Fiction – The Video Store

The Video Store

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

As Ted walked through the curtain to the back room, he could feel several eyes on him, making him feel uncomfortable. Hell, he knew he should have get on going, and simply gone online and used one of those pay per view services. Least he’d not feel like the whole world was staring at him, passing judgment on the dirty old man. Not that he was that old, least in mind. So he was middle aged, big deal. Didn’t mean he was suddenly not interested in sex.

Inside the curtain he noticed that a couple of people turned to see who had come inside. Once again, he had that icky feeling, as if he was somehow unclean. He managed to not look at anyone, as he slowly made his way down the aisles towards the back area, which is where the Gay Videos were located. Making his way down, he heard one girl snicker to her boyfriend, who just seemed to nod. He wouldn’t look at Ted, which suited him just fine.

It was very uncomfortable, as he also notice someone else near the back. His back was to him, and he could look without drawing attention to himself. The guy had to be just 18, given how slight his body was. He was hunched over, looking at some video package, and Ted noticed he had long stringy hair, bit on the greasy side, but still rather attractive. More girlish in look he thought, as he moved towards the shelf, to see what was available.

Above each rack of covers was a warning, that only those 18 or older were allowed, and that you were directed to place the cover in the black bags provided, and not simply take the video cover uncovered to be filled. He grinned, wondering what some of those outside would do or say, if they saw these videos. The covers, to say the least, were rather explicit, yet he really didn’t see too many that appealed to him. He was into twinks, and the selection was a bit weak.

Again, he thought about just turning around and leaving. He could always get something at the Pay Per View site he frequented. They always had new stuff, and the selection would fill a lot more than this dinky room, let alone two shelves. As he thought about it, he felt the young man looking at him, and he decided to hell with it, and turned to look.

His heart did a few skips, as he saw the young man’s face. It was one of those dream faces. Long dark eyelashes, covering the most expressive eyes he had ever seen. A sort of green tint to them that just seemed full of life. The nose was perfect, not a blemish on the face either as well as the most perfect pair of thin pale lips he had ever seen. They looked so kissable, that he felt himself licking his own lips.

The mere thought had also given him a bit of a boner too, and he couldn’t help but notice the young man was actually checking him out. His longish hair flowed over his shoulders, and he tossed his head back, as he smiled at Ted. That was almost too much, and his semi hard cock became fully erect. He couldn’t help it, as the guy was an absolute perfect specimen of what he enjoyed.

Ted smiled back, unsure if the young man was just being friendly, or if perhaps there was a bit more to it. He did notice him put back a video cover, that was certainly in his line. Seeing the cover, he had to remark, which got him another of those killer smiles. He almost fainted, as it was like seeing the sudden burst of sun over a dark horizon, just like in the early mornings over the Ocean.

It didn’t him long to find out that the young man was 19, that he had lived in the city all his life, but was thinking of moving off to anywhere, that was a bit more tolerant of his preferences in sex. Funny how he had put it, and Ted could understand. Despite all his years as an out gay man, he still found it hard to be totally comfortable among his straight friends and co-workers.

He also found out that his name was Merek, which definitely was rather sexy sounding. Seemed his family was actually from the old Czechoslovakia. It was amazing at how much they just talked, and to be honest, he was feeling rather smitten by the young man. He didn’t seem to be on the make, so when he offered him a ride home, it just seemed totally natural. First though, he had to find something to take home, or the tongues would really be wagging in the front of the store.

He grabbed an old Bel Ami video, Pretty Boy, which he had already seen, but hell, at least it was something worth seeing a second time around. Course he was rather thinking that perhaps he wouldn’t need a video tonight, or if he did, he’d have company watching it.

As he pulled out of the parking lot, it became obvious that Merek was not going to be adverse to joining him in watching the Video. Thankfully he had picked one that was decent. It would certainly help set the mood, though he rather suspected it wasn’t needed. The young man was not just friendly, but he kept smiling at Ted, that always got a rather interesting result from his heart. It would skip a beat or two, and as they drove along, he knew that tonight would not be dull.

Normally, when he managed to find someone to take home, it was purely business with them. The talk was rather stilted and never of anything important, so it was refreshing to listen to Merek talk. He was not shy, and as they got closer to Ted’s home, he seemed to become even more talkative. He talked about his family, about how boring things were at home, and how he hated living in a place where he couldn’t just be who he wanted.

He talked about sex, about how so few his own age would admit to enjoying it, to even wanting it. Merek made no bones about it, he liked cock, and for the last few blocks, had sidled up closer to Ted. His leg was touching Ted’s and with every glance at Merek, he saw that smile, those perfect white teeth glistening, beckoning even. Ted was a veteran in these things, yet he felt totally disarmed by Merek’s enthusiasm. It was rather a nice feeling for a change, as he drove up his driveway, and parked his car.

It was your typical ranch style home. Neat and rather ordinary really, except for the television and music set up. Ted had indulged himself, and had the state of the art system hooked up. It was naturally a wide screen plasma television, with a fairly good home sound system attached. What made it seem even more special was that it was also hooked up to his computer, one more of Ted’s extravagances.

Merek was beside himself as he took it all in, and for several minutes Ted enjoyed playing the role of tour guide. It was also rather erotic, to be showing this handsome young man all his playthings. He also said all the right things, encouraging Ted to expand on his discourse, that added to his pleasure. He was already feeling that no matter the price, Merek was already well worth it. His marvel at the computer, and the smile he gave Ted when Ted said they could surf later, after the video was enough to once more, nearly make Ted shoot his load.

When he asked Merek if he’d like a drink, he was surprised to be asked for a glass of milk. This definitely wasn’t your typical hustler, he thought, as he obliged him with a tall glass. Just watching him drink it was entertaining, as it seemed that young Merek was full of life. He was obviously in a state of euphoria and for a minute or two he wondered if he could be on something, but then he quickly discarded the notion. No drug could induce this kind of natural exuberance, so he just settled back and enjoyed it.

Ted set up the DVD into his player, and settled back on the chesterfield with Merek, to watch the Bel Ami movie. It was the time he figured, to find out just what tonight was going to cost him. He wasn’t all that good at bringing up the topic of money, and after several futile attempts, he finally asked him straight out.

For several seconds, he felt confused by Merek’s reaction. There was a certain clouding of his eyes, and his face became rather forlorn looking, even downright sad. He didn’t know what to do, as he waited for the answer, which when it came, only made him feel ashamed of himself.

I don’t do it for money’ was all he said, in a rather soft hurt sounding voice, that seemed genuine. In fact, as he looked at Merek, he saw the eyes welling up in tears, which made him even more ashamed. He felt like an ass, and out of instinct, he reached over and pulled the young man close to him, telling him how sorry he was over and over again.

His head nestled in the crook of his arm, while the muted opening music played in the background. He could feel the small little heaves as Merek struggled to regain his composure. The press of his body against his only added to his arousal as well. He couldn’t help it, the kid was something he had never really experienced before. It wasn’t that he was ugly, nor was it that he had never gotten lucky without having to reach into his pocket book. It was simply that no one like Merek seemed to be in his reach, which made it all the more unbelievable, as he tried to comfort the young man.

Finally he managed to assure him that he wasn’t trying to be mean, or that Merek struck him as a hustler even. It was like he was talking to a youngster, and he found himself caressing the young man’s hair, while he rested in the crook of Ted’s arm. Even as Ted began the movie, Merek seemed content to just lean into him, his head on Ted’s shoulder.

He could smell his scent, which kept him looking from the television to Merek. Ted loved his Bel Ami and the various young men in it, but for the first time he felt distracted. With Merek in his arms, he felt like the video was just something making noise. The parade of young naked men on the screen seemed pale in comparison to the handsome man nestled in his arms. He tried to tell Merek that, and at first it didn’t seem like he comprehended what Ted was saying, then it was almost like a lightning bolt had hit.

His eyes suddenly were once more alive, glistening as they peered up into Ted’s own worried face. The smile was there, the face no longer looked pale and disheartened. Then, to his utter amazement, Merek leaned up and kissed him firmly on the mouth. The touch of the thin pale lips on his own, made his entire body tremble. He shook as he felt the warm moist lips on his own and he closed his eyes, bending his face down, to continue the kiss.

Merek wrapped his arms around his chest, and under Ted’s own arms. He snuggled in closer, as he opened his lips, letting Ted snake his tongue inwards. He tasted the freshness of the young man’s mouth, and played a game of tag with Merek’s own tongue. He felt its raspy edge, and smoothness too. He tasted him, as suddenly he felt Merek nibble on his lower lip. Then once more they held each other close, and while he could feel his whole body quivering, he was also able to notice that Merek’s body also trembled.

It felt like he too was aroused, and then he felt the hand moving down his side, reaching across to rub across his chest and down his stomach. The hand was firm, and yet it felt so light, so erotic, that he whimpered a little, taken aback by Merek’s touch. He felt Merek move his head down and begin to kiss at Ted’s neck. His lips would move down, kissing him and making his body quiver. The pleasurable sensations were non stop in his body. They kept rolling up and down, making his nerves tingle as the young man began to explore more and more of Ted’s middle aged body. He marveled at Ted’s chest, at how firm his stomach was even, feeling the muscle beneath as he reached in under Ted’s shirt.

Then the hand moved down, and in a sudden daring move, Ted felt his throbbing cock pole grabbed and held tightly between Merek’s fingers. He felt his body groan, as the hand squeezed him hard, then rub over the throbbing pole. He sighed, even groaned a little, as Merek popped his pant button, and pulled his zipper down.

The hand moved inside of the pants quickly, before he even could register what was happening. He felt the fingers probing his pole, and then press hard against the erect penis. The fingers took hold and ran along the entire shaft, then up and over to push inside of the shorts, to reach slowly and with determination, his cock. Ted could hear himself panting, but also feel the hot breath of Merek’s own shallow breath on his stomach.

Merek seemed to only get more animated, and suddenly Ted felt his pants and underwear being pulled down his legs, to expose his aroused manhood to Merek. Opening his eyes, he stared at the long hair that covered his groin. He cried out, as he felt the flick of the young man’s tongue on his cock head, then all along the shaft of his trembling pole. He felt his toes arching in his shoes, and he felt his head falling back against the chesterfield. Merek’s head obscured his view, but he was having no trouble in feeling what was happening.

Every muscle in his body was tensed, as the young man reached under and pushed at his scrotum, forcing his already aching balls upwards. He moaned louder now, as Merek suddenly grabbed his cock at the base. His fingers were holding it hard, when he felt the warmth envelop the top of his cock. His eyes popped open, stared down at his groin where Merek was feeding himself with Ted’s hard cock. He felt himself shake, as the lips tightened around his already taut skin, and slowly slid down the long pole.

Ted wasn’t huge but he was above average. He watched and felt the growing warmth, as his cock was very slowly swallowed whole. He shivered, his body quivering as Merek’s tongue licked at the pulsing vein under his shaft. His balls were dangling, but aching as Merek began to slowly move back and forth along his cock. He was moaning as well, muffled by having Ted’s cock buried inside his mouth.

His eyes closed again, his head tilted back as his legs grew taut and cramped. His arms went rigid as he let the pleasure simply roll all over him. His legs were numb, his mind in a fog, as the blood rushed to his groin, and he felt his body arch upwards, driving his cock deeper into Merek’s throat. The gagging sound was only for a second, then he could hear him slurping, as he sucked hard on Ted’s cock. The head was moving faster, and he couldn’t hold it back any longer.

All that talk, all those smiles were rolling around in his mind, as the pleasure seemed never ending. His muscles released, his nerves were shot, as his whole body couldn’t contain itself any longer. He cried out, as he felt his balls sling upward. Every nerve seemed like it would explode as he felt his body shoot upwards, felt his cock drive hard and deep down into the open throat. His voice cried out, a muffled ‘yes’ coming from below, as he felt his cock rear back, then spring forward.

His cum flooded out and he heard the gurgling sound, heard the soft cough, then the hard sound of someone swallowing, and swallowing as it drank his cum. He heard himself panting, felt his chest heaving as he sank back into the cushions of his chesterfield, his eyes misted as he jerked, a final spasm. The last of his cum dribbled out, eagerly taken by the young mouth that still held his cock in its grip.

Finally the mouth let him go, and he opened his eyes, slowly letting the room’s light penetrate. His mind was still reeling, as he stared out and down. Merek was leaning back on the far side of the chesterfield, his own chest heaving as he stared back. The look on his face, was one of both satisfaction, as well as excitement. The music still played, and he turned to stare at the screen, to see the menu. Looking over at Merek, he smiled, feeling his breathing gradually returning to normal.

Merek turned to stare at the screen, then back at Ted. He smiled, as he stood up. He quickly took his shirt off, and dropped his own pants to the floor, stepping out of them. His underwear was those tight fitting boxer briefs and Ted couldn’t help but notice how tented they were. His eyes sparkled as he looked at the young man’s crotch, at what lay hidden just behind the thin fabric. Ted looked up as Merek stepped closer, then sat back down on the chesterfield, next to Ted. He leaned in, resting his head on the shoulder, shaking it a bit to get comfortable. Looking up, with those gleaming eyes, his smile was enough for Ted, who kicked his own pants and underwear off his legs, and wrapped his arm around the young man.

He hit the play button, as he felt Merek reach and lay his hand across Ted’s groin, the fingers lightly playing with the pubic hairs. Ted knew, that this would be a long video night, even if all he had was the one.

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