Fiction – Deceptive Packaging

Deceptive Packaging

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Seth moved down the long empty aisles, his clipboard in one hand, the pen in the other. His dark brown eyes kept darting right and left as he spotted the large displays, checking them off on his clipboard. When he came to one that wasn’t on the list, he would quickly scribble the code down and move on. It was all part of the ritual that meant the end of the day.

He had been given the job, and while most of the crew didn’t object, one or two of the old timers weren’t pleased with some punk 21 year old being handed the manager’s job. He didn’t blame them, it wasn’t like he had years in the place like they had, but then too, he wasn’t a dolt either. He took his job seriously, and didn’t mind pitching in either.

Besides, he had spent most of his summers working here, doing what they did. Shifting boxes and crates back and forth, so it wasn’t like he just walked in and got the job. He had the bruises, the sore muscles that reminded him of how heavy some of those crates could be. He knew first hand how fucked up things could get, if the boss hadn’t organized things properly for the crew, which is why he took his time, checking and double checking the stacks of goods, waiting for the next day’s work.

Now he was the boss, it was his job to keep things moving smoothly, even if some were out to get him. Least that was his perception, though in all honesty, it was a bit paranoid. Okay, maybe some didn’t take kindly to his promotion, specially Brad, but fuck, he had earned it. Brad could get stuffed, which wouldn’t be a bad idea actually.

Seth had never gotten along with Brad. The guy had a big mouth, though in kindler moments, Seth wouldn’t mind feeling that mouth wrapped around his dick. That was part of his trouble too, as Brad came across as one fucking homophobic prick. The guy was a year older than him, same slight build and looks, but there it ended.

While he had gone to college, still was in college, Brad had left school in grade 10, and had been working here since, full time. He wasn’t stupid, just that his family needed the money, though Brad had long since moved out on his own. Brad never had a good word for anyone, and always seemed to resent it when others got ahead, while he still stayed doing the same job.

Seth tried to help, by throwing him chances at overtime, and stuff, but Brad never seemed willing to accept it, least not normally. Yet, lately he had, which had really surprised Seth. It was hard though, because he was always the one stuck remaining too, and having to listen to Brad bitch. It might not be so bad, if the guy wasn’t so fucking hot, he had thought. He also wished he’d lay off the queer bashing talk. It pissed him off, but the more he worked with the guy, the more attracted to him he was becoming.

Like that was going to work out, he thought as he moved down the long empty aisles, checking off the crates. To think of making a move on him would be a disaster. Yet at times Seth wasn’t so sure that such a move would necessarily be rejected. He was certain he had caught Brad checking him out, at even looking like he was thinking of what was hidden behind Seth’s jeans.

Hell, he thought about what might be in Brad’s shorts many times. It had given him some good jerk off fantasies too, but no way was he going to risk being found out, for someone like Brad. While the guy was built, had a great looking body and face, his attitude sucked. Mind you, even thinking of that, it sort of got him a bit hard. Seth grimaced a little, adjusting the nearly hard cock in his pants, as he continued to walk down the empty aisles.

He heard his name being called, and looked up. It was coming over from the freight elevator, where Brad was working on getting the morning’s goods ready for loading. Quickly he hurried over to find out what the commotion was about. He saw the bottleneck near the doors, and carefully navigated over the huge crates, thinking some of the smaller items may have fallen or worse.

Gritting his teeth, he rushed and found himself in a clearing, surrounded by huge crates. The fork lift was idling behind one, but no sign of Brad, as he called out to him. Looking at the stack of crates, he realized he was boxed in, unless he was to try and climb back up over the huge crate that he had come down off of.

Sighing, he turned to find a handhold, to boost himself up with, when the crate suddenly moved. He heard the engine of the forklift, and yelled out, thinking that he could get crushed between crates. He pounded on the wooden framed crate as it moved inwards, forcing him back. It stopped at last, and Seth realized he was totally boxed in now. It would be a scramble to get out, but was manageable.

The sound of work boots on wood echoed and he looked up to see Brad’s face peering down at him. He had a strange glint in his eyes, and a rather ominous smirk on his face. He put his hands on his hips and just stared at Seth. For a moment or two, Seth felt uneasy, not sure what was going on, though he was damn sure going to find out. Looking up at Brad, he told him to help him up, but Brad just glared down at him, refusing to move, or even speak.

The smirk seemed to grow too, as Seth told him to stop playing games, to help him up but he refused. He was getting angry and he moved towards one corner, to try and boost himself up. He was going to settle this feud once and for all, he thought as he reached up to grab hold of a slat.

Brad’s voice rang in his ears, as he was told to stop, or he’d move the crate in more. Seth looked up at him, fear in his eyes, as he realized he had been set up. Brad was looking odd, and he tried to reason with him, instead Brad just smiled that evil looking grin at him, until finally Seth demanded to know what the fuck he was playing at.

Nothing man, just want to see if you can get out, like you took my job away, think you can do that?

Fuck man, move away, and I’ll climb up, we’ll talk and figure this out.’

Nope, not until I get what I want

And that is what?

I want to see you get out, the same way you got my job.

Shit man, I didn’t take your job, I did my work, just like everyone else, I didn’t make the choices

Yeah right, you got the old man to promote you, can’t blame you too much, he is a sucker for your type.

What’s that supposed to mean? My type? What is my type Brad, college kid? What?

You know what I mean, I have seen how he looked at you, at how you looked at him, hell, I have seen how you have looked at me that way too.’

What the fuck are you babbling about? I don’t look at anyone any different than any other one does.

Not like everyone, I ain’t stupid, I can tell.

Tell what? Fuck, this isn’t funny Brad, tell me what it is you want, and let me the fuck out of here.

That the way you want it? To play dumb? I ain’t stupid man, but hell, if that’s what you want.

Brad, I haven’t a clue as to what you mean, now tell me what it is you want, and let me out.

Fine, drop em

Uh? Drop what? Quit playing games Brad, this isn’t funny

Your pants smart ass, come on, strip and let’s see exactly what it is that the old man saw, shouldn’t be hard for you, bet you drop your britches every time some old geezer blinks in your direction, anything to get ahead.

Seth just stared up at Brad. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but in looking at him, he realized Brad wasn’t joking. He was dead serious. He felt himself trembling as he looked up, hearing those words, knowing it wasn’t true, but that somehow Brad believed it. For now, he felt the panic, but tried to keep it in check, so he could get out of this.

Your wrong Brad, I don’t drop my pants for anyone, where you getting that crap from, now come on, let me out of here.

Brad stared down, and spat. He aimed it away from Seth, but it was more of a statement than anything. He just moved closer to the edge, looking down with a weird look crossing his face every few seconds. Seth could also see a rather thick looking bulge in the man’s groin, which was odd. It was as if Brad was hard, and he felt stupid, thinking of that shit, while in this position. Still, Brad was right about one thing, he had checked him out.

I ain’t gonna wait all day, either you drop em, or this crate gets moved in more, and more until you do, or can’t. Get my meaning college boy?

Seth felt the anger in each word spat out at him. He could see it in the guy’s eyes too, and yet there was more to this than that. Why the fuck would he want to see him naked, if he himself wasn’t some sort of closet case? It was giving him the shakes, because he could see that Brad meant what he had said. He would move the crate, and no way could he climb out with it moving.

They stared at each other, and then Brad began to turn away, as if to go back to move the crate. He knew that he would too, and he yelled up, agreeing as he unbuckled his belt. The sound making Brad return to the edge of the crate top, to stare down.

Quickly he undid the buckle and button, then forced the zipper down, and kicked off his boots. Standing there, he looked back up, to see the intent eyes watching his every movement. The lips were set tightly together, as he pushed his work pants down, showing his boxer shorts. He tossed them off his feet, unwilling to be restricted from moving by them.

All the way college boy

Seth glared but he knew he had no other choice, as took hold of his boxer shorts, shoving them down his legs, and also kicking them off his feet. He felt himself start to blush too, as he realized that despite the situation, he was aroused. His cock was as hard as a rock, or so it felt as he leaned down, to take the shorts off his feet, to toss to one side.

Naked, he stood back up, and stared up at Brad. His eyes were angry as he stood there, naked with his cock sticking straight out.

Happy now? Now can I get out of here?

Brad was staring at him, but his eyes were fixed on Seth’s erect cock. He could see the eyes flickering, and he watched as Brad even licked his thin pale lips. He just stood there, waiting for Brad to get enough of a look, so he could get out. It was becoming a bit chilly, and the situation was slowly making itself felt in his body too. He could feel his cock softening as he waited.

Jerk it off, just like you do for the old men, go on college boy, jerk it, let’s see you do your stuff.’

Fuck off Brad, I don’t jerk it off for anyone.

No? They jerk it for you, is that how you work it?

I don’t work it, no one jerks me off, I got my job because I am good at the job, not because of what you think.

Bullshit, now jerk it.

No, you want to see me cum? You come down here and jerk it yourself, I told you, I don’t do that.

It was a gamble, but he thought if he could get him down there, he could overpower him. Least, he could stand a chance and then get out to call the cops. He’d be naked, but fuck, what else could he do? He stood there, defiant, and spread his legs a little. He also noticed his cock was hard again. Damn it was annoying, because the truth was, he was frightened but also rather aroused.

To have Brad staring at his cock, to even think of him jumping down to take it in his hands and jerk him off, was rather exciting. Stupid maybe, to goad him, but he didn’t think he had any other choice. While it was also arousing, it was dangerous too. Looking up, he could see Brad’s face growing taut, as he struggled with Seth’s suggestion.

It seemed like Brad made up his mind, and before he realized it, the guy had jumped down. He was up on his feet, grimacing as he backed up towards the crate. Brad’s face was twisted in pain, or so it seemed, as he leaned against the crate. His breathing was labored, as he stood there, glaring. Yet even with that angry look, Seth couldn’t help but notice how his eyes would always move down to stare at his crotch, as his throbbing cock. They would only look for a second or two, but they kept going back, as if drawn to it.

Come on, you wanted to see me cum, you chickening out now? Come on, here’s my dick, go on, jerk it.

I can’t

All talk, aren’t you Brad, come on, here it is, you want to see it spurt, go on, take it in your hand, it’s what you want, go on

I twisted my ankle, maybe broke it, it fucking hurts, or else I’d show you what I want.

The words were spoken like gunshots. Each one clipped and barked out, and Seth felt the man’s pain, and then he realized, he had him. He could grab his clothes, and climb out and get the cops. There was nothing Brad could do now, and he looked down, to see he wasn’t even resting his one foot on the cement floor.

Seth moved to pick up his shorts. He bent over to slide one leg into the opening, and noticed how Brad was looking at him. Suddenly he felt rather sorry for the guy, and then noticed once more how full the guy’s package looked. Looking up, he saw the eyes, and finally recognized the hidden look. It was one of hunger, of yearning and in that one glance, Seth realized that Brad was nothing but an actor. He wasn’t homophobic, it was his way to hide who he was, to keep attention away.

He dropped his shorts, and stood there, unsure what to do. The guy had threatened him, had humiliated him too, and yet he felt strangely sorry for him. The idea of hitting him square in the face was still in his thoughts, but other thoughts were there too, as he saw him grimace, and look away from Seth.

Your leg, it hurting a lot?

Yes, make you happy?

No, no it doesn’t Brad, look, lower yourself onto the floor. Stretch out so there is no weight on it.

Why? So you can stomp on it some as you climb over me?

No, so I can see if its broken, before I get help.

Brad glared for a minute, then his whole face suddenly changed to one of defeat. He could see the lips tremble, as slowly he lowered himself to the floor. His back rested against the crate as Seth walked over to him, standing in front of Brad’s feet. He couldn’t help but see how the guy stared at his cock. It was a bit pitiful, he thought, as he bent over to check out the foot.

He ran his hand along the lower leg, then lightly over the ankle. Brad grimaced but Seth didn’t feel anything broken. More than likely the force of him jumping down had merely twisted the ankle. Sitting on his haunch, he looked over at Brad.

Don’t think you broke it, a nasty sprain and it’ll swell like a balloon, unless we get some ice on it.

You can tell the Cops to bring some when you call them.

Cops? I uh, no, no Brad, I think we’ll just forget about all this, it ain’t worth the shit calling the Cops would create.

Huh? You aren’t, I mean… why?

Good question, I suppose because I think we both know, I didn’t get this job the way you said, and I think that well, I think maybe you uh.. oh hell Brad, let’s just forget it, okay? I didn’t get hurt, scared shitless, and you twisted your ankle, so let’s uh, let’s just forget it.

I can’t, I mean, I guess I did know, it is just.. oh fuck, what’s the use. You fucking drive me nuts, the way you dress, those tight pants, and yeah, okay, I know you didn’t. I just.. I mean, I am stupid, I know it, I never did good in school, hell never got along with anyone there either, I know, I just… fuck I…

Seth could see it in his eyes, and he moved forward, and crouched back down onto his legs, as he kneeled close to Brad. He could see the pain, but also the sadness too. There was so many different emotions flashing across Brad’s face that he felt like a heel. One part of him wanted to just slap him silly, for putting him through all this, then the other part wanted him to reach out and take his cock. Maybe he was just as fucked up as Brad?

You are Gay too, right?

Brad suddenly went very tense. His body stiffened as he turned his face and looked into Seth’s eyes. There was a strange connection between them, as Brad just nodded. It was like a signal of defeat, which wasn’t how it should be. He felt Brad’s dejection and he couldn’t help himself. He reached out with his one hand, and brushed away the lock of hair that hung over the man’s face. He could see the dark eyes, the look, and he felt himself falling for him.

Despite all that had happened, his anger was somehow gone. He leaned inwards, and lightly brushed his lips over Brad’s forehead, giving him a soft kiss. Then he pulled back to see the face contorting, twisting as it struggled with the emotions. Then he felt Brad’s arms reach up, and encircle him, pulling him down closer. He felt the man’s lips crush into his own, and for a second he felt his breath rush out, as Brad kissed him hard on the lips.

The hands pulling him down, then began to move across and down his side. Holding him tightly as his tongue poked past Seth’s lips, digging into his mouth, to swirl and flirt with his own tongue. He felt the hot breath in his own mouth, as Brad suddenly was totally different. He wasn’t the loud mouthed fag basher, but a soul suddenly released of its hidden secret. He was stunned for several minutes, as they embraced and kissed.

Then Brad leaned over a bit, and began to caress Seth’s body, and they broke apart. Seth saw how Brad’s eyes moved right to stare at his erect cock. Damn, once more his body had made that leap, long before his mind could accept it. Somehow, he was no longer in danger, his body was instead aroused by Brad, forgetting all that had gone on.

He leaned inwards, sliding up too, and let his hard cock rest up against Brad’s upper thigh. He felt the sudden surge of electricity that seemed to pass between them both. He took hold of Brad’s head, and tilted it up to stare at. He smiled, and leaned forward to kiss the head, then he guided it down, watching as Brad slid his own body down, until his head was just above Seth’s groin.

Seth  let his head tilt back, and he closed his eyes as he thought he had to be living in a dream. He thought about pinching himself, to wake up from this nightmare now dream, but he knew it was real, as he arched his body inwards. He let his cock brush up more and then reached down to grip his own cock. He felt it throb as he held it outwards, and directed it towards Brad’s face.

Brad slowly lowered his head, until Seth could feel his hot breath on his pulsing cock. The blood in his body was suddenly rushing towards his cock, as he felt that first hesitant touch of Brad’s lips on the head of his cock. It made him tremble as Brad slowly lowered his face over his cock. The lips slowly sliding down the pole, holding it in his mouth.

He groaned as Brad’s face moved down to poke into the soft belly, and he felt the edge of his teeth, as he began to move his head back up, tasting all of his quivering pole. It was more than he had thought, as his body shuddered. The adrenalin from earlier, mixed with the sensations coming from his groin. It was too much for him, as he placed his hands on Brad’s head, holding it on his cock, refusing to let him take it off totally. He kept urging it on, his body aching as he began to match the in and out motion of Brad’s head.

His hips would meet the inward motion, sending his cock deeper into the willing mouth. As Brad pulled back, Seth’s body would pull back, and on it went for several minutes. Each time the motion would go faster, each time he thought his cock couldn’t go any deeper into Brad’s mouth, but it did. His whole body was shuddering, his legs began to grow taut, to even go numb. Seth felt his head getting dizzy, as his hips continued to push out, to drive his throbbing cock.

He bit his lip, then began to moan as he heard the slurping sounds coming from his crotch. He felt Brad’s tongue as it licked the pulsating vein under his shaft. The lips held him tightly as he felt his balls ache and sling upwards. The sounds, the musky smell of sweat, all joined together to make his head swim. He was dizzy as he cried out, feeling his body surrendering to the moment. Brad’s hands moved around his gyrating hips, digging into his flesh, as they tried to hold him, while he bucked. The sounds of being sucked grew louder, then muffled as he cried out one last time. His voice, his scream echoed in the empty warehouse, as he shot his hips forward.

It was hard as he heard the gurgling sound, felt the back of Brad’s throat as his body exploded. The head backed off a bit, but quickly moved back down, taking even more of his body. He thought briefly that his whole groin would be swallowed, as Brad’s nose dug into his flesh, between his groin and thigh. The mouth was tight, and he could feel Brad’s throat filling and swallowing faster and faster. He cried out, heard a muffled moan, almost whimper, as he pulled hard on Brad’s head, while thrusting his body forward as hard as he could.

Seth felt his whole body shaking, as the last of his cum dribbled into Brad’s mouth. He was gasping for air, as he rolled away from Brad, pulling his cock out and just panting. He heard the shallow breathing and turned his face, to see Brad laying there, his eyes glazed over as he stared upwards, his chest heaving. Small drops of cum were drying on the corners of his mouth, and some was even on his chin, as he lay there, panting just like Seth was. His body was also quivering and finally he turned his face towards Seth, the eyes warm and inviting.

It gave Seth a strange little jolt, as he stared at the man who had lured him into what could have been a dangerous trap. Instead of feeling angry, he felt relieved, and wanting to know more. His own eyes reflected his feelings, as Brad let one hand fall across Seth’s heaving chest.

He didn’t need any words to know what Brad was thinking, nor did Brad. They just stared at each other, knowing that what had just happened, was far from over. As they lay there, slowly recovering, Seth looked down to see Brad’s crotch, a large wet spot to one side of the zipper. He smiled at Brad, who looked down at his own crotch, smiled back.  Seth merely smiled, waiting for his breathing to return to normal, his body already gearing up for more, just as Brad’s body was.

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