Fiction – Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

As he put the last of his laundry into the washing machine, Sam was pissed off. To begin with he wasn’t a fan of doing laundry, but he had no choice. He had work tomorrow and nothing clean to wear. His own damn fault for not doing the laundry earlier, and he had done two full loads already. This would be the last he thought as he frowned. It wasn’t one of his better Sunday nights.

Leaning over the machine, staring at the nearly full machine, he could still taste the dirt from the thrashing he had received each time he had the football. It might be called flag football, but rarely did a play end with just a stupid flag being grabbed. Bodies were always on the ground, which he didn’t mind all that much. Gave him a few cheap thrills, both in receiving and giving.

Today hadn’t been one of those stellar moments though. Instead of at least one good grope of Jason, or Tommy, he had wound up flat on his back from 300 pound Frank or his brother Stan, who had to be at least 325 or more. No groping there, just gasping for air afterwards. Those two played rough, but still, you would have thought he would have had at least one shot at Jason or Tommy.

It was the smell of his sweats and t-shirt that decided it for him. Stripping them off, after carefully checking his watch, he tossed them into the machine. Put in the soap and turned the knob to start the final load. He figured he was safe from any of the old bitties walking in, as it was after 9pm.

As the machine filled he stared over at the jumbled mess of clean clothes. Mostly towels as the last load was still in the dryer. He sighed, figuring he’s just wait it out as he didn’t want to parade up and down in just his boxer’s.  It was like a conspiracy or something, the way this day and evening had gone. He felt slightly chilled by the coldness of the room as he started folding the towels and sheets from the first load.

Here he was, nearly 26 and doing laundry. He didn’t think he was ugly or even out of shape. He played football or jogged and kept in pretty decent shape for a working stiff. Still, he didn’t seem to attract the sort that had staying power. Last fling only lasted less than a month. Two days less actually as he frowned. Nick wasn’t bad and in fact, had a great bedside persona. Only trouble was, he practised it on others as well as on Sam. That just wasn’t something he appreciated.

While Nick wasn’t what you would call hung, he sure did know how to please. Man the things he could do with that dick of his still made him ache all over. The thought of Nick, of his prowess in bed, gave Sam a hard on. The frown was still there, but not quite so noticeable as he shifted the lump in his boxers before continuing with the cloth folding.

Just as he was getting comfortable, remembering Nick and his way of making his ass hurt, the door opened and in walked the new guy from across the hall. He was a rather interesting guy, looked to be about 20 or 21, had nice well cut brown hair. That was about all Sam had noticed, until now.

Nice way of doing laundry’ was his opening line as he dropped his laundry basket on the floor, next to the other washing machine. His eyes were sparkling as he spoke and the voice was soft with a bit of a southern accent to it. It was rather thrilling actually, as he sort of mumbled a laugh at the comment. The sudden appearance gave him a bit of a start, in an exciting way.

Sam had noticed him when he had moved in last week. The way his butt had filled the jeans so well, specially each time he had bent over to pick up a box. The memory of that added to the ache in his groin and he realized that he was still, just in his boxers.

Mumbling a reply he turned away to avoid showing his obvious arousal. He had thought that would be it and he tried to figure out if he should drape one of the towels over himself when he heard the unmistakable sounds of someone stripping. Turning, he saw the new guy removing his sweat pants. The shirt was already off and he was wearing jockeys, not boxers.

He licked his lips as he couldn’t help but stare at the firm cheeks, held tightly by the thin white fabric of the shorts. They were even more enjoyable to view than before. His mouth felt dry as he just stared, not sure what was going on, as the young man stood up now, and noticed Sam staring.

The younger man smiled as he told Sam his name was Chandler and that he was from Virginia. He had a small curl around his mouth as he introduced himself, and when he stretched his hand out to shake, Sam felt a strange exhilaration course through his body. The touch of Chandler’s hand against his made his heart skip a beat or two as they held hands a tad longer than normal. It was almost like Jackson didn’t want to let go, and the smile on his face grew as well.

They both laughed and Sam mentioned he normally didn’t do laundry this way, but that his clothes had reeked. Chandler made a face, as if he could smell the offending clothes, even though they were in the wash. He countered that he hadn’t unpacked everything, hence his own little strip tease.

Moments of awkward silence seemed to fill the laundry room while they stood around, listening to the machines. Sam couldn’t help but try to glance at Chandler’s figure. The way his body was so taut, so lean only made him ache more. He hated that, because it meant keeping himself twisted in an awkward angle, as he tried to get a glimpse of the package in front. He noticed though that Chandler kept his own body angled away as well.

Suddenly the peal of laughter made him start. He had been trying to stare around to catch a glimpse and he looked up to see Chandler’s face in a wide grin. Suddenly he turned around and faced Sam, and Sam’s eyes opened wide as he took in the large lump in the front pocket of the jockey shorts.

‘Figure we thinking the same thing’ he said as he stared directly at Sam’s waist. Without thinking Sam turned to face Chandler and noticed him licking his lips as he spotted Sam’s own aroused crotch. Looking up he could see the eyes boring right at his groin and then in total amazement he saw the face slowly move up to stare at him.

‘Met a few in the locker room at the gym, few in the bars, but ya know, never in the laundry room, first time for everything I suppose’

Sam merely nodded as he was fascinated by the bulge sticking out at him. This was no Nick, there was a lot of meat hiding there, he thought as he felt himself beginning to sweat. His eyes popped open even wider, as he saw Chandler’s hand reach up to the waistband, and in a beat of his heart, he saw a rather large thick cock staring at him. He looked up to see Chandler smiling. He swallowed as he saw him twirl the jockey shorts in his hand and then toss them into the washing machine.

Sam was speechless as Chandler turned back, his cock still fully erect as he stared down at Sam’s crotch. Licking his lips he just stared, which made Sam feel more aroused than he had in a long time. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and he felt like he had to say something.

‘Someone uh, might walk in’

Chandler looked at the closed door, and then turned back to stare at Sam.

‘If they are cute, they can join in, otherwise they’ll just have to wait their turn’ was all he said as he stepped forward. His eyes were now holding Sam’s focus. He could see them searching and he sighed, laughing a little at his own shyness. The ache in his own groin was too much as he merely nodded.

That seemed to be all Chandler needed. He moved the last step closer and reached out to pull at Sam’s boxers. He felt them fall down his legs and with his hands on Chandler’s shoulders, he stepped out of them.

Chandler still had Sam’s boxer’s in his hand as he stood up, both of them now totally naked. With a smile he opened Sam’s washing machine lid, and put the shorts inside. He turned and smiled, his hand now on Sam’s shaking shoulder. There was no mistaking his desire either, which made Sam shake harder. He could feel it in Chandler’s touch as he sought out his face, to look into the young man’s face.

Stuttering a little, he tried to convey his nervousness, but the look in Chandler’s face made him stop. Instead he stood there, feeling the young man’s hand begin to slowly caress his own trembling body. The hand moved across his stomach and then slowly upwards, to rub lightly across his chest. He felt his chest shiver as he tried to breathe easier.

His heart was pounding so fast, Sam was certain it would burst out from his chest as Chandler’s hand moved lightly cross his breast. He felt dizzy as Chandler continued to lightly explore Sam’s body. It was unreal at how suddenly he was being caressed, and the pain from his cock was unbearable. The damn thing was waving around as Chandler moved in closer. The face began to look deeply into his own as the two got closer. Sam felt the push against his thigh as Chandler’s cock pressed inwards. He sighed, almost going totally limp as he let the sensation run up and down his body.

Without even thinking, he put his arms around the younger man’s body, drawing him in closer. He felt his head turning to one side and his eyes closing as he leaned inwards, to kiss Chandler’s cheek. He felt his lips touch the skin, and he heard a sudden intake of air, as Chandler put his arms around Sam, holding him tightly.

They clung to each other, suddenly desperate for the touch of each other. Their hands moved up and down each other’s back as they kissed. Chandler’s lips pressed hard all over Sam’s face, until their lips met. It was like a mini explosion as he parted his own lips, and felt Chandler’s tongue snaking inwards. The hot raspy tongue was filling and tasting the insides of Sam’s mouth before he could even catch a breath.

His chest hurt as the two bodies seemed to find a way to cling together, leaving no gaps between. Sam felt his cock wedged under Chandler’s cock. He felt the balls above the burning flesh of his own shaft as he twisted his hips one way, Chandler moving the other way.

As they moved Sam could feel Chandler’s hard cock sliding off his belly, dragging along his flesh. He moaned a little as they kissed hard and then broke apart. Chandler continued to kiss at Sam’s face and then travel down under Sam’s upturned face. His mouth pressed hard against his throat, and then the tongue began to lick at his Adam’s apple. He groaned as Chandler continued to lick at his body. His hands moved down his frame, then gripped tightly around Sam’s hips. Same could feel the fingers digging into his flesh as Chandlers mouth was rapidly moving down his stomach, towards his aching groin.

It didn’t take long for Chandler to start sucking on his cock. It was an unbelievable sensation as he found his hips moving in and out, and his hands now held onto Chandler’s shoulders. They were holding on tightly, just as Chandler’s hands were gripping Sam’s hips. He felt the fingers digging in as Chandler’s mouth continued to suck hard and fast on his pulsing cock. He cried out as he felt himself losing it. His balls were aching so hard he could feel them stiffen and sling upwards. His cock continued to dig deep into Chandler’s mouth.

Sam prided himself on not cumming quick, but this was too much, even for him. He found himself at the brink in no time, his cries battling with the sounds of the washing machines as he yelled out his pleasure. His hands held Chandler’s shoulders, and would move up to grab hold of the hair at times. He would wind his fingers into the strands of hair, pulling the head and forcing it inwards.

His groin would crush into Chandler’s mouth and as he cried out, his heart thundered, and Sam knew he couldn’t hold out any longer. He cried out he was cumming and drove his cock into Chandler’s throat hard. His whole body shook as he felt his cream explode out from his cock head buried deep into Chandler’s throat.

The sound of him gagging a little didn’t stop him from crushing his hips into the face. His hands held the head tightly as he ground his groin into Chandler’s face. The press of the nose on the side didn’t phase him as he bucked and cried out, with each explosion of his cock. The thundering sound of his heart mingled with his own groans as he shot load after load into Chandler’s throat.

Slowly he managed to gain control over his shaking body. He let his grip go on Chandler’s head as he felt a tremor of pleasure go through his entire body. His hips moved back, slowly relaxing as he pulled back. His cock slowly leaving the throat and sliding past the loosening lips that held it. He sighed as he heard a strange whimper from Chandler.

Sam stared down as Chandler let the cock free. It was already softening, drained of its milk and as he stared down, he saw Chandler look up, a strange glint in his eyes as he licked his lips.

Chandler slowly stood up, dried cum around his mouth. He looked at Sam and then reached over to his laundry basket. He took out a small package that there and then turned to Sam.

His hands took hold of Sam’s upper arms and turned his whole body around. Sam didn’t object as he turned around and obeyed the voice, that told him to bend over and grab his ankles. He shivered as he stared down at the floor, his hands reaching down and in to take hold of his ankles. Sam could see the rather hairy legs of Chandler as they moved in closer.

Chandler’s hands moved up and down his side and backside, the occasional slap on his cheeks only heightening his anticipation of what he hoped would come. He let out a deep breath as he felt Chandler’s hands move up and down his spine, making him tingle as the fingers moved down his cheeks, spreading them slightly.

He could feel the excitement build, as the fingers moved down his cheeks and reach his hole. It was already aching in anticipation and the sudden thrust of the tips at his hole made him wince. Chandler had two fingers together and suddenly Sam felt them dig deep into his hole. He cried out as the fingers showed him no mercy, pushing in until Sam could feel the whole hand between his butt cheeks. He trembled as they twisted and turned inside of him. The ache was growing when suddenly the fingers pulled out.

He felt Chandler move in closer, then the sound of a package being ripped open. Same looked between his legs to see Chandler’s dangling balls, and thick cock. The cock glistened as the condom was unrolled over it, and he heard Chandler spit and saw him lubricate the covered cock. He gritted his teeth, knowing what was coming next.

He wasn’t wrong either as he felt the cock press up and between his cheeks. Sam heard the escape of air as Chandler moved in even closer, and pushed the hard pole up and down between Sam’s crack. He felt the hard head at his hope, felt it as Chandler moved it around and then suddenly the piercing jab of pain came to him.

Crying out, he flung his head up as Chandler drove his cock into Sam’s ass with one push. It was like being split apart by a huge axe, as his body shuddered to the deep entry. A grunt came from above as Chandler drove it in, hard and without even waiting a second or two, he began to pound Sam’s torn ass.

Chandler’s hands moved down and held onto Sam’s hips. His fingers dug in hard, touching bone as he pounded Sam’s hole with his huge cock. He cried out, as his body slammed into Sam’s. He no longer could hold onto his ankles, his hands were on his knees, as he tried to stay on his feet. His body shook hard to each thrust, each crushing thrust that pounded him. He cried out as the hard cock continued to ignore his pleas.

For two or three strokes, Chandler slowed down. He dragged his cock out very slowly, making every nerve inside Sam tingle and scream in pleasure. Then slowly he would re-enter, making the muscles slowly push apart as the huge cock made its way deep inside. Then once more, Chandler began to go faster.

Each thrust suddenly more intense than the last. It was like a jack hammer slowly being ratchet up in tempo. He felt his body shake, his legs grow numb as the pounding continued now. Sweat from Chandler’s forehead dripped down on his back and every now and then Chandler would move one hand and slap his shaking cheeks.

It didn’t take long this time, as Chandler suddenly cried out. The hard pounding grew faster and faster and then suddenly he felt Chandler grind his body deep into his own trembling cheeks. He moved forward a step as the hard thrust took him off guard. He heard Chandler scream and he knew that he was coming.

Suddenly he felt totally empty, the cock was out of his ass, and then the hot splattering of Chandler’s cum smacked across his backside. He felt the stinging shots as they coated his back.

The sound of Chandler moaning made him tremble. His body was tense as the cum slowly stopped striking his skin. He felt himself groan as Chandler’s groin pushed into his buttocks, then collapse on top. He felt the hands holding his waist as he tried to support the sudden weight on top. The heavy panting next to his ear made him grin as he realized how spent he too was feeling.

They broke apart and Chandler leaned against a dryer. He stared at Sam, panting a little but with a satisfied grin on his face as Sam sat down in one of the chairs against the wall. He too was still panting as he stared up at Chandler, also full satisfaction showing on his face, when he noticed the door swing open to the room.

He stared in shock, as another young man walked in. Sam didn’t know what to say as Chandler merely looked at the young man, and grinned at the stranger.

‘Meet our neighbour, Sam’ was all he said. The stranger suddenly got a huge smile on his face, as he closed the door and then began to pull his own t-shirt off.

‘Sweet’’ was all he said, as he tossed the shirt towards Chandler. He looked over at Sam.

‘My name is Kenny, Chandler’s brother’

Sam just smiled as he saw Kenny bend over to take his sweatpants off. Laundry suddenly had become a lot more fun than he could ever remember as Kenny’s sweatpants went flying over toward Chandler.

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