Fiction – In Flight Service

In Flight Service

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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It had taken him several years, but finally Jean-Paul had realized his dream. To be assigned as a steward on a trans-continental run and now for over 4 months he had been flying from New York to Paris regularly. He hadn’t yet grown tired of the layovers or the simple thrill of knowing he’d be winging his way across the Atlantic Ocean.

Okay cleaning up some kid’s puke or listening to a baby cry all the way wasn’t fun, but then there were some pretty hot guys who made the trip too. Those were the one’s who made it all worthwhile and hooking up with them once the plane landed was more than enough compensation. Still, Jean-Paul was careful. He didn’t want or need any complications that would ruin his dreams so his selection was carefully thought out.

Most of his trysts were with young studs off to Europe as a graduation present. He made sure they were at least 18 because he sure didn’t want the FBI waiting for him because some punk didn’t enjoy the rumble in the hay overseas. The Airline would certainly frown on that happening but as he surveyed the cabin, he couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to just do it, flying at 40 thousand odd feet in the air?

He had heard about it, and it always made him smirk. It wasn’t as common as many thought, simply due to the cramped quarters one would have to use. Besides, it wasn’t easy to squeeze two people into the tiny lavatories with a few hundred pairs of eyes taking notice.

First Class might be easier, but not that many rich kids flew that way, and if they did, well Mommy or Daddy were right there to keep them away from guys like him. Still it would be nice to make that exclusive club, and he had looked since his first puddle jump flight on a commuter flight.

Jean-Paul didn’t expect to make his goal this trip though. Fate had conspired to have him working the 1st class area. While it was an easier service, it didn’t give him the opportunity to scope out all those back in Economy. Oh well, he shrugged as he stood by the open door, to begin to welcome his passengers. Least the last trip had been eventful, and he still was a bit tender in the butt. He accepted his fate until he saw the tall lanky young man come striding down the Jet way hallway.

He was about six foot and didn’t look like he had an ounce of fat on him. His hair was a dark auburn shade, cut short to just above his ears. There was something about him as he approached the doorway, that made Jean-Paul study him closer. The tight pants showed an interesting package, but it was how he carried himself that made him tingle a little. The guy seemed to know where he was going, seemed unconcerned about the bustle around him or even the excitement that whirled around International boardings.

For many it would be their first long journey, and many were first time travellers as well. This guy looked like he had made the trip so often that it was routine. He didn’t look old either which is what had Jean-Paul looking closer. At best guess, the guy had to be no more than mid twenties, and as he got closer to the entry, Jean-Paul revised that guess.

The face was angular and didn’t show a trace of stubble. Obviously he had just shaved which was another sign of a seasoned traveller.

As the passengers began to file in and he took their boarding passes, directing them to their seats in back, he kept an eye on the approaching man. He wondered what seat he had been assigned and thought about how he might find an excuse to go back to maybe chat him up or something.

It was with surprise and pleasure that he found out the man was actually going to be one of his passengers. He had a 1st class boarding pass, and when he handed it to Jean-Paul he could smell the man’s cologne. It was one of those rather expensive perfumes. However, it was the man’s smile that made Jean-Paul’s heart skip a few beats. It was so radiant that it made him mumble as he directed the man to his seat.

He was tempted to turn several times to make sure that he hadn’t dreamed it. That indeed this stud was in his section but he refrained, knowing he would have the whole trip to get to know the guy. Hell, maybe they might strike up a conversation and agree to meet on the ground for a coffee or something. It had worked before with many others, and yet in the back of his mind all he could think of was how it would feel to be pressed against him in one of the first class lavatories. To smell the man, not just a passing whiff of his scent.

The lump in his groin grew as finally everyone was aboard and the pre flight routine began. He got very busy and it wasn’t until they had finally taken off that Jean-Paul was able to relax. Everyone had their drinks, were made comfortable. Many were already settling in to either spent the trip drinking, sleeping, or enjoying the state of the art personal entertainment. Headphones were dispersed, as were blankets and pillows. The lights were being turned down and it would be time for him to sit back and just relax. This was the easy part of the journey.

He was in the galley, checking the various trays of food that he would soon disperse, and checking his drink supply. So far it had been rather light duty, and he didn’t hear the man approach. The sound of his voice startled him and he almost dropped the tray in his hands as he turned around to see him standing there.

It was an instant spark between them. The eyes just seemed to light up as he had turned to face the man. The sudden rush of blood to his groin made it ache a little as he tried to keep his voice from giving away his desire. Somehow he didn’t think he succeeded as the man’s eyes only lit up more as Jean-Paul replied to him.

His composure was dented and it took him a few minutes to recover. Specially when he realized that the man was asking for his help with something in the far lavatory. Jean-Paul couldn’t believe his luck as he swallowed, pushing back his lust for a moment.

The training took over as he listened to the man’s problem and without even thinking he agreed to go and show him how to use the offending mechanism of using a bathroom on a speeding jet. It didn’t even dawn on him that the guy had to know, given how seasoned of a traveller he had appeared to be. Not until he was standing inside the lavatory when the man told him it worked, but only with the door open. When closed the thing refused to work, which was the excuse he needed. Before thinking he had told the man to close the door and to his surprise, the man walked in and did just that.

The press of the man next to his back was like his fantasy. He could smell the cologne much stronger now and it made his head swoon a little. The man’s breath was on his neck as if he was peering over his shoulder, which he was actually. The touch of his hands on the small of his back made him shudder as he realized, this wasn’t about any malfunction.

He had been outed it seemed, as the man ran his hand down his back, then reached around to hold onto Jean-Paul’s hips. He felt the man press inwards, feeling the lump in the guy’s pants. God it felt good he thought as his body reacted naturally and pressed back. That was all the guy needed it seemed as his hands now moved forwards, pressing hard as they moved up from the crotch to the waistband of the pants. The button was popped in record time and before Jean-Paul could catch his breath, the zipper was pulled down and one hand was reaching inside to fondle his own hard dick.

Sighing, he leaned back more, and placed his hands forwards onto the thin frame of the room. He heard the man suck in his own breath as his hand touched and played with the hard cock. It was amazing at how gentle the touch was really. Feeling feint he leaned back even more, wondering how he could turn around to reach for the man’s pressing penis. It felt good pressing into his ass cheeks, and the little moan from next to his ear told him that the guy was enjoying himself. The hand suddenly moved out and were yanking on Jean-Paul’s pants before he knew it. In seconds it seemed, his pants and underwear was down at his ankles and he felt the hands suddenly leave his body.

The press of the man’s body relaxed and yet as he breathed in deeply the man’s scent he recognized the urgency and desire that blew across the back of his neck. The sound of pants being pushed down and then off to one side he caught sight of a thin plastic envelope lodged in the man’s hand that rested next to his own. He gulped knowing that this guy was not playing around and the tingle in his ass told him he didn’t care. He wanted it as much as the guy obviously did and he leaned back, pushing his naked butt against the man.

The shock of his fleshy cheeks touching the hot groin made him moan a bit. He had never felt so aroused before. The hand moved from his and he heard the rip of plastic and then the sound of heavy breathing took over. His body tensed as he felt the hand go down past his back and the press of the hard cock was no longer. He could feel the man’s knuckles as he unrolled the condom deftly with his hand, covering the still unseen cock. He twisted around a bit but couldn’t see anything but the dull grey of the room.

His muscles were in turmoil as he felt the press of the cock head now slide down his crack. His legs stiffened and all Jean-Paul could do was wait.

It was clear there wasn’t going to be much talk or foreplay either. No finger in his hole to loosen him up and his cheeks tensed at that thought. He had no idea how big the guy was, though it felt like a cannon was about to enter his tiny pink hole. He coiled up, stiffening as the head was rubbing his crack, making him sweat even.

The press of the head around his pink hole made him groan and that was all the guy needed to hear. Suddenly a hot lancing bolt of pain came rushing up from his hole as the guy pushed in, the knuckles of his hand holding the shaft just under the cock head, spreading his cheeks with its own thickness. The searing pain was nearly too much for him as he cried out a little, mindful of how thin the walls were.

His hand was suddenly encased by the man’s as he thrust further in. Jean-Paul knew that this was no minor league dick either. IT felt fucking huge as it pushed its way inside of him. He bit his lower lip, struggling to hold back the cries of pain as the man entered him hard and quickly. Just as the pain was finally reaching its zenith, the pulsing pole inside began to move outwards. He could feel the hard press of the man’s crotch against his cheeks, and he moaned, no longer worrying about the sound travelling beyond the lavatory.

The harsh slapping sound of flesh striking flesh barely registered in his mind over the joyful pain that was filling his whole body. He groaned with each inward thrust, moaned with each stroke outwards. The man’s left hand now reached down and had Jean-Paul’s cock firmly in its grip as he kept up a steady rhythm. The tempo increased quickly and he cried out with each hard penetrating thrust, surrounded by the sensations. His cock was aching harder, his balls were slung upwards even as the man’s penis drove in deeper, threatening to split his anus apart. It was rough and yet more pleasurable than anything he had experienced to date.

His body shuddered as his own body surrendered to the pounding. He muffled his cry a bit as he bucked and twisted to the wild thumping of his butt. The man was breathing hard, occasional grunts and groans escaping his lips as he kept up the pressure, going faster with each thrust. Jean-Paul felt his own face press up against the wall as the man leaned hard into his backside. The press of his body was hurting but he didn’t care as he tried to hold off, to not cum.

It was too much as he felt his body tense up. The muscles all coiled up suddenly, holding the hard pressing cock in his ass for a brief second, that made the man moan deeply. That was all he could take as his cock reared back in the man’s hands. It came racing out, shooting a long hot stream of cum past the gripping fingers and splattering onto the thin metal walls. The sound seemed to echo in his ears as the man’s head rested on his shoulder for a brief moment, then reared back and suddenly the in and out motion was like a jack hammer on speed.

His butt ached and his hole was numb from the pain but he loved it all as he clenched his butt, trying to keep the pounding cock inside of him, but he wasn’t strong enough. In and Out it went, until suddenly he felt it. The cock suddenly shot hard and deep into his body. It didn’t rush out and he could feel the cum as it came flooding out into the plastic condom.

For one second he feared it would break, but his head fell forward, hitting the wall as the pulsing cock continued to dig deep into his rectum. His legs were numb, and he could feel his own sweat dripping down them. He heard the man give a short cry and then his whole body weight was pressing on Jean-Paul.

It was all over.

What seemed an eternity, they just stood there, breathing hard until finally the man pulled his cock out. In seconds they had their pants pulled up and he was still breathing hard when he felt a card thrust into his hand. He didn’t look at it as the door opened and the man had exited the lavatory.

Finally, after catching his breath and adjusting his pants, Jean-Paul stared at himself in the mirror. He moved a wisp of hair out the way and thought no one would notice he had just been fucked royally when he realized he still had the card in one hand. He glanced down to look at the card. All it said was, Paris Hilton, Suite 1830, anytime.

He smiled as he walked out, stuffing the card into his pants pocket and glanced around at the dimly lit cabin. No one seemed to notice as he went back to the galley, and whistled as he got the meal trays ready.

There was little bit extra shrimp on the cup headed for Seat 4A as he continued to just smile.


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