Fiction – On A Good Night

On A Good Night

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Normally he’d rake in at least a few hundred, on slow nights even. This had to be one of the worst he had come across and as Paul stared out at the empty street, he felt a little apprehensive. He was regretting last night at the bar, realizing that he could use that money now. Still, despite the hour being just after midnight, he had faith that someone would show up.

His hand reached into his pants, to feel the few coins that were there. His stomach rumbled a little as he hadn’t eaten and he was cold too. Paul had been out early, figuring he could make up for last night’s binge if he started early. So far he hadn’t even had one look, one offer even and that had him worried. He was hungry and tired as he tried to not let it show.

Even Roger had bitched as he had walked past, heading home early. It was as if all the ‘dates’ had suddenly disappeared. There weren’t as many cars going past either, and even the buses seemed empty when they rolled past. It was almost like the whole city had decided to stay at home tonight.

Paul hoped that maybe once the bars closed, things would pick up. He wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of some drunk pawing at him, but money was money. Trouble with the last call clients was they weren’t exactly flush with cash. Most of them had drunk it all away, so the negotiating wasn’t always pleasant. They did get nasty at times too, and as he looked around, he felt the night chill even more.

Most on the street had left already, given up. That also posed a few risks for him, because there was safety in numbers, specially with some of the drunks that happened by. It wasn’t like it was a rough part of town, just that some of those passing by were the so called real men. They were the one’s who always told the fag jokes, or made fun of some because of their feminine attributes. Pissed him off because some of them, also enjoyed having their cocks sucked off. Bet they never mentioned that when degrading some poor guy in front of their friends.

Shaking his head a little, he frowned. Wasn’t good to think of those things, he had more important stuff to worry about, such as getting enough to eat. Man he hated this, but at least the rent was paid. It was his one stead fast rule, to earn enough to pay the rent, then he’d worry about other stuff, like food.

Headlights appeared down the road and he stepped closer to the curb, so that if it was a possible client, he wanted to make sure he was seen. Not like there was much selection around now. Still he kept an eye on the others, comparing his stance to theirs. For him, he figured right now he was definitely the choice unless the ‘date’ had some weird fetish happening.

Sort of like Maxie, the 25 year old he had met at the bar a week back. The guy seemed normal enough, and looked pretty decent too. He had nice features and claimed to be a big shot web producer, whatever that meant. At first he thought the guy was just being friendly, but when he made the offer it sort of took Paul by surprise.

After all, the guy wasn’t a dog, and yet he was trolling for a pickup, for pay. It didn’t take him long either to realize the guy wasn’t into just the standard shit, but wanted some kink thrown in as well. Wasn’t really his thing, but the guy offered him some decent coin for it, so what the hell. That wasn’t exactly a mistake and while it didn’t excite him much, the money did.

This Maxie dude had a place on the ocean, and he was into diapers. Strange but hell, so he’d wear some diapers, call the guy daddy and let him fondle him and make him cum. What harm could there be in that, plus the extra hundred was nice. Though in thinking about it, he felt uneasy. Sort of made him leery too, because this wasn’t some old fart, it was someone his own age really.

Maxie was one more reason why he shouldn’t pick up anyone at a bar. To begin with, he had been drinking himself, and that never mixed well when he was to be called on to perform. Booze wasn’t a good mix in his line of work, least in getting it hard. Then too you ran into jerks like Maxie who was a total dud. The guy had one small dick when hard, virtually hidden when soft and the guy seemed to always be soft.

Despite some of his best attempts, this guy couldn’t keep it up. Might be from the drugs the moron used, and bragged about or it could be medical, but not like he cared. The guy blamed him for not getting him hard enough, and got rather nasty too. Still he did manage to get most of what was promised, but damn, it wasn’t what he had expected.

Role playing was one thing, but this guy freaked him out. He had a playpen in the living room, rattles and all sorts of baby stuff. One thing to sit in a diaper and all, but this guy wanted him to talk like a baby, to crawl around and everything, like a kid would. That was a bit much, even for him. Oh he could play the obedient slave boy, or the super hero even, but this was asking too much. He told him that which wasn’t the smartest move on his part.

The guy was nuts, he was certain of that and despite his best attempt, he couldn’t cum nor could he get the dweep to cum either. What did the jerk expect anyhow? He had a whole bunch of shots at the bar, and more than likely had done some of his drugs too. Seemed obvious when he was leaving, but Maxie had fooled him until then.

The car was slowing down, which was always a good sign. He spread his jacket open a bit, to sort of highlight the package a bit more and he kept his eyes firmly on the car. No more thoughts of Maxie or his other weird ones. He concentrated on making his presence known to the guy in the car, hoping that maybe his luck would change. He really was hungry.

It took a few minutes, leaning into the car and discussing things, but at least it was settled. Paul knew he’d eat tonight and he’d worry about tomorrow then. Climbing into the car, he felt at ease and waited for the man to hand over the agreed upon bills. Only then would he put the seatbelt on, and close the door. It had taken him awhile, but he had learned the hard way.

Looking at the man behind the wheel, he saw a rather crooked nose, clearly showing it had been broken a few times. The face looked a bit strained and he could see the worry lines around the mouth too. The eyes though, looked rather sad,

When he finally dug the right amount out of his wallet and handed them over, Paul noticed the knuckles were scarred and a bit puffy. He wondered briefly what the guy did but banished the thought as he tucked the cash into his pants pocket. Doing so, he lifted his pelvis up showing off his basket at the same time. He noticed the quick flicker of desire, the small fleeting lick of the lips as he did so and smiled inside. He had the guy hooked and closed the door, feeling at ease.

There wasn’t much conversation as they made their way to the secluded spot he used for these quickies. It was dark and not visible from the road and the cops rarely came snooping this far in, so it was rather a safe place to conduct one’s business.

With the car parked, lights off but motor running he turned to the man, moving over on the bench seat to sit next to him. The man turned away slightly, indicating he wasn’t really interested in anything but the agreed upon task. Fine with him, Paul thought as he reached over and felt the man’s groin. His hands moved along the pants, pushing and prodding a little.

He was a bit surprised to find the man already hard, or so it felt. He let his hand go up and with a bit of effort he undid the pant buttons and then the zipper. Reaching in with his hand he began to once more massage the thick flesh of the man’s cock. It surprised him a little that the man had no underwear on, but it made his job easier.

After a minute or two he pulled the pants apart wider and brought the thick pole out. He let his hands run up and down the hot shaft of the cock and his fingers held onto it firmly. He ran his hands across the soft skin of the groin, feeling the rough pubic hairs and then he moved his hand down a bit, cupping the balls and bringing them out of hiding. Paul fondled them a little, and heard the man give out a soft moan of pleasure.

He lowered his own head and licked at the skin just above the fully erect penis. His tongue licked and tasted the sweat and he could smell the man’s scent as he moved around and made himself comfortable. Not easy in a car but he was experienced enough at it to not cause himself any pain. Settled in he began to lick around the base of the cock, tasting it and as he did, the man let one hand fall onto Paul’s shoulder, pushing him down a bit. It was like he was wanting him to move on which Paul obliged him by started to lick at the cock itself.

The warmth of the taut flesh made him moan a bit too as he let his mouth kiss the shaft, then lick it up until he was poised over the cock head itself. His one hand was down under the cock, cradling the balls and prodding them with his fingers. The man started to moan louder as he let his lips press hard against the head of the cock. He could taste the pre cum beginning to ooze out.

He let his lips spread open a tad, and flicked his tongue out to grab the small drop of precum that was there. He could feel the man shake as he groaned. The pressure on his shoulder grew as the man squirmed to the flicking of Paul’s tongue.

Suddenly he let his mouth open wide, and plunged his entire head downwards, his lips sliding down the hot pole. He heard the man cry out as his lips pushed hard into the soft groin. He felt the cock in his mouth buck a little as his lips tightened around the shaft root. He pulled up slowly, which brought even more cries from the man.

Up and down he moved, going fast two or three times, then slowing it down to really draw on the thick pole. It wasn’t a huge cock, but it was more than enough to fill Paul’s mouth and throat. He fed it down his throat carefully, sucking inwards with each upwards pull. The sound reverberated in the car and joined the rather heavy breathing from the man.

Every now and then he’d pull his mouth off, licking at the bulging head instead. His one hand would grip the shaft, and quickly pull up and down on it, making it even feel hotter. He would take a deep breathe and plunge back onto the cock. He would try to lick the tiny slit at first, as it entered his mouth.

The man was pressing himself back into the seat, and it groaned a little. Paul would dig his finger down under the balls, that were now wedged firmly up into the base of the cock. His mouth held the penis tightly as he continued to suck on it, all the time gulping in air as best as he could. The man let go of Paul’s head and reached out to hold onto the steering wheel. His body grew tense as the muscles all seemed to tighten at once.

Paul could feel the man getting ready and he did as well. He began to move even faster up and down the saliva soaked shaft, his throat fully open as he dug a finger into the man’s crack, and tried to reach for the tight hole in the centre.

The man’s cry was enough for him to get ready. The first rush of cum came flooding into his mouth as he swallowed quickly, knowing more was coming. He didn’t quite gag as he held the cock tightly with one hand and with his mouth. He sucked as the head bucked and shook inside of his mouth. It continued to spew its load out and it flowed down his throat easily.

Slowly the cries ended and all Paul could hear was the man’s heavy gasping for air. The body relaxed and he began to pull his head off the softening flesh. His tongue took one lick as the head left his mouth and he quickly moved out of the way, breathing in deeply himself.

He had done what was asked and in looking over at the man, he could see he had done it well. The man’s face was more relaxed, and the eyes looked warmer than before, and less sad.

It took several minutes before the man was relaxed enough to speak. He didn’t say much but instead reached into his wallet and gave Paul another ten dollar bill, then started the car and headed back towards where he had picked Paul up.

Paul tucked the money away, smiling as he did enjoy having satisfied customers. Specially when they asked if he’d be around the next night, as this guy did. A date was set, and Paul no longer worried about what he’d have to eat tomorrow.



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