Fiction – Smell the Flowers

Smell the Flowers

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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It was a perfect day. The sun was shining, not too hot, and a small little breeze was blowing as John strolled along the shaded pathway. He was impressed by the assorted collection of flowers and shrubs that were visible along the pathway. It was definitely a marvel to see, at how a worn out rock quarry had been turned into such a botanical display. No wonder the place was world famous, as he continued to stroll casually along the pathway, enjoying the scenery and not just the flowers.

The instant he had passed through the gates, paid his admission fee he had been struck by the tall young man who was off to one side, looking at the large display map of paths. He was tall, at least six foot but wasn’t skinny or overweight either. Perfectly proportioned in fact, looking natural, not out of some gym routine or workout regiment. It was his hair though that made him look, and become intrigued by the young man. It was nearly white in color, and hung down just around his collar. It covered his ears, barely, and had a natural looking wave to it that just made it shimmer in the sun’s rays.

At a guess, he had to say that the young man was maybe 20, at best. Hopefully no younger than 18, but whatever his age, he was a doll. His face was lean, matched his body really. His arms were long, and had a faint fuzziness from his light hair that was tanned a nice shade of gold. It all looked so natural, that when the young man moved off, to follow a chosen path, John couldn’t help but follow along. The way his body just seemed to flow, as he walked gave him a bit of a rush, and as he snapped several pictures, he couldn’t help but grab a few secretly of the young man.

He wore a regular short sleeved t-shirt that only accentuated his well defined torso, and unlike many his age, he wore ordinary jeans that fit him well. They weren’t overly baggy or tight either, but they certainly highlighted his upper body. John hadn’t gotten a good look at the front, but who cared, after watching those firm butt cheeks sway as he walked. They fit the jeans perfectly, were well held in place by the jeans, and you could sort of just see the edge of his underwear legs near the bottom. The small little ridge was evident, if you looked close enough, which John couldn’t help but do.

The young man seemed alone, as John followed the path he took. He would stop at various spots, lean on the rails to gaze at the display, even snapped a few pictures, which further grabbed John’s interest. Unlike many his age, he seemed in no hurry to traverse the route, and stopped several times to just look at the displays. His body was amazing as he would lean on the rails, and you could see how muscular he was. The arms made the shirt sleeves bulge a little, and his thighs seemed to naturally fill the jeans and even stretch them a little.

There were a few other tourists around, but it wasn’t crowded. In some spots, he actually felt like they were alone. It was a bit of a surprise but one he enjoyed. For an odd reason, he didn’t feel like sharing the young man, who seemed oblivious to anything and everyone. He just kept a slow pace, walking and stopping at whatever seemed to grab his interest.

Several times, John wished he would be that interest, and once or twice he thought he caught the young man looking in his direction, though he tried to play it nonchalant. Still, he felt a strange attraction, that only seemed to grow as they moved along the winding paths. Eventually they came to this small little outcropping. You could go the one way, that seemed the wider and more travelled, or the other than past under a huge tree, was considerably narrower and even darker. It was totally in shade, and as they approached, John hoped that the young man would choose the latter.

As they approached, he saw the man stop and stare. He looked at the little brochure map that he carried, looked up and around then headed towards the smaller, darker route. John felt his heart skip a beat as he followed, enjoying the sudden silence that seemed to envelop him as he passed under the huge tree. The wind could be heard among the branches, the sound of birds off in a distance echoed as he walked through, the sun glimmering in spots, hidden by the huge trees that now lined the pathway.

It was considerably cooler as he took his little jacket off, and flung it over his shoulder as he continued to follow the path. He had lost sight of the young man, but as he turned a corner, he saw the man, leaning on a rail. It was a breath taking view and then he saw the surroundings, adding to the feelings inside. He had come out into a clearing, to see a huge lake surrounded by amazing flowers, in various shades. Trees formed the backdrop and the sun was beaming down glistening off the water.

He couldn’t help it, but had to stop and snap a few pictures, grabbing one of the young man leaning over the rail. It was a perfect shot, he thought when he noticed the young man turn to look at him. John felt like he had seen a revelation, or something like that. The young man was smiling, his teeth clearly showing in the light. It lit up his whole face, the small crinkles around the eyes only adding to his good looks.

John stood there, stunned as the young man spoke to him, and asked if he’d take a picture of him, with his camera, of him standing there. It was like listening to a choir, the voice was so musical and had a lilt to it he didn’t recognize. It made his heart actually race a little as he quickly agreed, and as he reached out to take the offered camera, his fingers touched the young man’s fingers.

He almost jumped, from the strange jolt that he felt. It truly was like being hit by a shot of electricity. His nerves were suddenly jangling inside, his heart racing and even his breathing became a little bit more rapid, as he took the camera, and listened to the young man’s instructions on how to snap the picture. It was an amazing few seconds, because the voice was so rich and casual, so arousing. John couldn’t help but feel excited, as he lifted the camera up and stared at the image of the young man in the center of the little viewing window. He also couldn’t help but notice that the young man had one hell of a nice looking package. It was his first real glimpse at the young man’s front, and it was even more amazing, more arousing, than his rear had been.

Swallowing hard, he managed to take several snapshots, wishing he could use his own camera. To have those kind of pictures, of a perfect specimen would make his trip complete. Course he wished he could see more, and before realizing it, he had asked if the young man would mind, if he took some of his own pictures, of him standing in front of the lake.

He was surprised to hear himself ask, even more surprised as the young man seemed to blush. It gave him such an innocent look, such a fresh aura that he felt his own body shake a little. When he agreed, it was like being given the key to the city, and he quickly pulled his own camera out, and lined up the shot. John licked his lips, as he stared through his own viewfinder, at the tall young man. His body just seemed to shimmer, as he snapped several pictures, noticing how well his chest stretched the light blue t-shirt.

The last shot however, he nearly lost it. He was certain that the tell tale lump in the pants had moved, even grown a bit larger as he had snapped the pictures. It was almost as if the young man was excited by the whole situation, again making him swallow hard. It was impossible, but he could dream, he thought. Lowering the camera he found the young man looking at him, with a small grin on his face, the eyes twinkling like they had a secret to tell.

It really was amazing, as they stood there, just staring at each other. There was hardly any other sounds, but nature, and finally the young man introduced himself, holding his hand out to shake John’s. He felt his own nervousness, as he reached out instinctively for the offered hand, wiping his palms on his own thigh, knowing how he was suddenly perspiring.

After introducing himself, he was suddenly engaged in a conversation with Christian. He learned that he was from Northern Alberta, a place called High Prairie, and that was actually 22 years old. He worked on the oil rigs near Swan Hills, and was down here on vacation to visit an old friend he had met up there. It was how he said ‘friend’ that made John look a little bit more at Christian. It was almost as if he meant lover, and it surprised him.

He wasn’t used to such an obvious hint, and as they turned to stare back at the glistening lake, both of them leaning on the rail, John could smell his cologne. It was so fresh, so casual that he couldn’t help but take a deep breath, just to enjoy it more. As he did, he turned to see Christian staring at him, the eyes looking deeply into his face. He felt a bit uneasy, as suddenly he said the name of the cologne he was wearing.

It was a shock, as John realized he hadn’t been all that discreet about it. It must of shown on his face, as suddenly Christian just laughed, telling him it was okay, he got a lot of that at times. The words were said softly, invitingly even that only made John blush, which brought another laugh from Christian.

Before he could even stutter out some excuse, Christian was rambling on about how it was nice to not smell oil, sweaty men around him, but instead to breathe in the fresh air of nature. To smell the flowers, their perfume that gave him a warm feeling inside. As he listened, he couldn’t help but feel more attracted to Christian, as he let the young man put him at ease. It was all so casual, so easy for him, as he talked and John just listened, occasionally offered a few words, here and there.

In short order they were walking together, along the path, talking and pointing out various parts of the scenery. It was almost like they were on a date, each trying to show the other amazing displays of nature. John was mesmerized by the ease at which Christian seemed to be, walking close to him and on occasion touching his shoulder, as he saw something John had missed.

Each time Christian touched him, John felt his body shiver, quiver to the excitement of the touch. He tried to conceal it, but he knew that Christian noticed it. Yet he said nothing, acted oblivious to it, as they walked along the narrow path, shaded for the most part, until they came to small little bridge. They crossed over, and stood in a deeply indented grove of trees. The sun was blocked out and off to one side, was a small opening or pathway. Unlike the one’s they were on, it was unpaved.

Christian stopped, and stared at John, then he smiled and looked back at the opening. John saw the eyes, the glimmer in them and his heart began to race. It wasn’t possible, he thought but as Christian moved towards the nearly hidden entrance, he followed him. His heart seemed to be in his throat as they pushed aside a branch to walk into a small dark clearing. Off to one side was a wooden bench, and around them was nothing but trees and small wild flowers. Further on, the path seemed to be winding down, and Christian smiled again, as he suddenly sat down on the wooden bench.

He sat there, his arms spread out on either side, resting on the top of the bench. He was seated in the middle, and his legs were suddenly spread apart. John couldn’t help but feel his eyes being dragged to stare at the spread open crotch. They bulged as he noticed the very large lump, and he licked his own lips, as he brought his eyes up to stare at Christian’s face.

It was amazing, as the young man kept his gaze on John’s face. The eyes seemed to have little lights inside, dancing and flickering as he just sat there, daring John to seek more than what was being shown. He couldn’t believe it as he watched the young man smiling at him, then look down from John’s face, to stare at his own crotch, then over at John’s crotch before once more moving up to look him directly in the face.

John could feel himself sweating, feel the tiny drops dripping off his forehead, as he saw Christian lick his lips, then stare once more at his crotch, once more at John’s groin, then back to John’s face. His eyes said it all, and without even realizing it, he moved a step or two closer, his hands clenching and unclenching as he felt his eyes once more move from Christian’s face, to the young man’s crotch. He could see the bulge, see the outline of something off to one side, as the legs moved apart even more.

He looked up, licked his lips, as he stared at the dancing lights in the young man’s face. The sound of a button being opened, startled him, and broke his concentration. He saw that one of Christian’s hands had left the bench top, and he followed the long arm to see it resting at the waist. He saw that the jeans were open at the top and looking back up, he saw the arm once more resting on the top of the bench.

The eyes said it all, as John found himself on his knees, his head staring at the opened pants. The zipper was still up but the legs were inviting him in, and as he glanced up he saw the head nod slightly. His hands moved up, to touch the young man, who smiled down at him. John felt his body quiver, as his hand moved lightly across the bulging crotch. He could feel the hard lump inside, and he stared at the crotch, watching his hands move along the warm fabric. He swallowed hard, licked his lips, as he looked up to see the affirming smile across the handsome face.

His fingers were stiff, as they moved up and slowly worked at unzipping the pants. His eyes bulged open as he saw the bright red of the man’s shorts come into view. He pushed the pants open, to see a long hard pole stretching the thin red shorts. His eyes followed the huge pole to see it edging upwards, and just by the far side, at the waistband, he saw the fiery purple head poking up.

Christian was hard as a rock, as he let his fingers run lightly across the throbbing pole. He could feel it tremble as he ran his fingers across the hard pole, up to the top. A small bit of precum was at the top, and John felt his heart quicken its beat as he ran his fingers down now. He heard a soft little whimper, a moan really and looked up to see a glazed look cross Christian’s face. He smiled as he bent his head down, to watch his fingers move down and then under, lightly caressing the cock, then the full balls underneath. He heard the sharp intake of breath from above, as he bent forward, letting his lips brush up against the cock shaft.

He kissed the hot pole, felt it quiver, as he slowly wrapped his lips around the enclosed cock. The taste of the cloth and the smell of the young man made John’s head swoon as he let his mouth move up until he felt the hot flesh of the head. His tongue flicked out and eagerly swallowed the oozing precum, then he reached up, and pulled the shorts down a little.

The hard cock sprung out from its confinement, as he stared at it, his hand around the base of the shaft. It was a thick throbbing cock, and he thought he could see the vein underneath pulse as the blood rushed through. His heart was suddenly racing, and he felt the sweat dripping off his face like a raging river. He even saw drops splatter across the turned down fabric, staining them with its moisture. His eyes were wide open, as he placed his hands onto either side of the cock.

His fingers felt the hot flesh of Christian’s thighs, the muscles rolling under his hands. He let the fingers dig into the hard flesh, feeling the body shaking a little, as he lowered his head. His lips touched the head, and he kissed it lightly, across the slit, then on either side. Christian began to moan, and his hands now rested on John’s head. He felt the fingers digging at his hair, twisting strands of it around themselves, and pushing down.

He felt his eyes closing, as they stared once more time at the long pole and the rather heavy bush of light colored pubic hair. He breathed in deeply, smelling the fragrance of the young man mingling with the sweet scent of the flowers nearby. He let his head be guided down by the firm pressure of Christian’s hands, as his mouth touched the hot cock head. He felt the cock tremble, as his lips opened slightly, to envelop the throbbing head, then slide down the long pole. He heard the groan, the sigh, as he moved his head down and down, until his nose was pressing into the soft flesh between the groin and thigh.

Breathing in deeply, all he could smell now was Christian’s body. He felt his lungs ache, his own body tremble, as he cock was taken deep into his throat. Slowly he began to move up and off the throbbing pole, feeling it tremble even more. Then just as he held the head between his lips, he licked at the head, then twisted his head around, to lick at the tender flesh just under the cock head.

Christian cried out, muttering ‘yes, yes… oh yes, yes…’ which echoed far off in John’s head. His head was spinning as he began to lick at the throbbing pole, his one hand clutching the base, his other digging deep into the thighs. He licked it all, then the balls, taking each one into his mouth, sucking on it deeply, then letting it loose, as he moved from one to the other then back again.

He couldn’t stand it himself, as he heard Christian moan. He felt his head move up, and once more he guided the cock into his mouth, tasting the young man fully as he dove down, taking it all in one swoop. He felt the head jerk, felt the hands on his head grow firmer. His body was shaking as he moved up and down on the throbbing pole. He could feel it growing, becoming even harder if possible. The cries from above made him relax his throat even more, as shortly the head jerked back, then reared forward, banging hard against the side of his throat.

John felt the torrent as it came out. His whole body was shaking as Christian suddenly arched his body upwards, driving his cock even deeper down John’s throat. The cock shot forward, faster than the escaping milk. He felt the hot milk flooding his throat, swallowing quickly as the cock dug deep down into his throat.

He heard the cry, felt the hands twist and pull at his hair, as the young man came. His milk made him gag once, before he could swallow more. The aroma was intense, as he felt his own body shaking, felt Christian’s legs growing taut like bands of steel, as the cock drove deep and shot load after load of its precious milk.

He felt the hot sticky cum dribble from the corner’s of his mouth, as the young man’s cries finally began to quieten down. The hands suddenly were limp and released his hair and head. The legs grew soft, the muscles exhausted as the last of the cum dribbled out of the softening cock. He swallowed that too, sucking the very last drops out, then he leaned back, totally exhausted.

John finally looked up, to see Christian’s heaving chest. His body was still trembling, shaking from its wild explosion, Then the eyes slowly opened, and a warm huge smile began to cross his face, as he looked down at John. His face was aglow, and John felt drained, as he slowly stood up. Christian moved over, giving him a place to sit, which he more or less fell into. He leaned back on the bench, and turned his head to Christian.

The young man reached out, and wiped a drop or two of his cum from John’s mouth, then leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips.

My motel is just a few blocks from here.’

John just nodded, smiling at Christian.

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