Fiction – Dick Delight

Dick Delight

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Mort wasn’t a pig or a slut, least not in his mind. He was an aficionado of cocks, an opportunist even, but a pig? Nah, he didn’t think so nor did many of his friends. Okay, some thought he was the luckiest guy around, because not only did he get to meet lots of hot men, but he got to see them naked, see them aroused. Many were simply jealous, though if they had his smarts, they too might be able to enjoy more cock than they knew what to do with, as well as make some money at it, like he did.

It wasn’t that he was some drop dead gorgeous hunk either. Far from it, but he had a camera, a website and ready cash that combined made him get what he wanted. Cocks, and lots of them. Funny too, how so many of the super hot guys that came looking for that quick buck weren’t exactly that talented in either the dick department or the brain.

Take the one college quarterback he had recently. The guy was amazing in looks, until he got undressed. You would think he would have had a weapon between his legs, specially the way he strutted around the beach or the way the girls all drooled over him. Instead he had a little 5 inch pea shooter, that frankly was a major disappointment in the dick department. It simply wasn’t full enough and worse, the guy had problems getting it hard and keeping it hard. In short, he was all show and no substance.

Surprisingly, he had run into quite a few like that. The real good lookers all seemed to have more problems in the erection department that you would expect. After all, they were supposedly the popular ones, the guys getting all that tail or ass. Yet in his experience, they simply weren’t all that good at it, or seemed to manage anything more than a quick wham bam thank you scenario.

It wasn’t that he was slow in taking the pictures, nor was it that he was even grossing them out by his own body. He simply wanted the pictures of the cocks, no face shots, nothing but that simple zone, the one he called the strike zone. Sort of like in Baseball, where there was just one small area where it mattered. To him, it was the crotch, the cock and how it looked nestled in the pubic bush.

Being soft wasn’t a detriment either. He liked the idea of filming a cock from its beginning appearance on his stage, to its final exit where it once more lay placid. Course he also liked the in between stages, where the cock would come alive, grow before his lens and then announce itself, and show its appreciation for some tender loving care. That was what he lived for, when shooting the pictures, but it pissed him off when these studs would show up, looking for the quick $50 or $100 and then take valuable time for nothing.

It wasn’t like they needed to use their imagination that much. He provided magazines, straight and gay. Videos were also available for the more hard to stimulate types, or as a matter of preference. Still some of those so called studs found it hard to get the old pecker up. One tried for over 90 minutes once, managing a weak dribble of cum without even getting totally hard. Now those, he seriously hated. Still it was a cock, and his business was cocks.

Over the years he had managed to build up a nice collection of digital cameras. The kind that gave him split second pictures that were crisp and clear. Each one showing the tiniest detail of his subject, cocks. The way the skin would tighten as it became aroused, was captured in vivid color. You could see the purple veins growing thicker, the blood making a flaccid penis suddenly look like a raging bull.

Every little hair on the crotch etched in perfect detail as the camera would zoom in to see them all standing up, as the owner became aroused. Least for those who did get it up. Mort had a lot of money invested in his equipment, and it showed in the quality of his pictures. None of those ‘Polaroid’ moments that many other sites were known for. His pictures were high resolution digital creations of art. It was his trademark, and as he surveyed the meandering throngs of swimsuit clad studs, he kept looking for another Colin.

Now there was one guy who was amazing. At first glance Colin wasn’t what you would call a stud. He had a pimply face and seemed a bit on the thin side. His arms hung down awkwardly from his shoulders and man did he have huge feet. Had to be at least a size fourteen or so, but that was how he looked on the outside.

When Mort had first spotted him, he had moved on, hardly giving him a second glance, and yet something had tweaked his interest. He had found himself searching for him in the crowd more than once until finally he decided to consider him for a brief role in his enterprise. He really didn’t think he’d spend more than a few frames on him, and thought of him as nothing but filler content for his site. No way would he warrant a page to himself, let alone a featured blurb.

Thinking about it now, he realized just how deceiving first looks can be. Colin was one of his stars, a very popular model on his site and had become one of the very few that had been asked back for more. In fact he had returned for three more shoots, and after putting the pictures up, Mort had noticed a huge increase in sales, and comments. Colin was due to return for a record setting fifth visit, and Mort toyed with the notion of extending his guidelines.

Maybe some nice ass shots should accompany the most amazing crotch he had been fortunate enough to photograph. The second that Colin had dropped his pants, Mort knew he had a winner. Nothing until then had prepared him for the wonder of Colin’s cock. It was simply a star, and the more it was out and showing off, the better it looked.

Colin was a serious young man who had just started at the local University. He was taking some heavy courses too, and was what Mort called an Academic. The guy was smart, but like so many others, he didn’t have a lot of resources. While guys like the football jock needed the cash to party, Colin needed the money for books, for food, despite having a full time job at one of the fast food restaurants.

It hadn’t been hard to get him to show off his cock either. The lure of the fast buck combined with his need for it, made it rather easy actually. Thinking back to that first encounter, Mort smiled as he remembered how Colin had agreed, warning him that he wasn’t one of those quick cum types. It wasn’t said like he was bragging, but more like he was apologizing for it. For Mort, taking one’s time to cum was ideal for him. It gave him more of an opportunity to film more details of the aroused cock, and it also usually meant a much better quality of shots when the person finally did cum.

The quick boys, well their cum was lighter, and harder to capture on Camera. It was usually fast and over after maybe a second spurt. Those who were harder to get off, now their cum was generally thicker, more milky and they usually popped at least two if not three good spurts of juice. Those always made for good photographs, and was one reason why he had such good cameras. He didn’t want one single drop to be missed by the camera.

His first surprise that first time, had been how nonchalant Colin had been about having his cock photographed. The second surprise was when Colin undressed. The outline in his thin cotton boxers had immediately gotten Mort’s attention. It was a rather nice looking package, and even soft it looked like it would be a winner in the size department.

The third surprise was how Colin seemed unaware of what was between his legs. He didn’t have a lot of pride in it, and yet when he had removed his shorts, Mort was speechless for a moment or two. The cock hung there, limb and already looked like about six inches of tasty boy meat. After all, Colin was just 19.

He had explained how it all worked beforehand. Colin would strip, slowly, while Mort took pictures of the striptease. He would stand and spread his legs apart, so that pictures of his groin could be detailed. Then when ready, Mort would signal him so he could turn the video on with the remote, and begin to get himself erect.

Mort preferred that he remain standing, legs apart while he jerked himself off. It was a simple method, but had been taken aback when Colin asked how he wanted him to jerk off. To stroke his cock or to just let it happen naturally. Now that was a trick he had seen very few times. Most of the guys needed to use their hands which was always a hard task in capturing. The cock constantly being pulled and pushed sometimes blurred the resulting images, but it was the best he could hope for.

Yet here was this quiet guy, saying he could cum without touching himself, just by watching some porn flick on a screen. Mort didn’t quite buy it, but quickly agreed to let the guy prove it. Hell, if he could, it would be an amazing sequence of shots. To see the cock grow and then fire its load, without a single knuckle to get in the way, or to have one blurred shot would be worth the time.

Mort could still remember those first minutes. The way the pubic hairs seemed in total disarray. The rather full balls just dangling underneath the limp penis. The head was hidden, as Colin was uncut. It all made his own body ache and tighten a little as he kept snapping picture after picture. The hairs were the first to signal him that Colin was beginning to get aroused. Some of them would stick up, like a dog would lift its head to sniff out some new scent. The hairs were like that, picking up on the body’s sudden interest.

He noticed too how the balls swayed just a little then. They had hung there, lifeless and drooping, along with the cock, but slowly things began to happen, as Colin watched the video. Once the hairs were aroused, the balls swayed and in the camera view finder, actually looked fuller. The drooping sac seemed to no longer droop, but fill out. The tiny little hairs that had dotted the scrotum were also standing on end.

Then he saw the cock move very slightly. The skin was changing color a little, as blood began to slowly ebb along the shaft. The movement was visible as it took on an almost shine. The veins became more pronounced as slowly the whole shaft jerked, rising a little off the groin. Mort had felt his own body tremble as he continued to take pictures. It was an amazing sight to witness, as the skin began to tighten.

His first view of the cockhead made him break out in a sweat. The small pink head was like an eye peering out from behind a curtain. There was nothing but a deep line in its centre, and yet as it slowly woke up, Mort felt elated. It was making the palms of his hands wet, as the veins began to pop up around, the flesh growing taut with each passing second.

Zooming out he could see how much larger the cock had become. It no longer was laying against the crotch, but was clearly beginning to lift upwards, and point right at his cameras. The balls were fuller, almost like an actual egg shape. Nothing flaccid about them as the cock began to sway from the push of blood along its length. It also was considerably thicker too. He had expected some growth, but as he watched, his finger constantly clicking the button to snap pictures, he felt very excited. It was growing beyond his expectations and the head was emerging in a growing shade of purple.

There was a small quiver around the pee slit and he watched as a tiny white drop began to form. The slit grew wider as the drop of pre cum began to push outwards. The head grew darker in color making for an amazing color contrasting image. He kept watching as the drop grew and grew, along with the cock. Then he saw it push up and then drop down. The tiny little drop thickening and slowly gravity took charge.

The drop of pre cum began to fall, and as it did he moved his camera, capturing its fall from that bulbous cock head. He captured it as it splattered onto the floor. Once more he zoomed out to get a full view of the cock. The skin of the shaft was glistening from the reflection of the studio lights, and he saw the vein thickening still more. You could see how tight it was as he zoomed back towards the fully exposed cock head. It had a unique shape, and looked angry.  A deep purple color extended across the whole head and even to the first inch or so of the shaft.

The balls were slowly lifting upwards and Mort was glad he had a video camera recording while he snapped several pictures of the slow action in front of him. His eyes watered a bit, as he licked his lips, lost totally in the unfolding scene.

The hairs at the base of the long thick shaft were on end. He saw each one shaking in the air and it was an amazing image to photograph. The thick shaft swayed too, and as of yet, Colin had not touched himself. Okay, his hands were up on his chest, twisting his nipples a little, caressing his chest, but they came only to the level of his belly button and never further. Mort realized that Colin was beginning to breath more rapidly and he quickly focused on the head, zoomed in and out until he had it perfectly centered in the viewfinder.

He lost himself in watching as he saw the constant change of color on the head. The way it would be totally dark one second, then sort of mottled in white and purple, then all white, then red and purple and then purple all over. It kept changing and he kept taking photographs as he saw the head jerk to one side, then the other and then it seemed like it was rearing upwards. Sort of like a bull raising its head to snort out a warning, just before it charged the person in front. The head was up and the underside of it was white. A thick vein of purple ran along its centre and as he licked his lips, he saw the head actually pull inwards. The wrinkles attested to the motion as he saw the head fall downwards a little, and then suddenly a long stream came flying towards him.

It was like watching a movie in 3D. The stream was aimed right at him and he flinched as it flew out. The tiny drops in the stream were clearly visible, just like the clusters of ice in a comet’s tail. He saw it all, captured it all as the cockhead moved forward, adding to the force of the explosion.

Mort could hear the cries but ignored them as the head reared back again, and once more came forcibly forward, shooting more of that thick cream out at him. He saw the trajectory as it left and then arced downwards, and he still kept shooting, totally held in awe at the force of the spray.

The final spurt, was a dribble and he was in awe at how much juice Colin had spurted. He watched as the final drops came out of the tiny slit and rolled down the fiery head. His camera kept clicking as the whole cock shook and shuddered with that final explosion.

The sound of rapid breathing broke into his thoughts, as he realized it was his own lungs seeking oxygen. He looked up at Colin, to see his face was rather drawn, a bit haggard even. The glazed look in his eyes slowly dissipated as he came back from wherever his mind had gone. It had been an amazing experience as he looked down at his camera. His own body was trembling a little as he noticed that he had used up the entire memory stick, a 4gb one too.

Mort had been soaked, from sweating, and as he wiped his forehead, he realized that over an hour had passed. He couldn’t believe it, as he stepped back from the tripod and camera. He felt the stickiness inside his own pants, and looked down to see the tell tale wet spot of his own ejaculation.

Looking over at Colin, he couldn’t help but smile. He watched as he wiped his cock with a towel, and then as he dressed, Mort asked if he’d like to return to do more shoots. Colin seemed surprised, and even asked if it was because the first wasn’t good enough. Mort not only reassured him how good he was, but showed his appreciation by handing him a bonus. The appreciation was genuine too, and as Colin left, agreeing to a return visit, Mort could barely contain his own excitement. His cock was already stiffening as his mind began to recall what it had just witnessed.

As the door had closed, all Mort could think about was downloading the pictures, and spending the next little bit watching the slideshow of what he had just seen. This time though, he wouldn’t be clicking any buttons, or have his clothes on.

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