throat, but he didn’t care. He was sucking Jay’s cock.

The head was jerking, he felt it bang the side of his throat, then the other, then he felt it rear back. From above his head, he heard a gurgling cry, and he knew that Jay was about to cum. He struggled to relax his throat, to let it take it all. His fingers held the young man’s body in its grasp, as the first stream of Jay’s youthful milk came flooding out.

The cry of pleasure echoed in his ears as his throat felt the splash of hot cum against its sides. He swallowed, even before the first load had been totally released. His body shook, as he took that thick stream of milk, felt it come back up as he tried to swallow again, and again. Desperate, he let his fingers dig deeper, as he tried to hold the bucking young man’s body from falling on top of him.

The loud cries suddenly ended, and were replaced by soft moaning whimpers as the body bucked a few times. He held on, as the last of Jay’s cum dribbled out and into his mouth. He licked at the head, feeling it tremble as he swallowed the last of the cum. His lips were caked by it, and he leaned back, his hands still holding tightly to Jay’s thighs. He stared at the softening cock, amazed at how much cum it had spewed down his throat. He could still taste it, as he leaned on his haunches.

The hands on his head slowly let go, and finally Don looked up, to see the young man’s face. This time he was looking down, a strange glow across his face. The eyes were sparkling as if they would explode. He watched as Jay licked his lips, then slowly pulled himself upright.

He still knelt there, as he watched Jay stuff his cock back into his shorts. The hands trembled a bit, as they zipped up and buttoned up. It was all over as he slowly let himself stand up, to once more stare at Jay. He saw nothing to show whether he had enjoyed it or not. Jay’s face looked void of any emotion, as Don took a step back.

Don watched at Jay moved away, to go around to the driver’s side of his car. He looked on as the man opened the door, and began to climb inside. Just before he disappeared inside, he stared over at Don, and spoke in a soft tone.

Don’t follow me anymore. I am not into guys.

Don nodded, feeling rather dejected as the young man disappeared into the car. He was about to turn and head back upstairs, when he saw the passenger side window roll down. He crouched down, looking in to see Jay leaning over and staring over at him.

I never been sucked off that good before, uh… see you around, okay?

With a smile that threatened to crack his face, Don nodded and watched as Jay backed out and left. He waved at the disappearing car, and heard an answering honk. He wondered when he would get another taste of Jay’s cock, and also how much he could get for his car, seeing as how he no longer needed it.

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